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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia • Page 8
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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia • Page 8

Daily Pressi
Newport News, Virginia
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DAILY PRESS. NEWPORT NEWS. VA. 8 Thursday Morning, June 7, 1945. Sports Twin Boston leans Sweep Tars Whip Dodgers, 8-1; 7th Loss In Row Chandler May Follow In LandiV Foot Standings steps As Iron Ruler Of National Pastime ferriss Cops Eighth Win; Sox Move Up Boston, June 6. (JFy After Dave (Boo) Ferriss wobbled along to his eighth successive pitching victory, by a 5-2 margin, the Boston Red Sox zoomed into hairline range of the first division today by sweeping a doubleheader from the Phila delphia Athletics with a 3-2 night- cap win. frn 1 4l, 41, 1 1t 1 uc i-wir-jjijr iii luiiifu, nic I i i 1 1 it 1. NATIONAL LEAGUE Results Yesterday Boston 15-7, Philadelphia 1-3. Cincinnati 3, Pittsburgh 0. Chicago at St, Louis (postponed rain.) Standing of Clubs ft a mcii insv, rcnwajr paiav starts, put the Red Sox only two points behind the third-place St. Louis Browns and a point behind the Chicago White Sox. Ferriss, who started his M'BRIDE OUT AT THIRD Tom McBride, Boston Red Sox center-fielder, is out at the hands of Philadelphia third saeker George Kell in the fifth inning of the first game yesterday afternoon in Boston. MeBride ran on a bunt by Pete Fox; and Catcher Buddy Rosar threw to Kell. The Sox won, 5-2, as Dave Ferriss pitched his eighth straight win. (AP "Wirephoto). Pet i .233 1 Games Today Brooklyn at New York. Boston at Philadelphia 2t. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. Chicago at St. Louis might). AMERICAN LEAGUE Yesterday Detroit 8, Cleveland 1. Chicago 4, St. Louis 0. Boston 5-3. Philadelphia 2-2. Washington 4, New York 0. Standing of Club W. L. Pet. .595 .568 514 .513 .512 .463 .459 .375 New York 25 17 Detroit 21 18 St. Louis 19 18 Chicago .....20 19 Boston 21 20 Washington 19 22 Cleveland 17 20 Philadelphia 115 25 Games Today Philadelphia at Boston, Detroit at Cleveland. St. Louts at Chicago (2). (Only games scheduled). PIEDMONT LEAGUE Results Last Night Richmond. 13; Lynchburg, S. Roanoke, 11; Portsmouth, 7. Norfolk. Newport News, 1. Standing of Clubs W. L. New York 27 15 Pittsburgh 23 18 6t. Louis 23 18 Brooklyn 22 19 Chicago 19 18 Cincinnati 20 19 17 21 Philadelphia 10 33 .561 .537 i 514' '513: .447 Stock In Hoop, Jr. Soars With Dazzling Prep Run; Eddie Arcaro Aboard Derby Day tional rookie winning streak by whitewashing the Athletics, 2-0, found himself in' trouble almost every Inning. He gave a total of 14 hits, three passes and hit a batter but the Athletics obliged by leaving 14 runners on base. It took four hits to manufacture the Philadelphia runs In the third and seventh innings. Long before that, however, the Red Sox had nailed down No. 8 for "superman" by blasting Lardo Kneer for three runs in the first inning and a fourth tally in the second. The Sockers made only seven hits against Knerr and Steve Gerkin, who took over In the seventh innings, but that pair issued seven bases on balls and each struck batsmen. Flrat Bare Philadelphia at I iBoatoaj lb i i a a 2 4 12(4 1 1 ft 1 1 ft 1 ft 4 ft ft 1 ft ft ft ft 4 ft ft ft 1 1 3 I 4 I I 1 MatroJf Burni.rf f.iuialla nf Koiar.ft Kftil.ati Knrrr.p i 1 3 I I.iUii 4 ft 1 ft 2 7 0 I) 0 O.Mi-RrMn.rf ft 1 ft 112 7 i ft 1 1 J.Tobln., Mil S.flartiark a ft ft ft ft ft' 4 a ai 3 ft ft 0 Si I ft ft ft Hi ft ft ft ft aMrOne Orrktn.p Tatalt" 39 2 14 24 I8 Tatala 23 5 7 27 IS aKaited for Knarr in Itta. PhiladrltWila ftftl Oftft 100-i 81ft ftftft ftll IS Krrora. Biurti 2. Uuna batwrrt In. Hlehert. Krll, Foa. MrlkoTlrn, Htalner, Krrin. Two haaa nitl, Melro, Wllklna. Lake, Rlfiner, Fen-la. (toien