The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER '21 r .fl&Wt/ Florida To Help Vets In Farming Advisory Committees Will Be Set Up In Principal Counties GAINSVILLE, Fin., Sept, 21 (UP) —Returning .veterans wishing to eiiBttge til farming after llic war will receive every'possible; assistance Jroni the corps of county farm nnd demonstration agents. This was announced today by A. V. Spencer, director of tlie State Agriculture Extension Service, Veterans' advisory committees: will ;]je set up In all principal agricultural counties, Spencer says. The committees will be composed ol leading farmers, qualified to give inlvlce on the purchase 1 ) of farm lands'and: the successful operation of .farms." ' Spencer says that these committees will attempt' to locate pro- liuctivc farms which arc for sale <ir lease, and will recommend practices that will serve, as a guide for aiccessful operations. They will also offer constructive and experienced instance in the production -of principal farm crops and livestock products. The families of veterans settlin? on farms will be offered additional assistance through enrollment -in home demonstration clubs for women. Suencer points out that : under' the terms of the GI Bill of Rights, veterans are eligible for loaus up; (:> S4000 for the purchase of equipment of a farm. 'The government guarantees one half of the purchase price. Sanatorium Has Plenty .of Jobs /Vfid-Few Workers ;«;VH»i<~ LITTLE ROCK," Sept. 21 (UP) — Superintendent J. D. niley of the Booneville Tuberculosis Sanatorium has .issued an appeal to patients and their relatives for liel|) in relieving the acute manpower situation at the slate-controlled hospital. Inn letter to patients, Dr. Hiley says only 278 of the ,452 Jobs pro-, vidcd by the 1944-1945 budget are' filled. He says the sanntprlum is short 54 practical .nurses, 37 .waitresses and maids, 21 janitors and 25 :farm workers. Riley lias asked that members qf | patients families''apply forwork" at ihe sanatorium :tp "help . us .carry on .during the terrible crisis^ 1 "•'"•'• Arkansas comptroller J. Bryan Sims says the sanatorium, wh'icii had 1,105 patients, ( has,suffered,bc- cause salaries ar(i;n6f',high-;eiwu|h lo keep workers'. 'He' says'some''o'f the regular salaries are as low as S25 a month With .room'.and board. The i highest, salaries, .other Mhan suiiervlsor^t. tandi manflgerlaUf :'are about. $I2p'aimonth. ';;J-T- ! 5.,,uff Sims says .steps are'beitig taken to make jobs at the., tuberculosis hospital more attractive.. He says "a" butWet request for an 1 incre p ase of t l * r \ arty appropriation• froriy$795,• '"'• j •i'i'l'QOH jW.H V?ilfi4i *HW ' rlit'i ' • i/*ii •;<! ...„ ,, Grrni Thi'iff'of Nazi Kiljers ¥ Nolhing was wasted in the German nnnihilnlion cnmp near Lub- }.. ' S lin, Poland. Ashes of victims who, afler being gassed nnd dis- >|. inembered, wore incinerated in litige ovens, were carefully collected, packed in containers lilie those In photo above anil .sold ior fertilizer. Note .crematory ovens, in background. .(ATflS;) -COURIER ".NEWS EDSON IN WASWNCTON Inflation-Deflation Jitters KV I'KTEr, KDSON Cornier News Wnslilnjton Com'Sliomlcn'i Admitting thai he is scored lo death ol postwar Inflation and deflation, Price Administrator ches- :ev Bowles lius n neat little story 10 Illiislmto how somr, people In this couulr'y cnn get whtit he calls nn Inflation psychosis, while others iiiny be hit by the deflation Jitters at the same lime. It goes something' like UiI.-;: • Here you have two families llvlngj in two houses, sUlo by side. In one! lives ii war-uliml worker whose wife, lins n)so hud a iviir Job. They've! saved ;M> some money and want .to; build ii liouse. 