The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1933 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1933
Page 6
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Youth Beats Age For Amateur Crown El GEE 10 flffiJFlLS Youthful Star Eliminates Bannister. and Veteran •'•'•' Trims John Lenti. •~-Erfreit B. Gee. (he man who Irought ?olf to Blyihcvllln or t»y the vllle lo golf, and Leo Llni ; sei.lch, youthful stor who has nS- 's-iibed Ills golf on the course Qee LiiUt here will clash next Sunday •in the 3«-l.olr nnals of the Bly- ihevlllcy country club's annual tournament. Gee, defending champion, /ought his way Into Hie finals in defeat i*f hi. 1 ; crown, by eliminating John iLentl one up over the 18 hole route yesterday, young LJmzcn- - ten cinched his place In the ilnalsi *$£'putting Rodney Bannister out o; the running, three and two. ", % ".Cee was forced to stove off .u . cVosIng rush by Lcntl, the laller niter coming up with n chance to fvth the match on the final hole, k&ing out when he failed lo hole •a;; lour foot pult. Gee got his idcwn from.six feet. Gee turned •'in-a medal score of 81 while Lenil riiOt an 63. ,. Untienich handled Bannister In ifather decisive fashion, the latter 'l\.ralng in a high medal .fcore ol .*St. Lfntzenlch toured Ihe nine- r.vle course twice with a total of SO strokes. • In second flight matches Judge G. E. Keck eliminated George Hubbard,' one 'up at the 19th I tie. Floyd Acton beat U. S. transon, one up, Sam Norrls put Frank Whitworth out. two up, and Rossell Parr bent Eddie B, David. IMO up and one to go. In a blind bogie contest C. R. Co|emun of Osceola was [he winner! being awarded a dozen goii bills. Colcmnn toured 18 holes if !<7..$trokes and his !JO strokes, allowed In terms of the contest. •Hide his score of 11 correspond iJBlith a drawn number. Bernard •Gopch, who disdained lo use any ;S&.»ke allowance, got an 85 and 'Second prize. Five tied for third MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1933 Teams Are 'Now All But Certain o{ Clashing In World Series. Babe In Football Woods Youth triumphed In Marslon (jcoijcc "Age vs. Youth" buttle .it Cincinnati In Die National lap, a lew yeurs out cl Princeton college. won ilu- iu Uunlap Amateur golf finals. Dun- crown, defeating Murston by. the one-sioea score of six nnd nve. The 24-yi-ur-uld New Yorker shot u U8 on tin; first round of the finals, giving such n coininnndlng iead that Marston. the l>hlln(lcl|)h|[i former cha.npion, never hod Swivel-Hipped Pop Lugs the Leather Expects Big 280 Pound Jack Torrance to Make : All-America Jackie. . BT I. I. FEMRITE United Freu SUIT Cwnpondent i;.{*l?W : ORLEANS (UP) - Louisl- «pi;; University never -has had a fc«tb«ii: player who rated all- Anier)ctuv honors hi all its history. .'^AMt' been live years- since »lQC,'-B.TJ. player Von a'. pUce on •thc"^ All-Southern eleven. ; :Buk: .'Jills'; year 'Coach Lawrence <WO):- loots believes. he has a man who'll .rat* national recognition. He- is Jack Torrance, 'giant foot- bfli,, '.basketball and track star. v 'It -was Torrance: : who .won the Jhot : put.ln both the National Inand National A. A. U. ' The Giant? and Senators could hsidly be accused of counting ;helr chickens before they're hat- died if they are already planning I cw to use n nice big slice ol vorld series pie. Ms because '.he Nats and Giants ;ire just that close lo the ce'r- . in.lnty of meeting In the big ai-j.' !:ili. Any day now cither team «•!!] definitely cinch - Us appesr- :icc In the series. f ; The Ghints won yesterday and so tlld the Nats. The Giants dis : loosed of D\a.y Dean and the Cardinals while the Senators walk- ri) over the Detroit Tigers and T'mimy Bridges. Dean allowed two runs In the second inning and two, in the third vUch proved sufficient