The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 19, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 19, 1933
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Served by the United Press BEHHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHBA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. MXX—NO. 158 Blyilievllle Daily, Neni. BlythevUle Oourte, MIS<I.«-IPI>I Valley loder. Bljrtberilte Herald. ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, SKIT KM HUH I!), l!i:i:j SINGLE COPIES FIYE, CENTS ON WASHINGTON First o!' Giant Transports in Air Line's New Fleet Ciilrnly ado Points On! lVsnev- Oklahoma Cily! in Federal Cotirlroom. OKLAHOMA CITY Kc-nt. l!i CUP)—A lilac* tamed 18-vcnxilil Key sat in tho - S"UIK J .SS than- in | fedc-r.'il court trnluy and iioiiHi.d out Albeit L. Uates ;LS ihfi' man lie heajd Dialling the kidnaping of Charles P. Urschel. Calmly, ymmn Gay Coleinun Mepped down from the chai: 1 , walked over lo where tlie -lO-yei'.r- ! i.Id desperado \vns hc-uled. and "That's the fellow there." Those who plotted wllh nates veie George "Machjnc aim" Kol- ] lev and his wife. Catherine, bothi jiiill fugitives. the youth said. t The sensational testimony from the government's first witness in the S2(,O.COu kidnaping of the v <"jkhv oil i!i::n. lollowcil a teries 01' charges by U. S. District Al- tc:ney Heiberi Hvde. Colniiaij. of Coltinan. Tex., told how he viiittd his grandparents, the morning before the day of the ]:!'li>a|Jiiig. July 22. The witness who said his aunt Is Mrs. n. G. Shannon the accused woman in the Urschel trial and a ic-lative of George and Catherine Kelley. said the two Kellcys were at the Coleman home. Friday night .Bates, lie said, arrived in a sedan similar to that used in the kidnaping. I Mr;-. Luer Identifies Kidnaper, | FDWARDSV1LLE. III.. Sept. 101 (UP)—Wilh one of the six defendants already idenlificd before a juiy in Martison counly circuit court, the slate today continued presentation of testimony at- the trial of accused kidnapers of August Luer. 17, Alton, 111., bank president. Mrs. Helen Luer lold a jury that two men and a woman entered their Alton home last July on Ihe pictext of using the telephone and dragged her husband from the living room "just like n hog." From the witness stand Mrs. Luer pointed out Percy Michael Fitzgerald, one of the defendants, und said: "That's the nmn. I identified his picture after the kidnaping and I identified him in thc shadow box nficr he was arrested. I am slill sine of it." Quadruplets Enter f!ol !«•£<» Scaling through the clouds on u trial (light is one of the huge new twin-motored all-melal Douglas transport planes to be put in '.i-rvicc on the Transcontinental and Western Air I,Inc. II provides rnacc for 12 passengers. new safety features, and develops enormous speed with Its two TM-horscptiWcr mo'.ors. Jewish New Year Observed by Orthodox .as Day of 'Judgment. Special service. 1 ! will be held at the Tcmplp Israel Wednesday. in celebra- c .eeks Damages for ; Daughter's Nude Dance HUNTSVILLE. Ala., Sept. 18 MJP)— A nude dance at the Madison county fair lail week resulted in a $2.000 damage suit against the New Deal Shows, a carnival company, by a mother and her daughter. Mrs. Lula Ferguson, the mother, charged that disgrace has resulted from tho "undraped performance which her daughter, Ester Cook, had been persuaded to stage. Mrs. Ferguson asked $1,000 for herself and the same amount for her daughter, whom .said Is a minor. she i Stock Prices Thmsday and Friday j.l.ion of Kosh Hashanah. the Jow- I iih New Year. I A larse number of visitors plan ! lo attend these orthodox services Wednesday evening. 