The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1933
Page 2
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ITUFSDAY. SEPTEMBER 19, 1933 BLYTIIEVII.I.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS liiil! P wort! repress Made Rioters Flee Before Police As 40,000 Quit Work Ohlications, loon .UP) LITTLE ROCK. Scpl. 10 confusion lesuUcil in | 1 if rc-fundiiif program for tile ap- | c,;:::fi:>iely $M(i.COO.C(W of Ail'.sm-l '. <'.UIC hlf?lWi"Y IXJIid--- Wla-ll ; :de:al Judge John E. Martinean'. ".'-.' a temporal y older restrain- | !T Hoy V. Leonard fioiu pajilny. Jill any highway funds exit-p'. U>r | .uinu-naiice 01* Ihe hiuliv.-nv sys- | m and Olienition of H.c liiul'.'- 1 :..'.' . | •! itvi-niio <ii-]mil!in.':u.-:. . :.'o couulv turnback of Kir- :-.i*.- l.iiie las can be dislmir/ed; nu . Id vouchers k-is than tll/i can, paid; no inleresl ur inaliiiilu's i u I*' paid to ihc- state gmvrn- I.CIHK that h'.ld any of the lili'.h- i ay iHinds: no rliem H:rm nutc:. j lal c-jnt radon hold can be paid.: Had Planm-d (u I'.iy Klalrs 'I In- rr cent extraordinary si-s.-,ion ( the le;;Halmv a]>p:u|>' i:ii< d ad- aional funds from the hiirhwuy ..a-tmenl revenue for the pav- enl of all old vouchers of the| .-pariiue:il less than SKJO iind lor aniicnts lo tialt sGvi".-nii.i.-:Hs. |he a|;prri;;rkiiiiui of $00*10 was rule lo my in'.eusi a;:d maluri- -: on b;jil'.!. 1 ; to pri^-Jlt Ke\;*da id Pennsylvania iwhlch com| icn'.\caltl'.s hold direct highway Djidsi from tk-inK up Ihe Ellis rtimduitf program r.pprovcd hy gi>l,ii!ve act in the last refill:-.!' .I'L-tina of the assembly. Slates u not individuals aie permitted ; l;iv: lo sue commoriweallh.s. These lattei 1 appropriations arc '.r- ones that caused the bond- I o!der.s lo ask fur the restraining I tjunctinn. Members of the rcp- •sentative committee of Mariin| in bondholders contend Hint the | ilowrmce for pajmtnl nf sum;; i;e the .states is an admll'.ancc : the obligation in general. This week promises numerous | .eetings- of committees represir.l- both the stale and the boml- l uUU-rs io ascertain some plan I Nil is acceptable lo both parties, ff there is an agreement on I langes in the refunding program, will be necessary lo call an| :her siiecial session of the leyis- iture to approve the additional [ Dlicies. Gov J. Marion Futrell still | laintaius thai (he slate adminis- •atlon is desirous of paying the | riigations to its utmost ability as as funds are appropriated for jaintenance of the highway sys-| and insuring thai the road] ..provemenl district .bonds assuni-' [.I by the "sfato do not rererl to le fands. I'repiire. lo Sue Districts A representative of the bond| olders told Hie United Press that TS of Improvement bonds on I islern Arkansas property v:ere rcpnrins; to sue. for past clue I lyments. H this action is taken, would prevent landowners in • lat district from refinancing ielr property through federal | ^encies. Three ferleral judges. October [), will hear both llie boiulhold- :s' and Ihe Plate's attorneys on motion to make il'.e tcmiiorary I rder permancnl. \Vnlter E Pop. 1 jpren-ntinR the state from the Itioriiey general's office will prob- Iblv include in his answer lo the 1 function their these individual I oiidho!tiers do not have a legal " gilt lo sue the stale of Arkansas If pusher! further, there is a I rcbabiiity that the state legisln- 1 iro. if called for another consid- I ration of the re-funding. ] ;midi»te its highway obliaalioiis . dmini.'.'.ralion leaders stale tha ! lev do not desire such action bu vil it is imperative ibar, Ihi ishways bo maintained and tha I one c( the road improvemen rii-i bonds fall back on th Unlil further action, the stat i-a^uri". is wr.tching ^asolir.e ta •venue;, accumulate in his offici he lefiindini.' program is prar rally brought to a standslill. «-, n d'.-flni!i' plan accept? all parties concerned irly adopted. Arkansas vo e srhcdiil'.