The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1937
Page 6
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COUBIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 15)37. £new the Ropes' Dciili seemed certain for Snnrky, fell;'into the Prtrilio. of]' a clitl> " ' master, Koss Newfannci. form, , . a mere dark clot In the n shaggy little dog, when hi near Ennla Cfiiz, Calif. Then and a' fi'icnd sighted tho little surl, Indicated hy the arrow. Hulling pnsscrsby, Ncwfnrmer had them hold n rope while he lowered himself 30 feet to where Snarky was in distress. After risking death to haul Snnrky Hescucr and rescued were nearly ..exhausted when they reached from Ilic surf, Ncwfarmei- start- (lie brink. There, another, foot ahead, lay complete safety. A foot ed the ascent, rope in one hand, behind, disaster still threatened. But by this lime many -hands were ting in Hie other. ready to pull the two over the edge to level ground. "It was worth it," was all Newfarmcr could say after making sure. Snarky had suffered no effects from the experience. As for Snarky, he merely lei his expression tell how grateful he was to his master for deliverance from almost certain drowning. Looking Forward to Security With a Five- Acre Homestead ==\VEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON= Abraham, the Man of Faith & & POULTRY PASTURE. ' EVERY OTHER VEAR V.'ITH OARDF-I-, o'liSh'®! n^mm MT> " ""' : s: 1 H^isSSir^af"™ ^^ HY 1VM. li. GII.HOY, I). I). • much an incentive In the move- Kdltor of Advance | incuts of mankind; namely, his Abraham has liccn called the going forth because of relig>us r irst emigrant. As n matter of convictions to seek an environment fast, there were emigrants before »ot only for better living, but al- Abrnliam. nnd he would not seem so for n larger freedom of faith. '0 be by any means .the 'first, of Can we read this story of Abra- thosc who pushed out from his '""", freeing our minds from all homeland Into a fur-off country, artificial and predetermining con- Rut Abraham is the typical emi- cepltons? Can .we strive to see '>rnnl, going out to better his him as he was. a man of his own condition with vision and faith. I' 1 "", with some of the defects -codling out for something larger allt ' shortcomings of his time and I ind finer. . | environment? lly no means an He typifies also the aspect of ltl , < ;' u character, b e c , u i sc the Bible, :migrat'lon which has' been so wlt1 ' t3 h()llcsl re£lllsra nll(1 ''«, -. partlahy, records against him grievous sins nnd deceptions, Ab- length of the acreage is devoted i raham nevertheless was far more to Riirden and orchard, with n | u 1!m n ,„„„ of his on v n Ume n small hog lot. and summer slid- j n . R n who had discovered a great tors for growing chicks, Included Uuth concerning life and one so In the. complete plan. ] fur ahead of his day that in some Beginning gradually with n' respects the world of today still homestead of this kind, it should lags behind him. In such matters be passible, Inter in life, when as war and peace, In fact, we you wish to devote entire time to have never nttnlned to Abraham's lome-stcading, to have from such • simple philosophy or' his noble a layout, iissuvanca of an Inde- ! practice. It is in this way that pendent living. The properly can we discover the true meaning of be Increased to tsn acres at any I Ihese stories of the Old Testa- lime by additions of 150 feet on either side, 'and can represent the incut, nnd receive the richest and highest lessons from them. basis of real ami security for men and women who Abraham appeals in our lesson love working out of doors, and j ns a man of destiny. Hut his who think In terms of "n bit of i destiny is not n matter of chance, land" as security and peace. 