7:30 o'clock, Thursday morning tit 8 o'clock., ,.,.11 n Thursday cvcnlns at 7:30 o'clock | toai Will l-OSt "A n^berTS U^j Under New Mine Code plan lo close all day Thursday. i The celebration of Hashanah be-I Sins Wednesday at sunset. On this . .,_.. V t> t e r a n Revolutionist Leading New Outbreak in Provinces. HAVANA, Si'l'l. IB. 1UI') —Ul>- rL:iv>;s in the provinces led by Ihi' w.iTan ri'volutlonlsl HeniindoK, "li:c Cuban Hiimlluo," and tn. p muttering* of disi'iiiiltnt in IIiiv.uui lod.iy Ihrealeni'd till 1 InlMut rejjlme nl I'lTsldent Oraii San, Martin. Tin 1 president said lw had ordered (he Hem;uuU'*c movement crushed "with a maximum o! energy and wllho'.ii blomls. ud. if i».;- slblc." A strong force ol government sol- i illi'rs was sent Inlo Ihe dlsaffecled state ol Simla Clurn lo rheck thir movement of llerimndci'. anil Ix 1 - Iwcen 'JuO und '.m well tinned followers, who were marching luwnrtl Hie- capllul. Students au<l rcbcllluus soldi?! 1 -) were reported lo 'k' In possession of Hie town hall nl Moron, which was seething with revolt. A second threat \\ii.s discovered in tile dlsaltcelion of Pi-re/., former chief of police of Snlnle Splr- Itus, who with 40 men was r.ead- ii'g tin uprising in the .same province. A military Iruln from Havana with special companies of Iroops and a large boJy ol student tiillilla reached Moron at 11:30 a.m. and set oul In marching eclulpiiiciil in pursiill ol Ihe elusive Hurnandi-z. Arrh Lindsey Arrests Leon Kersh, Long Sought in , Mystery Killing. Recover Two Bodies oi Hurricane Victims Leon w. Kersh, W-year-old Memphis baker, wanted as the "key" man in a Memphis murder my tery, was in a Missouri Jail today availing- removal to Memphis, be- NEW BERN, N. C., Sept. 19. (UP) —Two bodies have been recovered from Ihe sunken fishing schooner Dale which went down In Uaton. bay with Captain James Howard Ml and his three sons aboard, acc rtrr1 - Ing to a message received by coast guard cutler Pamllco Ioday. Tlie, radio, communication did not give identity of ,thc bodies. ' The Action Demanded After Roosevelt Declines to Meet Conference. ' WASHINGTON. Sept. 19 (UP) — Proposals designed to draw . . a I marching army of 1,000.000 men | Into Washington, next month In' a spectacular demand (or currency inflation were made today by Senalor Thomas (Derii., Okla.) . The proposals were made at a tcri't session of the cotton . con- Several cotton leaders utwmpt- «1 In vain to present their dollar Inllntlon plan to President Roosevelt. After it wns explained to them at tlw W1ilt« House- that Mr. Roosevelt was suffering fronv A cold and could not see them, about 100 planters and < southern legislators chartered a fleet of tax>"U\K In n dnsti to the agriculture j department for conference with SccrHarv Wallac.e H H«nkht»d Ur»r s Holiday- Wnllnce .shook hands with them all and said he was sorrv t riot he had n previous engagement »nd- lelt Ills office. The cotton men, who yesterday adopted a resolution saving immediate inflation of the dollar wns necessary lo save the farmer, then crowded into a rnmll conference room for • a session of heated, snecch making. Gcorne N. Peek, administrator of the A. A. A., puffed a cigar and listened to the orations. ; "ict 1 * K«*t dtv'.