Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 22, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1891
Page 7
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Co.'s Breakfast Cocoa from -which the excess of oil has been removed, is {Absolutely Pure land it is /Soluble. . No Chemicals are used in its preparation. It has more than three limes tile strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arroivroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing, strengthening, EASILY DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as'for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass, VEGETABLE jyo,^«^«»^r, t JAMAICA'S An International Exhibition Just Opening in the "West Indies. Congress Fin-pot, tu Recognize It- Despite the Efforts of a United States Com- mitteo—1'rinre George rf VTulos to Formally Open It, [COPYRIGHT, 1S01.J Perhaps it has been due to 11 pardonable and absorbing interest in our own approaching- world's fair, or .perhaps we are, nftoT ail, too busy and a little too selfish to give much thought to even the biggest projects of our next door neighbors, for certain it is that, while the people of the island of .Jamaica arc talking- of little else than their "Teat inter-nation: 1 ,] exhibition, now on the eve- of its opening, and while most of the Governments, not alone of Central and South America but of Europe and Asis, as well, have gone to some trouble- and expense to be officially represented there, the United States Government has-for some reason, or it- may be through negligence alone, failed to officially recognize in an} 7 way the Jamaica "World's • Fair, and but for the persistent work of British nnd Colonial representatives in New York its '-\* FAIR Bt'ILIMXG AT JAMAICA. opening on the 27th of this month would probably be unmarked by .p^single exhibit from this country. A "naval squadron under Admiral Gherardi has gone down to Kingston, bay. but that is probably to meet there the squadrons of other countries and out of compliment also to Prince George of Wales, who is to formally open the exhibition. Sot another sign from this Government to indicate its-recognition of the fact that an international industrial and manufacturing exhibition is to be in progress for several months at its southernmost doors, and yet it is not for lack of pressing invitation that we find ourselves out of our little neighbor's big fair. Fully a. year ago a. committee for the United States, composed of resident English and West India officials and business men, was formed and a New York headquarters established in' the Stewart building on Broadway with Mr. Thomas Amor, the English secretary to the committee, in charge. Glowing circulars announced that the chairman of the United States committee was William Lane Booker,-Esq., C. M. G-., her Britannic Majesty's Consul- General at New York, and that the vice- chairman was William Robert Hoare, Esq.. her Britannic Majesty's Consul at isfew York. Prominent New York representatives of Jamaica steamship, railroads and banking companies made up the rest of the committee. Their business was largely to fvirnish 'information to prospective "exhibitors, but chiefly at the start to obtain from the United States an official acceptance of . the invitation to be represented at the fair. That seemed to be a matter of easy accomplishment. It was certainly a world's f^iir the committee was representing if ever an international exhibition-had a right to that title, and a British—not merely a colonial—world's fair, too: for had not the British Government stamped it as such? And was it not tosbe conducted under the special patronage of his Pvoyal Highness, the Prince of Wales, with young Prince George to represent his father at the opening ceremonies? It was an easy , task, surely, that lay before the committee for the United States, with a rush of exhibitors assured and plenty of glory in the background. Communication was promptly opened with Sifcre- tary Blaine. Mr. Blaine"responded courteously, expressing his interest in the people, and suggesting that the formal invitation be sent to Congress. It was. Its acceptance and a rousing appropriation to enable the United States to be worthily represented at the exhibition in Kingston, Jamaica's capital city, seemed to the distinguished English officials in New York to be a matter for a few days' consideration only. . Days passed; weeks passed; months passed. The British committee in New York heard DO word from Congress, tion, new States wore coming Into the t'mon, and thu-attaing to vhange i-Mstin?jjohtn.j.1 pivot il centers. Jamaica? Where- was it? What was it? Nobody knew last year; nobody cared. The clay came when Congress adjourned,- and—we had forgotten to accept the invitation to be represented at Jamaica's Woi-ld's Fair. That is how the matter is looked at by the