The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1933
Page 2
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\vKUNKSii.\v, .si-:i-Ti-:.\iaJ:'.u 2 ni.YTiiF.viu.rc, (AKK.) roiiRiKH NEWS PAGE THRRR Einstein in Exile al Belgian Seashore Resort o ', Gets Fine and 30 Days mm can't No.i. d.u'i CKiilnncd rrom Page Onei - uf a df-rby-ha'.u'ii Bf-lslan plain-1 f!o'.::es man. And--o:ie'-uv.-aro I •there were others In the vicinity. '. "It has been .said." Einstein con- -.;i:u-il. -tli:it a .-.UH' « Stl i«e !"'''- .'.'lils sue worst Imbecile- ta i-ovt-rn :i laud, u isn't true. a i-i-nain do.-J. 1 ol imiUiHi-ncc- uven a dilator Ilankid by ba\om-is supjwri hinisei! intt-iminaoly I!.'.'.-I- iin-.l Ins m iiHi-IH-clual iiliamini-nt v.nii-h a u::-- ;i'.or.ship i.nder mJ'.Je. n ^.-mtiit^.i^ lll'PUSM) AI.IKl: '!'<> I BOLSHEVISTS AMI IllCT.VfOKS .,>5i jib OMII principle.". I Kinstein. who I us tr«niem!y bi-rn | termed a Communist, staiwarti;. l>ruclamu'd hi-s allegiance to demo| ciatic principles, lly i!ii|ilien'.lon lit !>-d out Ihe Untied mates. Uri- tain. and France as t-.i- nations '.'.•n'ere he could live happiiy under jirci>?nl pofliical condilioi'-s. 'i am a i-oavlnci-d de.nociat," ^'.-ofes-sor Kiiistvm declared. "It is -or that reascn tlir.l 1 don't •_••.> to i£ia in .spite of the very cordial I invitations I have received lo do <o. I Uil- Soviets 10 t.-.e profit of their I u-Jiu jwlitiea! aims. Now, I am ;iti 1 adversary of liolshevism just as | much us of Iasdsm. 1 am against ! dictatorships. I never live lialy under tin- diadu-.v ol t-ic isux. nor in U'< undf-r the .!e o! the O. IV U.-.ind .-ail: K"=s. aurally, in pri-iem-jay Germany, | eu-n if it wore possible lor JUL- t:) ru i..ere. I M-ani nutlunu ;:> do . with Gi-:-n>am- '.cihiy." inorrou- morning tit 10 o'clock at, N'orlh .S.wba cemetery with ihc (or Disturbing: Peace M^v. w. waters omcinting. TI-.P i, I O. Md« Undertaking company Is | In charge of Innernl nnanm'inenti „ , , , Onier Hem-. a frr-mienl 'ninnlrl- pnl cam iWnmlnm, \vns nwd $:ifn mid .vnlonrrd 10 no days In $:ifn v « , . . . -,• Jnil i 1 OUlntUl oatHE U8US 1 Sued School for $ 1 5,000 ji>riK(l nbont the face anil i 1 . lien cotton whiskers and ciiflu. •:>f n Santu Claus costume cnuglu • I'll 1 In ;i rnndlp flume. • Tin 1 hoy was funding Hie ro!n •! fianla Cliui 1 ; In a school onler-. umnienl. I Jlimnlc Kolwyck fnllrd lo nppciu- ; lo nnswor u i-lian:i' of |»s- ^.v.lnu «f minxii-iitliiK llrtnor nnd his J50 c;'.*!i Ijond was ojdeicd for- loiti-d. linck Chei'iy wa ; ; lined SW mid M'lili'nertl lo a ilny In jaii for ixlll jlr.iccny but Sir. o( ihc line nnd ihi> 1 jail senteiK'i 1 WI-K- suspended dur- , a dondly Insult to morrammedl!m.vl'" VISAl.lA. nil. .UPI--U wa.s anj m:vu-iromi' tfmlit Clans whoi kiciiylil the Walrnn Cirovi 1 si-h'UH, jJlMilct iiiu! Kilnii itei-d.,: l.i $l.'i.W.n duri'-.i-c .sun. ; 'I'lio -.nil was died liy Alhi-n ' , i)::lh lnl!l:-r uf Till clloiv l)a\l'..| til >car old .••cllniilljf.y, nllrl. lll-j 1 im|)..iilll (hau'id. j ^ _ | llolmi MOS.S cleared of n jclmii!! 1 ol diMiiibim; the iH-a.ce. i ! W. l.i'iniiird Smith, fulled lo np- | pi'iir lo unsv •- u cliiirgc of vlolu- lion of ihe v.ame ami llsh laws by , • huntlni: Miuim's mi: of teavm. His! $17.55 bull bond wa.s forfi'Hed. I Clriuv Lmsviy and l-Yank OrljisDy! w<M- lined ma- dollar nich fur Iraf- i He vlnUi-.ion-i. -I'lu-y foiled In MO]| al sln|) slijns. I l : iauk liiuton was lined SIO nnd | vi'ii 11 n\r ilny Jail .semeniT (or , 'I1L liurenv. I 'I 1 ™ mrn were lined £10 inch furl fir - I0c - ITic BORUM'S IS "FIKST | LINE Ol' l)i:i'i:SSK" | , season is over at Ccq-sur- ; stroyc "' I Mer. Tin- be.icn h aimo.a di-M-i t- i'd. Tile quiK surf of ihe Nurin iv.