The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 20, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 20, 1946
Page 6
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. BLYTIIEVILLE. Browns Better, Sewell Believes Rut American League Race Wi|l Be tough; Counts On Mancuso -.- BV ED WERKMAK,, , itnifrrt Press S ports .Writ** ANAHEIM, Cnl., Mar. 20.. (UP>--! Manager I 4 ukc fiewell of the St. Louif Browns tetty .tcRiii than uliich ho won i he. has thp one ..with .1944 American L«agiie v pennant, but he harbored no illusions l<vtay that it will., be good 'Cnonglt, for another flag In the sllffer post-war compeiltloi;. , ..,.-,. ; "It's going to !» a terrific, race because every club has fl big. back. 1 leg of px-seivicemen." he said. jtl\ don't know whore ive ft'lil tigure, We nre hitting this- year fal better than last und the pitching looks" as if "It * has a chance to ; be nil right." . .»',,..,; Sevi'ell, watching his . 65-piayer squad work out in La Pixlnin Pa'rfc; tabbed h'.s_ best pitching prosppcts as Boil) Muncrlct, who '*on 11 -and lost 4 last season, Nelson Poster,a 15 and 11 performer, Denny Gale,house, in military service last .year and Jack Kraiftcr, who slumped >to a lt-15 record after - a brilliant 1944. . • , ,,;,., ,.. , If "they perform up , to expectations, and the second line nurlers, oldster Al (I^efty) Hollingsworth,' Newman Shirley, Sam Zoldak. Clarence,,Jott, John Millei' and Al Lnm- acchii come through occasionally. the. Browns should at. least, have. pleriTy of nuisance potentialities. Ecwell is so well fixed for cat-; chers that Rny Hayworth, last year's understudy to Frank M alien so., has teen ',. sent to the Toledo farm. Maiiciiso, who handled ,119 games in 1945 .still .will .be number -, one nian'Vhile "ooe Sehultz, Hem-y Helf,' Les .'fyfcGarlty, and Boris. Martin, a • converted outfielder, also are seeking a backstop berth. Fis&L : baseman George , McQnlnn, traded to the Philadelphia A's for Dick Eiebcrt may "yet be back with th e Browns since Sieberl still . is a iiojtlojit and the deal was made' contingent on .both, players report-; Ing. Either is n capable first sucker arid first rate long ball hitter. Also {",'ou't" for jobs on the. 'initial sack;are chuck Stevens and Gcoryc Archie, both back from service. Secind base talent also ris abun--, dant \vheic there arc three can'^i- dates". to replace Don Gutteridgc wh6;\left ; to Hiiannge Toledo. Johnny Berardino appears to have A 11 edge, over the others. Bob Dil- lingej- nnd Johnny Lucadello. . .„ Tho ether intjeld posts \<;ll|,.be' handled as in 1915 with Vernpn Stephens back at shorstop -altei'. a long holdout siege and Mark ChrJsltnan a t third. Leu Schulte is tabbed for utility infield ; service. Swell's outfield will have 'power but may be a little, on, the creaky side f with such;, veterans i\s Laabs-nnd Joe Medwick, nml movers as Joe Grace and Lou Finney ground..... ... . . . •. , ; .', Prize package of the garden club. however, is Waller Judnich. a .313 hitter' in his -last season -with the clubland a., .lerrfying slugger in the Pacific service circuits. -Other good outfield .prospects are Bernie Lutz^Al White, and Al Zarilla, 'all ex-GI's and George Bradley, who hit .330 with Memphis last season. This Cftp §/ Rvokies Not So Yoito&But Many W/// Succeed S -, , \ i „ HX oscXR ' .Press Sp«r(s Writer TAMPA, Fig.. 20. (UP) — One of b«s«ball>,. oldest and, .best looking crop of rookies was heading ,o\it,/rom .under the Florida palms tpflay : for., tlie diamond's big tent and ,the general opinion was Hint although ,they had lost a few years th,e> yraykt have :i greater chance for i,survival. ,,,Thefp ore. (i,lot of them around and., thj..avera'ge r age is 25, two to tftrec,.'yeaVs .p)uer ; ,lhai\. (he peace 5rmeiAK>rm v .,But .these lads In ijio majority have l>een til the service, a$d i most,, of (hem benef!tted"by playing service baseball with innjo'r leaguers .also In blue or khaki. ., After seeing all 12 of Ihe -major league i, teams . doing . their spring chores In Florida, it Is cnsy 19 pick 10.or, 15 o( these first year men who probably will crowd the old time stars put.,or their jobs. No^ next year,.inind you, as normally is Hie ea^e. wjth. rookies up for a cup of coffee,.but right now In 1046, , ; n^b simplify .matters here arc nine men who, with n year's experience as s; a . un(t,. probably ..could cause trpub!