The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 12, 1880 · Page 2
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 2

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 12, 1880
Page 2
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A.H.BKLO CO., Proprietors Circulation Equal Xo that o."" I I T TUP /Wlinh T. UT V TlflFvV ·ALL TM OUR Mill FUtM Of lb(l SUU ENLAKOBD AND IMPROVED, Women, no lew than rnT., slionM !*· cdu- rnU:'l (tcrortlini to th« rntr;i.3iir^ of th'-Sr n:Ul carmbilHu;-4. I uw llicy of: the moth- T] of she will* :mJ Uiu ijifiuMi vf tlwr riM.-nUi! mnntimtion.1. They »himl(l Ix.- fitfe'I v.'iicrc Oinrririi'iil for buxincn-i jjiinmltn on a line with lli'.-ir nalufiil ':upal.iil!tlM, * u* to ruW: tiu-ni uliovi; the tcr.'ipiatinnH f/; w'nifrli U~iunnc': "»'l ii,-pi.w!iTiu: cxriw thrm. Tljix in wuilcil U) prumnU; 111'; vJltlM! lltl(I .'i w-xci., a.r;il I// prevent UK: gen- n'jn of !in: r:i/::. ' ·ISTV-rtiCR «m.C5Wl. 1 ;,., r in «f in* 'AiJy Pilous, ! "'» '" in frum tho cr*ftDi it :U" uJjcuprtt nnJ tx*£. p«r-r In the conn- irr--tht) i.friuUHK J* MX* nrrifO Ki,(UAL TLi A JdC- i*i:cTt''f IN rwc* orovijciK) i'rv cjurr, I C o r y 1 V - « r . , . . . t a o g i O £»!»·· 1 Year 17 «0 iKK.'i.p.** 1 Y t f n r 3 0 0 0 GVCnylr*..'. 1 *«r C3 CO JnYJirlJtbly In A«4v*no**, "RXB Or IVHTKJ*: TO U, I'*irT» or TKK LV'TUI n/im!tbr Jnvft on Oii!r«mton, pOaWfBro nwn»7 cnl«r or rvfiltti'P**? Jr-ttm-, Acldri«» Pjidci.iw-n cojile* **mr, f raa on AppllCAtin, AllJ-'upflf* Jll*routliiaed at the F.jcplr- m f l o n of ».:-c Timo Fwld For, Look at tfj'j nripten laf-ol on your JXVJH.T. The dfti? iJi«rron two** wlwi Utn MiMcrljiLlun f.xpln-M. Korwirt' tti'« money In (in-pi« tltuu fur recount if you flffcln: ucu/okcn (lit*, wt »o C*^i not. oJway* £ R'inibrni. ; will i,lr*Mv Ml«to In tbtlr comictmlGACluD to dt pru»-utaJjd tbc you flf, /·UUiUjl «u^' cbktfiv whit pw/ofl!cn U U brinK uuillnl »t oup 1111*7 »M*!» It vh/jj|f«f t«. ':AKmDA.T t/ini.^liin^ linw lon£ a I'ltt'.'ffn^l' CJtn tills (.ounlry without l;:;winin^ ff-A wilh th'.- rilrloinM of the p;:OJ)li: and tin; apli i; of our liixtilvjlionn. A refresh- n/.lrnlioD f)/ how difficult il i« f';r soni? to ftx:I at liomu in t!s United ritJiti.-M comi.n from lira wil'ln of wimUrm TtJCii.H. Tin: frimd.s «f u uti.rrfy G:rm;i» CUTOUT by Uie mil/it of Uichara induced Mm to run for (!»· icginkturc. Hi' name to Tux.':« nt Uw p^opi.- 'if tv low cuir HlUon 11! Hi-^fraWr ! 11 .*i~swt n 111 ^tinmJUin, 111 XW-K U" ·t I this utiVi. !rcilnl^ranf 1-uiif vju f. fn iu . , ««: »iru!ulk-«l -i-iiii-atlTM -I l^nt tf rn»-i\t t . U I" " ui: »1. i -.·r»l ;l Many of ib; interior pnp-ra »-*:ru wta vi:ii up to th'? l-'x"tl ··I'xrti'm:*. "In Horn/: c: !i«-i-u U entirely t/yj tuucb fa'^ii fur th/r fjmiini. Th" Uall.-ui Tim" retort* M f'iMowl to r.-- rruu-kx c'rtK.-Timi^ Ju violent and r.yC over V.'IN-N w £ -l'»!) t-TSmtfi t/ wl«-/:t IL [C'''in« t// th*; .'icti in Ir.t/T' in ti'ni liy thn Tlmm "f lt« o'*-n gtiuril n f a -»-r±ftw (IK*'may t^-l'j'-'t tr.'jfr d!»n»: but thft privili-y; Thn 1 . (li.XTiniluali.i^ I g*r, ray: ·ItwrT,*. n/i'i will r,Bi/l tlj' ^·r c'llti'niit w*- wil,hii'.-!d f;;i/ni pec rt t tho 5I*;*la Lwl tio j / of th»- r;»Iv^"tA-i I ;«ip»r^ '*f Ut^ kitii tir,n of ull fili the Sr i i-'|U«Jt! tl;l in vullli' W 'li;tfla. _ SrJJCJT Of Till'. ': KSIMA N I'llKXX. Sn 111! ii)-, Septciu !) AT; ·71-;'.-wln.Tt. 1 i 12. 8SO. lii- with !}«n. liotxTtMiii, oi Waco, on the .subjix't of nn indi'pvnrtcnt tanviiwi foi gi;vi:rnur. In the Muntc of tlio intorview (Jen. R(i|;rr:?;nr. signiflw, uncqii'voxyilly thai, aiifiiraln'i.-'c'jiii»riii i rl, tin-re will lx: no indu- pciulont lliiet in (ipjxwltiort ^) the ticket D'.-iuiuati-.'! :it rullu.f. We ure not Kur prirfd ilmt. n f i f r h«ittttir:tf a montli, he Khonlrl C-IMM: to lien llniil dctcraiinmiuD. If Ckrn. Kohertwm aiui no opportunity to mukc u dit"tiupriiL''iiei! (nark In Texan politics n« n popular lender nnd as a libfinil refonncr-- nnd WL arc not sure that the Dnllas convention did not jjive him SMch nii opportunity--he- loHl. it whoa he hcnituted n-nil ccinmcnced udvi«inK with o!!ier Jiroaiincot though dlwifoctcd dcmiwi uts mi to the expediency of UQ independent can- via?, innteod of obeying the impulse of hlfl own political 'JonRClonee and triwting the cause which IIP had at heart us ft democrat, n. Tcxun :md ft yt.triot in a direct and instnn- tnneou.i uppml to the peoplo of the state. It' TVIIS 'jolus-on in him to expect from democrats of a-Tplrntion iis Toll as 'prominence, and whos? souls «'e steeped in n».oiu)d reverence for the machine, any ex- plici; of concurrciioe and support ia advni.ce of hk actual nelvent as a populv katler in tm independent, vigorous nnd hopeful cunva-is for K CITCrnor - Such men. seeing Unit the Itobert'i fnotiochnd full con'.roi of the nuichinc, were not going tf lie in B liutn-to quirrel-with a me^I tbnt tar.det! the keys to the of jratroaipo and promotion. The trve c-O'Trsc for 'Jec. Kob*r:son, if h« had any thought of Iw.'comii.-s on indepondcnt candidate, and :f ho trai conscientiou.0y con- ^iscrtTtiiii Uie action o; the .Oalliis con- vcn;irn should prove** I«ii5ixmt!c rebuke and popular condemnation, ^as to consiilS face to face 'c.-ith tbe m?*se:^ of the people, !F\vr L"ic ri-st. Gen. ^ Koltertson'.? argument aniiis). Uie urion of VLe ronvi-ntion «sd the IJobert^ rt^rao'p 110745 * "athcr loo rnuclx for LUcBduiit.a. He argues thu* Uie mnsl p:-»joas ^Kiitions of the democratic piTty b»ve tK'C'J Vranipled upon to i^'aS,'!! war for persi'/na! jovenimcnt. Ji'e arzucs that tie Ions; cherished doctriae 'f principlas before men has been repucJaud. a^d tha; for the flnt tbr.« in the b.isury of tlie par.y one nun is its master. Yet after all he concl-idta that the " peetdia r condition" of *-he demccratle party is such as to icdui« him to defer .for a «eii. J 0n to striki; for the redemption of the party from the evils which he describes, " rather than to jeopardize other parly and state interests by striking non-." To i»y the iraist, the sequil ur in tbis case is not plain to the naked riioson. Tho ut and the conclu- ·nrly in life, ami luul almost iiterully gr' 1 tip with the country. l'i- imd tilled the noil, fought IniliiuiH, rwiwl u family, anil enjoytd 111,: re«[K«:t ind confidenee of everybody. He i.i w liiinrxt us lh.* rlny is Ion},'. This £;ot" ID show Unit in running for tin; le^is- latiii* he is t.-.klng hi.s pig to 'lie wrong mark,!. As »-,,n -.