The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 20, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 20, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. xxx—xo. inn BLYIHEMLLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Ulythevllla LhiUy, News. BlytbevlU* Courltc. ,-,,,.„„,,^,,,, , ,, ,,,,,. , n .r> .in>r^,Vr " ~ i Mississippi Valley Leader. BlytbertUe HtnM. Bl.Vi'HRVIU.K, AKKANSAS, WKDXI^DAV, SKI'TlhlBKIt 20, I TO SINOI.R COPIES FIVE:-- CENTS == ''.. ' ' ..;">• Urschel Kidnapers Threaten Vengeance . ... ... . . .._._ _ ._ ^k^^ ADC U=uv r., i .». II II u T!IC t .|.y f ,r -ijoiiijci, 1 ' on of Harvey Bailey's Prosecutor Is Hidden From Abductors. OKLAHOMA CITY. Sept. lUP)—The terrorizing message: which the kidnapers of Cl Urschel forced payment of ihe b:g- d at Pine l!!ul>' up In UK personnel s'in cJiltlly relief (ir.^ail'/iUlt.n Ih!" : btfn :i!ino-.;ntvtl by W. K. Uyi -,s. I Tlie full' r;ui an i iiv :uJ"J.\jir; IS :i'Jin i.L 1 u.uis \\-t ' | | ri ' T> '1 column wliii-h W;>H»r £orr:-:is j;..| Would KequiVC Kctailei'S writes for the Pine li!u:i Cummin 1 - I . T I f I) f, f i. ial: ; to, lake (jross trotit ol "It Ls highly possiWe and maybe I /\[ Least 10 Per Ceill. probable liuil I am wronv,. but il WASHINGTON, Sep!. 'JU. <UI't — . look.s like ail ai.U':upl ttj build uj) gest ransom iu American- history. <2W.OOO, were read KJ a federal court jury today in the trial of twelve accused conspirators. The isolated, heavily tuiardeu courtroom Itself was in terror cause ol two .svnsaliunal gaii: Ihreals and defiances hurled .11 three defendants.' Urscr.el, and government attorneys. The tlucats came from eill'.ei Harvey Bailey, notorious desperado, accused a.s plotter of tile crime. D: his ceil mate, Albert Bales, and from George "Machine. Gun" Kelley, one of the accused abd:icto-s who is a fugitive. Authorities were .secretive abJii 1 . I contentr, of the two notes c'.n'.ain- I in^r Uie threats. ! Hide rrnsHutoi's Son ! An armored car was use:l ;j bniv R. G. "Boss" Shannon, his wife. and Ihelr son. Armon. 21. from Jai! lo the skyscraper court building wlicre 1(5 officers armed wiiii m.i- etiine guns kept, a steady vigil. Herbert Hyde jr., son of the chief prosecutor, was in a .secret hiding pluct under guard of federal agents because of a threat to kidnap him to "cool his father off." Eight, officers, armed witli ma- crine guns, escorted Ihe armored siee'l car, inside which ihe Shan- nons hereafter will be taken lo and [rom court for fear Kelley. their son-in-law, will .suddenly appear and Ivy to seek vengeance on them for talking. sages by j political fences, lark-s I- 1 . "First, we find W. R. Dycss a candidate lor snfioriiuc mlr-my oi Ihe state penitentiary, lie lost. Later lie bub.s up as Male relief .ilreclor. Wiiai foiee.s, I vender, rtcummeiui- ed Mr Uyess? And now we lind, him replacing expcricm-pd men for iprricnred ones. What's il all "No one asked me. A revised code ol fair pr.iciic.- the relai] Irade.s, providing price, protection ami .slop 10-,-i piovisi-.ns. I was made public today by NRA of- ! (icials. ; Olficials who have prepared Ihe | code, whicii will be discussed fur-1 tiler before being presented finally to President RoOM-veli [or his approval, .said thai im document Ilul 1 think j could no 1 . be considere:! ;i price !i.\- llie federal uuveinmL-ni Mioukl come! in u down here and lind out v.-iiai it's i Tl controls prices, however, lo all about. 1 am writing the adntln- ' .. . . • islraiion o;' public v;orks <:omKhiny along i.:at line. And I don' 1 , care who likes il." cOo exleni, oi checking prkc and tlie praclices w.iich have grov. n up throilgll th'.- "10.