members of the committee most | familiar with American affairs. Others ! hint darkly ;it*a studied insult on the I part of the .Secretary of State to England, or make sarcastic allusions to the American Congressman's fear of the Irish vote, and they talk of retaliation 1\-hen Chicago opens her. doors to the world. It is right, however, to say that the general feeling oj! the committee is one of deep and bitter disappointment undoubtedly, but not of resentment. And so the fair in Kingston, Jamaica, will go on without the official recognition of the United States, but not without United States exhibitors, although the failure of our Government to act has of course kept the number and extent of American exhibits comparatively limited. On January -J7, 1S01, unless some now unlocked for'de-' lay oecurs, Prince George of -Wales will declare the great Jamaica fair open, and will place it in the hands of the Governor of the island, Sir Uenry Arthur Blake, K. C. M. G., who is its president. It will remain in existence for at least three months, and these in Jamaica arc the three pleasuntest and most healthful months of the year. The exhibition grounds are beautifully situated about two' miJes from Kingston harbor and .two hundred feet above the level of the sea. A mountainous back-ground adds much to their effect, feet. The main building is five hundred and eleven feet long. Its'other dimensions are: Length of transept, one hundred and seventy-four feet; height of nave, fifty-nine feet; breadth across nave and aisle, eighty-one feet. The principal annex is about as long as the main building. A large, handsome concert- hall and various pavilions have also been erected. Uunning around the main building is an open gallery, from which cool vantage ground both the indoor exhibits and the electrical illuminations on the grounds can be seen. These illuminations will be in. various colors and there will be special displays of fire-works twice a week. Band stands and minor concert-halls front on the various ornamental walks. As in all great exhibitions there will be carousels, electric railways and other entertaining devices. One of the halls I'RIXCE GF.OnGE OF WALES. COUGHS AND COLDS. 35o. and SI. at all druggist*. E.MOBGAM&SONS, --Projrietors, KiOVIDENCE. R. I. TRADE SUPPLIED by ROSS GORDON,, LaFayette, ind. For sale -by B. F Reesling-. 8KCKETAEY THOMAS AJIOB. while other governments, were completing their arrangements for representation at the fair. Secretary Thomas Amor, in his office in the Stewart 'building, was assuring' the American reporters and correspondents—most of whom, by the wqy, he does not love—that the United States would yet have occasion to regret its tardiness. He had written 1 home about it, and there was no telling 1 what the feeling on the .other.side woild be' when it became known "that the Auierican people were lagging behind. Meanwhile the American people were, dealing with great, problems at .home. Speaker Heed's rules were the talk of the whole'country, the Federal election bill was up for..dcbate and 'action, .the McKinley tariff bill was xip for debate is termed Amusement hall and during the time of the fair will be occupied by an English variety company. Jamaica's wealth of tropical products has been utilized to beautify the grounds. Trees, flowers and rich vegetation of all kinds have been so artistically arranged and. in such profusion that* the outdoor exhibit will to most Northern visitors be th'e most wonderful, the most entrancing of all. Then, too, the naval display in the harbor, although not strictly a part of the exhibition, is going to be very attractive. The British squadron to which Prince George of Wales is attached will of course be there. Admiral Gherardi sailed out of 'New York bay with his squadron bound for Jamaica on the'4th inst. Brazil will have her whole navy there, and so will other South American countries. There will, too, be squadrons from France, Holland and-Italy, and perhaps from other countries. With all these war-ships in the picturesque liarbor, with its mountainous, semi-tropical surroundings, the water scene will not only be one long to be remembered, but the prospect of delightful afternoon and evening band concerts, with the musicians of so many naval vessels to draw from, yrows fairly bewildering, for Iving'ston is in a clime where music is always at ite dreamiest and best. Among the most interesting features of the exhibition will be a real Jamaica village, .where native peasants in model huts will be engaged in their customary occupations, such as making baskets, wicker work articles, native pottery,.nets, etc., and working in sugar, .while coolies will show then- method of weaving. Quite apart from the ornamental profusion of tropical plants throughout the grounds will be the display of orchids. There will, ,too, be agricultural