The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 27, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 27, 1937
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THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL, XXXIV—NO. IM niythrville Courier uijilieviiic Herald I!lylhev!I!c Dally News Mississippi Valley U'luk; BlA'THKV!U,rO, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, AI'Rlh 27, l!t;',7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' OTIIKIIIG Idffl TO 11 Valencia, Loyalist Lmero- ency Capital, Also Under Fire Today I!y United Press Insurgent artillery blasted Mad-id today in one of the most djstru:- tlve bombardments of a civil populace ever known. It climaxed two weeks in whteli shells were poureel into the center of the capital daily with a lull only one day—last Saturday. Casualties were heavy and the damage preat. It was conservatively estimated that about 2CO have been killed and hundreds wounded during the fortnight. Hombard^ Valencia Coincldenlnlly \vilh the .she'llng of Madrid the insurgents .opened a bombardment from thc sea en Valencia, the emergency loyalist capital. Casualties were reported heavy. The Basque • radio announced that rebel air raids destroyed the towns of Bolivar. Arbadejui and Ciiicrricaiz, behind thc Basqu: front lines. Ths announcement was coincident with dispatches reporting that the Basque army defending Bilbao, reduced to about. 15,003 armed troops, was in full retreat I on a 75-mile frcnt fiom Eibar to] Cuiango. ' I See): U, S. Aid. While • the destruction 'went on in Spain the- European powers continued their efforts to isolate the war and -prevent further foreign int?rference. A meeting was called in London of thc non-intervention committee with a view to trying to enlist the aid of the United States and oilier American nations in preventing shipment of men and -munitions to Spain. . In Ronie Mussolini and Hermann ' Gcermg; • representing "the 'two Fascist nations most interested in thc insurgent cause, talked the problem over. There was no faintest hint of the trend of their conversation. TWO Contenders 'W3! Ad«Jrcss_ National for TJ. S. Post C, of C, on Farm Tenancy ' LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 27 (UP) — Gov. Carl E. Hailey at noon today left for Hot Springs where he was to speak during the afternoon at the annual meeting of the Western Petroleum ReiiiH'rs Association. Employes ot Ihe governor's of- tice said he would return to the Yellow Bultons Murk Users of Arlii'icial, Bail Addison P. Smith, deputy circuit conn, clerk hero, today ' warned persons who have obtained nrt> flcml bait fishing licenses through Denhardt Eyein g i PWS!<!AC ; p T Trial Witnesses Washington, n he will address a meeting' (Al]K:i National Chamber of Com- ""'•'" *• '- tonight for i where I of Ihe merce on farm tenancy. LI. Gov. Bob Bailey 'of Russell(ville will come to the capitol 1 Wednesday to serve as acting gov- I be returned and new licenses ob- I state-house late and then entrain j [ l!s t '" :( ' l , lult . sllt ' !l " ccnMS Iml3tl I Fl'cdei'icksbllVP, Va., HfUcl| Hit as Rappahanock l.'.'avcs Banks ernor while the chief Is outside the state. executive '.ie new regulations governing fishing, resident artificial bull fishermen must wear jTllqw badges or buttons, obtained on pay- 27 I UP) inent of license i"ee. anil iion-resi-1 Western Pennsylvania's worst April! dent artificial bait fishermen must i f™d In i;n years lost " force wc'iir orange badges or buttons sup-1 today but as the Hood waters tc plied on payment of the non-res!- i coded her,-, Wheeling, W. Va.. and dent fee. These, buttons must be other cities on the Ohio rlui ™lilh of Pittsburgh prepared for plainly displayed while fishing.' Jir. Smith said that those what a severe siege, have already obtained such licenses With, the Oiiiu destine; lii Pills will be allowed the amount of their "urph at 35.1 feel, ten feet above. license payment, on the new K2 Ice, now $1.50. Seek Further Postponement of Night Club Murder Trial CARUTHER-SVILLE, Mo.. April 27.—A motion for a continuance SPEED IN ! was filed by defense conns?! today R|,.,-,.„ „ 1 U L r iin the cases of Hubert Utl-y pro- ! > lvcls ™d Hai'DOl'S Loil: r .?»?..<* .