for the U-n-y crew lo gnib ihe ball game tdilnd the effective hurling of I'nrmalce and Luque. All three Cardinal runs were scored In' the mil Inning when Parmalee went cut and Luque went in to save the l.auie. Ott of the Giants hit for the circuit. The score wxs 4 >o 3. The Cincinnati Reds defeated ihe Boston Braves in two games at Cincinnati The scores were .'i to 2 and 6 lo 0. Benton and Derringer »ere the winning pitch- on, the latter hurling the shut- on'. The Chicago Cubs defeated the iiiooklyn Dodgers twice at Chi-. rago. The Cubs took the first thine 6 to 5 with Root outlasting three Dodger hurlers and the second by the same score with Maione the winning nnd Leonard the hurler. Leslie of ihe Dod- HOWARD HARPSTER BRM4\E5r FIELD VE^RS OF ^ ters hit for Crst gume. the circuit In the Youngsters who reported for Temple University's grid sqinul found n swivel-hipped young man, their new conch, toting tho leather to town Just to show lio«- It wns done. Above you MM: Pop Wnrncr 'behind his interference, Aiding him, left to right, me: Charles Winteifickl. bnckflelil coach; Fred Swan, line • ' l coach, and Ilcinic Miller, end toad]. - . The Senators trounced the Tlg- o:.< 4 to 3 at Wdshinglon. The Nats came from behind to score two runs In the ninth inning that decided the contest. Myer's single v.lth the bases loaded decided the game. Russell relieved Weaver to receive credit lor the victory. The New York Yankees de- e-ited the Cleveland Indians wo games at New York. The :mks won the first 3 tp 2 and he second, 6 to 1. Babe Ruth hit homer In the first game and 1 nother In the second. Averill 'so hit for the circuit in the first tme. Pearson, Indian hurler, al- ov:ed only three hits jn the firsl :»me but lost. Van' Atta am Onmez wert the winning Yankee' lurlers. 'BILL . . . u & ck, meets /this summer', setting new world's records both times. • - -Coach Jones believes the experience -Torrance gained In the big time meets should give him the confidence he has lacked up till r)OW. ' JSurt Ingwenon,. assistant coach at . L. 9. U., is another who be- lleres Torrance has the makings of ah all-American. Torrance, who tips the scales at 280. pounds, is the biggest mn on a southern football team. He has had two years ol varsity experience and completes his playing days this year. He plays tackle. Is It Enflbh? Perhaps It has been your privilege to hear a couple of football scouts talking about the style of play used by this team or Hint. If you did and could understand llicir jargon then Indeed you nre n football fan. The conversation runs something! like this: FIRST SCOUT —Great passing outfit, sure. Run a flock of sweeps to pull in the defensive wing half, then heave lo the flat. Use n spot pass to No. 1, loo. And No. 2 may Sinkey,|jSullivan and Meroriey Appear In Ring Here Tonight Two Tennessee boys who turned irom oilier fields n! "indiislry" lo of In the more lucrative profewion ihe ear twisting racket meet the feature milch <m tonight's t,. rippling card at the armory. Both hrndlh'c performers hall iium sections only n comparatively short distance r.-movcd Iron H'ylticvllle. The principals are Pough House Sulllvnr. oi Union and chnrlr.s "T.iiinic" Sink.-;, led out of the ring nlonj wit. 1 -. li.o featured nintmen. While Alike lias been able Ip v.i»k the buys ni'ouna without over txertion. :n3st of his nppenrances here so far 1'iue been ns the njiitcsts featuring :nd ntldcllowclglih :. ird tr. in in light h.-r ivies Tonlgh'. both will feature heavies to II Mr. Meroncy iinnasc' to g^t into the thick of thine- before It's o\cr— as he usu-illv r<ocs— he may ii Illplcy. | find tin. going conside-^rly In the ring willi Rough llrusr; tougher. Take can. Mik.; i:rd I'nd Titanic, who ah) sharf.s tiio duties How They Stand Washington 95 Philadelphia ... '72 Cleveland Detroit . Chicago . Boston .. 