Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on May 26, 1955 · Page 14
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May 26, 1955

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin · Page 14

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 14
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TELEVISION PROGRAMS confaiicd in this* programs n tuppti-td by th-t TV stofioni. This pip* it not nspotaibtm for mcorrccf listings. WBAY--Grwn Bay WTMJ--Milwaukt* · 2 CBS . CtMiil 4 (HK TODAY -- 4 -00-- 7TOU-- · Gretchen WBAT-- Cfc*rlie Hanson Show 4 is-- wrrau-- Litt Aa»t*«» 4 JSO--WTJU-- Forenzn Tod WBAT-- Cowcy Tiie»ier 5 -DC-- WTSU-- Sports Picrare WBAY-- Cap»i= H*l 5 15-- WTMJ-- Loot at ite Xe« 5 25-- WTSSJ-- Wea^ierman 5.03-- WTiU -- D:nsi: S£ors WBAT-- Doug Ed-srartl* mr:! ti;e 5.45-- ·fttiU-- Se«s VTSAT-- How's tie 5 30-- WBAT-- Toc*y"s 6:00-- WTMJ-- you Bet Your e -30-- WT3U WBAY 7 -00-- WTMJ-- 7 30 -- WTMJ -- Ford Ti*»tsr WBAY-- Oo-srs. TO Esrta t-00 -- WTSiJ-- L-^s Vareo Thea:er WBAY-- Mayor ol tie Tcirn S_2-- WBAY-- I've Go: a Secret x-3-- WT1IJ-- Play-Souse 15 WSAY-- VT*terfro=t S 15-- WTMJ-- Loefc a; rte K 9 .25 -- WTMJ-- *Ve£Jher=i£= 8:30 -- VTTMJ -- Sir District A WBAY-- Fo-ir Star Playhouse 10 SO-- WTJ4J-- Toj^gb.: WBAY -- Tie Weaii:er=aa 10 .-05-- WBAY-- TJp-TO-tbfi-Ml=me Sets 1020-- WBAY-- TV Spores 10 JO-- WBAY-- Fearore Tieaier 12 3O--WTJiJ--News FRIDAY -A. M. T .00--WTi£J--Tcxiay VT3AY--Tie V"-- 'T Snow 8 -00--WTMJ--Ding Dc=s SchooJ S:30--WT5U--W»v oi the Wcrld S:45--WTMJ--Sieila Grahzm S Mr--WTMJ--Home 9 :30--V5AT--Siriicc It Rich 10.00--WTMJ--Tennessf* Eral« ·WBAT--Valla=r Lady 10:15--WBAT--Lore or I^Te 10:30--WTiiJ--Feather Tour Nesi WBAY--Search 'or Tcmorrcir 10-45--WBAT--The Guiding Light ll.-OO--· WTMJ--What's New' WBAT--TV Party Lme 1130--WBAT--Welcone Traveler* 11:45--WTMJ--Loot at the Neisi P. M. 12:00--WTMJ--Man Next Doer WBAY--Garry Moore Show · Color i 12-15--WBAT--"Km Feattirette 12 25--WTMJ--Weatherman 12 JO--WTMJ--Hot Shots WBAT--The Noon Show ISO--WTMJ--Ted Maci'a Marine* WBAT--The Big PayoC 130--WTMJ--The Greatest GlTt WBAT--Garry Moore Show !;«--WTMJ--Miss Karlom- WBAT--Bob Croeijy Show 2*0--WTMJ--Kawkiss FaTs WBAT--Th* Brighter Day 2"O5--WTMJ--First Love WBAT--The Secret Storm 2:30--WTMJ--World ol Mr. Sweeney WBAT--Oa Tosir Aceocn? 2:45--WTMJ--Modem Ko= 3-30--WTMJ--Wor^ari's World WBAT--What's Sew T 330--WTMJ--Howdy Doody WSAT--FH-s. Feature* ·t-OO--WTMJ--Sky King WBAT--Charte Ea=soa Show 430--WTMJ--Forersan Tom WBAT--Ftlm Featiire 4-i5_WBAT--Barker Bill's Cartoon 5-OO--WTMJ--Sports Picture WBAT--Captain Hal 5 15--WTMJ--LooSc at *2e Ne« 5 as--WTMJ--weathennaa 5 JO--WTMJ--Eddie Fisher WBAT--Doug Edward* and the News 5 45--WBAT--HoWs the Weather? WTMJ--Xews Caravazs 5:50--WBAT--Tofiav's News 6«--WTMJ--Midwestern Eaynde WBAY--Wild BUI Hickok 6:30--WTMJ--The