-d to hear various •--silile solu'for.s of Ihe problem irini; Hie coming £iibcrn:itorial Motion Picture Shows lo Help Luxora School TJXOiM. fttV-'llir- lir-t of a 's "I mo:i r. ir.ct.ui- productions Ix 1 presented by the Paramount | ••uni-y '>' 7-Irinv.h's v,ns given last :!'-i! ih- rixor.i hi; i pel; | ii:li:or:iuvi. The first pieiurr "-Pud hit pic'.urc "will b;- prcseir.crj. the |omed> and nrr« re-'. t~ I: 1 pr->- lentrd So the school children in Iho 1 lornln; and on-.- or the nr".v nv.)- Ii6u pictures to fc? prese-.ilc-d !n th" Ivfii'.ii!! to ill '.Oio care ta a'.ted er the surci-wful o;;o:iit-i i'. ir Ihoihi'ht that :•?.-"'.-' 1:111 be very p:uu!ir. Or.' l-il! r! | he proceeds of tiirse enrrrtih'.- enls will be. giv.-n to Ih-? 1'cn Ichool. Breaclfi'uit Tree Takes IMiici! of Breadline in Pucific Puviulise. Head New Cuban Regime s h-ul -uemptcd to rush the gates of a silk dyeing mill at Lodi. N. J.. nnd this was Ihe w.vii, bombs and clubs Pickets are shown as they elicppcd Ihelr placards and Hid blindly from Ihe :.;„:. than a hundred other dyeing mills rjroutjht the manufacture of sill: Is-xlilis i •ilready were <i:i strike from the spinninn and wcavlne liiil!.-. jnilai strikes in more wist, for borne 40.UCO workers polite turned thrin M lens: 'JU |jer:smis ;. .'it:iKi>.Mill In me N R A News To help the people o! tills community to imdcrsliind anil co-opmilo in Hie national recovery program this column will appear dailv or ns occasion demands. Persons uncertain about any requirements of the President's lie-employment Agreement or failures of Hie recovery movi-Rient ed to submit inouirics. are other invit- rhinciy of th? once lariu- plai.t here shc'.iSd re-iiik in a iL-dnct'on in asse.:Miieni. TiK- board "as '.old Iliiil llio corponiiic.!! n - ei ! ved :i recl'.ictStjn of ?^5.0fji.' Die 1931 v::liiaiii>n on its move than any fru.u I ir-coraeu ;i ' Tin; K.J-i : M or nrm In the !' DiiiahmHy |Xiinttd-j 1 J( fore valuation uf ih' 1 ! r,'!:k-d. wa.s cut from 57:> - ; -n^ j n ;l ..- becau.-e o'. itniovii: j , ::nl | L . i ; ,. ( ... Geneial Hush Johnson. ti-filor for the ntimlnistration. . NIJA Committee ims set up a local ' iheir :onipliance board. The purpose of this board will e t» hear arid pass upon all com- . laiiits that' may be resisterert' cu diiil NRA members on account their failuK- or refusal to com-' iy ^ ith the aorcenicncs ^s 10! lir.mnuu wages and maximum; a^-ses-sment, cor|M>ratir)ii received. :liiit '.he p'ant and site COli to SM.COO cl niacl.iuery and ct|iiiruucm. The board eleellnet! to act fie plea of W. li. Tanl'.er. repru- j lentin^ the corporatien. hoidiiis; I lh:>l. no ussfssine-nt liad b,';-n made! silualions-and make spmal.Hns year. Tanner and Dillahmily' efforts ;o bs entirely in the clear. 1 having •II hopes thai it will "^^i;^^^,, WBS om of rn , 1alilslllBn t eurl i: than the sun. ii'lon il could not net. announced Hun the '.r.'ild l;e th<- .Mime l'j::2. ralicn secured a re- ;>f ;:'?i.orHi hi initiation ol !:'-i Mipply at the plain :r- ri-niii'tlon, Irom $40,000 c v..i: made by AS.SCSSOI '.;. aii:l \MU r.oi In liKi:d. no protus! beint, Dillal'.nu'.y said Hie reduc- it on lumber was large part ol Ihc . letterf the coiUract sothat Acting under instructions from adininis-; will bu no occasion for a greal, national recovery number of complaints and une:, the BlythcvillCilhat all employer members review; ; uo'iipany'-. lii!:iu"r supply hail been 1 j.iuppcci ;•:*;:•; M-.C.C las'. yvar. The ;:.i;- Arclnruy, n ray of light from wr.ich v:as used lo light th; agreed to leave the mat'-1 World's Fair «l Chicago, is II mil- 10 the board, and ihat :'.31 lion time' farther away from '.he necessary to certify any to Washington as a KHA • violator, as it feels Uiai il wonid result in great injury to the bust- . ms iiti,iic,u affected. . , ., Complaints snouitl oe address'.-:! I HY DAN I'nltfU l'rc« SlalT ('onriip«>4rni HONOLULU. T. II.