The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 6, 1950
Page 8
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PACT EIGHT ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Utlir r»w V*T no* tor confiecuitT taUtTtlOM jitlnimum eti*rs« .............. K)c 1 llm« pfr Jloe ....... ,. ..... JSc X limes per line pel day ...... 12c > ItmM jter line pei d»y *,,... Vc _BLYTIIRV1U.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS per 7c , ,,,.. 13 lime* per line p«i dnj , ..... .Uoalh |irr Line ........ We Count m« arf r:tg« icordfl to llie line Ad ordered lor itiree or RII ttitics slid stopped Uelojfi eiplraUon will be cfwB- ed tor the Dumber nl tlmeK the 10 ippesrti gun adjustment ol oni nude All cfftR,sincd Advertising <xipj sub- miitra by perwinp residing outside ol the cny must lie accompanlrd by rash itxit« table AdTrrtJsmg order foi reguiai lne«- ttnn* i5K*.< trif one titne t«nte No responsibility win DP taken foi Dior* man one Incorrect Insert Inn a! any clawitlitl ad AM arts are restrlclea to thrti prop*-] emimricruion Rlyl* and type T n e Cornier Ne»,s reserves the rl^hi » edit or reject any aei rURNtTURg UPHOLSTERING (JUAUTY WORKMANSHIP I'HOHP-J tjBKVICK TUB UOUSK Of CUAIiM DIAL 6l'JCl „„ ek „ 'ftsjilug mactniiM rcf>ulr?ij AJI mutes. UD'tlicvllie MiicMne tsha|> Pit 3. !ls ti t ( AUTO AND PlmNlTURK LOANS 1'rompi Person-il Service C'uoUHct J'lireJmse Corp 106 South 5th Phono 6ROJ 4:5 ck KKXAIH Sales & Kvrvlces. Why not buy t fit- very host. Free demo MM rut Ion. I'Ji, •l^i. 5-3 pfc 6-3 Jlfive t! LOS « slipcovers mn do MOW For irt-w c.5llnm(e cull Mia Uoojttr. '"'• -*Jia. 5-3 pk 10 Apartment for Rent \ —77,"! .-.. c rji - VIU.B COMMISSION HOUSK. pli «I3 4;n fit if PlASTMG BOB MALONE Call 2771 BlyUieviHc 4-14 i>k 5-M 3-room imfurnlslicsl a part mm t. 420 K Vine. 56 pj. \Q Plvo room npimiiicnt. Furnished o. • unfurnished. G21 ClilckflFnwtiit. Cull 3S7f 5.B pk 5 15 2 -room «ni m. 3102- nsrtll liirnlElir<I apiirlmcnt CftlJ 2528 Fvirnlshcd upstnlrs duplex S12 50 Utilities not fur. I'd. 0377 or 24SO. A|5 pk &i]2 3-roorn fiunl.^hoft apart ment located at 407 S. Lllli". inqulro nt 517 South LRb e. 5;5 pk . o 3-room uiilutnlshrd npartiiifint. 2:ff)5 Carolyn, j{ot, cold water Share bnlli 2 room apartment. Furnished or nn- turnlshed. Abr^hntn Tourist Courts, 4 ck t; 2-room fur, npt. Utilities, Highly respeciRblo girls ojily Ph. 20«7. 5-3 pk 10 2-room apt Ph. 20ST. 5-3 pk 10 3-room partly fur. npt Fh 2087. 5-3 pk 10 3-room up | N'ewly f loco rated wltli bfi t h ^: hot wat c r E. Syca more 2 blochs to Mnln at. ph G2G1 or 2223. 5|2 ck 5;3 -room unfnr npt. Ph 3309 WK MARK OLD FURN1- 'I'UHIO \K\V. RK-HUI1.I) STOVKS, CAR RADIATORS. G1VK US A TRY. MAG'S PI.ACK IHCriWAY 18 WKST PIIONK 3375. -1-18 ck 5-18 For Sole, Misc. 1 19-19 Masscy Harris 22. Now tractor guarantee. ! 10'I3 Case VAC. New tractor guarantee. 'i 19'll! iMnssey Harris fi cylinder 10] Supers. Guaranteed. 2 Mnssey Harris )101 Jrs Guaranteed. 1 A Mis Chalmers W. C Priced to Sell. 61 Implement Co N. Highway 61—Ph ^I-iy '1-1 ck tf 54 inch rnhlnot Bluic wltli doufO [Iralnboaril Flalphn Knurl Douwoot Kto/e. 52 pk 5 Apt. S40.00. Four-rooms Yarbro. Ph. 717 after 6 4129 ck IT & bath bt 'clcick 5]5 pk 5|I2 ftirnCshcff two room Bpnrttnpnt wltli refrlserator and Uutanu gus Ph 4152 or 2391- 26 ck tt Fumlstiert RlJRrttnpnt. 