The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 4
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/ PAGE' «LYTHEVlLIiE (ARKi)i COUBIEB NEV/S' Amendment 3 5 f o'r 'Protection i Servicemen f maxE ROCK, sept 21 —The ec- onoinfe welfare of Arkansas' 300,000 min and women of the Armed SerUcJs was one of the paramount jfoiulderatioiu In the, drafting of [He "Freedom -To - Work" constitu- tiotial"amendment on which ArKan- B8s spiers will decide Nov 7, ils spimsois declare dtlils vieek f- "When.the amendment Is written upon-the law books of- Arkansas, any veteran of the war,'man or woman, ..v III be free lo take anj job available for which "he or she is qualified,, without' restrictions from anjbod> or any, organization nnd without pa\nient j of fees or any kind,"isald 11 statement by Ihe Con- slilutlbnal A icndment Committee The! proposed amendment, No. 35 on the billot, \\as Initiated on the formal request of.-thou«mels of cit- izens'throughout'.the slate who signed enabling petitions. An examination of the petitions In the Secretary of State's office, reveals . that furiong signers are hundreds of farmers and 'business men and, in fact, people in all fields of work ana tfalks of life. ' : The*."Freedom To Work" amendment"! was drafted nnd originally sponsored bv the Constitutional mendfneiH Committee which Is' compijsd of Arkansas people. The Committee, 'his week began a program /designed to bring provisions and benefits of the amendment before pie public and to enlist nc- live assistance of citizens in every cpuntj' arid community. As director ot this program Ihe Committee appointed :Val Sherman. Tho, amendment proposes: "No person shall be denied employment 'because of memuehshlp' ; in or affiliation with or rcslna(iqji r 'from s labor union; nor shall' any cor- poraii'pn or individual ,6'r association of any. kind enter'IntpViuiy'contract, «rltteji or oril to ex'elude from eni- ployinjenl members of a labor union or pT-ins who-refuse to join . 11 I-iVm ' ion 01 because of icslgna tloji £• urn a labor union: nor shall anj | frson agiln'l his will be compelled lo pi\ dues (o any labor organization, us n'prerequisite to or condition .of ' 'employment.- The Geriefal 'Assembly shall have'pow- er to (.nlorce Urn article bj appro priate. legislation Oli Dear, Oli Deer: Officials Plan Inspection Trip On Mississippi , ISKPTEMBiOK 21 1944:' Induction Campbell says'.acccuninodallons for Scientists snv lhal when the bar- ERLOU exchange, reported for in Mlic armed forces ycslerday. 500 more psychiatric pntlcnV will 'oiiwlw i, niii,i« rTiimvi".H«~ ".',"««, Unable to employ;anyone "to serv-'be, added, Of the' four hospital 1 . lallmt,, ; JhuM>.imU, .tnf ice (lie dial system, .he received buildings, ihe director says one will I wlwvi <l"arrol.'more/and children i:erin!s.'lon form Ihe Arkansas Utll- «e for tuberculosis palteiHs, one for become more unruly when Ihc bar- Itlcs Conmtluioli to close the sys-1 Infirmary patients, one for acule ,0/nctcr Is falling, tcni for the duration. However, the disorders and one for continuous' 745 residents pf the town will have . a " t ' routine treatment, one long distance connection. | Colonel Campbell says at least six VICKSBUKG Miss, Sept 21— A i"rcct"JJrio to nearby Sylaniore more doctors and 30 more 'nurses The Mississippi River Commission wlu furilisl '. telegraph service. And will be added to the present staff. will make its annual low-waler In- tllc Southwestern Bell Telephone The present hospital .contains 1,- spection trip of the Mississippi Rlv- Company Is expected to install n'.rasbcds. er from Cairo, III., to New Orleans '"" imonc- in Hie little county aboard the Steamer Mississippi " cl »t, mun Oct, 10-21, col. Mllo P.. Fox, Com-. , — • mission Secretary, announced loday^! ^ ... li\q boat bearing Ihc. ConunlK- (\]gW on.k'l)l leave Cairo at 11 a. in., 1 Oct. 10 following a public hear- ~T n Dp Ing scheduled there al ,10 a. m. ' u uc/ Other public healings are scheduled for 0 a. nl., Oct. 18 al Memphis; ?:15 p. m.,'Ocl. 18 at Helena, Ark,: 9:45 n.'in., Oct. 19 al Greenville, Miss.; 11 a. in., Oct. 20 al Nnlchez, Miss.,, and 11 a, m., Oct. 21 al New Orleans. i , •'.