«« q™«ent night eiub) gi-ess Report Asks Start of-Big Program Arrest 19 Spies MADRID, April ,27. (UP)— Police today arrested 19 members of an allegedly new gang of rebel spies in the capital, headed by a beautiful stage actress whose identity was not divulged. Siimner Welles Congress considered establishing a new State Department post when a controversy arose over whether Sumncr Welles or R. Walton Moore, assistant secretaries, should he named undersecretary of stale. Welles, who won recognition foe Latin '.diplomacy,, vaa said to have threatened retirement unless appointed. Moore was said to bit favored by Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull. I at Holland, and "Speck" BavnsH. j club cmnloje. who were slaled to j go to trial in circuit court today i on murder charges. j They are accused of first degi™ i murder in 'the death of Louis How- I ard. 23. of Porlagevllle, at Utlcv's I night chib last year. | The cases have been continued i once or twice in the past. The mo• tion for a continuance today was j caicl to have been based on tire alleged absence of material witnesses. : Heporl 800 Civilians Shin HENDAYE, April- 27. (UP)-In- \ surgent planes killed more'than (100 civilians in two raids today on Guerricaiz. the national shrine of Basque liberty. 17 miles northeast of Bilbao, advices reacbin» the frontier said. Perec Conference Delays 1 rial of Leaders Seven Uni ion WASHINGTON, Apr. 27 (UP)-The National Rivers and Harbors Congress today received a ! report recommending new federal 1 and state legislation to speed flood ccntrol and' branding as n public enemy anyone who "selfishly stands in the way" of that objective. '•'.•' The report, prepared by the congress' interstate committee on flood control, recommended federal ; legislate] to reduce the cost to state and local governments'ot' Hood stage, water flowed Into the tafciiienis of warehouses and biitl ness establishments on the fringe of Hie "golden triangle" buslniii district. Several hundred families in the river valleys were forced from their homes ami live persons died or were killed Indirectly as a H suit of heavy rnins which .pound cd the western Pennsylvania walu shed for 3R consecutive hoiu Pain ceased lasl night but began falllns apain loday In the Iin- mediate Pittsburgh vlcinily. cans ini! added fears for down liui liclnts. j Above January Cri'sl , i However there was no further • Isi- lini'- in Warns Againrt lusing Prices WASllIN'dTOM, A|il!l 37. llll'l — I'rohli'nl Unosevcll luday wrolf a tetter !:> VhT-iin'fhlrnl Jnliii N ire? (lamer u.iniin K tilm that 'Uir iimi-nl liaurd of iiniluit ail- varit't's in ^licrj 1 , witli rctultxiil fust nt living, makes it ntimely to Icfriili/e ally ms In the cost of nimu'roLis mill Imiinrlanl nrllch'S wlilcli Ainirlraii liuiiuiuililcry anil con- iinu-rs Kt'llcrally Imy." iays Fulurc .Expenditures Must Be Even Larger to 'Assure Safety lain en the upper Allegheny-and Mononunliola rivers and weather observers believed that unless n luavy downpour WHS resumed 'hen' would be little danger of a secern! rise here.' The hrmp of the mosl severe April lleind here since 180G passed the steel city at 8 A. M. (C. Testimony of a defense witness that GrlK.-Grn, Henry II. Den- hnrdt was 800 feet from the body ot Mrs, Vcrna Garr Taylor when at least one o( the tragedy shots were llred, bolstered the defense suicide- contention and added to the ouvioiis relief pictured on Denhnrdt's face in Hie above picture, lie is trial In New Castle, Ky., Hurl When Big Plunges Into S Near Tupelo, Miss. WASHINGTON, Apr. 27 (UP) — The house appropriation committee approved a $41I>,413,3B2 \vav department appropriations bill.. 'today and criticized the nation's defenses as "unprepircd to offer resistance to any force equipped with modern Diffusive weapons." The 'recommended' appropriation ,ls more than $25,000000 larger ,., , than last year's but the commit- IrilCK Ice stated that "appreciably" Uig- i'tr "allocutions will be ncctssaiy 1 C a m in future budgets If an adequate jiioiional defense is lo be innln- 1 tallied. ' Tllu $-HG,-H3,302 is 4358,073 i uli ,,r • hiRvn, ilure 1 ' e^ e dav'Vr n f Mr,!' Smith left l-lils n onilv, lo Tim b Mnlth is toll TO ,h"ve alien p Inrn '!