^; in either 'league. .They're all rookies and they nil are expected i to survive, the spring farming. Sight.o^ .the, nine were In service an4 i they're ..home fully developed both physically (mil mentally, They'll b« .awfully; |oujih to dispossess. Pllcher--9iil \vlglil, 24, Oakland. Calif. Six feel, one inch, he possesses a blazing fost ball and'Man- ager.Joe,McCarthy Insists he will be , -v..^..u» one, of this year's starting Yankee i Media, Pa. Yt's news'."when hurlcrs. - ' nKii.. \.~..~ „ • - L :'• . .V-. cimiail Kctl, wltli Syi-acuse ,ln 1942, S|>eclall«ys in defensive ; geni-s and billing doubles. He's 5:11 and RUCS 160 ixiiinds. ..Shortstop—lllll Illgney, 25, Oakland, Calif. The plank think he has potential greatness localise of a I'ltle arm and defensive play which someday may rate him with Slats Marlon. The question Is whether the six foot, 170-poundor can hit. Third base--Ernlc Andres, 28. Jef-, fersonvllle, Ind.. with the Hod .Sox.| tllc Will Play Florida U. '.'. - .*:.... v , , . , Southern Association Teams ft ExVibirfon Games This Week By \J<)\(fd .Atlanta's baseball Crackers . .meet the University of Florida.'wpdiies- .ay- for tli e second time during season in Gainesville At Louisville In 1041, he hit a great F la -• Atlanta downed the 'Gators the Navy, Big and plenty \ '" Hie previous meeting..President capable at six, one and 200 slrenm-' Eal ' 1 Ma nn said that Ijurry braku lined pounds. ' Philadelphia A's outfielder,, had Outfielder—Gil'Conn, 22 O.sman ' N. c., » six footer who goes 180. Washington's Senators are pleased with his strong [(fin and, wrist snap (it the plate. With • Chnttaiiooe'a was (lie minor league p| of the year, lending the Soulhcrn Association with ,312 at In hurlers. . . Catcher,— Sherman Lollar, 21. FavettevlUe, , Ark. Before coming home to the Cleveland Indians, this six-foot,, 180-poundcr hit .307 to lead the International League and was the most valuable player. .F|rsV baseman— Jack Graham, 29, Long Beach, (pallt; Six, two and 195,. this | Brooklyn Dodger , prospect rates high with Manager Leo Durocher. , f Second bnseman-Bobby Adams. homers, doubles, total hits nnd bases and stolen bases. , u v Outfielder—Walt (Hootl fevers, 25, Colllnsville. III. qraceful and 'possessor ol a line arm, this"six foot, two inch l85-iH>under made eyes shine In the Detroit camp anil It was n heavy blow wheii he broke his ankle In a faulty slide,.at second base In an exhibition game Sunday. Exceptionally good .pye 'iyr a" good pitch or bad and before'Army-, service was second only. to.Dick Wakefield In Texas -League hitting In 1842. If his ankle mends properly he'll still make It this year,. Outfielder—John , Behreiids, 2(i edia, Pa. It's news, when the Phils have a prospept, but tills five . .................. ..... ^ 24, of Stockton, Calif. This Cin- ty of headlines this , foot, seven Inch .fellow•yyith the 170 pounds Is it. Cbniplcte|ir,relaxed at all tlmes fc lie tloesii't,care .who he faces. Manager Ben Chapman attributes It to the fact that he always can be found snoozing In the hotel lobby's softest chair. But you won;t find any of these boys napping when the season gets under way, and five will get yuu-lb in thp respective camps that the lads up above, will be making picn- . "Cbldwell r* • **»»-XN*N **. ft. A t-nr SJSlllJ liflfl I VI «f?taS \J\J .\J\J\J . i, .1 . • j , . , TALLAHASSEB, Fla March 20 (UP)—Gov. Millard Caldwell toduy filed..a damage suit for .'$500 000 ' The magazine contrasted a commutation, granted by Goy. R. Gregg Cherry, of North Carolina, to a Negro convicted of rape, and Caldwell'.s alleged condoneinent of the Florida lynching. It said tlint "we can only congratulate North Carolina on its governor, and hope ttiat Florida jimy have slmlljir gulwrim- torial good luck before long." Cnldwpll,said the daniago done . „ ,,..v .,„ .