3 rooms ftntl bRth. Newly dccorntpd Hulnne EH*. electric refrigerator good inrTiUurc f. Simon, ph. 3373 <!6 ck tl Auto Supplies and Services We'll Iftunrtcr your cnr. wash nnd grease for .41.00. SIMPSON OIL CO call Strvnley Keller, pli 937 4|11 cfc If J non't endanger your family with faulty tires—11UY LRS TIHES - - CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main & Division Plionc 256!! • • 12113 ck tr Services TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS 112 W Walnut Plionc 3382 Plenty of Parking Space WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR 1-Day RfTvlce on | c w dry— 3 -da ys on watches und clocks Gunrmitcetl work done by expert rt'palrmnn l/twcst TATO'BRYANT, Jewelry Alain & Second c>r 5119 Ciirlahig InnudrccJ Phono 62^9 Mrs J U 7011 are In Lrnutila RCC us Hem CAT or trurk t'ftnnpti goncta hy caise II 60 R case 12(1 meat cast' good as new HAlt CfA(N \Vc OUT and sell old clothes We loan money on Anything We Hi\ve Bovrrnl itunrlrcO hmtielK «i snyhfnns .S-lfin nnrt ccrUMct] We'll buy or «cll nnyiM» K { O i you I'acfcnKC delivery ttp to 100 l!js 50«r orer 1OII Ibs J](H> I.WKI yards of flirt (or Rale ' \V« tiauj nuythltu; When you're tinngrj eat *t Simpson 1 * Hotter OR* <t Oil Cnt Fish &• Crnpple I'lmne UaT HLyltifvlIc Commission House Hlghwuy 6] North fly Wndb'F Bnlvruic Vartl I'liono 937 fitftnJej- Kolfe/ Ktinmon Studio Ctwcli, roHnu-ny hfitl, ncl 5-hunuT New i'crfcctlou oil Stctvo 2:20 Kenwood Drive. 5ji ilh Want to buy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to large plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan. CATJES-W1GGS CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Rlytheville. Ark. Ueorgt w WIKBF 01 w C Cat« Pb 2751 I0i26 ci tl BABY CHICKS CUSTOM HATCHING""" B1.ATI.OCK HATCnnitY NOKTH dl I'lKJNt; 3172' 12 ck tr Shifc Kcyistcred (Purple Tag) Breeders, Foundation lock. ll;ile ])clta|)inc No. 78 Cottonseed. Cercsjui lrcal(:ri i)0 percent germination. Pliir.!. the host hy 'I'cst. HALK SISKD FARMS BURDETT1C, ARK. PH. 702 4-18 ck ti n^iil] Cfihlft Wel.ion i"L[xiio In first «ass condition Ounrantccii Call 2S7I - lits 2059. 4,24 cX 5I2-1 If you're planning to sell your cnr, do it now! T. I. Stay Motor Co. will offer you the lop prirp for a clean, l a ( P mo del car. .. and now while (he mnrricl is hiX'ft — that's the lime (o cash in. Don't postpone it liny longer. Come in nnd gel our price on your car—we need used cnrsl BRING IN YOUR CAR TODAY! . SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phore 2122 » Runs Like New Engine » Has been completely torn down and rebuilt to our exacting specifications o Worn parts replaced with New Genuine Ford Parts e Immediate Delivery DEPENDABLE SERVICE "As Good as the Best — Better than the Rest" 5th at Wolnuf Phone 4453 FOR SAI.K Soybean Seed AD Si'f'd T termination R. D. HUGHES GIN CO. I'hoiie SMI or '1100 5-3 ck 17 ATTEI,-T1C» MOTIIKliS k FATHERS OIV» 'III \T » 1 '": '° R BOY LuaoAOE FOR'o™n. UAIION SEK IIAUBUCTON LINK CALL 0218 FOlt APPOINTMENT 4126 pk 5]10 Ono ilocp rrcexe 10 Jt. Floor's.imnle I'rlTOl u> sell. Bloii Heath Co. 112 N . GAIN. 201 lIolluiKl concitlon BAR- ; 4;23 pk 5|12 I as rnngc floor sumple. rrlceti to sell, HLnu Huath Co. 112 S Secnivl. 5.7 ck it S | ZO s pi, 22BS HyclrnnBea.- hyhlsciis «.- "clirys»nlih7- '"'••l Plants. PI,. 3313. . 5 ;4 pk ' 5;il 'TOMATO PLANTS - B n oirtcn.nt •Arlollc.s, 2UC per do/ 22114 Clllcku- siuvlm, ph 4636 (|li pt sjn STATE CEKTIFIKD DJ'L 78 COTTON SEED BURDICTfE l>l .A NT AT 10 N PHONE 7S2 2-13 ctt tf Uecp freeze nsrtl R ft. Prlnxt 10 ell iiliin Hi-iith Co 11?. N Firil SI 5,2 ck tf h^rly tomtuo jiljilltf;. 