The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 6, 1968
Page 3
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Blythsvllla (Ark.) Courl«r News - Tuesday, February », 196* - P«f« Viff"' Hot Political Potato lii the direction of the star Vega Agency By ED SHEARER Associated Press Writer LITTLE ROCK (AP) - The financial plight of Arkansas' Welfare Department is taxing the ingenuity of state fiscal experts in their effort to resolve a dilemma that could blossom Into one of the hottest political issues of this election year. With almost 90,000 persons currently receiving welfare aid in the state, neither political party is ready to shoulder the blame for the financial woes. Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller says the state i s 'living essentially within the proposed budgetary structure of the pre- $26.76 million in 1967-68 and | year and $22.5 million the sec$29.1 million in 1968-69. Based on the rate of spending and the projected revenue available to the department, the state Administration Department foresees a possible $8.2 million deficit in the Welfare Department at the end of the biennium. The problem of erasing this projected deficit without cutting 'back in welfare programs will be one of the major items confronting the General Assembly when it convenes in special session Feb. 5. . The Legislative Council spent more than four hours dis- ond. Allotment B called for $2.2 million the first .year and $1.3 the second while the remaining funds were appropriated under Allotment C. Sen. Clarence Bell of Parkin read the Legislative Council members a letter received from the governor in which Rockefeller said appropriations of $23.7 million the first year and $24.3 Rie second .would adequately fund the welfare programs. Frost suggested methods of resolving the matter by juggling some money in the general budget fund account, the one under which welfare falls. The account is projected to have a $755,000 surplus at the end of the biennium and Forst said that by transferring the surplus of some agencies to the Welfare Department, the welfare' programs could continue. . This suggestion, however, met with the disapproval of some council members who said they wanted to maintain Then, Rep. Talbot Feild Jr. i the integrity Of various agency of Hope referred to the November 1966 minutes of the council vious administration" and I cussing the problem last week, which showed that former Wei- points out that a Democratic | Clarence E. "Mike" Frost, I fare Director A. J. "Red" Moss -.-:•• -. at slightly more than $26 mil- dominated legislature set the j consultant to the Administration maximum appropriations for 'Department, projected .allbt- the biennium. . jments and other welfare in-1 lion each year. The lawmax'ng body coun-|come at $21.6 million the first In an interview after the ters by claiming it set the ap-|year and $22.7 million the sec- council meeting, Bell indicated so questioned that the legisla- had set the department needs ture may be relinquishing too propriation at the level requested by the governor last February, an amount the governor said, would be enough to finance all of the department's programs over a two-year period, including two $5 increases to grants to welfare recipients. , Fiscal .officers have projected the department's needs at ond, year of the biennium. The that Allotment-A of the appro- department began the bienni-|priation was in line with um-with a net'cash balance Of i recommendations the governor $3.35 million. Under the Revenue Stabilization Act, the legislature appropriated the department $25.19 million for each year of the biennium, including $21 million under Allotment A the first Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS , Today is Tuesday, Feb. 6, the 37th day of 1968. There are 329 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On tfiis date in 1952, King George VI of Britain died. He was succeeded to the throne by his daughter, Elizabeth. On this date— .. In 1693, the college of William and Mary was chartered at Williamsburg, Va. , In 1697, Trinity Church opened on lower Manhattan Island. 1 In 1778, France recognized U.S. independence. In 1867, the French evacuated Mexico. In 1943, during World War II, Gen. Dwight D; ; :Eisenhower was named commander in-chief .of Hie Allied forces in North Africa. . ' -'. : ••,-'.'•.