The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 18, 1933
Page 3
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Eitek 18 1933 BLYTHEVTLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEvVS Kidnaper and Machine Gun Slayer Will Be Tried for Kansa Hiv Massacre If HI Beats Kidnaping Charge EDITOR'S NOTE: This Is the J <cond of iwo stories on Harvey | lailty, branded by federal author- as "the most danterous rrlin- l nal in the United States," who I art.- trial at Oklahoma t-'lly on rui. 18 for the kidnaping of an • klajioma oil millionaire. BY RO»I;KT TAI.LKY , NKA Service Writer I! Harvey Sallcy. the former | li«ourl ftirni boy now character- ed bv federal authorities as the | atlon's mcst dangerous criminal, !:ents the rap" til his trial for kid[ aping in Oklahoma City, he will ill have before him the threat of I toth In the electric chair In Kan- 1 is for his part in the Kansas City I hilon Station massacre o: tour 1 Ulcers and their prisoner . last mie. i;?alley and Albert Bales, alleged \ utehant in his gang of kidsiapois I nd hank robbers, are to be tried i federal conn In Oklahoma City I n Sept. 18. They are charged with I no kidnaping of Charles F. Ur- Uel. Oklahoma City oil million- I ire. for whose relexse a ransom I f $200.000 Li said to have been laid. Of all the crimes charged against •alley, the Urschel kidnaping and IP Kansas City slaughter stand I in as among the most daring. Massacre Shocked Nation I Ihe excitement caused by Bailey's I irillin? escape from the Kansas I Pnitentiarv last Memorial Day, hen he kidnaped the warden and •d 10 other convicts in a succcss- il dash for liberty, had hardlj led down when the nation was locked on Jimp 17 by the mn- iilne ?im slaughter in Kansas Itv. And Bailey, according to fed| ml officials, has been identified one I ted the guns that poi | eatlly rain of lead into the un- j Jsoecliug officers. It happened this way: We Thank You--- Permit us this moans of extending sincere thanks to ihe hundreds of people in Hlythevllle and surrounding territory for the womivrful response uivt'ii ILS on our first day in HlytheviUe ... We wimt to thank, too, the ninny lYit'iuls and customers of our soullieiistern Missouri stores who were, among the hundreds of/victors to (ii'iilier's Saturday. • • •••'•'"'. J)m> tn I ho shnrl time in which we had to prepure for this opening it was Impossible for us to have coMplele lines nl all nteirhiinilise but new shipments Hre arriving dnlly and our stocks will soon be complete. • ; \\\- :I||[)|OKIV.O far the poor service Riven Saturday du* to the clerks not b»in« thoroughly familiur with the slitn- Iml nil (his will lie remedied iind we'know you will like shopping at Oralier's. fc'lwvn aljove In chains is Harvey Uaili-y. Ainci Jen's No. 1 outlaw, while ut the left is Clmrle.s P. Urfclitl^ oil millionaire, fur who* kul- Bnlley faces Irinl ul Oklahoma City. Tin.- skctche.s depict the daring abduction .of Urschel; from a. bridge (jnn-e in his i/alutial, Ol'.ln- j iioma City 'home 'by two desperadoes armed with machine tuns, mul the Kansas Cily Union Station massacre in which Lmndlts .slsuighl'jral : four officers and a re-captured.- pal while' trying to restiiu Die laller . from thi; law. Batlcy is accused as on? of ilie machine uumurc in this crime. V. Urschel, who had married the dise. With them went. Urschcl hlm- of the two men who oner-1 rich widow of Tom Slick, "king of | self, nrmcd with a shotgun. e euns that poured their the wildcatters" in Oklahoma's oil When the Net Closed fields; was paying bridge with I Asleep on n cot In the farm yard Tvlrs. Urichel and a couple of friehd s | was a large man, a rifle beside him, en the sun porch of his palatiuljii rnachlni gun leaning asainst the upon them the Ursclicl kidnaping. was Frank Nnsh, escaped train rob- Okrahoma Cily home. Without I porch nearby and two heavy tuito- •r and alleged member ot the 1 warning, two men armed with ir.a-' matic pistols within arm's reach. Now they had Bailey, who wanted for both |x>bs. Darin; Dash for I.ilHTly j The desperado's next sensational escapade came Itisi Labor Day. From the 1 Dallas. Tex., jat] to which he had been tran.'Arred, Springs. Ark., and was being. The strangers forced Urschel to' 'X. removed the guns, covered the j ,„,, s ( ng i r .i lam | <!