B!g Story WBAT--Topper 7 00--WTMJ--Behisd the Badge WBAT--Plavhoiise ol Star* 730--WTMJ--Dear Phoeoe WBAT--Badge 714 g-00--WTMJ--Bonag WBAT--The Lineup S30--WBAT--I Led Three Lives S .45--·WTMJ--Juagle Macabre 9:00--WTMJ--Call the Play WBAT--Clalr Stone Reviews the S.15--WTMJ--Look at the Xew« 9 -25--WTMJ--Weathenhaa 930--WTMJ--Btudstacd Hevue WBAT--Northers Michigan 10 ^0--WTMJ--Tonight WBAT--The Weatherman 10:05--WBAT--Cp-to-the-MInut« Newm ·1020--WBAT--TV Sports Review 1030--WBAT--Feature Theater 11-00--WTMJ--Hafilo City Clni 12.30--WTMJ--News Headlines 1233--WTMJ--Midnight MOVM* B!aek-Whiz* NETWORK PROGRAMS (Central Standard Tinw) -- nbc THCKSDAY EreniBg lor 15 mta. Yukon Story »:43 -- ^Nevrscast by News ar:d Spona -- abc *:tX)-- Nets «^ Te22iessee Ernie-- ciss Xews CO2nnentarv -- £rbs Sews CcmmeiitarT -- abc «J5-- Dsily Commentary -- abc :3O-- Sews Broadcast -- nbe Adventure -- abc News Comments -- mbs f;4J -- One Man's Fatally -- nbc News Broadcast -- cbs Eddie Fisher-- mbs T SO-- Boy Rogers: News-- abc The Whistler -- cbs Jack Gregsoa; News -- abc DetectlTe Drama -- mbc 730--: Bob Bjjpe-- nbc Nlgh^ Watch-- cbe Crtine Fighten -- mt« tSO -- News i Quiz -- nbc BoeemarF Clooaey-- ci» Serenade; ^ews -- abc News Story-- mb« ·:I5-- Blag Crosby-- nbc Gil Houston -- nibs ·30-- Where You Been -- ubc Araos-Andv; News -- cs Music Best-- abc t SO-- Fibber Molly-- nbc Dance Orchestra -- ebs News Conmem -- abc Musical Caravan -- mbs »:15 -- Gnaz GUdersleeve -- cbc J^Q -- News Conitnentary-- nbc Orchestra Ehovr -- cbs Commentary -- abc Dance Orchestra -- me* 10 -00 -- News Variety -- all -- ets Network Programs Since tVlsconxtB remains « Central Studard Tune darini the scmraer months, the network programs xre listed at the boon they mir be heard an Wisconsin stations. The same pro- irams are presented xn hoar earlier aver Chicago stations and other stations operatinr cndcr DajUtht S»rint Time. FKIDAY Evening cbs Hoot Mon! PILOT MOUXD, Is. 0? -- An! eged owl serves as a good 'xs~.cn-, «k»g at the William Fern farrr. near , here. The 34-yesr-o«-]. r.amed Pete, i hoots ·srhes anyone aoproaciies. i Variety Hour (rpi.)--mbs-wesrt 5:45--Newscast by Three--nbc Ne-srs and Coair=ent--cbt Snorts--aoc 6:00--Tltne 'or Music--noe Tencessee Ernie--cb» Xe-sre arid Commentary--abc News and Commentary--mbs S:i5--^Daiiy CO3imentary--abc Men's Comer--zcUs 630--News Broadcast--nbc Lone Hanger: News--abc News Comsienus--rabs 6:45--One Man's Family--Ebc Nevra Broadcast--cba In the Mood--mbs 7.00--Crime Photog; Sews--cb» Dinah Shore--nbc JacS Gregson: News--abe Counter Spy Drama--mb» 7^5--Sinatra's Songs--nbc 730--GodJrev Digest--cbs Garroway (I'.b hrs.)