The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 2, 1880 · Page 1
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 1

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 2, 1880
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1812. GALVESTOX TEXAS, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2, 1880-PRICE :, CENTS, VOL. X X X I X NO. HO, ITolp Ya_Mtf;«1. G Mio~1iu'ititKi*" WA'vrKjn - - TO i/'- .-·u ia AiuiiTwii.. .-"iinty -ly- " ',; rl ""t- ° 1 ;" 1 buriidic. Kh.«i flx«l In Iliienlyl...: M n-iufj, \l- pjjjrt OHO* tO II. )l.jnl|-.OMI'._AiyleTM'JII. 2fllW. ^ TT iurj IEI-CJ. rMteiHri' Jiilihlni: Dry .iv*l» owl l*oi and rih-ie Jv.'iv in ncrtli T«*im;. Uiiv tenn:* and rufi.'rt'iic. 1 ", ^ HOYS. 0:,iXTT!OUH".._ A'STKTT'-'^WMiTK W O M A N , to l!" R'n.'- YT «J iwmwirfc'n ,;^£. jj; 1 , 1 , 1 ^ T ^. w , AvrBni-~:'i7.NTo"c'.'Jx A'jTsTrMAHY'fi L'/iiY.-culI/. i:rA:w:miy and rourt'-eiith. P " It l'.«« C i f A I. »·.» VTK 0~lVtato-" SnV^- rf thr Viv»vita J' 1-YtMi HcIirX'Iw. Mint I*; dfwlGiVu-lMr. Alklrc* (.TrY CLF.KK, NaTOHOUl. fe*R«. NO WAR PRICES IN' TIME OF PJ-:A CE. OU E PRICE ONLY, an'l the hitctt price, it aikcd for thefoymeing: C'ASSnfEE SUITS, ^ $10,12,16,17,20. Diagonal Coats »l!.uO, 10, li-50, 13, IS. Finc,V/orsted t (Diagonal Suits $10; 22, 2*i, JO. r A.NTKB- .|,-i,f.i ; iiTl(»iiiie'^'S»li-«naii now mill- inic An mn.1 in tl.lf mntii to »c-n JTIntfd .vr.-ip- - . .. /tn rt jllwrrtl ct'minl^U'ji; nne fie- · vl'.li -Ir;- ».-»»ki iir.d (f'-i"-i"il n-lAil tnul". Ai|.l*»«. -/rliJi nir-iwa."*. nwl ··ii^ileliw. w. H. JI. KO/Kit.S A. CO., IK H I W«»;lt-r nt., Ne»- York. A1 it* , ,.»..·-.-.. ^-, .-^.. v.-itiiOnil*r*. plt-fltvor Wtu-r. Ii LM- '-ouvf-clejit to nlr.-ol cum. will take mi- I'roffiVprvpert.vior-Ji of IfroiidM't.r Irs .pnrt pay- ,,t, b»l»n'.- u HionihSj- I'«' m ' ln .ft i .. A $^ )n , c ,,. r W AST*»ib-^O IlKNT for Mr, O«-o. fi Itlvi-n. n a :n,ull tv.-ostorj- or rr-L-ml crittajd. fmntlni: mnth. Mu«i U: nlti-ly and uuuqili-ti'lr furnliihi-il .Mmt T;,, Jx«:c IMX Bi, HtatloR- the iocatiw prkx. i nnd ro fo I _ _ __ KI5Vr-A~C:OMfORTAHLB or slreut caw. 't)ARI , in r»(t" M lr,K|.rjcto.- rf Uio ulilWren of on.- f«iid:lB» ·hi nml CTlllai: to urtt-lid llbrral ompen- MUiou. AlrtiiA - ^ - T, N* ' STRjlOVA'l^-TCHKrtTDALl,. AQT.. HAWKR. XV uw removwi to (In; ilew tttort-, JlTJTr"Tnoiir KtrLvt, hlK /·!' uttvnd. Up tl »i prnwiic i" Xa-.v Yorlc, makln!? T"irchA!Of, Will "III ««on h»'o 1* floe, Ur^'d, «lld fnshlonnkli) ·lock of f»ll K firK)H ' __ _______ k"niKc""Tr~xivi'OiirS""oiin cus- torn*:TM vliitt out- flwt fall Inipnrtittion or CryiitaJwft'l! hflrt l«fln irwivt'd, Alno. . ii In Wench Bbiqulr Mcmio holilnrH. rinicminaSno^-bali«. XKYEK £ BENKKK Cor. Tremor.t »cid IK^cJllini ~ or»~w i L L op«l M et Church «t., Tnitw building. K.-I.(. I. ' - i n i R o r n s __ anid-.. T WO Fi;II!V'tSMEI» SOCTH ROOM!