••„. iVn-l.i Vi > o 0 " 0 '' n truck end cif a bridjEi and plunged it 15 feel Into u small stream! v.'nlvr. Ths machine was nl-1 miis(,,comp!elclv demolished. Smith, In a siinl-consclous J' cal s appropriation lesulted fiom «"^-"«l regular Bllny personnel, ""™! lccd Ct "? cl P'' lcc > "" corps cx- "? "' "I 1 "" 111 " 11 o( dcts'loral- Kl ammiuHtlon socks rcmnintns nUcr ll!e WorW Wm - " SOOO-man : " lcreasc ln lh " " fttlol » ! guard, and ' '^™ 1 ° f ' M » la " rt f ° r nil of S. T). and meed toward Wheel-J charged willi killing Mrs. Tny- Ficod waters also receded from (he business district of Cumbcr- •I lor, his fiancee. Congressional appropriation to .S^Sta „ Construction,, on the $3Kv COO.OOO program of 255 projects in 40 states was demanded. The .report asked, that the United States army engineers continue in charge of waterways construction. The committee, headed by Tom R. Hirttoh, recommended enactment by states of uniform flood i control legislation Tilting federal Me., Apr 27 (UP)—i ncls aml ilnm «diate amendment of von CIO .leaders on ! . co " se "'ation an stream merce Convention Hears Urgent Pleas Today WASHINGTON, Apr. 27 (UP)— The United Stales Chamber of AUBURN, Trial of se riot charges was postponed today a-s representatives of 19 shoe manufacturers and an estimated 3.000 strikers convened at 10:30 A. M. in a .peace conference they said would last until nearly' midnight. The purpose of the conference jwas to arrange for an election by ' strikers and non-strikers to determine who shall represent them the 1 control laws to accelerate the beginning of flood control works. The report criticized wastes of "the old squirrel-caging process of flood relief and flood rehabilitation," which cannot be. eliminated until a comprehensive control system is constructed. | Commerce convention today conj sidered two urgent . in collective bargaining York Cotton 19 shoe manufacturers in Lewis-1 NFW vrn?k- ton and Auburn. Counsel for most! *univ, Apr. 27 I UP) — Prehistoric Studied BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) — The! '"* Wagner Labor Relations act I for the CIO reportedly have University of California has re-! " to "like the law more fair." [agreed to such an electon but ihe egg ceived a prehistoric near Oroville. The department will certain just what kind of h;i:t it and w : hen. lo amend of the manufacturers as welT'"as CoUo " dos «l ^"^ opeii high lo*v 1291 1316 1291 Tlie suggestions were made at i round table discussion of management relations with employes. Jclm D. Black, partner of Silas Strawn. Chicago attorney and formtr chamber head, warned i jti:at the' struggle for dominance problem of how and when It be held still must be solved. can He. predicted a movement 3 to ' players greater protection against disputes. Tornado 'Victim Still in Serious Condition Abb' Burress, 30, of near Holland, Mo., who was hurt when a tornado demolished his home early Satur- May July Cct Dec Jan i March 1302 1294 1270 1211 1277 1332 13Cfi 1302 1304 1301 1273 12IJO 1271 remained in a seri- One of things that makes [his such a wonderful country is the fact that the Americans sesm lo be able lo adjust, themselves lo any conditions. At some of these rodeos they've got outi here. I've r.oticcd that some of the finest! change the law to afford „,,,- day mornj|lg ous condition at the Blythevill __ . i hospital today." lire business men discussed the; Bnrress sustained policies of the New Deal administration and effects on the, nation's economic structure. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 27 (UP)— Spot houses took up first notice day offerings on May contract;; today and lifted the market from a slight decline lo gains of $1.10 to $1.30 a bale. Mav head injuries and has only partially regained consciousness, being in a semiconscious condilion niosl of (he time. Three other members of his family suffered le-=s serious injuries. Spots closed steady fourteen. 1307 1275 cl:se 131?. 1326 1302. 12D7 1300 13(15 at 1312. ll[ Chicago'Wheat open high low close May 120 1-4 128 1-2 It'G 1-1 128 1-8 Jul 115 1-2 117 1-8 115 1-2 117 at a point above the crest of aiyV flocd. : •'•' —•• Al 9 A. M. (C. S, a half-font Irtst Janii-. '-"•V- ••• ».