^., u ,, wu , lim wns i'»nde. IrrepnmblB by. the, agair(st Colliers Magazine ulleslnit BC circulation of .the magazine.' $ a ,VHi| 8S ^"^ S " '"" «" torln '! ^ ll ..--.. Sn ".'- 1 ; CaChCS 2 ' 840 ' bM '""of: the Feb. .23 issue. the magazine In. ndvaiice of jiubll- cation that in his view the editorial contained "false, ilbeloiis, and damaging statements." come (o terms and would report to the Crackers. In iilloxf, Miss., ftlrmliiBham's narons and Columbus of the American Association tangle - Wednesday. Manager Frank Snyder was seeking replacements for pitcher Lee I'orlerfiqld and shortstop Vincent flarriman, who left the Baron camp unannounced Tuesday Birmingham topped Rochester, of the fnternationul League, •! to 1 Tuesday. The axe. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20, 1'946 Chicks Work tin At Practice "Session Yesterday sharpened . in Tlie editorial wo,s said to have be.en published, "wantonly, wickedly and:.maliciously*; and, to have done damage, to Caldwcll which will "continue .against him throughout the remainder o^'.Jils We,'In his'per- sonal, professional and political i\t- fairs.', - had 'previously ,said that any proceeds; from the suit would be lulled over, to the state College for .Negroes heve. The editorial con- earned statements attributed to (he FJbrlda governor ill connection with the death qf.a Negro who was taken from the...Madison, t Fla.. jail. .Cald- ;iyell..denied some of the quotations and said, others were twisted to cast a "false inference " the Nashville training headquarters nt Macon, pa.,, and.a.t the Chal- tnnoo({a tjciBc in Cocoa, Fla. Manager Larry Gilbert was reported ready -to,, trim, hisi-vo-jrian - Vol .squad. i: I J ookoiit, l :Ski])per BeH Nje- Iiqff will trim his roster later this week, when , Chattanooga joins the parefit,, VVashincton National club nl-.Orjartdo. , ; . A lough flghl for the Mempl'i'ls first .base spot, , belwccn veteran 1 Merv ; Conucrs and Walter Stocfc- wel,l,..Is. the feature of tl)e Chick encampment at Henderson, 'rex.' Etcckweli . ji nS| been the hardest hitter,on the^squad this year, but. Connors, continues to grab manager Thompson (Doc) Prothra's it-, tcntloii witli his sinooth fielding. Pilot Johnny Peacock,, of t>{cw Orleans, Wednesday sought added kntting. punch for the Pelicans. Because of;the sixe of the Nevy Orleans .squad, .peacock has divided It into . two .groups. One wil) work mornings,, the other afternoons. Al .Little nock. Manager Willis Hudlin awaited a break in the wpa- thcr , to prepare tlie 'n-avelers ,'for a road trip starting, Friday. Rain kept them Indoors Tuesday. Tho Pebbles 1? to Keesier Field. Miss,, Friday nlglil for a game Sunday wltli an Army team. Then Little Rock plays Rochester of th e International League Monday: BlrmuiR- ham. Tuesday, and Columbus of the American Association. Wednesday., More fundamentals were in store for Mobile. Manager Al Todd Tuesday sent his squad through a session of base sliding. Pepper plav, and fly chasing. The .pitchers practiced covering first base. Passing plays and blocking assignments were stressed by Coach )!ill Godwin as. the., ciUcks. .went through their second session, of Bpiini! practice yesterday afternoon at Haley, Field. Knds received a., grpat deal or aliirntion as.the new Chick nientpr enijilKisi/ed means of deceiving the secondary, defense . a/id although neither the passing nor the receiving was smooth, .sideline ob- suveis got the, impression, that the boys are Quickly learning the technique , of .the T .formation of- ferisf and that . Chick followers next fall , see. a wide open Btyle of footbalj , with emphasis on speed and. tleception. One important .change which sii'ius certain to i>ay. big,dividends is decision of Coaclj.. Godwin, .to sliift Ktanly HiMd, from the.back- ficld, to an end position,.Hood, a .senior , this, ycftr, : is .t'akjng to his new job like.a duck to. wa(er. Fast nnd experienced, he probably., will .!•!