*, »!»,,«. Hull liniui torrent, at No. M32TIU at.. between IVlnnle iral S. _ jn*irHEST--TWO SOUTH ROOMS, WELL T fumMied. Hi »i:ond utory of u»w resldenco, No. 4i3 E«M Winnie, near IBth utrest. E ~T5fM*»M~*i l :r i i«!N-rHE CHEAPEST and bTMc- Tlourilli.c nous? lc tlio city./ MoalM at ·11 time*, on ib.; EuKipoan pin;:, Private families wiUted on *i their own residence, Evei-y ucconv · in-xtotion of » Cosmopolitan E ar(llng:-ho'Jflo nnd ___^^vsYL^L CK ^Ilzr^£t'i2Ji?j^ Tfvr iiiECEivsiniA TINE LRJE OF »l Lunoh »nJ H»ncv ilnslcirti). Pluture I'ranleH and Winnow Comic**'nuulH w order. Alnct. a fine its unrunint o» TVA 1 .! 1'npl'r and Window Kluutnt con ·tantly on linn-]. iSotf. aai «id fcH Poatofllcy stroet MRS. M. E.*1*AT iT.AJS. Uotiowi. Sll»cr nhil all co)or 1-nrforated Curd board, TVorateiK Brackets. WiHo^ware, Wai . Pxp*:r Wlndoir S'ip.nw. Picture JJYttnidJi made to onW. I. C. I/ZVy-S VARTETV HTORE, MarL-flt. bet. ilr.t mill*! Btn-eUt AJLFA.CA. $3, 4.CO and up. .BOYS' $2,75, 3.50, 4 and up. J retail tin llAM 8IRTS AJ WHOLESALE PRICES, $1.00, 1.50, 1.75, 2.00. . C. E. ONEPR.TCX. NO JOHN HEINIHY CO. n anil Wholesale Dealer" In BOOTS SHOES HATS AXD TRUNKS, 121, 123 125 Common St., NSW ORLEANS." JO- The Shirt Man, AGENT TOR Celebrated Dress Shirts, Six for $ I O, Made 10 Order. NOVELTIES IN SOCKS, SILK AND Linen Handkerchief!., ««.: ::co rloa-n 8llk Handkcr ··hlcfK -it Klc. apiece. Write for pnco list and rules for nelf-me«fiLir£m6nt. OJ»»ERN 'FBOM THK ' OOUNXBY " TO. Corner Market and Trent out Streets Kew Enterprise: FOR LIYEIIPOOL. T IIK ItRGCTiAR PACKF/r UAKK UKRBEItT, will coinmence loJdlnK m a rulv dnyii for the ubnvo port, anil will love quick din pntch. ArnmKi;ment« havo been pjrfMted unde THROUGH BILLS OF LADING M i l l Iw civou for any cotton destined for LONA, I BROS ,. JOSEPH BLUM, iVjlEHSMAJCEK, 3V«1 to 5t-c.ynfl floor of ;l~ Market Mrect,. ·r to New;, vmere Hho wUl to« plliascd to see customers. * ,^^__^. jfiiSTiKriscSSiSE, MOWISTK, having »1 reMnnxl fromjMTr summer tour, In prepared. ·*i*ci'lre nor- nun-fin at hvrold rtnnJ, comer L-!:tM- (ml -Winnie 5tm»t». All ot tlie WMt Uc- · FASHIONS! OF THE SlliSiON «U1 be nt-i- ·OKSiOVAI^-ME?., KLlinJ, DS.KSSMAXER, XV ho^ r.*mo**^i from Trrnic-nt Itreijt, betwoen Church aurt T..', to her niEiilenffl', ou Center -utix-et. tm«»«i iaiiireh aud WHsi(». -oppotlM tho CutlwliW.»tra» rtf.TnU-bir-pto*^*-'TM Kt her f rtatdn and patrtMt. Boots and Siloes. iffHrxo TO"M AKE ROOII FOR OUB'NEW Wintrr Rtcclc. w; aro now ofTorlnp Hpecial har- baUui for ti.e nwt Of) Jars In Chintz, Ladies', iiiHw.-H' and Cuiklron'pSr.cet, Call nnd e-iciinine.- r! JAK01.-K £ STRAUSS, A+ ^ OpPosit-TIce-hou-ig. ·Dry Goods andMillinerjr . ' Jtr'PrAanfelii Cdia*linerH,*OAy fthawtyUsh pattenih. 50P' SI and XT SSnVAnl; nulw Iii.\de to ord'-r^nnrl Irirrin-teil to IK. U6. *22 SO »ml SS5. 0, W. NO1U- t'Ol.l'Z, Sole AK-nt for O»lve»ton % . vB"' c ^s^H°.^Y 0 ^ D ni AL ^ Its K P. 0. BOJ: -KG or Brick Wliarf, f.(r'--'""- , E I)HL.iI.EhftAXDClil!fL AdKNTS,. - D»»Irr» lij geeurit.'n-i nm! Ijinil Scrip. TaxeB paid tcTviatScSAwtx.. Ci.'UrelloriK tililnst the Ktalo and j[Kl|tlilu3r.IollcltNl. Feii.s nwdwnte. ' two^ ')« vil^-.ff. 'Jom enfcni; to street cars. if. B, A.