« il WILH known that he , -^ ^ of tho TMjorltv of tl,-, r .*pli;or T.I-,,. wiw a crvniinluU- aumo |»o|iticjil cudiny put Qf fl n tho wnn.pUlili*, mivrablM r-rj-cJilh'! an tinonyinous pffce in Ln*r piipcr IhalHichur/ ' " * * ' i..*..-.--~ i-~ . WJIK not thn right inufj to «cnrt to :hc IfpfiMlttttiru bocuii^n thfTc v."ts rc«wn to ftur thni Jj'* w:m not honest, la reply lo thin .*n- siniinlion IticJmr/COTJIC.H ivut nod .·lenounocf* IJH unknown political cocTity in the sirong- wt tcrmn. ,'Jcflf«i hi.n to Hhow whftrc he ^vor Nk'In d rent, calln tlir suid ftneniy n rowurd!y rU'ouudrf.'I, and £nen on at ;i grrut r;il«. ^V'; arc vsry much afraid Jtichtir/ will not IK: olncted. He will wtmr himself out I*n# be- lorn thr; nlertion. If lie hocomort so excited ut n more inn;nua(;on of di«honCHty ;it the IM^- j^innfnp of the cnmpui^n ho" will cxplfidf or fall to frie'!f?h long before the *ntertuinmcnL is over. Jt will not bo long boforu lie will ho Htunnin^ly surprised to mul in tliu j.-ublit: printH that ihc voters woul'J like to kno^^ why he change tl his name oa coming to TCX.IH. Be-fore he -will Jmvo a chuncu t«? nail this Imsc insinuation *o the counter, he will he reminded Unit hiw iVicnds would f(*e! veiy much relieved if he would rise and let. them knyw if ho li»» not got brother in the New York penitentiary for murder and bin-- j glury, und if it is trua thdl h« himself escaped conviction by turning stale's uvidciicu. This is merely the preliminary skirniLshin^. After the campaign hiv- /airly opened some really serious charges will hfj brought itgiunst him. It' Jie should attempt to nddress tho noveroi^ns, he may be fully prepared to create a scnpntlon, or rather somebody else will create it for him. He need not be surprised if h is interrupted by nn cbony-huod Amazon, with ft borrowed milk and molasses colored cherub in her arms, colling to him from the crowd to give her a nourishment for £Frona Uio New Rraunfulu frAvmst--Tmsalaiwl for A« (t in liiffhty probriblu t!ut-t Gov. lU-!i"rtH Tvili U* reflect/'*!, and tin; t.hlp w-jll c»Mjt]jiU'» flnuniifnu^ about in 1*H -waves of rf-tro^i u+- .H;OB, it In [M-fb:i)s not out of \\\iu:'^ tx ix-viow Hotn^ of tb'i work of th? IR«I lo^shitur^, which (I«.H Mxrited »" much justilJahlu " l law* j by our' !.'iiri'H-ni Iwhiaturre; thn atnto Iwl an pj:itwice, ten lu'll-purich Ia\r in rloct'f'MjJy th*» mfwt !rf. It In mil- thf.1. ic ta a d?od t:* i r fi/ifl i* 'in empr.y furc^, V'/ry J.IWH nr» piu:v-I to d. th*- people, tho KtJtto !LKS fur which uru when only tock'innnd th"ir niif»rr:finpnt. Oo Vj uuy city in Tax/in nnrlKw hmv the- ii'-Il i?un*:li law Is ri'giird/vl. It nrvnr trt-'iiTH to aiiylviily t* jfi'infl out rovrnni^ 'or th« state. nn'T th« luw in H pi-rlWrt 'Jcad ',;tcr. Tho Sniulny !it,w in anotbw ILVW that i« in.'ido only tx bn vjoluLi'rf, nri'i i^c.-mtrury to tho spirit yf rnpuJtliaiTi i;.:(t.(tu*.fOfiK. Tln-nt ts a larr^f mirnrxrr of Jii-vjii.hut nlK.yild 1« j:nmill«tl or nmflmJiid, but wo d not fy»Mf-:vo t-Itnl any ro- fomi is pnH,sibIi titidor A llolj^rt.-!'}* wfniin'fitm- ti'ni. On tho contrary w-e rtoliavftht-obje.HI^n- fthle Inwn will bo onforco'l. Tho voto in tho convention nlmws Mint, bn hux no iK^ive opfnfrf- tioii \ft Kpwk of innldoof hi«iwnpiij-t.y t a n d thn I'ppuhlifJLiiM (iro t«;o wtink tt hrinj?; micvi a policy of tho .-idiniuiutnition. Everything will rrtrnain nit Jt wiut, mifl th« ntjito 'will be put rvick for at Iwwt t«ri ynum in iho dnv«lopmont of Ite n-;oiirj»w. That, juroordinp to our idci», IH whnt Texas ^aiiL-i b tho rt-elt-clion 01 Roberta, quarter b.ei'solf to procure infant. If this should not embarrass him, letters that he hitf -ivrittcn will be produced, in which he ndiniu his guilt, of every Imaginable crime. We arc not at all acquainted w'ith Mr. Richarz ftr*onaUy, but have a sympathetic feeling for i man irlio is K) totally l^-norant of the manner and cu.stom.-s of our people as to Ix-ccme excited over a )Ut!c campaign pleasantry. Rather than .o fly off the every time he is called n thief, a body- snalcLef, or a professional burglar, he liad better place himself on the platform of total deprivity, and admit that he is much woriie than his most intimate friends have-any idea lie is. bt* AD Independent Oi ; i of governor. 0, September !',*,--A .rt-prosontaM H« via not, Armor captain. . ly rtat/rf In tjKr of BhUah. Ho captotji oa (iuty fn t^r , on tiw I»T, fct Bhlkth-- the loft (wrapi-ny of ' A/Ur tlyj bftUlo of SbiJ/A tiw CoL n* r ijior f:«i/tuin: h qucntlv Ijij, liiJi ^,iu TmirnonH 'A-JI ^'.-ili/ijiT, 'iflicrr, wi at th-: Iwrtl* of . . j*I SuiItH, a junior rjtpttin. !» f . Smith win* nt»v*r t'n l ourl vrilor pr-'/irv/t/*i V^ txt iiutjo o 'iit'-'I 'rf a woim'l ri^rf hlfk-TJ-aw Bnyou, t J hnv? *lono ^vith thn nifliiiTX 1 fwl lL a liujy t'» n/Jd a few wrfnl^ alcnit Ui'' "nv:i'l Touw iu'ftiitry ojt o «»imniuirL nlyui; thy f «;'- nimt r ji « vfjf»l'', «-tiihrw:r:^ l.h* 1 ntnk niui tik ;w w'-IJ mi til" olikfr/, 'J'lwr w«:»ri'l TfUh* Kw not 1« MM liM'W ·" '·''ww f ^Ji** uciywry ffitvti\j Jiv wh^'ii r'*putJitJ''»rL^ an: nutde nmJ **it/iblJ:-li* 1 Uj"lr nyrrvjry rv*ti r iiit*'*l. It '.'-fin Litn ftnt iu T'-"%JLH f'jr ix.'riiuiijt^jt war. Us fir-it union vri Uoh;ith*; riH of th" in th» ^, .-ui-1 Hll'« in tli«; Miii}f;' Cj[ Vli ..., ,j..^Jv : . ,,-,jnt of fitUck. U ·«:!!« with tlTi' Jnj'f 'f -'*J1 the rofillcxJwsUf woldi'TM lo Ixi t!i.-*hj(j)'!'«l after ib'-Kum-tviors of Lw, J-. Jirjuiirf^iti, i'.jdmrd Tuyiur auitf Kirby Hmftli. it in Jiot t!u? plot;*- hero V cnimrorui* tlu» irmtiy I roni h/ r vrfi : p Jutv throughout thn Ions, flr^nry v*-i.r* y/ Lh«- t-rvll wur. Vo-t, HO fur tw I kii/.\i ; it hnx ii'.'vcr Ji/i'l f t t * n an *x'"t*ioii/i'J u«wwpnp'r? ( . orr K,p/,i,,)».jir r to t»II itM ·iwi^, U ho* iiiivftr h/irf one of tiifw* thriU'Djr rtiink-rot pfopvrly ^-ot up by wirviviiiK m/iniin'nt of *hi*«* co'n- rn/imw wh«n privatioiiH aro rwountPti, Imftlwi fonglit over H|2»in, nurl r^mfnltarttcpH of ';Vio I),int i'/'tllov thii ni'-mnry of t?-3 ilcn/i ami *i? ( ri/i »nd iitrent,h'jn thn fn**urlnhip of thn living, Th«(i!rlll mid dlnrlpHn** of thiri rnclni'-Jit, f m i u - .7ohn C. Moon* ant? thn UivtlciU IiiHt.nMllrtn -id Mnj. DoBniy, now Gun. Df-Bniy, w^rf i-titn-t buttle wo* i[fl it 11 1'tivtt dono ci'^dlt to the bout veteran .v/*rrirtr« of nny army. A)id tiic ' - - o f a. true t hour of tho cohfMenw.T. When t*i;rvl-o diDif ^rc-at -trnwt -iid Kli-ady vnlor wun to ' 1 TK, doiu 1 , thn nurd t/ Ix 1 r ijOJfXl'x? Jt, I could ci nutaucM of thiv* fnct. hnt I muHtjAm. My ouJy object in !rUimlLiii, "th*!Hf r';rj;iar?tft t«i I*·:·"« to ao mi act. o( xratol'nl jiiHtlro tt a rwiit gaiJant, rogiritouti, wh.