The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1950 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1950
Page 9
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SATURDAY, MAT 6, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HAT THE BOMBED STUFF THAT YOU LET VOUR ESKIMO RING WITH 60 BACK T& AKT COUNT ACORNS / LET SURK SET A REP «R S0M6THIN' BESIDES FALUN' <3OTA HAVtOFTS IP H6 WA^TS RA5SIE US/ (S AKS AHTtaOE BUT H£ CftrJ BE AS «6ftM ASA BUSTED LOCK .'He'U. PUT VOUR SLAtMATOR IM SHAPE TO '6P6MD THR6B AROUND OUR. PLACE, THEY CAW POT A WET WITH PLASTER. CAST/ GET AMY BETTER WHY MOTHSZS GET GRAY Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople BLYTHEVII^l! (ARK.) COUKrER NEWS H I WMCT Television on Saturday 5:00 p.m.—Young America 5:30—On itie 'Farm 5:55—Commercial Appeal Preview 6:09—Saturday Revue T:0t— E* Wynn S:M—Lone Ranger 1:3*—Buck Roger* »:00—WrastUnc i 1*:W—New* Summary We o/fer complete Television strrlct.. lupplylns and Install- Inj Genera! Electric, Motorola, »rn Capehart models. * OR f REE ESTIMATES TELEVISION S RADIO / SALES AND SERVICE BLYTHEVIUE$ALEsCo. ' J4E MAIN ST BirTHEVIUE. ARK Lost ^Ud't remo7«ble brace, fits In roof « mouth, lost Thursday on. Junior High School grounds. REWARD. Mrs •««ll. ph. 4022. ' 5] 5 p n g .Will ptrsor.B who took purse trn cab please mall papers it keys to West Ina Beauty Shop. Keep mou»f 4c PurM. 5J4 c k SJ7 f *f Sat*, Cars and Trucks HIGHEST PRICES PAID tor USED CARS BURNETT AUTO SALES •*• • Afaln Phone M31 CALL OR 8E CARL PAUL H«w FontiHc* Ne« Pickup* NOBLE GILL PONT1AC, Inc Phone 6330 or «371 3[4 ck 5[4 Used Cars—All makes and models. From $50 to ?1595 61 MOTOR CO. Hwy. 61 North—Ph. 2142 2-4 ck « Wonted fo Buy REAb ESTATE WANTED 3nl ? El >ROOK HOME. EAST A a IDE. SOME LOW PRICED ""VS™ 2 * * NY LOCAMON. TO SELI, ON «??MTO? 5MO PAY MENT. BALANCE MONTHLY AT 8% BUYER WAITING PHONE FIELD 2394. __ *-3 p* 10 Dlnlns room tnblc And chntrs or complete unite, reasonable. Ph. 63GS. i,6 pic 10 CHICKENS BI.AYI.OCK'S North Hwj «: Ph 3172 Hignrsl pncep palrt [or CHH'KENS- a ""' " f " crrT r "°' Highest HENS & FRYERS Nabers Gro. & Mkt. Pfcoae 501 STAMP ^COLLECTIONS'" U. 3. or Foreign, old U. S. Envelopes. Confederate or Civil War Envelopes. *nck Stamps. Good prices paid. C$11 or ,rlie: T. I.. Scott, co Telephone Co. Ph. 531, BlyihevlIIe, Ark 5 6 cti 66 Loans Real Estate Farms — Citv Prorjerty LOANS II interested ID « Noble Gill Agency RRA1TORS — Ocil Earls — Bldg. Ph 68ti8 The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing In America, inc., claims 30.000 members. One hybrid sugarbcet variety Increased sugar, per acre by u per cent In k experiment*, , CJf mmry hn» ••! torn nhlr I A ovntd he-rum I njE favolvrd In th*> f«mJlv'>* rfiimeKdf affnlrri. fin a rlar oft In ItTskrn *rKk lh«- HnmJpr- t^nn. a Rrllljih-Cnnndlnn family. Pi«r« 4rlrr^ krr anmf. r.cavlnje l*wn. Clrmrnoy »«•*•» Jnn, nliTl* nvflly 4rnnk lit a tnfr. hot Vim mnlcrm m> Mfnflon nt Ihf rpl^nd*-. f.ntfr (Kf r-rtr him a pnnelurt, cnvilnr ft in «k[d rfrtn=rrnlt«lT. Kitrt for n mnrafal Pl«r- kold> XV "THAT night Clemency Kent her meal away almost untouched. There was nothing to worry ibout in the nurseries, Baba was keeping soundly and had been — Louilie assured — very, very good- She had probably also been very, very spoilt, for unlike certain well miblicl/.ed people. Louilie had never learned to say no — anyhow not to little girls. But her sense of depression tn- •reased, nnd Clemency felt tired ind bruised. She supposed it must M something to do with the