Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 22, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1891
Page 5
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JUST RECEIVED, 10,000 Nickleby Cigars Best Cfgapin the City. THE 4 CIS OE THE DADS. SOMETHING- NEW! THE COUNTER SALE. - • Now; Being Held at Tile-Grand Bazaar, 307, 4th St. Stop m r it Only to Loot MONEY TO LOAN, njmjiiun at tho LOWEST rates. . JT)TBS« tnndi pill/. Money »lw»y« la hand. No red tope or d*. uy. InWreet ant principal payable In Loguu. port. .Special arrangements M to payment of principal and interest, made to «nlt the wlshe«of tMrrower, For farther particulars apply to Frefl-W. Munson, On Mondays, Frldajs or Saturdays. 214 Fourth ; street, opposite Court House. REE REABWG ROOM, «**,„:•-.. Open Daily and Evening, Pearl Street , Welcome to All. 321 A !Vew Order. There was instituted in this city last evening a lodge of the Continental Fraternal Union at Good Templars hall, This improved order which begun its existence last year with National headquarters at Richmond Ind., has on its staff of officers, some of the best men in that city. It pays a sick and accident benefit of $25 per week, from ,§142 to $1000 in permanent disability and the same in death, and the remainder due on the one thousand dollar certificate is paid in six and a half years. This Fraternity which saitakes of the characteristics of the Building- and Loan Association on the one hand, and the Death Benefit Orders on the other, is pronounced by the best actuaries to be a decided improvement on all others in existence. The lodge was instituted by B. Michener Graves, Supreme Chancellor, and begins its career with a membership well versed in fraternal orders, and determined to make this one of the live lodges of Log-ansport. The following officers-were elected: President—J. Q. Sweetser. VicePres.- Robt. M. Johnston. Accountant—Geo. 0. Graves. Sec.—A. F. Hockenbeamer. Adjuster—Elias Winters. Medical Examiner—N. W. Cady. Prelate—James Walklin. Herald—Frank A. Heeg." •' Sentinel—G. L. Michael. Pickett-r-W.- S. Twelles. Trustee—J. E. Moore. Trustee—Alexander Copeland, Counsellor—Bloom Wear. Chronicler—H. H. Knowlton: The LocuJ LeKlHl I*ui-»e ;.l mount M Transact Routine Electric ; Lining ululniN, the Question. Street' IniprovcinrutN Delinquent Sulooii Keeper*, Ktr. The common council met in regular session lastevening Mayor Cullen pr'e^ siding and all members present. The matter of ,the report of the finance committee on the proposition of the Jenny Electric Light and Power company to purchase a strip of 100 feet, of the property of water works on which the electric light plant is situated was deferred until the next meet- rig for further inveestigation. The'special committee to investigate he matter of purchasing additional emetery ground was ordered to re)ort at next meeting. The proposition of George Cheney o turn over to the city Pleasant Hill ddition to Mt. Hope cemetery the ame consisting of 500 lots, the rounds properly improved at ?20 per ot was referred to cemetery eommit- ee. It was resolved that the city civil ngineer make a report of the feasabil- y of laying dff a strip of lots 100 feet eep on the south side of Riverside ark. The following: claims were allowed. Feuder-Uurton Wedding. [ Last evening at 7 o'clock at the .residence of the bride's sister,, Mrs.. J. E. Madary, 128 Osage ' street, West Side, Miss Lizzie E.''Burton,- of Roc ester, was united in, -marriage to M George W. Fender.. Jr., Rev..,Dr. Pu nam, of the First Presbyterian .'church: officiating. The ceremony was wi vessed by about fifty "of the relativ and friends of the con trading partie and the event was a very delightfi 'one. The young couple were th recipients of numerous handsom presents as marks of th esteem of their friends. Th bride is a charming youo lady, handsome and accomplished anc George is to be congratulated upo securing so fair a helpmate. Th groom is one of Logansport's liv and energetic young men and has fo the past two years been in the ser vice of the Vandalia. His headquart ers are at South Bend where he and bib fair young bride will make their home. The Journal joins their many friends in wishing the newly wedded coupl prosperity and happiness. ONE HCSDKED CROWNED or Modern PaiiHiii K . MONEY, a«n»ral In«nrmno« and Loans, All kinds of In- iqranoe plsood lu ontelaae companies. Endowment potlolw purcbved. Bond* of snretysi written tor-parties holding positions of trosi •her* • bond it required. 