The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1949
Page 5
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TUESDAY; OCTOBER ii, 1949 BLYTHBVTLLB-(ARK.)'. COURIER 'NEWS ' PAGE FIVB THf NATION TODAY— Mar/ow Lands Splendid Yarn About Fishermen and Their Care in the Selection of Plugs By J«m» AUrlow WASHINGTON, Oct. 18, Wj—There's » strange tribe of men, «nd •I'm one of Ihem, who fish with plugs and have a language of their own. A plug is an artificial bait—made.of wood, metal or plastic »nd decorated with feathers, hair or even glass bears—tor catching black bass, that wonderful, fighting, fresh-water game fish found all over America, + The plugs are all shapes and . sizes. Some rim uneier the water, some on the surface, some chug »)6ng like > minnow with a bioten back. •• • '• •. One looks like *, Chinese mandarin with long, black mustaches, another has a scooped out nose, « other looks like a plain piece of od with hooks. You use them with a bamboo or steel casting rod and cast the plugs on a light line Into the Illy pads where the bass hide or drag them through the deep water where the fish stay cool on the hot sunny days. . . . You go into a fishing tackle store and say'"I want a yellow dingbat.' :-\"The man behind the counter jays "I don't have a dingbat." , "What about a pollywog?".. ;;"No." the man says. "No pollywogs. But i have midget dldgets river runts and punklnseeds." •: If a Frenchman who. had jus learned English 1 heard the conver 'nation he'd think you were crazy or talking something not English. Good Ncwi Spreads One of the men in the fishin tackle stores around here said: ' ."Fresh-water fishermen * ar worse with plugs than a woroa with hats. Joe smith rows up t the wharf with » big bass. "Joe Jones' eyes hug out and h says 'whatcha catch him on?' "' 'Oh, .1 got him on a witchy twitchy.'" '.. "On the way home-Jones rui into a couple of his pals and lei them 'I just seen a guy that's bee knocking the bass dead. He uses wilchy-twitchy.'. "The pals go home and call i a couple of pals and tell them 'som guy got a string full of bass toda Mp a wilchy-twitchy.' W^''TTnt next morning a dozen gu come into the store looking for witchy-twitchy. They spread th; word. In the course of a summer I may sell 100 witchy-twitchles '.•Then next year they all buy hoogy-woogies because; some guy met a guy who talked with a guy who said a guy told him he caught a bass on a hoogy-woqgy." This all goes for me double. I have a tackle box full of plugs I've been -buying for; years, and some of them, I .never got around to II all (his doesn't make sense to ou, it doesn't make sense to me, ther. I've been fishing since I as seven years old. And I've just ome back from a vacation fishing Chlckahomlny Lake in Virginia ear Richmond. Can't Explain Love for Fishing I can't tell you why I like fishing i much. But then I never have iet a man who gave me a good eason why he liked it so much ither, enough to gel up at four in morning, sit out in a rowbpat n heat, rain or cold all day) trying o outwit a fish, and then go stum- ling home at sundown, tired out. I saw three things on the Chlcka- lonilny that explain just as wejl as nvthlng hmv Ihc bi'g gets "you IIhough not why It There was an 'old man there, 69 He was so wealthy at 43 that he elired then and has been fishing .hree'days a week since then for 26 years. I He arrives by car from Rich-' nond at dawn, pa'ddles around the 1 ake all-day wi[h one hand;, and fishes with the other. Instead of casting plugs, he likes fly-fishing, aut he'll catch fish anyway he can. And there was the old dude who fishes In a business suit, collar and tie and all, and carried a man along with him to bait his hook and take olf the fish he catches. ' And there was the man who owned a fishing camp where he rented out boats and sold bait. I saw him out in the lake day after day. He took his dog along.'One day I,said to him: < . •:' BIG LIFT FOR THE AUTO INDUSTRY—Barely flexing ils steel sinews,' this new lilt truck raises a highway trailer with tour aulos aboard. Rated by Its manufacturer.'as the world's most powerful industrial trucks the machine can handle loads up to 100,000 pounds. 