The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1946
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

' WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 19<SC CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS r. PAGE SEVEN T Hand i»r and lilotbr,' U ocw lawl. | 108 S. First. ^ 19.|jk-Sl INFORMATION |'^^'G~'.jlT^x Dall.v ml., r*.r line l"r con^'dilive in- I J !_.' ' -" l' k '- 7 -------------^ titles per ]jiu- |ior iluy -------- I'Jc •\ time?. \,cr lln.- |»-r Any -------- Do >i lirn*s (icr lim' JUT <l.iy _ _ _______ 7v 12 liiiu-s INT tin? ]><*r J;«y ------- fie 1 .Moiilli IMT line - ....... _______ Count five av(*mj!0 vonU to ihti lino. AJis urJt-n-il fur llirf-c or r>ix Miiif** nn.l Bloj>[n-il Wfojv i-\|iiriiiiuiL will W rhnr>r<>d lor .trim number of time* [fio> n.l jtin^invil n'lfsJJHsiiiieiil uf bill JIM.),-. ^jj lUnssifi.-il AiiviTlUinj; copy ml,. inlir^'l Itv jM-rnoris r.-.-.idinK oiH-j,L.- i>( ih^ illy must lie acoomjiuiijeij by cai-ili HwU-« m:iy be i>Nj.ily «-<itii|-ia«'il from ill,-' :iliuv<> talilP. lAitverlisiriK or-lor fur inejcnl;ij- t^or- lion*' Ukf.s I IK* one lime rule. No rj-spuriiibUily will fj.> (jk.-ji (ormor* than on*. irn-orrei-'i iiiitrUuii uf any cJasv hJfii'iJ , aJ. for Sal* llonte-S rooms with -lillli l.«rg« lol willi It-Haul i|«nrlrr ill rcn'r. 1'ricvd to bi'tl n.nv at t-1700. l.iii-jtlt'il mi IKl'i X. filli. St. L'» Ijlneks nt Illiili h.'li<>nl. Si-,. i!r». A.' Ihilnn. l.wii-li- Yil!,-. ArL. Uox It). l!l-|ik'2tj .Q.p, drums, steel galvanised 5-gallbh with' 'carrying' 'handle (Blitz Can); Iparls-Sales Co., 'Ste*le, Mo.,' Phohe' • •" iiri.ln« l.ln: ^•0 I'liinosc. Kim. 0 f| r,0.' !(,•<! Ka^Lnrry. lOi- IVnu-li Lilac. 4 (I. »! Ala)' "«> Tin's, 0 tl. »l. I'anir'clirll Mulinn, « fl. *:l 7:'.. Kiln rlv I'.'flih, 4 fl ' ^ L --"' K^d Klb«vrii>|! IVufti, *L'. ' fall or. ^M- .W.v^i il.ililKdoJi I'lluiu- ' :l ',"r"nii"r ry 'v?'";!' """" - ""• 1 ' 1 " 1 "- "'r''»""«' 0-yr.r-i.lJ lior.i». -(iu.ranloM _ __ -__^"^^ in-|,k. I :l | sum.j u'urk arl) . |,|, re: o. S.- llollinou. 1 -baby - IniKBj-. - «OTJ con7irii^r~i^Z I V"' 1 '' - vj ' 1 ' 11 "" "' M'H. '_|.l-ck-2t 2 '' U ' r '- SU'iit-ail .1 M«s»f)-K«rris -101-Kr. Irnclor. -ivllk . . u rovv 4 frnnt mounted (tUute cnUivrtlor. -Ni-w t;oudili.m. - AViilc or SO iMllnn .-li-.-lric- 1,(,| ivaltr l,,.|,|,, :,,•• X. lllh Si. 1'h^.e v.^,,) Jt) .|, k .o:| j ,. B '|i--j;. r ;' d ' .Vrk"kltsTir'J'u7e,l,oVJ,'"Ar'l7. One week old baby chi'c'kT.I-''''""" ""' " S °' -.'"'"'"" Chester Lewis'' l>oultry. ""son '°iVooo ll .on l iV l °.V^°"af."'i l i. < i v >'. 413 E. Main. :j-19-pk-3-22! < V'." r 11)1 W. M»in.. iiraetk-;illv t i*Tw - <_'alj >7j'- iQ^y'i l^"" Arbor Jr. ]iU.k-U|i bay talrr. '1'ertii*. . '-- " i-»'t:K--i.j iiaii,.j. Kiulijilise,. Steflc. • I'liniu' intt (ln, : 1011 D.i.ti,.,. pick.,,,,. ](j 7 s. 17lb »""• '-• I" 1 '. 