*«* pralwiK hm'ti not, bc-en sung ov*?r much., ii'id ti oiw of ttw gallant I?OTO- rnHtidftiw, Uol. IV'ni. J ; . Rogotx, vrhotio ii*mci hzj4 ,. Sorow* of ilho Ghoit, G0(tt t $or+ Throat, Swollinat and and Scalds, , far -a/ut Mbxdac/r*, / and Ears, and c// otoor Majt JAC^BI On. . of 50 Ont'u, cJiii avcry QJJII *u{Jrrfiiff o tit Wl'/v HOLD BT ALL ?£AL£lS A. VOGIJU^R A: CO., BaMmor*. ltd., V. *. J. D. APPLETON CO.* been In two oommnHioa,',Ji?Tm In tho NJEWM, ltlim;alt b^en Intl-MuitM to JT.W tout j . It is nn Hr t of duty to voriwn. who nrror Jn tn*i ( in ^^c:lu^l to th*i promotion of j J'nw days vrlth illness, and inquirrd about tho prowpouirt if an independent demourfttic w.n-ii- dnt« for'f.'dT'OiTOr. Qon. RohcrtAon add: Since tho adoption of the report; rf tlio m;ijoriCy of tl»« oonunlDtoe r»n platfnnn nt tho Dallas conventlo:i, there- iTo tin* Nnsws.l TKOVji^m, S-jptt»nib'r V'.-- Sfnc-o ynstcir- lf 'Jjut.was nioi-tiii of anc'ld nn osLcflin)*i 5Ir. J. B. Wurnwtte, Sr. f wiu; condoned to : : i*i grave. Mr. Wornocto wai tatio and tefli behind tbo NEWB to-day ca'lod on Gon. J- 15. Robert - ko .rty, und dir?ri Huddonlv. Ho tefli bohii wnjj veho Ian boon conflnod toh'-s room thd pa.s. j nn vi-y littlo rf th,f« w«d(V« g^'xKlM, but in II been an (w.icwt connnltation a number . of flomocrr.ts in various sc*ction« of thp . ns tra what %va« Sho course for a m:mlwr of Ktaunch di?mocrats to punain wh^n tht regular organization of tlio pirty Jw» lxn:n tui-ncd away from dumooratic usnfjos and hius fnlletl to speak out frankly nnd pla.inlj on many " ' . of t'oncorn to the party nnd to tho inauguration of v. HobortK Tlio Friend ot'DcUcat" Wamoi* T j; 'afo Kidney and Liver Curo te tho remedy that will euro the many dLfflaitos pocu- jiar to women. Headaches, neiuroiglo, oiior- derod nerves, weakness, mental shocks, and, Idndrttd ailinontB are flfPoctualiy romovod by its use. [Tho Mcthor's M*Kazino, MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 11,^-Tho twanfey-ndlo raco botwoan Miss Cook, of California,, and Miss Pineo, of Colorado, for $5000, was won by tbo former in 4£00. beaming her competitor by near two niila*. Tho race was wliaes»ed by #1,000 peoplo. STJLTE PRESS. What the Interior Paper* S*r. Tho 'Waco TVJepbono tolls its readers: The Gulf, Colorado and SaiitA Fft railroad should , b« rcm«rulcrcd I fact Is thai the aiou, t*ken together, leave us to infer thut it ii good for the and good for the state to abardon Ixith for an indefinite poriod to thd evil practicefi of an undemocratic, scSi-sh iiid pemoaal regime. EDUCATION AND EXPLOYMEXT FOR WOMEX. It is siiic of a firm of lady lawyers, having a larf[e eenci'al law practise in Ch'.,'r«go, '.iiat there are t^vo questionH which in their prae- 5ico arc always askod of them. Those are : " Your busiuejw is largely divorce f.nd crimi- iinl ^"jsinefii, I suppose," and, " 1 presume your businexo is.with wora»nf" The theory seemi to be that w ,:.-um lias chosen u pursuit new to Iwi' stoc her lino of kbor in that occupation mast tend to nn extreme or to some narrow specialty, Apixrt from tlit business of ttchool-teuchcr there i« no pursuit \^bJcb docs not expose woman to ccarse sibes and dispuraging insin-iations, T.ierc Is DO reason whj' women should not b?:rnc9urngcd in the ^tudy of honorable professions, and u true chivalry would :jeem to surest 1'ici'cmplojinent by preference where iicr chrixtor and eiHcicncy ure the equal of n.ilc competitor^ She is the mother of the' Arr.ciicau citizen, aad has the strongest churls to fundamental considerations of justice and beuevotence. But iu (he existing suite of Hoclety the exercise of the benevolent affectiona toward woman (lexis nol .seoci to lunge raU'Ah beyond the circlo of CODSUU- guinitynna the fnmily rclationi?. Outeide of the domestic sphere, she is measurably .cut off from tbotio kindly and «tndioLisamenicic^ 'ivhicn produce so powerful an influenco in the profwsioniil and business relation? among men, and her errors and short- coiiiinjrs nieot with no iadulgcno* or :ftT- l«m\Dce. If we won) to inquire luto tho au?e,v of thU spcc'es of iatolerance and reproa^on, it would be necessary to go buck to the mun hi iho citnoe, jiud follow through the slow progress of civilization - a persistent trait of the primitive instiact of the strong to enslavo and oppress the weak. It is thi* relic of primitive man "Which oper- n?t otron^Iy »g(iinst the adviLncQment to ii condition cjf indepeiid- of cnco. '.r*;t in conceivable cases it is us nece£s"r for women »sit is for men that they ub;\Ud be able to depend upon their own teroruble resources. A young woman ·with no ruUtive to leau upon for support and Tvith oil uvenuc of profitable taaiplo^'- njcnt closed .igoiustlior is forccil into servicu as a menial, whore, unable to ix»sist tli« trial* cad temptations of her uitutitior., she too often goei 1 lo dcstructioa, he-r f.ill not retarded, Ijv.i. s-.coGlerated in pretty much the same ratio as Liuit of ponderable bodies descending from tbi hyaveas. "What caa be less philanthropic or more xm- maal7 than, the jXMition of a \vriCer of some cote agaiosit the education of wormm on the ground 'out it would unfit Lor tt'T the duties of scrubbm^ and cooking? , in conceiving the possibilities in his theory, might find, very much against lid inclinations, his own d^alaer, hiijhlir educated and refined it zu*y bo reduced to th uHttaviablc position of * cook acd aci-wtihcr. if woman b tiu- fltied for that clft«s of sendee, but Ikte^i lor UK performance of highor iwjd more profitable duties in life, the^tdner, evonf if 9orn*; otiicnriflc worthless sink has to take her place behind tlio wash-tub or in front of the cooking-itovc. "Women in Europe arc made profitable by being 'orccd to Utk« the place in the fields of the midcs, who 3pcnd thdr time in polishing brass buttons imd loafing In gorri- 'fons, but no true pailanthropist can approve each a social und, industrial arrangement or derangement. By expanding the measure of the intellectual culture of the female farm' fciborer, there is no reason why she should not rnske a good telegraph operator, clerk or public notary, and only the bttifllly portion of man's nature will pronounce against such a promotion. o