The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 10, 1968 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 10, 1968
Page 2
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ftn Tw» — Hythwflto (Ark.) Courier New* - Saturday, February 10, 19W Hopes Rise As Vance Heads for Korea Meet By BOB POOS Associated Press Writer I fighters were overhead during ! any crewmen were received. j the seizure of (he U.S. electronic j The newspaper Shin-a Ilbo •intelligence gathering ship Jan. {said Friday the Communists SEOUL (AP) - Hopes rose again today for the release of the Pueblo crewmen with the scraps of jn , c j|| gen( , c , hcy have conclusion of the fifth priva e delermincd , nat m , me ,. olls sho(s meeting between U.S. and North W0| . e fjrcd Rcms ||)c puMo<s Korean officials and the im-, b bcfm . e s , , rf pending arrival of U.S. trouble- t;on ,,.. ldiding ca ,. |ie| . ug shooter Cyrus Vance. North K" : : stalcmcnls lha( (ne Pucb , 0 haj observed radio silence from r> „,„„;„„, t n ' Jan - 10 lo Jan - 21 . <» e officials ^TT^'^'heshlplransmiUedarou. •23. The officials also said that by piecing together various were likely to return the hody VIETNAM in readiness for their eventual return to the U.S. side. The' newspaper quoted "governmen sources." and the three injured crewmen However, reliable sources i "within the next few days." : Seoul said that some of the cap The paper also said the entire lured Americans were parade crew had been moved to the through the streets of Pyong rea lias held the crewmen 17 daj ! s The. talks day lasted three, hours Ihe Jong- , Seoul was that both sides set- North Korea has demanded tled "final mrt.e«»| for the release of the one dead '" Commumal ter- and three injured | rllonal waters > an a P oI °gy ' a promise that it won't happen Communist border town of Kae- song, less than 10 miles from the truce village of Panmunjom, crewman mC "' „ . . ,,5. i again. The Communists say' this The talks were between US. L g prerequisUe for t , cl . ew . s ]tory in a state he didn't name. He said had en _ Senators (Continued from Page One) mcr "chief and hustler" who had served a total of 17 years in state penitentiaries in Arkansas, Colorado and Texas, the federal penitentiary at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan., and a reforma- yang. North Korea's capital, 01 Thursday to mark North Kore an Army Day. Students Want Library Not Fashion . and Rear Adm. John Smith North Korean Maj. Gen. Choong-kook, informed Korean sources said. Sources also said that South Korea is expected to inform Vance that it wants to take back operational control of South Korea's 600,000-man armed forces. As Vance's plane headed this way, a fifth secret meeting at Panmunjom was under way between U.S. Rear Adm. John V. Smith, the U.N. commander, and his North Korean counterpart, Maj. Gen. Park Choong- The United States currently has j kook, South Korean sources control of these forces under the auspices of the U.N. Command. The present treaty stipulates that (lie United States act to meet the common danger in accordance with its constitutional process. This, the South Koreans feel, might delay initial U.S. military action if the Communists renew hostilities. Foreign Minister Choi Kyu- liah said Friday his government is more concerned about fundamental security arrangements against the Communist threat than about the $100 million special fund for Korea that Presi- said. These sources also reported that the American military was making special preparations to receive any crewmen who might be released. Similar preparations were made last Wednesday when hopes were high, but U.S. officials deny that Mrs. Williams Mrs. Pcarlina Purifoy Williams, 42, died Wednesday in Doctor's Hospital. Services will be tomorrow at 12:30 p. in. in the New Hope Baptist Church in Yarbro with Rev. P. M. McMultough officiating. Burial will be in Ihe N e w Hope Cemetery with Home Fun- dent Johnson has requested from Congress. The While House said Friday that Vance was going to Seoul to see Park about "the measures fo : be taken bv pur two govcrn- i ' i" -ii iii 11 vr I ""K 1 - ^^'"^l^l y »'Jl-ll menls to deal wUh a North Ko- cra , Home in charge rea_ suddenly grown more pug-j s)]e i .... . .?_„ nacious." Tn.cre have, been calls from Korean legislators and student demonstrators for a firmer U.S. stance toward the Communists. In a development from Washington, U.S. officials disclosed that eight Communist MIG jet Singing Is At New Bethany Mississippi County Singing Convention meets tomorrow afternoon in the New Bethany Baptist Church near Gosnell. The church is located one-half mile west of the main gale of lean Purifoy of Jackson. Ark.; Blytheville Air Force Base. ; Eight brothers, Earnest Puri•-""We're expecting some out of; foy and Earl Purifoy, both of to her husband, Grant Miller of Blytheville, Seven sons, Eddie Lee Wil- jliams, Charles Williams, Terry i Williams. Henry Lee Williams, llssac Williams, all of Blytheville. Orlando Williams of Los Angeles, Calif., and Claude Williams of Dockland, 111.; Six daughters, Clara Williams, Lorctla Williams, Pearlie Mae Williams, Rrend Lee Williams, Laura Williams and Lois Williams, all of