-•; T.). thc Ohi had receded to feet. Government observers believed 'hat a'l danger had passed from PiU.sbureh. Rai'iitalianoclt Overflows Five persons were reported drowned, hundreds of families were homeless, .sbiiv.iins was ciin- pled and property damase mounted as Maryland and Virginia rivers floodcel lowlands. ' Mrs! solicits situation was at SEEKS'JOfEE rPfiBEl. Logan Will Ask Agreement to Reoort Bill lo Senate May II WASHINGTON .April 27. (DPI — Tlie adminiElration today start?:! Roosevelt's iurllelihy rjorgaulration bill before i'.:e senate by mid-May. Senator M. M. Logan (Dem., Kv.) told ah executive session of Ihe senate judiciary committee that tomorrow-he formally would request as high as $500.000. Several' him- mi '"' [ nieius consent to end secret More .Mniioj Needed ) "Unless [here is lo be an npprc- , clably larger allocation lo the. mil- i clitlon." was tnk" t ,'ln"lh~' V h™X I ^' """ '" tMmc blldsels ° 111 'xvra^ SS'' ! T-f?T---" ..-•- - . ''" inpincs |j; ( j antl nnhnplemcnted and virtually unprepared lo offer resistance to any foice equipped with modern offensive weapons and " agencies.'', the committee rcpoitcel I The committee said the army was i short of tanks, armoied cars, scml- lavs not been deternihie-'l but that, he- is In a criilcnl condition from '. nils, bruises and Internal Injuries, j Pitw Uty VI fee tor , Uninn Pavirlo llllU J»">'lc- rifles, antt-aircratt guns, union I araUC nnnuuniUon storage facilities und ' The proposed parade iicrc Sat-' .'iC-ilny..;to be sponsored hy; the. j CiiiJiheni- Tenant Wii'm>rS' i; U»lhn:' appeared lo liavn received a de- flnlte set-back today In thc form if a $M permit - fee. Mayor Marlon Williams said who motors. Would Km) Wai Profits • WASHINGTON. Apr 27 (UP)—~ The house military affairs com- nilttcc, after lon« debato today, approved n diasttcally ie\beei liill-Sheupard bill lo take' the: yesterday he would issue profits cut-of such a 'permit,, reiteralcd his TiRhlcnlng the oilgmal taxing ilaml today .but pointed out that piovlsions ami eli'-iinating a iec- ic could (inly issue such a. permit tion • -.vlilth would haie peimit- compllance wllh a clly or- ted (he president lo draft male lion where from Frpdericksbiirg, Va.. Rappahanock , r ,iirged banks, overturning' buildings, driving people from their homes, and washing out bridges. City officials osdmated damage Power was cut oft'. Thc Virginia state highway de- nartmcnt said four drowned 'when their automobile plunged from a washed out bridge into the Robinson river near Culpcper. The Red Cross took charge of re-scue work and caring for refugees. WPA workers and niemb ers of CCC camps their services. vote on all amendments 115 well as Ihe bill itself on May 11. Thus the committee, if it adopted Logan's proposal, would ngres lo report the measure lo the sen- ate—eltlier favorably, unfavorably or without recominenilaSiDii as the j aj may be—after two weeks of e.xscu- j "^W live session debate. i i, — j ••• •-" *•••• i'.i-j.i,witu it, uiiut millet dinance regulating such matters between 21 and 31 into Ihe nvih- ind requiring the payment, of a'tary service. In 550 uariule fee. He said that he considered _ (I understood that provisions of the ordiiiunce would to be complied with when he indicated lie would grant thc permit. Cnr of the purported organizers (if Ihe parade was quoted uai or an emergency, ihe committee voted, 21 te 2. to report the bill favorably '' the nouso. ' ^o Surplus Profits -. , The bill's original tax section provided R !}5 per cent levy upon I profits (n excess of the tliree- . i year average preceding the war. moi nlns as saying he would not The • bill no-,\ calls for creation 'pay SO cents" for the privilege of • of a taslng system in war time parading. , I that will absorb all surplus profits, The $50 permit fee has been I abave .-. fair return to be fixed» p.iid by various (yiK>s of shows in! by congress for labor, inannge- "'<•' P"st. 