-.S leader" ,sys- I em or -selling a few well known articles below cost. • Tile code in its new lorm prohibits the selling of any merchandise with ceilain exceptions below a minimum pi Ice v;J:ieh is dcscrib- Wcll, liierc ar.^ probably two -jides to lhat slcry. fiovemor rutroll has a inngh job. anil to iias Bill Dye;.s. 1 don't, expect cither o! tni-sn jr i anyone else in public life to do i «| LIS Ihe "wiiolesak 1 delivered price nothing will bring ilown critl- | with the a:idlilon el a clwr^e of cisiii. Political :ipi:ointiiicnis are | 10 per cent." not necessarily bad ap;icintm?:iis. | 1[ the apjioinlec is an tflklen; public servant ii makes no pariiculai-! 'Mm flSTOIt OF HITLER'S Hayti Man Slain This Afternoon SOLVEI HE HAYTI. MO., Sept. •>(!- Special— Clnulci- I-'uulkncr, about ;!:>. ot| ; .-i'ic. was shot and killed shortly Nil/I l()Wcr Will OUCCUml)'" 11 ''' - oX-lot*. lilts allcinuun by a , f \ o • r m " n W'W* name was nol immc- 10 llS Uwil Mllpldlty, | dluiely learned. S,.',,,,'., IWI'iiv"; ' ' rl " S|100|1|| K «<:iirral on a fnim OUUHlbl UeUcllCb, - reiuctl by Keiuile Shoil. about a ) 1.4M] l.iuda, j Germany 1111 ; rrwaril twlec ] mile of llnyti. Ofliccr.s worn Jewish i-xllc fiuin nolllled and stinted fur the scene. wlniM: head rt-.sls u j ;1 t nncc. In Ihe hope of airesting nn-al as Unit at- ' Hie killer. Dr. J. W. Rhodes cor- difference how or why lie landed' the job. Bui let thus be said: If politics is permitted to destroy the eflicien- cy. ihe morale, tre spirit of con- scienttous service in Arrest O'Conntll Kus|H'C(s NE\V YORK, Kopt 20. (UP) — Sovcn susprcts in llifi kiilnaplni; a! I-t. John J. O'Conncl! ol Albany. I'.embc-r o! a po'.rerfiil political family. were captured loduy in :-i:rcc' .-<?paraEi? raids. The raids were condurt?d almost by \v York ;letcr.- lives and agents in Mi. Kisco. Bronx and Manhattan. bride for the third limn was Jea:i Haitov. 1 . liuiious plallnum blond nf the movies, when this picture was '.-ikeii an siK i:id her new hus- l:ar.(l. Harold G. Rosson, acu inoliou picture cameraman. step[>ed from a piano at l.os Angoles 0:1 l',i-':r rtlurn fsoin Yumu, Am., where Ihelr sudden mairiagc .iiiipri'-fd the tilm culnny. ganizatlons of lllis slate be forthcoming strong and loud enough clearly to De heard and understood in Wusli- ington, where ti'.e money come. 1 ; from. oOo Henry L. Menken spate words of wisdom the other day when he said lhat what Is needed in make beer effective wtaswn ayainst murr pnteni otherwise. beer. beverages, bflter nud legal or cheaper Bser rei-eivcrt a friendly welcome from t!ic American people, but its price remains t:o high far il to be rse:l e.xtcnsiu'ly by a considerable part of the public, bn-1 its quality has nol b?rn imifnrmly good. Cloning Stock rrice? A. T. and T 12C 3-4 Anaccuda Copier ... 18 1-4 llethlehem Steel 37 Chrysler 47 1-4 Coca Cola 88 1-2 General American Tank 37 1-8 Oeneral Electric 2! 3-4 Genera! Motors 33 International Harvester 41 1-2 Middlewesi Utilities.. 3-8 Montgomery Ward ... 24 New York'cenlral ... 445-8 Packard 41-2 Phillips Petroleum ... 17 5-8 Radio 3 1-2 Simmons Becis 24 St. Lotiis-San Franci?co 4 Standard of N. J. ... 