Blylheville; Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Purifoy of Blylheville: Two sisters, Mary Lee Purifoy of Preston. Ark., and Lur- tering Cummins most of all because of the rumors he had heard, but that when he got there, he found that "much of the rumors were just rumors." "Lee Henslee wouldn't tolerate brutality," he said. Prison officials say there may be as many as 100 other graves in the grassy field, but Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller has halted digging until he can determine whether it's legal. LORETTO, Pa. (AP) - Are blue jeans, sweatshirts am sneakers proper dress for a col lege library? Students at St. Francis Col lege think so. But college officials don't. A college regulation requires clothes for the library 38 male sophomores en- (Conltnued from rage One) civilians wounded. At Ihe same time, the Vie Cong shelled a nearby U.S. bri gade command post, reported! killing lour Americans an wounding 49. The i Al P'eta in the central high lands, Communist mortarme fired 30 rounds into the U.S Army's Camp Holloway, killin four soldiers and wounding 31 U.S. headquarters reported. Around Khe Sanh, the north west frontier U. S. Marine has where a major Communist inya sion is expected, U.S. planes at tacked enemy positions anc Navy pilots reported two sec ondary explosions at a Commu iiist truck park. But Associated 15th graf 12 But Associated Press corre dress When Doily Record Weather Yesterday's high 54 Overnight low 27 Precipitation previous 24 hours (to 7 a.m. today) — none Precipitation Jan. 1 to date — 4.01 Sunset toclny — 5:38 Sunrise tomorrow — 6:50 This Hate *. Year Ago Yesterday's high — 50 Overnight low — 35 Precipitation Jiui. i to date — 2.04 tered the library in more comfortable but less formal clothing Friday, two officials took their names, making them subject to a $25 fine for the violation. The students protested, waving banners and placards. One sign read: "We want a library, not a fashion show." ACTION What's for Lunch? BLYTHEVILLE Monday Spanish Noodle Casserole Cheese W. K. Corn Celery Sticks & Raisins Hot Rolls Milk Choc. Frosted Peanut Butter Bar GOSNELL Monday Steak & Gravy Creamed Potatoes Green Beans Cookies Bread Butter Milk (Continued from Page One) be glad to mention it in this space.) spondent Lewis M. Simons reported from the base that Com munist 'gunners hit a Marine four-engine C130 cargo plane coming in for a landing, igniting 16,000 pounds of fuel. All six crew members" were reported killed. The closed airfield was ordered indefinitely, but it was "Why can't the city finish Moultrie Drive from Ruddle to, . Franklin? And I don't want to; awa V D y hoops who feared they not immediately known if this vas because of the wrecked Jane on the runway or because jf the Communist gunners, who ired at other planes landing at <he Sanh earlier in the day. The 5,000 Marines in the amp, facing an estimated 0,000 North Vietnamese in the urrounding area, depend on the irplanes for supplies. The enemy also shelled the ase and nearby Marine hill po- itions with 45 rocket and mor- ar rounds in the last 24 hours. About 5,000 or 6,000 refugees ppeared at the base after the Lang Vei U.S. Special Forces camp three miles to the west fe " to tne Communists Wednes- At-first they were turned POWERFUL PACKAGE is largest regulating transformer ever built. Measuring 7» feet long, 37 feet wide and 29 feet high, transformer cauld handle power transfer large enough to supply the needs of a city of 750,000 persons. Built by Allis-Chalinen, unit sill jiroyide. protective link Between New York utility companies. WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chickasawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. A;. Jackson, Plaintiff, vs. No. 17496 anice Lynn Jackson, Defendant. The defendant, Janice Lynn ackson, is hereby warned to ap- ear within thirty days in the ourt named in the caption ereof and answer the complaint f the plaintiff, Ray A. Jackon. Dated this 19th day of Janary, 1968 at 8:35 o'clock a.m. GERALDINE LISTON, Clerk By Opal Doyle, D. C. Ibert S. Johnson, Attorney ames M. Gardner, Atty Ad Litem 1-20, 27, 2-3, 10 (own guest," Luther Hodges commented. It's open to the public and begins at 2 p.m. Alex S. Hill Daughter Dies Maya Gay Hill, infant daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Alex Stephens Hill of San Francisco, Calif., died Feb. 6. Services were conducted at Bluff City, Ark.. David Purifoy, Kenneth Purifoy, and Ollie Purifoy of Camdeii, Ark., Claude Purifoy. Chide Purifoy and Hnl- lis Purifoy, all of Rockford, III. Get-Tough (Continued from Page One) the city and construction could then get underway. "As a matter of fact," Little graveside in Little Rock yester-1 added, "this is the method used day by Rev. Ben A. Russell. ( 0 improve most Blytheville's The child was the granddaugh- streets which are here today." ter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Hill; ,\t this time the city i« ""of Blytheville. : • • ' LUXORA Monday Macaroni with Meat Balls Green Beans Pear Halves Hoi Rolls with Butter Milk IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF hear this business of having to have property owners pay part of the cost. What about Division from Willow to Moultrie and a part