The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 27, 1937
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 19R7 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)'.COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE—! Presbyterian. Church At Osceola Nearhlg Completion Handsome Slonc Eclifico Will Serve Presbyterian Congregation . I t CSCEOLA, Ark—Osceola I'r'JS- bvttt'lans, who constitute one of the oldest religious yroups in north- cast, Arkansas, will soon occupy on? of the most- modern and aitraotivi; iclislous edifices In tills .section. The new building, of Got 1 :!: ar- chiteclure In an Eci?lis^i country- Hide style, will bs completed ato.u Jr •' 15. The exterior is of Arkansas fr'.r'. stone, hrought from Bradford, Ark 'me roof Is of asbestos shingles in varlegaWd colors. The interior will have a concrete floor, covered vvit^ competition tils, plastered walls in .sand finish', and open beam?:! ceiling over .the imve, which will seat 1GO persons.-, class rooms opening inio Hie auditorium will bring the total seating capacity to about 275 The chancel, which has three lancet windows, will have space at cither side for choir and organist The communion table will stand directly under the chancel windows. Entrance to the auditorium will be through a vestibule and social hall, 20 by 25 feet, which can be opened into the nave as occasion requires. The windows, leaded ir, steel frames, are of acciclenta pieces of antiqi'2 marine glass eliminating all glare. An electrk organ will be installed and the bel and pulpit, used for many years ii the old church, will continue t< serve in t>>e new oie. Besides (lie auditorium and das rooms the building will include 1 rest rooms, a kitchen, a women's social room and a pastor's study. The women's soci«l nom and the ms- tor's study will have fireplaces. The building will be heated by 'an oil burning fimiice and will be ulr- conditionc-1 'throughout. The lot Is to be filled in ami landscaped. The building will be ths third to ! ^rve the Osceola Presbyterian church, which was organized in 1?59 as a mission station of the Memphis Presbvtery. The first pastor was the Rev. Frank Morris, father cf the late Mrs. s. S. Semmes anil the late W. M. .Morris nnd srrandfaUrer of Mrs. Claud Perrn of here, and Mrs. Robert E. Lee King of Blythevillc The prefer L ciders of the church are B. C. Bryan. A'tlnir Br^.vn. JDC Crcm°r. Geor-re Doyle, A. P Spbse ard E. S. Chiles. Tr" co-^rn-jation line ncuri-=d )'•> d=bl in ths construction of tl: church, which ,will cost about $15 COO. . ' '' • The new Presbytfrian church at Osccola will be ready for occupancy country churclu'.'i, it was designed about June 15. Built of Arkansas Held slone In the style of Enyllsh by George \v. Awsumb. Memphis architect. County Demonstration Council. Holds Monthly Meeting Here The County Council of Home Demonstration Clubs met at the Blytheville Woman's Club House Saturday for the regular monthly changes made by the Council, session. | A round-table discussion on Mr.s. J. A. Payne called the "How a Law, is made in Arkan- ncetiiiE; to order at, 10:00 A. M. sas" was led by the president. plays before ten o'clock and for an hcnr after lunch at the next meeting. A covered dish luncheon was served at noon, ' Better Homes Chairmen of the' county are: Mrs. E. C. Pickcns; ] The catalogue for the 1037 Mrs. Harvey Smith; Mrs. O. T. County Fair was discussed and 1 Welsh: Mrs. Julia Jolliff; Mrs. recommendations for certain Sam Thompson; Mrs. Clim Hanes; Fred Nccdham; Miss Elvfc George; Mrs. Bessie Harris; H tnlc; Mrs, D. Garret I; Mrs, Fred Jean; Mrs. Hugh Perry; .Mrs. Ooyle White; Mrs. Mamie Oiny; Mrs. Felix 11111; Mrs. H. y, Cniri- vr-ll; Mrs. II. p. Worsley, Mrs, C. •?. David; Mrs, Vlrglo Mansneld; .Irs. Jlmmlc Hlp]>; Mrs. J. W. Miller; Mrs. Gco, Stiice; Mrs. If. L. Adkisson; Mrs, T. M. McCIcii- Ion; Mrs. C. G, Anderson; Mrs. M. lioyd. : , Stcelc Entrants Win in District Contests E'lFH.F. Mo.-ln the South- ;iist Mlwourl men at Capo Clh- nrdcau Dorothy Yrajcr won first In advanced typing; George Barnes third in American history; Ciclcna Carter third in advanced Flinch; Alice Mlchle ililrd In rls' reading. , Joe /ublll i:f Cooler won first j:lncc In lhi> -HO-yard dr.-ili. He was thn cnly cntiant In track from Cooler or Stcclp. Grade School Literary Mest Held at Stesle ETEELR, Mo. — In k tin: r-mdi. ichocl lluniry meet'; iietcl her last K'cck-nui the winner's'In 1 end i.vent were: serious declamation Nell lictliison. Sidle, nisi. Mar: Wi'Usli'i. Micola, second; boys' ora lion, Uobbie Franklin;-? Mlcoh Kate ' Hist, Nnlliim Hear. Sleclc. second; Ice- club, Mnplowoort, first, Mlcoln, tcohd; girls' sumorous reading, Iiuel Hamilton, Micola,. first,, Rnbyo Pritchard, Steole, second; oys' humorous rending,' Klvlf iodd. No»' Survey. llrst. Newt ?tecle, Gibson, second. Tlif< track and Mold meet war stponci! clue to rain and will holt! .some afternoon this week. Colony Child Dies DYESS, : Ark.-Mllscan Allen, 2'.