haa. Lake. Hacr iflr-f MoltrMe 2. IIMihle ftliyi. Lake. Hteiner and MrtbuvirJi. Ferrixa, Lake and Metkwlrh. Left, on riiiladeUtnia 14, Boston 18. Baira on balla, f.ff Knrrr -V ierkm 2. Farri.i flirikeiwla, br Knerr 1. Ferrlaa 3. Hlu. eft Knerr In 1 Inniftaa. Gerkin 3 In 2. Hit. by pucher. tiy Gerkin Knerr (Johnanrti. Fer-ritte (Hallt. Inaine; piu-her. Knerr, Cmplral, Kummerl, Hu and Jwea. Time, l.M. Secend Gam Philadalnhla ab a Beaten ab a New York, June 6 HP Happy Chandler is tough. He says so him self, so you don't have to go around sticking forks in him to find out. The apprehension that he might not be considered stern enough as successor to that Iron-willed dis ciplinarian, K. M. Landis, as baseball commissioner seems to plague the affale Kentuckian no little. So much so, in fact, that he used about six different approaches to the point that just because he is a genial soul and doesn't go about with his hands curled into fists and frozen face he can be pushed around like a toy alloon. He iasists he can say "no" as easily as "yes" if "no" is the right word. He met the Gotham sports writers at an informal get-together the other night, and he was obviously very anxious to please, turning on his best "if-I'm-elected-I'll-pave- the-alleys-with-gold" expression although he's already been elected to his office and the sports writers have no vote anyway. He's rather on the short side, very dapper and compact and with a trim figure that speaks of his early athletic activities. The corners of his eyes crinkle and a nice set of ivories leap into view when he grins, which is often. Remarks Vague He didn't say much except what a man in his position might be expected to say. Most of his remarks were rather vague and very general. Naturally, he would say they'd try to do something about returning service men, and that he's trying to i Four Teams Already Second Organization Four teams, the East End Blue Devils, Hurricanes, Ferguson Park and North End are definitely planning to enter the Junior Boys Baseball league which will have Its second organization meeting at 7:30 p. m. tonight at the city armory, according to. an announcement by Harry Shoff of the City Recreation department last night. Additional teams may be admitted to the league by having a ORRSVILLE, TRIUjMPH Behind the four hit pitching of Parker, the Orrsville ten tripped Boulevard, 6 to 1 In a Senior Boys' Softball league game played at Stuart Gardens yesterday afternoon. The winners touches Wool-ard, losing hurler, for four safeties. Ilish led at bat for Orrsville with! two hits in three appearances. SOFTBALL RESULTS At Armstrong, Hampton, 14; Royal Ambassadors, 13. At Wythe, Wythe Presbyterians, 14; Boulevard, 9. a WALTERS STOPS PIRATES, 3-0 Hurls Six-Hitter, Hits 2 Run Homer Pittsburgh, June 6. (TP) Hurler Bucky Walters pitched shutout ball an dclouted a homer in the eighth inning to help the Cincinnati Reds beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 3 to 0 tonight before 13,277 fans. Walters and Preacher Roe kept the "contest to a pitcher's duel and both teams went scoreless the first seven innings. Each hurler allowed six hits. Ken Gables, who was nicked for two tallies, went in in the ninth after Roe was replaced by a pinch-hltter In the eighth. Roe struc out seven Red batters. W. L. Pet. Norfolk ....24 14 .632 Richmond 22 17 .564 Newport News 18 18 500 Portsmouth 19 22 .463 Lynchburg 18 22 .450 Roanoke 14 2 .389 Games Tonight Richmond at Lynchburg. Portsmouth at Roanoke. Newport News at Norfolk. conduct his office as he thought It should be conducted. To say anything else really would have been news. The one thing he did say emphatically was that he was against gambling by ball players, and he has lot of good points on his side In that argument. That an employer has the right to hire or not to hire a man who gambles if