319PEAHX8T. S. M. Gloss on. MONEY TO LOAN! , m<J,Notes Bougnt In .any sum over 125 at lowe rates. Large amounts 6 per cent. GEQ. B. FORGY decJSditrfto Journal. THURSDAY MORNING, JAN. 22. . Table linens,, we are just beating the record.qn prices we quote.—Pat\ terson,_ the Haberdasher. ' It will ;ido ;your heart good to get one :. of tho~s'e;fl Niagara shirts for 75 cents, ; at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. : ! M. J. Bligh, No'. 305 Market street, { is the sole ;ag.ent for Schlitz' celebrated MilwaukeeVboMled beer for family J use. ':.;;; ;.?„. v ,_, •,^.:. ... .'jah22d! m'b. , ; The old league polo club will play the Muficle" champion polo team''a ; t the rink 1 riday; and . Saturday nights . "of this -week-: •.'.'.:< ' ' • .. _•_; ... The'rink g'rom'ises to be beautifully decorated by the Unniform:. Rank No. 1, Order .ofi-Chosen Friends on'•-the evening^!''February 5th.; ... jaa'21d2't Choice pf .any -plush or surrah silk cap or hood-'for" girls at 50 cents •worth up .to $2.—Patterson, the Ha berdasher's odd and end sale. Henry L Ulrioh and Emma Boyles David W. Cook and Bertha M. Dela plaine; George W.^ Fender and Lizzi E. Burtoa,are licensed to wed. Mr. A.":;i;'Griffith, .jr., the new proprietor of the Barnett hotel, re turned'jto.'his home in' Chicago yes terday.-^;Mr:.Griffith has been here for the past three weeks and is greatly pleased, with the hotel, which under the able'management of Mr. Kockfield is doing a good, business of late. The newly established grocery firm Of DolaBnfe Twb'mey will be ready for busines.grin'the;course 'of a few days. Their goods have arrived and are being unpaekediuand put in place in the large storeroom. in Mr.. Dolan's opera house : block. Their new wagon was seen:out on the street for the first time yeisteraay. ,The management'of the store: will be in ; the.';h"ands of'the junior partner,; Mr/Ed ; ;"jwomey, Mr. Dolan's" ottie'ifc.inteceitsi'^giving him about all he can do. - ' his me The Legislature. The legislature met yesterday in Joint session and elected Daniel W. Voorhees United States Senator for the ensuing six years. In the Senate Senator Magee's free gravel road bill received a backset an account of which is given by the Indianapolis News as follows: ,.. • A bill authorizing, county commissioners to "buy toll - roads and make free whenever, in their opinion, it is advisable, was recommended to be indefinitely postponed by the Committee on Roads. This bill was the especial pride nf,Senator Magee, and the proposed summary disposal of it roused .is ire. He said he didn't know why . .e people should vote on the purchase of a road any more than they do on the" building of the bridge. There is-not-a free turnpike in Cass county,' lie. said, and twice the people have voted down a proposition to purchase roads and make them free. The free roads, he thought, are necessary to the public welfare, and' it should not be in the power of a few non-progressive narrow-minded people to defeat them. A good deal of ,persuasive eloquence was expended'on this terrestrial subject. Mr. Gilman said he thought-that under the operation of proposed law, a few men who were nfluential with the commissioners could get a great burden saddled upon be people. The bill was not indefinitely postponed,' but was" ordered •printed and given another lease of life, therefore creating an : expansive smile upon Mr. Magee's mobile features Harrison Towntiliip Items. '•' La grippe has struck Nelson Brandt's family this time. . •;' , .Ed Myer's'daughter-'Berthais quite Street pay roll sis on Logan Manufacturing Co., lumber"' for streets m on W. T. Wilson, gravel ior'streera:.V..'.::.'": g w S. W..TTIlery, sundries for lire department .'. 143 B. H. Keller sunarles for lire department... 