The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY. MARCIl 19, 19-10 CLASSIFIED T ADVERTISING INFORMATION BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS •••M Bo »««•* •««•• to •• Itu. **". •**** iM^ltoM^M >U HBM IM -J* -j ^j ||jj -- >nt>ta( ««•»•« >u Irnnl tok» «te «M-MM nfe, lu luu. •KM *«. For Sof« FORSALB KBW mid motor. II S. I'irsl. Ililncl yuS House—S roiiiiK W |t|, |, a ili !,»,..„ >v.lti I,.,,:,,,, nimrior in roar. 1'rh-n.l to srll now nt $1700. Loonlrd in !•<>>> X. .'nil Ml. 2'.4 Lhirkr ol Jlijli School. ,S,-e Mrs., A. limiiii l.cuili- 3000 drums, steel galvanized 5-ffa|]oi\ with carryirtg handle (Ulitic 'Cah)-.,Eirls Sales Co., St«ele, Mo.,. I'hpne 2I.V 3-19-k : 24 •~»'j Chinese Tim, 0 fl. 50c. lied Ka.Wrry. 11),-. I'reiu-h\ J ft $1 Jlay Day Tp-iw. i! ll.'il. l';i|Jer sli.ll Muhau. II II. .»:! 7;'i. Klberin l'e».'li. J II. Jl.lii. rinweriui; . I'Mcti. «z.| or see NV. S. l.miKdoti. 1 ..U ii.i Vain of r. year. ._ _. -sound. Work any jilnre 0 S I'riJe A.ldilion al Mill. j Weeks old baby thicks. ' Chester Lewis' Poultry. I •11 3JE._ Main. :i-19-pk-3-22 ] Lawn MDWI-I-.. timid ri.mliliiiii ; ! ' Vawy.Harris 101 Sr. ; tr.nelfir. wilk Iwn rmv, fryul mutinied |>J>inier :unl cullivalor. New cpintlljon. Wnlo. i-r tall Krcd >!i<-UI,n. JonesWo. Ark. }'tiouft .No. ^1H8 l.S-|>);.^^ <-w R|jaii[n«-nt si/'p olt-clric Kloviv ('all . Vull si»o lot, Xo\v finply 'ioo iioiyii *^o iiKMiirii uJfr. 1(17 W. .Main, i'hoi -r— .' Anrl. Artor Jr. |jlili.o|> )ny b»ler. 'I'erinr. , >tlOxll. I HaiH)' linllcJtc. tiltrlj. rtibji, ,j:ilt -|: ,.),,v : ,l.i,iK _ 'rartifnlly new. fu'rnllure frjr r. rnojpi Jiou*v. I'liouu -Oy»j or c»n be sffn nt 1B1 W. flurry 1 . 10 |,k.!JU I!>-1^ I.I \V. L'. Alli< •'illi ri|iii[>iiii>ni. T tno nen- li-Faruiall Trnclor OnufCcl. Talc slill on. One 104f> H-Farrnall— f-ljtflilly u*-c«l. One 19 It ll-l'iirnnill. >ii'St of coiiuilio.n. one 1942 11'Kamiall, niolor nini;riiljwpr Jjood. Oni! I!»-I2 AC ('KMinor Traclor. ifriocd |o srll. llrive all ftinipinr«nt. All r (r:i<:toi.s in excellent cnri.lllioii. ".Hoy Mauley. .Stiiialli. liny rirrnlalor !n elecrtie \ al 104- r > W. • .. •j.iii.mi . ifie.n.iilK |JI')\S' lllllr IOW* I — '"""""•- iilM] " n ' K -""" 0 '"'''^ k a i IJ. S. Approved Haby Chicks. .... , . r~.~~^r .'. —rr:—— — i The very best gra<Je seed oals, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. ' L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. I'hohc 493. . 3-12-ck-tf Slock an'il liiturec of -Wood'* Cafe, Lux- orator sale. 2 inontlis rent paid. UOCM! 708 \\J. Alain St. 5 rooms and bath. Thi£ ur'operty located jusf across street, from Methodist Church. A won- 'derful location. House in good condition. Can be bought on reasonable terms. 100 \V. Cherry St. 7 rooms and bath. Corner lot, good location. New .roof just j)ut on. You can buy this one for 8150,0.00 cash, balance $10 knonlh. Two acres .land located one mile north on Highway 61. Has two .small houses .and garage. 30x40 ft. City water. Can lie bought. Worth the money. 521 Lumerate SI. <l room house in fair condition. Has water in kilchen, with half bath in home. $1850.00. Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! H6y, Ya Got The time?' SPEAKING OF TIME, WE THINK IT IS TIME TO I'KEPAKE FOR SPRING AND SUMMER CHANGE OVER ^ Drain—flush nnd refill transmission and differential if Pull and pack front wheels with grease. Uesl insurance for safe driving. if Remove and replace car!n<)i>e in oil filter. if Drain—flush and refill minkease with ESSO MOTOR OIL NO. ;i. if Thorough, lubrication — which covers chassis, springs and motor. PARDON US FOR MENTIONING TIME AGAIN, HUT \VR THINK IT IS A13OUT TIME PRK-WAH SERVICE WAS HE- STORED ON SERVICH STATION FRONTS AND WE'RE PLUGGING EVERY DAY TRYING TO MAKE OUK FREE SERVICES SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED KTC.. EVEN BETTER & MORE COURTEOUS THAN BKJ-'ORE THE WAR. WELL, JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUH BOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HAS OUR SKIlVldK. DROP IN AND SICE US—WON'T YOU? NEW DAY! NEW TIME! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! TiltC FOR!) B()U CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesday Nlgljt, 9:30-10:00 EST on (he CBS Network. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER | Walnut at Fiffh—Blyllicville, Ark. Tel. 4<>3_lr><t Political Announcements Tl'e Courier Newi bu b«n authorized to mnouiice tb« following c«'HildRte», subject to UiB Dcinocrnllo primary: BUEHIFF AND COIXKCTOK JACK P1NLKY ROBINSON WILLIAM UKimYMAN COUNTV JUDOK OEMO B. HUAOLEV HOLAND OREEN I'OIl TAX ASSKSHOR DOYLK HENDliHSON CIRCUIT CLf.HK HAHVEY MORRia COUNTV COURT CI.KRK ELIZABETH BLYTHfi COUNTY THKASUHKK I3ELLA PURTI.E STATI-: ItKl'HGSKNTATIVK ALENE WOHU) K. C. PLEUMAN LESLIE "DUKIIS" SPECK L. H. AUTRY STATE SENATOR J. LIOK 1JEARDKN Tim following nre cniidklalcs for offtc'c In n, 0 DiyLlievlllc Mnnlelpal Eloi'tion I 0 be liekl April 'J: CITY <;I.I:KK I'liANK WIHTWORTII CITY ATTOUNKY PEIICY A. WHIOHT (Vai Ru-clcsLlon) HOWARD N. MOORE WAlll) ONK AI.DKUMAN JE.SSK M. WHITK AI.UKIlitlAN WA1ID TWO JODIE L. NAISERS AI.!)i:i(.MAN WAK1) THUKK KUPERT CRAFl'ON PAGE Ordyr Your New Elcctrolux Cleaner Todiiy I'or Preferred Delivery I('K tin- New Clean-' er tliut dues everything easily and e'f- fU-lendy. You've wnlteil for U. Now you can net H. Just Phone 2650 It. M. Onivrs, !,or;il Manajtr Kr:ul Courier News Wnnl Ads. Unlia hay. Sprc, lu'iiln. Ui»- (in al price on trai !»•«, Hi. ;l. l!Hr, JI-Karmoll Iroclnr ainl pguip- i-nl. H. <;. Harris, Senalh, Mt>. House. 1129 W Ash. Onod hiv 9 llooiiu, 2 liallis. beller Ihan conditiun. O. il. \Vulsou. Hole T\yo Moline Z Tractors and equipment. One practically new. Also new corn picker. Lbyd Williams, Iniboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 aby. t-liic^.i, ivailnljlo all Ibc time. Heavy brcc'ils. Mrs. lluck Alrlurf, :IC1 PHOTOSTATS—Lei make a photostatic copy of y»ur discharge, marriage license and ftther important papers—Quick Service. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone .3208 115 W. Alain. 3-7-ck-3-21 Tractor driver for full (ime work. '(;<K>d hours on concrete highway close io Rlytheville. Must he soher and goo'd worker. Wrile box MEC % Courier News, giving full qualifications and at least two references. 3-15-dh-tf Wanted To Buy IjBslal Card Pictures. '/ 2 Doz. W^1.35. Doz. §2.00. No appointment needed. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 W. Main. _; . 3-7-ck-3-21 FRAMES iMade to Order.~Let us frame your discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Steen's Studio, Phone -3208. 3-71-ck-3-21 .. 525 Lumerate St. 3 room house with water and halt bath, fair condition. Price SI 000.00. Have several other houses . for sale. Call 801. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO 3-18-ck-3-23 ForJtent n|iarhiLi-i!l. Blrawberry planta Blakcmore ^lurie llarnish. 171'J Chicka.iswljs. '7-pt-l|7 Baby chicks, different varieties. Also lioultry and poultry /cejs, Chester J.e.vyis, roullry, 41J K. Jliiin. 7-[.k-l|7 Alfalfa. Hny and mule, drawn farm inipla- liicnts. 