flrat lino in Tex**; ',c roduco The Honston Tologmm has taken sides with three other papers opposod to the jre-election of sonatcr Marey, and thinVs he can be defeated. The Tologram soy* that in tho contest botwcon Throckaaoi'tou iud Hubbard for governor, Harvyf supported th? latter. ff ooald bftvo b*ei: betfer caJculated to ex- fl.lLt* und Htlr the ill-blood of D Texas. It will b« uany for Throcltinorto?'B friunds to choku by oom^inaflon with plenty ot cthera ,, quite ready to Join .ftum. Tliey m»y not b«j able to eloct Throclcmortcn, but they will bo nmpiy provided to defeat Mo\»y, and th«y will do jlf JLnxov by irlio will be quit , it. i Uiey ocoompHsh tho hut, tbsy will bo wrtta- tlJIud, though, oC counte, not aa much so as they would bo to elect tholr ohl«f, TUo JefforKon Democrat thinks tlr- system Of olteniatc sections of land to railroad companies lias proved wise and beneficent and will xwnlt In tho rapid settlement of thu country through Tihc efforts of the owners of ( tho roads. Tfao Brenhiun Sontinol calls attention to tho law, which reads as follows: If any person Rhnll Bf.ll, offer Tor sole or keep for sale nnj" ticket or par; ticket in any lottery* h) * e flnad not lesd than Leu ucr more than Ally Dtncr on between Cnlted States doiliira. The Marlin Boll says: Thft battle of th« giants is now £ Maxoy ttod Throcfcrnorton for ,-. and It mute*, warni. Muxey f, . _ the inside the Truck, Miid \vl doubtlo^ b his ovni fuecewor. So mow it 'be. The Corfiicana Courier says (pro^nbly in roferenco to the Kilkenny cat fight which some others hero fancy to bo going on botweun Throckmorton ftnd Maxoy): Tho next legislature can check on ch!;i dlntrlct.for an utiUnilttid number of (tdrte horsoB for tho United StiiU't* n^nate without ftar Of being ditihonorod. Wo hinvc them of all slzen and Hhodt-s.' 'ilie Aufftin Statesman bloods facte and fanclwa»; follows: Gen. J. B. KobertHon Is a particular friend and a re!atlY.» of nonator Colce. Gov. Coke minle him commlwlonoi- of Immigration, nnd ho marrteu luto tlif ifovernor'n family while holding this offluo. Provlous to his retirement from oflco, Ot-n. Robert- sou was a resltlpnt of WanhhiKton county. When Colca'h tenu (W povcrrjor expir«vL ho moved from Washington county to Waco, where he hns ^incti i-esided. Yet -%e do not pn;tondto»ay that he !* uiidur the ituklnncy of sooator Coki-, though ft doe« somewh'U apnour .hi dependent mm other 'hat Colio Li aftt-1* l: tuiti-dcmncrntic votes In the . which irij] be callt-d upon to Ls the titlo of a now elect another United Tho Eagle Pa*N and handsome wnoldy established at tho county seat of ?Avorick county, J. N. Quail, editor aii'i publisbor. Ho has fortunately secured tbc sei-vices cf Mr. J- "W. Thompson, formerly of 'Faimin comity, Toxow, t« take ^ih.rr^-' c*C t^o mechanical depai*tuit'iit, and tho neat and cor- \ tct mann"] 1 in which the paper i? printed ndds much to Ito attractiveness. Slovenly printers oftou mai' the bost fft'orti of editors, Thft ini- Uai number of Uie Times is a mo lei In all departments, especially that of most importance --thA. local. The Tyler Courier JB now bsuod trl-woekly. Tho Courier places Gen. J. B. Robertson in thic dilommn: If ho t to malm the race he -will hereafter think tlutt bti would h*ve been oloctod; but if hu runs, he will learv. tliat all tht fool* Art not deu.d y- Tho CoTirier eays. In reply to thp statement th.*t tho ftituro outloot of the A. and M. college is very flatten-) ug; Th« " futuco outlook may bu flatiuriuff," but tho p^xxl reikilW of tho prnctlciii working of tliAt in- Kdtutton ore not, ro fir, Huftlcltmt to rtacter anyone. In Out- opinion it can pmpr rly bo set down as one of tho " bOKw f Allures" in Tf«as. Tho Courier fuvthtu- »a"s: TbeoJttrw-eUldon of '.*e QjilveBton Nicwsof September the Ixt Is the npatwt n appearance and tho moat ruluablo publication o? thy kind we have- over fieau oomlnR f rom uny Ktat« nap^r. Tho circulation of the extra, edition of the i sw will be worth morn fo Toxft.t than nny publication that haa y?t been KiYen to tho public from any Hource, pftpers that are casting about Cor oftrw to ficUitato buiincss in t)iO higher oourtn, liOidd not overlook tk« idoa embraced In the rumwfcof a legal journal: It I? generally bar tiw gener wtl the by tho membflrsof the beflt Jud^t Is Orte who writes *hort. t# i B and moat -lf.Nu- oplajonft. The opirion that civcs tht tijtn lna»t po«rtlhle worrin, and fitAtea clfarly trirflv tlio qu^tioiii; t.leciJed by the court in useful The DoB.'.Hon News has nn rxx?ount of A bridge iving way with a number of parties on it, and thereby predpitaiiig wngoo, tt*in nnd oD some tiwcl v* feet, to the bed of t'te creek, and iajtiring peveml of them very seriocsly, If not fatally, It would seom that bridge on common roads as woll as railways are merely mantraps. Wo caution K*ems to be e.TftrcLst'd to make them safe. Cheap and ffimsyUixir national weakness. Tho Ccrsicana Icdcprndent reports the first cotton gfn fire of the season. S-icli itema will bo plentiful. Betwwji tho con?tarit the freednwn and tho of pn-ovt-ners a lively husin.os't of this kind 3s done tmay year. Tlio Indopt'ndent snj-s: Thi; brll-punch !r,H' Is^A frairt. Inoponitivo und disastrous to th* flnDcilu Int.erniLs ot iho stat**. It ahouid b«r repealed. Tho Jackson County Clnj-ion opposes tho present occupation tax I»w, and »ys: A simple license tax upon merehnnt.% manufacturers and profrlKorji, toi^pthnr with nn ad volortrr. lax upon «1 toxablf* property t» all classrt* of citizens, should h«) nifrtclenl to support the Rovern- nifirt and would bear mote equally upon the people. Tho S»n Saba ]S"ows rrports 'another attempt to attack a man on horseback by a wild baait, suppcsyd to bo a panther or puma. The Citizens' Jo-ima], published at LInrlcn, lows: co*nty, eipit the. opioion that fol- The Oalvexton X=vra hatrmeritcd tbe praise and JEat Slow and clean your mouth afterwards with SOZO- DONT, and your tooth will bo in condition, to do their work, for years. Thousands of dyspeptics bolted thdr food becftuso thoy-had no good teeth to rzwsticate properly. Chew fuio, dit slow, and UFO SOEODON'T. THE GENUINE DP. C. McLANE'S L3EYERPILLS arc not recommended AS a remcxly "for «U the tll» tlmt Ilesh is h?lr to." but In aticctiom of tho Liver, and la nil Bilious Complaints, D^HpupwUi and Hiufc Headucbo, or di^oaaoa of Lhat character, they stand \rithout a rirL AGUE AND FSYEE. better cribartfc can bo used preparatory to, graro 'lilTeroncM of opinion havo !