-d lii calm rolls up on an i-mr/Y | p'.ait. •{. ;iere a I L w day.s .igo hrcn^.s ol had beeit mak- ng nnerry. Tne se.isidu '^'j/.-^jii" niU a^ i^vifily as it b<^ins. One l/jclioii o'. lt:e link- lov.'n V.LI--. | busy, ho-.vover. T!ia - . \\IK, the rc- gtoti .siurounilit)^ ' L-a bavoyard'j," Ihe little villa, nO',v famoi.:i, v. n,::v | Km.stein, his v,'ife. and his intimate L' havi_- t>Jen living UlLs iiiim- I in'.-r. . A.1 usual, it was l-'.-au E::isU::l xho fended oil the sightseers, ihe ;,!.-.^. tlie tnivouciied-foi'- [ cameramen. Nobody .sees Emsieni .'i-.o doesn't pass her inspection. Two jnen sav: Eir,steiu that day.' lOne. the Beljian police ofllelul from [HMixsels who liore the nnhapiiy thai uoq-s'iir-Mu jOtiid ijot the respnnsibility of guard- the savant in view ol the t>:t.- | la. r-?watd for "dead or uliv'e," s.s the criminal iwsters pin it. The [oihfr wa.s tlir author of this report. 11 was in sin^ler circumsIaiK-es f lhat. the meeting with Einstein oc- ' purred. •Afic-r all." said u:e police ofli- \ cial. "we're only a little way, as L traffic {joes nov/ndays, Iroin the Nazi I border. Oar motcr roads .ire excellent. The coasl here Is practi- I cally deserted, now that the season is tini.ihwl. All ll.c circimistances | lend ihenibelves to an attack. Afior lhal dubioius beginniu;. hi |co:ilinued. "Df course, in any case, arc forewarned and on he aicrt I against all surprises . . . An:i so ] nO',v. are you!" CAUUTHEHSVILLfO fire cleparlm- warehoiLse of the A ton Co'.lon eomi)any. river fi-ont. al about 1:30 afternoon,' where 1500 baU-.s of ton already loaded on a big &tcc barge were on fire. The lliv's ori- j Bin is known. The f n- had ^iiin- ; i-d such h,i-atlway Uiat t!ie dopan- • t^c entire load wa-< virtualiv dc- hop lift Lone Oak Baby Dies dant;hler ol Mr. ami Mis. Hlllli' Overt-jn. died at tlivlr home In Hit 1 Oak ejminuniiy l.:l.s nuirnhvi 1 nl nine o'ca>?k. HIT death WIIK nl- irlbuli'd lo i-tlills. I llc.sldes her pau-nls Ihe deC-.-nsed i Is survived bv Hirer brothers nnd two slslel.s. Puneral si'i'vici-s will be held lo, Chief Ed Old folks, young folks — thOU- iiini- of mi- tands of them suy they prefer r's deiuivtment- : Thcdford's gro ailinlllrd (lie tlieU of Holland Youth Freed in Automobile Death CAKUTHERSV1LLE. Mo.. Sept.! '^t.'-Nc t-riminai charge will be. eiuctd Li^-ainst Herman :McO£c, ; IS-year-old Holland : hi(!h- .stiiool yculii and drivt-r of Ihe ear that rliuck. and latally injured tJ'J- year-oUl Henry Carleton on Hivh- way 01 Monday night. Robert, fiav.-- kins, [rrouiai'.his; -attorney, an- ^ciir,ct:f' today. Hawkins said an investigation of the accident by officers showed it lo have been unavoidable. The accident occurred at Cnn- ,dy Switch, seven miles souih of ieie. Mc ( a<je:s-car ftruck Cnrlelon. vho wai-Avalkin^ aloii^ (he hiyh- .ay with 'his' son. The yonlhl'n) iriver declared he had his choice f hiding the pedestrian or swcrv- ng to-lhe other side of the liigh- =ny and Into (he path ot two ap- Koaching cars. Horgan Bound Over ior Killing Carlos Adkins i! ered. Informal in ea-sy-lilthij, pijii-uvt-p. .slacte ami sandals, exil-.-d Pro- ! lessor Alberl Einstein reads and smokes mpin-r left), relaxes with . elosid eyes mpp;r riglv. i. and poses .smilingly i lower left) |«-n- sively ilow'er righlt fo: 1 to cameraman . . . These vxcliistic. .strikingly characteristic plenum of Professor Einstein \sere luV-n al Cun- ; siir-Mer, a, Belsjiau seaside town where he spenv hLs earl; da>:; <>'• exile iro:n his native Germany. j : BLACK-DRAUGHT when they need a laxatlt*. It does its work so well. 3OO ROOMS FIREPROOF Young Mother and Babe Die in Hospital Here the biists of 942 adherents 10 l.T 1 , pliui. 'I'lie New Jersey exchange '.vi!l : provide- a mean-i of e.^caiw: from i Nfe.