it is against the employer's policy is taken for granted, and to that extent the actions of a player away from the field are of in terest to the club, and to the com- missioner's office. A bank probably would not want a teller who showed up at the $100 window at a race track on his days off, figuring that the teller might be tempted to take home samples to cover any losses. A ball player may not take anything material from the club, but he could do baseball a lot of harm just the same by gambling his way into financial difficulties, and in desperation doing something scandalous to cover up. Anyway, getting back to Chandler, all he asks is that he be given a fair chance to show what he can do, and that's fair enough. He's so entirely different from Landis that nobody can quite get used to him yet, and criticism is liable to crop up before there is anything to critic ize. It's a new job to him, and after all he's still a senator and hasn't officially taken over his baseball duties. It's tough to have the house you expect to build condemned be- fore you start on the foundation. In Boys League; Meeting Tonight representative attend the meeting tonight; but it was stated that no boy who readied his 15th birthday before June 5, 1945 will be eligible to play in the loop. The East End Blue Devils, In a hard fought campaign last season, finally emerged with the championship. Teams this season will fight it out on the newly constructed East End diamond at Orcutt Avenue and 30th with the games getting under way at 10:15 a. m. CAROLINA LEAGUE Raleigh 12, Winston-Salem 8. Durham 7, Leaksville 6. Danville 7, Burlington 8. Greensboro at Martinsville fppd, rain). MOOSE BLANK lT. S. O. Led by the hitting of Stevens and Ward, the Moose shut out the U. S. O. in the City Softball league game at Woodrow Wilson field yesterday afternoon. Gillette allowed the losers five hits while the Moose touched Hux, who was hampered by wildness, for six base blows. flraln) Hisliffcil 3r in Mi rt 11 tMa 1 IVaCRiseiCO I Cincinnati ab ti a Pittsburgh ab ft i Wliliaraailb ft ft 2 5 Barnhartai 4 0 110 4 0 10 0 llandley 4 ft 1 1 Waiker.rf 4 0 2 1ft OionfriMo.ef 4 0 14 0 Mtl Jl 1 Kiiiott.rf 4 0 1 1 0 Meatter.rtb 4 111 2 3 ft ft ft Tlnton.lf 8 It ft 3 ft 2 4 ft Miller. il 4 ft 5 2 0 9 2 0 Vnier.e 3 ft 1 3 ti at'oiman 1 ft ft ft 0 Waiters.p 4 113 ft ft 0 ft 0 1 Lopez. 3 0 ft 3 ft lHanelt 1 ft ft ft ft IHoe i II ft ft 1. 1 0 ft ft 0 ft ft ft ft ft I Total! 34T 27 l47totala 31 0 6 27 3 STOCK IN HOOP 3 cola Louisville, June 6. Pj Hoop, hopes of winning the 71st Kentucky Derby Saturday boomed to a new high today when the son of Sir Gallahad 3rd fairly burned up Churchill Downs' racing strip and Eddie Arcaro was assigned to ride the Florida-owned three-year-old from F. Hooper's barn. Hours before Col. C. V. Whitney's highly regarded Jaap, who with Hoop Jr. won the two divisions of the Wood Memorial at Jamaica, and Andrew Wright's Jacobe arrived from New York, the Hooper colt stepped a mile and one-eighth in 1:51 35 time tnat had horsemen wondering what he would do when 16 or 17 face starter Reuben White around 5:15 p. m. (central war time) three days hence. With his full derby weight of 126 pounds in the saddle and working over a track that had been scraped and rolled during the night. Hoop Jr. whirled the first six furlongs nn 1:12 35. When he hit the mile post In 1:38 15 dockers checked their watches for accuracy. And they looked twice again as he finished out the nine furlongs, handily in race running time. Trainers of other derby candidates differed as to the effect the will have on Saturday's $75,000 race. One or two expressed the belief that Hoop might have left his race on the track. Others said lt was just what a horse of his type needed while several jokingly replied that they mgiht as well withdraw their charges. Arcaro Rides