<j- ear-'ohl daughter, of- Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Allen, (llEd fiunilay morning after an Illness ol only a f£w daye. liesldet; her parents thc|ciilld k :i:ivimt by live brothsrs, Clarence, Chester, Carl, Lloyd and Loycc Al- eii; two sisters, Helen Joye-2 and Sylvia AUt'ti; her maternn] grand- • tOLUUllmOll Mr. ond Mrs. s. B. Hoy;- rcl of Shirley, Atli , nnd her pa- crnnl grandfather, John Allen of- The funeral was conducted by the Rev. Lyinan T. Barker, M'thodlst ulnlstcr, at the family home Mon 1 " Jay morning. Burial was at Dycss- cemetery. The Allen -family came to the' ;i i lony from .-Faulkner county In •iarch, 1935. Neither Bolivia nor Paraguay, ins a scncoast or seaport. $3,500" Will hn.v 21 1 /, acics of hind in corporate limits — located on Frisco R. Ii. hetwecn Oil Mill and Factory. Dacus Lbr. Co. West Memphis, i Mi one 01 Ark. DenH rWfc Found in Jail Cell Were Hers She had had no part of the contents of seven empty beei bottles and an empty whisky bot- t'e. found In the'city jail where she had been kept overnight after being arrested on a public ilnr enness charge, Dola Brown testified in municipal court this morn- She said the beer and liquor had ben consumed by anothe woman in the jail after being! broueht there by a boy friend 'of the latter. \ But she admitted she had been "pretty full" when arrested and a woman she produced as n witness said the same. Dpla was fined SIC. John Williams, negro, entered n pica of guilty to a charge of Saving and was fined $10. Ed Johnson, negro, also accused of gaming, was granted a continuance. The Caradinc Karsch company was fined $25 for misuse of automobile license. George Buchanan, fined yesterday for public drunkenness, is not George G. Buchanan, son of J. M. Buchanan. ifter community singing had been led for 15 minutes by Mrs. Jerry While, of Promised Land ind Mr. A. E. Potter, of Dell. 'Die ell was called by Mrs. T. P. Jackon of Number Nine. Eight clubs nswcrcd by giving a report on letter Homes of telling how they •ve observing this week. Miss Cora '^ee Colenum, county home demon- tration agent, was asked to give he origin and history y>£ Better. lomes Week. Each club plans a j -ir !>"'! the 53 Home Demonstra- icn Clubs of the county reported hat 238 meetings have been held n which Better Homes was dis-1 '.usved, features demonstrated, or ours held.- Each of the Home Demonstration Clubs lias held an exchange of flower seed, cutting, and shrubs. Eight clubs will Imve new homes to visit on their Better Homes tours. Mrs. M. W. Lewis of Dell reported that she started with 12. tulip bulbs and this year she has over 500 in bloom. She invited the women of her club to come and see them. Number Nine has a new gravel read aiv.t the club women have beautified the ditch -bank, which will'he seen on their Better Homes tour. The Dogwood Club reported a flower exchange, landscaping of their highway. Mre. James B. Olark helped with the school yard beautification by giving the club quantities of slirubs and plants. The Blytheville Women's Club ^vill hold a Flower Exchange OH Tuesday of this week and will then proceed to the planned tour •f fio«-er gardens. Mrs. Payne . exhibited a pillow top that she had been requested to bring in order that the women might see the way she has made of the grass cloth feed sacks. Mrs. Andrew Wilson; Mrs. Lloyd Cox; Mrs. M. W. Lewis; Mrs. Albert Payne; Mrs. Jennie Sharp; Mrs. Louella Payne; Mrs. Sally Bell; Mrs. C. S. Neal; Mr.s. Roy It wns decided that each 'club should have an opportunity to Lenny; Mrs. J. W. Crawford; Mrs. yive a ''Live Interpretation of B. 13. Cnssidy; Mrs Nora Light- Great Masterpieces" nt the next foot; Mrs. Annie Adams; Mrs. club meeting and the chairihan of Jclm L. Smith; Mrs. R. J. Reviere; the Recreation Committee an- Mrs. M. J. Thorpe; Mrs. J. W. uounced that she would conduct Fields; Mrs. Fred Needham; Miss Maytag. earns its price in Qostwashings * Iii city or country, it is economy to wash with a Maytag. It saves clothes by its gentle washing nclion, and its .fine construction provides lower-cost washings for more years. The one-piece, cast-aluminum tub, sediment trap and Holler \Valcr Remover are n, Tew of its many superior features. GASOLINE OR ELECTRIC POWER The MaytagGasolineMulti-Motor is usnnple,modern engine built for washer power and for a woman to operate. Rlectric models for wirfd homes. E. B. GEE SALES CO., INC. Phone 67 Main mid Fifth M-I8-7-3T THE MAYTAG COMPANY • MANUFACTURERS . FOUNOED1B93 • NEWTON,IOWA Miss Ruby Padgett Is Bride of Harold Hudson DYE3S, Ark.—Miss Ruby Padgett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Padgett, and Harold J. Hudson were quietly married at 6:30 o'clock Saturday evening at the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Ransdall Funk. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. T. N. Threlkeld, Presbyterian minister. In .the presence of a small gathering; of friends. The mijple will'make their home at present on the Funk place, where Mr. Hudson is employed. Horse;;' Tails Stolon SYDNEY (UP)—Armed with a large pair of scissors, a thief made a night raid on the municipal stables at Newcastle, N.S.W., tind stole the tails'of all. the lioraes. Tails are used by mattress makers. 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