1 Ii ..k-M -—^-^i—— " H ' k "";:, U. S.-^pproved'Baby Chicks. '• : *" l "^r!lS-{!?"[,^E':;.,i a ?5! 1 ,' ' ^he'vwy"Kfet''g«de' > se«a i-ii.ui.. ;i^u. 1 oats, hybrid seed corn, and MTO-for rr^nin-^irTui' Sudan''se«dl ' ; '' ; ' L.' : ^C; ^VSHCRAFT co. Phori'e 493" ' ' '3-12-ck-tf (lni> 1912 !iir,,l,l W. (;. A]] is Chalmers Ir.-iclDr with ripii in. TiniL- To«vi-r .Sr-rvicp .SlHlinn, Sctialti Mo.. I'lione :",:!. • ; ; lri'|,k-^l One new H-Karinall Traclor. Cnusoil. .^Klllly used. One 1911 ll-Furiunll, • M or coliilLUnn. one 1942 ll-Vatinnlt. •^.ulxr anil riitilir-r Kooit. One l'.m AC rlinlmrr Tractor. I'ric.Hl [o sett. Have :ill t'|iii|.!iieilt. AIL lnn:lors in |.X<-,'M- Hit ciimlitimi. Iluy Matilcv. Rcnatli. >Varin^ ctrculator m (jnod condl- licin. price. Call 11355. , • • ' K|lLl-ck-tt Ifnlfn liny. Siiecinl j.ricn on I ra i I »r~ir uc k luail«. ICuylialnrs, Id. :|, lllylliovillc-. One 194.S H-Purnmll. Iractor and equipni'iH: (i. t,'. Harris, K.'iialli, Mo. I!i]n<e. 1129 \V. A»1i.-0oml- Ins-MlmeM. 9 Hooin.s, ? liullis. littler Ilian avx-r:ii[« caiidilii.n. C. 11. Wmsoli, llotol Noble ' __^_____^^ IVo-Moline 'L Tractors and equipment. One practically new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Williams, Imboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 Bal.y cliiclis, available all Iho time, lliavy lir^cds. .Mrs. linck lleliarB :I01 '•• Alain, I>)HJIIC !MS. a-|ik-i;il PHOTOSTATS—Let O'Steen make a pWptoslatic copy of your' discharge, marriage license and other important papers—^CJuick Service. ' 6'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone' 3208 115 Wl Main. M ' 3-7-ck-3-21 Stock anil fixture* of 'Wood'* C*f* I.UT- ora (or «le. 2 uiontln rent paid. Good ; husiiitia. , • 7-jik-^l 708 \V. Main St; 5 rooms and i' lialh. This property located just across street from Methodist Church."A wonderful location. House in good condition. 'Can he 1) o u K h.'t ' 6K : ' reasonable terms. ' • 10,0 W. Cherry St. 7 rooms 'and bath'. Corner lot, good locati6nVNew' : ro<Sf just put on. ^ou ca'ri buy' this' one for $1500.00 cash, lialahce $10 moh'th.' : ' ' T,«o acres' land located one mile north'on'Highway (il. I^as two 'small hbiises * and '' karage': 3.0x40 •'•«.' City water. Can : be ' : bought. Worth the "money. ' .52^ .'Lii'merate St. ' 4 room house' in fair condition.' Hks water in kitbheh, VyitK halt bath in'hiiin'ei'11850:00. ''• 52,5 Lumerate" St. . 3' room house with water and half bath,-' fair condition'. 1 ''t'nce $1000.00. Have several other houses for sale^Cart 8611"' ' TOM UTTJ,E REALTY CO. Postal Card Pictures. Vi Doz. '$1.35. Doz. 52;00. No ap- pointmcnt needed. "b'STKEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 W. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 for Kent . ., ons iiiy. s 19 \v. -AI.II. 2ti ffr i-oii|il,r nrilr. i'liim,. 43ti. 20-\ik-i!r FRAMES Made to Order. Let us frame' your discharge, diploma and other important 'papers. Any' size or shape. O'Steeh's Studio, Phone 3208.'' 3-71-ck-3-21 fjtrawlerry p]»nu. lllikcmore. ilari* H«Tni»b. 1719 • Cbickasawlia, - T-jik-lJT ilatiy cbicix-B, differciLt Tarietics. Also liuultrj-:- -,»ml .ponllry tefds. Chester Lewis, Poultry, .413 K. Main. 7-pk-J17 AlfBlfft Hay end mnlo drawn farm implements. Telfphuno 3J, \V. A, Jenkins, at«ele, Mo.-. -, ^l-pk-411 Kabliit nianare. 5Qc • bushel. Best for /luwerft ana garden. 512 >'. 11 Hi St. ChicVasaw . Ralibit Farms. 1-jik-lil ^Ijjff eatlcra—2 row heavy duty type. -^/l weeded ateel conslructiOD. Blyttie- tiilo Aiacbint) iitiop. 27-ck-tf Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware' install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Electric welder. 200 amp. Hobsrr. Gas driren. iimnnlrd. on trailer. I'r.ictical'.y • »»'.. Ready to go. • UlTtliuvilla .Machine Sliop. " 2T-ck-ll 100 nrres 12- miles from liiylliRTilla in M. K. .Mo. •+ houses.' Will - Flu re cm cjisli r,rnt or cruii renl. \\' A lilyllieville, Rl. I, Ii 01 S3e. IB-pk.r: rnished - I'lione a|i.trlm«nt. - fiOfi ' - Phune uriyo Front bejrooni 27:19. bath. I'hn lnUlc bedroom willi pleasant lilt iirivilet-ci. • 917 . UliickiFmvlin • -- ' lt-lik-2.1 N'irtly fiuniahed - frgnt -Wdroom- Steam ' . , . From bedroom adjoining • ball.. 'Pl.o hlOHT cents a fear will ]>roltcl n man's ' lady' niolli rlamiijcc (iunratileril .M.nhs|ir«y ,lon il or Her bra |iuy» for tile damage. JliiUuirf Hardware Co. IDck-21 When rep:i oil stove needs - cle 1'Iione 1 2131.- latest rnonel General Elec- I'ric' v'a c u u'm 'sweepers. Hubbard Furniture Co. 2-6-ck-tt >Y« E iv e; prompt' service on 'repairs to electric;'refrig eralors, washiri|:"niachine,s •nnd. 'el.ecli'ic : nibtors. ! ' 'Our pric'e 'Wasonable. Full stock of. repair''part's. '''''" TQM '^XTTI.T'i APP,I.IAliICE CO. Phone 415. ' ' ' ' • •' ' Our. Boys Have Returned . . . So Has Our Service! Hey, Yq Got The Time? SPEAKING OF TIME, WE THINK IT IS TIME TO PREPARE I;'OU SPRING AND SUMMER CHANGE OVER •% Drain—flush and refill transmission and differential if Piill and pack front.wheels with grense. " Best insurance for safe driving, •jlr Kenutye and replace cartridge in oil if Drain—flush and refill crankoase with ESKO MOTOR OIL NO. 3. if Thorough ' hiliricaliiin — which covers chassis, .springs and motor. 