20c (Iu7. il 50 mmlreit 2203 Carolyn Prl[l« *tt(in '!> .0017 JM ,,k-' _vn Klmtrlo ratine «««! 1'rlrcd to sell Lnn licjUli Co 112 N l-'irst St. 3 2 ck If :er. l-'loor fin Ilf ( tth S 2 ck it <TO,S I -IIC hot w^tfr Co 112 N SI 207 W. li^wcvelt 5;5 pk 6 5 Poland China ho^s" C S Oil rnnpn floor snriinln Pflrwl to ell. Lljtin n (.M tli Co 112 N Kirst fit. 12 rk tf .,,, ' K''»y nun- I'hy'c c:\ra uilile. li t .avv ulnirnrm rocker. ,nl™lln,,co:.a items Ph. 4no S-J pk ifl 3"c 24" 8 disk Jo]in~Dccre"bro-Iy WOW. one J'car old. DP *I, No 15 c "m plnming Bl . r ,, c|c . in „„,; Corp ,.. |n tn.iic'd. J. E,. Aloryaii. WJlsou. I'll 4.' 5 S pv. . B <,oil small mules.TuTcin~ft~^ t 7™ 5,'3 pk o'll) - NORTH 10TII .t KIJ5VKNTH- s:i5(Kl.oi) BKSPECTIVH.Y 3 rilnir-i- J.OTS MORTH HIDE OAN GET' YOUR '. I s *IIA it PIllVATI'l I OANS ntlY PN 8 ! ^r'' D ~° ttICE BOS " K ^ N ° p - PHONB FIKI.D 2.751 5-3 pic 10 NON-VETERAisT SPECIAL On Hof Swmrner 3 Cliecli conipi cssion i Clean ,V- scl i-arJiurclor ® Clean & space clislribu- tor points • Sot urnilion liming' • Adjust valves • I'>cc manifold valve I'arls Kiira Special Ends Saturday! iohle Gill Pontiac, Inc. t* — i • i» * I2R -So. I,il I'honc .1371 M. \V. "Hill" Spencer, Mgr. TRACTORS THESE USED TRACTORS ARE REALLY READY FOR HARD SERVICE — AMD THEY'RE PRICED TO SELL! SEE US AND SAVE BIG MONEY! • 2 "WC" Allis-Cholmers Tractor* with cultivator and breaking plow. • 1 "H" John Dccrc with cultivator & buster. • 1 "B" Formal! with cultivator, planter, disc, and plow. • 1 Case "VAC" with cultivator, planter and mower. • 2 Ford-Ferguson tractors. ' COME IN TODAY! Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Blytheville SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1950 HOMES 2 and 3 Bedroom Quality Homes At Economy Prices KENWOOD DRIVE 100% F. H. A. AND G. I. FINANCED Holly Development Corporation Phone 4445 4-27 ck tf Nice 5-room wood (loom, 1 modern icru of nj- North Highway Units Very chenj . e. Hard. l-ocated . HIALES LAND CO. Ph. 3322 missel]- E. RLales, ph. 4193 W. T. Barnett, ph, 2262 S-W-A-P 3 BEDROOMS FOR 2 II you noed another bedroom would !!ko to > be In .Blythevtllc'i; choice iielghborriood. may be a. swap couUI he irrant-eU between the owners of n, ovely 3-bcdroom home on Holly street i ncl you, This practically-new home Is superior constructions, lias nti at- ncheel Rarnj-e. and already has a ]n >f\n on H. Cjill anil Icfs see If we can't nu..,_ deal that, would be bimcncia] to all EM. TERRY Terry Aljst 213 W Wulmi Realty Co. Plione 2381 5;2 etc 5:3 100%G. I. LOAN GUARANTEED One this G-room house with bath, located at 708 \VKST MAIN. This hoiisu is extra roomy J500 square feet! Has just been renewed inside and out It is right in the midst of several good churches, two block- fro m CENTRAL W-ARTJ SCHOOL and a minute's walk downtown to-everything! Iff worth Ion];ing at if your to- la! income is ?.'J,8uO a year. JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone 4111 Res. Ph. 25% a 17 c> tr Nice 4^ room honm by owner, OH :iRor furnace. srrfc:ir<| in hnck porch iind attic slalrwrvy. 230-j Kcnwoot] Drive 5 6 pk 10 l.ari*e tot on Highway 61 North Insltte :lty ItmltH KuHnbln for rcslfloncn tir roiumrrcJRl purposes. Write P.O. Ron :t77. nt^chcvlltt'. 