«• the opposing back,-; some busy evcniiigs, W)\QII autumn comes, and he is adequate In size to play Large S'fa'di'um Jo Be Erected For El 'dorado LITTLE 'ROCK, Mar. £0. (IJP>— Contracts "for the erection of a se.s.COO stadium in El Dorado, Ark., by October, may be let in the near iutiire, Attorney General Guy E. Williams told John E. Shatford of E[ Dorado today, Williams, acting.on the assumption that tax funds were involved, had previously stated that tne.con- Iract could not 'be let immedlate- a whale of a defensive game. Another t'Ocd-lookliiB prospect is Stafford who gives promise, of developing-..Into, a, dcver. pass receiver, several other youngs.lers re work Inc. for end positions and are likely to give a good account of themselves. , . .Particularly noticeable yesterday was the wpy. Godwin J>nd his backs, .blocking. : "M;ik.e it pop!" was the instruction and the boys worked eagerly (Q ol»y. The result was good, for many a jolting block was observed during the afternoon Berr/ .Allen,. Mac. Williams, .Freeman Jcrnigan. anu .several . of the other candidates got the Idea at once. . . Linemen , also got in sdnie good' work yesterday, under the guidance cf "Nig" Bynum, former . Arkansas star who is here for the .next two. weeks, as a "guest .coach." Bynum devoted . most pf the, afternoon; to explaining and demonstrating, line play to the Chick guards and. tackles. . . . . . , , • The, squad is slated . for another afternoon of hard wcok today. ly but that it would have to be handled as though a public school 1 building was being erected from; lax funds. Shatrord in his letter to.Williams explained that, the stadium .is be constructed from funds voluntarily contributed by 394 El bora- do citizens and that the money- raised last December is to be placed In a fund apart from any other school money. Zivic De'fe'ats Negro .Fighter . ; At KdhsdS'Gity KANSAS CITY, Kans., Mar. 20. (UPJ—FrlUle, ^ivlu, \ r eteran former world champion welterweight, won a decision last night from Lev! Mathews Is iier'tu'y wnrnecj to appear within thirty days In the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plain- tin" J..C. Mnthews. Dated this 20 day of Feb., 1940. HARVKY MORRIS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright, Atty. for Pllf. , .. 2j27-3;G-13-20 WARNING ORDER, ; In Hie Chancery , Court, Ohjcka- sawba District, Mississippi Cour.- ty, Ark a nsas. Ruth Mac Perry J. C. Perry No. 9492 Plnintlff, ..Defendant. ^..WARNING ORDER ; In j(he Chancery Court, , : Chl«ka- sawka District, Alississippt Coan- ty.^Arkansas. . . ... Annef K Cleary .: pialiitirt, ys. No. 9414 Maurice A. Cleary Defendant. The - defendant Maurice A. Cleary is hereby warned to appear within thirty,.days in the court.named in the jUaption .hereof, and. answer., the complaint of the plaintiH Anne L. Cleary. _ v ,. ( Dated, this 26 day of'Feb.. in 1C HA"RVS:y MORRIS, Clerk ; i, , By Mary Lee Jnrrntt, D. C Sd .B. Cook,.Atty. for Hltf G. W. Barham, Atty. ad Litem. - 2]27-3;0-13-20 ; V tet.Sle'Ercct Yonr • t Prefabricated ftous,,, ?nc F.slimatrs-^No QbUitatiOn o. w. ipARitii "~" tllK So. LUjj ,Kj\ The defendant J., c. Perry Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption, hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Ruth Mae °erry. Dated this 26 day of February 194C. J HARVKY MORRIS, Clerk By Mury Lee Jarratt, D. C. Ed n. Cook, Atty. for Pltf. G. W. Barnaul, Ally, ad LUem. , 2127-316-13-20 her Trophy winner- Is, anybody's sucss nnd th e bookies; worry. Coach Frank Kearney's Rhode Islanders, the tournament's smallest team, nnd n 20-to-l long shot: choice before the competition began, take the floor as. 8-polnt. underdogs again tonight—a constant role for. them. Only Kentucky, which defeated West Virginia's Mountaineers, SO to 51, in Monday's semi-final, has l.eiformcd according to pre-tourna- ament predictions, anil the Wlld- cnls liad Mountaineer tipnble for 31'-.. minutes before they gained the finals. Rhode Island razzie-dazzled both Bowling Green and Mimlcn'be'rg- into using its own, fast-break style but is .expected, to have', trouble stampeding Kentucky, the tallest and smoothest floor team in the .tournament. : ... WARDING ORDER In the ,Chai\cery..,r;purt, 1 sawba., District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. , J. G. Mathews ;.., Pla'iiillfr. , vs.. No. 9493 Maureen Taylor Matthers., • Defendapt. The defendant .Maureen .Taylor Beware Coughs from common e«Ms Thai Hang On .Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat ot the trouble to help loosen and, ejpel germ laden, phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender. In- named bronchial-mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to Sell yon a bottle of Creomulslon.wlUi the understanding you must like the way, it quickly allays the cough .or you are to have your money bade. . , . CREOMULSION for Coughs, CnestCofds.VrbhcMKs Wildcat's Meet Rhode Island In Final Game . NEW Mar. 20. (UP> — . . . Kentucky's Wildcats and the Rhode Island state Rams meet in the, windup Kamo fo the 19M> National invitational basketball tournament nt Madison Square Garden tonight. and Hie probable Edward J. Kellr;- YOU CAN'T Read Courier News Wint Ad*. LIGHTEN TOO DARK UCUV.TftNNtD SKIN fade frccklts. Loosen SKIN SUCCESS BltACH CRIAM CAUTION: Vst only Is directed. FOR'SALH Concrete Culvert Tile iizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb Hwy. 6t al State Uine Phone: Blyth'eville 7ii Phone 2611 *, for Prompt to Road Service • Tire Recapping • Battery Charging • \V.a.<3hjn!r and Lubrication • |*oJishing and Waxint L t • - w • " • Kxperl Ford Mechanics • Trwek Tires—any size Lj " tv;' , ^ V Hours^6 to 6—7 Days MARR'S AUTOSERVICI Strtrt FOR AN ASSURANCE OF AMERICAN j i * > ~ • FOR AN ASSUR^XNCE OF HkiHtST v*V m 't 5 , Cra «", 72'^'/o Grain N«ulr a | Spirits 'oo. Chrysit, Bgildint, Ne« Yo.k Southnll. promising Kansqs City Koyro fiiihter, in a 10-rouiirt bout. :•!!• was Soul'hall's first . loss in seven iiroressiomil fielits. Early In the figlit, SouthKl) rocked Zivic .tcvrrul times with hard rights. Ho stood up well until the last four rounds, when Zivic gave him trouble. '/'here were no knockdowns. The score was one round even, six for Zivic and three for .Southall. Will .Settle for a Tent DANVEUS, Mass, i U.P.I — The • housing information center lit ^ Danvers decided that things' nail ^' linally reached rock-bottom here, recently, when a woman called up 10 find out where she could buy a lent. ... The sentleman above is wearing that broad grin for iots of sood reasons. At 38, and after twenty years in service he is retiring to a civilian life made more secure by a government payment of $89.70 monthly for the balance of his life. He also knows that a retirement plan offering the same income v/ould have cost him $84.00 per monlh over a period of 20 years in civilian life. So now, his financial security insured by the government, he can afford to grin. Wouldn't you? Enlist Now IN THE U. S. REGULAR ARMY Recruiters Will He In. Hlythcvillc One Week I'Vr.m March 2Sth lo .March 3flth This Advertisement Sponsored by: Arkansas Paint Glass & Wallpaper Co. Ghas. S. Lemons Furniture Co. 77?e Thrills of Racing ,1/htil March 30th "6'AKLAWN PARK - HOT SPRINGS ay,,Mar.-'23 OAKLAWN HANDICAP Saturday, Aliir. 3(1 ARKANSAS DERBY Admission $1.00-lncludes all Taxes Time Savers for the Homemaker THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL DISH re IJnique, .attractive shaped candy di^th with cover, made of fire-polished crystal glass, presciit design. HEASIJR1NG CUPS ife f IC ' Fire Graduated TO I CUp, i PRICE On oii'r entire stbck of STAII Come early for the best selection — Save TOUWIll KAKI MAHT MIXER For iiuce), juices, etc. Prrfea »s & glass meis- uring cup. Swirl pUjtic Co^pr. WMIMTOO •UY you* HOW HUB* ATOM .MOMKH RING MOLDS Real glass I n (I i v i d u i I molds —for pcr^cci serving of sibdi. molds, tic. Set of six BABY BOTTLE WARMER Only With vaporiser. •"or use on AC current only. While they last. BATH MATS 1 Only 1 50c heavy rubber, size ^4 x I«V, in. ' Assorted colors. KITCHEN FIXTURE Only $7.50 Without bulbs. Here's an atlraclive new Plimrcsccnt Fixture thiit gives plenty of light. Requires two 20 wall bulbs. PLANTERS HARDWARE CO. Store Hours 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. ^ Open Until 10 on Saturday %

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