'mcnl, and invested capital. "« It requires that the sccrelaly of trcasun- within 30 days after vouiteercd ' r anl con "<tent the motion will i " c "cccpted but of course I can- Confirmation Suil Filed for State I members." Logan said Holland and Smith Named i co " soia ^>^J^«£ Bar Convention Delegates!., .. A .. ., . Narcotic Agents Hold I be jure of Ihe attitude of all I Sllit '"'s bKn filed In chancerv is court here lo confirm titir in the -state to lands forfeited for pavmenl of 1933 state laves. the dccliirailoii of war shall recr. oinmend to congress a plan, retroactive if necessary, to carry out' the tax program. The treasury" annual . is instructed to make . .studies so Chicago Corn open high low close 24 1-4 127 1-8 124 1-4 IV7 1-8 Jul 114 3-8 117 3--1 114 3-8 117 1-2 T • , n j A v Kip 10 round AwaitS Dogs Found Untaggedl Stock Prices ' Have your dog wear his license; tag unless he wants to visit Ihe open high low close! pound, says the city dog catcher.! 127D 13iO 1270 l?,OSb' All dogs, over six months old] from the city who. up to years ago, hnd never got any closer to broncho-biisthV than pattin' a policeman's horse. Back in New York, a fella who gave the leclures on a sightscein' bus was from Greenwood, Arkansas. Things that are strange to us today can become second nature lo us tomorrow. I had one lincl; that came out here lo visit mo and I thought I'd give, him a thrill by takin' him up In an airplane. He was a liltle hi! excited leavin' the ground but after while he calmed down paid when I risked him how l:c felt, he says "I feel perfectly natural flyin' around up here." He said "1 wouldn't want'in land at all U I wasn't piltin' ktndsi hungry." I says "Well. I've got a sandwich here'' and h? rays "No 1 wouldn't wont lhat." He siys "I'm giltin' an awful m- vin' for worms and bird seed." I July '"TllOci 1275 a fm W 1281 Jan 1282 March 1283 Spots closed steady at 1358. up twentv-two. 1322 1302 1310 I30S I2D8 1294 1275 1281 1282 1286 1318 1300 1307 1308 13IOb Livestock • EAST ST. LOUIS, III.. Apr. 2' (UP)—Hogs: receipls 8.500 Top 10.40 170-230 Ibs 10.25-10.35 Mght weights 1.40-9.85 Bulk sows 9.40-0.05 Cattle: receipts 3,000 Steers 8.25-11.25 Slaughter steers 7.CO-15.75 Nfised heifers and yearlings 8.00-10.00 Slaughter hcifm 6.75-11.50 Heef cows 5.50-750 and not having their licenses on| will be taken to the pound. When' the owner finds his dog there he is required to pay charges. Dogs can net be issued city tags until they have been vaccinated,, which is done age of sis months. It Is planned to have this law strictly enforced in the future. NEW YORK. Apr. 27 ' (UP) — Stocks and commodities ricover- cd today from yesterday's sharp drop. Bonds were mixed with (J. S. governments lower. Thc dollar eased. Trading in the stock market was active early When short covering was heavy. Healings lightened later. A T and T Anaconda Copper . nlTlrei*™*™ Et «' •••• Chrysler Cities Service Coca Coia General Electric General'' Motors International Harveslc: Cutters tind low cutters 4.03-5,25 I'rWay. of E. J. Heaton Dies Today in Illinois^ I New York Central i.. •>. Heaton of this city left j Packard |lodny for Farmer City. 111., to at-i Phillips Petroleum loud the funeral of his sister, Mrs.: Radio Corp O. H. Swigart. 83, who died early St Louts-San Francisco this morning, | Simmons Beds Mrs. Swigart visited here scv- Standard of N J eral year* ago and had a number Texas Co of friends In this city. -us Smelting Funeral services will be held u S Steel '." ..llil 3-4 . . 52 7-8 ..87 ..114 .. 33-4 ..15.1 1-2 ... 52 3-4 ... 57 1-4 ...IK) 1-4 ...13 3-4 ... 55 1-8 ... 46 7-8 ... C7-8 ... 51 7-3 P 5-3 .. 3 1-2 ... X 1-8 Ivy W. Crawford, president of the Blytheville bar association, yes- Icrday named V. O. Holland and W. Leon Smith as delegates to thc convention of bar delegates to be held at Wynne Thursday to endorse a candidate for the eastern Arkansas federal judgcship. The Blytlicvillc bar delegates will go uninstructed, the local voting yesterday to give its representatives no definite commitment. The, convention ms called by Chancellor J. p. Gaiitney, president of the state bar association, for the purpose of endorsing some member of the bar from the -astern section of the slit? far the position left vacant, by the- Judge John E. Mnrtire.ui of tr.e Little nock ipnlnski count v) pOT. have indicated that they wfn ignore the cosvention anti will send "6 delegates. to be prepared to submit the plan nhen necessary. The president is empowered to Thc suit follows up a similar ac- flx Prices and wages during wnr | lion filed about a year or more I Periods, Inobilize