The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 19, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1946
Page 6
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PAuK SIX BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS BETTER HOMES TUESDAY, MARCH 19, 19<U5 Han Wallpaper Winners To Receive $7,500 Cash Awards; Any Person May try CHICAGO, March 19.— An International wallpaper design coiniie- titlou^ with $7,500 in prizes for 0>* •winners. will lie conducted between Apriri and August 31 of tills year, sponsored by united Wnllpapei, Inq,; .--world's largest innn\ifncUirer of'. wallpaper and wallpaper products,' It was announced today Ife William H. Yatos, United president. Tiie grand prize winner In Hie contest will receive an award of $2,500, of which' $1,500 is the.prlzd for submitting the best wallpaper design in tlie eiuli'e competition, and $1,000 Is the prize for the .best desig'r; in one of the six classifications.- Tliesc clnssifications arc: living room, dining room, hall, Ijert- rooniT kitchen and bathroom wallpaper" designs. Six prizes of Sl'.OOT each--are offered the entrants who submit the best deslgijs in these' classifications. " Open to everyone, amateur and professional alike, the contest is teing ' publicized In the United States. . Canada; Grcnt Britain. Prance, Belgium, Holland. R'issin. Sweden, Denmark. Gerlnany. Italy. Australia, Mexico, south Africa, and all the. Central Amcrlcim countries.. - . Purpose of the international competition is to discover ilcw wall- l^flper designers, to stimulate a new interest in wallpaper design, and to discover jxxssible new color cdtn- blnatlons and motifs. Judges, for the contest will be 1 Helen Koues, leading American iii. tenor, decorator, and' founder of the Good Housekeeping Institute, who'ls the author of several' authoritative best-seller books on home decoration; Christine "| olbro'ok, associate /editor and director, home furnishings department, "Better Homes *Si Gardens;" Rlchardsoii Wright, editor-in-chief, "House and Garden;" Robert GHfflii, senior vice -president of United, who is recognized as 'one of the country's foremost authorities on wallpaper styling;' and' William H. Burton. head of United Wallpaper's ciesigh studio, who for over thirty years has been a- .leader in the wallpaper ' to Build a House, FIRS)' Catch Your Materials Asphalt Roofing, Siding & Fells: licovy demands by floor covering and otito industries cause shortage for construction Melol Screen Ciotli: civilian aml-now 200 :ont over itor- prcwar ycor . design field! ._ The contest is being announced Brick: car[y csli- mulcs indicate increased production bcr: stocks at line low, win, ction declining o labor trouble Cost Iron Soil Pipe supply sKori* biit pro ductlon improving r/tcharts\ Portland cement: no in oiliplg supply; Inck o! manpower prevents building up stocks Electi factory shipment* lag months behind; strike will incrcosc severe shortages Hcirdwurc ontl Hand Tools; stocks of better grade hardware good; cheaper grades and hnhtT tools short New Building Products Will Be Part Of Your New Home Miiiuifdclurers arc planning a I liu.-t of new Items for you to in- i'hiil'.-d In your home, which are eliiirr ready now for distribution or will be ready .shorlly. reports I'rirticnl Builder, C'lileayo. Listed brtu'.v are sonic nt the very newest " ' • which you may reasonably to include In your own A new basement Incinerator is on Oil' market whicli should prc- I viil.- a quick, sure, cjdorless way to bum all wet or dry garbage or refuse, and Is particularly adaptable to gas or oil heated homes. Al'inj; tills same line is a new wct- K;'il;ai;e incinerator which is used fur efficient disposition of wet gar- bajii' and all kinds of rubbisli and whirl: dehydrates wet refuse as well as agitates packed-down paper for rapid burning. The wonders of DDT, the insect killer, have been greatly publicized, anil now a new wall paint has appeared which combines DDT with I he 1 paint. It is mixed simply by iic'diiiB water to the base aiid is with Of tile many factors delaying the building boom that should be sweeping (he. country, 'shortage i of malei'Kils [s (be worst. Sketch above shows approximate current status of various essential build, , iiig materials, based nil facts gathered by Hie Dcparlmcnl of Commerce. Kom<; of the items which \ seemed slulcd for improved production will now be slowed up as cllect.s of the steel strike are v fell by processors. in art periodicals nil over the \forld, through advertisements .whlcH s'-''~ artists and" aft 1 students ' Inslruc- , tions on; how to obtain entry blanks and copies of the rules and complete -iriformalioh about tlie contest. .;Nd entry fee is chnr'gea to entei\ the contest. and anyone may enter -it. Students in art schools and academies are invited to participate. Posters giving details of the contest arc supplied to schools. to be exhibilited on bulletin boards. . Complete information and rules governing th