The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 5, 1950 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1950
Page 12
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PAQ1 TEN •LVTHEVIU-B (ARK.) COURIER NEW! TUESDAY, BBCEMBMl I, Wall Construction Important to Home Th« prospective home buyer or*builder should always look closely »t wall construction because It is one of the four principal elements In determining whether a structure U well-built. The others are foundation, doors and roof. There are 3 basic wall types: wood frame, masonry veneer over frame. and solid masonry. They are used .singly and in combination. Frame walls are mast widely used because 'Su//mess in Home Often A Fault of Heating System During the heating season,just the proper degree ••stuffiness" is always a problem in man comiort is dependent upon the paper and then siding. Good Lumber Urged Well-seasoned lumber should be used and the wall should be as rigid as possible. Unseasoned materials will shrink and cause cracKi. Studs ol 2" x 4" material should be spaced no further apart than 16". center la center, and secured at the top by two 2x 4's nailed together as A plate to support joisls for the second floor or rafiers for the root. Each crner shuld be braced oy nailing 1 x 1's or 2 x 4's diagonally across the studs. Sheathing may be boards, plywood or rigid liber board nailed to the outside edge of the studs. If boards are used they should be placed diagonally for added rigidity. Choice of siding depends on desired design effect. Materials include: wood clapboards, wood shingles, composition shingles,' or metal shingles or clapboards. Veneer walls are merely one course of brick, stone or stucco applied lo the outside of the sheath- Ing. Need Flreslopplnj Hollow walls must be firestopped to prevent .spread of flames through these natural flues. This is done by placing short IcngUis ot lumber or gypsum block between the studs or by filling the space with fireproof insulation. In a house of average construction there is only an in ch or so of lath and plaster and about the same thickness ot sheathing am: siding between the living quarters and the outside temperature. Hence the hollow space should be insu'.at ed to retain heat in winter and ex elude it in summer. Thin is bes' done by fastening batts or blanket ol fibrous insulating material be t-ween the studs as the house soe \ip. In existing houses npdulatei insulation may be blown Into wa' space* to provide the necessary pro tection. Four Methods Avallafolr For example, four methods of may result. heating a home are available with steam or hot water systems—radiant panels, which use coils scaled in the floors, walls or ceilings; baseboards, essentially a new develop-j me tit in cons'cctor hen Ling; cast iron radiators, and conveclor-radl- a tors. Of the four, convcclor-radialor.<s, icating experts say, provide just. lx)iit the right amount of air'cir- ulation for maximum com tort. ,s the heating medium—steam or ot water—heals the copper or alu- runmn element within the convec- or it, in (.urn, heats Hie air. The varm air rises and is sent out into he room through a grille at the top if the eom'cctor. In turn, cooler tnorline air i.s drawn into the unit hrough a lower opening by natural convection nnd ft gentle cycle i.s set ip which keeps the room air in' motion in Just the right degree to iuaranlce healthful comfort. I'anel Heating an Offender Although wide attention has been given to radiant pane) heating dur- ng the past few years it i.s strange- y enough, one of the greatest offenders in proper air circulation. This has been,best Illustrated in vooins in which there Is considerable smoking by the occupants. Within a short Lime the room Is flooded with layer upon layer of smoke, and the