The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR fy THE BLYTHEVILLE COUKIEH NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHEKS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINE8, Advertising Manager Sofc National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Clly. Llttlo Kock. BLVrHEVILLE. (ARK.1 COURIER NEWS Published Every Afternoon Exccp'. Sunday. Entered as second clf-M matter at the post ollicc nt Iilytlicvllle, Arkansas, under act of Congress Oc- 7.~~> tober 9, 1917. Served by Hie United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier ill the Clly of niyllicvllle, ISc \Kt week or S0.50 per year In advance. By mall wllliln a radius of 50 miles, 13.00 per year, $1.60 for six monlhs. 85c for three montlis; by mall In postal zones Iwo lo six. Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. Promoting Child Health 11 is cncoimiKJiipf lo ri'ad llwt l.almr Secretary Frances 1'crkins is unili'i-- UkiuK to incklo the problem of reslor- iiiff the health of children wlm have suffered by the depression. Figures presented to Miss IVrhins indicate thai no less than onol'iTUi of all the cliildrcn in the country an- n»w showing signs of umlcr-iioiirishmcnl, latk of ])roi>er medical caiv and inadequate housing- Tjiat statement speaks for itself and needs no comment. Now Mi£s Perkins has called a meeting of child health leaders, to convene in \Yasliiriglon on Oct. 6 under the auspices of the Children's linrcnu. To say that this conference will have plenty of work to do is to put it very 'mildly. It will have to find a way to meet one of the most distretisin^ situations imaginable. The whole country will wish il all kinds of success, The Graj Sails On\ Announcement that the German dirigible Graf Zeppelin will appear at I he Chicago Century of Progress exposition - on Oct. 26 reminds us once more that the Germans seem perfectly at home with these lighter-thari-air lineiv, no matter what difficulties other nations may have with them. _TMsj-ergarkable-airship liiis, l>y now, a record of achievement so long I hat no one can recite it all without a reference hook. It has (town a round the • world, it has crossed various oceans so ninny times that people have lost count, it has acted as a commercial carrier, and it has never had a really serious accident. Now it is gniiijr to re-visit the American middle west, and no one has the slightest doubt that it will make its trip right on schedule. All in all, the career of the Graf Zeppelin is a striking example of the. tilings that can be done with a dirigible by people who know the tricks. "That's Politics" If you sometimes wonder why American city government i.s so oflcn I he despair of the ]iolilii';tl .scientist, you might listen to this true story. A man named .Maurice Musclikc retired not long ago after serving m;my JUT OUK WAY yonr.s ;is Rcpublicim parly hoss in Clcveluixl, 0. Tlic oilier niglil he imuli' a lillle sliced) to n pnrly gfiUicriiiK, reminiscing about the old days in politics, and In- tol(i how his machine hail finally unhorsed I'lcveliiiid's famous mayor, Tom I.. .Johnson. "Tom L, .l.iiiHMiii." said Alaschld. 