^SCOTT. SMaail StranJ. REK'F"--"';Vo or tii e -Trem^nt. SK-«et i CiperA-Honse Bnlldlnr, together ar j*pX- Vlrc, twi? OftlcwK on *c! rluur. Mnrkot street, J. 1'. KVAgg. l"il Market street. -TO~KENT.. SiVLOON. McCLEL- Uowl Hftlw. Waco. Texas,, with t flxtor-*. Well locate*!--iwljoiriinff l'"-t- .^ hotel ontvroce. PoHRpssion Riven Oct idi.-i.-M C1LAS. E. CAIVKRT J: CO., v Wat.-o. Topia. B . KI.TO?! HOTJEI- FOB KT NT - TEE o bullillii^- on Avenae Mtreot. ' «nd Vnoini u tho AVanue Hotel M, In oonsecruenso of HnMl*«!li of th« lute prtprietor. (or rent to an txwn» c*d «iKi rwtpoiuilme party. None orhnr neitiBfpl}-. Mr* T.'i. SMITH A BKO., Belton. TCI. I'~An!. A- Coxfton's'Ixt. eoiniT «vo. L iuiJ *th sH-ert. with two-story htiuse nr.d cott^fe-. C.'htvipanti ffyy temm. G. A. MEYhlt, ·iScitsA rS-~rwoBOTB «mi LAKOE UWELL- r Irr. n. w. c;ir. ITth «hil Postomce. - ,S)R RENT-Cqrww on 1. I'rt.l7;h and iSth: do. - ·» N mil 3Wh: Uo. Mr«3 .and ftkl, with acres o£ '-»vrv ca 1i*cJl uncTM. * · · * ' - j , y. TUUEirT-ART CO. LIVERPOOL SALT AGENCY. 84,000 Sacks Salt In Storo and to Arrive, «» followm 8i,(«)0 sncks COARSE, In store. 11 500 wveJf* tc, aiTlvo per hnrlc Brenliam. lO.yXl Mckw to arrive per TTniciiton Court. Ll.OOCl »4cks to arrive per ship JullliB. ·Which w* oJer for salo at lov.-unt r:itea. C. W. AAMS A: CO., Agont-i. NEW STORE. NEW SHOES. NEW STYLES. thnir n rni nnd dLihon'ir. TIII5 cathwlnil of G-il'i^- :Kiut to \«i eoiL*crat-d i ice jf Miii«nir Willism, ·-/}. It I* .',11 fnctin l.-ii^-t , jurt finished and the Imperuil pr» was commenced i" . K!l in brefl«ltli, 511 OVEE THE STATE. Tlilrd Conarc»lon»l DUtrfet C»»T»n- tlon-- V/-llborn With- .BcMO'ra'le ·i-t hi;;Ii, and is fiaid to U- tho Jnrgwrt npo.-itoen fk,tli!- an.-hiti.-cttiTO in thi world. Til" m- uir uf thu Ijuilrh'n^ wn» i:onim«nci.'d in Will un- -r IciiiK KrwJericlt William HI., and its con- ruction won carried forward under Kn-dnrick Villtttin IV. The nave, tuilwi and trunw-pt ·ore ronvtTKtO'l in H4U. and the whole into!or WOH thrown open in l^J- 1 '. THE oztnict froni a Jitter written by [on. John flanciic-k, which ttjifieared In yestcr- L-iy'« IJKUC of the IS'EIY,, njay rncnive an iutj'i-- rctatlon foreign to thu jiurport of tho corro- :«.nd'.-r.ce wliith elicited it. Tbn letter in tesUon ix Kiiriply an ajiuwcr to another, writ:.'n for tho purixme of ancertauiii:;; whether ndge HuncocJt wou!d lx- ivilllng to placn him:-lf at tlie head of tho independent movement, r(,-anl/inj at thin time within thu state. Judge Hancodrt rcxixrnho b a pointed refusal to share that movement, and wan intended to have 0 meaning boyond that question. THE enthusiasm c.Tclted hy the appearance )f Ocn. Butli:r in thu HiiKsvliusettn democratic onvontion in such as can bo eor.ceived n-s in the rightcftus floct upon the return f tlie loxt hhcep. The general ha.s worshiped all kindfi of gods rincc ho abandoned the politi- ... rtliod,iiy6f1ilaiirstin-c,undheViring»liaclc with him a large amount of experience, which in knows how to turn to the very best account, \a one of tho immediate results of liin conver- ion, llahsachusetts must ho looked upon by the republicans as an osrtremely doubtful state in tho