The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1950
Page 10
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TBN BLYTHEViLLB, (AKK.) CUUK1EH NEWS Cfry Hot Coined 3.5 Square Mil««- ^ v "•* •.:?& Sfate Cities Grow in 10 Years; Biytheville May Be Up by 4,000 By J. R. Anderson ; LITTLE ROCK, May «. (AP> — It Trill be a while yet before Arkansas learns results of the 1950 federal census. But this much Is certflin: many Arkansas cities have grown in area during the past, decade. Glenn Zimmerman, executive secretary of the Arkansas Municipa League, think* that the cities \vil chow population gains, too. In fact, he anticipates that Arkansas will climb out of the list o: rural states, of which there presently tire six. A rural state Is one In which the rural population exceeds the urban population. Jf Hie urban population in Arkansas does show a big growth since 1940, part of R will he due to municipalities letting out their waistlines. , : Folks Increase Glrlh : It is normal for some folk-i to increase their girth with the pa.ssing years .but with cities it is a little different. Municipalities don't add weight, so- to speak, just, because they are growing older. They gain in area ihrough (he legal process of annexation. • Annexation is a device of extending city limits by taking in new territory. Annexed areas usually 'are populated. ..Sometimes, folks living in populated areas onfside city limits ask to be taken into a municipality to get' advantage of city services. Sometimes, cities move to annex territory beyoiid city limits in order to grow. They dislike to be hemmed in by unincorporated towns. Arkansas urban population could gain without the state's toial cen- *ua showing an increase, Zimmerman explained. Through annexations, persons who previously had been counted In the rural population would be switched to the urban population count. Extending city limits usually is 'costly to a city through extension of municipal tervices. But Ztmnier: man says cities can't attract new "industries, etc., unless they have plenty of living space. Friiie Figures In Pride in residing In a growing town also figures into reasons for annexation, the municipal league official said. Polks living oiliside city limits can't be included in the urban population. Zimmerman doesn't know how many Arkansas cities have annexed territory during the past ten ijears, but, the list is considerable. : • Here are some of the stali.sUr turned up in an Associated Press 'tiirve, that indicate the trend: Take the elderly twin cities of Helena-West Helena. They maintained their slim figures" decade after decade. New residential areas sprung up all around, mneh of them outside Ihe urban limits. Recently, the two cities annexed iUH>ut three »quare miles of populated territory fn the first onnexation since 1879. The cities expect the new census will register a big population gain over 1940. The state-line cliie.s of Tcxar- PROPS CUT NEW SWATHS—At East Hartford, Conn., George Rosen, chief nerodynujnicist for United Aircraft, looks over one of many radically-designed, high-speed propellers used lo determine the most effective shape of blades. Research is now concentrated on refining the square-tipped, rectangular-shaped blades, similar ^_ :j _ to those on tho airplane in the background. CMC Sets New High Record On Production NEW YORK, Mny 6 'AD—The world's largest automotive producer, General Motors Corn., is coiitln'- iiInK to siit new high records In output, earnings, sales, taxcw anc! payroll. 1 ;. Results for the first thren months, issued yesterday showed net income for the quarter of $212,387,- 1K. Mnial to $4.70 a common share,' Other new marks attained In- cludcdi net sales Sl.OH <;5!>,4W, unit .•sales 805,755 passenw >ar.s and trucks, apyroJls $40!. 000.000. and United stales and foreign income taxes $148.071,000. The corporation's more than 433.000 stockholders were informed by C. E. Wilson, president, and .Alfred P. Kloan Jr., chairman .'hat operations now arc at the capacity of GM's new and improved ixistwar facilities. Hut the'officials cautioned that "cannot be expected to continue Indefinitely at, the. current peak rale." They pointed out that deferred demand built up during the war .still lx a factor In sales. Wilson and Sloan note ilalso that an Important portion of •osf.s i.s fixed, "in periods of good business, like the present, profits rise marc sharply than sales; in years of declining business profits fal! faster." The first 1050 quarter's net income compared with $130.763,338 or $3.04 a common share in the similar period a year ago. <aua. Arkansas-Texas, have a different story. The Arkansas side has lot gobbled up nearly as much new territory as it.s Texas twin and llx rate of growth isn't expected to approach Ihe Texas side'. Illythcville Grows llhlhrvilk- 1 1:IS pu | „„ a | n | c)f pounds, ton, in U-n years. It gained 3.5 square miles through aii- iiexatiim and roughly doubled the city's size. The population gain Is esllmalcrl at -1,000. Port Smith let out a lot of notches on Us belt. It annexed some II square miles of populated territory and increases i(.s census county from 6,000 to n.OOO. Other waistline bulges: Walnut Ridge, six blocks; Parngould three Obiiuaries Warren Infant Dies Services for Charles Edward Warren, five-day-old son of Mr and Mrs. Bonnie Warren of Hlytheville will be conducted at to a in tomorrow at Holt Fimeral Home chn- i:el by the Rev. Alvis Scruijbs a Baptist pastor. Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery The infant, who dfed 'this mortl- g nt the home of Mrs. Warren's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. j. Gillian, is survived by his parents and a n.uiit-, ^1* UIUCK.-,, (-arngou a tnrce i >, rrt *i> 0 , n : " .••••--••^' « square miles and an estimated 2j . brot " e '. B °""'e Orval Warren. COO more residents; Marianna three-eighths of a square mile and Magnolia 16 acres. Another 10- acre annexation there is in the works. Little Rock and North Little Rock also have moved their city limit iisus furlher out on tiic highways. El Dorado ran into n temporary mag in an annexation proposal. Portly folks can reduce (heir bulge by diet. There's an antidote for annexation, too — litigation. That's what happened at El Dorado. British Chemists Claim New Drug LONDON. May 6. (AP)-A group of British chemists say they have discovered a drug which may cure the common cold overnight. And six researchers who tried the com- |Mjn.mi said it stopped their snif- -Despite personal tests by i(s developers, the drug—called CFO— still must be proved clinically before the public gets It Announcement of the discovery wns made In the House ol Commons yesterday by conservative member F. j. Erroll, who said the drug "may prove more important than penicillin." The compound was developed during a three-year search for a new cancer treatment. CF9 may possibly be uscti, said the scientists in treating such virus ril-eaies as influenza,- mcasle.s, scarlet fever smallpox and infantile paralysis. ' Patrolman Arrests Man; Goes Home for SOUTH PASADENA Calif —M-l— Officer Lloyd Taylor's arrest' report described how he pinched a man he saw throw a bottle through n «;,ndow. "Then." the report ™ n - my'p'nil- WCm " onw *" d ""' ™> Taylor had spoiled IV on Defense Secretary Pays Tribute to U.S. Nurses WASHINGTON. May n. M>j-3scc- •etary of Defense Johnson paid ribllte (o the miisinp; profession oday in a statement noting the ob- civancft of American Student Nurse Sabballi and Sunday. "Conscious of the Incalculable value to the nation of the nurses' sen-ice. Ihe armed forces Join me in this salute to those who labor unceasingly to save lives and to protect tho nation's health," Johnson saiti. John Williams Resigns To Enter Law Practice LITTLE ROOK, May a. MV-johii T. Williams, chief assistant attorney general since January. 1943, lias resigned to enter private practice of law. He will be associated with the firm of Dagijett and Da get t at Marianna. SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1»«0 Taylor to Wed Hilton Today BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., May « W>— Elizabeth TayJor and Conrad (Nick) Hilton, Jr., head lo the altar late this afternoon and thence to a reception featuring cnrvcd-ice statues of doves kissing and a horn of plenty spilling fruit. There'll also be gustatorlal trimmings — crablcgs, chilled white chicken, smoked turkey and oysters —and champagne. Then the beautiful 18-year-old film star and her 23-year-old hotel-heir bridegroo^ leave on a honeymoon that will \-jjlf elude three months !n Europe. FARMING AT SCHOOI,—i-icmrca are me n larmers and r • • — MP a miniature cotton field at u,i B e School as a project in connect" * M " "stu^? observance ol National Cotton Week. The .straw hats ami aprons are to typify farm clothing The tnelr own aprons, and assisted in planting the cotton and placing the farm machinery in i( s s t r iiliom. The third grade group is tau g ht by Miss Mary Outlaw at Lange School. from riBht to left are Patricia O'Neal, Mabelee Uinsford, Wanda Webb Shelby Ann B'lilcv opcr, Dc-rllm Haynes, Betty Baker, Boyce Moore, Robert Glum. Hiicv and June M™.'., In setting on and Continued from Pa°e 1 would be construction of a line from the Mississippi River Fuel Co line west of Parasoiild to Blytheville wiih branch lines to serve the rest of the area. Continuous Slurly Made Mr, Hill emphasized the fact that the economics of the situation were such that the utility is making continuous study to determine whii plan would result in the lowest over ill cost of sa.s service to this area 10 make such studies, Ark-Mo ha employed Jerry Flanders, forme chief engineer for the Artnnsa Public Service Commission as a ga consultant. He served with'the Ark insns PSC for 10 years and held • similar position with the Mlssour PSC for 11! years. "With Ark-Mo distributing nat ral gas iu this nren." Mr. Hill said 'it would mean Uiat the headquar ers. as well as the engineering de partment, for the gas company vould be In Blythcville rather than 11 some otiier (own." This, he said, would, mean an in crease of approximately SO per cen n Ihe present Ark-Mo personnel in BIyfhevillc. Ark-Mo has one of the nrgest annual payrolls in the city he said. J Gambler's Aide Sought- in Probe NEW YORK. May 6. (/!