'I hen along comes (lie 1 end ot the war, and these people 1 their jobs. Immediately they stall hoarding Ihelr money nnd holding back on their plans. That's dcflutionary. Hlght next lo this family (here lives an Insurance salesman. He iiiul his wife want lo build ti house, Ico. But UK; Insurance man'thinks business is gohiR to be yootl, and K'lint senix's hirn is that prices nrc isolng lo INI higher us soon us icon- (rols are off. He wauls lo build that new house now, and buy llml new now. before everything goes :(cms which haven't been In production niiii which you haven't been nble to buy during (he war years., In general, OPi\ now Is n Ira Ing lo lave these Items conic tbnck on Oio marvel al approxlmalely the .same prices In effect In ,the first quarter uf 1042, .wliffii 'prodiwllon .of 'consumer durable goods ,was 'largely' stopped. Going over the :llst of .items that 1 will be brought took into produo- tlon when the -war Is <ovcr, QPA- lias found that L le»s ,t)u\n •« dozen' Marriage Licenses Included among (lie marriage liccn-, sci sold during .the past week through the local county court clerk's office in the courthoosc nse. licenses to couples from 10 different states, Indicating that •Blytlio- ville continues to be the "Gretna Green" for a r large area. Licenses sold include the following: . .William llnllmnrk of Henderson; -Ky., and .Miss ^Laveana Joyce Newman of Dixon, Ky.: Ernest ,Hylton of Modesta, Calif., ant Miss Berthn Bishop of Whitcville, Tenn.: Hnrlyn Stevens Webb and Miss Bct- tie Joe Baldridge, both of Blytheville: Paul E. Hosenstcin and Miss Marguerite Biu-balo, both of Uain- bridge, -N. Y. Benjamin Richard Spnrks and Miss Mary McCJnin, both of Toledo, 111.; Ed Nowlln and Mrs. Matlie Robbins, <lrath of Cliaffce, Mo.: Clarence Henry Jarred of -Bragg City, Mo., and Miss Stnynthe Lee Peters of Gobler, Mo.: Otis Cole and Miss Dorothy 'Mae Pniitt, both si Blythcville: John Lomax-and Mrs. pollic..Poe, bpth qf Cannlou, Mo.: Fi'etl '-Jolni'"William Hoffman of Bedford, !lnd., and Miss Frieda Stichi' of Cape : Girardenu, Mo. Jerry, Franklin Tipton of St. Loiiis, 'and Miss 'Hosetta' Ilnmrick of Hnrnersvjlle, Mo.: James A don, - Both 'o'f 'CaAlthfeiVvhfc. Mo.: George Wiseman nnd Miss Mary Mpgolene Jatifs, bolflllM Hjiffr W&MiArk.>tPlul| Row&mJJnnc] i^ii ™ i ~" u .wfal&fSxrth § ffiiion eitf. and Mis.? Margery New Madrid, Mo. about .$900,000 is' being ,pre- pnreU. NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION letters testamentnry on the estate •f John -Park Satchett,. Deceased, were granted-to the undersigned on the 7th day of September, 1944 by the Probate Court -of Mississippi County, Arkansas. AH persons-having claims against said estate are required to exhibit them, properly authenticated for allowance, to the undersigned as ex- eculrix of said estate, before the end of .one >year from -the .date of tha I granting ol the letters testamentary I upon said estate, and if such claims I be not ,so presented, they will be forever ibarred. Dated this Gin-day | of September, 1944. VIOLA B. HATCHETT, • •• ' . Executrix. | Heid & Evrard, Attorneys for Executrix. : ' 9|7-14-21-28-IO;5-12 Read i Courier .News Want Ada. Paris Shrine "/V ~'\U- It- \ r ^47^3 1 /i'/^/:'^ A -f<£|</ ;« ^^ - 1 -storfrf / M)ss;'Fra'iic'cs''Heiisan r fib HI of nil* ley,_Tenn.: Roy Edward Kcster ind Miss "Eiiz.V~l."Suhr" r ~botn'~oI~thk Ridie, Mo. Andrew Panos and Miss Vetrice Mikles, both of Blytheville: Jessie James Roberts of Manila and Miss Julia Alliuc Cole, of Blythcville: Frcri Barber and Miss Mary Webster, both of Trenton, Tenn.: A. Xf. Ray and Miss Norene Owen, both of Portagevfllc, Mo.: Pink G. Hammonds of