43 1-4 Texas Co 285-8 U. S. Steel 51 3-8 Greed, on the pan both of brew-1 amendment, crs and the spenders of tax money, seems to be the trcuble. Some n' l-tie former, in the rush to share in Ihe profits following legalizalion. have no;, hesitated to market an inferior product. And there is reason to believe that their profit mar- f E IT of .States Under Repeal Banner to 3! With None Dry. - By United Press Idaho and New Mexico joined t!'e repeal parade today, putting the wei cause within five slates of final success. They were^tlic 30lh and 31sl successive stales 10 approve ihe repeal amendmenl. The approval of :iti sites is needed before the 21st amendment tupercedes tr.e 18th In the constitution. New Mexico voted approximately three lo one to rcp-al the 18th I amendment FLASHES tcit'it for I'rufrssor Albert Klnslcln, • onei. planned to conduct nn !n- "itcad or altve." t^rapril fmm Ili-r- ;nifsl. lln February nflcr llir lllller-; IX'lalLs ol Ihe killing or what U« newspaper "Volklsthr Brukadi-1 led to It wcro not known. I'aiilk- ter" ilrscrllH-il him ns the prlncl|iul. ner, married, wns the liilhor li'iiilrr In tlie "Jewish war asulnsl I two children, a girl, 1. and u I flrrnujiy." Hfrr Unii was prhl- a. Irgrd tn luvr u iiefMmal eiiat 11V l.KO I.ANIA \Vritlini fnr NKA Sfrvlic COQ-SUH-MEIi. lielgium.—Slu-1 pldily will vanquish lllllerlsm — I own stupidlly and thai of th ulxnil him. Such was lln; ver< or Professor Albert Einstein, moht^ celebrated of modern physicists and savnnis and (he mosl tllsllngulshed single victim of Na/l persecution. "Hitler's future?" It was Einsleln siieaklnij. "1 Tiank wlt;i u.ssurance on one fWl whlcli seems lo mt: lo imply the swift und Inevitable collapse of Ihc Nazi dictatorship. 11 j Harvey Parnell. former yovern- Cotton Group Continues Plans (or Mass Movement on Washington:" CIHCACIO, Sepl. 25 (UP)—Sec- ilfuy of Agrlcullure Henry A.Wul- lai-u In ii currfnlly consldci'tid ad- which had been n:aii and approved by President RuWvrll loday gave Hie nnlion Ihe administration's views on crowing demands for Inflation and price fixing. The secretary, speaking bnf«re d(i<ih:vs association hero, M Survey Is Preliminary to Action by R. F. C. on Loan Application. i - — Isn't Hie stiength or the virtues of' or of Arkansns, now connected the adversaries of tae regime on! wiih -the Reconstruction l-'inanci; which I count. It is on tlie pldity of Ihe Nazis themselves 1 ROB NEBRASKA BANK ! YORK. Neb.—Four bandits this \ aftrrnaon robtied the First Na- . _ tfbnal bank of York, kidnapping ' p , \A , wiium E. Mccioud. bank ofii- (jovcmment IVlovcs to ciat, and making nff witli cash and currency estimated al tir- twcen 510.000 and S20,OflO. McClcutl was released a inil<- from the city. DIES AS SHIP BURN'S NORFOLK. Va.—Brni Kvans. serond fnjlnccr of the slriunrr New Bern, out nf Norfolk fur Baltimore, was burned to denlli wlicn lie was trapped In the en- Rinr room as fire dcstrnyej llir vesstl loSay. Caiilain I. I,. Kill- Einstein was silling In his garden, serene und chcerlul despite thii | news, recently received, that Ihe Bt. Y«hm had put $5.000 on hls ; 'head. jt was n domestic scene. Mrs\.EIij-. stein was close at hand. Professor I Hans Meyer. Einstein's collaborator. ' strolled nearby. And Mademoiselle Helen Dukas, Einsleln's secretary, was resting after a busy morning with the voluminous correspondence It is on the sin-1 corporation, arrived here ycstcr-i duy to make an appraisal ol' Drnlnuge District 17. preliminary o action by the- R. F. C. on the!! district's application ,for a »2,000,WO loin to refund Vp existing in- jrovemenls tn its physical ntfuc-' declared "inllfttlon Is noi « cure all," and that attempts lo lix 1'ilces without control of produc- ilon were dnngcrou.s and "doom- fd to failure." No >laRfr Cure-All "Waving of wands." Wallace . ruld. "vlll not suffice lo dissipate j ] cul economic, problems. There is |('nngei." ho warned, "Hint optim- trm. price- llxlng inul Inlhition will all or them tend lo Increase rath- than reduce the lock of balance resulting front our creditor '' liloti. mil- high tariffs, surplus acres, und our stocks, of fundaiiicnlal goods. It l s time for. the people to begin to think'In terms of