—For a film considerably les-, than nfxi win ter's coal bill >ou can »»ll lo a "Paradise" where Hie nearest ap proach lo n bread Hue Is the mom- ins nek to tae breadfruit, (ree. No riuulng over red woolens, Tor there Is no i. iw. except on the mountain [X'aks; no worry over due-tor ijHK fur the climate varies little and reasons come and go un- nuirked; no buiwl.s wlt'i Ih* Janl- uir, for i in- houses need no lieai ; in winter nor cooling systems In Hunmer. Sep.milcd fiom the oulsldi- world bv vast jtreiciies of Ihc Pacific .which Isolated Hu> Islands from 1'ic I mainland misery, nurtured hy un j censing sunshine, cooling trail i winds and abundant iftlnlall, for i lunalL- In the cjiiip.uallvely Mm ! pie tastes of Its people, the depreu ..sion Is hi-Hisay In Ihiwull. ) A l.lltlr 'I'ruiihlr , True, tile local legislature lins : fussed over a so-called unemploy- -problem." sirsiar Iwions ,iave ' Bnmlcd a bll over Ihe price of iiu- ^ur, pineapple producers lomul tin; relurns Irom Hiclr product o bit sour, bill there was no liurnan suffering here during the "yffai'A of famine." Tut very |x.'ak of Ihc unemployment problem found approximately 5,000 men onl of work In the early part of 1933, ami IhU during normal .seasonal iwrlcd of unemployment In Ihe sugar and pine apple Industry. The figure now Is let? than half ihat and steadily decreasing. Numerous factors have contributed: ellmaie. productive soil, simple lasles. Hie great payrolls of the Army and Navy, a government i|ulck to resjxuid to any threat nijalnst Its people, and Hie Innatt charity of the ucople lliemselvts. 2.000 Miles Krum Ckllfomla Some 2.000 miles southwest of San Franctsco. anchored In Hte lazy Pacific surf Just v,-lt!iln Ihe tropic b?H and on a line wlla Havana. this chain cf 20 Islands, nine inhabited, rear themselves peacefully in a worried world. Viewed from any angle, Kuwall lias laken care of Us people. Even plantation life, ihc lowest mode ol living, supplies laborers and the! families wilh luxuries never found In Hie coal and Iron regions of the , eastern United Slates and an existence beyond the fondest dreams * • . r j.. . .'. j / .-. •••'"•-..",-1 KxultnnL over their i»lltlcnl and'military trljiuplvs, Dr. Kamori'Qfau Han Morlln tin while mil) ond Col, Fulgeiiclo BatUu, he* chiejjot ttall ol the Ctibuii urmy, etnbrcce each other alter, Ihe : Iotmer* .^l i lion to iho pi'Mlileiicy of the strife-torn Island• I llielr couulrymcn in the landsi 11 In Cab•„, — lln-lr ulnn. . . EVERETT, Wosli. .(UP) ' I o'lver H. O. Moore. crowded Rev. J. T. Hood Aidi in Revival at Luxora LUXOHA, Ark.—A revival m«l- n began'here Sunday evening at tta Flrsl MethodUt ehurch. H«v. J. n. Nelson, pastor of the church, Is belrf assisted by Rev. J. T. Hood o[ Blylhevllle, who will • preside • until T.iursday. Rev. S. B. .wrgglns. presiding elder, will arrive Thursday to preside until the close of the meeting Sundny evening. There's much | monthly suffering 'that CARDU1 prevent. lino his ccnt. cab, and h»d : irOaccl- ' " R*ad Courier . news W(uxt: Adi NASALW ...SOOTHING COMFORTINO Milter...-'.;. O C :E "E! 5c - 10e - i5c,- BORUM'S ,-,n;-_; of work. Thr- ixiarrl advises oth emj>loyer. c timer that il is , ,. the pubhe. ployee and con- now ready to «- to the NRA Compliance lythevillc u > „>, K ' Boa.'-.i.j will be timer that il s now reay to «-;__.. _ n i-|-|tnrn °ivc complaints if there are any [\fjll I II U I I I ll"l II o be made and lo ao into these 11 Ml I T fl f f llTir I cmphiiiilu fairly and thorouRhly. MBlJLL IU Ill-l UULU The procedure- will be to receive • .'ritten complaints, call the per-1 en comi:!ained r.^r.inst into an', xecntive meetini and investigate! he fairnc-Fs of Hie complaint. If' i is found that the member isj 'iolntioi: some provision of thej •'IxA hi 1 will be given an cpixir- ! iinJLv to correct Hu- violation. If. 10 fails or icfuses to correct, the, •iclation ihen hk nanio ivili be •rirtified to Washington and liisj ?]uc Ksnle privilege revoked and' !:e emblem withdrawn from him j iy i)ropcr Federal authority. ! 