The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1933
Page 3
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PAGE FOUR BLYlgEVILLE, (A&K.) COURIER NEWS 20. THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOOK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Mauler Sole N.tioiial Adi'erlUinj R'prewntatlves: Arkansas Dslllw, Iiic., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Cliy, LIHIe Rock. Published Erery Aflcrnoon Except Sunday. Entered as second cl»*s inMlor al Hie post olTlcc at niyllicvlllc, Arkansas, under act ol Congress Oc- r.~~ ' tobcr 9, 1917. Served by UK United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By currier in me Clly o! ISIyllicvlllc, l&c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mail within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per ycai, 51.50 for six months. 85c for three months: by mnll In i-ostal /ones Iwo to six. Inclusive, SG50 per year. In MUM seven and eight, $10.00 l«r ye&r. payable in advance. ferson, mid Jnddoii. Dcniocrncy lias to function in an infinitoly complex BVC- fcty.' Your up-to-date reformer is more likely to be an economist or an engineer than a politlcinn. He flffhls for thu -same old t'aii.w-—a freer, happier liTo for tin; ordinary man—liul he has been forced t<> use diiTcreiit weapons. Thi! old one* were no»d, but they weren't fintiijrli by lluiimelves. —Hruce (.'iiUoii. The Old Liberalism Loses Faith Nothing is inticli more instrutiivi', in ;i work) where proKrW* is the wiltrli- word, than to listen to the reminiscences of a disillusioned rclnrnu'i 1 . A WashiiiKlon corrispondPiil Hie other day ;nt down to chat with Senator Thomas 1'. Oori! of Oklahoma. Senator CJorc used to be ar ardent liberal, a Wilsonian progressive, a teammate, in thu old days, of such lighters as Kryan and the elder''ollette. Now lie hiis cooled ofl', and 'ie doubts that reformers push things alonn much faster, in the lonjr run, than conservatives. "Years ago, when I was coming alonjf in life, I thought we were KU'WK to solve all the problems :•{ the world," be said. "First, we wanted the initiative and referendum. It was obvious that with the powers of the initiative the people would do whatever needed to be done to make ours a iwrl'cct society. With the referendum, the people would bold in cheek whatever should nol be done. t T t "Of course we also hr,d to have the direct election of United States senators," he goes on. "We got thai, and lo, it hath made cowards of us all. To cement and consolidate our (fains, we had to have woman suffrage. We- knew the good women would vole only for honorable and able public servants, wise and human public policies. "And to cap all our reform:; we needed prohibition. We were KOHIS to substitute the moral code for the penal wile." Anil he concludes: "We knew that when we accomplished these tilings we could sit aft on the sidelines and wnlcn all our problems solve themselves." + * * Any adult whose memory goes buck to pre-war days 'can sec thai all of Ibis was, pretly largely, the old progressive credo. 11 bung, for the most part, on airum|ue.