The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1950 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1950
Page 15
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER f, Our Boording House with Moj. Hoopl« ....•--.-.J-DOLLAR IDSA OPTH& *&& MEV/ER FIGUCF-n'TIIAT'ni nl "OOPL6 HOT POT" MUST DRAG AjL, WALROSFOR tHSkirJol ^^^^S^ffl^^B?^^ 1 na ^ BR S^^l|^ s !i£^^^S«^l INDIGKlrrY OP IT--— *- ll jS L-» n^K- . \" >-^vm*£>?^v "''^^1 BH'1'HKrn.LB (ARK.)' COUKrBR KEWi OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WITH THE L Missouri Man Advises Folks Who Feel Bad Carl SchnfTrin, 217 Perry St., Si. Charles, Mo., 'says there arc s<jme folks in this old world who fee) good and there are other Mils who fuel bad. The folks who feel good he wjmis to c o n g r a t u laic, but for . the, folks who • feel mighty bar! he says lie vv a n l s the m to 'rend \vhnt he has to say and then; tnke a word of advioe — take ... ™„. HADACOL, If one .suffers from n deficiency of Vitamins Bl. B2. Niacin nnd iron. Here is what Mr. Schnflrin has '•> say about HADACOL since it overcame the effects of such deficiencies, in his system: "I have been a shoe cutter for over 32 years! I now work for the Boyd Welsh j Shoe Co, in Si. Louis. For quite some lime now I linvcn't had any, appetite at ail-seemed like I didni have enough energy to do my work. I was tired all (he time—and really didn't enjoy, doing anything. It affected my work too. Then I heard htm- other folks who look HADA- CQL had increased their appetite and : seemed to have a limitless amount- of energy. I l r jed HAUA- COL and It Is nmazing what a charce it'-hns made. Now I feel like eat/jlj) everything on the table my rtisposilion Is 100% better and mv '' nrk ''• fact, everything I do I OH- enjoy. For an entirely new ovit- ok on lite i recommend HADA- 3uy HADACOL today. 'Trial' fe bottle costs only 51.25. Lar»e r»ily or hospital size, $350 Re fe substitutes. There is only the R true ana genuine HADACOL •ich everyone is talking about •your druggist docs not have DACOU order direct from The Hanc Corp.. Lafayette, La. TEH. MWO VOU OF SOMBTHIWG A8OUT TO EXAM»4e WAILS, ANC> vov ABOUT -me WAPS <3UM UNDER. THE ROOM FRANK R.ADAMS Till: STOHVi . , **' /-.-OHO f>f n bipind wipe I' I".'. '<«• ""•! M» mm In- *cen rxtreiu by l-Mdlc'* llukr. llfMVtrrr. KiJ.llr r» *!•<» Ijy alrtrpte l.ou, Ik* Kl (HI in low ^Ith jtfu-r k« ilr.Tl. itljrn ihe wrnr« hi* hick Hinrin. A flrnh nnd XXIJ 1?DD1E couldn't figure onl any way lo interfere. Finally, in spite of an innate modesty which would ordinarily have boon a barrier against such a course he went into Margie Lou's room. She had changed to a light blue cotton pinafore, probably Ihe only dress-up garment she owned. When she had put on her lipstick she picked up a string circlet which Eddie had not noticed. It had lain under a handkerchief on the improvised table. On the siring, like a pendant, hung Eddie's coin. She held it up by the siring for a moment and then, as if finally settling a de- baled question, pul it over her head and let it settle inlo place around her neck. "Eddie Engstrom!" she exclaimed in mingled surprise and anger, here?" "What are you doing "1 just came in'," said Eddie surprised to find his own reflection looking back at him over her "1 wanted to see you." loud. You'll shoulder, "Don't lalk „„ awaken Aunt Ellen. She lowered her own voice. "And you can go right back to wherever you came from •"But said—" "Never mind what 1 said. we've got date: You You got off the bus and left me flat without answering it." "Look, Margie Lou, I cnn explain that mine— That lucky coin ot "If you want it back you can have it right now." She fumbled lor the string under her dress as she sputtered in feminine indignation. "1 haven't any use for the silly thing." It came off over her head and she turned to dangle it toward him. "Here, take it! And get oul ot here!" "Margie Lou!" Eddie protested and Inen stopped ns he saw the look of blank amazement on her face. "Eddie— !- She called out as U he were in (he next room and she wauled to stop him from going further. Then, realizing lhat she mustn't shout, she said to herself, 'Oh, Eddie, I didn't really mean that you should go away forever" She held Eddie's lucky coin up by Ihe string, looked at it half smiling, half (earful for a moment and started to put the loop over her head again. Eddie got out in a hurry. He didn't think it would do any good for her to find him in her room again. « • • E difllculty in no wise sellled he went down the outside stairs, followed by Duke. Max Lengel was sitting on a step you very well, near the bottom flight smoking a cigaret. When Duke went past Max scuffed a kick at him and Duke turned with a low growl. Eddie quickly silenced his rtog and called him heel. Max you've laughed. "You know when youve met a bigger guy than you are, don't you, you