932 Valuation on Chicago Mill Plant and Sile Stands. Thc t . olmty equali7xition lx>:ird ^(.ijned io ac; on the ;-lea of Ihe t ;.; ca c, o MJU nn d Lumber corpo- ri!iu!1J f n: - n -eduction in IIMCSS- In order to prevent the whole' j..,. n \ an jt , . i alU ant i ]) ] ft p.t .-It time of the board being taken up ]' m , , lt ^ r , n . lS ^-ssioii ol the hearing complaints Ihat arc not v .' nr \; on dny II founded. U has been decided;' .' rh( .' " to;r(] ' , nM .,, ,h L . colmly lo receive only complaints Hied in I . n11 , holl , e tn |,rar protista of vriliiie and siRiied by the informer i,.^ ,.„ ;irn -.i, q: nsscs-;- orrir-r to tirolrct. Ihe employee 1 ;.:„,.,,. ^, y , ll( , m . My : , s - c «r,r this "'" "r.r bv.l the Chicago Mill mailer | i-,:. the only p.'otvsr brought be- ! f'i: the body. As-essir.eiils Ihi.^i y.r.r, on which 19X! flale and • i.ii.nty luxe.: to be coll.'C'i;:! in :<M are based, were marie on; .i-r. l :i:iial property and nrbaa who might be working under the handicap of fear o! bring tils- charged if he or .slie complains -..!!ains! the practice uf an em- udniT the hoard will hold m '•trictes: cnnfiiicnce the name. 1 ; of nil infcrmnnts. Only members of cnmii'iilee already .^line complainls corfain empSoyers which, it will iu- vosligste-. One complain! came to he coimniiler wilhoui the iinmrs if 11:0 informants being s:t,nerf and "annot l>c rouf.idercd. No an,01:.". complaint. 1 -, will be con- ;irlcrcd. Unless the informanl Vs] vnliin^ to ^ive his or her nam? it f 'ij?oches;cr. will te useless for them to ie?is->;-,.,. D , ter co;ii!)!aint.s vvithjhe bf^"cl-Ua'c 1 in'a Where thrir names are signer! to ^r^ss ••^ ( thr complaints .they may rest as-1 ..-^^ ari , ;n:ed thr.t th'.-v will he completely | ' f '.. , m ' lv . g nri-.rec(ed ar.d their jobs lit no wi.'-e'ii^ ^^ f At The Home Of The Muyo Clinic endaiiEcrcd. T!:e NUA Compliance Board of Blyiheville is nn official rcpresen- t.'.'iv nf ihe National Rceovciy .- 1 dir.ini.Mr.itlo;i. It is composed cf rcp'rrrnin'lvcs of every class o!, ci'.irepship and embraces indiu-:-1 itiol e'v.ploycr nnd employee, retail' and huvine. public. It has bctni cnrvliilly selected and is made up | of citizens \vho have '.lie res|K-ct | "r| conlaence or the Peopi? of Elythcville. The board will carry' en its job strictly in accord v.lihj Stacy Abner will close his sing- ;is authority fiom Washin-le.n I ng school at. Oosnell Wednesday '.-lilch is tn sec to Hie complete! i-enlng with a special program . compliance with the agreement. | ilch Is oiien to the public. I The Compliance Board hopes Jhe program Is to begin at7:30]lhal It will find Blythevllle NKA' •clock. employer members living up to Hie Mtnn.i tlie health <if- l.ockhi'ad, recently <tatcmcri:' ll:rot:?li I'ne ~, n " l!l( , health dcpart- c() -icerned nbotil milk _,„'„]„ m-cause It is ofl "obtainablo. we want ''ropvani Will Close Gdsnell Singing School 'to see it consume:! in great quan- iillles, and bcrruse of the posblbll- ] Hy of Us spreading rtl'en.'.e. we •wain to knew: that our local jup- 'plv is nrodncrd imdr-r all the re| nticmeiits of v-roiiuilior, comine-r- '.i:i)H- j-o^ible ai:e! that it'lit lucri/.cd so tin! we ra " euar.imev! it safe." Telephone Ne>. 7-t liftmen's milk K rate — Us r-rop-riy paslruii?ed. Bennett's Dairy The United States Govern- mvut granted Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company the rig/it to use "Chesterfield" for cigarettes T HIS means that the Chesterfield formula—that is, the leaf and the manufacturing formula—is different from that of other cigarettes. For a cigarette to he milder and to taste better, it has to have in it ripe, mild, mellow tobacco, and the right quantity of the right kinds of Turkish tobacco. Then the cigarette bus to l>e made right. You can prove for yourself that Chesterfields are not like other cigarettes. They're milder... they taste better. b MILDER t/tat f/iat TASTES BETTER

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