e contest may be ob' 1 Inlncd by writing "to International Design Competition, United Wallpaper, Inc.. 3330 West Fillmbrc Street, Chicago. Home Remodeling Must Be Carefully Planned a Home owners who are planning extensive remodeling of their old dwellings are being cautioned to work out complete plans in advance, even though lack of ready Make Your Home' Like A Garden AN-Year'Round, With the trend toward outdoor HVltiB making itself felt all over the country, it is not surprislni: Ibat home btilltlers are extending their efforts in "bringing the outside in" to platlllng areas HiroHRli- out the home, says Practical Builder,' Chicago. Tile cimrih of fresh growing things lias always had immense appeal to anyone taking pride in the altraclive appearance of his home, and builders and architects have plniincd ninny new and novel vays Hi which you can ciijoy plants •nicl flowers in K'' ( 'M. abundance. Tlie pictllrc window in the Hvlns •com Is a very attractive setting 'or plants to be biiilt into. Summer and winter your living room can :iave a garden-like appearance. Tile, planting area can even be extended to use as a divider between rooms where there ar c no definite well divisions. An unusual aiicT charming picture is Iho built- in Wall effect of plant area between the living room and dining space where there 's no other wall seua- atlon. A [lourcsceiil lamp In the ceiling directly above will help to compensate for lack of sun on these inside planting spaces. Outside of your home, built-in flower boxes of nia.sonry or of the material of which your home is built- help to create pleasant liv- Harmon Car I tons Purchase House On Chickasawba Curlton ill 1<M7 J, D. Mrs. Ilcnnon have purchased the house Chictyisawba from Mrs. Uinksdale. Mr. und Mrs. Carlton have not made definite plans ns to when they wlU umvc Into their home, lib.v occupied by (lie W. Leon smith family. They plan to make minor repairs and I'cdecoralc the interior. Mr. aim Mrs. Carlton have been making their home with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. liny Worth- iiiHlon. nt. 1027 Chickusawba. Goalii do not ent tin cans; they liek the labels for the salt contained In the paper. applied in the usual manner a brush. i\ new miniature "Venetian blind" type .scrccnldg made of l.r'jnzc wire is being produced. The purpose of the screening is to perform the combined services of awnings and screens permitting lit and air to enter rooms, yet excluding the sun's heat and in- secls. A "Venetian blind" type window with slats of glass Instead of wood or metal has also been aiihbuiv.'ed: Tlie "window" has the exact appearance or a Venetian blind, but Hie stats, although movable like" a blind, cannot be raised and lowered. Its purpose is to get maximum window ventilation, to make possible the simultaneous cleaning of both inside and outside of (;, and to provide weatherlight seal against rain and snow. Several .flush type built-in .wall radios . have been especially designed for space-saving purposes In rooms with limited areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, playroom, etc. No longer will It be a problem whether to listen to your favorite radio program or do the dishes when both can be accomplished al once—and how much less of a task, dishwashing wiU become A" portable steam radiator which works oii the sanie principle as pciinanent radiators is available for use in hard-lo-warm areas. It can be carried froiii room US'room; and works by simply plugging in to the nearest electrical' outlet. A new tylie ventilator converts' wind currents into a p'oweriiil suc- tioii force that rapidly exhausts stale air from the Interior of the home The ventilator is located in the roof and-exhausts hot air from the attic while letting In fresh cool idi- through register openings. These are just a few of the many new products that tlie building industry will soon have ready for you, says Practical Builder. Keep your eyes on latest developments because they will be occurring continuously now have eased. that restrictions Wotice Of £ viction Arrives 'Postage Due' JONESBORO. Ark., Mar, 19. <UP> —Alfred Osberg. ai( insurance nuin here, was irked' when h c had to pay six cents postage iliie to get lellcr. He really burned when he opeii- ed the letter and found a formal cvictioh notice from h'Ls inndloi'd. This is the Sigh of B6TT6R PLUMBING FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb HvVy. (II at Stale Line I Mum i!: lilythuvillc 714 cash - prevents completion of the job in one year. In this way the benefits of modern design for attractiveness and convenience can be achieved without expensive adjustments • later and trie appearance of a patch-work Job will be avoided. In , interior remodeling it is particularly.