'iVIpiiliong 3(1. W. A. Jenkins. KalibiV manure. 5Uc a bushel. Best far flowers (mil- s«nlen. f. 12 ,y. lull St- (Jtilcknsnw Raljltit Farias. l-pk-4|l Btnl'ic, CTittors—2 row heavy duty type. All welded ateel construction. Blylhe- j*jlle ^lacliine Shop. 27-ck-tf Fon't worry about hard wat- ei? in^our farm home. Let Planters hardware install anjd guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf Eleclrlc welilcr. 200 amn. Hobarl. Gas driven. moJulod nil trailpr. Pr,ictical!y new. Kcatly to go. Hlyllitlville M.icFil luiilex furnished njiarlnienl I 'ruorii .iiinl l»ili, 70J i'lmne 551. lurli Slecpini: room. 1'hone 2020.. IS-pk-i. 100 acres 12 miles from Nlyllievillo S. B. .Mo. ^ (iciusfs, Will jhnre er c.-ish rent or i-ro|» renl. \V L A I.e> mMliavill,'. HI. 1. Moi.r.SO. l3-|il>-22 Front heilrooin 2739. adjoining bitTi. TJion Coniforlalile hc-Iroojn u-ith •hen privileges. 817 Cl kit Nicely furnished front bedroam. Slcan lieat. hot wafer, rbonc 3264. in-iik-i:l3 Kronl bedroom adjoining Ijatlt. I'linn- 2733. '. • S«nr«c*t KIOIIT ce.ils n year nr luly's Miit fro - r ' yrar,>. On,- (.)> raying (luinuilrnl Mdllisj.ray il Ion pays far Iliv dama ll,ir<hv.-ire Co. , ll prnl.ct n ni uiolli da»lnj;i' ynur l(|.|.t.2 Latest model General Electric vacuum sweepers. Hiibbard Furniture Co. 2-6-ck-tf . i Haby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blaylock Hatchery, Highway N. 2-26-pk-4-26 We give prompt , service on repairs to electric refrig erators, Washing machine; and electric motors. Oui price reasonable. Full stock of repair. parts. TOM LITTLE APPLIANCE CO. Phone .115. 3-18-ck-3-25 William H. Overlon. acting County .Surveyor. I..nil Surveys and [Irac line farm ililclies. line mul • IrvrK .Served llus aren fnr M years. - IG.|ik-i:ili chicks. Thousands ev- ef^' week. Several breeds. G«t <hem at store. Blythe- vijle Grain and Elevator ^'o. Feed Store. North Jth. _T/'hone 2H2. 3-15-ck-3-22 ; d> 1^0 S. Isl HI. ione^lrtft. store wilh living qunrlers. lo- xiiili 4 r enl.-l lionses. Approx- y 'J »<.,,.« ,,f l,nd. Fronts fin I) I. liordrr.- on Collon Hi-It .. Inrntion for indnMry. urlinnnn's Urncery .N. Huy. rtl. - V-M Traclor if) Cullivalor. 2 bottom \-low. S miller Mtiuotlie il Lynch, Victoria. Arlc. Etovo. 1610 Hrarn St. Ogden Soy Heahs frdm Peiii. greed. Seed. .Crockett Wright, Manila, or call Jess Homer, Blylheville. Phone a 107. 3-9-pk-3-23 Help Wanted 11 Inl.ll': I'], .11, tort INDIANAPOLIS I UP) — CrlmlnnU should watcli lliclr steps when they cross llic i>:itlis of n rcconllv inaiiii'tl couple. The new-wcd.s nre Michael F. Mon-isey. fonnri- In- dluiinpolls police chief, mul Miss Marie tlrotl. px-director of the Ulenliflcntlon hnreini for the Indl- ann Slntc Police. Thn rioodliglil. .sysleni of Ihc Stiitue of Liborty i:; iiuout 500.000 candlt-j>invcr — etuniBli to lighl 250 Poultry, corn and hay. IHy- theville Grain and Elevator Co. North -1th St. Phone 2112. 3-15-ck-3-22 Silver service in Rood condition. Write P. O. Kox .'!80, JJIy^h^ville. 3-12-ck-tf Wanted to Trade C ALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. -AT SOUR BEHVICE" Phon. 2241 When It's Refrijferatlon You Want Call In ROWEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 109-1H Boulti Itallrujd Hi. Commercial Frozen Food Locker Plan Is..— \Vnlk-in Hoxea — Quick Freeze Home Cnhinets. . BRING YOUR ELECTRIC PROBLEMS TO US IVi 1 him- tili'iity i)f rxtirrlt'iicrtl lii'lp and uniiile supplies (o nlvt' ftiu |irniii|it MTvli'i' nn :>ll >oui- i'U'Clrir:ll nrt'iK. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE no rirsi si. PI LAWh4 CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Mmk> to Your Order. Order Yours N OW! Ellis (Nick) hjichols Woodworking Shop ,'508 South I'irst Street rrpiitrhiK for loilny's i|iiisi(o foot^eiir iijisnml whrit hulll in our modern shop. .. OUftLITY SHO€ SWOP 1 IZC W. M R I KJ -ST. Announcement Ll'.WIS I'INION hns jusl jnlni'il our [>iKiii>i/!<Miiu mill will Min-riull/r In st>rvlr» work, llrlnc yjUIr olri'lrlcul Iirnlilcnis lit us. Jusfr Received — A slit|iiiicnl Type I'.ltH'lrlt- of Charley's Electric Bring Your USED CAR In Today While OPA Prices Are Still High. Take the Cash or Deposit Ork JMow Car LO Y EICM CHEVROLET CO. ' Texaco Ga4 & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 PRESCRIPTIOKS Fresh*st Slock OuMrsnleed I!««t I'ric*! Kirby Drug Stores Attention Tractor Owners! We hove the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phorie 828 419 West Main Street n-ASHINO MACHINES servicn! .nil r»- raired. When pArto are not AvsilaLlc wa inantifacltiro them. Gal enrinta overhaulcrl-on g&n driven macTitne-s. All services giiKranleed. llerhert Orahnni is now in rharge of Ihij n<!|mrtment and will be ylnd lo service En ? i,W customers. Hlytheville Machine Hhop. Tractor repairs and service. Electric and Acetylene welding. Jtlacksmith work. Delta Iniplemeht Co. I'hone 86-1. 3-15-ck-tf .AWy, MOWERS, ihirpened und repaired. Ench blidc is precision prouml OR our factory method mufliinc. Jlrinc yours in now »n<* nvoid Ihc rush, while we li&re i» I«TKO stock of i>«rla. We picXtip and deliver. l)t/thnvilt« NTa Wanted to Rent 7 room unfornhbcd house. Phone 35.^^ ^ .ffiP^'f [!*. For Sale or Trade , _L 9 Acrns all nndpr tttiff. 30 seres good liniWr. On biline. grnvpl road, nenr rinuouUI. Will Irndo (or lo» n l""p- frly. Rtn Tucker, Rl. 1, Inuor.l. 10 lik'20 Do You Want to Sell Your Car? We Will Pay TOP CASH PRICE For Your Car or Truck Complete I,inc of Sludcbiiker Paris and Acccsorics Fog Lights Seat Covers Scissor Jocks Dual Horns Auxiliary Lights See Your Studebakcr Dealer First CHAMBLIN SALES CO. t« «• •. * Aifc Sta. I CbutMta SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lcspcdeza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main Phone 856 Hlylhcvillc, Ark. DON EDWARDS ••fb* Typewriter MUD" STREET UOBONA. AtTD RENDNCiTOn .-< TYPEWRITER*; Hurt B* FS.OHM OK FOR SALE CONCRETE ' STORM SEWER ALL BIZKS Cheaper Tlian Bridge r.nrnbcr OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 Osceola, Ark. Dr. J, L Guar4 Ontontitfiti \ | •* t r^HAbK'C : ^^r^i^U 3 $ J JEWELRY i 209 W. M«:« SERVICE See us about your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern tools anil c(|uit>ittehl cnn put your car Ln top condition. We also have a pninl and body shop repair service; \Ve will fix your car or buy your car FOR CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR G6. Cnmiilclt: Slocks of Paris For Chrysler Trodnct* 121 F M* 1 " Phone ZIKtl 300TS AND HUR UUDDIRS ('i)inplica(ioiiH BY EDGAR AND'MIS KKIRNDS No Sides BY MERRILL I HEY KNOW WHAT TO MAKE Or /AMD L&RD WAS THE? ONE vvt-co TAUGHT ME HOW TO LICK VOU.' LICK ME?VOUteE CKAT.Y! HE PAID ME DOUSM TO LET YOU DO IT I (HO AHEAD AMD HIT H'iM AGAIN EITHER ONE OF YOU / AM.I3Y OOP Sounds Knlhusiiislic MOSTLY RETUENEC SERVICE PEOPLE: AW, SHUCKS/ NOT A BIT. THAT 7 THEY KNOW KIM PA W ABOUT VOLR LEAVES I PART IM THE WHAT A LOT TALL THE OF <TARS...TH[S \ VOLIMG MUST BE A / FOLKS BIS PARTY/ / IM THE S'ALLEV BY V. T. HAMILTON - - AND THEY'RE ALL VERY ANXIOUS TO MEET

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