-,. In addition to Inspecting'the various i construction operations now under way along Ihc river Ihc Commission will visll ihe revetment casting pinnls nl Helena Ark., and Greenville, Miss., nnd the U. S. Waterways Experiment Station nt Vlcksbiirg. Colonel Fox hits requested locn! Interests expecting to appear at the Magdalene Beckell of Bnrncgat, N. J n . pharmacist's mate, 2d cl:,' 1 leads her pel deer "Pete" into the Philadelphia Zoo, to which she presented 11. The reason: Afler she, her father and brolher joined the Navy, (he Beckett family was noj longer''able to^carc (or the ' '• . animal.; - , ; scheduled hearings lo nolify him al Vlcksburg prior lo Ocl. 2. Mountain View Without Local Telephone Service MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark., Sept. 21 lU.P.)—Residents of Mountain View,! county cat of sionc county, know how bad war mn be. They haven't any local telephone service, and they won't,'have for the duration. Glen Hinkle, owner and operatoi of Ihc Mountain View' telephone (JOISN In the early days of my practical usefulness on a farm, a show- cff cousin of * even nge vlsllcd us Mr..'Slier»mn, who will innliitiiln j every yenr when, In Rtlcy's words, head charters in tlie Committee of-("the frost \vns on the pumpkin flces.if Hflll 'Building,'.'Little Rock', and Ihe fodder Itrthq shock." Not said: '^'Assisting in.'.an overwhelm- so poetical perhaps,- but' we always ing, r victory for (lie Freedom To 'KU) « few porkers fattening In the Work,amcndmcnt would be render- penralsp. Tile .'Jsmnrt";lad. shnrcd ing njgreat seriicc to our men and | my.,quarters nndj. ! lrlcfl (I thought} uomen fiehllmi our fight for \Ictoiy ' ''"' '"' ' ' " ' ' on fh| battlefields We solicit nclne assistance of fie6dom loving Amci- ican citizens in every cotmfy There are iioiiiinJh about 4 r O tankSjincludcd In.a German f nt mot- ed division ' • .JjOVflY-ALLURli^-, • LOW-COST HRMAN TWAVE asilr, cool-ly, a I borne. Do it . The amazing i;;,. . ; ' ''eoctatoa everything you need, ixnuanent wave .*iplution, curlers, stiampoo and wave-set. S^le •' ttjr every type of hair. Praised by Uollywcxx r- ffloyle 1 atara. Over 5 million sold. Get a .: £ftarm-£url Kit tnd.iy..'" "_at Kfrby Bros. Drug Store and nl "clruE stores. o.hclp me with "my.-errands whlcli nclurted feeding Ihe-.-plgs. '• ..{* One evening my father Dn'tl'to '\i& way mul I had extra chores U listed our visitor Uo ; fccd'Vi. :tgs alone. He finished In a !stiV- irlsingly short . lime jimd, I i'.wa'; nost griitcftil initil I jleureml 'thai ic had fed my father's hand-picked nnd expensive seid corn-!because It was alrcndy.-i'slmckcd.Hic must liave figured that I lind stupidly overlooked . : ljils 'special bo}( o fine ears all fall. . ':.'.' . .. "^'' ' '-,' , He Was a' ..Tj'po' In defense, the Kiiiarl-Alec nrgu- 'Yo At Fort Roots Husbands! Wives! Want hew Pep and Vim? fit ]j«UiUil mlcly psfc, 'worn-out, '"ex-' 1 •-"-•ma. *r<* TOW' TEST KraotiuM Jf IIYTHISWAY P •**? I'rcsB Morolino liclnecu (Imifit "•^**^ -*• }l Hncl.i!fiji?cr. Siircaiietytfly spfrt Jx)HK filjtj'B IITOVC Morofiuc'l lng,h fiualky. J |l or miaor cul^ liaius, bruiws, fie, tiijilceiu 1 , IQg viiii.vLtAlItr, try Ojlrf* Tonic T«M«lf.i Km icon you. loo. may jitca tor i*ciu woDbviutir vitwiaa«,, j^,« ran jct,act«/;rav m ••••'•, « IWU< cvorywliei«.'