-n .'to business." said Senator Bankhead • (Dem.. Ala.) "I npneal to the secretary of .. I Dale was lost in the hurricane Frl- M[lck L - . local fish deal- A. T. and T. 128 1-2 Anaconda Copper 19 3-8 Bethlehem Slcel 385-8 Chrysler 50 Cities Service 27-3 Cocca (Job 03 General American Tank 38 General Electric 23 1-2 General Motors 34 3-8 International' Harvester 43 3-8 Montgomery Ward 25 1-2 New York Central 48 Packard •» 1-2 Phillips Petroleum .... IS l-l Radio 87-8 Simmons Bods 26 1-8 St. Louis-San FFrancisco -I Standard of N. J 43 5-8 Texas Co 20 3-4 U. S. Sleel 52 5-!l usher In the year 5094 with prayers and meditation. Orthodox Jews rterlgnate Iwo days for thc "t;servai:ce of Ihis holiday. Originally tlie Hebrew N'ew* Year marked the opening of th: agricultural and economic year in provislcn „„, aUlUmll. , „,,„, ranrae this winter as a result of the NRA coal code, the recovery administration admitted today. Soft coal to the small purchaser, ^^ may go up as much as $2 a ton, cause of the vigilance of a Blythc- "' r f. orlKl tragic conditions at Ceville officer ' dar lsla ' Hl '" L1:c llcarl of tlle llur- Kersh was "spotlcd" by Arch!' 1 ™ stricken area. A cemetery Lindsey, local deputy sheriff, in the!'" , thflt vlc n ' tv lias ]x ™ ">"' «P Union station lobby at St. Louis] "'d many bodies have been expos- about 11 o'clock Sunday nlglitj™' ne s 31 "Lindsey, tipped off that Kersli was' : I reported to be among the hundreds ; that made the week-end excursion trip to St. Louis, recognized tlle baker and summoned a police officer to hold Kersh for Memphis authorities. While Lindsey knew latter was considerably Hulls Again Available entered Ba p may not look It,, but Robert!!, s;ary, Lcota and Mona Keyes, • agriculture to brinft about a^cotton to right, above, are quadruplets—said to be the only living [selling holiday ur^ll,our. pWn .can aboard, accord-! quadruplets In the United BUtes to reach maturity, -:Tte 18-ye»r- I 4M ?^ ( n " Jurutftment'of ourdire thejpia sis t ers O f Hollta,-OkU.. dressed Idenllcnlly, ate Blqtured ta :;.they . netd , Unlw* th!»i-diD«Hm«nt ' ' —'- ""'''liK'e-rslty at Waco, .Texas,^cr-./ty','! ihelps ui the'pceMWron^he'-miu:- *" • •• - --'. --^'~ ~ - '•- f-•: Av^f*w-^ ^ '".....'-I fciih ,|nV^7ii«ii -vi '"itt'ip fcJ ti>IljbL t '' ] ifr«t : L' J ' I further down., "' • ~\"V I "Unless the department announces Immediately some pltn further and better than the present »Uot- ment program, *'l our cotton, !«.. j irolnjt to be taken »wtiy I1 think Inflation Is coming but- If • ; 'tlie president doesn't put '• It in 1 ; effect now, southern people are^ going to be In worse shape with .' Futrell Proclaims NRA Holiday September 28 LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 10 (UP)— Oov. J. Nfarlon Putrcll ioday .Issued a proclamation designating September 26 from noon to midnight as NUA day. Thc proclamation asked all public and private businesses to close 1 their tloors during the 12" hour at fnttnn Oil Mill l wrlod nnu J° l " ln " statewide trial V-OllOn Ull mill uute , 0 Pr e sW( , IU Roosevelt's re- but the code by President safeguards as finally Roosevelt approv^u conlalns seen him before and a police cir- .. Cottonseed hulls, free lo nil who I will come and get them, are again | available at the Blythevllle Cotton 1 "" company's mill, it is announced I Icovery program. THSCIEBILE-Hi; HIT BOOTLEGGERS! Experts Draft Liquor Lev• b L'l'.' D ' 1 Although the resolution aaoptea ICS 3S I rohlbltlpn Kepeal | yesterday asked the president to' W . ! set cotton prices at 20 cents Inflation later than without -it.•• Although the resolution adopted cular picture aided In his identi- b ^ E - B - Lyman, the manager. . ncatlon. Lindsey was acting as al Hulls - whlch oncc f oll "d a ready agaiist prohteermg and_ ^ Q » . cash salC| hftve ^^^ R d c]1 nas been made for ade-, road Qn 1[s curslon traln • •- - After Fourth Escape JACKSONVILLE, Ark., Scjil. 