1 , "wtis onii <>f I In 1 jcrcalcsl mayors any Aim'i'it-aii i-ily I'VIT had, |>ul wo hual him." Then an innncniil younjr man in Hir ainlii'iicc asld'<l why, if Johnson li;ul been :in i!XiT|>Ui)iinlly jjood mayor, .Mnsclike li;ul taken prick? in throwing liiin out i>f "IIice; jiml .Masclilu; smiled and said, "Tliiil'.s politics, my hoy." And Ihere you have il. Ueplaci: a supiii'lalively ifood man will) a mediocre one, if necessary; anything to tfol the jolis, no mailer huw Uii; cily KOVCMI- muiil may sullir. "Thai's politics." I"ree Ballooning 'I'hi' iiirplauc piiiil may have :i joli thill brings a lot, uf thrills and exdlo- mcnl, but il ^iinclimes looks as il' I he fellow who flies a free K'llloun is even more likely •<> lead an adventurous life. The experiences of I wo (.earns in Hie recent Jamf.s Gordon HeniiRlt race seem lo bear that out pretty thor- 'fhe Polish lijillixm amx! down far up in the Canadian wilderness, • and for day.s il was lx.-licved I hat ils I wo occupants had perished. At last they 'showed up, ;i1ive am! well — ami ihen all hands turned lo look for the oilier lost balloon which, it was feared, had drifted out civt-r the open sea. Thai hiillnon likewise turned up a few days Inter, and its Myers were found in an Ontario forest, bruised, half-starved, sick and exhausted. The experiences of these two teams seem lo indicate thai balloon racing is now alum I a.s purposeless and dumb a sport as modern life affords. Recovery Is Working There cnn be no misinkini; llic evidence. The recovery program Is working. M&tcover, that lirogruin dues not presume Co deprive Industrial management of the stimulus (if normal prfilll. • For the prcsenl, we nre in llic midst of a re- i-onslnicLlon process. We uiv Irynm lo hiy a foundation on which niny be ercvcti'cl H surer, letter economic nml social stnicture. Normal profll may have to be postponed, but it inns', cotnc buck if our planned economy is lo survive. IL Is equally Irne, >vc bclicvi", lli:U the era of uljiioniuil profit which almost sank us I.s gone, u-jver to return. Tin- Inborn- Ls worthy of his hire, whether he wields' 11 pick or directs ulTnlr.s from an c;xe- cnllve's desk, nncl nny order !hat would unrijr- take to repeal Hint verity could not endure and would not be 'iidurable. liiiilativc, energy, honor, nil tile qualities that make for worthwhile- success, Hint. In Iheir totality £|tel! abilily. must, cfliitinuc lo receive their just rewards. Similarly, llic drones. Incompetents, nun-dcpenii- ablcs uiiisl accept, their deserts. Bill, surely, soinctliiii'j approaching economic: justice i.s an aUnlnable Ideal, and Uiat is what we have set out for, Unit, Ls wlml \ve urr goini; ;-j get lo. duspiie Ihe adiuonitionr,, .scare-crows and m- junctions of a system and (i philosophy thai have collapsed. —SI. Lo'.iis rost-r>is|>alch. A Bill's best friend is a plate R!a:-s —Claudcltc Colbsrl. SIDE GLANCES By George Clai-kl Jritish Farm Head Wants to Be Plain "Mr." ItV IMI. .HI) KRIS MSIIIii;i.V ;c[H[ir, .Tcwrniu of the AmrricJiii Mcclihl Assohiallon, and uf |[y. Rein, llic Heullh MajMrinc ThroiiRh the Unlled Bu- tods are also rich In bolh iron e.iu of Fisheries, n study lias re-' ""d copper, but not so rich ns is 'Hut we sent presents •an'l jns( stny now." for her first four bnbii'.s. We ysters Contain Healthful Minerals in Large Quantity ; rxccpt luer. .surpasses ilie oyster iin tlie nmouut of iron and copper found in the average serving. Such foods ns spinach, peas, beans and c-iuly been miide of (lie cx.ict value the oyster. or the oyster in human din. From line (o time It, hns been pointed The investigator for the Bureau out that the oyster Is of special I"*' Fisheries made a special study vnhie in the diet because il con- I to determine the value of oysters in nins variou. 