mangy, flea-bitten gutter-pup?" Duke, muttering an equally uncomplimentary opinion of Max, went over behind clump of shrubbery and lay down. Eddie was there, too watching. Margie came downstairs. Max got up to greet r. ou look swell. Baby." He was holding her off at an admiring arm's lengih. Then swiftly and confi- he OT that she disliked Max. Actually he had attracted her as did most women. Had Max been a master of the subtle approach, he could probably have won her susceptible, untried affections. Margie Lou was starved (or love and appreciation but her instinct warned against the bludgeon of unqualified masculine desire. Max, however, was no mind- reader. "You and me are going to get along line, Baby, as soon as we get acquainted. Come for a ride in my car. It's a nice night and a long time till morning. "Dut 1 can't go away. My "She won't sjjr out of her dreams tor hours. I'll be responsible for that—in fact, I am responsible for it." He chuckled over his private joke as he suddenly slipped one arm under her knees and picked Marie Lou up. He was already carrying her toward Ihe street before Margie Lou quite realized what was happening. (To Be Continued) FRIEND FARMER M " «•-»» Just Call W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phone 3361 *T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. , . ror dependable n • r> • Kepair Service 121 East Main Phone 2122 ^ Natural Ice Is still "harvested" Earl J -Xwult prfcsl.1 organized the r private use in northern New fo Mexico each winter. that can determine to whom vic- Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR I'hone 3170 615 Chickasawba .. - e natives of Paraguay into 32 colonies. "I Sell Tiiot Stuff FUEL 01U 6.0. POETZ OIL CO. Office ami liulk Plan! - Promised l,and PHONE—2089—PHONE NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 FARM LOANS Ln« T*rm LMV n«. Fromfl CUilnf Cates Wiggs C». HKAJ.TORS Phone i751 AurhoHznf Mortgage Sallctlar far Lmm NOTICE ALL CAR OWNERS! ^YOU don't Ihlnk ronr speedometer h working exacllj rljlit »t T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO- 121 Easl Main Phone 2122 SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom wnrk for gins, alfalfa mill*, oil mills. Custom vSheanng up lo 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 11? South Broadway j> hone 2 651 ,' r/owcri tor Every Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NEW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN PHONE 6002 HEMORRHOIDS (PILES) dently he drew her toward him and kissed her tender mouth. : Margie Lou freed herseU and Pressed her lips wilh Ihe back of her hand. She hadn't liked il but ' she didn't know much about such I matters. "I don't know Mr. Lengel." "Mr. Lengel." he repealed chuckling. "That's good. You know me belter than (hat, Uuby 'I'm good old Max, Ihe fella who saved your life Ihi.s aflcrnoon. You can't treat me like 1 was a stranger. Us heroes." he continued in playful burlesque, "arc entitled to some reward." Margie Lou didn't want to seem ungrateful or ungracious and yel Ihis wasn't her idea of (he beginning of a romance. She hated to place all of her ideals on Ihe realistic allar of repaying for past benefits She had done thai (or so long m the case of her invalid aunl that she tell that just this once, she ought to Ijc rescued from the stifling cobwebby coils of duty to be allowed to give somelhijig because she wanted lo, not because she must. "How about that other Santa Claus down on the corner with the bell—is he some relative of yours?' I'LL. SEE YrtMr MOM AND POP THINK OP Wf IDEA.' BOY.' IS IT —- /3-f PRISCl.LA'S POf IV. ». WO. », ». MT. <*f. That's Otir vlVSON KEEPS PESTERING ,., ME TO LET HIM PI AV FOOTBALL. .81/7 S AFTER ALL! A BOY WHO'S^ HAD FOUR BROKEN NOSES' DO YOU TM1NK HE SHOULD' BE ON A FOOTBALL TEAM? BY AL VERMEER VIC KUNT Strange Money I!Y MJCHAKI, O'MAI.LEY and RALPH LANE CAPTAIN Off-\JSKf AM I>*J<X£WT , MK. OWRCK* YgY WC*^, «.trJT/ I I 5 colJMTEIIr ' : E'^7 WN MKKUlf to* i25,OCO WORTH CfJ.VWSTAKE, My PtAK fJEEe ON V£ / .^FELLOW. I ON SWITCHER.' j\ EXPLAIN A Hinf—And Howl BY MCSLIE TURNER OKAY, MISS PETITE... IF VOU OH WUE. REPORTED WITH J.R McKEt, WILL YOJ SKI IF HE'S AtSO IEMIIM6 SOOkJ? OU\, M'SIEUR, Kg EES... TOMORROW! BUGS BUNNY MWI LET HEEta ANSWEK THW, RUT 3EEV6 VOU A HEEUT,,.fc PAIR ••UK-/ IHE NEME <7 THAT LVIUG LITTLE . IWROVIN'... KEEP TELUN- MYSELF.' Mechanical Wizard AI.l.KY 001' No .More I);imcs? BY V. T. HAMLIN OOOLA! HOW > J DIDN'T I TELlTl DID YOU GET / I ^-\ VOU YOU IN THIS (V/fcLKED 1 COULDN'T ROCKET? \ IM! /GO WITH US TO VEHUS ? 'YOU DID. \THISISJUST BUT r CBDf-l'r I DANOY.' NOW BELIEVE /V/E'REINTHE SOUP RIGHT UP TO HEREf YOU! VES.I HEAP. HIM..,. SAYS THEY CAN PERMIT NO EARTH YEOMEN COMING TO THEIR PLANET/ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Works BY BDGAR MARTIN

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