^_ '(^: »l Xlrtr Brui?. ,.",':, !°'- AI Hit llruu Kb-ilwillo, 10 Year Guaranteed. Moothproofing Protects CLOTHING— RUGS—FURNITURE— DRAPES-BLANKETS-etc. Ask for the schedule of reasonable prices. yDSON v Cleaner-—Tailor—Clothier NORTH LUTLE' HOCK, Ark., Sept: ai (UP)—Ulilllles officer Peter Wiirindihovcn of (he Veterans Adniinlslnillon Fncllily at FOrl Roots says construction of several lew buildings al the facility will :nhi in nljnul 60' days. Warmrahovcn also announces Hint Ihe government has awarded n Chicago construction firm a $1,000,0000 contract for Die construction of four new hospital biilldliius, a warehouse, and additions lo the boiler room and laundry. Facility direcor Colonel Duncan HEADACHE ftiiiutline relicvtshermacha futhc<-ausc;r»Jj<|iu<l, JU,i). • K rolic rils arc alrcti] y dissolvcii —alL ready to pc«:R 2aainn the pain. liahcsoottttericm tea, sfon due to the pain. US^t lOc.SOc OCc. Another Showing of Fine uunira 115 ,'earer and -fancy--price were. all. osl-.on him. Hc'saw only Ine con- •cntcnco of lite liour;>I hope he'ihiis changed-but I know some grown nrnl wli'p (ifj;ji'"thal^ji'ny iiqw!" , ( We have" people'cin' America tryi IB lo devaluate things more prcc- otis lluin gold—Ihc very genus of prosperity. ' National prosperity Is ill-one with nutlonal Income, just like personal prosiiei'ity and personal,income nre lite same thing. Now wllh 15 per cent of us, personal tn- coitio "depends' on a job, so national income depends on a lol of jobs. High employment is the goal of nil sensible post-war plnns. Let Work Tlirlvo write' this, victory in the Etirqpenn tiiciHr c of war'Ls expected nijy day. Most forcenslfcrs say we niiy look for it'when Is oii'Ulic pumpkin. u Whcu H cilnies we insist, gunnel .thetsiifeCy/.'of ojlr seed. !c'orn. Wc-'miisl'jealously pro* tccti [Ijliose priceless sparks of life froirijwhicli Jobs'crow: Energy, cdu- cnttph, ei(tcr(-,Hfe.ji Wliopvenlitfe- ., . vnluiites tliese will be feeding Uncle Snni'ii| sced ; 'cAriv'lb'.'tlie' plgk'-.rl ! i '. . can i bo eaiy;uarkod,bul,;(jaji- Bcrous remtlves" "ore "somcwiiHl hai'd^j- lo i(lenHfyh;f5gme,!nrc jft^y 1. 'vjish human c'ndeawr v \v'ns 'of TO RUIN DRESSES : TT'S irjgic liow some gitls lose their 2. i'tevei'its undcr-arni'odor. Helps .,'f ff»cnils'im^rnlp their,~drcsscslbc- > ' i ,stoi> jicispititjon jifclj- It \* >f : ' f '] '-' -r 'l.i,'' ,1 -'.I t ?T ••- I ,1 ' ? \ i-ii' :- • i. .. , '• 1 fcauscioi pcrsptiatioii.pilptiatnl itAtns. t ^A piitt;[\\' k lutc, ar\nstptic, staip^ Ami lhac's iio'cxcusc for it. It's tiny " less'XMnisliiiig'ctcim'. 'to save ilruscs, LI'S M5> to s.ivc fricnils, 4, No \vaititic to dry. Can be used !>( "tJ i c-''A;rlj. v (fe fI ncV)cLW > ,l C od'oM '^ ' ">$* ^(orlliavingal ^-H! i, -, h(! - rrlllls of otllcr men , ed thnl inaric-no.diricvcncc; he) work'.! They love to' squander .what' hail fed the P.BS corn,, nil ls other corn, which linti above an v olher - nubbin In crib. Special species,/ careful cultivation, critical selection, palnsUik- PRESCRIPTIONS Sto«k 1( uar»nteed Heat Priev* ttirby Drag Stores For Good Insurance \ ; Call W. M. Burns Agency, Ph. 336? IWriUtig- coniiilclc Automobile Insurance, Plate Glass, Work- fman's Conipci]salit>», I'ublic * Conlraclor's Liability ami Klro (Insurance on anything itisiirablc. , ._ .._, their own. A few arc just no value • ,,| nl j,: | 0 «gli. They think in terms lllc of power, reprisal, pillage and ler- riorisiti. .... ,,, '!'. l.iitik lo the Ftittn o Biireaucc^tip. b'rMnlriistcrs can torment sma'll cmploye'rii-until lliey qiiit business.