-:tioning faith in pure democracy. Give the people all the power possible and all will be well; the remedy for the ills of democracy is 'more democracy; the voice of Hie people is the voice of God—so ran the philosophy of the liberal. The progressive sounds a different note today. No longer does he rely on an extension of the principles of .lei- OUT OUR WAY | SIDE GLANCES By George dark Promising Figures TliLi'i: is a K IJ( »I 'k'Hl of incut, in Uic musL rcconl liguvcs on c'lii- pluvmciil and t''oll.s, MS relujued '>:•' Siicrrtiiry of I.aljor Francos I'ui'kin*. AUInniKli Jliss I'oi'luns |>]'0|>ei'ly warns us lliiit "lliirt is nol Hie time to throw lulls loo hitfli in tin? :i'r," it remains true tliiit ;in otuploynicnt jjii" of 750.000 in the iiionlli of AiiitusL, jtccoin- piuiit'd Ijy :in increase of $12.000.000 in l'nctory pitynills, can proporly l)i' classed as extremely jroo'l news. 1'crhnps llii 1 Ijcst part of it is Uiiit pity rolls ar<' licKiiinini; lo increase fiisler than eniploymciH. That, <|uite olivionsly, nu'aiis increased pnrcha.sinK power for Hit individual man, and forecasts a continued business revival. For if iMwiiK'ss is to revive Ihc ordinary consumer has jrot to spend more money; and In- can't ppend more if lie doesn't tfet. inure. Kvcry extra dollar in the wiifjfi earner's envelope is mi additional sleppintr stone hack toward prosperity. Legal Bootlegging The pcmliny: end of the prohibition era seems likely tu brinj? a few sur- for .-iome of us who aren't en- familiar will) the ways of the prises tirely li<|tior trade. For example: -James M. Ouran, U. S. commissioner of industrial alcohol, iwints oul thai the nation's stock of properly ii^cd whiskey is today only •1,000,000 iinlkms: but he adds thai as sooi^ as repeal is in effect lliis can be increased to f>0,000,000 nu.nuns Ihrough a process of rectification. And rectification, it snems, is jvist a business of mixing jjood liquor wilh grain alcohul, to make .half a do/on gallons grow where one grew before. It is, in fad, a scientific word for the hoot ledger's "1:1 stunt of "cutting" his whiskey. lit our innocence wo h;id always supposed that (.his "cutting" was a villainous and reprehensible stunt. Now it seems that it is a fine scientific achievement. H is all \sry confusing. Who in tlie world is inteie.iiecl in the life nl a bullfrog, cxccnt nnotlicr frns? — Louts A. Johnson, commander of Ihe Amcriciui I.esjion. V » • History ;nusl continue lo be H slrine ot accidents wilh an Increasing disastrous trend until a comprehensive jiilth In the modernized Worltl Stale, socialistic, cosiiiO|wlil.ui mid creative, lake* hold ol the human iirm;imiUon. — H. Ci. We c.innot change heredity. We sho'.ild cluum' environment to Insure progress. — U. S. Senator Thomas I 1 . Gore. • J, '< ** •*& *w ^%*£ ./r'tJfe' 'V'?W' BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Piou the file* ot the BljUwrtlltfj Dally Courier •- THIS CURIOUS WORLD Thursday, Sept. 20. I9Z3. About 10 o'clock Wednesday night while an electrical storm was in progress, lightning struck tiie southwest mill of the ne* addltian of the Blythcvllle compress, where nil lite last year's cotton «as stored, damaging every bale and laying flat the entire null, the last to ue erected a few weeks itgo. There were stored m ilic unit some 2,300 bales of colton. The insurance company will be required to settle the lass on the price ol i cotton that day. which was 29 cents, i In point of damage this was the ago, when their large store burned, "Let's sloj) in and see Doris. She never misses a thing ou have on." nfection of Ear in Children May Come With Scarlet Fever BY 1)11. MOKIIIS FISHnniN lilor. Journal nf the .liiii-ri-:iii Meldcal AisoHition, ;ind i.f llytcla, Ihc Health Mas.mur Scarlet fever is (iidiiuivily a •lid disease for most children, here are occasional cpidnu'ics in hich the cases that occur arc inch more severe. There arc, icrcovcr. instances in which the omplicalions are so serious as lu re dan^erou.