10. (UP)—Helen Speucc Ealou. 22, bad [Y, | Ihus very early period. II was celebrat- rd by resting from all labor, as it 1 NEW ^O RK ' SCPI--"• /^' ami offering special sac- Tlie lottery charge against U. S. i' tochy. rifices at the Temple of Jerusalem. Senator James J. Davis and Theo- irjul it was distinguished from the 'lore Miller was explained to a jury ' torvance of the other holidays today by Assistant District Atlor- cape. Kersh is said to have been j thcn iselves. staying in Blythevllle, and Mem- — pills oofflcers had sought him 1111-' n . ... successfully here. | "ennsylvania Plans Inspection of Apiaries' ' ului ' e - prlso " ° mclals fald k New York Cotton NEW YORK. Sept. Cotton closed steady. opsn high Oct ...... 985 10-10 Dec ..... 1007 1033 Jan ..... 101G 1071 Mar ..... 1034 1090 May .... 1015 1108 July .... 1073 1121 19. (UP) — low 080 1001 1014 1029 1CH9 1061 close 1027 lOiiO 10CO IOSO 1098 1112 ing in thc Synagogue. However, as the hackgvonnd faded ties sliiflcd Ihe tempt to convict them. | ri™iu.,r..i " Thc indictment does not mean i v frnm lh " l 1 "^ defendants actually went] down to the postoffice or express' Membership Contest forc th <= end p 200.COO hives - Pn. of this I'cnnsyl- thrce cornered race for lion- Vani " wln havt ' bccil ins P«clrd by ... i>vm>t>> -r .!,„ ueparlment of Ag- of the rlc " ltu re as provided In a s law designed to protect buyers of I uoimd with Inflation, I today nsked for 15 cents a pound By United SUl« for C0 tt 0 n still In the hands ~g( Idaho and New Mexico, the 30th 1 g rowers . '. .... «^, and 31sl slates, balloted today onj Strike Threatened *•-— repeal of the 18th amendment. | xhc resolution, coached In care? Impartial conservative observers f ut language, mentioned tr.e sum.Tof predicted they would enter the $400,000.000 in paper money as hav- unanlmous wet parade which ^'ould | in, been used successfully for In-' flatSon before. In equally ns diplomatic phraseology the document threatened- a, cotton planters' strilre K Inflati6fi j and 20-cenls-a-nound cclton prie-r es are not forthcoming. The 2tW conferees, after an all day meet-, ing, wanted to take the rcsolutiou> lo the White House iosl nlj'H. but~ „-.-,,, , decided to give It to the president" , Returned to thc prison, she was low good whisky to retail at $l50: todny I placed under special guard to prc-. to $1.73 a quart. I vent another escape. Tr.e social New Mexico, where drys staged 1 guard will be maintained in l*:e only a. passive campaign, was ex- peeled to be wet by three or Iwo lo one. Idaho, the home slate of Senator William E. Borah, veteran dry lead- Talmad« Ajainst Inflation' "" ATLANTA, Ga., Sept. 19 <UPS" —Declaring that inflation would nol. correct the trouble of the cotton fanner. Gov. Eugene Tal-' madgc of Georgia today d the JoU « ck . In the membership camualKn "Ws of t . ....._ the Dud Cason post of the F lcnltu re as provided In a stale highway patrolmen get their man tup) _ DC-i Cops Arrested Man year the. c * ' * i M J ^»*-«i^ui *j. uui,»i, *\ OWimming in the Nude er, was expected to return a lesser ', cd lo President Roosevelt that col-' _. I wet majority, although realists ton nrlcej; would be raised by elim- UP)— State claimed a four to one victcry. inatlng the cotton processing tax and reestablishing trade channels HARRISDURO, Pa. Spols closed steady at 104S. up 30. i\'ew Orleans Cotton MEW ORLEANS. S?pt. 19. (UP) —Cotton closed barely steady. Zeda Spends Furlough from Farm in Gty Jail open Oct ...... 