ot»proachinR presidential contiait. THERE will le electionu field during tho pre- nent month in Arkansas, Vermont and Maine. ArJcansiis will elect stut* olllcen; and vote on an amendment to tho constitution, on Monday icxt. On Tuesday Vermont win vote for state oflicors, members 'of the loi;LslaUire and con. On JEmiday, BoptemLor 13, Maine will ilect congressmen, state officers and members of tho legislature, and vote on a constitutional amendment making state officers electivo by plurality instead of majority of *dlth» votes rast. Vermont is as certain to go republican. as Arkansas is democratic, but Maino^i* very uncertain, which-grieves tho hnarti of the stal- ..·iirta, and particulwrly of umiator Elaine, whose political future is in a measure dependent on the result. The democrats can ailord to lose Maine without (imbarraiament, but tho republicans must carry it or content themselves for the Kii by calculating tho majority for Kan- cock. Tho legislature to bo elected will flU the vacancy in tho United States senato to be earned by tho expiration of the term of senator Hamiin. i, Kept. l.--The congriwrfonal convcntir-r. wai callrf to order by the district m.mlier of tho d^mocmtii; exocntlvo »mnnV tec, and it WHS temji'mirily.orcanized b;r w.-lect- CoL Thou. H. Murry, of Collin, cluiorman; J. W. Booth, ot V.'iv-, Bccr»tar"; B-n ilc- Crotty, of Covk, and B. W. Kobuwon, of WL»e, asslst-int iv.i¥tari«; Siid Adamn, of Kaufman, reeaiil-at-arnw; and Mr. Genloik, a! John- Thl uxnal committws having bxn appointod, H. M. Thnrman, of Torrant, ioi response to call.*, entertained the convention in a lUrring anti- crri^nlotclt twenty-minuteii upeecn. Tho cotmnittoo on credentialu and permanent organization reported accredited repre- senw.tive« from twimty-four counties, and re. commended tho temporary officers as lie permanent officers of thu convention. Upon tho ulojition of tho report iNosh, of Ellis, placed the name of Hon. Olin Wellborn in uummatiin for congrca, whidi, on. motdoa of H. M. Forman, of Tarrant, w-iw made unanimous by a standing vote. A committee ot 1 thrco appointed for tho _ purpose, bavins informed Mr. Wellborn* of hiii nomination o.nd escorted him to tho convention hall from his hotel, tho nominee returned hi» acltnowl.ulgments to tho convention in a short, tipirited speech. J. "W. Booth, of Wise, wan nominated by acclamation chairman of tho congresulonal din- 'ti-ict committe*, ani tho following gentlemen chairmen of county- committees: Shirley, of C'ollin; Garnett, of Cooko; Peniberton, of Clay; Hill, o£ DalL-ia; Grc«r, of Denton; iheek, of Emth; Calhoun, of En.stland; j in. this city direct. Thi-y are from Xw Or- hnra, btinj the fimt through c=ra from that city-. _ ____ o^ cl o b-- 71 n rder In llie tlnn. x, Sent. 1.--A dtioiocnt-c« in \xStf ield b*n i !/nlf;lt for thu puqoite of or- a Hancock nml EnKhsh club. }i. C. JIack, caniliilat* for fioot.