industrial and j.igo seeking to confirm tills in thc ! material resources, and public ser- Strikers Pendiup- Check! slal - ln lnncls forfeited tor failure vicfs ° jlspnyta ._ , taxo '' in 1932 and prior years. DETROIT, April •>; (UPI—Pe-l- Th ' s Sllit is Ml1 l' 5ndin ? '» chan- cral narcotic agrnls checked a ' """" """" '"""" ' J ' court here. A deerec h ex- OOO.ODO supply "of ;!nrs"rnV" na'r-i rma<i 5llortl - v «»'irming title ex- eotlcs at the P.irks-Divis and Com- i C 'f. 1 , ns ,'? l!los = lan(is regarding' puny nharmacsutiral plant tojiv | 0 : \ ""•"'veiitioiis or answers determine if it was'molested bv i lm '° bccn file "' strikers who barricaded themselves in the narcotics dcinrliiipnt. Ralph If. Oylcr. district chief of the federal narcotics bureau said 17 of the 2M strikers <-vict"d (ron, plant- yesterday will In held Hen Lays Huge Eggs, One Inside the Other by Attorney General Jack Holt ns special counsel to reprc- " ' confirmation suits. - ,. ..*.,., .. litle be confirmed until a thorough chccfc o! the sup- i nlld that attorney's fees be taxed "'" ''•" '" ' '" favor of the special counsel. QUITMAN, Ga. (UP)-A Rhode , [Island Red lien near here is doing I he new action was filed by Rob-1 her two bits by layin» two C'ss, T.- rt L. Rogers of Little Rock, cles- day. She achieves the° feat by in"*'"' h - '"" " - - sc " 1 " lp stn f c nlul asks lb:lt ply has been macb. .-... by ... closing a complete egg—shell and alt—imide another complete egg:' One of Ihe eggs brought in b'y C. jr. Taylor weighed six ounces and was three and a half inches long and nearly that much' Under terms of Jmur- Gautney's convention call the local delegates W'ill cast one vote (or each meni- ' of the lob'al 1 '" lrin: " c thc SH Thc action death of v I • u Members ' OWfiShlp {J r c cs v , llaj •- M r KM n i ni.ii last VPar was '"slitutcd bv »! Name of "No God Rd. s - L - Gladisl.. now county jucize. j in behalf of th» attorney general's Apparently there is to be no at-1 around. torney named in Missteippi conn-1 to show it is not an acci- NORWALK, o. (UP) - Ripicv; cmcc ' Charges Memphis Firms Witri fa- Tav Fvasinn °" r , Slmrtay saw ^mm rtlltl U33 lax Evasion and asked why t|i c not observed MEMPHIS. April 27. IVJPI—Five 1 . Memphis firms today charged with violaliii'» the iromrs.s"- ;:,iso- iine tax law. Arthur R. Hrnlfy. mr.crvi-oi- of western district ot Tennessee Zonite li.'i 7-81 for the slate department ot finance 60 .1-4 and taxation, charged the five fail- S:> 1-4 cd to pay the stale tax on pn,=olinc -...103 bought from a Hiilbmt. Ark.. c;is ti 1-2 and oil company. Township trustees County Engineer Charles O»an to change Ihe name of No God Koad. The; highway has borne its title for 100 years. Legend is lhat, a stranger (raveling over the road at work -Sabbalh was License Reciprocity Up to Attorney Genera! LITTLE ROCK—A reciprocal license tag agreement between Arkansas and Missouri depends on Ihe opinion of Attorney General "All days ave alike," n resident l Jack Holt °" whelher' thc stale ; I'rparlinrnt of Ifevonucs has au- cares?'\ " loril ?' to iwlln blanket permit' to Missouri !r»ck.-. for entry into tin's stale' Revenue Commissioner n. !•. Fr.rd fatrt yesterday. He will ask for the opinion tills week. Thc , cejmmissioner conferred with of- American i-allroais are trying j ficials of thc Missouri Department out three types of pneumatic lire,! of Revenues last week relative on their roads. ' [n reciprocal agreement. i replied. "Don't you know; God the stranger argued. the native is said to! have asked. "Who's he?" dent. Taylor said the hen has laid four such eggs this spring. MANHATTAN. Mont. (UP)—City' falhers here arc hare! on fellow members who piny hookey. Councilman R. E. Burns was dropped from membership for being absent from live conseculivc Meetings and a successor was appointed. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair tonight and Wednesday, slightly warmer x \Ved- ncsriay. Memphis find Vicinity—Fair tonight, lowest temperature JS to 50: Wednecdny partly cloudy and somewhat warmer. The. maximum temperature .here yesterday was 60, minimum 48, cloudy, according to Samuel P. Morris, official weather observer.

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