Hoop Ivan Parke, trainer of Hoop naturally was elated over the work and word from Arcaro that the Kentucky veteran, rated America's No. 1 Jockey, would be available to rdie his colt. Arcaro will be the Exhibitionists Shot Hot Rounds Slammin' Sammy Snead and Clyde Ursina will run into plenty of trouble Sunday afternoon when they face Jack Isaacs and George Pay-ton in an exhibition match at the Hampton Country club if the local partMpants continue such brilliant Dlav as they exhibited in practice rounds yesterday afternoon over the nl Hampton limts. Norfolk, June 6. fP) Joe McCall hurled his third victory tonight as Norfolk captured the second game of the series with Newport News, 7 to 1. It was Norfolk's sixth straight victory over the Builders. Red Grant slammed his sixth round tripper of the season with Jack Bell on base. Heliport Newa ab a a Norfolk ab a a il.Kkint.u 1 0 KoraleaaU.eb 3 ft I 1 I. 4 9 ft ft 4 3 3 0 0 4 ft I 4 nut Ttunge.rf IHI ft Brfl.rf Moor. Johnson. rf O.lderone.o Ward. lb Owrb.2b Harrey.p aShbb bHoidea 2 115" GranUf 3230 Bakern Hi 4 ft 3 ft 2 8 1 1 i Mnrgan.ll 3 0 1 0 1 MeCail.p ft 0 ft ft ft 4 1 1 0 4 1 4 ft ft a Total. 3ft I 6 24 10 Tetela 35 7 10 27 15 for f'erony in Slh. hRatted for HarreS- in 9tb. Vimirt ft" ft! ft 1 Kr-rfnlk 2C ftl 2- 7 Error. Wirt. Orark, GaiMr. Haricj, Hkma. Runs batted in. RVtham. Gaer. Baker, Calderone. rnt. Two bl. hits. Caser. t.rant. Johrtaon Threet base hit. Rothan), Home run. Htolen tM. Geiler Sarrtfim. I'alderone, Grant Douhl. piara. MrCill. Knrale.kl; (iaaser Baker: Fernny, Clark. Ward; Baker, Left on ba.ei. Newport Sows 1ft. Nor fojk Bam on halii, off Harree 3, McVall ft bj Harvey ft. MrOall 8. rmpirel, Haltla 4 Pfirnjia. time, 2:10. Attendance, l.i12 paid. GUNNERS TRIP NAVY 9. 20-7 The Fort Monroe Gunners, gott back Into their winning ways by easily taking the Naval Landing Fort yesterday afternoon, 10-2. Aft-Force nine from Norfolk at the er winning nine straight, the Gunners second string hurlers weakened at Norfolk Monday and gave up 20 runs to the Naval Air Station, losing 20-7. Cpl. Ken Rhyne, ace lefthander, was the Gunner star at the plate and on the mound yesterday. He didn't allow a hit until the fifth, when Catcher VanCura it a double, went to third on a wild pitch and scored on a single. With a big lead, Rhyne eased up a little, gave up four more hits and another run. Rhyne started the Gunners' scoring in the second, hitting a tremendous triple which hit the famed Jefferson Davis" oak in deep center field and bounced back to the cen-terfielder, costing Rhyne a homer. The second baseman erred on Sgt. Roger Chrismon's grounder, permitting Rhyne to score. In the third, Rhyne singled with the bases full, driving In two runs. Cpl, John Rector, who has swapped positions with Lt. Camille Durand, and Is now playing first instead of second after a seige in the hospital, walked and Chrismon singled with the bases full driving home two. This marked the end for Harris, the starting (and losing! pitcher. The Gunners scored five in the third, added two more in the fourth, Sgt. John Fry driving In one with a single to right, and two more in the sixth, Sgt. Ray Condon hitting a homer after Fry walked. Condon also made a sensational catch of a line drive to rob Baker of a hit. Rhyne got three of the Gunners' eight hit, and Van Cura got two of the Sailors' five. Score by innings: Naval anding Force. ,000 010 010 2 Fort Monroe 015 202 OOx 10 Batteries: Fort Monroe, Rhyne and Speetzen; Naval Landing Force, Harris. Trainer, Fzurma and Van Cura, Wally. r- Cleveland. June 6. (P) Frank (Stubby) Overmire, Detroit Tiger southpaw, scattered 10 Cleveland Indian hits today to earn his fourth straight victory for Detroit. 