1 ' PARDON US FOR MENTIONING TIME AC1A1N, BUT \VR THINK IT IS ABOUT T1MU PRE-WAR SKRVICE WAS HK- STORED ON SERVICE STATION FRONTS AND WE'RE PLUG- GING EVERY DAY TRYING TO MAKE OUR FREE SERVICES SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED ETC., EVEN BETTER & MORE COURTEOUS THAN 11EFORE THE WAR, WELL, JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUR BOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HAS OUR SERVICE. DROP IN AND SEE US—WON'T YOU? NEW DAY! NEW TIME! GREAT EN- TERTAINiyiBNT! THE FOR!) HO1» 1 CROSUY SHOW " ' Every Wcelnesilny Night, Oi30-10:t)0 KST oil Ihc CBS Network. PHILLIPS COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER \yalnul at Yifln-^R.Iythcvillc, Ark. Tel: 453— -ir.4 Political Announcements The Courier Newi tuu be*n authorized to announce tti» following candidate*. »ubject to the Democratic primary: ! 8IIEHIVF AND COI'LECTOB JACK PIN1JSY ROHINSON WII.LIAM HEURYMAN COUNTY JUIHiK DENE B. BRADLEY ROLAND QREKN VOH TAX ASSKSSOH DOYLE HENDERSON CIRCUIT CLERK I1AKVEY'MORRIS COUNTY COVKT OI.FHS EU/.AUETH BLYTUF. COUNTY TKKArjlJUE* DELI.A PUHT1.K ALENE WORD E. C. FLEE.MAN LESLIE "DUIUE" RI'ECK U II. AUTRY STATE SKNATOH J. LEE HEARbEN Tin' followiiiR nro cnncllilntcs for tih'f. In t)i 0 niytlievlllc Muntrlpnl :icrtlim to bo held April 2: (Try ci,i:itK VIlANIt W'llTSVOimi CITY AVI'OUNEY PERCY A. WRIGHT » (Far Rc-elcctUm) HOWARD N. MOORE WAKI) ONE AIDKFtMAN JESSK M. WHITE M.UKltMAN'WAKI> TWO JODIE 'L. NAUERS At.DKRMAN WARD 1IIKFF, RUl'ERT CRAfTON Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. 2-26-pk-4:26 Baby chicks. Thousands ev- 'ery week. Several breeds. ^Set them at store. Blythe- T'ille Grain and Elevator Co. Feed Store. North .lln. Phone 2112. 3-15-ck-3-22 K^mi. rMr.i gnml i*lcrlric rnngrs Ruwcii KlMric i'o l-".l S. Isl Rl. 1'linnc^lSO. __ lj-ck-2'J (Irorrry More «i[K livinc qii.-\Tlpr.i. (o- P'llier \vi|h -\ rr-nlal lioxisfs. A|>|irox- ir.lillrly a „,.„., „, ].„„! Frnnls on "»'>'• <>1. lior.lrrs on Collon Boll W. If- i'tfnl luralioii in.luMrr. Si-i' Hu'-li.-iiian'K (irm-nry N. ll\vy, >11. ' l'..10 Tractor , 1n< ] Culiivalor. 2 liotloin «.uc l>reaVin B jilnw. a mtilcs sintiollio moiilli. Ciilliefl l.ync),, Vicloria. Ark. ' Oeden Soy Beans from Pedigreed Seid. Crockett Wright Manila, or call Jess Homer, Blytheville. Phone 3167. 3-9-pk-3-23 «i!liam I!. Ovrrlon. - aclinp Oonnl Snrvrvor. Land Snrvny., nn.l.ilrau lin farm ditrlirK. lino ,, n d IB,,.),. .Se tlih, atra for :io years. IO|,V- iVASHINO MACIIIXKS serviced and re inlrnl. When parts ara nol availali! we manufacture them, flaa tniciri overhauled <vn yas driven inacliines icrvirea guaranteed. Hi-rt.crl (irali ia now In charpe .of this dei'arlrn and will lie Kind to service liis customers. Blj-thetille Machin« Hbo Tractor repairs'and •Elcctrii 1>: a n d' " welding. Blacksmith'work Delta implement Co. Phon 801. 