963 Dec ..... -1005 Jan ..... 10)5 Mar ..... 1035 May .... 1052 July ____ 1064 high 1032 1052 1068 1089 1108 1UC low 978 937 1008 1025 1025 1065 close 1025 1W7 1051 1070 1094 1109 Spots closed steady at 1025. up 39. Chicaf'o Wheat i the Jewish calendar—the day mxni 'which God judses all .Ihe inhabit-I ants of thc earth. This was an epoch-making chiini'c In the conception of the New Year as a holiday. Through- f~i nfv ,,-ho has acnnired Z ^*X^ J^' a -SS S ? ment cons'.iluled the keynote of <>»e o, Blyihcvllles bad boys is the entire service of thfc { day It ™f e ^an^f al t r\h^e. Day Pmc-' ''•cda, who has usually made » of the day naw t of testing the ability of each carry this message of Judgment. ««w po'}« f°™ % Its dispatch A, a result there grow to be em- In handling htm, got tlie bruisers phafized more and more the Idea «'hen he squared off in a challeng- Ihat'tlie New Year marks the sea- Ing attitude lowiWd husky and red- son of self-examination, repcn- Beaded Police Chief Ed Rice. Rice tance. and reconclltallon with men has a pair of bruised fists, ruid God. And today, this thought Tlie occasion was Zeda's arrest is dominant in all tlie prayers and for public drunkenness while on a —even If they have to fish him out of a river. ecllon of the 27.000 apiaries When Conxiral P. II. Ortmycr : state was placed on a sys- investigated an aulo accident re„.„„>, Ullu ^, „ „, >1U011 - tomntlc bask In 1927 when a cently, on occupant of one of the burn were named captains of the col "Hrywide plan was adopted to car s had disappeared . . . . ^ .»*ju»* «!%«*__ i ,.. . . i in_ i _i: ril/ittilvin I A,, nn +V,« Vi Morgenthau Promises with foreign countries. to Speed Farm Loans ., , , U r , « -t. y Montreal Woman's QuiH..,,. IHINOTON sept 19. (UP)-j To Be Shown at Fair" purn were iiumcu captains ol m" —- —^».«.t ,..«.. ••".. ..« ul ..^.. >» "i",".. , ~ ""ViT"!. i"".r"T>"~ *«rm Credit Administrator Mor-( membership teams by Jim Slovall. ™"fol transmissible beo d.seases. < oth ng lay on the bank^o the thau f ||c(| crll j , vice commander and membership w , hetl the Initial inspection Is fin- .luanlta River about 200 yards dls- wjth R * w cul nd £. A man's halrman: Floyd White challeng- *"l' completed this year, periodic^'"ml- open high Sept 02 3-8 93 7-8 D?c. 95 3-4 97 7-8 M'y 100 1-2 102 low close 90 7-8 93 7-8 91 1-4 97 S 8 98 3-8 101 7-8 Chicago Corn Mipnllcatlans service. hroe cornered one. Plans were made for a good will rip next Monday evening to Ua.s- ;elt. A number of members announced they would attend the meeting at Lepanto Wednesday night when stale officers will be guests honor. r>pinrles In Ihe state. Betler qual-.ol on the river, and came upon Ity honey and increased production n nian swimming. The swimmer have resulted tram the statewide was the missing motorist. He was clean-up according to H B Kirk, fished out, dressed, and lodged In chief apiary Inspector. tlie Newport jail on a charge of I "failing to render assistance." e0 " OresTonian Has Rare - Moves Service Station Auk Thai Needs Home; MONTREAL (UP)-A patchwork . nun a p]raKe to cm rea iape so |u conla | n i ns mCTe than 5,000 boat, rowed 1 " 1 " '^ co , uW ^ SPCedC<l " P '° P'«« »' cloth has been made by debt ridden farm"*- a Montreal woman. The woman, He charged thai red tape dim- Mls Lucy Holland, plans to -eic- Inherlted from the h | Mt the q u n t al tne Chicago farm credit set up of ths Ilocver wmWs Fair, administration. , Thc qu |i t required about 35 yards ! of cloth of various colors. The cloth was cut into pieces ot