1 , mineral .substances | Hie diet for people wilh anemia, nnd vitamins not usually found | who rcciiiire iron and copper lor with similar richness In other food aiding the development of blood substances. cells and of the red coloring mat- For example . calves' liver is[ tcr '"the h!ood. The experimental recognized as one of the richest) ontmal used was the rat, which is •sources of iron and copper, con- j most . frequently used in studies of lainlny approximately 5.4 nilliijrams lullrilfon of iron and 4.-1 milligrams n! cop- Thc ™' s '"re fed a diet contain- per in each 100 grams-fit liver In i ln B lllllk and (lrlccl oysters, and It cunli-iiH wiih lliis. oysters tontam! WB sfoiinrt that Ihe oysters served 02 milligrams of iron and -15 mil- ; 1 ulle pff 'cienlly for purpose of ll'iranis of copper In each 10o! bI(!fKl regeneration, grams of oysters. I Oysters are known to contain all No other commonly CHURCH EXCUSES By Oco. W. „,„,, ,„.., of the mineral substances ivhicl: s "' """• ] arc necessary to maintain health : ami to promote reproduction nnc lactation. Rals fed on these simple diels grew and were capable ol reproducing and nursing their ..younj* The oyster is liigh in proteit and i.s alfo known for its specta j content of vitamin K, the socallec ! anti-sterility vitamin. j It Is interesting that oysters dc- Uf-ar Aiinl: | rived from waters in various part: Archibald anrl I have- decidrd lo j of the scacoast vary in their con ;n;i our letter in the church ncxl! tent of mineral substances^ soutl yitudny. I know yon muM re-i Atlantic oysters being much riche uii-inbrr []ML uexl Sunday is Jun-jin iron Ulan north Atlnnlic oyslcrs ifii-'s birtiiday 5.0 if you do lliis as are aUo oysters from the Cut Ihc litiii! diirling will have of Mexico. By Williams L/VJGH . X AST TO HOLD ME. "- FIXED FE.V.T 1 TO ME. OOTA PA KITS. thing lo tnik about «hcn lie prows j Qystcm from Ihe Racllc coast, and Ix-comcs a relief direclor fall between the two. This is prob suincthin^. Of rourse. Iin is, nbly due to Ihe mineral content ol old enoiip.h to know ns he! of the water in which the oyster ill only tv two years old. are developed. Archibald is under the - iprsssion lhat lie will be three.! tell Archibald it is like you say JjOViet Expelling Over -we should put L-u 1 .- Idlers in' TJ if u'lr ic Sunday after he- v.-as a year - Hall Million d and then auenrird church on le Sunday nvarrs: his birlVui.n- .MOSCOW, c UP)—Between 2 .-cry year. Nn ninti. r how biuy and 25 per cent of the member should be as .!'inn; grows olc 1 - ship of the ruling Communist Par he would aK'..i>- have ih-j ty arc being expelled In the thor iciiglil Hint F;II!H v .ind Mother, nngh "chlslka," or cleansing. 1101 o all intenl Tiici I:::M-^cs licccur.e under way. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fi-wn Um Alt* of the BlytbtrtlM Dtllj Courier Tutfday, Sept. 1$, 1923. MEMPHIS—Whal Is fnid to 1)0 in first bale of cotton ginned t Slkeston, Mo., since Ihe Civil Var reached Memphis Saturday, lKiicd to Clicatham Cotton company,' Khlp|icd lo them by J. Galecner. who handled the otlon for ll>o growers, Dan and o Becker. Slkcston is sluiatcd In Scott oumy and il)l.s year apiJioxlinalj- 20,000 acres of fine land have cen plained in cotlon. Mason Ezzcll, who was formerly !lh the First N'nllonal bank, has ceeptcd a position \illh a bank I Memphis and lefl Monday lo liter upon his new duties. Mr. OIK! Mrs. Robert Klrshncr lid Miss Annclle Malian letuni- a Sunday from Frankfort. Mich., here they spent the summer. Miss Katlileen Bull left Tucs- ay for Rnndolpli-Mncon college t Lynchuurg. Vn. En route she ill speiKl a day at Memphis. MONDAY, SEPTEMBERJ8 - THIS CURIOUS WORLD MOSQUITOES. ir GIVEN THEIR, CHOKE, \VH-L DRINK. SWSBTENBD V/ATEO. H PREFERENCE TO BLOOD/ THERE ARE FOOTBALL LEAGUES L THE PL AVERS VWEAR NO SHOES/ THEY DEV610P GREAT KICKING ACCURACY ANO PUNT 50 YAROS VMTH EASE t- LONDON (UP)— Minister of Apiculture Waller Ellict, who won lie Military Cross during Ihe war. is tired of being called "Major" nd "u-ishcs to be known in fu-' lire as plain 'Mister' Elliot." The above ts the substance of nn flicla! iiolice Issued from Hie Mln- itry of Agriculture, ever whose dcs- inies Elliot presides. During the .