2 75 M,U7 Warnlck. washing for fire department 13 80 Ho!bnmerd:D*nl. repairs lor lire depart- niBIlt . f tiif nn r~- Logan Natural G;is Co.,"ga* : Tor"iire"depar£ ment S9 00 Wm. P. Farrell, assisting engineer!.""'" '15 oo poorly at this writing; Rev. Scott is conducting a series of meetings at the Concord . church this rT . otal • $151 93 The petitions of several citizens for the remission of interest and penalty on certain back taxes were referred to the finance committee for investigation providing that original taxes be paid before the day of tax sale. - The report of the city commissioners on the matter of opening a street oS of Michigan avenue was acted upon by referring the matter back to the ityc commissioners. Several bids for street work was referred to j,he street' committee and civil engineer. A declaratory resolution was adopt- ei for the improvement of the sidewalks on Sycamore street from bridge to T. H. & L. railway. The matter of the opening of-Jefferson street was referred to street committee and civil engineer. The report-of the city civil 'engineer on the matter of the opening of-Fulton street was adopted. A plank crossing was ordered at intersection of Lytle and 'Ninth street. The round iron gutter crossing at northeast and southwest corners of Market street and Fourth were ordered removed and replaced with flat crossing. The petition for an electric light at the intersection of the east and west alley and Tenth street between Market and Spear street was referred. The .petition of J. M. Douglass praying for the privilege of putting up an iron stairway to the second floor of his building on Fifth street was i eferred to the board of public improvement. The petition for the removal of the electric light from corner of Fulton and Johnson street to corner of Findley street and Michigan avenue was laid on'table. , The city, marshal- was ' instructed to .again notify delinquent .liquor dealers to pay theirlicense fee "and if not paid to close said saloons. ' 3 street committee''and civil engineer, w.as instructed to put.- the Horriey.-creelc bridge in good . condition ^temporarily. •••-. :, . ; ; , The council then adjourned 'until next Friday evening--when a" consideration' of the sewage plan '.'of : : .Rudolph Herring will be taken up. This collection consists of one-hundred photogravures of paintings selected from the foremost art galleries of this country and Europe. They are published by Gebbie & Co., of Philadelphia, who are represented by Mrs. L. A, Fone. • This lady wiil remain in Logansport a few days to secure subscribers to this valuable selection of art works. : The Funeral ofjuhn Clcndeiieii. The funeral of the lamented John C. Clendenen will be held from the residence this afteveoon at 2 o'clock, services conducted by Rev. Dr. Putnam. The interment will be made in Mt Hope under the auspices of the TJ. R. K. P, and, the O. R. C. Say* The Southern Medical World: '•Mother's Friend is growing in favor throughout the south and is highly recommended by physicians. We consider it indispensable to those who know they must pass through the ordeal of child-birth. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga. for particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher. to24 The Coroner's Inquest. The examination of Henry Myers, Gibb's partner in the fatal game of cards, developed no new phase of the case yesterday as he testified that he eft the saloon before the. killing was jdpne. The inquest will probably be concluded to-day. LEAVE YOUR ORDER,; Suits made to order, $15 ur> All-wool Pants $3. Spring Overcoats to order, i Melton and black Thibet; $15. j Black Cheviot suits $10 to $20. No extra charge for long and slim men i>nort and stout men. all can be Fitted. No advance upon ready Made garments. Custom made Or ready made, ALL ONE PRICE Spring styles now on exhibition. No advance payment required and If epods ordered are not perfectly 3 Satisfactory you are not required to Take them. OTTO KR AUS, Of Course. ENGLISH PATENTS. The Free System week. Messrp.Garver and'Brandt of Carroll county" attended service at Concord Sunday. . • ' A party of our young folks attended an oyster supper given by Mr. Edgerly of Logansport. Miss Alice- Robeson has returned home after a week'j visit with her uncle Wm. Armstrong. Thad .Armstrong is staying with his grandfather, Mr. Andrew Robison near 2amden, as the latter has been confined to his bed for nearly six weeks with spinal affection. His attending >bysician thinks it will be sometime before he will be out agaz'n. JIM & EYE. -.:-..