* palpub'Jo araonj^ ITIOII who hove heretofore lictxxl togstior a**dea:.o?rflts that it ii folly to deny their exiftfonrxj. I attended the Ddllaji convention (not 113 n doiezato) und met there a stantially the najr/o as my own, on the question of free schools, immipnn,ion, publk lands, Improvement ot th? system of Laxatiou, fiuarm- tua,rv la^vs, reform of the judictniy, and the public ilibt qut^-tioii. Wo felt that we hud a right to hav* from th« party a manly declaration of Itf policy. If t/io mnnacers Ot tho Dallas convention had permitted an uJiequivocvil onunciatun; of party faitb, thoro would havo beiMi no opporition 'to nny man nominated 'who would have frank'iy occoptod a platform In lianiiony with the policy and truditlon/t of tho party in Texas. It was a grtiul humiliation to men who bdve boon democrats in Texas for forty years, to flrid tho Dallat; convonbion in the control of a few men, und tbose mpu noithor willing to declare thoir political faith upon tho vexed, questions of state policy, nor allow the Ireo dLsciis- sEon of grave matters of stato polic r in a democratic convention. Tbo plntform adopted to a platform in nothing hut tho name; it will not coilfltrain any man to be friendly to 1 he free schools. It will not restrain my man in hia hostility to set ootsi or imuiipration. Tho plut- foral snould havo committed tho party to tho maiinmm appropriation for the froo schools; to a choapor and bettor judicial system; to ft svstem ot taxation which shall not unfairly discriminate against commerce; to a reservation of tho public lands for actual settlers ho far as wo can now do under axistittfC contracts; to reasonable ofToi-fcj to HCCUFO immipration, (the first step In this direction should be thy t?n omission to it voto of the peoplo a proposition to amend tbo con.xticution by striking out the prohibitory clause,} and lastly against auv font: of repudiation of the public debt. It should be tho puron-ie of tho democratic party to remove tho questions connected with free Bchoob and t.h 1 : public debt from tho domain of party altogether. The Dallas convection cauclit from Gov. Roberts a most unfortunate idea OL dividing the functions of the stato government into primary and secondary objects of government. -- . . ., . ,,. And that the secondary object* of governmont | L^^E b LIVfcJl PILLS, prapand by should bo ncfflectod whonovor tho interests of ' *"" '""» 1L "'^ tlio prinwry objects demanded attention or outlay. This syfitom of classifying the objocts of gov- tiniment simply moans that the frco schooln and tho public creditor may have what is loft after tbe state politicians who control legislation for the time bo!np havo taken for their primary objootw as much as tliey can hold. Tho averapo politician has not a much higher idea of politic* than a di^inbution oC tho spoils, and ho will certainly decide that everything which tends to cru-tify- hw political appetite, or which will strengthen his following is " u prima: tlod to the p; This ponricioiis doctrine will speedily cripple our free school HVjftcm and. dishonor our financial standing unless tho people face tho evil promptly, for tho public frco schoo' arid the public creditor, under this now system, can only havo what is: left after the primary wants of the spoilsmen have been satiated. Adopting a plattorm with so many possible contradictory constructions was undoinocratiu and is a disappointment to the public inbcnli- gonee. Tho platform is not in any senso a bravo declaration of what tho party deairort to do, but: an extendmi catalogiio of topics on which thd managers of that convontdon dCBired to givp forth so'^ds whj'jh each hoarei* could interpret to auit his own views. But this worn-out dc- vico of party managcm was riot the greatest ronff tbcsifl men did the democratic party. For the ilfiat time In the history of the ^mnd old party one num is it^ roaster. On, the fairest banner of the party has horetofor-j boon m- , ''principles, not men." Tha managers ili-iroot a p^x)d record, aiuj UVTH in tho raemoi-j- r hi* Ticlghbm-s OP m good and kind-hearted f i£hbor ; At on^ tittu) UP held the oflJoo of Lwrif? ai ModJiia eount.y. His ogo TMrtw 07. ternaboitUi are quitting their and ans airing tlnimselvefl iij. t Thorbert, steam mill tty light, , ownurn oC Francisco City, tL -: % county, luivo piirchawxl of Klnifer wenietto »ill thjtt ·wjun loft of their late steam, inill on th^ Hondo, which was nearly rompletc'-y flooded away on the 13th of August. Oar cotton oro farmora doing P-J much bettor bis your than aJlotbi-rs. t give us many cotton ftelda. The rains on the 4th imd 5ih inst. hav Interfered with the schedule tiiuo of ourmalla, now coiiimgin on time or after .. . Aa a almplo pursativo tlif-y are u BKWAKK OF IMITATIONS. Tho Renulue aro nevor supar-coat^d. box hftn a red wax HctU on tho lid with tbe Ioii, "Dn. McLANE'B LIVER PILLS," r boiirfl Uie ftijfliacurea o Bach and FLKI BKOB. nslst upon havi tho , Mc- " u primary object of government and enti- id to the protection of a salary." of tho convention a noimnated a c dato for gpvenior in ttdvinca of any declaration of principles, promulgated a nlfttfr.nn U0 to be ovon ted a nlftt iv--*, pnd s stifled tho mmoriiy by gauging dsbnte. Tne organixatfoi of tho domocratic party doe.* not belong to any une man, and man wondrtp is not, and novor can be, a ft-ature of democratic policy. Those startling inncva.tions on tho party urogo at once attravtod clo«j attention, oiid caused a free interchange of opinion amcng a munbor of democrat* who aro unwilling to s«a tho dcrrtocracy a personal party witha£0-£i you-pleaso platform. The question with us has been whether to strike directly against such evil practices or to delay tlio work until this camiaijrii shall havo ' " The pwnjiu.r condidion of tho party FJLK7TING BROS., the market nefajrfuH of Imitation* of tho namo nunclntlo j. spelled tllftoroiitly, but the prO- _____ SPECIAL NOTICES. Notice-- Tim members of too Gorman t jV»srx:Iatipn ara hereby THUR.S, for tlio p . .. ipuclul nmothiK- to bw held M .3DA.Y. IflTii nfST., AT i O'CL terlalnmtnt to bo Ki . _ umor Hal], O'CLOCK P. M. ( of adopting resolutions f*ar an on- October £. L, LTJBBEN. Secretftiy. J l. i. Lhort tS.VWVKK ILK TH.E ONLV AC- rtKuil n^fliit for tlit- tiilt* of our uirlvainl SCfiOOL BOOKS ih il:.n city of OnlvwiKm. 