The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople) OUR WAY YOU'CE ALMOST AS FAST AS A DAVST. / AJ&T ^toN^l I'M ToYirt© vs'iTri Trie' IDEA DONT HAVE; TO DRESS UPAM'.GO OUT TO see A snow NOW, AN' IF SCOtPTORe Jos i*-"- you OUGHT TO HNJ6 IT ALL TELEVISION ACTORS PLPtfll-iG RECORDS, OF COURSE-~SHODTl^G SHOO , AT "Cue BIRDS/— <JM/ \ HOW AMAZIfiG THE . BRAINl IS.' i's. A. VJALLOP OS fUE HEAD ' MRY NOT SHOW OP OF THEIR AUDIEMCe P6ORIA PASSES YORK. irt POPULATION/ H6Y &TOM6L6 fMW RUN FAST SAYS THE -RECEIVIM& END PAGE ELEVEN FOR SALE Concrcle culvorli 12 Incli to 48 inch, plain 01 reenfurced Also Concrete Building Blocks'Cheap- er than lumber for burns chtoki-u houses, pump houses, lenanl Houses, too) sheds W* deliver Call us for tr« estimate 1'hone 69) OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Can Tell the Difference, in Good Shoe Repair HflL.T€RS QUflUtY SHO€ SHO! 121 W M R I N S • - : , •• Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Someone to By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART c<, Pyf ; 9 h., mi, NEA sE«,vicf. INC, TIIK STOHVi JllCcd r,r Ciiiiiivtr. Jciin .l,|ilni-« CJil.ew her Tod ny, he be In i? v;«lr fu cull wfee «vflli »tw fti mlly. r«-U unit t.n-y ftiinllj ni triilli-r cum 11 wbMr Tod I Inir kl» Job n* a ih»t Imhy n bli-k hum unit her cy «« II v* on. Thi-n Tod mreiB Jin old friend froiw Stnie Unit-entity, Kirk MnrrlK. Kick in aitlie ink** with Jpfiny nnrt Jenny kopec th»i Hick romt* - «if ten tn R<-C iliOjn — Ulck IK cootl for J l'n<l nnd for her, loo, XIV J ENNY and Rick had a lol ol l\m in the super-market. He insisted on paying for the groceries, because of so ' many extravagant items he'd selected himself, mushrooms, some terribly expensive cheese and a bottle of wine. When Tod returned from his last class Rick, with one of Jenny's riiftled aprons tied around his middle, was in the kitchenette cooking dinner.^ Tod was in an extra good humor He and Rick sampled the wine and had a high time kidding each other They had just finished the dcs sert and lit cigarets when'.Rick said to Tod, out of n clear sky "Say, you know Liz Conover— "Yes." . "I heard she's getting a divorc already from that Courtney fellow slie married last spring." No one said anything for a sec bndlor two. Rick looked from on teethe other of them. "Did I something wrong?" "No," Tod said. He rose an began hunting for an ash tray. "The ash tray is right behin you, on the desk," Rick said qu etly. . "And now tell me what wrong with my mentioning Liz "Well, if you must know Ricky •Jenny said, turning the water o in the sink for the dishes, '" ' was engaged to Liz last spring, an she jilted him, and then I caug him sort of. on the rebound." Sh ducked down then to get the soa afcos out o[ the cupboard, be- use she couldn't face the angry ok on Tod's face. "That's not true, Jenny, and you now it," Rtck looked uncomfortable. idn't mean to bring any skeletons ut of the closet." ^ "It's all right, Rick," Jenny said, he was sure of herself now. Skeleton or not, it's better to have lings out in the open, isn't it? Vnyway, 1 love Tod, and even if did get him on the rebound, I'm lad I did. We're going to make a uccess of our marriage." "Jenny's rtght," Tod said. His yes met Rick's briefly as he set ash tray down on the table. Want to drive down to the drug lore with me," he said. "I'm out cigarcts." "I've really got to be going/ 1 lick said. TENNY protested, but only halt- J hearledly. and atter the usual hings were said, Rick lett. Tod mnkcs me fly off the handle so." 'Sure." Tod gol out his books and notebooks and sat down at his desk to study. He couldn't get Li7. out of his mind. Aware suddenly that Jenny had been saying something to him, he looked up. "What was that, Jenny?" "You mean you didn't^ hear a word I said?" " He shook his head- Her brown eyes were stormy again. "I said your mother phoned and wanted to talk-to yoif today. They told me at the office. 'She wouldn't lalk lo me, but she left her number." "Sure, Dad, I realize how Important money, is—I need twice as much of it as I used to!" 'HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERfiILL Duchess .Move* IB •.• . ,-, . '••, UETS CRUMPET COMBOS FOUR. SCOOPS OF ICE CBE*M,2. I GOSH IMJISCll.LA'S POP Something to Reniemher BY AL VERMEFR drove him to his rooming house. "I didn't know you and Liz were engaged last spring/' Rick said as they got in the cnr. "We were supposed to be married as soon as I got home from that hospital in New York," Tod said. "She and Courtney doped the day before I got back." "You were lucky," Rick said. "Lucky?" Tod said. "To' marry Jenny you mean." . "And to have escaped marrying Liz. She's no good. She'll be married to half a dozen fellows before she's through. You'd better get her off .your mind and be happy with Jenny. She's a swell kid." Jenny was all finished with the dishes when he got home. "There's nothing to apologize for, Jenny." He looked down; al her, seeing the