\v York Cit.y stock transfer laxen, i iic.scribed by brokers as unreason- I able and burdensome. , LOOKS FORWARD TO HIS | LECTURES AT 1'UINCETO.N Uiler en, Einstein expanded I views of Hillerkm. "I can't com- I pieiiend," he declared. "ho\v the I entire civili/cd world fails lo square I its shoulders to make an end ol I this modern barbarism. Can it the uoilcl doesn't see thai [luri-jr is dragging us into war " Ar.<i of his own project tor t:x | future, he declared. "In a few days kave this nice little laivn. : lail go aboard a friend's yauli | lor a sea journey, then a brief ha; lAiidon. Next month 1 s.-all be Mew Ycrk, for I have a course give in Princeton during thi , -:er semester. I shall hold sour | references in the spring at His ge of Prance. Then, the Span- I £.-. govei-nmeni has asked me to so I liran ilicrc-totit that is n very dis- ] ant plan." With that, the e.xiled scholar and lis colleague. Professor Hans Meyer |)f Vienna, look their pipp.s down o the bcacii for a t|uiet chat and Mrs. Ruby 1'laxco. 17, wife of Cur- ils Plaxco, Clik-hrLst plantation i farmer, died al the Blythcville hos- ! pilal yes'.trdiiy afteniOM al one I o'clock following the birth o! a rhone Company Uiiice child, who also died. ! funeral services were : eW il'.i^! morning al nine o'clock al Sandy Ridge cemetery wilh (he llev. Mr. While officiating. Tile deceased is .survived by her husband, her father, two brjiher.s and three slslcrs. Two File Divorce Suits Mrs. Myrtle Fax has filed suit in chancery court seeking a divorce fioni Sanuiel V'. Fox on "rounds of desertion. • ! Mrs. Leltlc Russell has brought suit for divorce from Everett hus- Robbed of Smalt Sum Ttie oflicc of thr Southwestern Bell Telephone company here, al Ash and Second streets, was lobbed during the absence of lia 1 cashier at the noon hour Monday and about S3.5Q In change removiti i from a cash drawer. ! Police believe ihc intruder may | bo the same as the thief who on- ! I tercd two lumber company offices \during tli« noon hour leccnlly :inii ' : ascaixxl with small sunu wlille em- I ployes \yere away. | CAKUTHERSVILLE. Mo.—Parkr Morgan, eharcixl with !iin <\ '- ree murder in the laial shoolini; of Carlos Adkuis Wednesday of last iVeek, was giveh'a preiiniinavy hearing before Justice of the Ponce C. E. BraKy Monday afternoon. 'Ihe judge bonnet Morgan over to a\vaii the aclion 'of the Pemiscot county circiut court, and allowed rim bond in the sum of 57.500. which he made shortly after Ihe cud of the trial. Morgan is being defended by tire i law films of Ward & Reeves, and | McKay & Peal. -,vhi!e Ally. Sam J. Corbelt. is assisting Prosecuting At- i torncy R. W. Hawkins in t.:e prosecution. Henry Morgan, falher of Parker, who was fighting with Adkins al the time Parker Morgan fireci ihv falal shot, was also IKJUIUI over as= an accessory lo the crime and was released under S'i.OCO band. respective Teachers V/ili Take Examinations | Tiiose who would be teiichers of .Mississippi county schools may take the txaininaliom Thursday and Friday at the Blylheville court v.ise. Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, coun- ly examiner, givr; these U'sts in September, December. March and June of each year. Both actions were filed through E. E. Alexander, local attorney. Ci i r L r otOCli tXCnange tor New Jersey Assured i^ew jersey rtssureu NEW VOIiK. Sept. 20. lUP'-Or- ganization of a New Jersey slock exchange comprised entirely df members of the N'ew York slock exchange has'been definitely decided upon, it was announced today on Two Fined, Two Forfeit j Bonds for Disturbance! ! Two men were fined and two for- i felted cash deposits on charges of . disturbing the peace in municipal , court yesterday. ! I Jim Seymore and Laz Luster were ; fined five dollars eacn. : Shirley Snyder and Ku:%.