-r from Collin arul Grayfsc.n counties, Kpoko here lait nisht to a,*miall audionre. Thu fcferalil rJus evening lennis of another muj(der and probable ax+auwinatinn In the nation.. The dead body of Johnson Calhoun, a Chickasaw Indian, was found yewterday near hi* iioaio, two mile« northwest of Colbert station. ^ JTOl'STOSf. n- nt Crnr'« Opcra-IIou«ie. lS»«clal Tolotmott to tho Sinn.1 HOUSTON, Sept. l.~!A.bout two hundred peo- ply -were at G^fty'* opera-hoiiwi to-night to hear Itr. Hnrnmr,n anA 'Gov. Throckmorton. The former wa§', too hoar«! and unwell to talk. Gov. Throckmorton cinterUuned the crowd with an'ezhauiitlvo reviuw of thu political questions,. GoL tlfills and CoL Brady aro both hfre. but made an agreement during tho flay to jfivc way to* the othom. They will apeal; here biter in tho campaign. They go hcnco to Galvestor. to -morrow night. EXTKA PRESS [KUECIAI, TO THZ 'iALV the The «'olo;rn , S.-pL 1.-- A . uppO^tl-Jl ,L 1 ^-i' -""-·*· 'l- riKi:n;* M l u n t l n n on afr " u \K\\ V O I I K . tr Brlll.U farm. L - r ' . . -- A *T** l i T ' - ^ . . ·; Cologne'-atlit-draL The i-mi-t-ror '.Vi:iia: Lis fiiuu'ly and other royal perv/ii.^-'"'' illb" forauicr-l»I of Ihe 31XXIA.. Judicial Noiulumloii Thlrtcculli DI»- ti-Jct, ISpecW Tclearram to the Newi.l MH3UA, S«i)tembor 1.---TIw democracy of tho tlui!«enth judicial district, compc«ed of the ciunties of Navarro, Frocstono aau Limestone, nwt in convention here tolay. Hon. D. M. V1K.-UK, UL J L « l l k b u , v^li.^w^l., *-- -- -- I | ---" · - j Murray, ol Groyson; Upshaw, of Hill; 1, of Mexia, and Capt L. D. Bran- McOahoy, of Hood; Morroll, Jack; Adxijns, of Montague; Cornthers, - . IthiiFall SMUOD just reiselvwl by 'FLATTO BROS., TEEiIONT STREET. Tine democratic convention /or tho Ilrst congressional district, ill session at Kacosdochrs 0:1 Tuesday, renominated Hon. John H. Keagoa by acclamation. _ Snor.T timo to lesson the production of yarns has been decided upon by tho limited companies of Oldham, representing ii.OOOjOOO spindles. It bofriiui to lopk as if England woro losing-bur grip on cotton textile fabrics. THU first and uocoud volumes of tho official records of tho war have been completed and aro now in the hands of the .public printer. Congress ordered 10,000 copies of tti» work, and authorized itt sale to the public. TEE annual statement for thn. commercial year, closing August 81, shows that 400,809 bales of iptton were received at Memphis,, an excess o£ 28,U80 bales over' the previous year. Tho agp-egato value of tho cotton was noarly #.(,oou,eoo. ^ THE democratic convention for tbo third congressional district mot at Weatherford yesterday and rtMiominated Hon. Olhi "Wollborn by acclamation. Tho convention is said to have /favored Gov. Throckmortou for tho bonato by a largo majority? CAPT. "\ViSE, who hankered after tho lives of tho fifteen men for exercising their undisputed privilege of blackballing htai from their organization, an i-.ct for which ho denounced them ns " cowards and "assassins," will havo to abstain from blood or forfeit a bond of $5000. Tire NEWS, a day or two ago, published a petition prepared ;by Messrs. Whnelor. Rhodes, and by thorn forwarded to the board of education at Austin, 'calling attention to certain desipmated proceodings of