8t. Louis U Pet. 47 .569 54 .606 67 73 71 69 76 62 78 58 83 .518 .507 .476 .443 check instead of blocking nnd duck for the flat. SECOND SCOUT—It's all Wnr- wc 1 !! known tvre, Mr. promoter ngmc ,,| r( . 1ra "Wi-ipy" Mc'.ont-y. Hie other half of sin prom•»,»•.ml Mike, who Is '.n smile wn s :is | colorful a rcferrc n f the \Vtn'|K , cf tho comic shrc-ls. is rci:iri'.\l n'Micmtx'i your .14':! Before Hough Hou..r. nnd Tifnc -tugc their perfoniiF..icc two i pachyderms nrc sifted to iiroiuul llic ring for ihe cu 'om- irs. They nrc R Minny HrVi; ?: id to be from Fort 'Wayne, '.ic, i'nl Pete Demet-iri from Foi Worth. Texas. The 1 forte of each of .411 53 89 .373 improved Warner at thai. Spin-j ners, double-wingbncks. double nnd' triple reverses nnd cutbacks to the: short side of the line. Drriihtrlnn the Code Here are son'C definitions that may help you to translate it: SWEEP—A. play which goes outside the curt: an end run. WINGBACK — A halfback stationed outside the end on offense. received last wn-l: wl.en he ' "Fort boys" is said to i: 'i:'j-to:igh time for hts opponcn'.. DID VOU KNOW THAT— The Terry oulfll Is much weaker in the hitting department than Cronln's crowd ... is shown by Ihe tnct that the Giants scored only 513 runs this year against the Senators' . . . which may or may not be due to tighter National League hurling. . • :•„: National Leant Now York 83 53 .624 Pittsbi^gh go 63 559 Chfc»«o 82 65 .555 St.'Louis 78 67 .538 Boston 74 68 .521 Brtoklyn 57 83 .407 Philadelphia 54 83 394 Cincinnati 57 88 .353 Ohio, boy to fill thp vacated of Harry Newman men's national singles title a: Forest Hills, based on the fact thai the winner of the Pacific Southwest Tennis Championship for the past six years had gone on the following year to win Ihe national j That's calling 'em, you must acl- jmil. which should give you n chai'.c e I lo mnke ft few bucks next year t>: J sinking a few berries on the nosi Paci/lc tournament, which lie held this month. '" Today 1 ! Garnet NailMUl Uaeie Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (2). •Hew York at St. Louis. Brooklyn »t Chicago. Botton at Cincinnati. American Leanfe : Chicago at New York f2>. St. Louis at Washington, bttrolt at Philadelphia. CJertlaiH at Boston. 'KONTREAL <n?) - With the he**? MMOC pracUcally over in the PrOTino* of Quebec, advance have a lough time filling those brogans of Harrys. Dr. Hfnl Stevens, former chief Yale football coach, and noiv frosh mentor, says there'll be Ls to Harvard Seeks Successor To Line Plunger Crickan He may play just behind the rnri! f onch """^ Ktpkc ° r - ,.,,,,, „ , ,,,, or behind the gap between tackle' counting on a Youngsiovvn. ! °' the fellow who wins this year's and end. ' ™"'~ ^ '' FLAT ZONE—A territory which, extends about 10 yards back of the! s Harry R * llllcr defensive line of scrimmage " l ""'" " '""" SPOT PASS — A forward pass that is thrown to a certain place on the field. The receiver Is supposed to get there in time to catch CHECK—To Interrupt nn incom- ng adversary secondarily, throw- ng him off balance. In the case referred to above, tire No. 5 back, after bumping the man coming In to try to break up the pass would run lo flat territory to take a pass. • • Spinners, Reverses WARNER. OFFENSE—This refers to the Warner system, which employs wingbacks. In the double from 40 to 50 deaths from fool- I CAMBRIDGE. Moss. (Ul'i _ ball this year . . . and .suggests successor to Jack Crickard _ coaches teach Ihcir cliDrgrs tackle high Instead of low and hard as a means of prn-eiuinp so many accidents. Ci.llfornian line plunger of las i-r.ison's Harvard backfield— that' v.' Coach Eddie Casey needs. CricK^rd was not only tl ialnstny on the Crimson runnin