'if the story suggests that he is Canadian Statesman PLOT PLAN KEY TO HOMESTEAD BUILDINGS 1-HCU3S 2-GA3AGE J-ESOOBEH COC 0-GSA!«P.YCv>f e--SUMMER siir.un res CTOWUKI CHIC S-KJM? HOUSE IC-BOATKir" STAtlO 1 l-CAVE 12-FGiGOiA IS-ltOTBtDS The five-acre iiiu mu-iici^ homestead, ap-:the hous? placed in Ihe midst o prpximately 303 feet vrido hy 720, landscaped area; on the right Is feet deep, is many a man and, ground devoted to small fruits Trcnum's dream, of a perfect nip- ] straw-terries, raspberries, black plcmciit for part time.employment.! bciriss and , grapes. There Is s .HesiirpUss of what your spsclai- ^mall roadside sland conveniently t> n,p.. b? t!ie hjout illustrated Iwotcd. Hot beds and root cella should" accommodate your needs. « E Indicated. A pergola break Such a homestead is not too large! ;hc hedge of low shrubbery whlcl tr\ r.»nvn^A .*«.4 r.n.« n t^ »i,— ^* fr-tlf^t Ihn DnrH^u frnTii 1 ho linns diicicncy.. Tills makes a small - -•• ——• ~ '••- &••*"»'• Mm of which jr i may well be Conveniently placed are spccla jj'uU to ba the manager. Breeding coops, brooder coops, an Entering the prop=rly you see a small bam or granary. Th J10RIZONTAL 1 Who Is the man in the. picture? 12 Mother. 13 Flower.' 14 To vex. 16 Combined. 18 Exultant 20 To scatter. aUnlet. 23 Wing. • 2>l Monkey. 2b You and me. ?,6 Preceding. 29 Mountain. ;30 God of war. 31 Glazed earthenware. 133 Having lobes. 35 Intention. 37 More painful. 39 Tree fluid. 40 To come in. 41 Vagrant. , 42 Capita) of his > country. 44 Vegetable mold. 46 God of love. 47 High mountain. 48 Toward. Answer (o Previous Pozzlo 50 Before. 51 North east.'52 Laughter sound. 53 Organ of hearing. 55 Senior. 56 Chum. 57 He just concluded a agreement with Great Britain, SB He is . minister. VERTICAL 1 Horses' neck hairs. •2 Among. 3 Pussy. 4 Small whirlpools. 5 North America. C Hissing sound. 7 Exists. 8 Skin over eye. 9 God o( war. 10 Insects' eggs. 11 Stream of light. I! Canada and United States have Interests. 15 Newspaper official. 17 Made a mistake. 10 Alleys. 22 Morindln dye. 23 Paid publicity 26 To get things ready. 27 One. 28 Spherical particle. 30 To subside. 32 Dowdy persoa 34 Hops itiln. 35 Form of "a." 36 Myself. 38 Mooley applo, 40 Loom bar. 42 Choir of eight voices. 43 Bad in a greater degree. 44 Goblet. 45 Not fresh. 49 Rowing tool. 52 Third-rale. actor. 54 Sun god. 563.1410. favored of the Almighty and that Uiere are great blessings in store for him; and if this a certain partiality toward there would j >ci?m (o be In all Abraham as an Individual, one hastens lo point ;tit that his coming greatness, and that of the nation that he '.vcnld found, was not based npon my such narrow conception. Ab- was not only to be blcss- ''I. but he was (o be a blessing. His destiny was one of responsibility as much as one of success ml achievement. The significant thing about Ah- "alitini is that we see in him and in hi? acls, despite his weaknesses and errors, the altitude of faith and the quality of living upon vlHch humiui affairs can be built. Nothing ever was established upon unbelief and negation. The men who have gone forth to enlarge the world's, boundaries and 'xoeiiences have always been men of a sort of faith, 'it might. t}ot be a deeply religious faith, but it was a faith sufficient to lead them In the quest of some- hing yet unrealized. j • • • One. sees in Abraham a strongly developing sense of justice, and feeling for human values in an age when the circumstances of life tended to involve men and groups of men in strife as they sought pastures and watering places for their nocks. ^Abraham perceived that there was a nobler and better way than '-bat of warfare. The remarkable thing Is that he showed himself 'vllllng lo pay the price of peace. When his herdsmen and- Lot's were in conflict, his plea was, "Let there he no strife. You go to the right hand and I'll go to the left, or you go" to the left, •Mid I shall go to the right." ;lt was a revelation of magnanimity such as later men and later generations have little imitated. We live in a world that hns paid, and is paying, an enormous price for war. What a world we might have, it we had a measure of this- ancient Abraham's willingness to pay the price of peace! 