a longtime supply Und demand situation, which spreads over the years instead of over Ihe days. ' ; "There is no money In it ,for' (hem right now, but there will be satisfaction In It for their children and grandchildren." Wallace denied, however, that he had changed his belief In controll- press Uprisings Attrib- _ >u lltCcl lo Communists. ! wh ' cl1 <ifll ^ the world's In HAVANA, Sept. 20 (UP>—Threat of civil war was intensified today a.s government troops look the field against three separate forces of revolutionists. "Communist activities al the eastern end of tlie island, strikes a' Snnliago. and sugar slrlkos of rnniniunlslic chaiacter Ihroushout Orienie province lncrea?ed tho famous scientist. Only one thing marred the com- plcle bourgeois ijcacefulners of Ihe scene. Thai was the presence — unobtrusive bul always close at hand Continued on Page. Three) and the- bone, dry] to ' her constitution. Precincts uncounted were in 'small isolated communities and were expected lo have litile eflect on Ihe final Vote. The vote of 415 precincts out ol 785 sl:owcd: for repeal. 4C.091: against repeal. 14.256. gins have been unduly wide, a sit- nation which competition may in lime correct. At l.-.e same time there has been a rush on the pan of all lax lev) ing brantlu-s cf our j "'as said by wet lendeis to b? lot> Repeal held a lead of 15.751 in Idaho, home slate of Senator Wil"am E. Borah, dry leader, and the of precincts not yei tabulated 2overinnem fcr a part of Ih e money. • small to affect the final result. Re- . . That is all well enough, but whenl""' ns from ^ counties showed : fo it puts brer beyond Uc reach of ! rcp?al. 51.931: agaiusi repeal. 36.- thc working man. who can still -W. buy oitllaw whisky very cheaply, u ! National repeal leaders believe;! lhc .v would be assured of ratifica- " on of 3 9 stales, three more Ihey need, November 7. w hen • live slates pass on the issue. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. 20 <UP)Cotlon clowd barely steady. open high low clo^e Oct 1027 1037 084 980 Dec IMS 1048 1003 1010 Jan '.:... 1058 1058 1012 1020 Mar 1077 1078 1030 1035 May 1092 1C02 1050 1052 .III! HOB 1108 1069 1071 Spots closed at 1005. off 40. not only defeats its own purpose | 'hey would be assured of ratifica- bul tends to perpetuate Hie evils that produced widespread public reaction against proiiibiticn oOo Is the cost of living higher in toportion to the price of collon lan il was a year ago? A good many people seem toi hink fo. and I am not prepared ah ami se.vcn mcmh<-r s of llir I ,|. nil ,, rr of th( , B0 verinnciU. I Tiiougli none of the crew escapril in lifeboats. r\v»>nly-0ne G Creels un Salute President at Exposition. CHTAGO. Sept. 20 (OP)—Her- Honiv. ihe former president Tni7io New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 20 (UP) Colton closed easy. open high low close Oct 1012 1016 983 983 Dec 1042 1042 1005 1005 Jim 1050 IC50 1015 1015 Mar 1068 1068 1033 1033 May 1088 1088 1051 1051 Jill 1102 1102 1067 1067 Spots cluosed steadv al S81. of 41 Chicago Wheat open high Dec. 96 1-2 97 1-4 Mav 101 -101 3-4 low close 95 1-4 95 7-! 99 3-4 ICO 1-! Chicago Corn open Doc. 54 3-4 May 61 1-8 high 55 ei .t-a low clc.-.e 54 1-8 54 160 1-2 fiO 3- Privation Faces Many in Carolina Storm Area rf the United Stales, was cheered atvl enicrtaineri at tlie world'.s fair trcHy desnite his nrotest t'^l he w".- "iii*i plain Herbert Hoover fi«--' Palo Alto." 'thousands of world's (air vlsii- nn- >ire<sed close to tile, former rre^ident. v-lio accompanied Mrs. Hoover on a tour of the huge fnir- I three ae- i live revolts was of major pro]>or- llons. there was a two-fold threat' of grave trouble: 1.