*. to life and than the disease itself. most (refluent complication f scarlet fcu'r is infection of the ar or .sometimes of tlie maMoiri. •|th the production of 111? condi- iriii called maslcj'.dltls. Around 10 HT cent of children who gel svar- et fever also have an inflamma- ion of ilir internal car. but the lumber of cases varies in 'differ- .sl:n:ces. lor the simple renson t'*at U heals rapidly without any detrimental eflecis to the car. Furthermore, it has been shown \n millions ot cnsos In which it (]fi£ Ijcen done that the mc-nsure Equally serves to benefit the con- c.Uion. CHURCH EXCUSES By Gro. W. Barham Oklahoma City.—Decent developments have LrougtU Oklahoma's martial law situation to near n shou'Oown (n Governor Walton'^ fight on the Kii Kins Klan. Tlie governor has Issued a proclamation ordering all fiery crosses, which have been erected In many cities, to be removed immediately. He •said they were ''pagan emblems of fear, rmtrcd and rebellion." ACCORDING •;• . TO AM ACA6 .' -V-i't. IE66ND, THE'OOVE ' RETURN ED TO NOAH'S ' '60ANCH, AND. LATEB. mosl costly fire Blythcvllle has had ; BETUBN £ D FROM A SECOND TRiP* since the' Bcrtlg fire same 15 years | ^m RED /WUO ON ITS FEET, SHOWiNO THAT fT HAD ALIGHTED ON THE GROUND.. . AND EVER SINCE THEKi ALL DOVES HAVE HAD fiED FferANO iEGS, AS A REWARD FOR THEIO.GOOD DEED/ Miss Carey Woodburn !cft Thursday for Little Rock where she was called lo her work because of the special session of the legislmnro which will convene Monday. Woman's Aerial Police Head Sa v " 'Frisco Lags IN . . GUAMJ TIN CAMSA=<[ IN THE GROUND TO FURNISH | IRON Snail raisins i* an important industry 01 tincnt. The demand to: 1 these so-ca'.:?d ci:-lic; the supply is not able to keep pac?, a:iri in sonu- VAN Fp.ivr ix.^ lUP) Francisco is far behind oilier j seasons have been proclaimed, in orck-r that tlic snail pop;il| American cM»t in the matter of | ma , nol beconu . [00 £c; votnen air police. Mrs. U. S. Me- I Qu?en. official of tlic Woman's i International Aerial Police, said! NEXT: How c:in u shell kill a in-reuii without hitting him iihen she visited here fiom her- I ^'vo^k'^nd 0 ^ eacl Missouri Apple Growers i [ Raise Crop of 100,000,000 I };yc. N. V., have women "tiauici Sr C(.ps' hi the air. i souri ......i .,J,|,.L <,....,...., ,.,^ tl ^- , . M Alamcda. Cal.. Miss Patricia ing their part to keep the doctor | " le *"£ "= c <". 1.™<*V'} ij Kendall is employed by the city away by producing about 100.000.-; "P""" tu m-irke,. i..»e lu enforce air traffic laws. OCO apples, an amount equivalent j to an apple fo revery man. ^nmaii John Jacob Astor was probably and child in America. j the richest man in the United According tc George T. Groh. I States in his day, 1763-1848. president of the growers' organiza- i growers and this year's crop isj | sldercci o! a better color than the average. 