air becomes heavy and unpleasant. Cast-iron radiators likewise arc poor asr circulators, aside Irons their slowness lo heat and cool and their generally old-fashioned appearance In comparison with modern unil.s. With baseboards there is some air circulation but the amount of '-air movement Is not as great as will a convector. Maintenance of air circulation It PLUMBER! • PLUMBING FIXTURES• PLUMBING REPAIRS • NEW INSTALLATIONS • EMERGENCY REPAIRS PETE » THE PLUMBER Phone 2731 Real Estate Transfers Monroe and Zpnic.sltne Harron l<: Williatn E, and Pauline Jost, Ixit 11 in Block 7 of David Acres Subdivision, $1,800. Calvin C. and Frieda M. Smith, lo P, C. and Bertha M. l*yser. Lot 17 and easL halt of Lot 16 in Block G of David Acres, Subdivision, $10 am) other considerations. Lillian Catherine Wright; Calvin Warren and Thelmn Irene Wright to George M. Lee, west half of Lot ft and all of Lot 9 in Block 10 of Chickasawba Addition, $1 and other considerations. O. S. and EifHi Rolison to Rober C. and Louise BonneLt, Lot 15 o plat of O. S. RoDlson Subdivision .700, B. R. and Ermic Pale lo Ira am s-sie Oiler, north half of NE and that parL of NWl'i of I R'i of the levee in Section 31-' GN-lOE. containing fio acres more r Ifss, s) and other considerations. Max and Annie Laurie l/igan and arold B. and Marie D. Wright to atliryn Campbell, Lot 21 in Block. B" of John B. Walker Second Sub- ivLston, $900. William Loe and Roberta M. ValkfM" to Harold B. Wright and lax Logan, Lots 14. 15, 16, ,n and 8 in Hlock "C" and .south half of X>t 3 and Lots 4, S, 7, 8. D, 10, 11 12 in Block D ot John B. Walkr Second Subdivision, $1 and other onsiderations. William Lee and Roberta M Valkcr lo Harold B, Wright and .lax Logan. Lot 13 in Block "C" of iJhn B. Walker Second Suhdivl- ;io)t> $1,000, Owen Crawford to W. L. Hal?;, Jr.. NWM of thR SK\\ in Section 27-15N-BE containing 40 acres more or less, $fO.OOO. Bei nic and Robert. Bryant to J. Lee and Mary Bearden, tract of land triangular .shaped carved out. of Lot, 6 in Ihf. NEVi of the SEfi of building Permit business Stays At Small Figure For the second .straight week the I tiding permit business remained at a small figure, according V> records at (ho office of Joe Carney, city engineer, \ As during last week only two permits were issued from, Monday to Saturday. One was for constructing a new building and the other to add onto a, hou-se. Cost.s totaled §3,800. The following received 'permits: K. M. L'lridn, to build one-story brick building at Enst Main, $3,000, R. C. Hail, add room to stucco house at 000 MouUrie Drive, $800. hardwood considerably f r • » t i r strength, with th« result that K can withstand tnormous weight. Lignite is found in many parts of the world. —Courier N«ws Photo JOHN WHITE RESIDENCE—This seven-room red brick house located at 1320 W .Walnut is the new home of Mr. and Mrs. John White It consists of three bed rooms, two bath rooms, a dining room, living room kitchen and II closets and utility room, Floors in the bathrooms are tile and the kitchen floor is covered will plastic linoleum. The remainder of the rooms have hardwood floors and those in the living and dining rooms are covered with cocoa brown carpets. All walls are plaster painted cream and beige. Heat is provided by a gas furnace located In the attic and distributed over the house through wall outlets. The' house is also provided with an attic fan and is insulated. The roof is made of asbestos shingles. Windows are enclosed in double-hung metal frames which also include while shutters. The garage seen at Ihe rear ol the house is a double affair with both ends open. On the small front porch can be seen ironwork decorations painted white which serve as posts. The sidewalk and driveway are made oE red concrete work. by 100 feet adjoining Block "D." S3 45. F. and Bflitba },. Ley.ser lo Holly Development Corporation, Lot 14 ui Block 7 of David Ae.res Sub-1 division. $1 and other considerations' W. C. Gates lo Con and.Kllva Epperson, Lot fl In Block 7 of Elliott Addition, $225. . R. and Mary Kathryn Marr o Elmcv W. nnd ArlwKiH. Norman, Lot 7 \n Block 5 of Country Club Drive Addition, $1,600. James and Ella Anderson to City Builders Get $66,100 in Loans From Prudential During October Section 8-15N-8E, SI and other consideration. 