3-15-ck-t jAWy MOWKR9 Ikarpcne.l-and rep«i ed. Kach hlade' ia lirecixion ground o oor farlory method machine, Brii jonrs in now and avoid (he rush. uM we liave a large alock of parts. \\ plrknr. and deliver, lilrtlievlllo M Wanted tQ Kent Hnrnislintl r>r imfin ui.^rinl apnrtmnil ImiiM'. 1'ornnni'Ht. Call 27:12 nr'.IUf 6 or 7 room inily In -inaki- nlnire rrop nnd >»-IH nt,..\ll Hi. phiri-. (liiiid ImiiBf. Mrs. I'. K. Kl:*k; -SlnUv l.irn.. I'li.nn- 7 1^. lllrkK Wanted, To Buy • |ui>- rasli fur lisrll fiiniiliin.. 1 plofi' an n li«u». hill,. Cull 2:10?. Alviu r'uiuilm-a-XV •> iO-ck-^T onltry, corrj and hay. Hly- tWei'ille Grain 1 '' alnd Kle- vator Co.- North''<llti tit. l^Hon'e 2112,. !: S-l5-ck-3-22 ilver~ service in good condition. : \VrUe P. O. Box 380, Blylhevilie. '.' 8-12-ck-tt' for Trade For Sale or Trade •Moiiinnenl Trnilt 1'oi.snncil SALT LAKE CITY (Ltl'l Hoi poLsoiicrs ni'o fnirly coniinon, SfilL Luke City- police are" tun searching- for ri ncw-iyiie poisonci Poinsoncd Hntln r K|>rlnk]rd itt tli fniiiccl Scnj;uli Moiniinent on 111 Snlt Luke Mormon Temple Stttuir killed 10 iroul. The trout, liad IH-CM placed in the pool after coU there hn(i lieen eaten by seiiKUl thc snine htvrls hojiored by the nion tiinont for .suvint? 'euvly plotieor farms by rmtini; invatliiiit crickets. Order Your New Elcctrolux CUaner.' Toduy For Prifferrctj Delivery' 11VI ho Now Cleaner llii'it doe.H everything easily and efficiently. Yi>u'vt> witllcd for It. N«w you titn tti It, Just Phone 2650 It. M. Gr;t\-0!i, I.orat'M»a»f« Head Courier News Wnnl Ails. 941- M l\inn:ilt trill Inr Dild r<jiii]inu-lil K ,,,,,l i nn,[ni.u, f,,r II ,11 Inl.T A- It'l Joint ]),-t-r,- Irnctiir ll (1 limrin. ..|, t .>r)ivillr. 20-|>b-l!7 Kills Roafhes piddle Exterminators Memicr Nat'L Pest Control Ass'n. 15 '8; Third St. Phone 2751 CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUR SERVICE- Phon. 2241 Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractdr Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GiyE PROMPT ROAP SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street Wril» }\ O. '' 20 pk'23 Just Around the Corner . . . It's SPRING Again! and automobiles arc another Year Older!! so. . It's time to come in for Ihnl SnritiK checkup. Here arc just a few »f the lliinns that >'our war-weary car needs: • Drain & Flush Radiator Cooling System • CHECK BRAKES • Check Fan Belt and Hose Connections • Tighten Cylinder Head Bolts • Check Wheel Alignment to Prolong the Life of Your Tires. Us Your Paint anil Hotly Needs . E.juipped lo Handle Them We Are See Your Studchaker Dealer First. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. tnbUn HMn« ZII5 La ChuabBa K. E. * Aih fita. Ml When It's Refrigeration You Want Call In ELECTRIC CO. Thone 2180 104-111 Houth Ru'tlroad Ht Commercial Frozen Food Locker Plants — Walk-in Koxi's — Quick Freeze Home Cahineta.' BRING YOUR ELECTRIC PROBLEMS TO US Wir ]IIUT lu-lp .