- . In 1964, Cuba cut Off; the normal water supply to the American naval base at- Guantanamo Bay: •' ( ; Ten yers ago-^A fire in Rangoon, Burma destroyed 2,000 houses, leaving 20,000 persons homeless. • «£»; : Five years ago—The Kennedy Administration rebutted charges in Congress that offensive weapons had not been completely re- 'moved from Cuba. One year ago—President Lyn-< don B. Johnson asked Congress received from the consulting firm of Peat, Marwick and Mitchell, which helped the new governor with his budget proposals. "We tried to give them what they asked for," Bell said. "We did give them what they said they needed. The new administration had not had time to find out all the facts and evidently did not have any confidence in "Red" Moss."' KANSAS CITY (AP) - A $600,000 control tower was built four years ago at Kansas City International Airport but it's 61^4 feet too short. So the city is going to spend $700,000 to build t 200 feet above the ground. Workman will start new footings and build new walls outside the present structure, like a sleeve. The airport will be bigger than originally planned. A Federal. Aviation Administration official explained: "If we accounts. Rep. Marion'Crank of Fore- last November. Welfare Commissioner Len Blaylock, declaring that this was a bad time to make any anti-Democratic statements, said the problem began in 1966, "the year of the big give-away in welfare programs." Blaylock said that within a year's time in 1966 and early 1967, increases of $12 were given each welfare recipient while nursing • homes caring for welfare patients were given raises of either $10.50 or $20 in December 1966, and a $20 across the board, increase in Febru- , , s man, the council chairman, also! L ,L . !est ™* to " Ursln 8 to provide $350 million to help j ean't see all the runways, then launch a war against crime. I the airport can't operate." Hal Boyle NEW YORK (AP) — Tilings a columnist might never know he didn't open his mail: • America is so prosperous to day that we are chewing six bil lion pieces of gum and eatin] over three billion quarts of ice cream a year. Diabetes now takes abou 32,000 lives annually, but physi cians suspect untreated forms of this stealthy- disease may ex act an even higher toll by in creasing the risk of heart at tacks, strokes and kidney ail nients. Next Sunday marks the 121s birthday anniversary of one o the- most amazing of all Ameri cans—Thomas Alva Edison who obtained no fewer than 1,097 patents. His inventions made ppssible such modern marvels as the phonograph, the stock-ticker, talking pictures, dictating machines, the fluorok scope, electric lights, the storage battery, waxed paper, and gummed tape. Although partially deaf, he loved music. His favorite song was "I'll Take You ..Home Again, Kathleen." Are you getting your money's worth when you make a three minute phone call? Slow talkers get in only 450 words, but fast talkers cSii crowd in a 750-word messaged For a healthy people'we sure do have our'.troubles. It is estimated that 98 per cent of America's 200 million people suffer or will suffer from dental decay, 84 million have gum trouble and 14 million—nearly one in IS—will undergo a hospital operation in ,1968. Hope you're feeling okay yourself, pal. Quotable notables: "A lady of 47 who has been married and has six children knows what love really is. and once described it for me like this: 'Love is- what you've been through >w i t h somebody.' "i-James i.Thurber. ; i;' Our crowded planet: You think you have trouble finding a parking space? In Tokyo you no longer can legally buy a car unless you can prove you have a place to keep it-Hind some regular parking places cost up to three timei as mucb u in aver- age Japanese family pays for rent. This computer age: One of the ir.ain characters in the new novel "Venus Examined" is a sex machine. Who says literature isn't getting mechanized? History lesson: Can you identify the U.S. presidents who bore the following nicknames: "Duke of Braintree," "First Dark Horse," "Butcher from Galena," "Dude President," and "Great White Chief"? They were, in 'order/ John Adams, James Knox Polk, Gen. U.S. Grant, Chester:A. Arthur, and Theodore Roosevelt. Worth remembering: "It's al- ways the woman who pays—but look at whose money she uses." Do you worry about earthquakes? The best place to go to get away from them is Antarctica. Seismologists say no major! quake has ever been pinpointed i on this great snowbound conti-1 nent. If you prefer a warmer climate, Florida is One of the more quake-safe areas. Folklore: Witches fly on broomsticks, but they also ride on pokers, rakes, goats and ;s. Little girls should never whistle—it may cause them to grow a beard. If bees remau within the hive or stay close to it,- that's a sign of rain soon; It's bad luck .to walk under a stand ing ladder, but : perfectly harm less to walk under one that is ilaced overhead horizontally. It was Goethe who observed 'He who doesn't think too much of himself is much more than he thinks." •*••••••••••••*•••••••••••••••••••••••••••»,.»