'Read-Courici 1 Ke«s Want Jim — that's my husband—says ll>Cit what Hie coir.itvy needs well as the church is t-j changa epidemics fioni four licr cent :;s (Ulitude. Further than this >r all of thoM gcttlnj scarlet icvcr \io snld not to quote him at this to 25 jicr cent. I ti>ne as he Is quietly working on Probably one of Ihe reasons why j " Pl»» I" .''dp the .churches out 10 ninny childvcn with scarlet '" ^C* would be missing from Eve's desk — her fountain pen, the vauity hiivn trouble «-lth the ear is tl.c fuct thai the lliroat is in ; t. tiriably infected. coiidltion in attendance Lind fuiances. As we sot our church Jcltc-rs mi'i- ;'?crd. we have not intended ohurcli for several years. We havo ronxtntellnn Kiiprrlnlrndn.l. IHrk In *rm to lake charge of n cnn- nlrnrlluD Jul» {n (he AillruM.tarltM. ll «lll rrqnirr at IpnM n ycjir to complete ha* KT* TcfM*e.« la Rive up her work a*d c« ^ritb him. MOXA AI.I.EX. COiiJ irrilrr, and th.c spread of Ihc m-| ; . l ' asl tided malcrinl from the throat (o ' the ear. The spread lakes place th'ough the ciislacliitui lube which i;n.'_scs from ihr back nf the nose to the ear. wilh I'lnamniiilton of the'Tinned lime and again to. at ;o lo church and if we everything just • right, we •vnuld try and find our letters ynd put them in but It seems that Lvery time we get abouc ready le so something happens to keep ;-5 away. Now. tli; last time—or Fvequi-mly [he intlnmmalion j ''• ma >' '»»''' bc( ' n lllc time bc .... ..... ... , 0 M](Il | c ,; .„„] lllL ,, (ore—we had said early in the si-oiisilijn so virulent.' wfrk we won't 1 , not let anything .' hori ol serious sickness keep us i.-.-Liy and we were all ready to go unci Junior began lo act funny ^4 hours may elapse between tlie j •'"'" for ;< while it looked like Prfl infection and llio beginning | we would hav? to either go for a ol the discharge of lln- p:is. \ cijclor or take him to one when I happened to notice that 1 had put his clothes on wrong and by '.hat time, it -.vas too late to 50 M> you sec how little it lakes to make one mis.- church. T sc;ne- l:Tpfs think If the church wns run like a show—r.ay from eleven that tlu* first sicn of the infection is the sudden discliars? of mutcr- ,ial from the c-av. Thus less than By William? \JMV-W AM -L A<-\_oS TEACV-\VM'. 1-\1M ROUGH -TUlMGS ? VMH^f Cu'z. x OOSJ'T VVAK GO THRO ~M' LIFE "A BiG SAP- A SJSSiE.- A •S^MttT SiSTfcF? \NHO HATTA TAWe GOFF OFF A. GUVS riAFF V-\i& S.I'Z-F- , Cu^. HC. WE.\jeF? HAD MOTHIVV BoT SIFTERS, 1 -Ats)'-Vje.\_\_ .\AJIM MIM , TO .•START H(M GOT IM UFC. 1 . COURSE.,i COME. OUT IT, BUT vr WAS A 'AT \'-'/. K- r - : /<^ V£&* StLF-MAOE, However. Ihcic art 1 other caws wliich Ihc condition comes on ;re .slowly. In such cases high ,-cr. severe pnin i:i ihc cur anrt iglng In Ihc aiv ic.ictloiiF. The dingnj.vs c.t t'nU rondition u be martc rciuin only by a inpctenl to Ihe car ivllh 11 pinper device |' llglilbig and tnr magnllyirig eardrum titne: trnuhle at Hip otElcc. Site reuJtOBnil.le filr KCVcrul ini\- ics for Khirk l~.\c U Itlninril. nil _!• (rj«nril7 wttk TllKitON ~ nkD conlinucjt (o /orce vnvrHe«me ntt^ntionit fin Hre. Unkunnn to Dick, HTC Iin^ licrn pl.iylni; tbc •tvck innrker, l.or- ruiTln;; woneT from lier mother nnd «l*ler. Slie lonrx Ihin, na %rrll •• all hrr own j<nvln^« and *I«J Dirk left I« Hit hunk. Jtlonn iuTileB Kve to .