side of the line, then swings back (lllack ' hc vas & s ' a ' w ort defense to the orlemnl purpose. i '"i>» and nn excellent pass re CUTBACK— A piny In which the I "tver. man carrying the ball pretends 10' " Casey is not successful in hi start for (he outside ol ilio || np jM-nrch lie may have to try out then turns back to strike (he! r<!w system at Harvard. Trier wingback setup, there is a. half-1 SHORT SIDE— An mibal.inccd back outside of, or behind, each I line is used in the Waincr system en 5i, • That side of the ceiitrr on which h,,.r , v ,~1L A p A ay J n , whtch lhe thcrc are fcwer mc " is Dolled the back' who takes the ball from the short or weak side. center whirls around with it be- ; '- hitting the line or Skinny i already Indications of Hi. Ihe selection of Wesley former Ohio Slate All-Aruericat a» an assistant coach. Carl Pescosolldo, other w is "Pesky", was Crlckard's prli;cipa miderstudj' and may be given tl role. To:u i<vk than th« »T»t»»t, starts in one direction live at Ix>s Angeles, wrote" feint, vters to the opixwiio picking Frfrt Peiry io » slorj-1 1 ""-i Courier Nt»s Want Howard Hnrpster who, at 25, Is the youngest coach of a major football eleven, in the country.... He starts '^'s first year as mentor ol Carnegie Tech....and what a schedule they've handed him—Tempie, Xavler, Noire Dome, W. and J., Purdue, Michigan State, Georgetown, 1 N. Y. u"., and Pitt — which means he'll match wits with "Pop" Warner, Hunk Anderson, Noble Kirer, Charley Bachmnn, Joi-k Sutherland and other old heads at the game....The former Tech All-America quarter, who led the Plaid to such an upset victory over Notre Dame in 1926, Is a smart football player.. ..and he'll be just us smart a coach. WFP SERIES So the commission pushed ex- Iitriments It has fostered lor «ev- | cral years regarding means fur j utilizing suckers, common in Mon lakes, but niil.out food' or game value. Drying the suckers proved a failure, since much nt cheir food value was destroyed. The experiment of freezing the svckers, then serving them l.'ic growing fish tried. 'It worked for GO riayo. ai'd now off:- c'nls are hopeful. .-Mount Vernon 'was crlRimllj piuimeii by JOHN.',WASIIIN<:T'ON IN. 1675. the .Aztecs lived in S.bllTHKRN JIBXICO. Binoculara *«re Inventeil'la U08. Pelicans and Chicks £lash .in Final Game of South- 'ern League'fi Play-off. • NEW ORLEANS; La:, sept. 184'- he Anal .game rof the Southern eague play-ofl .series will -be lrtyed here today, the Memphis hicks and the New Orleans Peh- each having won two game.! •nd lost two. I . The Chicks smashed out an 8 ') •« triumph yesterday to even lie series alttr the Pelicans hsd von the third game. The Bird.; von the first battle and the Chicks he second, so the Memphis club lias come from behind each time rrsd the Birds might be due to - in today when there Is no other mie. Harry Kelly relieved Pete Beam on the mound for the Chicks In he first Inning .and thereafter htirled splendid ball, recelv'.ig credit lor ihe game. Of four Pel pitchers j. Moore was IK- loter. Hollywood Divided As To The Winner In Real Ring Battle. BY LEO BARON il PAss Staff Corrfspoid'nt HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Movie magnates siaa-.'d something when !3u-y "maichiHV' Primo Carneiu Maxle Barr to fi£ht brfore jjiovie cameras. "icel" Twin they st:igeci ^lorm of s|H:Cul:Uion antt ersy rayiny !)mong spec- :vho watclird the stunt, lsls "lixi'il" ihe liRht to draw mill ll'at's hov. it Cariia-n and Haer .yn- pd tlielr nunchex uci.n'J- Oplniulis Foriiitd Yet thtro hfirdly a riuj- sidi' E|jectn-.or. v.