\iid iiph- siipplh's to nlv* sciv!i-c nn all yniir CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE HI', First St. IMioiiK G.M. STRIKE • "• • - ! VJ Tl ,,,* i . „ LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Miulti In Your 'Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Wood work ing-Shop ,'iOS Sotilh I'irKl Street rerfi'cl rep.iiiiiiK f»r today's ijitisilt- footwrtir Lissurcil wlit'Ti buitt In our moiluru .sliop. . Hfl LTC QURLITY SHtfe SKOP in" w. M Rl N ST. Announcement I.HWIS 1'INION lins jusl joined tun- i>r|,':itii/:i(liiii mul will MK'i'iall/!' hi strvltr work, llrlils your'' rlfdrl^nl [irohli'ms tti us. ' ••• Just Receive^—- A sliitnttnil r>f Apitrintent 'I'ypc Kli'rlrlo ll'iinxrs. Charley's Electric Service rlliillo 20!*:) 1)0 Nurlh 1st USED CAR In Tojfa, While QPA Are Still Hiigh. Take the Cash or Deposit On N,e>Y Car LQY ilCH CHEVROLET GO, T«xoto Gaf & Oil« 301W.W«Uiut Phone 579 PRESCRIPTIONS Frrahwt Stock Gimrantped Beat 'PrleM KiHby Drug Stores SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdcza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 Wcsl Main Phone 8, r >(i Dlylhuvillc, Ark. DON [EDWARDS To* T^-ftwriitT M»a" ROYAL, .^MTTUj CX3ROMA, AND nEM.'KaTOa ^ ORTAULB TYPEWRITER* in N. luj BTRKfrr .rnoNi nw '•Itcry ^•nuuxiltor Hut B* 8nU(ft«l*fT) 8AU! STORM SEVyER ALL SIZEB Cheaper Th»n Brld(e LcailMr pSCEOLA TILE i CULVlRT CO. Phone 69i "O^wli, Ark. (>r. J, L Guard JEWELRY 209 W. M«:. SERVICE See us about your mechanical trouble. p_ur expert mechanics ' working with 'modern tools ami equipment can put your car in top condition. \\'e have'a paint and body shop repair service. ^Ve will fix your car or buy your • car FOK'CAStf.' ' ' '" I. $EAY MQTQR CC Camplcte Stocks of Farts For Chrysler Trodoct* vast I BOOTS HER BUDDIES Why Not? - BY EDGAR MARTIN'- SUftXY KL\\St>. 1 VOVJL 59 S^OWS '. V HT •- : :^^ r '.-K OPsQV-VW V COUVD «t " TO MV TOR »t 3-if. •••RECKI.ES AND HIS FRIENDS <••-- -- •' x ~ AREM'T vou C=O,\IWA \ MtTM LOOK SIV6 ME A LITTLE - . Or THAT LISHTNIN&- /SILLY UMDER. ROD, SUSAC-? .—/ UMBRELLAS, 1 ^^LAKO SMITH ! . -. BESIDES, YOU'RE NO / '' \ GEMTLEMAM; A GENTLE '•/''•> \ MAN ALVVAVS WALK? ON THE. OUTSIDE, N=AR.THe CURB.' Mnd-Gii.'ird j • ms /• \ / 'BUT Just TELL ME" WHY SHOULD A GUY WAL',: OM WE OUT5IDE ? \,\/MATS THE REASON FOR IT? BY MERRILL BLOSSEB me. T. M. »CC- U. S. PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP Sixty Gels the Ida BY v. T. HAMILTON; OH, I'M 5O GLAP YOU ALL COULD COME TO MV PARTY... AMP MISTER OOP.'.' I'LL BET YOU RPM'T A.GA1M SO SOOW,' AWP VOO ACE THE OOOLA I'VE HEACt? SO MUCH , ABOUT.' THE BOYS ARE ALL JUST PYIW3 TO MEET A PREHISTORIC

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