--nSc TaSe a Number--mb» 3:00--Perrv Como--cbs Serenade. News--abc Ne^rs and Story--mb» 8:15--3:ng Crosby--cbs 8:30--The Search--r:bs The Worid; News--abe Amos-Andy. News--cbs 9:00--Boxing--nbc Dance Orchestra--cbs Ne^s: Commentary-- ss, Family Theater--rabs 9 30--Orchestra Show--nbc London Melodies--mb» Commentary--abc 10-CO--News S£ Variety--all nets CONTRACT B R I D G E B y J o s e p h i n e C u i b e r t s o n PSYCHIC BrDDtN'G COMPLICATES THE PLAY THS DEFENSE in e x p e r t games is often complicated by the fact that one (or even both) of the defenders may h a v e cone sonic tricky and misleading' bidding-. West was up agrainst just «uch a situation in the deal below. West dealer. North-South vulnerable. A A 4 3 + A K 9 8 4.32 52 This v-?.s rubbr Isncce at a b-.ds do not. cCica;/* follow roul:r.e courses. Th.s v.-as tne auct c-~ West Xcrth Sas*. Pass 14- - * C A Pass C NT Pess Pass 4 A Pass 5 * Pass Pass Pass Pass East Sc .th DK.e. · Df.e. 4 A 8 A was far.c right from the start. -ATen he p"t »r. the v.riuai:y psych.c c«e c:d of North's suit, but r^ast was not the only one who bid strangely. North's performance also irmtes comment. His failure to rebid a seven-card suit was certainly remarkable, especially when South showed something in diamonds by do-ablmg East's cue bid. Six diamonds would have been a. far better slara than six spades. West, having played with that particular partner before, c;d not take the diamond cue bid too seriously; he reasoned that if East had really been vo-d. he ha\e doubled soc spaces to ce- rnand a diamond lead. So West tr:--c the surprise attack of the ace. Jed a. lo - x trump to the ace. tr.--n took the trump finesse to his o'^n jack. Whether he shoi.!d have taken th.s fir.esse is a moot to:nt :ri v:ew of the marked psy- ch.c b Gd:.-.^ by East, but tr.e pertinent fact Is that when West uori . the t r i c k , he had a problem. | Should he now Iea3 a ciarr.cr.d I :n the hor* of East's ruffing, or ! sr.ou'-a r.e"tr for a c'.ub tr.ck? I Aft-r rrc:o-r.d inought. West . dec-ced t'-.at So-th. if be had he'.d ! ;'· T't c arr.or.cs ard no cl-jbs. \ v.-ould ha-.e refused the trump I Sr.essc ." a*i e^ort to avoid a ' r;ss:b:e c.arnor.d rj:f. So West led the cV-b k:ng-. and that was , tac er.d of the slam contract. I'LL GET UNDRESSED WHILE MV TUB IS FILLING UP tor nouy oo-sarreoTD m* ttWBtKKJ.IC VSK. "SnCV-Hty' SMC LEAVES IV1HE ANTCE-AM LADY? rii. 60 -K MY RL AS7 I CAM HAYS pavAcy... OH,MO / SR_ 1 E^5 eONE OFF PUTX /1 OH_TrtW EXPIAH5 fT" *--v 'I TrCUCHT FOR A HCKU3CT *HE'D 6ROWN A MUSTACHE SfKS. I ORCCREP «W SOUP!! ,» IOOK, FHEJO_ 'ARE you THE WMTB? WHO try ORDER? 3CY! TKE SEKVKE IS «rrSLOW N- PLAOE ICC*/!! LET KH Ti-BMlC/- AFTES nj-SusG=sr A r uNiCSPSTAis.0 A SO.M r-- FlMc' V-VEO LOVE TO HAVE V HIM TOO/ 60003*5/ LETS SeE,'-- BUT MOM/ ^\ICOlAOaSK YOtA'ESlMPty \ HIS FOLKS FK3J25 A GET H.MTOT3WCE YOU-OUT THATUL. LEAVE 5CXJ TWO ALONE.' THI* POPSUN W1U. KEVSX. po IT/ uer* T»Y TO THE YOU THIMK TrOU'fZ HEY,JUMIOR .V5TEV37 A OftiJSNC- AOVE BT I7RAK£ HAS HUKLB? THE THUS- TO TrfE TKUJS6LE C7£SP£i?ATELY FOR THE AViCHINE GUN/ AUGtE' you FOOL! Thurs., May 26, 1955 OihltMh Dwfy NortftwMtwti 14 DAILY CROSSWORD ACMNBS «. Harks at wounds ILOfacity 12LT«ftt 13. A source of sugar 14. Republic (W. Eur.l 15. Witty 1C. To speak against 17. East by south (abbr.) 18. Dried plum 19. Bellowing 31. A wing 24. Remains 25. Norwegian dramatist 27. E\-er (poet) 28- Breach of faith (rare) 30. Accumulate 31. Father (coUoq.) 