-il .'-:nv- ! tier jwsled $1G.CO cash boinli fur: their apiiearance and t!ic bonds were lorfeited -,v..eii they <lid no. : appear. ' \ the iii.n beliind ibliusire Mjii | ingerccl. They comforlabie | 3 iRfe.-. ,-:• Eiivitc pKll-ovrr and . iwo lm -toed gentlemen didn't lonk half and care-free as in his easy-go- s.inrfals, \jo\\ Weevil Damaging Crcighead County Crop I .TONESBORC. A: k.-Farmers in aliens ri-rliCiis of Craighead j oiniiy loth'.v declared lhat the I ecent rnlny woather had caused boll weevil scourge that in some J-laces threali'iis lo reduce thr cot| on rro)> by one-half, if nol more. Two fn:meis rf.sidin.; near Am. |V. L. Fmlfy and A. L. Fuller ugl'.i ii do^.-n Ml weevils lo Ihe city In a bottle, alto a .stalk 1 f col-ton fix-feet in height and jiavinj only Ihree bolls. The two Inen nsseit tTiat Ihey could have lasily gathere several hundred I ;eevils this morning. "Fifteen days ago I would have -rcdlctcd my cotton would produce >,tale to the acre. Today It won't i .reduce over one bale to every I luce acres." NTr. Finley stuted. At The Home Of The Mavo Clinic 'Rochester. Minu.i she health of- .irer. Ur. U. C. Lockhead. recently •a't 1 in a .Viatemeut thruiigh th? ^|rss. "We in the health department arc- concerned about milk U-jm two angles. Because it Is iir best fcod obtainable, we want 10 sec it cons'imrd in xrent tinan- iil;rs. and because of the possibility of its spreading disease, we want lo know that our local sup- vjl-. is produced under all the re- r.rifmcni.s or ;irodtietion conuner- inllv pussible ar.d that it b« jias- lutri/cd so thai wp can gua it saTc." Telephone No. 7-1 KenncU's milk !s >.att — It's pro]«rly Bennett's Dairy Come in-SeeWAJLLHlDE ... it One-Day Painting J UST LIKE 35c IN CASH— that's what this advcrtiit- mcnt is worth to you! Wilh it you (jet a 35c discount on a 50c (1 pint) can of Wallhidcoron a larger si/.c. Wt make this ofttr lo prove to you the many arlvanuees of Wallhide One-Day Painting. With WallhiJe your rooms can be painted and scitled ihe uine diy! Ar,d'l'f»sie;, " Oil Paint s:ivcs ymi money lie- cause fewer coats are required" Come in today. Sec the IS beautiful petal Wallhidc colors. WallhiJe ci'incs in the modern satin finish for walls as well as in the new semi-gloss finish for kitchens, bathrooms and woodwork, rk- sure to brmi; this id with you.Wilh your name and address it is m>o J for 35c on to, purchase. Next to a Camel Chevrolet gives most miles per gallon HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. No argument about the camel. When it comes to miles per gallon, there's nothing in all the Gobi desert—or anywhere else—thai can beat him. No argument, about Chevrolet, either. It's the most economical full-size transportation on wheels. More miles on a tankful of gas. More miles on a filling of oil. More miles without worry and trouble and rcpairl And they're smoother, safer, more comfortable miles, too, due to all these features exclusive to Chevrolet in the low-price field: A cushion-balanced six-cylinder engine. Fisher body. Fisher stcel-plus-hardwood construction. Fisher Ventilation. Startcrator. And many more I Travel in comfort and save as you go. Save with a new Chevrolet. In addition to being America's most economical car, it's also America's fastest selling cor by the widest margin of leadership in history. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY. DETROIT. MICH. Allpiktfl. o. c -' F(inl, Mfcfii'Atn. '.it e xtra. l-o~ilt • rice. a:\Jrnlf O.t- \A C. A Otntial Molon "jjue. Blytheville, Ark. M'THORIXED PlTTS3t'Rr:n PAINT PRODl-'CTS AGENCY • «r. P.O. C4.,mi *445 «> *5651 SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Klytheuille, Ark.

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