•.: 'Confirmed. The favorable, impression produced m the first appearance of the agreea- >le liquid f-uit remedy Syrup of Figs . fpw years ago has bf.en more than onfirzned. by the pleasant experience f all who have used -it, and the suc- ess of ;.tbe. piibrietors and manufac- urers, the California Fig Syrup Corn- any. An Ingenious Prevaricator. • Little Stevie "Newman;-"-she boy who appeared at George. Forgy's for a home saying that be' had' been sent there by his father, who lived at Lebanon, turns out to be Stephen Cowell, a charge at the orphans' home. The lad is an ingenious little prevaricator and if he keeps up his "lick" will surely be heard from as he grows older. He would not explain- "what put it into his head to do so "strange an acSi ' T... "What a Change Is wrought in people who . suffer .from rheumatism when they take !:Hood's Sarsaparilla. The acidity of thehlood, which-causes the disease, is neutralized, the blood is purified and vitalized, the aching joints and ' limbs rest easily and quietly, and a feeling of serene health is imparted. Hood's Sarsaparilla has accomplished wonders for thousands subject to. rheumatism. Try it yourself. ... . g of the Past and Present. The immense increase in the number of patents granted is partly due to the increased facilities afforded by recent legislation. But down to 1S53 the old, absurd method which provoked the satire of Dickens in his "History of a Patent" was allowed to.continue in full force. Mr. Edmunds describes how the application was handed in at the Home Office and sent first to the law officers, then back to the Home (Dffice, then on to the Patent Bill Office, then again to the 'Home Office, then successively to the £ignet Office, the Privy Se,al Office, the Patent Office and the Lord Chancel lor's Office, and the necessary formalities were not even then complete. Coke justified his cumbersome procedure as designed by prudent'.antiquity to the end that nothing might pass the Great .Seal that was inconvenient or against the'law, but its 'chief recommendation was that it afforded a pretext for the enaction of a heavy fee at each of. the above stages. .Underthis, enlightened system a patent for the. United Kingdom cost some-'£500 .in. all. The fees were .greatly reduced in 1S52 and again ,inlSS3.. A. patent' ter the full term of fourteen years may now be obtained at a costof £154 in fees; and this is spread out over the whole term.. The fee for talcing'out';the patent^s only £4, but a renewal fee of £50 .ie.,payable within four years, and a further renewal fee of £100;withiri eight,years, or these fees may be satisfied,by, a'number of annua payments. The advantage of this sys tern is that the initial, cost is compara tively trifling, and that if the invention does not answer the inventor can avoic further expense by'simply letting hi patent lapse.—The Spectator. FORCE OF HABIT. TLe Strange %TJilm of an Old Sailor About Smoking. A well-known physician had been dining with a few professional cronies, and as the cigars were lighted the talk drifted to the tobacco habit—first, in its effect upon the race at large; and then in its peculiar effect upon various individuals. _ "I know a man," said the elder physician, whose income, by the way, runs into five figures, "in fact, he is now in my employ, who is the victim of the strangest whims in regard- to the use of the weed that ever came under my observation. He is a Scotchman, about sixty years old. Twelve years ago he It makes us sick, but we are bound to get rid of the load .of- goods we have on hands.—Patterson, the Haberdasher. . file Oldest CJiair In America. The oldest chair in America is carved out ef a single block of wood, and in full size is about thu±y inches long, The front is cut out in fhe shape of the . "man-turtle," the legs stand for the clumsy limbs of the animal, and you sit on his back..; Kemember that the oldest piece of - parlor furniture in America came fronvthe Bahama islands,' the spot where Columbus first landed, and'that the- natives did not have"- high-backed i chairs as .-we have. They rested and [ slept in hammocks, hamacas they called them, and we borrowed both the form and'the name.