- Powcr-hiad plutocrats can choke American enterprise by lorclitff government Into .it. Moon-struck Pandorns can handcuff lionesl workers by pampering pet lounge-lizards. But the provident people of the United States want something spared today that will grow tomorrow aiid prosper in years to come. We sllll have our smart-Alec relatives, able to make short work of valuable things; able to kill n year's hupp in ,-t reckless moment nnd M. BURNS 4. Second! WHAT MAKES A RAILROAD GREAT? Maintenance of roadbed is one of Frisco's first rules for smoother, safer transportation of passengers and freight. Even under tUe burdens*'of wartime, care of the Frisco roadbed is of first consideration. 5,000 MILES IN 9 VITAL STATES argue, thnl it'5? right.;. ;it must not liiippcn. We need''good,seed for our posUwnr cniploytn'cnt" crop. Representative. , conslHutiptihl government: Government" by'iaw mm nol by a man's directive: freedom to own properly and operate business in the hope of profit. These arc few, kernels Hull tiiusl live if freedom livivs. v Utilities Commission Wants Increased Budget LIlTI.t-: ROCK, Sept. 21 (U.P.)— The Arkmuns Utilities Commission lins submitted a budget request of $126,000 tor operation during 19-15 nnd 1946. Present budget Is $118000. ' included in the request is n provision lor a ss.000 n ,vcnr job for n lawyer: St500~~for office equipment nnd $4200 for cmpl.iymenl of n rale tnuluccr-sttittsllclnn. Ninety-tour out of every 100 women In India are mothers. Worry of FALSE TEETH •Slipping or Irritating? Don't lie embarrassed by loose 'nlsejlcrlh slipping, dropping or •vabbnng when you cnl. talk or .mi?h.< Just sprinkle-a little,-PAS- TEETH on your plates, 'nils'plcas- nnl. pmvdcr.. Elves' a remarkable sense of addcxl comlorl and security by holding jjlatcs more firmly. No gummy, gooey, pasty tnslc or. feeing.; It's :illi;i!ii,c (non-acid')'?' pet FASTEET1! at any drag slore. Healthy and happy—that's what all children arc meant to be. During the growing period of a child the proper vitamins ure more essential than ever to insure good teeth and strong bones —not only for the present, but for future years as well. Prevent a vitamin deficiency in your child by giving him, or her, extra Vitamins by means of Vitamin fills, We stocjc all nationally - ' ' ' •( '•• -. ., • ; 1 ! •. :!!..-'. ' . ' advertised brands. WAUSING Oil 11 KU The defendant. Isabella St. Glair, Is hereby warned to appear In llio 'hiuiccry Court for Uie Chlcknsaw- n District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within Thlrly (301 days ami answer Ihc complaint ot the plaintiff, Frank St. Clalr, nnd upon her failure so lo do, saltl complaint will >M lakcn as confessed. . Witness my. hand as Clerk of .Die Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba District ot Mississippi County; Ar- iansa^ nnd the seal of said Court 'thls:the 7th day of June, 1344. , ' . HARVEY MOETUS, Clerk. • >•• '„!>,...-,^-.« ,„,.. Ojl-H-ai-23' 'An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure' . . .You should start rig/it now* building resistance against the common- cold. Cold Vaccine is now obtainable in 'fnfofct form. Come in— let us cxolain its advantages. 221 W. nlriin 1'honc 507 No! Usually Available In The Blytheville Trading Area! special representotive of will be in our store with an outstanding selection of stones. Mr. Jcnnaman will show.fine diamonds of-all sizes in cverv iff t -: : ' : '-- • '•'••• /'• • .' ; v ; ':- ' ' . wonted mounting,.jMany local residents will remember^ him from ••• . , ' '' 1f> "•'•'• ' ' . ' •••' ' .•' previous visits to our store,.Jf you're flunking of,buying a dia- -. ^ ; ' *• ' v> mond this Fall, don't'miss this showing ,.. Every stoije and mounting will be guaranteed by us. : •

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