Dyersburg. Tenn., and Mrs. Lottie Hood of Ridgeley, Tenn.: Charles T. Morgan or Sikeston, Mo.: liansburgh of •Raythel Urock mid Miss Prances Calhoun,' both or Annlslon. Mo.: Calvin B. Crccelius and Miss Florence Ellen Darnhill. both of Charleston, Mo.: Irvin Hlcnsnerger of Matthews, Mo., and Miss Mabel Kosselot of Kewance, Mo.: William Ashcrman and Mrs. Patricia Asherman. both of Chicr.go, 111.: Marlon L. Phillips f Nevada, Mo., and iMiss Mary. Ray of; Curve,.Tenn.:,Thomas. Elmer Davis aiifl'foiss MelOa D. lie's Influtloiinry. Howies points to tliese two cases right on Ihe same street, us examples of the crazy, cockeyed economy the country Is going to have as' soon as (he war is over. time gi vo s) ) ln i] businpj, „ . In.lho flBht '.for, the li|ghly compelllivo |)od«vnr inaikol Sec- md, small mniuifucUii'ors nmyliavL; heir products put under a pricing onmilii, administered by OPA (ILs- rlflt offices which will "Iso be au- '.liorlzeil to grunt relief in luuihlilp JllSCS , There thought of profit con- rol, .uthor lh«n (hat all price con- :i'ol covers cosls plus proflls TJit Iheoiy is to got buck lo I»U costs proms, wlili relief being and , jrnntcd In 'hardship cases to allow for Inemiscd production cosls suoh us inci'eased rales of »«,. to latior. . i (»>'li«s , make up 85-poncont of all -the Items which will need new price regulation. Included In this Usl .arc automobiles and purls, refrigerators, sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, radios, plniios, homing equipment, watches and Jewelry. Ol'A Is asking the manufacturers of these to come to Washington In Ihe next few wecta to work out their poslwur 'pricing problems. Holding sltlclly lo Ihe view Ihul 'lls to the nianiidicliirers' nilfaii- taye to keep prices low ond build i|D volume or sales., liowlcs Ijullcve.s business will sue the need of price i in the transition purlod. As fewer than CO cmnpnnles vvll manufactme nearly 80 |iei cent of nil the new lines of Booils lhal ; wlll liuvc to^be brought under now price control, OPA's-prbWcjii will be shii pllflcd. SWAM, HUSINKSS (10NTKOI.S . .I-, ,-iuuji ii.-> me SVHI is ovur. iioivii i^or the remaining 25,000 or more it can go up, or ciinililt the -S 1 "" 11 mniiufucturcrs .who .turn oul sMA " lithn cgabcuturs. iBHfbaije palls «u< skids Cfficlnlly. .. . ... guess 1 "" t; st ' lf r that make up tlie olhei wlilch wn v it's going to go, bellav-' 15 il>er cent !of tlie igoods neeillng Bowles won't Ing .lhal the drift ' ... a .v.,..v vi.k. iiiiiv imij vjiknit^t: —•• .I...-^M, ju*,** ,*J'^« IjiLiiiLj -tw from month to month. Uut he mill courses of action. First, small biisl Izes thai n mistake by OPA on illai ' llc ^ concerns with small volum postwar prloinu policies may throw! l0 .? jl'roduot may !be given complete "wcm the economy one way. or the other, nnd (lint's whnt he's hoping cni) be nvoldcd. ., -,' | i'OSTH'OK .PRICING :PJlOBriKiWS , now, OPA is trying ; to plan' ..,!).'both of Holland,'Mo ..i^m nuw, >-jt-/i is trying 10 piun nollnnd T. Anderson and Miss how it can get out from ,umler price Florence Irene Moore, both of Ml- controls as fast as possible and item' not, N. D.: Charley O'Nell Slroml .by item, the same way It got In nnd Miss Mary Lee Wollard, bcth In some cases prices may ,nnlurn)ly of Manila, Ark.: George Cogwell drop below the present ceilings Thn and 'Mrs. Lula Grimes, both of trick then Is simply lo lake off Uiei Lcachville, Ark.: eland Crow and ceilings. , Miss JVlarie Irene Turner, both of Al t)ic- jnme time. It will I) enec-J ol-'Lpuis. /• i!''disssni'v to put new price ceiling's oii SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS,, properly designed, are remembered always. Our flowers are al- •vny.5 fresh, nnd oil work Is guoranteed to please. -Let our expert leslgners help you with your floral .nreds. , . We, Deliver Anywhere : Glcncoe Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A. M: Si M. '" ni c' Announces OPENING OF FALL CLASSES < In ,\ _ l PIANO — ORGAN — VOICE ' Former New York Organist arid .Teacher /• •- j Pupil of Clarence Dickinson ;- Presl,dent : ,of Union Theological Seminary School ; oIj;Maslo ' [', !' .','.'