7niit«M njirl Ti^wrliurH vr)I be prcwi with uuplctf of each for ftx/iiiilnatlnn. ]). AI'PLETON' CO., Publfohom. ]''.(j!'rrrinf fo thu ttbo^o I Mwpoct fully InvJCe lJf3 Tnwi COB liiaohcTB of tne Schoolfl to cull iinU uxdjulno ray ittock Juot received. 1 nih Bt'Jl at prices fa* b*"lnw that of any other book-.'jouw In liw citj, nod will take- Uio olti bocl:* of cthur publtcutlouH fn iart pay. J. ». SAIVY.VHt. IIIIT, NOTICE. ml^r tAe Nnn nanie or t HOBART CO., anfl doJn- sr bu»lmj« In Onl v(ti*ton and IIouHt/Ju, Texfw, WOH tfcJd day dlfMoNod by mutual coi'jt?nt. Mr. fsts IH hereby authorized tc Huttb all ulibuss of the Into linn. Now Torlc, AugtiBt 81, ] Koforring to tho ahovo ;i(Xlc(\ tin; undprtij^ntHl bejtf- to ^ntiouncn that liovlnfc securc-d Lhv frootj! will of thpi Ihw tlrni. he will contlnuo ttu cotton buying s under W» own i PIIILH' B. DURFEE. He Xi TttCSrC.-Tuo flntwt miiaic pro- vtocd by «.ny churcn In tho wuittn- IK f 5 bo . ard ou tkindayn and i at St. FranciB . In .Now Yurie. lU arjf.n /Hid itfl elixir art fainoUK, And Itrt Rfyrioee A.V crowd'?»l by both tb# roljjfloa* und UH-udtiruit TIlij ^re'UC of tblil Bupoi'b pre-amlnf)co« belong lo tl*5 oi'pmtnt. Prof. TTfn. 'B«^Ke. mupic fiflotou, wllO \)U? a littln whiltt pturwj (m ortory tn hlq arm «*nd hAd to abnc- i profewlon untfl cured )y Gtktt'H TJnlinynt Icxll^e jtmmonla. GILES'S PILLS cure r-^pypslfl. Bold by all druyKtot*. Sund for paraplilot. DR. OlLBS. II» WtHt Broadway, N. Y. Trial «lzo ^5 ORPRAM * ChJMrtm'f Committee nf thu Inland City hi ant Orphan Home meet rvcry Monday u.t 5 o'clock p. K M r - i tho Home, 17th and L'hui-ch stivers, to r- ceivi pufjdonH for the admipHion of cJiildrnn, and t/ attona to a»y other buHliiew conceniing thi*m. T!i« pMJuUard«cy of thin coramlttrs is theadmlwion and dlHpowu of oJilldreo. Exceptional CAHOS aro alone referrwJ to th* Donrd of Manft^crs. AppJIoa- ttons mtult) to any of tho hidlcs of this cOmmittOC, Mrs. Fellman, Ilaow, Jurrtstt, Shepherd, Ito'jt or ShleldB.'tvlll at all Umm meet with pronipt aUenUoi]. M"GalTeston News Bindery In tho Host Complete EstabHshmeut In tho State. Send for Eetimates for IlulJnR and Binding. Curtis Co. .SLTSCELLEmEOUS __ I.- t, }. * |--.'C"rWH , · ' ' · · · · ' ·': '· .' \V*\. " *!'. TANITE EMERY WHEELS r^KS? i . u v v o i : o*rea TP.JWOJI Tax:?. J. 8. UIMWN h C(L Oahriston, Texas, 'i liH'.. 1 . K. Tliv.\!:'r-O". * a i o »f»mi. i. \ (,n i.-.To it. P. S\TU;I-:\T JL «., RIFLE, Dl'CKl.\'G. SUiTIVi ASH JIMliG P0^y[i! TD KK FO'JMD !^ VHIi r V j f UUum tb^iicl UM uo otb^n, u ltd n3 A H K i n d . ,1 HU»v r · .Vji:.i:/^. -.' ' f » " r f f . Y ' . ' ^ .,J,+i;- M f 4. ^MtL Njt {.::«·" I V _ tJ-'^-t^. .r''i -;.. ., 1 -/»c.y. it ·.*..-';', . _ ;: .*:' 3 KANrFACTTRERS 0*' TEE I3IPROYED ^ TTVUMiirj n T n i u n i \ i r n ¥ \, mm m Mill A C y. MITTl A H , ». Fir^t Diri'tt (.'Arfco thU 8e»»on most? H£HPATFCI.I.Y CALL TI*H| I? tention U* tin: fact tltit JIERCnA\7"S» AT- GALYESTON OFFERS AS GREAT LVDUCEMENTS in ihr-'iUicvft iin.ia at* any Southern mi\rkoc, and IS VOT EXCKi-'^D UY 45TY IN Tin: F,.VTIJIE COUNTRY. Our fiiclIltJi'H far hiinJllnK tht-^i various JUVirtuacu ha^'t Ixrer. laaprovli^ y-ir by v«sir under etfnu!y pormiVL-ranivj n^d ciow ucu-nUau to biiHinaia, qn',:J wu claim to be in a (oiitiauu.-im.y xrfilch BEFiES COMPETITION FliC -M ANY SECTION.', and \vhcro t.'ifj future Is aanurc^. beyonJ a doubt tbfct Wo can Continue to Sell as Cheap a«. au.r Legltiraaio Competitor iu America. Onr^amplo HoumN diHplay aLAItfJK VA^W.T'K OF WAHIiS, t n n i t f u t l y fcir- ti^od by 'expert*, In nuch order au». to nroa(l;r fac/tHato zlio «*I^critii OL'K ·ttvvk and enublct* one to neo at n glance nil that l)l*trado r.-.j*y tlcvniuiil Hud rtMtnlud liim or inan.y itcii'.* not cniuucra(ci r » I» ifi» larmorundunji book. Ourtrridohaa in^rciwed to wiph propprtioaHOt.-ucompi, U.H ua add addluoc*! »ptwx' to our storage pOL-ltj; And for tur.L purposo have purchftwl tli» Large Brick Building, corner Straud and Tremont Streets, WHICH WE TEOPOSL TO OCCUPY /.T A fJUlLY BAffF, ASB , We sliall bo pleased to see all our old Customers and aj. muny new Ones as may see fit to favor us with their presence. Bespectfully. J. S. BKOWIST CO. BANKS AND BANKERS. OF GALVEST02T. President JULIUS KUN'OE. Vice President C. O. WEI.LS, OcahJor J, K. BEISSNEK. T\ISCOtJNTS COItOXEBCTAT, PAPER, (at 8 pur cenb. for dupoftltont.) buyti raid Mils DOMESTIC A5D FOREIGN EXCHANGE. Btorlirijf Drafts payable on demand In sumstocnic Collcctlotifl made at all tbo principal io ; its In tho Btate and tno Unltod Statcu. Tho Day of Atonomoitt, IM ilio tion. Why it bft-i throy SnnioH; l Yom Kipper, Zaum Kippor, ShabbatJi thon, and oltto the* question: Cic b*»or ( t'ichraplrc, tUblcliom, bithAhur ffHChnm, mecol, chfttvwwlchnm, llefooi fttlrnal, tiv.h0ric. All th«Rc qtu-stionH wUl bo aiiHworod at the Orthodox Srungoffue on WEDNESDAY, tbelfithday oC Sepknibor, iu J1.80 o'clock, b" the Rn*ohJ. E. ROSENBLUTH. Soiled to Connli;uoci«.-- Tho Gormun Eri^ OBERON, Qrunwald, MaHtor. from- Bordeaux, wlU co;nm«ico dlscburplng her eurjjo at Lttfkin'n Wlmrf, 011 'rL^SDAY, SEPTEMBIOB HTH. Con- nl^ce? uro l3(ji - «by rwiueBtcd to nialco tibeh' ctitrltw, pay their Irei,ht UU1«, and takfi dollior? of ihoir (foods, otherwLio tlioy v'ili bo stored at their risk and t'xpt'ttw. No ciaima will b? aUowed 'or damage dui-ln,^ tranult, unions wimo Is made on the Wharf 'jct'ore tlcHvery of gcodtt. t sti-ect. GiilrentoD, Sopfaoiherll, 1880. Nojlce.-- Neither Llio Captain, -Dwriera, nor Wie undorfiiffncd Conat^uce of the German Brltf OBIC110N, from Bordeaux, will IM! rcflponslblo fot 1 dobtu contracUid by troft' oC said vocsel. Not(oc. -- On MonOrty, 13th day oJt '3 ; . will n ( n i| t h« intorott J ll ou u comer o.r Svnuidand''i 1 roDiontHtreoM; A v ; Ro'iortalia."« la Lou 8 OIK! . in Toxfts has iwrsuaded us to romalu qulyt for a season ruthor than to jooj^-dize other pnrtv and state iiitorests by sinking now, Is^tll not, th^reforo, bo an independent rifmm;nit.ic candidate for goyprnor, and, w far n« I am tn- fonned, there \vill bo wone la the stato. Rpportor -- Do you propose to _romt;ii inactive, then, until the next gnnorul election J G*n. R. -- By no means. Wo hope ~y exert our \vhoJn inifuence on tho democrats who ant now candidates for tho lecislatere, and shall strivo to commit thpm toths pri;.Cir(Ot=ot tho minority rcDort mada to tho Dallas convention, and- the prowir plan is, in my huinblo opinion, to set ntvtrt tho ono-fourt'i to t^o schools, and tho nocessary amount to raoet the wmual rwonirementtf of tho public debt, aad then let the classification begin among ofclior Tlie Kcrambto may be moro lively while ir. lafifi', but thu general public will not'bo endan- , and, oa tho coiitrarj-, could congratulate that the scuffle will he soonor endt-i * Second TCXK* Infantry and It* omccr*. [To tlio I^ewiL] vERCfRKEX, HaiTis County. Sept*iiiter 2.