8-1 ai Smith was charged with his fourth! loss as the Tigers evened the series til 1-1. Oetrett ab It Cleveland ll "Vft's" 4 0 3 4 ft 1 I 0 4 2 4 i Wepb.u irk.ib Cuiierbire.rf Trarcer i-f Outia it i Hkhird.e Oyermire.p 4 2 14 SSli; i 6 II i IP Ihi rf rt.rf 2 2 'i 0 4 9 Brr. 4 0 i 3 0 0 4 ft ft 2 Hoc 4 ft l.rni anvr.rf smi: in 0 I rt iBnnsl for Henry in Hn, TV'roit CitfinJ Ermri. Yk. MfH t)t iVtfV i'M iV.rt a-J R-voo, Run 4, Mfvfr. Tm? 19, Mivo, 2, Oin: hit Cnm-v. Wt-h l-otiole TVfht mj York; MiTO, Msir aind Vrlt; LH or Pefroit i off OTw-Birfr i Hfiuy Strike-! by Ovfrmtre JmitN 2, off ,1 ia 2-3 Hrv i in 2 Rlirman i tn 1 1. NV1M piiyJi, rf-nj St'iH. 1 plr-H. J-'warf. Wearer at HjttUrd. Time, US. Langer Suggests Disability Bill Washington, June 6 i.i Legislation requiring at least ten per cent of the players of each major league baseball team be persons who! nave iosi one or more or hands, was introduced Senator Langer R-N'D. Or more" leg5, arm' today The regulation would become effective at the beginning of the 1946 baseball season. Anyone violating the provisions of the act, Langer's bill provides, would be subject to a fine of not more than $1,000 or to Imprisonment of not more than one year, or both. Dutch Leonard 3-0; Nats Win Washington, June 6. OV-Pitcher Dutch Leonard was in rare form to-! night both at bat and in the shutting out the New York Yanks; vhtle he and his Washington mates got to Bill Zuber for four runs. It gave the Senators two of the three games in the series. Leonard gave up four hits, all singles, and Issued two walks. He did not permit a Yankee to reach second base. Zuber held tjie Senators scoreless for five Innings. Then in the sixth Leonard singled for his second hit, Joe Kuhel's short double scored him. Washington drove Zuber from the box in the seventh. Ken Hoicombe and Eteve Roser finished out. 5 i only former, winning jockey In the race, having won with Lawrin In 1938 and Whirlaway In 1941. "In intended for him to go the mile and one-eighth around 1:53," said Parke. "But he wanted to run and the boy couldn't hold him. He cooled out nicely and with Arcaro in the sadle we are going to be mighty tough to beat." The combination of the workout, Arcaro and the colt's victory In the Wood, is expected to send Hoop Jr. to the post the third choice at 5 to 1 with Jeep and Warren Wright's Pot O'Luck the co-favorites at 4 to 1. If Jeep wins it will be the first time the Whitiney's famous Eton and Brown capped silks have been in front since Whiskery won in 1927. Then, however, the silks represented the late Harry Payne Whitney. Pot O'Luck is sure to carry plenty of Kentucky money for they like Ben Jones-trained horses in these parts since he has saddled three derby winners, two of them for Wright. Little Advance Betting There has been little advance betting on the race In Derbytown, but the crowd, expected in the opinion of Matt Winn to reach more than 75,000, probably will make Lt. Com. T. D. Buhl's Air sailor and Mrs. W. G. Lewis' Darby Dieppe the co-fourth choices at 6-1 with E. R. Bradley's Burning Dream quoted at 8 to 1 and Henry Lunger's Alexis and the Murlogg Stable's fighting step at 10-1. Air Sailor, himself, turned in a work today that normally would have been the cause of much comment. He went the derby mile and one-quarter in 2:07 25, the first mile in 1:40 4 5. Burning Dream, the only definite starter without a jockey, stepped the mile and one-eighth in 1:56 breezing. Three Yankees Take Army Physicals I Washington, June 6. New York Yankee baseball players received Instructions today to re port for physical examinations in New York early tomorrow. John Lindell, centerfielder who was accepted by the navy in the spring of 1944 but was never called, was told to report at 7:15 a. m. and planned to leave late today to keep the appointment. Bill Zuber, scheduled to pitch tonight's game against the Washington Senators, and second baseban George Stirnwelss have until 9:30 a. m. tomorrow and