5 6 pk 6,6 Duplex on Don^an has O I. loan = ni!ill cash paymrnL will handle. ODC new novisc all] G.I. Two cafp.s f rlccd to sell. These places lining good business. H.ive few more with Rood fc CM. Lx)a»s. See or call SAM (iODWIN DAVID RKALTT CO. Main A- Division Thojits 3C33 .V -1124 A 5 5!fl GKOCEKY STOKE Highway Gl South At Dogwood B»y KtOfk. rent bvilldEnx with livlnp ^inrtcrs nn<- fixtures. Hcnt v«ry rca- maute call FARDKhTY'S OROCKRY Ph. W40 12 Private Rooms Large bedroom Rrt]o!nliiK b^lh Npar "»». Genllcmnn preferred. I'll 24EO 5.5 pk 19 Bedroom adjoining bftth J.(rn only S13 W. Wnlmil. Ph. 3496. 4 29 p lc 5.29 Private en<,25 pk S|25 t b eo rxH) ma ror rent trance Ph 2318 Bedroom Bdjolnlng hath Phone 233ft 4.10 pk 5110 Nice fur. bedrooms. Close In Ph M19. . - 5.1 pic Sill House with PH.A or Ol Will pay eqvillr. Ph. 1326 51 pV 5115 TJie Mummers' Pfirndo, a Philadelphia New Year's Day celebration, began In 1B7S. Help Wanted, Male Want « man qualified for position of assistant manager and sales-manager for both new ami used, car sales department. Alan will have to have had experience both before and after war to qualify. Not Interested in anyotie «*ho cannot fill this position. Here is an apportunity for you to have good position with top salary and bonus. Also a chance to work up to the top position. Blythoville Motor Co., Dodge - Plymouth. Ph. 4-122. 5-5 ck 12 Want a man to operate our radiator and battery department. Must be experienced in rebuilding and repairing radiators and would also like him to be able to repair and rebuild batteries. Good salary, permanent employment. See Mr. Little Sr, Blytheville Motor Co., Ph 4422. 5-5 ck 12 Want a man to manage our used parts business that we will open for business May 15. Man must have had some experience in the auto parts business, either new or used, to qualify for this position. Permanent position with chance for anvancement in future. See Mr. Little Sr., Rlytheville Motor Co., Dodgc-Piymonth. Ph. 4422. 5.5 ck 12 PERMANENT portion. National Fln- anctnl Ori;:vnl7.ntlGn drslres Rules rep- rraenltitlTi! In city. ,\5e 27 to 40 Mnn selected rmist rw willing to start M »ISO to S2M per month plus commissions. Submit past live years business experience anri education Answer by letter only. P. o. Box 231 uttle HocJt. Arjt. 5[5 ck Q Nofrce Cnl! or writ* yoi stnnley Dealer r)tM.-pnrt Ct<! '° "" *'* Slanlcy A chest, or KoBeris Silver, radio Ic «>Uicr gilts. Irene Scherer 3633 Lillian Hurncu ^103 Marjorle voum: Hi 2 Boi 437 city Alma Scherer 8163. * ^ S.5 pk 5,9 Any G. I. leaving town and wishing to sell equity j n his borne, please call HI ALECS LAiN'D CO., I'll. ,3322. 5-4 ck 7 For service RcRlstcred blonde cocker male StocSdale pedigree or ehamplor,'. Phone 6713 Don Wlihclm 4.JS p)t 5]36 LI\'E STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippleo animals picked up free o) :harge in sterilized trucks. Call collect. 6H2, {Jiythe ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DRAT) A MIMA I DISPOSAL< CO. '1131 D* Ifllt5< Instructions PIANO LESSONS For ns low ns RQc FOWLSTOM SCHOOL OP JlIUSIO Wonted pfts^ensers (o ntnrc rxpensw to fornlA. I>cnv(ng Monday, phone , Whlti only. I pk B You'll Find Greater Used TRUCK VALUES at Sullivan-Nelson Chev. Co. 19-19 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Truck, driven only 12. 000 miles. It's * sleal at.. .$1045. tl 19-18 Chevrolet ^-Ton Pickup Truck, hoi water heater, low mileage., .only $845. 1939 Ford ^-Ton Pickup, a good one...$395. 19.17 Sludcbaker ^-Ton Delivery Truck, extra clean .. . $095. 1917 International ^ 2 -Ton Pickup ruck. . .|695. 1917 Studeljaker ton K wheelbas* Cab & Chassis, J. speed nxlc, 750-825x20.-. .