11 will he used by GenerarMotor's in Lansing, Mich:; 16 move huge automotive dies. ' : , Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Contempt Appeals "You must like it a lot." "Yep,", he-said, • "I bought the camp just to rent boats. Business Is .all right but fishing comes first." With the Courts Chanccryr Homer Baren vs. Roy Thomas D T the Port Jno W. Spurlock, et al. suit to foreclose to collect on $2,200 note. WASHINGTON, Oct. 18. Supreme Court refused yesterday to consider appeals by-three Communists jailed on contempt charges during the Communist trials'In New York City. ' ludfe Harold R. Medina ordered the three kept in Jail for the duration of the trial except during the courtroom sessions. ... They are G. ,S.' Hail, of Cleveland, the Ohio stale ,< communist chairman; Henry Winston, •organizational secretary of tile Communist' Party, a Negro; and. Gilbert Oreen. of 'Chicago, Illinois stale chairman of the party. The three are among the 11 .top- ranking Communist officials convicted before Medina, last week ol charges that they worked for.ithe forciblt o\erthrov. of the govem- the | pressure the petitioners, on pain o continued imprisonment, to-' hurry their defense to 'a close;" Justice Black favored granting a mportant Teddy Bear '•ound by Auto Club DETROIT. Octj 'IS. (/!>) — The Robert W. Wolie: family arose re- "reshed this 'morning after the first good night's sleep in weeks Six-year-old ;judy. with her teddy bear'back, had stopped crying Judy lost "Jimmie" the bear vhile the family : was . vacationing n the west. .Since. she was one year old, Jimmie had-be_en her constant and Beloved companion. Each night'the parents had lain awake listening' as" the. little girl sobbed herself to sleep. Then .bcr father wrole pleadingly to the automobile club of Michigan. Could they find a 10-inch, frayed teddy bear lost somewhere in the west? Auto club agents sprang to the search and retraced the route taken by the Woifcs. At iDorrve'r they found Jimmie, the arms of another little girl. Last night Judy went' to sleep contentedly. Jimmie, was In his ac- Accidental Wound ecomes Cause : or Fratricide; I.OS ANGELES, 'oct. '18—OT— olicc yciterday said that a 15-ycar- (I boy killed Ills ten-year-old bro- ier \vtio lay groaning from an ecidcnlal bullet wound suffered nly moments before—"to , put him it of his misery.", 1 . '•'• : ' ' • Dead svith two bullets lu his head s Robert James "Elliott, 10, His rollicr, Richard Maiming Elliott 5, is booked on suspicion'of murder. Police l.t. Edward ncnm save Ills account: .; The two brother, r.tvn* '• <n lliel lomc last night, watched a wcstcn novic on television..Aftcr)var(ts, tl older boy shoved his brother ai lid-fashioned .i*2 caliber revolver hi lad bought from a school fricni for $0 and had kept sefrelly li lis room. As he took 'Hie gun from drawer. It went off." "Robert fell down groaning," Rk'liard said, adding: . "1 couldn't stand to see him suffer like that. I b'ackcd tip Iwo or three steps, ••.'"•' "I shot him again. In .the head to put him out of his misery." Richard then called West Los Angeles police and soUbhiRly reported: . , "1 have Just'allot my, brother." don Rescues Swimmer, Then a Baby Sea Lion SANTA MONICA, Calif., Oct. 18. lf>~ Orvlllc' Qrlni,' 51, saved a man and a baby sea lion from a coupk 1 of close shaves, but couldn't , get our- himself. ' • ' En route to <,uy razor Wades, Grim plunged Info the ocean and rescued a strueBlIng swimmer 80 feet offshore. A little lalcr he Plunged in afe»ln,:lhis time to rescue the llltle sea Moil being buttered on rocks. . : \ Giispcd the dripping Grim: "There must, be 'iuv easkr < lo get a shave." ' Reports of Missouri Gambling Investigated KANSAS CITY, Oct. 18. CAP) — A federal griind Jury yc.stcrdny resumed Its investigation In reports of giunblliiK activities here. The first of appro.xniiitely 125 itucsses sublKicnned npprared this oiiiinj?. Amoiig them \vero Keveral workers,-Henry McKknlck, lorrls (Snug) Klein,,John Mnnsi- racina. nnd Edward P. O.sndchcy. Working wllh the Jury were Iwo leclal ii&sLstants to the attorney eticral, M. ll.-Goldschcln, and vin- eut P. nusso. For l\\e past two ccko they have been in Miami, In. working with .niinther federal cl jiiry. NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE Notice Is hereby given Hint, will n lawful hours, on the 9th day c November, 1949, the undersignc Commissioner In Chancery, will se at public auction to the highest ai best bidder upon a credit of thr mcnths, the following . 