county judge Williams, relative to the organization of school communities and tho distribution of school funds. This morning a reply, on bohalf of judge Williams, by Messrs. Trozsvaut Campbell, to tho petition referred to is spread before tlie public. In tho course of the article prepared by Messrs. Trczevant Campbell, they say: ""WTiorc is the propriety of tho publication of tile communication in question, ia advance of its boing forwarded to Austin and there filed? Was this done with due re- gnrd to public decency;" This language implies that tho NEWS combined with the authors of. tho ;jetitition to tho Ktato school board in procuring an improper and indecent publication. It in just, proper, decent and pertinent to remark that tho implication is utterly gratuitous, and utterly destitute of foundatSon in fact. Tho document, the publication Of which is complained of by Messrs. Trezovant Campbell, was not a communication to the- NBWS. It was a petition, addressed to an official body, nnd -mm procured In the rejrnJor course of nowspapor reporting. It bong rumored on tho stroot that such a paper van in process of preparation, and that an in- unction was also to be applied *or restraining udgo Williams from his contemplated action u the management of the school tund, a ro- ortor of the 'EWS was instructed to invest!- ;ato and report the facts. The result wn: that a copy was mado by tho reporter of tho petition prepared by Messrs. iVhwler Rhodes, but: publication ivts not made of it until after tho original hnd been 'orwardcd to Austin. Tbo author" of the petition are doubtless amply able to toko care of themselves, but it is duo to them to say that ;ho only connection they hnd with tho publica- ,ion of tho petition -was in the courtesy of permitting the reporter to copy a document relaV jig to a matter cf unquestionable 1 public interest. A MATTBK of. serious import to tho commercial progress 'of Gulveston exists in tho legislative restrictions a*fw.'Sng the hypothecation of stato produce at contoni of commercial transfer. Tho subject may bo elucidated by brief reforcmce to tie m; the/to which prevail in handing cotton at St. Lovos. Tho system employed iere ifl admirable. .3.8 soon as Die cotton is delivered to tho cotu-ignoo in fit. Louts it is Sranrforrcd to tho compress, which sues in rotum receipts for the same the shapo of cotton notes, printed somewhat like a greenback bill. For every bale of cotton so stored a separate cotton note issued, giving numbtr of bale, weight, mnrks, etc., th» note declaring upon Its face that tho lioldor is entitled-to whatever cotton it calls for on presentation at tho press. This method lias the advantage ol entitling tho holder tc the mrnct bales purchased, and tho seller to the delivery of just what ho sold. Thoro is no mix- ·;AM MAAd. "'ES CKIWI FICA l;ON~SAN", Broker* »nJ Kichunrfe Denier*. AuiWn, Texas. fSTSiiLinnJK.y-- ii» idiiEs OF "CHOICE riXS. OAX. AXD Tir.VLXITT TTSIBER f"ri»l«ln3«oirtKCiivrycoimty,M«r the C. unl M. R. it. IVTHM oa*7 =-iu price* raivKmalilf . Apply to ·:c 1 _ .. _ . .. «9t« CIHCKCN- -,r huadrfU. at cor, 16th ami Stmnd. ~RO!?EXDALK'"Z ; 'EMEST. · 6MW (best tint^tL-.), ex sohoouers ,#y, WuniiinKton. Vuu-ran raid uL'BJf. pf.r hUDilrf J. CROSS A SUN teiiirr, Oalvestiin. " J u^rnr m 10 Ti"» « lYuve «.