< j urison escapes .turned to the federal prison at! accompany them. The millionaire 1 sleeper with their own weapons and | ln i )islor y ]„ some manner, saws "avenworlh, Kan., via Kansas was placed on the floor in the back j w<*« '»m up.-. I and a revolver had been smuHgleil itv. |of an auto and. while one of the: And Harvey Bailey, sliowiiw 110,10 him. He sawed his way out of ft Tho officers and their prisoner, machine gunners sat over him. was! more resentment than n complaint j death cell,, locked up three guards alley gang, had been captured ai chine guns entered, lot i The officers approached cautious-! B . lll( , y mi)( , c om . 1 imrgcd from Kansas City's dcpol ] nd entered an auto for the drive Leavenworth. Just as they itfd themselves in the car, Nnsn either as n signal to the gang ; | nat V;QS waiting to rescue him 1 •om the law or to show them that I e was handcuffed—raised hisman- ] :led hands above his head. Instantly, a roar of machine gun driven for hours to a remote farm I over his disturbed sleep, roused v/hich. as later events proved, was«himself, submitted to the handcufls near Paradise, Tex., -10 miles from I and was tuXen - to Fort Worth. Fort Worth. S2(W,000 Boujht Release Locked in a rear room of the farm house and later in a tenant shack on the same farm. Urschel was kept prisoner for nine days. "Okay, fellows I'm licked." was comment. Believed "Brains" .While the actual ^- I know when up at the point of his pistol, kidnaped a turnkey and fled in the hitler's'p wild dash for liberty. thought to have .been committed Fouri'hofirs 'liter, after one of Bnlley'5 smiling I the most thrilling manhunts in hls- ' tory, Uailey was captured at Arri- more, Okla., 100 miles a way, when his auto crashed into a curb while officers were chasing him. Bailey of Ganp kidnaping is re burst trom a nearby auto con-1 In the meantime, his captors nego- j by Bates and George "Machine lining several men. Four officers j iiated for his release and a ran'-1 Gun" .Kelly, - who is. still at large. | nd Nash were killed. One of the so™ .raid to have amounted" to i ictims was Raymond J. Cattrey,]S200.MO was paid. The- money special auent for the U. S. Da- ! changed hands in a Kansas City arlment of Justice, and immedi- hotel. Shortly thereafter, Urschel's captors drove him to the outskirts of Norman, Okla.. 20 miles from Oklahoma City, and released him in the road. Urschel. who had noted-that airplanes had passed over the farm 9:15 n. m. and 5:45 :ely the federal government stcp- . :cl into action. The auto containing the machine I jnners dashed away and dlsap- ] eared, but the government says has positive proof that Harvey j ailey manned one of the machine and gave the order to start ring. The gan2. apparently, was . . _ lannin? to deliver "Nash before;airplane schedules they ascertained le officers could get him back to j the location of the Texas farm le penitentiary. ' where he had been held captive. After the Kansas City slaughter. I In the dark hours of the early I ailey disappeared from the pub-1 morning of August 15, nearly 20 regularly p. m., each day, communicated this fact to authorities. By checking : eye—but not for long. i offii .cers advanced upon the farm On the night o( July 22, Charleshouse of R. G. Shannon near Para- Bailey is regarded by government officers as ."the brains" of the gang Bates was later captured in Denver and returned to. Oklahoma City