1 ;. Sadie and W. H. Bryant, lo J. Lee and Mary Bearden. tract of land triangular shaped rawed o«l of Lot fi in the NEVi of the SE',4 of Section 8-15N-8E, S10 and other considerations. LeRoy and Odessa Cnrtov lo W. P. and Josephine Carter. I.xU 3 in Block D of O. J. Heuter First Addition lo town of Lcnchville; and James, Jr. and Dorothy Anderson, Lot 30 nnd Lot 5 in Larry's Fourth Addition, $1 and other consldera- ioiis. Thomas and Lorraine ClayLon (o ELnora Williams, I-ot 10 In Block '2 of Holipelcr-Shonyo Addition* 5650. R. K. and Marguerite Marr to Doru Viola Lambert, east 43 and feel of Lot 14 in Block "B" of Morris Addition, &75CK Max and Annie Laurie Logan and ! Harold B. and Marie IX Wright to Telpher B. and Lorene E. Wilson. Lot 14 in Block "O 11 of John B. Walker Second Subdivision. 51,000, Max and Annie Laurie Logan and Harold B. and Marie D. Wrifchl to S. D. and Barbara Joyce Bray. I-iOt. -1 In Block "C" of John B. Walker Second Subdivision. $1.000. Dee Willis and Grace Poole to Deati and Lovie Nf. Roac:h. Lot 4 n the SW'i of.Section 30-16N-8E containing -in actcs move or less,' ? 12.000. Max and Annie Laurie Log an nnd Harold R. and Marie D, Wright to ilcnn and Louise Teague, Lot 2 in Jackson, Addition, XIO and other considerations. J. W. and Vela May Resell to Arch and'Mnflie Gli.sson. Lot 3 in NE'/i of the NEVi of Section 36- Hlytheville home builders received $66,100 during October in mortgage loans marie by the Prudential Insurance Company of America. The city total, representing eiRlil loans, was reported by Giilhrle Kins of Little Rock, manager of Ihe company's Arkansas mortgage loan and real estate Investment office. Mr. King said the city's October loan total wan a sharp Increase over September's $24.987. During October, the Prudential made mortgage loans In Arkansas totaling S87:i,920 compared 5125.113 in September, Mr. with KIHR a" plot- of lanri '£?> out of. the NE' by 100 feet carve< of the NWH of Scction 17-15N-8E adjoining Block "D," $945. LeRoy and Odessa Carter to f.ella O. Caller, Lot 2 in Illock "D" ol O. J. Hnutcr First Addition to lown of LcachvllLc and plol of land 25 Furniture Should Never Be Placed By Air Registers Careful placement of hirnlture with certain types of heating .systems is necessary to the housewife who would get maximum use oul of her heating chairs and sofas. Some systems' release blasts 15N-8E, R. 'j. $800. and Lillion Ix>ng to Harry heat which are apt to scorch or warp delicate furniture. Never place furniture too close to a hot j\ir register, it is advised. in addition to the danger beinjf scorched from (he blasts o hot air, there is the added cost, of cleaning, for often hot air reg ister.s release dust which has accu mulated in the ducts. There nisi is the chance that dirty basemen. air will escape the filter and be delivered into the room. aid. Drying Process Gives Hardwood More Strength Although hardwood flooring has he<jn used for ceminies, the material a.s \ve know it tocjny can be classified n.5 A modern product. Among the many improvements ami refinements introduced in its manufacture is .scientific kiln-drying. After air-drying for vsirymg ppr- iod.s, depending on the weather, the flooring is placed in large kilns whprp ine tetnpeiatuie and humidity sire controlled. Drying the wood in this manner helps prevent excessive shrinkage and expansion after the Moohtig has been laid. 