• DURING WINTER MONTHS, Matinees will start at 1:10 p.m. MONDAYS THRU THURSDAYS (exceptions: National Holidays & Advance Admission Prices). Special Adult Prices 1 to 4 p.m. 7Sc - Children 33c. Mon. thro Thurs. After 4 p.m. Recular admission 90o * 35c .Friday Saturday * Sunday. Snow continons from 2 p.m. We & lie! TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY (GA) WNNEROF1 ACADEMY AWARDS INCLUDING IEST PICTURE DFNE1EU! COLUMBIA PICTURES,™,.. FRED ZINNEMANNS „,.,,,» A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS Knmilhrplnlijr : . iffl ROBERT HOLT TECHNICOLOR- |K| COMING SOON TO THE KITZ ORAND mix — With JUM OMMT * Eva Mart* Saint COUNTERPOINT - With ChuUon Hwt'n FOLLOW ME BOYS — With Fred McMnrrmy much of its authority by allowing the Administration Department to do this. * * * One source close io the situation says the problem came through a lack of communications during the early days of the Rockefeller administration. The source said the legislature would have • appropriated the amount needed, but the administration's request was just too low. The source also pointed out that welfare rolls have increased steadily, jumping from 79,956 in July 1965, to: 89,035 homes, -he said, passed over Rockefeller's veto. "Everybody has been implying that it is the mismanagement of the present administration that has put us in our financial, straits," Rockefeller said. "This is not the fact. We are living essentially within the proposed budgetary structure of the previous administration." The governor then said that any financial problem would drop in the lap of his successor. "If I'd keep my big cotton- picking mouth shut I could go on spending at the prescribed rate with a little maneuvering, but it might be biting off my nose to spite my face because] I'd nave to solve the problem if reelected," Rockefeller said. entire solar system', Is traveling AMERICA'S FAVORITE FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER Your Friendly Theatre OSCEOLA •••••••••••••••••*•••• TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY ONE 8x10 Black and White ONLY PORTRAIT 87. Very few things you do this year win be cherished more or remembered longer than your photograph. OLAN MILLS serves you to create the most personal Slit of ah. Reg. $7.00 Value • Avoid Waiting, Come Early ; • Bring: a copy of this ad with you • Children Or Adults • Wide Choice of Proofs • One Per Subject — One Per Family • Cannot be used in conjunction with 1 other-advertising offers. Sch. 50 Holiday Inn Blytheville, Ark. Thurs., Feb. 8 Hours: 1 p.m.-8 p.m. NAME For Spring By Double Breasted Stratford Model The double breasted look is back, and it never looked better. This time in the Campus (R) Stratford Model — a four button sport coat of 70% Dacron(R) polyester and 30% worsted wool. In solid colors with flap pockets, pop-up •handkerchief pocket, and plain colored bone buttons. For the man who want! to say a lot without say ing-a word/ G.T.O. Young Man's Co-Ordinated Suit The fine traditional look in sportswear. . The coat is the Campus (R) Envoy Model — three ( buttons, natural .shoulders and a plaid fabric of 55% Dacron(A) polyester and 45% Avril(R) rayon. Perfectly co-ordinated with a pair of trim, solid colored sacks. Definitey in. Two Button Sport Coat Statesman Model If you want to do anything iri style, do this. The Statesman Model by Campus(R) is a two button sport coat of-' 50% Fortrel(R) polyester and 50% eot-_ ton with fashion details that make a' difference. Like side vents, hacking flap pockets, top welt pocket, and notched lapels. In a good looking windowpane pattern. A very stylisli break frorh tradition. ' $29.98 Pants 7.98 co,, '24.98 O7QR Jt/./O COMPARE CAMPUS QUALITY AND PRICE! Why Pay More ... Buy Famous Nam* Campus From Hays Young Men's Department Use - Our -Convenient LAY-A-WAY! A >,»

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