32. Confine 35- A Scotchman's hat 36. Fitting 37. Weary 38. Bay window 39. Bundles of tied tobacco leaves 40. Fur skins 41. Fat DOWN J. Sink, below water surface 2. A wood tar product 3. Incite 4. Rodent 5. Half aa em CV«ty tougtaly .fibrous, as meat 7. Hoisting machine $_ River in France (paw.) ·.Biblical term, of reproach. 10. Weaver's reed 14. A rural deity (Rom. Myth.) 16. Mills for grinding grain. 2«.Abet (Roulette) 29. Spirited 30. Kind of medieval helmet 32. Sopping 33. Withered 34. The linden tree 37. Flap 39.Excl»- mat ion 32. 54. 38. lfe 37 3S- 2.5 (Distributed by King Features SytxScoM WISHING Registered U. S. Patent Office. 2 F 6 H 4 I 3 T 2 F 4 O 6 H 5 M 3 R 8 S 6 M 5 U 3 D 4 T 8 C i I 5 Y i E 8 E 6 X - 2 R 3 P ·1 A 2 E 4 A 3 2 i L, 5 R 6 C 5 0 6 A 5 Y 6 I 2 T ( E T A 8 S · E 8 O 4 G 4 W 3 A 4 C 2 X t U 3 H 2 IT 5 E 6 I 8 A i S 5 I : S 5 R 3 W 2 E 5 E 8 H 4 T 2 T 6 6 S 5 T 2 I 3 F 8 H 6 P 3 A 8 R i D 7 N 5 D 3 C 4 r. 6 o 2 t; 3 Y 3 E 4 P 5 K 5 0 4 R 5 A 4 H 5 L 7 S 2 S S W 5 H 7 V 6 P H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than 8, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Copyrifit MS*, by Wfflimm J. MiB«r. Dittribctvd by King Fwturw. iHc-S-lfo Optometric Association Will Convene July 6-9 rneetiEg at the its 29th annual MILWAUKEE (U?» -- The 58th 'same time. annual congress of the American i The Board of Trustees and the Optometric Association wH! meet, International Association of here July -9, for the first tizne Boards will hold business meetings in 40 years. ' the week before the regular con- More than 1.500 members and ! ventlon. it was announced today. Til C TILE i Theater Owner Has Answer To Pay-as-You-Go TV Proponents time in order to entertain-! 'Ec".o-'^ Xoxc" A".r.e r»to»by .s en vacation. This :s the :-ecor.d of a z»o-?art senes cresentins: Ae pay-iv" contro -. ers;.. Today. Alfred Starr. Tennessee theater owner and chairman of trie Thester Own- ers of America, writes against subscri-Ddon TV.) ac- LET "ED" DO IT Plate Dinners Fresh Fish Liquor Dept. fo Toke Out · CHICKEN · LOBSTER · PERCH -- PIKE · SHRIMP · FiSH STIX · SCALLOPS · FROG LEGS With French Fries or Potato Salad KITCHEN HOURS: 11 A. M. to 7 P. M. Sundays: 11:30 fo 1--4 to Kitchen Closed Mondays Boneless Perch . . Ib 59c Round Perch Ifa 49c Boneless Pike . . Ib 69c Round Pike Ib 59c -- ALSO -- Cooked, Reedy to Eat: LOBSTER TAILS, SHRIMP, POTATO SALAD, SHRIMP SALAD, COLE SLAW AT ALL TIMES