about one- to- $155,704 for Dunklin County Cotton Growers , Bryant Stewart, operator of a . Ore. (UPi —Dora, service station at Main and Divls-' Press points In cotton receipts last open Sept. 49 5-8 Dec. 541-2 May 60 7-8 high 50 7-8 553-4 fil 7-8 low 49 53 of thc New Year week-end furlough from the county farm. Afler balking at the jal door, Zeda was on the receiving em f IT i f ii-j °f 'to chief's fists and then spen Lar and JrUCk Collide the night there. Monday morning ' police freed Zeda to return to the A car driven by Miss Alma county farm but were called upon Peters, school teacher, and a-truck to p!<* him up several hours later j collided near Main_ and Seventh for drunkenness again. A-s present It Icoks like Zeda's . . .. . . re- county farm furlough may be In- 55 5-8|ceived bruises but was not other- creased to allow him time to work day 803 cotton -Wf, n n ,,,,111 MVI ~ , MO.-Up unlil MJ.1- buve n checks for a tolal of - h '" E. DIctz, Portlnnder. 'reoorts "she I ion sl'reets] Is" moving his business J week with a total of 3,873 bales has n very elegant auk—usually. to a hew location on nortli Sixth for the 7-day period ending Fri-' «s extinct as the renowned dodo street (Highway 61). j day. which Oie will sell to an "aukay"! Stewart has been In business ati Receipts last week and for the '•• -- —ason at leading points follow:] Blytheville's Compress Receipts Highest in State g^'her in order "to give a circular pattern, the corners being fitted' Blythevllle led all Arkansas com-1 ln '"'• . .,,,„., -w 1 The colors—red, white and blue appeal In the United States—»re. used liberally. found the auk—according to close i slrcets aboul noon Sunday. 50 7-31 An occupanl ot Ihe truck ^ , -- - - _______ ______ 59 1-4 Gl 7-8 wise Injured, according to reports, oui a fine for tlie city " 5 "£f- ^tuf^T 1 ^ "I" W^teVl's «:•' cm divi Wd r" £&£ . n, vi,° C , ° f nonher " wnters havir., short ton producers.of Dunklin county. v \ n ^ s and ta(1 nnd Illrl , c . to0 d WJiUe checks hive been recelv- webb f eet .._ frol!c!tin? in ebb tide ed by those producers who took op- at Long Beach Wash tlons on government cotton, none; Although the auk Inhabit* no of those options have been received, convenient place in the Lielz and Ihe latest information is that! household the bird l^s t—- Ihese options will be sent out l«l- taught to respond to a "11. er, In one lot. to be distributed ac- Sale: One auk, reasonablv cheap- cording lo a method not ycl an- j fine for a 'bridge auk-ltou. or nounced. . !the Main and Division slreel location for several years. I'.ilf-Phfasant and Halt-Hen WELLESLEY. Mass. (UP)-Cll- r.iaxing months of experimentation. Joke Proctor, pheasant breeder, has succeeded in raising a chick, half pheasant, half Rhode season Blytheville Pine Bluff Hope Texarkana West Memphis McQchee 3,873 3,779 3.060 1,698 1.616 1,140 4,305 5,890 4,523 2,850 4,436 1,595 WEATHER ! Arkansas— Probably local . ihun- | dersr.owers tonight. Wednesday i cool,,,. ln WC 5 t ar , d nortn portions. Memphis and Vlclnlly-Probably Compress receipts for the entire; thundershowers tonight or Wednts- statc last week were 24,163 bales, |,j a y compared to 68,839 tor tile same! If land Red. By this cross he i week a year a«o. Receipts for the! The maximum temperature here liopes eventually to Improve the .season xvere 40,472 compared to yesterday was J7, minimum 70. laying qualities' of his pheasant 123.TO to the same date last sea- clear, according to Samuel P. Norson, H.S, official weather observer.

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