>) — The law's surtden and extreme Interest in gambler frank Erickson extende today to his missing auditor Henry Pellino. Pellino dropped from sight last Monday— just one day Ijetore the Manhattan district attorney's rait- on Erickson's Park Avenue office His friends say he is "on vacation • District Attorney Frnnk Hnpan issued a general pickup [ or the auditor. Pellino 1 S a certified public nc- rountant and had his name on the office door H!OHR with that of the rambler's brother, Leonard Erickson. osnn said yesterday he wants to send Pellino before the grand ( jury invcstJKiitiiig . Ambling and MOSCOW-BOUND—In a desperate effort lo achieve SUETIC settlement of the UN's most thorny problem—which Chinese delegation. Communist or Nationalisi shall be scaled—UN Secretary Trygve Lie will go lo Moscow Jhis month to negotiate with top Soviet officials. Russians have boycotted all UN agencies as protest against continued recognition o[ Nationalists. Our Telephone Number Shelton Mofor Co. GEARS-Seventy-yenr-olrl (j onis Brunei " f H Ta E , S P -eventy-yenr-olrl of Ta bes, France, has spent 14 years perfecting Ihcsc "qearhif shoe-s," designed lo make it cosier to walk up a ,,<i do rf/'t of th < own s /'t^ » I>pa ™« usfc «Ps the shoes horfeontol regard ess o "he, f the land. At top, the shoes are shitted for descending, and belo they arc in climbing gear. his y SAVHS MONEY! Prompt Service Espert Workmanship [QUflUTY SHOC SHOl I Z I W. M ft'l N 6"IV WE BUY AND SELL USED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 —Cm Show | ]:!;-,_ Roland Winters in ^Feathered Serpent" Today Only -ALSO— I.yniH' Unbcvls in "Madonna of The Desert" >Scri.-il e Cartoon Sun.-Mon. & T\y o Big Hits Moonn.JOHNSON Kotetl Frank Anrnlroncj • McHugh Sox Opens Wick Days 7:00 p.nv iWalince Saturdays * Sundays .Mal.-Sun I p.m. Cnnl. Shoninc Manila, Ark. Saturday "THE PALOMINO" with Jerome Coiirtl.iml Also Shorts Saturday Owl .Show "BLOND,E'S HERO with Arllmr I.:ikc anil I'cnny Singleton Also Shorls Sunday & Monday 'BATTLEGROUND' with V.ln .Inhnson Also Shorts -McreS; t/ie mower for every laww Mower Blytheville Machine Shop -Ml So. 2nd. I'lmric 2S28 HiCHBOY— Johann Peterson, who stands eight feet, two inches tnll, is measured for a fur suit to wear in a Hollywood movie. Peterson says he [eft his native •icelancj because the big boys were always beating him up. The only thing he finds wrong wilh Hollywood is that "clouds get between my eyes and the ground." have him questioned on what he knows of Erickson's $12.500,000 a year gambling empire. Active volcanoes once existed in nine sections of Ne\v .Mexico. U. i S. Highway 66 and 380 both cross j large lava flows in this state. j C ' Hobby Club Solves Knotty Job Problem EVANSTON. III. —Iff)- I Mimim was at work in his gara-c work shop a year ago when he came up against a knotty problem. As he tried to figure it,.out, he thought that there should be an organization of people who work with tools Kiwanians to Attend 1950 Hational Convention Two members of the Dell Kiwanis Ohio and one from the Blytheville club will leave this weekend to al- tcnd the 35th annual convention O t Kiwanis International In Miami. They are John Stevens, president of the Dell Kiwanis Club, and R. n. Crawford. Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Crawford will accompany them lo Miami. The convention will get under way tomorrow nnd last through Thursday. Tom A. Little, Jr.. president ol the Blylheville Kiwanis Club, aLso will attend the convention. as a hobby so they could exchange ideas and advice. So he formed the Eranston Wood Craftsman Club. It now has 50 members. RITZ THEATRE Manila Ark. Salurday "HOSTILE COUNTRY" with Jimmy Kllison and Russell H.iyilrn Serial anil Cartoon Salurday Owl Khnw "MODEL WIFE" with Dick I'owrll anil Joan Blondclt Sunday Monday & Tuesday "CAPTAIN CAREY U.S.A." vrilli Alan [.add nnd \Vain!a llentlrix Warner News & Short SHOW STARTS 7:30 f..M. Saturday "SHERIFF OF MEDICINE BOW" Johnny Mack Brown Saturday Midnilc Show "INCIDENT" ,l*ne l-'ra7Ce Warren Douglas Sunday & Monday MA AND PA KETTLE' M.irjoric Main IVrc.r Kilbrldc Complcfe Show After 10 Seriitl _ Cartoon — Comedy Sun.-Mon. First BlyrheVille Showing All the Wonderfu^Moments of the Great Broadwa r\i 7 ** lv *y Pl °y- HOW ON THE SCREEN SlQI! RONALD REAGAN PATRICIA NEAL RICHARD TODD 2 Af.SO Color Cartoons MOTHER'S DAY Sunday, May 14 • I'itngburn's Candies • Corday Cologne • Airmaid Nylon Hosiery And IMany Other Inexpensive Gifts i . . ..i. ,..i,, l>r \SIMI_I i ii\: ^xj/cnai > i; \illl* BARNEY'S DRUG \Voc* \rii' T , AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-GaUon Storage Tanks with all hos« and filling* $497.50 BarksdaleMfg.Co. South Broadway Phone 2911

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