trembly sweetness of her lips, the softness ol her eyes, dark-circled in her thin face. He ought to be ashamed for even thinking of Liz when Jenny was so sweet. "1 guess "Maybe I'd belter go call her." * • • AT the trailer camp office he found the slip with the plxone number on it in his mail slot. Ma : s querulous voice came loudly . and reproachfully over the phone. "We figured you was pretty busy, but like I told Harriet today, looked like you didn'.t care what become of us. We ain't seen hide nor hair ol you for weeks and weeks." . , "I've been IriinknV 1 must look you up." "1 know Jenny's probably doin' everything she can to keep you away from us, but it looks like—" "Look Ma, if you phoned me lo pick a quarrel lot's break it oil right now. I've been meaning to come around and see you. We sold the shack thai belonged to Jenny's father and got S50Q for it. "1 could let you have some money if you're hard up. Jenny wouldn't care if you really needed it." "No, thanks. Joe T s got a good job with a friend of his. He says soon as he can he's goin' to get us a nice place again.- Joe'll take care of his old mother even it you don't think enough of her to come around." "I been busy with school, and Jenny's had lo quit work. We'll be over to see you though soon, maybe tomorrow night." "You don't need to bring'her to see me!" Ma said firmly. He walked back to the trailer slowly, feeling a miserable sense it's just nerves that of guilt. (To Be Continued) Accidents cause 42 times as many deaths among U.S. children as does infantile paralysis. r It:. . . With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Olenco* 0oild)n| Phont 449) «r Z7«? Soybean Sacks new 10 oz. FALL SEEDS AlfRlfa, Rye, Wheat, Oats & Vetch BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. 1800 W. Main St. Phone 856 - 857 ' RENT A CAR l>rive Anywhere VOD Pleasr Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 SOYBEAN SACKS 21 Bu. Size TOP MARKET PRICES PAID FOR YOUR BEANS AT ALL TIMES Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. Highway 6] So. Phone 2R60 'BAGS BAGS BAGS BAGS \Ve offer new bags, never used, at about the price ol used bags, heavy 10 ounce burlap, no patches, no bad seams and no rotten bags. Also No 1 used bags as low as 20c each. The bags are stored at Gay & Billings warehouse across the street from the Frisco depot. See the samples there and buy bags that will last you thru the season. Phone 34)8-3152 PAUL D FOSTER DISTRIBUTOR ' Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2723-2700 BRANN TILE & FLOOR CO. • Asphalt Tile Floors • Itnrdwood Floors • Rubber Tile Kluors • Hock Wuol Insulation • \Vcalher Stripping • Ornamental Irnn Work • I'lastic Tile Walls All Work Guaranteed A. L. (Al) Sullivan, Jr. ; Harold C. Rrann 1M N. 2nd. 2462 Phones .13(50 PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Oiu yeart. ol experience assure you that when you present a prescription ordei to us. H will oe expertly compounded from fresh pure drugs You can be sure at Rothrork's ROTHROCK'S DRUG STORE Ul CO U4 Q 3 h- STUD.E BAKER For a Real Treat— Drive These Cars 1018 Siudchakcr Land Cruiser—fully equipped witli radio, heater, overdrive and 'J9 Arkansas licens. ' ISMS Sludebaker Champion J-door — radio, heater, overdrive, and M!) Arkansas license. IfllS Shidcbakcr Champion 2-tloor—a hcautiTuI Sonora Tan, equipped with radio, heater, overdrive and M9 Arkansas license. 1911 Ford •l-door—radio, healer, sca( covers, '•Ifl Arkansas license, clean as a-pin. A ONE OWNER CAR! For Real Service—For Real Values Chamblin Sales Co. Railroad and Ash Phone 888 STUDEBAKER GQ vo YOU'D SUV A NEW PLANK VIC 'FLINT Next Step? BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY «nd RALPH LANE THEEE GOES THt "VIKING" TO HER OfFSHOSE RfNDEZVOUS.y WITH YOUR IOOK AT HER STEP.'/BOAT ON THE BOTTOM AND MANTHORP PROBABLY SOMfWHERE INSIDE If, THEY THIMK THEY'VEGOfA CLEAR FIELD. WEIL, HAVEN'T TKEV3 IF IT WILL HOIST DARKLING AND HER CREW, I'LL TAki ALL OF IT.' MAY8E TON I6HT, BUCK, BUT I'VE GOT A P1AN. WANT A PIECE OF IT 1 .THAT KKOtTt U NKESSMV. IETV HIT UP LETT! fOB A CUPOFOXFKAMB III LAY IT OUT. Darkling put us ashore and returned to the •VIKING: Ten minutes later... CAI'TAIN 1JASY AT Ucfc&e - w INDUSTRIES No Word BY LESLIE TURNER^ SENt'Hltt ID SOUTH AWEE.IC* TO NEGOTIATE APPARENTLY EVERYTHIMG MICELV WHEM ALL COMMUNICATION SUDDEHW STOPPED! rue CABLED AND PHONED REPEATEDLY, BUT CAJJ LEAKN NOTHIUG.,, I WANT YOU TO RUSH DOWN AMD f=IUD WHAT HAS MAPPEUED TO HIM! CAROL IS f RAMTIc., T«»TIUIEW*AT once. Gt« WE His LAST KUOWH U?CMK* THIS ABOUT WASH HAVIMG BEEM INTERESTED W OPERATING. E I5UGS BUNNY Nice View, To«! "INTERESTING, EXCITING WORK. START AT TOP. GOOP PAY. " THAT'S ME/ I'M IN THIS JOB, POC TH' PART ABOUT STARTIN' AT TH 1 ALLEY OOP Hold II, Deputy! BY V T HAMLIN CNNT HEMZ YOU A. MILLION AWAY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Big Shot BY EDGAR MARTIN

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