The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1933
Page 5
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MONDAY, SKPTKMBKR 18, 1933 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS_ PAG<8 KVE CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rnte per lino lor consecutive Insertions: (Five average words to a line) One lime P« Hue .......... 10c | Two ttincs per line per day OSc. •fliif! Ui'>es J»r line per day Me! Six trail's per line per (lay . . die Moulli rale l« r ll!le ........ ^ Minimum cliwee 60c 1 WANT LAND— We have buyers for -tira. Sd's and larger tracts. Can sell IHO iracl. See THOMAS LAND COMPANY. i home In Blytl:e- ' monthly iiiMiillmcnts :i. l s it is -tfiulnij lor, I'd IK- shirt lo tell you 'hu\v. i:. M. 'IKKUY, AKMII. Phone 017 or 3W Be klO-S "DO(iS, I'KTS Ads ordered tot three or six lime* and sl°PP ca bcfl)I ' c expire - Uuu will bs charged for tlie number of limes the ad appeared and adjustment o! bUI made. l'nr llrultliy Does feed .Milter's l(:ili()lis * <!utck I.uiich CO. llcklO-11 FOR HBNT TWO room • j " apartment, All Classified Advertising copy|w. Ash. iiibmllted by persons residing out title of the city must be accoin- yimlcd by cash. Hales may p« >catily computed from above table. NICELY turmshed REASONABLE. j.i [XT cent by weight, to t>c stored, selected In or ii|x>n the premises described in sucli permit, mid the npplleaiil will not otherwise violate any law of tills Slate or knowingly allow any oilier ixv- son to violate any Minute while In or upon such premises. Section 3. lli-iore any iwrson, fir or corpornllon shall be imlhor- Izccl lo offer for wile at retail such liquors ns prc.scrllicd herein, he shall apply to and secure from the Clly Clerk a permit or license for which a fee of $15 CO shall be paid. And no such permit shall be granted or Isned by the City Clerk uu- , 111 .said retailer shall exhibit his 'slate |>ermlt. srimled or Issued to him by the Commlssloher of Revenue or Ills ntent. And any permit dinnnce Is delayed will be Bcner-l p r( ,( pn | ally sold, with pollcJiiB 1m- " L »l policlne nnd U is further found! Unit the lax revenues provided in | lhi!j m-dinaiu'c are Immcdliili'ly' Links Are Declared Easier Illl!) uliulluiuL- .111; luiintu..*...., 8A|\T JOHN" N U (UI'J —Tile Unuiince^ of , ,' u ^ hereby' entill;- than the old-time player, .I-,"', 1 " ; n ..., SC nn. foV! A Lmde IMwIer, who h:is Ijeen writ- declared, mid it tin 1 preservation is necessary for I A '• lllil >-' P"* 1 '"'. wlio 1m ton wil of the public | "'a •'buul unit for a lioslon news- tin 1 pieservauon 01 me imu"i. ••" ••--••• =-•• •— •••-•- ..... pence health and xifi-ty that Oils. P-'l»'r lor 30 years, bdevcs. .idlnuici- shall become effective I'^ier,- who is .s|K<mllnu a brief without delay, iintl II shall take Y 1-Jt!on In llu- Marlllmes. declares - without delay, iintl II sa e . effect and be In force nt once. I "'at If S»H a-orcs are belter today, 1 Sweatshops Exiited In the 17th Century HOSTON tlll't—Totlay'n aweat- slir>]i iipiwi-eiilly had Its comiter- part buck '.n the mlddlo of Ihe. Hill Century. In HHB, lecordi show, a "Com- liany of Sliocimikers," known as Ihe lluslon Outld, was ormnilwd, oiievatliig under u charter granted ' .. -• * i by the MisjichuvtU' B»y Oolgtiy. A copy of the charter, In colony record*, «how> thnt was not nil ultempl for n. closed i) but. to prevent work tx(ln| into rmnUlet, to protect Ihe public aealiiBt Inferior work >nd the Indiuitry ng»liut uiifnlr cotn- |H.'lltton. , Orf. (U?)-8k(letoiu of , (*p detr, Uielr aiiUws interlocked, WtrejfQund In Uw .Ci»c»(Je Mountains near here^ The mortal bal- tlc bf^en : the two. great bucks, cue F|* six and one :with,«veh ppInU, Js IhouBlH to "a v place last Jail. , (Henri Courlor «e*f Waul Ads) Tie table knife became popular after the 11th century; it was used fen- eating as well as cutting at first. I'ASSKD AND APPROVED l' lls 'i 2lilh day of AIIBII^. 