will remain lor Travelers Take On Knoxville 9 Here The Knoxville Grays and the Little Rock Travelers, members of the Negro Southern League, will play here at 8:30 tonight at the Builders' Park. Both the Knoxville Grays and the Little Rock Travelers are displaying a topnotch brand of baseball this season and are coming here with their full strength. NEW U. S. TIKES RECAPPING QUALITY VULCANIZING W. S. Hornsby Bro. S105 JEFFERSON AVENUE rhona 2-1261 GOLD MEDAL Distilled Dry BUM 90 MOOr (DlatllU,) fr 1 1 3-1 1 lombortj St.T loH The pair who will face Snead anditne contPSt Usina, playing in separate 4 ft ft ft 4 4 114 2 4 0 110 4 ft 2 3 ft 4 ft 0 ft ft 4 1 1111 3 1113 I ft ft 5 ft 1 ft 1 ft ft ft ft 0 II 0 1 0 1 ft 1 0 0 ft ft nj ft 32 3 nit. tied for Berry in 9th. tKan fr in altatte't fn U.tod. in 3h. for Walter! in 7th. Philadelphia 1H0 loft ooft1 Binmn Out) 01ft Hi 8 Buna batted In. F.talella, Melns. Ttiitin, l.aaor. Mr-Ilride. Tuo bale hit. Pck. Metro. Vv-iodi, Tfthin. Tttree baie hita, Tobln. etteiner. Sarriflra, Inrea. Itouttie playi. Flnrei, Wllklna and Hiebert; Tntiin Hteiner and Left on baiei. Philadelphia 0. Ttoiutn A. Baiea on balii, orr Floras Wmwia ft. hv Fiorel 1, Woods 1. Hits, off Fioree 7 In Inninirs. Berry 2 in 1, Wofla A in Barretl I In 4. Wlnnlnr. plielier, Barrett. tiilm pitcher. Berry, empires. Bie, and Hinnfflert. Time, Attendant, BRAVES WIN. 15-1, 7-J Philadelphia, June 6. (Pi The Boston Braves swept both ends of twi-nlght twl bill, handing the Philadelphia Phillies their eighth and ninth straight defeats 15-1 and 7-3. Flrat Came Beteft Jooat Hnlmea If Nieman.rf (llllermater.of llnws.2ey fuller ae Cooper, ab ll a.Philadelphia "ftXiTcraivford.h" 2 8 1 ft 3 ft ft 2iVadell rf 4 2 13 niMattmef 111! oiSeramirk lf ab a i Tl 2 2 4122 4 ft 1 ft HID 1 ft 0 2 0 4 0 13 0 4 0 3 10 0 3 0 ft 4 3 ft ft 1 4 1 9 ft ft ft 1 ft 1 ft ft 1 1 4 3 2 3 1 4 4 Fon.m 4 113 4 Pearork 3 1118 Mam er l'oftman ijTTlS JtTsF Total! Boston 027 Oi floi-T', (Kl 000 le iiimner; mum ui.iri in, -t- iett, n4ijwi ,1, uii. ii.i.m-M Uv 2. Tw.t ttiif hiii,, Hti, J'xnt. hits hi! HnlntM 'lidle pUy. Junta 10 Orrwt to Hsmnei t- Kim; Mmteiun.lo t' AfH-fm; Mr trt Mas, 1. Left on' ha-if. Bolton 8. IMillidrlphl.t Kauri on h)U, nff At Viniiiti.J, i. "ivit4r 4t.rlktoiit. Hv r.Htprr 3. HprmiU I. Iliti. off Snr.niN ts 2 inning. tVffrtuii tn i 3. M.tniituiitk i.n I. Lunig pMfhfr, SnroiiiJ. i mplre. (iii), Btr ini tumn., "t1 BmIbb rtTVt Phi tidal ph ia Vb7'hT" 3 ft 3 2 3 3 13 1ft mill 4 i 4 ft 1 3 ft 4 2 ft llnlmei If Mak Nieman.rf tiiilrimaler.rf Muilr.r JtulrimtKl If 2 2 ft AmwflU 4 ft Viii4.rr 118 1 Ktx 3 2 2 3 ft -f ft 1 8 8 ft.Mnnteaanido.lf 8 112 1 Mam tiaii 4 ft 0 1 Hamter.u 8 ft 1 ft ft vail 0 tt ft ft OiaPeac.vk "37 7 10 27 i 1 al ft ft A 35 27 14 Totals ultaHM for WiitL fltli. Boston I'hilatifkiphit Kn (Jilliiiiir, Fut. tuUffl lis. 'uili'. Hmrhinas nio in: lift t'iv3 If tmntr 1. Rum iii(fmwtfr, K-m, Hmnnfr, ningn. Two hums litt, Holmi, Hiimf inn, FoTt, Smlet! hgs, Niirnin, r. i Drew. plv. jmin Mark. rt on hF. H4Htfn R. lf. Biti on otf Vv4f.t 1. Hnnhing Ktrtkt-otifi. bv ttmi I tTutrhing 6. off RntrHinc 9 in HuichinB it in 1. inning Hiifrhmg. 1'mpirtM. Barr, Dunn grxl Henri. T.Bif. Atttnciiii. ft.2:j. Chisox Snap Back Chicago, June 6. fP) Jimmy i Dykes Chicago White Sox, battered down into fourth place on their recent eastern tour, snapped back today to shut out the champion St. Louis Brown, 4-0, before 1,677 fans. St. Leuil Rvrnevif rit.p ik a i i Chita, a 413 I rf 3 ft 0 ft 0 ft ft ft ft ft llirk.h 4 ft i 3 ii (t rf 4 0 2 1 3b 4 12 3 1 2b 4 ft 0 2 .1 4 ft 0 2 1 Tre.n.e 8 ft 1 4 it Ontre.p 2 ft ft ft lftll it! "33 8 24 3 i Kreei Tit i-f l.ijniHiib rf M.nru.o Jakn, kl Tetali St. tUil K0 ft'tft 0 mil-ego nail (H3 Krrrf, Ctitteridge. Kreeeleh. aiottultft. Rum batted in. frhaik 2. To baa. hit. Dirkvlwl, Srhalk. Sfien baaet. plara, Mrilutnn and eitepheni; Ml-haell, ind Farreil. Uft nn bases. S'. Louii riiloagn 6 Ra.e nn halll. off Jakurk! 