sandstorm ihat had struck after her return. Even a warm bath did not seem to get rid of her tiredness. When she slipped between the sheets she was still conscious ol that bruised t«cling which utter wear iness brings. Shutting her eyes, she saw the sand-edged road pierced by the powerful headlights of the car. She was on the brink of sleep now, and the scene changed — she saw the lighted cafe, Jou AuiberJey lurching a tittle, his face caricatured as a drunken man's. Back in the car again she felt it swerve and spin around, had the sickening knowledge of the tree trunk ahead. Then B man's 1 1 r o n g arm steadied her. Vou didn't suddenly discover that you loved a man who was as lar away from you as the stars in the heavens. Who bad "finished with that kind of thing years ago.** "Piers to a one-woman man. Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Prottction W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection i« w Ash at OLXNCOX BOTH BU1LD1NO 48-rk-tI nursery. It was easy There is never likely lo be anyone else in his life—" The memory of Syrie's words floated back to her. "I Ihmk he despises \voinen — * • • • A 1.THOUGI1 by ihc morning the storm had died down oulsidc. when Clemency got up she found a fine powdering of sand everywhere. and the artermath of the sirocco seemed to be a tat) of frayed tempers and general Irritation. Baba slept late and thoroughly objccled to being taken out of bed. While she dressed. Clemency heard the patient Louilie coaxing very cross small girl in the night —^ thai day, tor the storm had really upset Baba. Site was heavy-eyed, and complained or her head aching, and for once went Tor her aJlernoon nap without any shadow of argument. Having tucked her safely up, Clemency went back to the day nursery and s;it down to do some knitting. She started and turned as the door opened and Jon Amberley came in. He looked ill and drawn, and though she had fell the disgust which an exhibition such as she had witnessed last night naturally roused in her, she could not help feeling sorry for him, even while she liked him less than she had ever done before. Intuition so otlen look the place ol experience with Clemency, and she realized suddenly thai whal she had glimpsed last night had a different significance from the one she had attached to it There was suiiicUiing ravaged and defeated about the man before her, mingled with a kind of challenging defiance as he met her eyes. She schooled her face and her voice carefully as she smiled at him. "Good afternoon, Mr. Amberley. I'm afraid Baba's asleep. I think . has upset her, poor the storm mite." "It always does." he said, with- oul returning her greeting. "Comes out of ihe desert like some darned tormenting spirit. I hate it. Always know, hours before it comes." "1 can't say 1 enjoyed tl. but it seemed to me to come up very abruptly," she told him. "I—" She broke oil, deciding not to say that she had been In Biskra yesterday. "Can 1 look at the kid?" he asked. "I won't disturb her." She hesitated, but he had already gone through to the night nursery. fE had opened the door noiselessly and left it wide; from where she slood she saw him go across to the cot and stand looking down at the sleeping child. He remained there for perhaps a full minule. then he turned and tiptoed back, closing the communicating door as quietly as he had opened it "She looks flushed. Not going to be ill, is she?" he asked. "No, no! She's just a little ou! of sorts," said Clemency quickly. "Oh, well—look after her!" He thrust his hands into his jacket pockets, but not before she saw how they were trembling. "I'm going away." he continued In the same rather strained manner which she had noticed since his entrance. "Maybe for a day or two—nmyuc longer. 