—That the revolts would l>o the signal for other*. 2.—That the men in iho MOM ; might bt> Joined in the Held "y I other dissatisfied groups. I Colonel Halisla. ex-se.rgeanl, I leader of the revolt thai pul President San Martin in olftre. was in the revolutionary area in the province of Santa Clam. Government trcoiit, claimed early 'oday that they had .surrounded Hie revoking force of Hernandez, called the Cuban Sandino. at Moron area of Ihe province. There vere re[X>rl.s thai some of the enlisted and students who singed the revolt that put the president in power had joined Her- Troop.s were scnl lo Sancli Spir- Itus In Santa Clara province to Qitell an uprising there. The ren- NEW BERN. N. C.. Sept. 20. (UP) terounds such ns many other %1S " els were estimated to have a mint- nore today than it would in Sep- cmber. 1932. The prices below are those quot- :d in the adveitiscmcnts of independent and chain stores in the Ulytheville Courier Ne<v s of Scp- cmber 15 and 16. 1932, and of dead, with seven missing and tt:e bodies of four unidentified persons reported found en the coast at Portsmouth. Va. The latter report, however, slill lacked confirmation. Conditions were reported' acute at Merriman. Davis. South September 13. H and is".'1933. Inl^f Uvel Cftirlr _A Sl . a " d a " d . % ach case the lowest price quoledl j 1 , XIan > President Charte,, G. Daues. ar - san.aCiara'a rived at the fair gate at II a. m. \ vcre | C( j ^,. end was greeted by a 21 gun salute route from the gate to the admin- nd nampd They by any advertiser that week is given. 1932 1933 Milk .05 .06 Pork chops .12 1-2 .00 1-2 Flour. 18 Ibs. .85 .83 Oleo .12 1-2 .09 Sliced bacon .li .u 1-2 Coffee. .15 .10 Eggs .25 .17 Picnic hams .12 .10 Cabbage .02 02 1-2 Potatoes, 15 Ibs. .25 .37 1-2 Butler .23 .22 Sugar. 10 Ibs .43 M Pork roast .11 1-2 .08 1-2 Salt meat .05 .07 1-2 Saturday, September n. 1932, the week from which tlie 1932 grocer;, quotations were taken, October cotton closed at New York at 6.65 cents a pound. Yesterday Octobe coilon closed at New York at 10.2 cents a pound. The prices listed above nrr no faced immediate hunger in tlie storm area of Graven. Pamlico and Carteret coun- les, while 5 ' they were faced by. a vinter witli almcst no home grown 0(xl Sf;)plies !eft. nece££arily typical of everythin? the cotton grower must buy. They tire simply those upon which corn- Thousands of visitors lined the ,. cr istralbn building where Mr. Hcov- Q r j.' er was accorded an official welcome. Tlie 14th cavah-j 1 baud played as Mr. and Mrs. Hoover posed for photographers. parative quotations available. were readily They do show, however, that the so far unidentified by the sovern- inent. So serious was tiir siiua'.ion at Santiago, capital nf the "Mslem Province, lhat I.! Col. Mrndez military chief of the dWiu-t. left Congressman Driver and W. R. Ayres Will Speak al Bnrbccue Sept. 29. WILSON", Arw. — A coimnuniu fair and barbecue will be held at 'In- Wilson school Friday. September 20. under tlie direction of I! if. Wrenn. vocational agricultiira Instructor. Haas are being maile for the entertainment of a larsr numhei of visitors. Including several distinguished spcakeis." Exhibits wil Include canned goods, hand work faim products, and posters. One hundred dollars n pri/e.s >, awarded Ihc best exhibits. had long urged aUbllitation of the purchasing power of the dollar a«rt..i) tMtflratUin of. the cpmmpd- ./„ ily-phte'iiivl-io Uiat J Bt.l!K:d.;; ; 'v_ '-' PUui March of 1,0011,000 • WASHINOTON. Scut. 20 (UP) — Mr. Parnell will probably be tere until Friday. He is making a embraced In the -district and ofi . , ... ., , . .. , the ditches and flood control works