8 West 1, 1. Jtirlkenuta. by Jattrkt 3. Grot. I. Hitft. off Jakiifkl ft in Weat In 1. Idling pitrher Jakinkl. rmplrei. Fipgria rilia-reila and Rue. Time, 1 11. Attendancl, NAVY WINS, 23-? Led by the three hit pitching of Wallace, who struck out six men, me navai recruuing siaiion swamp- Metro. 4 113 OiLake.aa Pei k.rf ft 1 3 ft Sterner. KMaleila.f.f 3 ft 1 II 1 3 ft ft 1' Johnson. If 3 0 11 loi.rf Kell.hj 4 ft 1 ft 5iMelkiwlrh.Hl llklri it 3 ft ft tlKirge.o 3 1 0 8 0 VValten.a Klore. 2 ft ft ft 2 Rrrrr.p ft ft ft ft yr.arba'k a rMrOea 1 ft 1 ft ft ft ft (Ferriia Barret tp iTt i 24 1 TetaT i -1 i i I I Colts Down Cards; Ferrell Fires 3 Lynchburg. June 6. (IP) Wild pitching and erratic fielding gave the Richmond Colts an easy 13 to victory over the Lynchburg Cards in the second game of a three-game series which ends tomorrow night. Following the contest, Manager George Ferrell released all three pitchers who appeared on the mound. Don Schuchman went to Winston-Salem on option but Ri- singer and Reeves drew outright releases. Sam Maddox, southpaw pitcher, who appeared in only one game, was released earlier in the day. Rlehmenal Grffne.ra Milner.rf Nanlnrd.lft anrera.ft I'rmko i Henry Bciiauo.o akraa tlynehburt 3 3 ft ft 4 v'-miuuf 4 1 ft ft 0ill.inle.rf i i Mayrv.H) f. 2 3 0, i 1 6 ft 1 ft 1 MI'Faiiand ft ft ltem.ael,-'n 2 ft ft 1. St nurlultan.p 4 0 10 IliRitilter.p al'rire li-kinnon 1 ab a a fl' ft 2 3 ft 0 3 ft 4 0 0 1 0 ails: 12 0 11 3 112 1 3 4 ft 2 4 3 ft 0 0 tt 3 0 ft 0 ti 0 ft ft ft 0 10 10 1. 1 0 0 ft ft 33 3 7 27 8 a.Hued for Heetea In 9th. Bliliinond 041 130 10213 l.wnourg Old 4iH) brrori, adrn. Smittt. 2, Beitiaael i. eAcliiMhaun, Heevea. Ritna batted In, tireenr. Jan(ord i. Heal, Cabrera. Bellamy. MrKarland 3, Heinaaei 2. Two One hits, Fa'S Saniord. 1'rlce. Tinea base hita, Mr- Stnien hanjialil. torn, CaOleia. ltoutjle pla, Itemko to San'alli: k-aill to lleniko to Naiitord: Hi'lliaEel Mr- ivaiaiil. Ha by panned Uail. Ferrell, og.eell ly llrnr, I'agh SrliuiHunan. Lett itit Pairs, HiHiitv'tid i4, I vnclibuiK ft Basel on baila, ttf NriMLliutan HisiiiKer 4, Ueeea 1, Henry itiii'ltman iioije 1 tttninK, Bn-ingrr ft in Ktee 4 in 2 2 j. Hirikt'oin. hy Si-Hut IiHi.ti 2. bunts eiibuciimio. wplrei, kl ka., Roanoke Wins 7th Straight, 11-3 Roanoke, June 6.Pt Roanoke ran its string of successive victories to by defeating Portsmouth, 11-3, here tonight. The visitors took an early lead but the Red Sox counted five times in the fourth after making four in the opening to assure them the victory. Pdrttmnuth ab a 3 I ti 2 'Valuer is 113 tih 2 1110 Mnrk .11) 4 i 2 t'olrman i 5 'I 1 t. 3 1 3 I'Sittnli rf 4 ft 0 2 ft ft 1 Tlaia.p 1 ft (1 ft Falling. 1 ft tl ft ft ft at I inno (iijit'lllltiil 4 2 1 .1 4 .1 3 (I 5 1 2 4 4 in i 4 1 2 10 ft 4 i 5 12 4ft I ft 1 I 0 0 0 I' tirint'tjini. tin tn, cll! sUiirr rt 3.1 7 8 74 II! Tot 39 It 13 27 IS HanM fftr stmin in St'ii PorJitmmirt tt fVO 7 400 Oil -11 Krrori, Boinr, Crantlum. Kleltl. in mluhx'. i a. rtn.Mi, Jv-kt 2, KMi kmnn. hit. Smith. bt hit, Jfk, Hoif n.n, S-Mfiij-iti. Si i 4, r.sp.B Uoiihir JIk Poit'ki t' Bodiiff EO P'tpott kilo RMf; 2. I.f!! on rorf.mouth 5, R-'in'tkc tO, Byral ii h'N. off Pin h. t. SteMK'f. I. strikiHim-. I'iiii 1, Fmhn S. fivisiru 8tt Kit, o'f 2 2 i-a' di, Filling in 3 I'ivnhh 3 in 3 sit ii in 3 in I in I it bv H'r-Hetrt i Knit cnn piteft, rro-iHMiP, Winning piifhrr, in-. rmcb. I mptrcs, fi-hiijiiai n1 Ungs, Tun, 2 n. Blanks Yankees, Series, 2 To 1 Ne York ab ll a a Waahinjt.u ibrku Mrtnenr rf Ellen. Ib MMrnwein.2ft r.rird.i.rtb rf 7 'hf, rt B'-lcombi 4 ft 1 4f 3 1 1 5 Knurl. 'b 8 0 8 0 Torrrl.aa 4 ft 1 ft Vaughn. 