shows and exhibits ->f minerals found- on the island. The native products, such as bamboos, oranges, bananas, coffee, cocoa, bread fruit, etc., will be most alluringly displayed. Consider the possibility uf presenting them in a combination with living palms, tropical flowers and ferns, : and fountains playing-every where, andyou can then'picture to yourself a scene of .beauty such as no other international fair has ever pre- .sented. . . • Cattle shows from the splendid herds of the island will be another feature of the exhibition. The rich pastures of Jamaica', are admirably adapted to cattle raising. There will also be some horse racing, and it is promised that during a part 01 the exiiiBition period there wjll be such a special fnut and flov. er show as the world has not yet seen. • The United .States exhibit, while not large, will bo. of some interest. • Th;it of tin.' ino.st gonciMl importance i'-, ;i;i exhibit of t!'.-:; ixlm;:itionr:l work i if the ccnmtrv. which .should have b""n a (!ov eminent, exhibit, but was obtained in, this country by the managers of the .exhibition at their own expense. Jilost of the other American exhibits consist of sewing 1 machine's, agricultural implements, various kinds of machinery and patent medicines. Strangely enough the big importing grocers of New York and other la,rgc cities are not in any way represented at the exhibition. Doubtless most of the American visitors to the exhibition will be from ncur- by Gulf States, but the Northern States will send a great many, for Kingston is easily accessible now and is becoming known as ;i winter health resort. It is in direct communication both by ste,:i:rj-v ships and telegraph with the. principal ports of the-. United States, Canada and Great liritnin. One could'go by rail to Tampa. Fhu. and there take a gulf steamship for Kingston, or an entire sea voyage could be made frora New York by tiny one of three .steamship lines. The climnte of Jamaica is mild and dry in the months during which the exhibition is to be held, and.as a.health resort the.island is highly spoken of by Hon. George E. llaskinson, lute United States Consul at Kingston. More than all else to the tourist is the exquisite beauty of the whole island and its extraordinary fertility. Good American and English hotels cim be found in and arounfl Kingston, a number of new ones having been recently fitted up in anticipation of the rush of visitors to the exhibition. The Governor, Sir Henry Arthur IJlake, thinks that the exhibition will do much toward familiarizing Englishmen and Americans with the extraordinary attractions of the island. Already, lie says, the London doctors are beginning to send invalids to Jamaica instead of to the South of France, as formerly. Nearly all the residents of Kingston look upon the opening of the exhibition as marking the beginning of a long era of progress and prosperity. They were particularly anxious that the United States should take an especially active interest in the great project, for. although the colonial residents of Jamaica are loyal to the British Crown, they know too well the value of American capital to any section of the world in which it is invested to put a single straw in the way of its approach to their gem of an island. Hence their great vexation at the failure of our Government to take any notice of the project which has filled their minds and hearts for so long a time. But although United States exhibitors at Jamaica are few. it can scarcely be considered un-American to hope that United States visitors to the exhibition will be both numerous and liberal. Our relations with the little British dependency in.the West Indies have generally been friendly, no controversies, such as those we have had with Canada arising 1 at any time to cause temporary unpleasantness. Her international fair may not be as great in all respects as those we have been used to. or as that which we expect to have for ourselves, for it is not as a finished and experienced nation that Jamaica seeks to attract the attention of the world. She is rather a sweet, shy, .blushing debun- tante, lovelier far in her wondrous floral decorations than art and science .and manufacturing skill can ever make her; and we might as well confess "that we were more rude than wise when we so coldly ignored our. beautiful little Southern cousin—not yet out of the leading strings which once held us— and make whatever unconventional amends we can. W. II. CURTIS, JR. Have you a Pittsburgh, Rochester, Duplex, or a Student Lamp? > Do they work satisfactorily? Do your Lamp Chimneys break? You get the wrong sort! The EIGHT ones are the " PEARL GLASS," made by Geo. A. Macbeth & Co., Pittsburgh, makers of the celebrated "Pearl-top" lamp chimney, which have given universal satisfaction. 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