[lonrr nnd I'.vtt ««xl«Ha Hot lo «ffrHd hrr, iicorpl* the Invlfaliun. jlonn run- 1rlT» to takr V'TC tn n readhon^r \ihrrr -J'heroH llecrr appcnrn. I-.TF dlnlIkc-« Hrn-r. She Iravr* thp other*. DrcoinCJi loir nud AlK-ndK Ibe nlf;h( nt a fnrjH linimr. Xfrt djiy Ht«rce <olri.ho«e>. lie in Ttivc ivltli her anj [KKinunlinu Ihnt nlek hm hern cirrrlo^ on fl!rla<i»»s. KOW GO OX WITH THE STOR T CHAPTEn XXXIX \ 1,1. day Sunday Kvt> flayed In the apartment. She felt tired and spent after the nerve-wracking experiences ot tuft night before. There was no doubt in her mind case sho kept iu a desk drawer, leaves from her calendar pad on which she had jotted memoranda, or bits of copy not yet seen by Mr. Rarncs. The things which disappeared were always objects the lock of which would cause inconvenience to Eve hereelt but were the caily show at the Palace ; wnrdd." "I'd 'love to," agreed Eve.*] haven't been to a movie since 1 left. It's no fun to go alone. 1 what about I thought monopolized all your time tl "He's giving a talk before | City Club loiiight," said too trivial to conic to the attcnliou of Hie advertising manaser. Eve, ot course, blamed Moua Allen. She „.,, „ „„.„ ! concluded that Ibn oilier girl was-wiili evident pride. "Sam's sn working her mischief wilh greater j j-^-c. Ho could go a Ions care. ' ho really wanted to." "What would you do?" one day I "Of course he's smart. Ai Eve risked Arlcne. ! course ho could go a Ions I'd KO to Uanies about it," Ar- j can't you uiaSo him want I Icue advised. | Arlene?" "Oh. I couldn't! He wouUhi'l | .. So mclime3 I (iiiuk T could. | like it aud he'd only lliink uic i [ (lou - t ,. |lo , v w]iat , „..,„,_ cal 'y-" 1—I liked (Icorgo BlitG. you ki "I don't seo wliy! soud merely A lot _ , „„.,„ r)1 . t , ,,.„, be protect Ins youraelt-aSEorliiis c ., 01 , sil lo sec luat Le m »l , |i!iy.«ici:iii who mil look ! hc nlorllllll; 1;n '" ' ' 1:1 at i He can tell fro::i ii: n]i]n':ir;incc the membriuic v, :!.-:her cr not icrc Is pressure. ,in:i |I L . cuu tell oin its color thr .---^iTitv of Uic lianiinalion. Of onirsc. or say on hourly schcdule^-oii" :,i^.cly could jet llicre for one .lour. SMO.OOO.MO Program MONTREAL I UP)—A huge 113- that Moua Allen responsible »-liat had happened — Moaa your rights. Do yon think for one minute that a man would let au- IVe tei-ji too many ni' ycnrs un a linn who wasn't ii oihe.- man _ get. a».iy with what j^ S:ltll - 3 bcc! , Eratl ,|"i 0 mc j Mona's doiu;? 0£ course he wouldn't! I don't like a busylwily. No one does. But there's a difference between being meddlesome liiinks of tilings to do for ma most before I've wished for ll| No matter what happened. would stand by. After all, means something to a woman."! ami standing up for yourself." As it happened Kve did not find | "| t mcjns evcrylliins." admi it necessary to complain to IJ.iniei about Mona. Two days later Ar- whosc invitation to live to take i cno returned iincxrerlcdly lo the dinner witu her had seemed so friendly! At Srst, angrily, Eve tried to think how she could mako the oilier girl pay for her IricUs. Gradually, however, Kve came to Kve. "Dirk's tike that, too." tional construction program, in- 1 consider the matter more calmly. volvinp c^iwndiHire ot approxuu- 1 u - v Monday morning she had dc- offica for somethius she had for-1 gotten when leaving lo so to lunch j and found Mona goiug through the ' VOVK.MHKU can Gray Novl l'« drawers of her desk. The situation was too imicli even for 0:10 dinner down town, homo lo the lonoly Sometimes l^vc| "S "> n f Sometimes she stopped at Monti's impudence to carry oft wilh ;<-»l noiichalence. "I—I was jiift—" she be^an n i'c^c. wilii a cup ot hot cliocoil would s-etvc for a meal. Aflcr " tided that it would be best to i possible. There should I:,- . he numbrnm- i:i-r:.. suing of circum- TUBE GUESSES FIGJPE I WHtN WcREI DICE FIRIT', usrrj l Vid i Vici W*.C.