\\-ar Eiliot served as Japlaln ID the Scots Greys. He vas awarded Ihe Military Cross •1th Bar. After the war. a number of Meni- crs of Parliament, who were ofH- ers during the war with temporary anks sueri as Billot's, dropped the use of their military title. Among liem ex-Secrelary o[ State for Inta Wedgwood Benn. ot the last Labor Government, who made nown that he did not wish to b« SHIPS VSRE NOf RA1NTEO IN I CURIOUS DESIGNS THE WORLD WAR FOR THE PURPOSE /rtAKINS THEM LESS, VISIBLE, BUT TO MAKE IT MORE D<F FOR TORPEDO 6OATE TO ESTWATE THE SHIP ddresscd as "Captain." Mister" Wedgwcod Benn but as The word "camouflage" is incorrectly used In speaking of the painting used on ships during the «-ar. Officially, the pij was called "dazzle painting", and Its purpose was lo caiise mlsca| tions when enemy guniiBrs atlempled to torpedo the ship, bow waves were sometimes painted on the hull to give the ail ance of terrific speed. . NEXT: Can a snake poison ilitlf irilh [ts own vero Groi/ndhog Revealed Stolen Bank Loot ROCHESTER, Ind. (UP) — A groundhog Is credited here with having brought to light a bundle of valuable papers hidden by bank robbers. The paiwrs vere found beside -- ~ I the groundhog's den by Charles iRead Courier News Want Pringle, a fanner. The apparently had rooted the .out of his home in gaining The documenls. Including | •islered stock certificates an surance policies, cere prop R. J. Clark. They had been in a robbery of the HudsonJ bank April 13. she looked about quickly. There vere clerks and customers so iv'n drpn' Intrnt •tore, NinrrlfH DICK n.\l>^!^, a cuiifttrutMiim •uprrlBtendrMt, Dkk I* no 111 to inke chnrice nt n von- ^IrurtJun job IK the Adirondack*. It «NI require nt Irniit » renr to cumplrle but Ere refa*fn 10 cive up her work n«d fa with kin. JHOXA AI.T.KN, copy mlitr. dl^likf« K^-e and 1« conilantlT r-na*lnHr traohle at the oflcc. She U reiirratDifble for • eve ml rm\*~ tnkM for VThlfh Ere in blnnird. Aliinn !• friendlr wlik TIIKKON rtKCCR who ronttKRc* (o force an%v*Iconic attemion* on £ve. CnkBOfTH 1» Illrk. Kvc ham beta plnyldff tlie *tock wnrhcr. bor- roivinic money from h<r ninlhrr nnd aliter. AKLKXK SlilTII, Nfvft"grjt|.>hrr •! HUbj'Ji, hny* Atock OH Krc ; s ndvlrt hat lo>r« fill hrr money. SAM IIOLKHIUriK^ mi Advcrtlkinr nun rni]iro?c4 by unothrr atorr. In Iafatun1t4 wlik Arlrnc. j:n- tm loarly afltr Dirk.'* dr- jmrtarr. Skf Hiicndi m» «vtnln^ i\Hh 31ISS <;i)ItnO\, tbe coMt Iniyrr. irtt9 tt\l* her »Se will re- f?rcl K If fthe dnn not glr« ap Mfr Jolt mmt go to Dkk. KOW <1O OV Tfl'ITH THE STORT OHAETEK XXXVH D 1CK wrote glowingly ot his new work and life in Ihe mounlnin camp. Fall Jiad definitely arrived now. Kve could picture* the brilliant crimsons, golds and russets of the, mountain sides. Dick was no poet hut each letter wove a spell over Eve. Ha \vus > man ot Ihe outdoors and de- in his new corl church LI>-I::I; ;-. on one.ot is birthdays. Archibald ar.d I 000 nnd 150.000 Coinmunisk will not believe :':;-.'_• i; is possib! or any boy lo ;n-v. s,s he i-:u-, ; n pome wor:imiu> n-.inj his I":i- i was 3.117,000. They arc divided"in- iicr and Mother ' now Archibald.