— Wide Awake. — Yonng- Wife— "Henry, come listen to this delightful strain in the last piece of musie you brought rne." Henry— "Wouldn't it do just as well to try it on the coffee a feVr mornings, .love?"— Deinorest's Magazine... ; ; — " — -"• ' — J »«»**•, 10 *»•)£ V JkJ^ deserted from the English navy and came to this country, when -I gave him a position as coachman. "One morning I.went into the stable and'noticed that a hole about two feet square had been cut in a partition, between two stalls "and a little shelf had been nailed up underneath it. I wondered what on- earth it had been done for, but Donald was away at the time, i and when he came back it had slipped i my mind. •-•' • .'-... , "Itwas as much as a week afterward'' before I had occasion to go into the sta-.' ble again, and when I did I found Db"n- j : aid standing, on a-stool, leaning his' el- [' bow on the "shelf, with a long clav pipe in his mouth, smoking away like" a good one' and "blowing the smoke through the little window he had cut. Upon my questioning'him he told me that- of : the twenty years he- .had passed hi her' Majesty's service, /ten of it had been on board a 1 .-powder ship, where the. rules against smoking were very strict "During- all this time be had been accustomed four times a . day to stand The First Step Perhaps you are run down, can't eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do' any thing to your" satisfaction, and you wonder what ails you. You should heed the warning, you are taking the. first step into Nervous Prostration. You need a Nerve Tonic andin Electr!^ Bitters you will find the exact remedy f or restoring your nervous system to its normal, healthy condition,*^ Surprising results follow the. use r « Nerve Tonic ' and Alterative. 'Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and the Liver and Kidneys resume healthy action. Try a 'bottle. 1 , " ' Price 40c. at' B. F. Store. Kfieslmg-'s Drug" upon a chest and lean out of a«porthole to smoke, so that no one would smell him, and when at last he took French leave he found that he could not get any satisfaction but of a pipe unless indulged in, in the old posture, and so from that day to-this you can find him after each meal, and for half an hour before-ga-iug-to bed, standing- on that stool blowing his smoke through the little window."—Boston Herald. OB* &• Both the method and 'results gave ine and my brothers go'od.itd'vjce when 1 we" started out in the' : wor'IS. '-'• • ' Wlfairdid lie : say?" "Be not too fond-of E's, endeavor" to be" Vs. and you'll nwr be. set do wn as J's.'I An Omission. Mrs. Snodgrass (reading)—A man in Chicago fell sixty-five feet and was fa- ally injured.. Snodgrass—Will he recover? "The paper does not say.'*—Munsev'g Weekly. . ._ : - '- .. .-__,. , -Sine Stores Burned. HousTO.xiA, Mo., Jan. 21.— Nine stores in this town were burned Tuesday afternoon, entailing a loss of 320,000; insurance. 80,000. The fire was caused by the explosion of a ean oi gasoline..-'..-" ..'-.. —If Christian's lived nearer to God they would have no difficulty in lovin« one another.-Kev. .1, Hamilton. --- «. iMvs *JJ^WMV\* OillU ACOUiUS W/JtB oyrflp of Figs is taken; it is pleasai* " and refreshing to the taste, and act* gently yet promptly on ; the Kidneyg^i B Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels \colds,, headaches and fevers and cares habitual- constipation. Syrup of Figo la tV C only remedy., of its kind ever pro dueed, pleasing to the taste acd acceptable to the Btomachj .prompt in- its actioa and truly beneficial in ite t effects, prepared oril? from the most- , > healthy and agreeable substances, its^ many excellent qualities commend if to all and lave made it the most T '' tr '" popular remedy known. : " , ; Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50s apd $1 bottles by all lead, ing; drug- .gtsts. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on; hand will pro-"' 1 cure it promptly for any one wh<> } -* wishes to try it Do. not accept nttU n J.f4..-X_ L substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO SAN FRANG1SOO, CAL. " "" HEW YORK, N.I and &11 druggists \TT5f LOUISVILLE. KY. For sale Qy B. F. KeeslI

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