I™'? lo Washington In an effort of ihe district ' (o ' orci; a monc ' ar y inflation pro- Clifton H. Scoti, receiver for th c |8 rnln on th< = Roosevelt adminlstra- dlstrici, who was here yesterday, j ll0 "' expressed Ihe hope that definite The army will murch on the fiction on Ihe district's application might be forthcoming before capital within a month unless the administration cheapens *ie dol-. long, if the application Is approv- j Inr, the Inllationlsts predicted, cd and an agreement can bc| The marchers, according to Sen- reached with the holders of about alors Tlioma s of Oklahoma anil .S4.000.000 In obligations of the ills-. Smith of South Carolina, would trict to accept a cash settlement,'« debt-ridden farmers with their out of the $2,000.000 loan, ta-cpny-1 wives and their children, ers of the district will receive vcry| President Roosevelt intimated to substantial reductions In their < senator Key Plttman (Dem., Nev.) drainage tax bills. JOLT MP1HUIIT Vote Seen as Promise of Defeat in .General Elec- for Havana dent. E. Ayrcs of tlie Delta experiment ."(ation, Sloneville. Miss., known for his experiments in the development of new varieties of agricultural products. He formerly lived in Arkansas and established an experimental farm at Scott. Ark. Other notables whose presence is expected are Congressman W. J. Driver. D. J. Burleson of the slfilc extension .nrevice. E. B. Matthews, slate vocational director. Mrs. Ruby Mendenhall Smith, food specialist, and Dr. Talc Buller. cdilor of Progressive Farmer. Congressman Driver will siwak Oscar Elliott Injured in r f. . • t , ' Americans in Levee tamp ACCldent ters arc fleein consuls lo port to'vns iiroifrtrdl bv Osca: Elliott, Trinity Farms cm- destroyers, Secretary o! Str.e Hull ploye, was in the Blyt^evllle hcs- said tcday. pilnl today, suffering from lnjurli>;: j Hull aided t'r.r, co:: Lilians sustained in an accident while ' around AiUllla were gro'.vu: : :v,ore lo consult 'he|at 10 a. m.. to be followed at 10:30 j by Mr. Ayrcs. After dinner Mr. Ayers will lead a round table discussion on "Colton Acreage Reduction and What Can Be Planted ron in Place of Cotton." U s. The day's program will end with a football game between Luxora and Wilson, scheduled for 3:30 p Americans Pice WASHINGTON', Sep 1 .. 20. • Cuban ;ri«:b> ins on adiirc 01 working In a leve? construction dangerous hourly. Prices of n fairly representative cam P list ot food items are no higher,! Elliott's left hand was brul.wl Steel Inant flntnilt on Ihe average, than they were a">d bones in the hand injured art 1 . J. '"B«i uuiH"i_ year a?o. while at the same time!both knees sprained \vV.c-n l!ir the price of cotton is over 3 l-2lvelgt of a heavy oil barrel fell on| cents higher than it was; of better than 50 per cent. Cur troubles have Rise* Iron Age Reports cenls higher than it was! a gain'lilm. while he was ensaeed in urv-i NEW YORK Sent ''O 'UP)— of better than 50 per cent. line Hie barrel with other employer, steel Ingot output made Hie firs: Cur troubles have not been i Tlie accident occurred Saturday but increase in Hie Iron A£e weekly solved, but anyway we are betteri was not believed to very serious un- estimate since Jnlv II w!:c:i off than we were. As long as the! Ill Elliott was recalled to i!v» ho?trend continues In this direction Ihe thing to do Ls to boost it publication today eslimn'.eii prod- pital after examination revealed the nction at 43 per com r.5.