1Y£AY 10 will he first day (or sale of Canada's new 3-ccnt coronation stamp, it will bear por- Irails of King George and Queen Elizabeth. On the same day, the 4, 5, and 8-cent values of the regular, nonc-ommemoralivo King George VI stamps will go on sale. First day covers will be serviced fiom the following cities: Charlot.telown, P. E. I.; Halifax, N. S.; Saint John, N. B.; Quebec and Montreal, P. Q.; Ottawa', Toronto, Hamilton, Kingston, London, Windsor, Fort William and Port Arthur, Ont.; Winnipeg Man.-, Regina, Moose Jaw, and Saskatoon, Sask.; Medicine Hat Lethbridge, Calgary, and Edmonton, .Alberta; Vancouver, and Victoria, B. C. Send self-addressed envelopes to Ihe postmasters at these points, with postal money orders cover| ing cost of postage and made payable to Ihe Receiver General of Canada. Orders for stamps should I go separately to the Philatelic Dl, vision, Financial Branch, Post Of! fice Department, Ottawa, Ont. Postal money orders for ihese also should be made payable lo the Receiver General of Canada. fr * S ' Australia, it now appears, also will issue coronation stamps. The best way lo obtain such stamps, .and those from other outlying dominions and colonies, is through some stamp dealer, (Copyright, 1337, NEA Service, Inc.) THIS. CURIOUS WORLD ByWlliam Ferguson Canada exported aluminum bars lo the value of $9,358,000 during 1935. Bottle-Fed Moose Gets B,un of Ranch DILLON, Mont. (UP)—Betsy, now nearly one year old, is believed to be the only fully protected bottle-fed moose in the United States. She roams the swampy lowlands ALWAYS IS THE SAME AS THE LAT/TUOE. OF THE A LAYER. OF OZONE:, ArioUT FORTV MlLeS' ABOVE THE EARTH, ABSORBS ULTRA VIOLET SUNUGrHT WHICH WOULD BUND AND BURN HUMANITY, IT ALLOWED 1 By observing the pole star it is possible to tell exactly at what latitude you are. This discovery was a great help to navigators of early times, although they still hud no way of. telling how far east or west they were, and. when clouds obliterated the stars, they were helpless. en the Beaverhead County ranch of Frank Hazelbaker. Republican gubernatorial candidate in the last, general election. The animal was saved from drowning In the Wise River last May by Charles L. Foster, of Butte, The animal was discovered marooned on a pile of driftwood in the river. Honor Marred; Student Dies BUDAPEST (UP)—Because she was caught helping her schoolmates in preparing their French exercise, pretty Vera Denes, 16- year-old model pupil In a local iris' college, committed suicide. Read Courier News Want Ada. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store -WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone 540 The Saveon Gasoline Company Tank Car Station at Holland, Mo. orn/ioimces A policy of only one grade of highest quality petroleum products direct froii: refinery to you. High Test -l Q No-Nox Gasoline XOC lOOri Pure Pennsylvania Motor Oil In Sealed Cans Gallon Tax Paid Quart Tax 1'aid Every gallon sold with a Money-Back Guarantee Of Satisfaction. One High Quality - - One Low Price 100V Pariffin Base Motor Oil Sealed Cans 15cQt. Tax Paid nmmmmm AT STUD Registered Imported Spanish Jack Registered Saddle Horse As Good As Walk Located on my farm south of Blytheville. Fee $10.00 and $15.00 cash. Two returns allowed G. G. SMITH

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