•'. For'Apppintmeiit ,:^ ^ i" '•;,. Phone or_ TKr1i» ' • -• '• - : '• ! ir «_;^ • fL.;-L-';/...- : Phone or. 1101 Chickasawta 'BIrs. Datton O/FowWon ' Phone 20-19 nevv ;prlees, .two -- j, ....^t. ,, it ij iwt ; (JJlt;j| • HNl(|/lt-lt. cxcmpllos froai price-conirol. This will take n We Administrative loac IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE 'Acno pliiirilm, oi'ioiim. fiic-lory tlornm. tilu, niiimluiiii^yoiiii, UitU>r,iuili.rlii.<uiii, . liuraiis. (lilaottjiciidt). mid mjly broken- uultkin. Milliwu tvliovo Itjliinx,'liuni- i»l Horoat'a.1 (if tliyati mitioTrog \viili .0 homo tri<nEuii<i\t. QOOJJ lo woikut oiiro. Aiiln limllng. \votka (tio nnllroiilta ivfty. Urmlllm-k niitlWiiiUiOiiiliiK^iLoiilv n.f ilircrlcd. lOo, Slio. Filta oltca. as yi'mn' JIIICCOM. .Moniiy-luiuk itunriinlc«, Vitiil In Cll'nnsmt; .1.1 uouil jjojii,, |..'|,Joy („. moils lllnck nuil'Wlillo Bkm Soup dally. KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS H «]P \S Mil" of Kld lley Tube. iHuih Out PoUonou.'Wmte • y ' [ '^WMilSfttftS^ids ^cs^e^^H JONES ; Teacher rif Piano , Announces reopening of he /claasn for berinnm »nfl t4- il vnnccil pupil,. Enroll Now Kor Convenleut Hours. , j SdiiJio S07 Chickasnwba ' Phone 2994'V NEEDS FOR FALL SPECIAL THIS WEEK 3Pc.TABLEMftTSET R GUSS CIEANIR OF COURSE, A1OM DOESM'T CAPE IF , WE GET THE PR. PEPPERS, BUT ITS MORE PUN TO t PRETEND ITS A PA|£> S.CM •'G/E.-1VIA7.DABULBA Attractive design in 3 colors on Jumble cork j y^ inch thick. Set consists of 1 only 8 v9 ;in,,nnd 2 only 6:x 9 in. Protect the finish of , your tnblc. DUST HOPS l!ach 69c protect | lurnilurf. ' Chtmically f IrcalcJ. Wild. out hlaJfti. RAT KISSES IVoiccl ; CHAMOIS CLEANER I'i x II Inches Vcr iGal. $i.50 •«• ;- Jolms.on't alUpurposo cleantr. '1 r) it tuilay for ul| SILLL F HINGES, , SOUTHERN PINE 1 ' - TAR i Vlnl C«n I' 1 \lrt llai\j T9c for Inini iloors, 8, Iniilr A.vital niicil luuinul the filrhi for liiiskliik', trci Misery ,i:ul Planters Hardware Co. W.'rMnlu > - '• ^ \ * ' » Plione 515, Islanding in the nrst "point of I interest" visited :by .Adolf Hitler I in .his brief 11940 visit to Paris,' I of Yank Gl's looks over line magnificence of Napoleon's tomb. ,, K . Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants -iubricants that will fight heat- keep motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U..S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for,many of i<s tanks, jeeps and other i^etlianixcd equipment. ' 1 •' SAVE WEAR WITH To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, lie offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both de-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. ALLE llrtkeTille,'Art I'M SAVING WASTE PAPER! Ail ortc th« country W!TM tad «weethe*rt* AM foll»ctlnf WMM ptpM. Th«f «adcc«und >thM ou fifhtbg BML dwpentely M*4 thk cridad ynz Mi uimtklag • weddf habit of MTiflf old Mwipcpcn, beam, wwp- pkf*. They ut sot burning of dwaoTifig WM» ptptt - they •n Hading it to m*k« ar wrap' 700,000 Atflbnat war utklM uMd by ow umlw. mar* pttrlotk W0n«v Q« jrout dub*, eirk *ad cburcfc group* bthiad thit monmtnt Collect w«t« ton k In , ; '. tod help ' ' il. s. VICTORY

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