-, iitstandlng ,:st call to mii'.ci This means that between GOO.•00 nnd 150.000 Coinnvun find themselves oslracized. a gveai: Thc total mcmbersl-.lp of the back up- j Party before the cleansing his rs-Iwas 3.117.000. They arc dlvU.. As you! to two categories, actual members ..ll-.T me iung wns an and candidates, but in practice the I can't | candidates have the same privileges Hint lie do:,.-, only lhat he reckoned in the total. •; Archibalds f;c idc to put o'.ir tt you kuou. at this and duties as the members and are Courier P»y. 1709 Johnson, author, born. ll is not present (AllMin, „:, ,..,. r ,,„,., a.t iQl$5-Tourist tries, to new surrouuiHng Wilh Ibrea or four of Ihe otfiei working on tbe job—(lie timc- kcepor, carpenter foreman and another engineer—Dick boarded at Ihe home e( u Mrs. Williams who lived In Pine Forest, a village four miles from their work. They drove back and forth from (lie village on a main highway that was cicel- Icnlly paved, though billy. Once. Dick asked Eve lo send him a red sweater to wear In the woods when he went hunting. The game season would saon l>« open and there was a lodge available for week-ends. If Dick missed Kve lie dirt not say =o in his letters. He sent her his love always and assurance tliat she was the dearest wife in Ihe world. There were times when Kve felt that *he had -everything IP the world « sirl could want. She had an excellent !ob and seemed on the road (o professional success. She had A fine husband and she was sure lhat through her slock market ventures r.he would sojii achieve wealth. What more was lo be desired? ' Thus she. summarized lier assets and gave herself a mental pal on tho back on the morning she received Dick's letter asking her lo send the sweater. Kve dropped the letter Into her purse ind a little later went to the tnen'B sporlwear department to buy the sweater. While she was sbe told Miss Clltlny slie would call from another telephone. Upstairs in [ho ladies' lonnsa there were booths and direct line telephones. Eve went into one of Iliese booths and put through the call. "Atlas Coupler haq been reccd-' ing rapidly, Mrs. Under," said the young man in the brokerage office. "I'm sorry but if you wish lo protect your interesls it will Iw necessary for you to deposit a substantial sum at once." "I see!" gulped Ere. "How much will I need?" "Why, I'd say about $<00 or 5500," the young man told her crisply. "It's likely that will be an adequate safeguard." The market never goes down more tban 25 points rjefoni advancing, 1 does it?" she asked nairely. "It doesn't usually, but of course w» can't tell Tor certain what will happen," lie answered. "I «ee. I'll bring you a ch«ek," Era promised. She felt sho had no alternative, even though she might be violating a trust Dick had deposited $500 in a joint account before leaTlng Lake City. He had impressed upon her the importance of having such an emergency fund. "If anything should happen yo\i could draw on it, Kve," he had said. "You might be taken sick and there would be no one to take care ot you. I'd want yon to go to a hospital and have Hie best of care instead o! lying hero alone. And hospitals cost money!" Now Eve drew JIOO from that completing the purchase phone call cam* for her. tele- Gilday, tbe switchboard operator, lold her in a twift, low T »l«e that. the Sloan and SUnford Compur bad been lo locate Uer. fund. Tbe balance she left iu the bank lo ease her conscience. If she had l>eeu disappointed by the cairn appearance of the brokerage office in normal tfnrea the impression was forever erased from