-My attention hu^bec-n cal!eI IO acoainiunira- ;ion in tho NKWS of August ill. under the hc-jui of . Mi*statemetit CJorrocted -- Second nt." Tho f-rror LS in fnct of antxll i . pt)rtiinc« f for it does not even a flittinz oimmer vloud over *;h« bripht, fncie of Wm. P. Elodcerh, who in Rnlh,ntry. chivalry wid tv-eiy soldierly arramplishineut had no superior in ;ho cpnfwlpra-t» array. Yet hit* fnenils aro nghtin beinp Jenloas'of everything touching' ;he briUiant ;vrnnl ho left behind him. The error corrected was obviously a mere- slip of ;he pen or Sioux, himself a puilaiit soldier and aecomplishixl gentleman, who could not Cnd it 41 his ueart to dim a single ksif of the kuirel x)wn of an old comrade in arms. -Ii Ibis were a fitting pi«teo it would be a nitoful work to record aj^in tho circuni- stauct« of the fall of Col. Kodgurs on tbe :MU-apct of tho federal works nbou." Corinth, whore his diirtinguished galbntry oxuirUHl the learty adnairtttion of the federal oflitt^s; and shey showed thLs admiration by nccordin^ to lim an bo^.crablo burial and a memorial on ihe spot where ho fell, and by special mention of his nonio in tht'ir buJ- IctuLS--unnsal honors to a ik-ad onemy. I bt-p to odd a few words to set aright the Tacts of the matters embraced In tiho "lll-i- statement Corrcct-^d." The second regiment of Texas infant^' marched from Texas and and went into tbo liattle of SbJloh. oaoer tho conimana of the foUuwinp fiold-otfirtrs: Jolm C. Moore, colonel commanding; William r. Rodgers. lieutenant colonel; Hiil UunncL^ major. Ashbel Smith was one of the junior unp- 'J, hi Block li, (.blHcfty, mid X*0t4, In Outlet I-10, to the highest and Iwgt bfdilor, for cash; alico all of the account ft and not^s Jue tho Bald (Inn rtunaltiiu^ rjupnJU (*L day of twJe. For parlicul.irs (uid hiforjnution iu the riPmitimc, cwllonnie. V. E. SLtOK, Assignee of D Itolier*s. TVolice to SlilpiiiHKlci-H and ^Mpjiortf^- OAiivRrroS. September B, IftW--In (n-lorto moiiO bjiur/uict; Conipn«ie0 liable for low or djun^ro suii- tnjoed on fniAired gooUa, all «(t£J V««JC-IJB and HUiaro- boatM *"3ijrnife(l tn car,-j"lnfif frrJar'itrt on the cOtt^t, bayoun Mid river* of Tema mid Loujjiaiw, aro rc- quin«d lo Iwve a wrtiflatU- from tho 'GalveBton or Nmr Orleans Inspectors, ceriri-intc t their fitness to carr 7 ;erLihftbI« carso. OootUi carrfed on dude by (flilinn vfct«cls art only huurabli OfpUnrt totAl Ions, and at b-p*clflc rate-*. Inauroni c*m Icvform themselves If Tessiils bold O. certificate^ at tfci oHlce of JAB. SORLET. UndeiTn-ttcrs 1 LAUVE fi'. HUGHES. IntfiinxiiCP DTJvR, BHKRS A K1WISOX. Gen. L-JS. Agts. D. Martms LIH. Affenta. P. 6X1.TH, Inspector. AUCTION SAIJRS. Auction Sale. SELI. oiv :aoM»AT, AT in A. at, Lot Hwnd-ITanL _ . ... _ . ,, I-irg(* liv. DRY GOODS. VQTIOyS. CUTLERY, O^RSIORTS, HATS. Etc., and DRESS GOODS We offer our ctocfc of CROCKERY. GI^ASS- WAHE. Etc., at awction pricw, In privmt* sal«* department. STDNOR * D.lXKELAKEJt. AuctiOn«3rg, OF On 30, CO, 90 Bajs. and 4 Montfcj Credit. TITK VriLI, JELL SKPTKyiHKIt 8 T f 9 ana 10. comraenciiiK at 10 xx., Uie following LAKGE IXYOICES OF GOODS, to vhich we ask the attention ol thft ixmntry trftde and city morch.iatM: CHOCKERY. GLASSWAKZ. PLATTDWAKK. LAMPS. CHD.M. CUTLERY, Etc, * J O,OOO Invoice FIXE SEASONABLE CLOTHIXG JEA?;g, SATIXETS and CASSWEEES. ·400 Caws BOOTS mid SHOES. J30;OOO Li»oicfri DRY QOODy, NOTIOX3. CUTLERY. Part of the stock coosisu .of a Ibm of the Uncst SILKS, SATISS, MZRIXOIS. OASH- JIERES. FLAKXELS, file. » - . - » !¥I»OK 4c DINXELAKKR, III ard IU Tremont Street, TVV vrill N: plvaMeUtufon^ri % *ynoptiiA of £ood4 to parties deuirinx Bennett, Thornton Lockwood, BANKERS, SAN ANTONIO, - TEXAS Collections pollcltitod on All Points Iu tho State. Commercial paper discounted. Bills on Mexico, DAVIDSON CO., No. 52 Y7all St., New York, H»T Injt hud twenty yenrn erporionoo tia Offer their servicdR for tho ncfrotlAtlon of BlLn la tWn city, drawn apalnat vhlpmi^nts oC Cot-ton ouJ I'Axlucc. Cfln-Btiptmdvgce Boiicttod. J, R, JJxLDI'TDCK, J, ,T. R. IULDRIDGE, BA2STKERS, And Dealers in Exchange, ENNIS, TKXXS. JAB. GAIUTTV. JOH. HUS GARRITTY HUEY, BANKERS, COR9XCANA, TEXAS. Wilt tfvr yrompt attontifm to collections, la discount Cor*Icona ncceptaiu-.-s. ATTORNEYS. CAL.VESTON. il u iiiiiu , EVENING AX» WEEKLY. The Leading and Largest Paper in the South Tho TIMES Is Printed on New, Cl»» and Handsome Type. THE DAILY Is Published eycry Jlornhi?. Inclnding- Sandais. EVEXIXC EDITION is Published ercry Evening Except I»ndays. WEEKLY Is Published every Saturday. XK \\' CROP COFFEE. Per German Bwk iiSJti. WUl Al-rt,. JK Alm.l TklrCf »«»«. _ K.U FF3f\N ijyVt.'F, __ pi]\'TV (IK "(l|M rnLHu, UL-o, \ILiOO, VAUNTS HKS OF ALL K1K»$, Illl MU lf!\M ilDfii KEADT-XIXKD PAINTS- IS PBE HUE (IIEI, RICE BAULAEL'. TT XBJKJICJCT n-REET PIICEXJX nnrn I'ftu-i 1 ivn I'nrcr iiiftii FPtji, blUi,N A.M) ml IRON \V O K K S. P A U L S H E A X , Suw*)/ to 32--3J1OV,- * BiJU*. nwra^tir,r of *JTJTTVTM CTKJLX 71MJ7W. 9\^ U1£ mJ CLAlIir^Kf! fur drftJkn «oo«' -ot aij (IrscripUMii of '" 'ViHT 1 *J)4 W»^ Iri* ^fgrt. DxJ,T la Lift IE!! hcr-« K'5ti=S ot tf i!«cr!pfcM: C. B. LEE CO., M BRASS FOODIE ANT MACHINISTS. MA^~FACT ^ ;HEa^i OF Boilers, Mil! and OIn Shtftine, Pulley*, and Iron Pump«, Etc. lar »ttentit.n Kifipi to Frm M anil t'**U'.-.rt for IiUi*JIJW», All Kliidn of Jot Work tfivMo), THE nq moroToloaraphio Xoir«thjui any rthf»r joiinuil pubUah(\J intboSo^tb. GpeciAJ ood ^ o Telcprnphlo DiapjKciiL-s a promiutmt fcatiiro, TPIE lli tho best aualltv of Ri-odlnfr Matter, and connUlcrobie npnce i« dovotM KjWiAltv to -VRrtt l tntm-crts Folitic.ii .Uitt»rs nre dUcuswid fnm the Consi'rvstlve-Domocralie Maadpotot, bu t SSTplote onJ roimliL- Sows ta thu IOT.UHK fi'aiure uf THE NEW OELEANS TIMES Dally, (Including Sun TERMS: Weekly, Sa. Saniplo Coplc* Sent on Applicallon. Singla Coptts, 3 c EDUCATIONAL. ano tor uiiKiimsit- iMs».i*. .·- -""*·-"*--·-. -.-,------ 7^EBSA?rr\:tt"EH«cVL.N SCKOOL-Will \JT cumuiL-nw tU« unwlon h-ptcmlUT (i, (in Av. H, brt. 18th mid irth. 31. W.