<lnM <1 along, not upsei the applecart, inspection. injuries to be worse than al fust pr cent of capacity in« week. the | thai the administration opposes j any rush toward currency inflation., I Plttmnn said Mr. Roosevelt said- lhat Increasing credit and free* Ing the flow of money already available Is the best immediate course. Consider Colton Holiday Senators Smith acted as chairman of a convention of cotton planters and southern legislators. •He was given authority to call Ihe. nation's farmers to the capital should President Roosevelt not 'respond to the convention's anpeat lor 20 cents per pound cotton and- a $100.000.000 Inflationary pro' gram. J Tiie senator from South Carolina made such an Impassioned speech was defeated and Mayoi Jclinj oll u, c p ii g ], t O f his constituents O'Erlen received an abnormally, t , ml lhe convc ntion called another „ , to consider advisa- loinlntillon, primary election tabu- i , >lmy of ns y,ig governors of south- atlons showed lodny. crn statts to declare a cotton It was the worst setback Tarn-1 i lc iid a y ,,,1111 Mr. Roosevelt acts, many has received in a primary j I!e mcnt , onccl cmpty stockings tion. NEW YORK. Sept. 20. (UP) — Tammany's candidate for the Democratic nomination for comptroller . ..... Among the speakers will be W. 611ia11 plurality for the mayor's | mccl | n( , in years. Forces that will attempt chine I munlclp: took Ihc'results as a forerunner o victory. t jo oust the pohtlcal ma-! of ,, cfll . t brokcn rom control of the New \ork fat , iers wit hout 8 pal Rovernmcnt in November - s work , n , on Christmas morning. He spoke mothers and of a nickel for thelp ' \ year's work In the cotton fields. i The convention cheered. Unant- l mously it adopted a resolution in- Frank J. Prlal. running as inde-, tr(Xtllced oy senator Tnomas call- pendent candidate for comptroller.',,,- (or a national convention of was leading his Tammany rival. 1 fol mCK to dramatize their trail- John Harnian, by over 50,000 votes. 0 ] es w | lh n mossed march upon with almost oil election districts Washington. tabulated. It appeared that May-; or O'Brien would have a plurality i of almost 150,000 over his Indepcn-« dent chief rival, Lorlug M. Black | president RocscveH wiii be glad to jr. It was below the normal pri- Me an d talk with representatives of mary/ plurality of a Tammany can- southern cotton growers w'r.o have been urging Inflation, the White House announced today. ! The growers, who already have' presented tlwlr views to the White Will Talk With Growers WASHINGTON. Sept. 20. IUP> — dldate. Plans No Curtailment *t Mo«.l r/vn.»rn»»;/in House In tfc form of a resolution. of Naval Construction must however ttwalt thctr Roosevelt Better But Must Rest Another Day WASHINGTON. Sept. 20. (UP)— President Roosevelt's cold and fever have; disappeared b'.it he will remain for another day in his rooms at the White House. The president was reported as "feeling fine" but Commander Ross Me In tyre, his doctor, ordered that he slay away front the executive offices for al least another day tn order to make recovery complete. WASHINOTON. Sept. 20. (UP) — President Roosevelt has no Intention of stopping or delaying the administration's new naval building program despite uneasiness ot oilier powers, the white House said today. seeing the president. thetr turn In WEATHER At the same tune It was explain-1 ed that no representations or sug- j gestlons have been received by the' president from foreign nations Indicating a wish to have the program curtailed pending developments al the Geneva disarmament conference. ARKANSAS—Fair, cooler in cen- .tral portion tonight, Thursday fair. - cooler tonight and Thursday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was M, minimum 71. clear, with 03 of an Inch rain last night, according to Samuel p. Morris, official wither obwrrtr.

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