'descrlbi property, situated ni Ihe .Chlckasaw- ba Dislrict of Mbslsslppi County, Arkansas: ' "..."' All of Lot Number tcii (10) In Block eight 18) of Wilson's First Addition to the City oj" Blytheville, Arkansas, Said sale is made pursuant to the decree of .the Chancery Court, of said District, and County;, rendered oii September 26th, 1949'in the cusc therein pending \yhereln W.-.J. Pollard, el al are plaintiffs and Ronert Futch and hLs wife are defendants, The purchaser at said Xale will be required to give bond.with approved security to secure-the .payment of his bid and a lien will'be retain- ed upon Hie property therefor. Dated this Hth day 'of October, 1049. • HARVEY MORRIS, Commissioner In Clwncery. Marcu.s E v r a r d, attorney for Plaimlffs. 10-18-49 - , 10-25-49 , customed place si a .pillow under her head The lights In the blinked out early. Wolfe home Christopher Columbus first saw land in the New World. at San To Relieve Mexico « named alter ' Mexitili", reuevt of Ihe case-Justice Doug'»5 Sahador or Watlmg Islands m the national war god of the Aztecs I did not participate ~ ' Rirz THEATRE Manila, Ark. Last Time Fpday "ROUGHSHOD" with Hubert Sterling and Gloria Grahame ' Warner News and'Slmrt Wednesday & Thursday "THE JUDGE STEPS OUT" with Ann Sothern Alexander" Knoi' Bahamas. Byrnes May Seek Governor's Office In South Carolina SPARTANBORO, B.O., Oct, 1«. UPf— Former Secretary of Slate James P. Byrnes says he may run for governor of South Carolina on the principal of states' rights. But his stalement did not refer lo Hie .states' rights platform on which Gov. J, Strpm .Thurmond pf South Carolina ran for the preslr dency last year. : : Breaking silence on his political plans for the; first lime since he resigned from the cabinet two yean also, Byrnes told the gpartanbiirg Herald In an interview at his home ere: . ., • , A "very Important question (Is) hether one as governor could se- me Iho cooperation o( other gov- rnors in arousing the. people- of 10 nnllon to hold the line against urther encroachments, upon the ights of slates." ; '• •'•••' ' Byrnes has recently been critical ,f wlmt he' called a trend In federal overnraenl toward a welfare state. Thurmond's, term, ox governor ex- Ires In January, 1951. . liLYTHEVILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE TODAY ONLY; GREEK CARSON WALTER PIDGEOH NEW llo\ Opens Week Days 7:U(J p.m. M:U!ncc Saturday & Sundays lit.-Sun. 1 p.m Coiit Showini Manila, Ark. ' Shows KVKKV NIGHT Tuesday "LONE WOLF AND HIS LADY" with Ktin Randell Also ShbrU' • Wednesday & Thursday "STEAMBOAT 'ROUND THE BEND" wllh \\m Rojerm Also Shorts aaam; '•4l Also Funny C'dmo'dy STABBS Refrigeration Service ' nnri OIL StOVE REPAIR : I'hones 2550-554 . lilytheville Willys Sales Co. 410'E. Main The new 195O Studebaker with "next look" styling has already set a new all-time sales record ! More people bought new Studebaker cars from Studebaker dealers last month than in any previous month in history! Studebakers September was its biggest month ever both in production and in sales! KEAUY XOLUN6...WITH THE 'NEXT LOOK"IN CAKS! t Miles North of Rlythivlllt Box Olflcc Opens »t G'.M Show Starts 7iOO Tuesday & Wednesday VIRGINIA O'BRttN Nichols Drug PHONE THE GRAVES'(XAll>\Y> f\E\i roi\.s Rcol Estdto - Morlnu<jf io<in^- IriMinm. "ISCEOIA - BnilllMII Phon« 3075 IF YOU LIKE THE BEST NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS I'hnno 4174 ' I,AST DAY • OI'K.V 6:30 V'trsl Blythtville SlionlnK Pictures You Will Like We specialize in conimgreial ;tnd home / riLlllO [)orlr;iil.s. .. pictures which, you will enjoy thrnugliuul Hie yeiirs. Call for nppoinlnienls. • • ; : •• ,. - , - - ; ['hone GOH : • : • FAUGHI'S STUDIO 112 South 1st. .' (Night Phone 6321) DEVELOPED PRINTED ENLARGED ITfMPPENSEVEEy Also Carfoon In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It-'s the Apothecary'. Shop In Blythcville It's BARNEY'S, DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South liroad way - - ' Phun«2fi51

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