10X1. i Cecil Bhane. Mayor. ATTEST: S, C, brc.m-u' courses are easier, l ' lllll:i "i"" 1 I'llli-lent unil because OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern 1031 W. 1J times. No responsibility will be taken lor more than one Incorrect mot chuHiliud ad. MODERN Kin-i'.Lslicd 0-rooin s'lh- urban home on highway, reason- .ilile. "X". Cuuilcr News. Anvcrllsina 'ordered lor Irreyu- . lar imcrliuns take (.he one laic. time Hiouc :^0b or 307 no NT BEDIJOOM with heal. Wahml-, Mrs. 5c klO-5 GOOD FOUR ROOM HOUSE. E. H. Jartihon, plionc GO. FUllNISHEH APARTMENT. Wes'- Kentucky, iiliono _ 033. FURNISHED Hcrtrooni. jirelerably for man, fnniacc heat. 514 Main 93. . li su.w; oir.r sizes »nd nvne to oriier. uamey "•- cl ,,l,iLl, ulld Adding , 1 .,. u 2 1 STORE BUILDING nnd residence combined with complete fixtures for meat and groceries, CIO S. Lane. See Dr. J. A. Saliba. '"-'•" ATTRACTIVE bedroom for men. close In. Mrs. M. T. Moon. Call CM-W. 23C kQ-23 UcgUlcrcd Spencer Corsctien JIis. i- i- Davis. i,. (;. MOSS Blvllievlllc's cul rale umlcrlukcr. - Modern 3 room furnished furnished apartments, newly decorated, nvcr Kirby Drue Co. Also slnrc building adjolnins Uoxy Theater F. Simun, 120 IV. Davis. Call 25c M-25 lav,- your s^dclacki-l and otl.e Fall dol»i« nmfle new by «.u icclal cleaiiinR prutcss. rluir.o SPORTING GOODS ONK or two ruoms on North Kitilroad street, suitable for cotton offices. Will iix to suit tenant on lease. Apiily Courier News, Mcdianic's garage and buildin? .suitable ior emin, coal or beer btoraEC. Frisco sidmt. Sttrnbcrg Cotton Co. Call M. 18u-kl8 TWO Nicely Furnished Bedrooms Mrs Ed Ilardin, 1017 Walnut. \\V ah- contiiiuini; uur Golf Hall .Sale-Offer-Conic in and . miliiire nLont it- ilulibanl Ilardv.-iire Co. TMPI.EMENTS Cation" "f Wasons Crt Our Prices l-'irst Byrum 1'iouiice Co. •\crii--s Frmil I'osl Olliic 2!u NEW FORD BATTER1KS llcntal-HcdiurijhiB-Kepairiiii! TIKI-: ec uA'rrERY STA'HON • WANTED TO.iiUV .. HIGHEST PH1CES paid for tires inner tubes, iron, metals, inaga zincs, hides, cars to wreck. Wolt Arian, 128 E. Main, Phone 176. QctvlO-9 CORN WANTED MARILYN HATCHERY ALL KINDS Men, Women children's tiwd clothing shoes. Highest cash price. l/jlgh- ton's 320 E. Main. OcklO-0. Vnr I'rompl 1'llone 8 Raltrry Scnic-c r.en (Jluiic 3lc V:9- StuvaRC room, musl lie watcrprool and ren.ronablc. Mia. Norris, ihonc 300 or 274-J. -!x-tl AUTOMOTIVE Day ,V. Ki^h 1 Sorvicc Station Complete I.lne Sh.-l! Products Reiiair Work al Any Time Phone 005 Milton Sternbor^. 13c kin-i i.Vi;"ci-:sT STOCK rsnii I-AII jj"t\vr-en Memphis and St. Ixinls A'jn Auto Cilasr. - Phone OS JACKUON AUTO I'ARTS CO. 2c k!0 Auto Glass All Kinds Instnllcd Tl'c Ark-Mo I.iimlicr Co. lOci: 10-10 WANTED WANTED — by Indy, two vncant rco:ns for lipht housekeeping, desirable neighborhood. Phone SCI. I5pkl9 KOU SALK_(Hl_TKA WILL SELL cheap my house and lots in Blylheville ov trade lo U'Cd car Box 05 or 921 S. Lily St 18pMl STRAYED STRAYED or STOLEN Saturda night small yellow Jersey cow. yr.s. old. leather halter with I 1 .. 'icot chain, long sharp horns, short dark hush on tail. Call Jake Un- car Gin or notify Ed Haynes. IBpMl n<-d's I'larc—US E. Main Call 30S fur Autn Tainlin; l!nily anil Cruder Service Formerly wllh Shousc-I.lltlc Co 26P-M-21 KdSSKI.L AM>ERSOS In rhargr Clirj'.slt-r (Jaracc \\--nl; Cimrantccd on any make car New Van Nnrman Jlnriii.:; Slacliinc 1'lionc 8S3. KckD-25 I'OR SALR 1JAHY BUGGY, practiealiy i-pasonablc. Plionc 8."i8-j. llenlicsl. RADIO SERVICE KXI'ERT RADIO SERVICING !-rst EnuippKl Shop In nlylheville (IMIOI.I) SUHDURY - 1'ilOXF, I 2p klO-2 TKJTAT, NOTICES Mrs. CAFE, ino N. Second St. On account of .sickness very il-le. IS-.i k20 GENTLK PONY, new saddle, harness, rubber tired cart, very r,. A. Rnliinson. Osceola. 