= Greeks defeat Persians ' the Oreat born. >stal depart tfierit a,T\noun,ces increase in mail as students bow (Answers m Klvc) t= 11XJIVCV' me," Eve toid Arlcac. .alter re-j "I w.n= only looking for—some liithis all that had happened Sat-|copy paper," Muna tried to lictciid unlay night. jlicrseH. lint it Was Mom herself who j -\Yhat's wrong t'rousht up the sabjcct. aha eu- :tral the oflicu, removed licr hat Hint stack ot copy paper over Ihcre in its usual plnccV" .".ml a moment later was beside "Oh! There is tonic. i~u't tiicic? ' KTK'S desk. "Whatever became ot ] I didu't sec any this uiornlHB. , ^ mv ^tei-i( you Saturday night?' 1 she dc-1 Charles must have brought down j ' .^,..,.' wll i cll i ic , ] l;1 j never I n:audcd. "I was so worried! TLein new suiiply." ••' ,."•',** Snppoic he would nol want hc» kiiD'.v! After all. Dick hai' seo^ willing caougli lo go away leave l:cr. Perhups he had wanted her to go wilh him. W aflcr :'.!!, did Fho know of nil real thoughts? And what all j l!io?o mystcriou- Tuesday nl tioy friend and 1 met R man lie "There \va? plenty Hiere this. knc»- Wao invited 113 to have -» Iniwnins. Ho liro-.islit il down yw m;t,k. Wo were, ia rv bootb at the |tcrdav." opposite end ot lb« room nud when • • * we came back' lie'ece told us you WITH this Arlcnc tinub'.rf things tack , nto ,l,c. dc-k drawers . KORICIIUIC: Lvc , ., _ lo.. e " !ls u WI W «°^ s , : "" 1 ^'"^ L *' crc ;j')\ iiy3 dc ?' rpi , ." P j "5- Pl ' Ulc wo " ld Lot lcl j» gone.'In ».*ay I rton'i blame , „„,.„ ,,,i u ,,.,. ,. i ..., „.„ you. Tliat place ta »n awful frobl. and locked them. .Vona t,or<:od nn ] tlicm I'll never had gone there 1t I'd amused smile, retreated to licr I She was finihns it more ilnlil known what It w»s like!" ' rtc=k a , ul Ul - rnn lo lvpo wilh the HIM the hail dreamed it ronld| "I went home," Eva tolj her, .appearance of industry.;'" suvc the money snc oxvctl and thai was the last word tlic Arlctic listened out to join Kve at j mother and licr sister, bno ' said oo Ui6 subject. Never agalu, a belated luncheon. ! rlcd nbo " t lllls ' " bo " t " Kk - a 'l Kve was rcsolvod, would Moua' l-; V c shared licr clalion ever the jTbcrou Ilcccc. Aud another Hi haie an oppprtunity to place her proof of Jloun's treachery.' "You'll [that caused her to worry r in au awkward posiliou. not bo annoyed by her again!" Dorothy Mcblliiuncy's lilllc EI| • • • -Arlcuc promised. Eve wished she of satisfacllon whenever the ' B UT such resolullons were easier! could be as ccrtalu ot iliia «6 »' et - It was as though the niada inan kept. In the days .Arlcnc teemed to be. -leader know EomeUiiug tha; (ollowud Kv» »'KS constantly; "Let's cclcbralc lonijht." pro- Dicls and lua plans that b faiiuf petty acnoyiDcei— small r^:4 Avlcui. "Wi buvea'i ciua aot kaow. The tli^uch' wir maltcrh lhat btcame iatied=lnjlr . Jt t : '.it us,v l'.i'.li,'.:i because r iheie .Tnclllli strt-ci yit. I'vo LcmJ ihji j (Tn : '^ Cxmtiiiucd)

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