'Die drying process also gives the I. W. HARPER The Gold Medal Whiskey Bottled in Bond Kentucky Bourbon Bones, fruit pits, paring* , even -paper napkini arc put- < verized and flushed down iht drain. Exclusive "Hifih-Cush- : ions" and life-urn* gfind rob* trol give trouble-ire* *«rT»«* for years. HIM! ALL YOU »O4 .il's (tlwtiltB it /j/e«3ur« 100 Htltll • JEKWKT SIIUCHT BOUJSON VffllSKEf • I. 'X. » OISIIIUNG CO., lOUISVIUE. «Y. I«lf TERM5 $12495 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co.* Phone 551 and MngnolLa Felts, east half of the SW", of the SK i ; oC Section 10 and NW% of the NEVi o( Section 15, all In 15N-HK, £10,000. Glenn antl Pattye Bunch lo Paul D, and Fannora Abhott, plot of land 50x LOO feet, 1,192.5 feet south o( the northwest corner of the SWIi of Section 27-16N-I1E. $300. Kathleen E. Black lo E. R. and Elizabeth Mason, Ixit 4 in Block 3 A Gift the Entire Family will Appreciate! ON-A-DOOR T. E. Parkhurst, Lot ^ In Block 16 of Huddle Heights Addition, |10 and other considerations. Holly Development Corporation to Guy L. Rodgers, Lot 17 in Block t of David Acres Subdivision, »8,700: R. A. and Emma Greenway to Robert Ileece and Mable Moore, Lot 17 nnd IB, Block 4 of Sparks First Addition to town o( Dell, 5/7,500. Troy B. and Ollie Mae Myrick to Here's a gift "slie" and Ihe family will enjoy and appreciate! Your bedrooms and bathrooms will be treasured by all the family for their continual usefnl- »c*s, their contribution lo good appearance. They're available in sixes for all Tood appearance. They're available in sizes for all standard doors, mirrors of Rt-iiiiine polished plate ^lass with polished edges. One day installation service. 5 And UT> Includes Livslallafion Arkansas Paint & Glass 105 East Main Phono 2272 of Hcarn's First Addition, 59,000. Eudoia Parris Brooks. Lois 1 and Paul and Jessie M. Mahon to ' jcorgp. W. Wiggs, Lot 2 in Block 6 of Wilson's Thin! Addition. {600. Harold B. nntl MRric D. Wright, to Max nnd Annie Lavinr. I-ogan, Bn undivided nnp-rmU interest In Ix>t 1 ot Block 6 of John B. Walker Second Subdivision, 5500. Cleo T. Langslon to Francis K. ind Myrtle Utley, Lot 1 in Block 1 of Chicago Mill and Lumber Second Addition, 512,150. Emma M. Nolen to Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Company, all of Lot 4 except the north 80 feet and west halt of Lot 3 except the north SO feet in Jliock 1 of Davis Second Addition, S'^0.000. Joseph and Corrrte Funclips io Maltie LCR Gray. Lot 26 In Lange's fourth Addition. $350. Daniel D. and Lorene Russell lo Addition, 5600. 2 in Block s' ot Wilson'i Third Addition, S4.600. Jim and Lydla K. Blackwell lo H. S. Allen, Lot 20 in Block "T" of Smith's Addition to town of Leach- vllle, »100. Robert nnd May Flitch lo B. Pel- kins, Lot 10 in Block "S" of Witson's First Addition, S10 and other considerations. j W. A. Grimmett to K. M. Larkin, l/>t 6 in Block "A" of William Lee Walker Subdivision. $3,000. o. B. and Bertha Wagner to Riley and Opal Dunkin, Lots 1, 2. 3 and 4 in Section 20-15,V-9E, containing 74.83 acres more or less, $8,000. Ira, Jr. and Opal Delores Lambert' to Clarence I,, and Ernie Mae Bass, north 31 feet of south 35 feet of Lot 10 in Block "C" of Morris ORATER LAKE Named tor its location, VM crattr of an ; extinct volcano, this unusual laSs is known for ttia extraordinary Wueness ot its water. It is 2,poo ftet deep has no inltt or outlet- and vjhilt it is irtsk water, it lias nwtr teen hnown to freeze.' PLENTY OF PEOPLE [ US. now serve over Hon WATER Is Your Cheapest Commodity ...USE 'IT FREELY Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville Ark.

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