of M a t h i s? — Anonymous, City "In the summertime we eat dirt. In the winter we can't get out (of Moultrie Drive). I have a Jittle girl with • cerebral palsy and I never know when we're going to have to get out." — Anonymous, City. The north side of that section of Moultrie is outside the city limits and the prospects of city- county participation paving the streets are remote, indeed. That evaluation conies from Mayor Tom Little. In December — before had weather halted street work — the city and county were going to pool their forces and rebuild Moultrie, Little said ... and the work still will be done. "We're going lo clean out the ditches and put in the proper culverts (underneath drive- mighl be infiltrated by Viet Cong, but then evacuation was offered. A U.S. spokesman said today only a handful accepted evacuation and the rest "went back into the hills." The refugees included Vietnamese and Laotians, civilians and soldiers. With the Communist threat mounting along South Vietnam's northern frontier, Gen. Creighton D. Abrams, the deputy U.S. commander in Vietnam will be placed in direct, on-the-spot j command of the U.S. Marines and soldiers defending it. The Soviet government news agency Tass said Friday that the United States will be dealt "an even stronger rebuff from the Vietnamese people" if it escalates the war against North Vietnam in retaliation for what Tass called recent Viet Cong victories. Meanwhile, Leonid I. Bre- zhnev, head of the Soviet Communist party, told the Viet Cong ways). You can't have a good representative in Moscow that 'the Vietnamese people can "count on the brotherly aid and No. 4604 street unless it's properly drained. "Then we're going to build up the street and re-gravel it," he said. (When fair weather returns work is to start.) It seems that those living on the section of Moultrie between Franklin and Ruddle will have Ions." to bend the ear of not only the mayor, but also County Judge A. A. (Slnig) Banks, if they support of the Soviet people." Another Soviet Communist party leader, Arvid Y. Pelshe, said the Russians are giving Vietnamese Communists "thousands of various types of weap- MYRL LADD, DECEASED NOTICE Last known address of decedent: Route .1, Leachville, Arkansas. Dale of death: December 6, 1966. An instrument dated July 28, 1965, was on the 8th of Decem- want a concrete street. The Colorado River is sometimes called the "Nile of America." Bad Road the RR HANCOCK, Mich. (AP) - Arthur Pudas was puzzled by the bumpiness of the road but apparently was unconcerned until he saw a train heading his way. Pudas had been driving along in a blizzard and didn't notice a bend in the road. Instead, he kept going straight ahead along snow-covered railroad tracks. He traveled about 500 feet before meeting the train. The engineer stopped and the driver got off the track safely. PRIVILEGES AUTHORIZED AS SECOND CLASS MAIL Blythtvlllo Courier News BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. ZIP - 72315 Harry w. Baltics, Publisher 3rd at Walnut St. Blytheville. Ark. Published daily except Sundaj Second class postage paid at Blv- thcvllle, Ark. In Blythcvllle and towns is t Blytlicville trade territory. HOME DELIVERY RATES Dully 35c per week BY MAIL PAYABLE IN ADVANCE Within 5(1 miles of Blythcvllle S8.00 per year More than 50 miles from Blythevlllf S18.00 per year Services By COBB FUNERAL HOME INTEGRITY EARL LYON, 2 p.m. Sunday, :obb chapel NOT FOR ME Two people stood at my door, one holding a magazine, They claimed to have literature which would lead me into a better understanding of the Bible. I told them I had been a student of Scripture for forty-eight years, had previously examined much of their literature, that it did not fulfill the claims they made for it, and that its real purpose seemed to be to bring men into the bondage of their sett. They insisted they were not under any bondage, so I asked them if I were, a member of their society if I would have the privilege of challenging any of the teachings contained in their literature. They frankly told me I would not; that in order to be a member I must accept all interpretations of Scripture set forth by their group. I told them I could imagine no worse bondage than the lack of freedom to challenge a teaching I believed to be unscriptural. They attempted to justify the propriety of such a course, but I said it was useless to explore the matter further as such bondage was simply not for me. I then told them that for almost a half-century I had given my life to the happy task of exalting the Lord Jesus Christ and magnifying His person and work as declared in the,Bible, but I had found in their literature definite attempts to debase Him and make Him to be much less than what the Bible declares concerning Him. They wanted to discuss this, but their words were proof of what I had just said. They were prone to debase and to belittle the Lord Jesus, to stultify all that the Bible said in.regard to Him. I then asked them to make a statement as to what Jesus Christ meant to them, to tell me of the place He filled in their lives. Their answer revealed that He meant very little to them, and that the place He should have1n.:their lives had been preempted by the organization •id whiclnthey«belonged. Good standing in their organization, not relationship to Jesus Christ, would guarantee them deliverance.from death in some terrible battle that is soon to engulf the whole world, wiping out all mankind except members of their society. I told them that I could not be frightened by talk about Armageddon, and charged them with being the spiritual successors of a long line of prophets of terror and doom who in times past had frightened people in turn by grisly sermons on torment, then ins unpardonable sin, then the great tribulation, and rrow the battle of Armageddon. By this time I felt the discussion was unprofitable, and felt they were saying things to arouse me to anger so they could go away feeling persecuted, so I asked them to listen while I made a statement that would end in a direct question. I then said: I am a personal believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, accepting without question that He was God manifest in the flesh. With Thomas of old I fall at His feet and say, "My Lord and my God." I have God for my Father, and Jesus Christ as my Savior. I have redemption through His blood, and the forgiveness of sins according to the riches of His grace. I have the promise of life in Christ Jesus, even the guarantee of resurrection in case I should be among the dead when God assumes sovereignty over the earth. All this is mine because I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Now what do you have to offer me that is greater or better than this? They had nothing to offer except bondage in a sect that demanded I recognize a man in Brooklyn, New York, as the head qf God's government on earth. Such bondage is not for me. Otis Q. Sellers This, is i message In our Newspaper Evangelism Project. W« seek to serve Inose who desire « better understanding of God's Word. A packagi of literature will be sent free to all who request it. You will not be visited. THE WORD OF TRUTH MINISTRY '• "• Box 36093 Los Angeles, Calif. 90036 Mrs. Cain I able to go ahead with .plans forj oer . 19G? . admitted to Probate • virtually any improvements as " le ' as ' w '" of the above 'whether In regard to urban re- I newal projects or low - income ' housing developments until Mrs. Allie P. Cain, 80, died this Blytheville corrects its sub- morning following a lengthy 111- standard sewer system, Little ness. She leaves her husband, Willie T. Cain of Blytheville; And one daughter, Mrs. Erma McDonald, also of Blytheville. Funeral arrangements are Incomplete at this time and will be announced by Cobb Funeral Home. said. Ullle explained that every precaution was being taken by Mrs. Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, 37, died last Sunday In Osceola. She leaves four daughters, lona Taylor, Katherine Taylor, Gloria Taylor, and Ann Taylor, .all of Blytheville: And two sons, John Taylor and Howard Taylor, also of Blytheville. . Funeral services will be tomor- .;row at 10 a.m. In the Crumpltr - Funeral Home chapel, Rev, R. 1 E. Patlon officiating. Burial will be In (tit N*w j Hop* Cemettry in Yarbra. Ihe city to insure that the proposed sewer system would be adequate for Blytheville's needs and thai it would be soundly constructed. "Another point which many people don't realize," Little continued," is that the old system is not to be replaced but will be improved. This will not make it necessary to tear up o i t y streets in the process and will cause a minimum of inconven- "Our system now," Little said, "could be compared to a gallon bucket of water which is filled to full capacity and the addition of one more drop will cause it lo overflow. "The means to correct the problem Is available, but unless the voters support the sewer bond proposal, we will remain 1835,000 thort of attaining 0 u r named decedent and the under- Us signed has been appointed Executor thereunder. A contest of the Probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time prescribed by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhib it them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publl cation of this notice or they shall be forever barred and p eluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published the 10th day of February, 1968. Jimrnie Ladd, Executor Route 3 Leachville, Arkansas Guy Walls, Atty. for Estate P. 0. Box 432 Leachville, Arkansas. 2-10-17 Thar* Was a Reason CHARLESTON, W.V*. (AP)- Pollce wondered why one of the drivers ran away after an auto accident until they looked in his car and found it full of illegal NATIONAL ELECTRICAL WEEK FEBRUARY 11-17,1968 In the 89' years since Edison made it possible for Beddy Kilowatt, Your Electric Servant, to light up the first successful light-bulb, Reddy has been working at the big »nd important job of making your life more comfortable, more convenient—contributing greatly io the national strength and high standard of living of our .prosperous and powerful country. This record of progress is the reason the three million men and women at the .electrical industry observe National Electrical Week each year during the week of Thomas X Idison's birthday, February 11. Thomas A. Edison Won't you Join uit Ark-Mo Power Co

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