for trial. Kelly is a son-in-law of Mrs. Shannon, wife of the farm's owner, having- married a daughter who was born of Mrs. shannon's first marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Shannon and their son, Armon, also ^_^ were arrested.' Some of the marked-, "^ ransom money, was found on Bi surrendered without resistance and ] v> p as taken to Oklahoma City await trial. H)c - 15c BORUM'S lail-l-., ey. iTHEDFORD'S BUCK-DRAUGHT The capture of Bailey wn s grati-! A Purely Vegetable Laxative tying to the government, because •-- IT__ —1:-» .» I it apparently had Stilled two birds with one stone. Federal agents 1 who had been working day nnd] lor the relief ot night to round up the Union Stn-1 tion killers suddenly had thrust i Constipation I USE HYDRAULIC BRAKES 6OO TIMES A DAY I j AN INTERVIEW WITH JOSEPH MEHit, DIV. CIKCUL»TION MSR., IQUISVltlE |KY.| HEBAtP-fOSI "No more of the old kind for me . . . after owning a Plymouth" N INETY-FIVE news-stands wait eagerly for Joe Preher to come rushing around every timea new edltlonhitstheatreet.IU'i Jot to make time...keep a split-second schedule...slam on brakes MO times a day. Working his brakes so hard on his former car cost him plenty for adjustments and re* lining. But with Plymouth's hydraulic brakes, it's a far different story. They're al- uuyj equalized.And brakelininftsbst longer! Brakes arc not the only thing that must stand up on Joe Prchcr's cars. For he puts 59,900 miles a year on the speedometer. His car Is still "tlghta9adrum"atl2,W» miles. Floating Power engine mountings helped do that. 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C.iaber's Price 1 FALL HATS In Smart, New Styles lb, Turbans and Brims — It's bard lo III] which i.s really smarter but here you \vill lird all three In thi- advanced Aulumn .it three popular priceK. 8'8c $1.98 $2.98' Confidence Counts when you choose a COAT fkautiful K u r Trimmed Models for Sports or Dress When jo» can chuow « <:o«t, knowing th'il whether you ch«Mf' a smart Illtlr Ulloreii cui, or a beautiful dre» coal, jou will still |el ihe fln«M quality a»«lliWe, then jp» c»ri bare full.con- flden~e In hyyfjif. Every Cut in tbU Irrmendoiu sUck Is »oilh .far more, than the prk* It : btift.:..the ww«r sport ind'anni) st;kf,...Hoe f abrks .ind ' tallorinj;.... genuine and beaiUful' fun.... AnUmr/i favored colon — •imuntlni values (hat will lain and hold jr»ur ronll- dente. ...... $15 $16,5f|l?.75 Full Fiishionvd HOSE A. full fashioned, pure thread silk from lop to toe Hose In the popular >'al] colors. <j caber's Vrlre 59c Ne\y .Fal H'lathes wM*,, : uown In i wide ran«e of allracilre colon. • . : . •.'..'•••'•!• .' Gr«ber'» Ih-fce - ' CURTAIN SETS - : teti I* etton'of rtatrUll jreen and.:i»ld. -- Men's Genuine lfi-0/..;',. ' f Hlue Serge. ." , SUITS Here is the finest suit value you've seen in many a day ... a fine all wool, full 1 (! ounce, Blue Serge, a fabric that will give you many, many months of satisfactory service. Ex- pertlv tailored in attractive models for men and young men. We want you lo come in and examine this hcautiful serge suit. (Jraher's I'ricc 14 95 Bias.Cut rrinreu Slips, bias cat i root and kack. peach or pink, ember's Price 29c -.Inch Int, M Inthea wide, white, and tancjr t:attetti. • Craber's Frjce 12ic 36:Inch TerryCloth A wide ranie »f M- tractlTe pattern*, re»rrsible, W iMhM wMe. Grater's Price 35c LADIES' SHOES $ BUca patent and Kid Tit »nd black KM S(rap, siies J to 8. Clraber'j Price 1 Men's Plain or Breeze Toes, leather or rikber heeb, also heel, black only. l .98 Work Shirts 39c Grey and blue Chambn;, •tr^njly sewed, two pockets, !. bultor., teat style. • Pick Sacks (iuarinieeil « Ounce 9 Foot 7 Foot i Fo«t 88c78c68c DEPARTMENT STORES ON THE OLD GRAND LEADER CORNER Closed Thurs., Sept 21 Due to Jewish Holiday

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