--.HMEYEB. PrinM|«l. t^lfK 1^ JJ.TTi ,V t li .-.^..,. ».. j. .» » . _ . . -- _NonriiU Iimtituw opens m Koton (.'liBiir'.. li:n liujtant rrincipftlH nitij- lx l conferred w-ltli flt real- di'nw.'». corniT uf 1 mnJ !»tll. Md ^ a°d 19IJ1. Ifi)eiTTy"on's Scliool for Boys, ATE^'t'33 K AND 'tK.VTEH ST. ETE AXSl'AL $e.SS10K.-VEDNtSMf,S8fT.I,1??Q. M ~KS. S. H. K.IMB.V1.1, WILT- HAVli elmrKO of lln' ART DEPARTMENT Ir. tho Kchool which will opwi on t-ltv 15th Inswnt, At EATOr CIlAl'EL. M 'iBsriii'i'VAses K^^D'S HOARDING Mii/n.i}- Si-htwl ror Yoimr S«. « w.,1 8 EMI .1W si, S. V . reoprna S'pl. SI. Thf coui-vi of i,tiuJy I" tho Oolli-sitttc LVi«nm,-nt m«!«all Jf · inf!« for the higher i-il'icntion ,-,f woilH'n^ EDUCATIOyAL. ST. MARY'S ACADEMY, AUSTIN, TEXAti. Conducted Ly tbo Slfttcru of the Holy WILL RS-OPEN ?IONDAY, SQTESIBFA C, 38S3 Tlie course of Mtudy einbmco¥»vtmpl«t»« ciurlcu' luni of jJ*t.'mry. sf^'ientiUc a.i-1 C'luiMioi] «sla'intion. with strict attrtnucn to 'jron" bm-ucb nt iiom-«tii; '· ln?pixrtotl ifl tjils iprt'ltuUon 13 ftu!c QviEcoi liy Lht; 1 prol]c:nicy o5 iU* puj^'ls, Cbar;n.h naodrn.U:. For ' ~5 and circular, tuk S i inai two ' |two Jk«tlU«J T«nut, MT«I nw "UITCJUXKTI, ; Ai: I. MO Ballinger, Jack Mott, Ic/ii UAH j No. 12$ VN)NV, Street, aAI.VKSTOS, TEXAS. GIIOS.. 07 199 N. Charles St.. BaHImorc, Xil Slrn. "W", X CAIIK. lli.-vi CARVj ( · K'. 1 . French tboli Livingston's School Will commence fU Thtnl ,'aiouiil S^wlos. i t U h u " ill corp* c * teiichern, on St'plvrnber 1. jonn-r uf . M.. it QRI^HJLU. tx W. JO.VKI. Gresham Jones, . 125 Sl»cet, G^VLVESTCHf, TKXAS. noi;sro.v. E. P. Turner. Ko. 62 Main Mr.Mt, Honmon, Xi.'xmn,, Proctlc« in St»t« ConrU at Hoiaston. S.irprciur, Appellate and Ffrdepal Court* at QalvyittqtL J. W. C PALES*C*E ............................... TiSAS. Collectitm* promptiv Bttendrtl to. BHTAX. LUTHER W. CL^VKK, ATTOKSIKT-AT-L A W, BRY.OT TEXAS. Is JTot»ry Public for HAJf AWTO.tlO. J. H. McLEAKY, AXXOBXEV, ·Um Avtonlo, SUMMEB RESOHT. Burditt Well Jtlneral TVater Medicine. T HE IPATUOfcOOICJlI. KFFKTTS OF Uie water o*erdi»ra*»* U thu» *ar auu DO . ur- ther, M-l tl* r«pid recup.;ratlon. pjundl per we^t BoiX*--per month »a): per week. IS: per day f 1 £. Orriu^ to profenlonal dutle*. 1 wish to rmt. or lea« tbepl^ Buiiae* |00i mm^r wiDTwr. Adam*, ". . Ei.Kuii-. trup., Bui 3, Lulinz, Tcino. TMDCEAVORTH r« u^«^-- Jli No 39 FRASTKI4S ST.. H.VLTMOR,:, MD., 3TRS. H. P. .-VEVRE Prtnc'.iaJ. TOx Dnarflng uni) 1/iJ Hohool for YitlM will rooprn M es. A. B. A V K K V , .\SSI#TE;O IJY loss r. x AVKKY" win WSXjYKli HER SCBO^V.. on Afl-nui- H. h«»-«-ii I-!i «nH l«vh ritiwtii, UAI.K IX STAUKTOS. VA. MM Of". J. E. B. SnJAKr. Prttiol|wJ. 1ill .', efflcirnt w*uat«. Tho t»;^u:i U^in S.-pU ontlnuM B met*. The ^xp*-rwo ^ boani. rlc . iuLimi.- courv, $i3U'. Iho nanirt witn fulTral^v at Vft. For jarciciUar^ itppty u thi- IVi V'!. Ch*rt«r«d ta IMS. No. tit tfixt.lttntrt, ;ll. Baylor u niversj ty u'. vary Trum JiaT » J!T. *0 Galvc?-ton Female Seminary and Noi'iniil Institute. rflMlS NON-SECTARIAN SCHOOL -will J. br nvpyuiii *pi.v*nil)T li nt :li* kohw^l-r^m tt l!» k Eaton CliapM. uniJsr V*JO (iinvlton of llrv. *'. E. DiuiwJIv. Principal. ooi iW X M. CatDpijttll. i»- sltUvjJjy'M;!* Hc'.un D*3»-!ly. Latin t«i^r,t wiUi- v-ut extra «;hir,^. FiviliUm *lll t* funushed (or tho study ··( F'roncS, (.I'.-rauui »nd ItAl^n A; pro- fn«cr\ cl^«re«w. PyptlH from tl:c ouuairy C»D oU- talij 'j-wini iU m«xlcr»v* r»to^ 'with one o;' ii* tctch- cnt I'or further pJj'U" Jlaj^ not orcuUr*. !s". Tl.- No boyv ivv»-iviKl. TEXAS LAW SCHOOL. LW DEPARTMLST OF E.lTlCi O'lVES" 1 ?. Tin- nnnaa.) trrm for I* nn-nKini on MOVD.V. OCWjEZii I, U», K»l ««· Uauofor el^.h: r^onliiA. Atitin.'flB. J. II SniCPAKD. Ewnfcwn. T-±aA BAYLOR COLLEGE. ]For tlir It teller Kdncatlaa or XVomon. Ttt* thu-ty-fourth AU"tiiil *»*.on ic.Il OL tmnraCr MONIUV. SKlTE^JBEm Tl;c miislc aa«i tun JijpA-.lnu-ni* urc un-itr !i»- tl 1 - nx"Uon of £.MiU«mrn » l i t r f v JDVIVTI »« *-::iln»^:t t^ncti'Tfc. LAV-l*tr»*« oriJ vi-Uti-'W* u; :*·· r.Or^Al K-hool -i("!i: Ui/vtjtfh Un» y«u-. For c^U- lrjc--fti CAMIW tho p J H. TOOG L.VDJIES RCT^RAJS'iii.'lfpiyirtyt-.'T^tii.'' nu 11\ i i n n i n i 1" /'m"i "i p'/'V iLiAi AND HOSPITAL, CALVESTO, " - T K X A V . UrKHl»r Cocr-M CotrfJLrucflt^ Ovi. I S, *MO )f'or circular or other ln f OT'rnft:i(»n. »«i*ji J. F. \ . PAINS, X. D.. IV.M-. ,N .11. II. ISK«"_tV K. G H3LJ N K A K MO I! ILK. .' t-l Annimt GALVESTCOX HIGH SCHOOL. PrcpVVA ROT* ftn.1 Votinic ilrn for th* it-IVc*-^ inJ univervitit^ "f tli.» South Will -?«·« SHiT^I EK 0, 1*0. K^^n-40- ;MT ni.^iih: f- iin-iLiAr? icllih, fW: iT'yrhrr Eu;;l£»-}i, vt-l L»Un tirMnm^r. SO; Com\'l , . . - . A?x2USCX: CoL "A*. I, Jt' forOrcu 1 ?-)-, a^ f -aij»oa- GalTeston Fomalc Institute, XISS E, H. NORTON, Principal. N uEGi"5 MONDAY. ·anrrroiBEft ^ For pirtJcuiATs. hpply w Priaclp*!. uiirt^j* K-hivl oOrSl*. la ** ' ' ' mi cither uL NORMAL SCHOOL O F T E X A S . FOR COLORED S N OK l?-t-O-Sl. f i" i. iv A Mrs. iv UADIK^^ sir IT :;: ' ' ' · ' " A. B. C K J S V O L D ic CO. (Morv thAD W yi-nn La vxliC^vor. j Invite all Trt»n» to pa? : ]-jn LAJWEST STOCK iS SOUTinVIOT OJT D I A M O X D S , J E "W E LB T, Silver and;Pl»t*d K«iir. Cioclu 11O C«a.' Sircct, - - ? r PAUL"GELPI 07 Decatur St., New Orleans, Fine Wines, Cordials, Brandle*, S.1BJMNES, BBAJtBY CKEKKIKX, CA.STIl.JK »0il, Max-caroiii, Vermicelli, French, Il*Ii»n and Spauiik Pr^aco IS OE-VIUUJ.. 4 I, WATS 0.\ H A B TMtK Fflf/JLOW" ^X 'JMC' ^Hf* v,':ii"« of Ntrtj';'!? nnd Jfcfxw'l**;, Oki Hmniiin! fl":n X C. Mvnkow * Co.. ::.x^Mk r.i l!rt*ri A Boijw. V-.^.-l-tt ot ;..'i» SWJ J :i. Sot*. Oj.-nix.p-.. -.-f Mort 4 ?h*ui«i ud Louiii RyrtTiir. OUf Ton fi!i c.f «r Bl'tX. i Co M-vlc*TM ·« l-*:«-t .4 CA. I'art trom S.r.l-rniAn X '"o . pl^il^t. y«uri« wfc! C « l l . MRGiREt Mi i CO. Xoi '.t. 7.'. 71, ',', Rid T^ Xor Iv« lit., LA, JOHN GAUCHE, irrt-r. MOEESQUE BUILDISG, And 1 I O fhirtr»« Mrt*, M:W ORLEANS, Croekerj", Glassware, YOODEN. TI.X A or Anr Mo«m* Itt IT^- »«im. TEXA.S HEAIXJUAKTJEH8. Hotel, Cor, C5=? »---'· (-\,--.= -«i iU.. XKVT ORL'EAXS. DK. M. P£RL. ? mm IIGl'STOX. TEXA5. »WoK Twrt-v "*-*_* roSH ClTT Land for Sale. t THKT «F LA Ml C«S iV a.^ul ."fOOO Airrr*.:"J««!«mS DAVIS, Oirf IM CkiWk Al*v ! OOO A ·.·.u --.^ ·-.-rtx ~,7:. m j.:«r.!r». ·li, !r»^l. »Lk'a . v, u DOD»KIB(iOC * " , i^Ticj luxl Munc u «·,,,:..,,. .',^»iri' I tu"

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