2b 4 0 ft 1 4 ft 1 2 1 Lavne 3 0 13'. Ferr.II 3 0 0 2 1 reil If 2 0 0 i Leonard, I0MI 1 ft 0 0 ft ft ft ft ft 1' 3 1 ft 0 411 II 4 1,89 4 4) ft 1 3 4 1 ft 3 ft 3 1 1 ft 8 3 1 1 4 3 ft ft ft ft 3 1 3 I TetiU 31 8 4 24 II! Tntali 31 4 7 27 all. virb i in fin ftooi e'j noicuDMe e.n. a 2 1 i i i tt ESTABLISHED 1885 aBatted far fJustine In 8th. IvBatted far Jxipe In Sib. Cincinnati drift Oftft 0T5 3 I'ittshiirirh HOD OftO (l 0 Rtm Patted In, Walter. 2. Miller. Two ria.e hit-, Mra'ormick. Tlahittren. Merter. Three bale lift, Hnme rtm. Walter. Stoien bale. Hand-lev. Dmible plaja. Miller. Williams and MrCor-mlrk; Williams and Left nn bases. Cinrinnatl 7. Pittsburirii 4. Baie on balls, oft (Jables 2. Strlkeonta. b.r Waiter! 3, Roe 1. Bill, off Ro. ft in 8 tnningi. flafllei i In 1. Hit pitrher. bj Rt. IMH'nrmirkl. Losing Roe. 1 ntpirea. fnnlan. Henllne. Bogge'l and Pinelil, Time, Auendanre. 13.2T7. RIVETERS WIN AGAIN The Riveters chalked up their fifth straight win in the City Supervisors league yesterday at Huntington Park, defeating the Fitters, 10-1. Bradshaw on the mound for the Riveters allowed only four hits. while Ayers of the Fitters gave up eight bingles and several walks. Riveters were aided in scoring by some loose play on the part of the Fitters. 1st BATTLESHIP III U. S. NAUt) ''Baar A MODERN BATTLESHIP ORDTOARU BLADE RIQID III RAZOR PAL HOLLOW GROUND Flxib! in Razor 4 4 Pol eirftwi Pioneered, PeWedexl end Potn(d tha Hollow Ground bloda) a different, modern blade for "a different, modem shove. Pal it flexible in ttie razor, follow! facial contours, whisk fcig crwoy whiskers with juit a "Feather No "bearing kwn" to no Irritation to tender ikim. Delicate blade edgei last longer, too. Try a pock today. PAL BLADE NEW YORK IIDLLQW GROUND llAZflR B1ADES (natf(-rwvsl at went eight under par as Payton posted a sizzling 68, five under the standard, and the Langley Field ace, Issacs. clipped three of par with a 69. Usina. playing with still another group, racked up a 70 for his afternoon's effort. Should these golfers continue to play the fine style of golf as they exhibited yesterday in the match Sunday at 2, par may suffer one of the worst beatings lt has ever had. clowns edged The Raiders edged the Clowa, 14 to 12 in a game played at the Jefferson field In the Negro iUSO-City Softball league yesterday afternoon. Worrell was the winning pitcher and George the loser, with each team collecting eight hits. Cody and DesVerney iwith homers for the winners, and Stokes with three for three for the losers, were the outstanding hitters. TIMEKEEPER GIRLS LOSE The Drawing Room edged out the Timekeepers, 9-8, in the Girls City Softball league game played at the diamond at 49th and Virginia yesterday afternoon. HOW 00 GET A RATON CRrFCAT FOR WE HELP YOU APPLY tODlfMr If ar tyfficial hep4cJeii shows yen D42d new tires, we ll till out aod handle your ratioa application fo yoo. When it'i granted, we can ecrujp yoor cr with the only tire baxked by 3 years' orrat synthetic tire experience the B.F.Goodrich Sihretown. These tires hae proved themseWei in aeric totaling BILLIONS of mile. Drive in. We'll tell yoa if yoa're eligible. B. F. GOODRICH STORE 3710 Washington Ave. Dial 6-1329 I nMk fTsWiwait? bLnJU. H.en,ngtn (fin on: 3-i-4 ccj tne Apprentice machine shop, t.rrore rimes, sat 1 rne i Rnnl batlrd In. Ktiiiel, Ferrell. Leonard 2. T.r, baae hit. Kiihel. 23-1 at HuntillgtOn park in a City Hi-iien b.e,, boirbi, pi, troietn, ttitn-1 cnft ball lenciie cam. f-Jt-d Ktten. MetUen. Ktten. Left on ha.el i 0,108,1 Am sen v.rk it. va.n,nf.n 4 itaje. on nfitemoon. Clay and Ikewell with ziser tonard sirikeott'a, ht homers and Coolce with thrre hit. j.tter 2 off Ji.iber ft In ft Imtng. B1IO VOOUe 31111 inrce nils i tr. 2 0 1.0,1- 8 pi-H, led the 18 hit assault on three er. Si'iner Beir. i.ri.rp and JMStWMl i Marhinfit hurler. inn, AutorjaoM. j.viacninisi nuiiers. 1 1 1 1 1

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