her mind by the picture wfiicli greeted her that autumn day In 102J. I'andenionium reigned. The Sloan nnd Santord clientele luij lo»t Us air ot reserve. Excitement increased as dozens elbowed each other to watch the ticker returns being chalked on the board. Telephone bells -rang conslanlly anj uniformed meisenser boye dashed in and out of the offices. • • » VK returned to the o!Sco, utterly unsble to concenlrnlo on her work. Fortunately Barnes was away most of the afternoon and the newspapers had been supplied with corrected copy for the neif. day. Thc stock edition showed that Atlas Coupler had closed 15 points below yesterday's final. Kve was agitated and slept very little lhat night. The morning newspaper featured the activities of the slock market and Kve digested avery word. Sao ttlt «t . loss lo know what lo do —had no Idea . whtre to ewk advice. Barms wt« extremely irritable lliit'mornlu|. Arl«n», wllh uolt- boi:k and pepcil, came irpoi "Mayba he did IBS*," noddecl 'I feel panicky myself. Not* Atlas Coupler but everything 133 taken such a toboggan.sli| 4on't know what to make of if couldn't stand It to lose all I money I've Invested. Wh| clon't know what I'd do!" But Eve Lad to stand it T_| n tlie day she received ano| :elephone call from Sloan and 'ord for more money to cover | holdings. She told them it Impossible for her to raise n| They she went limp. "Arlene,** she gasped. "I'm wl out! Completely. All my mT and all I borrowed from my rool and Esther and nearly all .1 Dick left In our emergency fui| "Don't take It so hard," .' forled Arlene. "I know how feel." She, was thinking of th< j Me flyer she had taken inlo financial world somo months I fore. Thera was, of course, no up\ I reaction at all. Eve was lo c| out of the stock crash of 1323 eyed and white-lipped but n.l wiser than she had been befor ] There were others, she k whose leases were far more ser j than licr own. She resolved to begin her mother and Esther for 1 loans. Bhe could send a I I money each pay day. And s;| ow she. would hare to savs- o return to Dick's emergency »N the following Saturday^ Allen asked Kv» [o take lA. wilh her. "Mrs. Bait is an exfce I :ook," she said, "and there li'f nlcMsling group of people at loarding house." Kve thought rapidly. J would be likely to lake a rei is au affront. And Slona, offer- i-as altogether loo skillful 4t ': nf means of relallalioa. T:| were many opportunities for i »ouager girl to cauje unp!ca:| less if not actual harm to worktns together as (hey did. So Eve accepted Ihe lnvit;-| a:id was surprised .lo. find ! more than once in tbe interve : :lajs she aclually looked for': lo the approaching Saturday .- uing. Slip missed Dick more i «he dared admit to herself. S limes sbe thought the had' i a mistake in keeping the ipjrti after he lefl and wondered ) would not be preferable to Hv; E v , VE tilt's"Bremialtlea of dlits- ter. Hnr Moulh fin', dry and gi Sin™ her loss on the mj!' Eve had been overwhelmed l! tense of failure. "TherVj Ju«V f-ing my remaining prldf h', on," she told Mritlt, "That's job! I must make good at Bli' 1 And making good m'*(DR only' thlnt to me—getllij'the'qi| ersblp when Barnu l^vtslT cScj, JCO*!!BJ Stripy, "flis c)4 T- 1 " 1 ll £e«oed lap^ratlv.'j j'icuch!"' she said" "You'd th!nk|'' : --P thE z eMi * s!l °' •"-•-'••'' a boarding houae. But the" millar rooms seemed to brini 5 nearer and so Eve stayed on. she sat In the big ch. '• that!] his favorite and sobbed hefse!; sl-ep. lotf a million >ad a cjuarier (To Se Coutinnmlj^

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