Brandy 5th S3.49 5-Yeer-OId Bourbon 5th $3.49 Gin 5th $3.19 Blended Whiskey 5th $3.39 We Deliver Call Blk. 6040 OREGON FOOD BEVERAGE 712 OREGON STREET BLAC^AWK 6040 By ALFRED STAKE HOLLYWOOD 'UP) -- A i mentous decision is currently i :rg the Federal Coir.mi:n:cst5Oiis 7 Commission ia "Washington. D.C. -who a vital oxvr.s a television set has stake 12 the outcome. The corr.rr.:ss.cn must decide ... whether it :s in the public interest! to license pay-to-see-TY to operate : on the hithert-^ free airwaves. I am pleased to have this oppor- 1 tunity to sr.s-Aer the most vocifer-j ous propor.er.ts -- the gentlemen | who own the coir.-box patents -- ] in terms of their own arguments.! The first and most enticing! claim of the coin-box gentlemen is that they intend to present to the! i American public -- for the first 1 time--Broadway opening nights of legitimate plays. We have personally talked with many of New- York's top p!ay producers and asked them candidly if they \\ouki be willing to put uo with four to eight TV c a m e r a s tciecat-tina while nervous actors attempt to impress f i c k l e first night audiences. The answer was unanimous- "Of course not--it would be suicifle! It'* bad enough letting fiood re- views under the best conditions--j money at this without having to cope with TV"!pay for hitaerto free lights, cameras and techniques."' ment? The second argument: The gen-. A fourth argument claims that eral public will be able to see a | pay-TV can co-exist with present '. ast new aurr. of sports attractions \ TV" without faurbsg it in any way. :n their own homes and will not:Do you think there is any pos- nave to leave home to pay money sibihty that "I Love Lucy," the to see them on big-screen theater 1 Jackie Gleason Show and other TV. Stop favorites would remain free to the o-iblie if they could sold? In closing I would like to quote frorr* David Samoff. chairman RCA-National Broadcasting Co.: "I sincerely believe pay-as-you- see TV will prove to be a snare and a delusion. I have no faith personally in the practicability the establishment of that kind of- service on a national basis. " It would be a negation o: philosophy on which radio broadcasting has been established, freedom to listen, and in TV, freedom to look." ^ I cannot imagine a wider scope J^ of sporting activities on pay-TV than there are presently on free- TV. Today you caa see baseball games, boxing matches, football games. Indianapolis Speedway events, the Kentucky Derby. A third argument of pay-TV-ers has been that the American people iare keenly disappointed with current TV fare and especially corn- imercials. Is this true? Seemingly not. In fact every poll ever taken has shown that the American public Lkes force the television. public to Why, spend then. 10 Memiitf t» MMiiiflM TILE ASPHALT 9Ft»l2rTW!D£ Yard Good 204 Main Str««t--Stanky 2M1