- -important to select (versatile materials -which will help to keep ' costs down. Among the materials frequently used for walls and ceilings is insulating board, which" builds. ' insulates, decorates and quie.ts. sound. Made in factory decorated plank and tile shapes and in large. • sheets, it is ideal for creating distinctive ceiling and wall patterns. _ ing. Bnllt-in window boxes on the porch rail can be incorporated in 'old or new liouses and add a feeling of the South whether your home is in Maine or Minnesota. home Is an old-fashione'd one with colonnades that you nrc anxious to remove, a very practical idea is to use that area for planting space, rather than patch in a new piece of floor, concludes Practical Builder. Insulating Lath Gives Smooth Plaster Base With insulation a must in all new home construction, one of the moden materials which is being used widely is insulating board lath. This material not only protects the home from cold but helps to eliminate unsightly lath marks. FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels .Complete.. With Steel frtr OU'HOrttcrs We 'Stock, and .Install All Plumbing Fixtures FARM LOANS / LowInUnct / Lone Term / Fair AppniMl / Prompt 8«rric» RAY WORTHINGTON Servins This Section for 21 Years 115 So. 3rd, Blyttieville, Ark. A ulAorfr*/ M.rtr»- L**t 5rfca.r /W TV. tr.J..!ill 1...!^. C»WI>7 •! Anrbl Tune in 1'rudential Program Sunday nt 4 p.m. over WREC While You Wait H»U Cleaned arid Blocked 30 Minute Serrira The John's Shop 503 W. Main Bt, RADIO 1 arid-2 day Service on any make or mo^el Reliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Gallihan Electrical Appliance Go. . Authorized Motorola Radio • Sales and Service 106 So. First St. KEEP .SLUDGE FROM YOUR .MOTOR. RE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH ON HAND. AN EXTRA CARFON TO BE ON THE SAFE SIDE. DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY AEROSECT BOMB Now in stock for immediate delivery AEROSECT INSECTICIDE The Miracle Bomb Non-Inflannuablc, Non-l'oi sou oils Will Not Contaminate Food Kills in 7 seconds — Flics. Moficimtocs. Flea*. Silver I'lsh. Ants, Koaclie.s, Bed Bugs MoLUa a nil other (lying or Crawling Insects. Non-Toxic — Safe journals. One Bcuiilj average rooms. Phone or mail »? fir ImiiietUr Licensed by the U. S. Dfljit. of Agriculture Patent No. Tor Humans sufficient for your order c delivery LOU Ktay HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Blytheville, Ark. Jess W. 127 Bananas grow in stems, no bunches, and each row on the stem Is a hand, and each banana is a finger. * ! Insure Now ; . . i through ! W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Telephone 3545 Provence East Vine Strcel Phone 27J!) Phone 2611 for Prompt • Rortd Service • Tire Recapping • Battery Charging • Washing and Lubrication • Polishing and Waxing • Expert Ford Mechanics •' Truck Tires—any si/. Hours«6 to 6—7 Days MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Asfc at Second Street FOR SALE! IB Gal. Corrugated Slccl Culverts in 1 Lengths \vith Conneeling Hands. They're Lighter than Concrete, Uasier Instill] and Will Last a Lifetime. hi CALL OR WRITE— LEE WILSON & CO. Ph onc 18 Wilson, Ark. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of materials or the total Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. 110 So. Sec. I'honc 3371 A. LOANS k ' -On City Property VOt' CAN BORROW up to 80 pel' cent of the appraised value of existing constructions iu Ulyfhovillo by using the modern, govcriimnnt- spons. .red F. II. A. Loan, with 'H/ 2 per cent interest . The monthly payments on these long-term loans almost always run less than your present rent. Ami yon have full pro-payment privileges, which moan that you can pay off the loan at any time yon are able. See us first on those, the best city loans Dial you fan Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 ABSTRACTS— LANDS—LOANS Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators inttr N«t'L Pert Control Aj 15 8j Ttlrd Si ' Phone 2751 COAL E.C.ROBINSON LUMBER CO. FARM LOAN - - 4 Per Cent Interest - - No Commission If you new! money on yoiir farni—for improvements, l» pay off an old mortgage, of to pUr- chase additional land, see us for the complete furni loan. By putting the loan through UK, you know-, lie- fore you sign the application, exactly what the loan will cost you, how much the payments Will run, ant! complete information on the pre-p"ay- ment privilege. Terry Abstract & Realty Co. 213 W. WalHiit Phone 23*1 ABSTRACTS - LANDS - LOANS SPRING CLEANING NEWS! HOUSE PAINTING! Interior and Exterior The finest materials used. a specialty. No job too big or too small. Free Estimate Cash or Terms FLOORSI Wax— Shellac- Cleaner— Varnish— Cash NieW flottrs laid and finished—Old floors refinished—Modern Machines / Machine \ —Modern Equipment V Rental / EXPERT MECHANICS Free Estimate or Terms Slqts-O-Wood Awnings Redwood and Cypress Material Beautifully pointed—Call for Our Estimate 469 Cash or Terms • Your Complete Decorating Store DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE B«njamih Moore Paints 104 So. First Nu-Enamel Paints Phone 469

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