$695. 1916 Ford long wheelbase (ruck, 12-foot body, ht perfect condition...! -695. 1910 Chevrolet long wheelbase truck wUh 12 foot grain body... today's price. . .$395. MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always G«t A Good D«al at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 \V«st Walnut ITS for guaranteed plumolng work all iifcea oil stoves and water pump work call Harry Myer3. Ph 6349. No longer connected with Ulan Heath Co 417 p!i S|7 Heip Wanted Sa/ejman Wanted Store Manager Wanted Need man to manage and operate store located on Alain .Street of Blytheville. Will pay salary and bonus!. Must have had experience and be capable of operating this store or no need to answer this ad. Will ;ell part interest to person who can manage this business. Write Box 1234, C-o Courier News. - 5-5 ok 12 We are opening a new cafe n this city in the near future and need a manager for this business. Interested in man or lady, hut prefer man. Must have experience nnd be able to operate a high class cafe. We are not interested in any beer joint operators. Cafe equipped with new, latest type fixtures. Only medium size, lias 15 stools, tables with 28 chairs. Certainly will be one of the most attractive cafes in city. Write Box DEF, C-o Courier News. 5-5 ck 32 Olrl carhops wanted apply m person t Hnzorbnck Drive In. No Phone calls. Certain hybrid sugarbcets hnve been found resistant to curley top disease. A GOOD JOB . Js open In this established terrlltl for an evperlenceri salesman betwel ao and 50. Weekly commissions pll bonus. Cftn earn $6.000 Ilrst year. If ; can sell highest type ailvp/tlsjnic cpfl iahlejv. cloth. cnlenclRrs. Bltt leather si souvenirs and have & car, write yol tlimllUcAtlons to the Kemper-Thoml Co., Cincinnati 12 Ohio. s;0 pbt Appliance Salesman wantc Commission Basts only, perienced preferred Ligtl truck or, car neoessary. Appf Mnbbard & Moke. 5-R ck Can use man or lady? wor| ing in Blytheville selling new special item that ever] one is a prospect to buy 01 or more. No trouble to eaJ 510 a clay av.d up. Only waJ two salesmen for this poa tion, so hurry or you'll sorry; Write Box LAT, Cl Courier News. 5-g ck Can you sell the very assortment of merchandis when the price is right? want only one salesman ... outside selling, and certain! the sky is the limit on the pol sibililies if you will work ail can sell. This i s one of tho{ opportunities that happen onJ in a lifetime. Write us. Bo 13, C-o Courier News. 5-5 ck (Continued on Next PogJ What Kind of Truck Do You Need! WHETHER IT'S A 10-TON DIESEL OR A '/,-TON PICKUP, HORNKR-WILSON CAN SUPPLY YOU SEE US FOR NEW GBIC TRUCKS OR (JSKD TRUCKS IN EVERY SIZE AND MODEL. WE'VE GOT WHAT YOU NEED. Y Used Trucks Now on Our Lot 3017 Klifi International Tractor with KU7 motor 2- S|)ecd axle. !)00x20 (ires, clean. ' 1917 KB7 Internationa! Tractor \vifh 2-speed axle 825x20 tires all around. 19 IS Chevrolet 2-Ton SWB, 825x20 tires 2-speed fii\e heater. ^ < 1918 Dodge I'/i-Ton LWH, new low price. in 19 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, deluxe cab, healer, only 8,000 miles, exceptionally clean. l!)in CMC i/z-Ton Pickup, radio, heater, licenses... just tike new. J9JS CMC '/ 2 -Ton Panel at a real bargain. And Many, Many More! Factory Guaranteed New CMC Trucks Fasy GMAC Payment Plan HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO OLnS.MOBILE-GiMC TRUCKS SOS East Main ]> hon< 2<)5a

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