1'honc 320 or Earl Quinn ISfi. UEAI. ESTATE jn ncrrs ! mil" "I Hiylhcvillo on hi.rH roati. S3.WO. Nice rrsinnice. v.iHi rlcc;r:r lic'nls in all hniltiings. ;-;ui cni-h. Inlnrro lone timr loan ft (!'-. 31 ari-'\s Barleld rmd. 1'i- miles nil t'riiv SI.800- Ensy lorms. fin acre".. 5 miles of Si cole. Mo. «2.5<10. 40 arrcs, '•; nillf of Ulylhtvillc. J-KXX). Mn arrcs. '•: niilc off nf 61 hinh- vay. Wonderful tract. $60 per acre. 10 acrrs adjoining latlon. S7i per acre. No I) plan- • We have anything you might '.vant. ' THOMAS LAND COMI'ANY tin than sixteen <16) gallons. Section 2. Before any permit avlhorized by this ordinance shall be issued and delivered to any applicant therefor, such applicant shnll make and subscribe to an cath that he will not allow any Intoxicating liquor as defined by .., said Act No. 7, of any kind or -• characUr. including beer or light \vines and distilled spirits, having an alcoholic content in execs.; of i yuuiij! mm will) iiiiluval »p ill mle an.' taking up the sport. Hill uo, Ihe old-llmers ew lliem all. nnd praclli-ed'lhem, -11; in- MId. UtV.TONYj VOURTiOSCOE TUT TVV WEACT ON . . Mector in Ihe last preceding gcn- What is now known as WaUim I Street. In London was a Roman "ny ro It unukl lake 2U states liie sl/.c in Uluxli- island lo make one stale as laryc us Texas. oad, built by Julius Caesar din-in person lo 'sell the liquois prescrib- made application to and obtained a permit from Ihe City. Section 5. Any person convict . ed of the violation of any provls- 1 ton of this ordinance shall bo inm ishcd by a fine not exceeding $500. 00 and by imprisonment, not ex . person so convicted or found violating the terms of his application is set out in Section 3 hereof shall fen K>mi\ CCHSHIIS why dins Should lluiulli! Ynur K tiie holder of any permit Issued under authority ol this ordinance. such pcimil . thereafter be void, and the holder thereof shall not (hereafte period of one year be entitled to N». 7— V'ri-i' shells, stalls, horse lot, :tnd wiili'v-lnnish ill .vour Hcrviec day anil nij;li(. any permit for any purpose ailih- orized In this ordinance. Section 0. It is found as a fact that since the Congress of the United States has authorized the namifactnrc and sale of light h«s and beers as herein defined, -,ey are being sold throughout the | late, nnd If ojicration of this or- 1 Harold Sternberg Manager JTECNEEEG CiN A NO HKH RiruniKS 3»T5 By Craa BLESS MV SOOLf VUHV,l HEftRO VCiJ'O \W£U,UWW COME OKI, PITCH ^TeNT pov* BV MISS PLACE, LAKE. MORE COMI'ANY! WASH TUBBS „ 1H1S T'ME, I' WoaMiM 1 , MISS Wt-BSTe'R. \W'I-I TWO PROSPECTORS I WHERE'S SOUR CLAIM W? M AWS CLBIM. ARRIVE, ,.. U6TEN!! ANOTHER 006 TEAM! PROSPECTOR SO WEAR. THERE'S MOTH1U6 WE CP.H 00 ABOUT IT, THO. BY BLOSSEK RIGHT BACK AT HIM! SALESMAN SAM IM TH' OR-OOfi AND HIS FRIKXDS UO-BOT CM LOOWN' FOR' 'EM OA.V r^RE THEY *1ERE IM VOUR HOTEl. NC5W, MR, HUFF? FROM-CHICAGO ?HMM..... 'THEV TO KILL COME -TO THIMK OF rr.uow, IT MR. BOTTLE WHO WMOTED PORK CHOPS TOR DINWER OWE- EVENING , THEY ARE TRAVEL IWQ SAUESMEM, FROM' CHICAGO IMEYRE n;j« MEAT, OKDIXANCE NO. aao AN ORDINANCE PERMITTING THE RETAIL SALE AND DISTRIBUTION' WITHIN THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE OF LIGHT WINES AND BEER. AND TO PROVIDE FOR TAXING OF SUCH SALE AND DISTRIBUTION, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE: Section 1. The term "beer" or ^,__ "light vdne" means any fermented liquor made from malt or any p" p/ substitute therefor nnd having an -; alcnhoiic content of not in excess o; 3.2 per cent by weight, and as described and defined In Act. No. 7 pnsscd by the General Assembly ci the State of Arkansas and approved by the Governor August "H, 1033. The lerm "retail distributor" or 'retail dealer" means any person who sells to thi consumer lijht -.vines or beer-In quanlilies of less

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