1 don't know. Tell Baba I'll be back, and—to be a good girl. And—my love and a kiss." He walked to the door through which he had just entered and paused looking back at her; there was a strange, angry unhappiness in his eyes. "She'a Ihe only thing in the world I care a damn aboul, and I'm not even any good to her." be said, "Look after her." "I think you am trust me to do that," said Clemency gently. He stared at her. "1 believe Aboul the only person I've met that 1 can trust Goodby." She stood looking after him. The man who had just gone out seemed to have left a very dark ' same shadow behind him — that vague sinister thing she had sensed on her first night In the house. (To Be Continaed) FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP S*TC VVilh Safel> Without Sacrificing Protection W. L. \VAl,KKK— Ptmnr SI1J RAYMOND ZACHRY Phonf Z2W ZOO Isaacs Building. Phone 3490 New 4-room house, ph. 2995. 6 pk 13 For Rent rcm HRNT rmMn moo ioc«cr» uuyinci !• EilKhwaj fi] prmne 3172 S.Oj ck u Store and fixtures for rent Phone 326 - s;s pk 5[15 < rooms mid bath. Phone 3665 or ^ s;4 pfc S|7 . "oom with kitchen prlnlcgcsT M*r. led couple or ladles Ph. 2423 or 6254 •••, pk Furnished t»o room apartment. 137 ..Cherry Share bath Butine sns lights, water mrnlshed. 435 Iri<]ulri: rear ape or phone 2052. 5-3 pk 10 2-room fur. apt. with Frlgldalre Couple Dnly. nog w Ash. i-3 pk 10 House for rent or snle S N. Meed- t>am. 32i N. 5th El. i-3 pk n 4-room house for rent with bath one block on Main st East end ol BlythevlIIe. Mrs John B. Walker Ph 2M7 ' ' pk 5;7 Bedroom, convenient to bath &n West Main ph 3325 421 pk 5,24 Comforlabte bcdmom Ph 2675 <;13 pk 5113 Comfortable bedroom, conTenlexH to town Men only 310 w Walnut 1;I3 pk 5113 Bedroom close In. Ph 3101 5-3 pk 10 Vlncennes was the early capital of Indiana Territory. Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop __n7Soiilh Rrnarlway phone 2651 Hearing Aid Users Now, you can get fresh, pre-tested Batteries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid al KIRBY DRUG STORES FOR SALE Concrete enlTrrti, II Inch to inch, plain »r mnfnrccd AIM Concrete Kuildini Blockl cheaper thin lumber foi birni chlrkr» hone*, pump house*, tenant house, (ool shfds We drliTer Call m far fre» estimate OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. 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SHE CAME /HONG WITH THE fASM, STAYIN6 MERE FOB A I J FLINT , 8UT I DON'T KMOW WHAT ' ANDMOVED THIS FARM, CAN AN ARTIST AFFORD A PRIVATE DETECTIVE'S CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNER IT JUSTOCCU ..._ THftT—AH.HEC SILVER POLLMCS FIWEO'THEW YES...OF THE CRASH V WHERE QUESTIONING THE PUGH BOVS W VMM SEARCHES THEM MES. COWl ^V FIU& VICTIM WHOSE MOU6Y BID VOU / WE CMI PfWUE JAKE? TH' 1 PIASTER WU STOi-El VOU'VE BUK.V / HE WAS MlSSltJ MOUTH TO KEEP THAT V WIOPER VHEflD.EH PUSIEE HE(\D...fiHD YCOWDREV TO OIUE IT TO POLICE IF THE PfWMEWTS TRIED TDMfVKE IT LOOK LIKE HE GOT WAV WITH IT! BEFORE K 601" HOME fROW Iff RODEO KT BUGS BUNNY HERE'S YER HAMSUR3BR, PORKV.' I'LL K6TCHLJP/ BY V. T. HAMLIN A BABY YEH. I PICKED 'IM BUT WHATS f SEEMS TO BE 3£!5 ,*. B °^T i, SE<?ious-irs SOT VE5. BAD SHAPE... NOT A, JJNGLE._AINT HE HY EDGAR MARTIN \ WCXJVO COVYb\O VOU 1 ." ft

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