Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana on June 2, 1977 · Page 26
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Anderson Daily Bulletin from Anderson, Indiana · Page 26

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1977
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

26 ffi AC ROM B FrKlo* Funh SPORTS SLEUTH ·' Tennis ' Anyone?' C N E S A T S A N H O R A H T E G O G L R A R T R B E R I I W A E O O U A C O N N O L S L C L 0 N N 0 C */$ H D R N D 0 0 N Z Z C L/G/T R E V E G £ M 0 R A N V/D/A B N S W V E R C G V L a/M/D E G Z C K A R 0 0 T R E(J/A R T D 0 G E L L S U N A S T A S R M L N r l K V L R M E H C O H B E R I G G S E G O N Z A L E T N I K T R B A Ytm/tJir'l unjlited eluf: ONION FIND tht illtd woidi In Urt dliinnt. Tlin iun In ill dlreeUoni-forwud birkuiirri i.n H n . n .... Vnlltled ciur hint: QUEEN OF KING'S GAME Mor»n Nvlue Con nor i Gonzilu Budje Court Tribtrt Newcombe Gaoligong Tilden Liver Asbe Word Sleiilh cliie» nro on 1'nge 28. By CHARLES RODRIGUES Mr 6£COHt WIFE/' BUT SWIFT... BySTOFFELHEIMDHAl CEDKIC AND I ARE FAMISHED.' UNLESS wj eecowe MORE PUNCTUAL, WE'LL ee FORCED TO TAKE OUR BUSINESS 'C HAGER THE HORRIBLE By DIK BROWNE DID VOL) WATER IT EVERYDAY LIKE I TOLD WINTHROP WHAT DIP THE MARTIAN SAY TO THE ByOJCKCAVALLI I THINK I'M STARTINQ- -TO QET THE HAN? OF IT, CARPETS w.itow.n 0»«( I25ROIII In SlocM Sampfei Shown Mi Your Horn* I" 1 !" 11 *' 1 "" by our o»n e ,, p ,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,. FLOORING LINOLEUM CO., INC. 1320 OHIO AVE. PHONE 843-1835 M/OMCiUB ("NATIONAL BANK Df HADISON CBHTY Has A Checking Account You CAN'T OVERDRAW " TRUDY Win At Bridge By Oswald 4 Jamti Jacob? NORTH * K J 2 V K Q 1 0 4 K 9 I 5 WEST 4 10 6 t EAST * ! 7 S J » J » 6 SOUTH (D) V A 5 3 » K I 0 2 * A 10 7 6 North-South vulnerable Wtil Nortb Eait Soath IN. T. Pass 8N. T. Pass Pan Pais Opening lead -- 9 » Today's hand should really have been included among our columns on best plays. South Is in a very normal six nolrump contract, but needs to score three club tricks to bring it in. Tbree-2 breaks don't worry him, but 4-1 breaks do. His correct club play is to lead low from either hand and ptay low in the other one if second hand does not produce an honor. He selects to lead from dummy. East plays the three. West wins wilh the jack awi West leads anything, but a club and South cashes all his high cards (o see if anyone is short anywhere. Both opponents follow and South must worry about Ihe possibility that East was dealt Q-4-3-2 or the singleton three spot. It [ooks like a toss up but it isn't. The odds are 3-2 that if either opponent holds the rest of the clubs it will be West. The principle of restricted choice applies lo both hands. If Kast held Q-4-3-2 he had three choices; if West held Q- J-4-2 he had two choices. Three choices are more than two, so South must play his ace of cJubs. He will see East is out and make the sure-tire club finesse against West. A Maryland reader wants to know whal you rebid after partner responds one notrump lo your one-diamond opening You hold: A K x x V K x x * AK lOjcx A J x . The answer is that you should pass. 5-3-3-2 is satisfactory rjotrump distribution, There is DO need to rebid that five-card suit. (Do you have a question tor the experts? Write "Ash lr, 0 J a c o b ys" care ol this newspaper. ASTRO-GRAPH Bernice Bede Osol "It'sa campaign to send a poor kid tocamp. ME!' Junt 3, 1«77 Thi3 choice thai fac«3 you (his y e a r c o u l d b e b e t w e e n adherence (o worX or career fssponsib'liites or recreational enjoyment II you opl for the former, the returns wlK please you. ARIES (hUrch 21-April 19) You could be Involved In a financial iituaiton wilh another today. You stand !o come out on lop. but your countefport's feelings may be deeply wounded. TAURUS (April 20-Mi, 20) AM hough your Ideas have merit today. It's possible you may not present them with enough clarity to ga r n ihe cooperation they deserve. GEMINI (M*y 21-Jun* 20) Use your Ingenuity loday In such a way that you glva value lor what you receive. Don't hope lo get 50/netnlng for nolWng. CANCER (June 21-JuCy 22} In a vein attempt to make yourself look good In from of a rewfrtarvd you may do something to put your male In an unfavorab'o light. This Is a mistake. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) You start out Nke gang busters today, but given ihe smallest excuse you'll pecK you/ tools away and leave th« work id I lomorrow. VJRQO (Aug. 23-S»p1. 22) A recent acquaintance who Impresses you should be kepi at arm's length loday. Don't lorm any business panne/ships or tend him money. LIBRA (Stpl. 23-Oct. 23) Be wil : Jng (o shara wilh othws wno have done lh« some (or you. Later you'll harbor regrets if you're parsimonkus wHh them tod By. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Hoy. 22) For one who normally has the courage ol your convection*, you are unduly swayed by oihe?s today. Your best Ideas could go down the dram. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Otc. 21) Something advantageous coiXd pass you by because you bring persona Into the act who don't btlong. Thfnk before casting today's pJayers. CAPRICORN D#c, 22-Jtn. 19) It's loo soon to press an Influential contact you've recently ma I for help In an ambitious venture. Premature pleas could end the relationship. AQUARIUS (J«fi. 20-F*b, 19) Vany times Jt doesn't pay to ad Oft impulse. Today II may be better lo move quickry. Th« more you analyze, the less assertive you'll be. PISCES (r6. 20-Mircn 20) Vou should not p/y too dwpty Into a pal's afra : rs totfay. This person has secret* he may valklry rxl want you to know at this time. HANPWRITlNG?OfWE5 MA'AM.... I'VE MEN PRACTICING MY KAKWftme UNLOCKED.. .AW AH 03JKT K TOSSED 1HS IDE -. IV* FRANK ERNEST B y B O B T H A V f S HAVE MAKIM6 AMY MY FApTHErP - - J HAVE KE£PINJG IT PEACH B.C. By JOHNNY HART HI. WHO ARe VOU READING ABOUr? IT'S CALLED, " THE GEKEKAL LEE IS PLENTY HEALTHY, ALL RIGHT. JERKY PISTEMPER. SHOTS ? THAT'S WHAT RALPH NEEPS / I ' ,, A LOOSE, BUSTER, OR / WHV PONY YOU TEY !U HANS .A.KINS-SIZE UJMP I IT, aSMCUTTHT .'. DON'T DO Y WHERE IT STUART.'/ FOR ' WHAT COULD EVER TAKE THE PLACE A LIBRARY? SUBSTITUTE.'; SAKE? By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WHAT KIUD CF5ALE ARE SCO HWIUS? Jack Anderson Daily in the Bulletin Page 4 DRUG STORES Hove Your Doctor Call Us- WE DELIVER 3 Good Stores to Serve You GWINN'S DRUGSTORES "We've got it."

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