-ho did not shape a dcHnlte opinion a;, to the re- ij.cctive superiority o! the chain- n. or the man regarded as 'he ief contender. Some picked Bac-:, i-.eis Camera, a third group vas idecided as to who would >iavj on lind (heir gloves Uc-en unfet- itd o; stage direction. The )inions were, ^expressed by s|»ri-, ritcrs. boxing figures and ciii^nn Ik. Jess Willard, five times removed cm the heavyweight chamuion- ip, leaned toward Baer. "I like his speed," he remarked. That may have been a deciding rtor." Montana Favored Primo Bull Montana, former screen leavy" who turned wrestler, c.--[ K vote with Camera. "We," he said, "can't (ose. Car- >ni is (oo good." The Bool de- ded on the editorial "we" as a impatrlot of the champion. "It would take a superman to hip Camera." said Spike Rolj- former featherweight fighter, still remains to be seen hclhcr Bacr is such a person." "A break would decide It," adgcd Billy Coe, veteran time- ecper. "The dynamite that land:i first would win." "I'd pick Barr," said Lee Tracy, i» nctor. "He gels better every me." Baer, who has winning ways itli Hie women, drew a follower l Myrno Loy. "He," she said of Baer, "has the need and heart to win." Charles Butterworth. the come- ian, picked a third man. "The guy that was standing at he end of the tenth round would in." he said. "Ml take the ofcree." Brandy Cured His Tobacco WASHINGTON lUf'l— Charged with being drunk while on duty Park Policeman James Bracey told members of the trial boarc that he did not drink . but cured hts chewing tobacco iu apple bran- town 9 to I at Sandy Ridge park,|dy. Decision of the board wa; south.of Blytheville;.'Sunday. postponed until its next, meeting .The Ridgers collected seven hits while Bledsoe. Sandy Ridge hurler. li-nited Bardstown tp one hit. Bal- iard got the lone .Bardstown a single in the ninth innirig. The Sandy Hldge club and Lute, will meet In a game at Sands Ridge Sunday. Sept. 24. Montana Fish May Get Suckers as Food Lutes Hurler Strikes Out 23 Batters Sunday Lutes defeated Bragg City, Mo., to 2 at Lutes park Sunday. Bud Lutes struck out fl men v:h)le Shelby of the Bragg City team fanned 12. Lutes gave out .'even hits and Shelby four. Bragg city Is said to have One of the best teams In 'southeast Missouri. Four Lutes 'brothers played on the Lutes team.' Lutes and Sandy Ridge play at Sandy Ridge next Sunday. Barditown United To One Hit By Ridge Horier Sandy Rldje defeated Bards- HELENA, Mont. (UP)— If fish in' will stand for ni oict of Irozen suckers, the State save an estimated $7,500 lo $8.000 Coolest Spot In Town! L : ver. once obtainabl wild horses slaughtered the open range, has become more wist food lor the small flsh. To Insure Your Cotton CiH 797 Caudill'j Agency GENERAL INSURANCE 106 North Broadway WRESTLING! Rough House Sullivan Titanic Sinkey and Rohnny Harlen Pete Denutroff" Armory, Monday Nile 8:30 O'clock Your Favorite Keg BEER on Tap at Jimmie O'Briens Cafe We have the world's best beer drawing equipment, the. Zahm conl.olrcr.... It's silver lined tank u>d other Improved fe»lnrea kr«p* the «u content right at all Umts. Drink |w«r at Jlmmle O'Brfen'i if TOD w»«t It ri|hL LAST TIME TODA ADM.— MATINEE— 10 - 25 NIGHT— 10 - 35c 4 Her Bodyguard' .-'.' with EDMUND LOWE, WYNN and EDWARD ARNOLD COMEDY — "Speak Easilj with Thelrna Todd and Zazu Pitts Paramount News Tuesday - Weds. ADM.—MATINEE—10 - 2 NIGHT—10 - 35c Australia has only two persons ith incomes of $140,000 or more; nly one-third or tne populace pay ncome taxes, the average yearly ncome among the.payers being bout 5450. Roxy Theatre asl Time Today — "Don't Bet On Love" with Lew Ayres. Tues.-Wed.-Thurs. ADM.—MATINEE and NIGHT—10c - 25c FIGHT With Phillips Holmes and Diana Wynard NEWS - - COMEDY Ritz and Roxy Theatres Showing a Complete Show After 4 O'clock Every Day Starting Monday, Sept. 18lh Ma'lne*—Box Office OJKIIS 2:15 - • Closes 4:00 Nl{ht—Box Office Opens 6:30 - - Closes 3:30

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