· A LBXA!nnKK'K T UTOttK IS A Sl'O " "I t!ti !eKt SW'ilin roowteu COIIi.x. i-^s-. nt u make a titK\ S,-iCf s nre tr»-^l il^i Rood. yl r-.'Ulil blit.iiH-rtr in (iV. T '^ on K * i:--:.iAHt.« T A:--U Co'-yr.gj'-rojtK- NOi.Br~OCir^'i v ORS" OUT AND !n(^\ HJI euury Nf-\V onl.nt of st,?ti:.ii' 7il;iciiiii- ,- none in th* United Suitei'.undceruiin- V no-je la Texiw. J. T. A shttm .t CtJ. ""Mrri"ttiiteui»,~Ue»dnioiiavr£«.-- ~ li AI.I.KN *-. CO., WHClLKIsALi; ASD BE- 2\_, T»it D»a'.crs. Al« tVtetiM for TeXUl.lSITJ'ORTLAXD CEMEST, Box!X4.. " re UALVEyrOX, TEXAS. «n«bTMur/u( gitrinT.pi.ATiiSr 0.1' A I, L- V-VlESLElT* VIL- N'S NK«" fit'. S. !i In point of ttpe.Hj. otiraliKit. ' *ratiob, rrTMiilnn:y, ritrenpth H, IlLvdHK. ARi-nt. 181 I'o^toflk-e ht^. GRiivti-r^r "C^vSlK CUlvMtun Kltvatcr Iii bulk, ek for^jc. l»'r bushel. KiiivG^ , Crop ^ ort.^rs for Liuf ROfv** twl^ of *his,ieiuiot'»»f rowl n. A.-'iute^Co Hid the No dcscrlp:li«i of Kulletf, Triui- BiuileiT dvflfR ):otiiVH.-tltion. Medical. THE oppasltioii agtticst, noa-autborizc67 congregations in France is oviaced by the waning popularity of premier Do Froj'cmo*. because of his advocacy of niilder measures ill tho treat- mt-nt ot ttiese congregations. It in oven reported that; tiie president of the chainbor of deputit'-s, 1!;'. Gambetta, has forsaten him. THE tiei:man government is, according to the Morning Post, seriously thinking of abolishing civil lunrrmges. They profess to bo shocked by tho wiuo-sproad of in-eligion and rationalism, ai;d consider that some stop like that contemplated is neccssnry to recall the people to a of their religious, duty to tha higher powers. . RELIGIOUS lilvrty iu England hasgainwl a victC'iy by tlie passage in tho house- of commons of a bill'pw-mitting tho buriiJ of dissenters in all tlie churchyards oud cemoteries without tho churcii of Engbnd con-iec. Common respect tc 'the dead would seem to demand for tho living-intrusted with tfieir dying wishes tho right of deciding which church, if any, should perform thu burial service. -- » -THE Jlassachusett-s democracy nominated CharPos P. ThomiKon, of Gloucester, for gov- cruor on tho first ballot Gen. Butler's narno was put in nomination amidst applause and confusion, but ho respectfully dedincd in tho interest of harmony and of s*lf-consistency, ho ha\-iuj publicly avowed that under no consideration ^-oulu bi bt' a cKjididato for ofiico un- icr tlio incoming adniinlstration. Tin: cotton press laborei* in ^ew Orleans Are On a strike for an advance m wages. The pro- pi-iftorx fJlcge that those laborers have bocu jirdd ;is high lusjirty dollars per week, though normal wages have been only fifty to siity lol lain )ier month; and they state that tlie strike h tho result of an effort on tho part of certain agitators to k"r=c prices materially i:; excess of what have hcret-ofore been pnid. FoBates timeitlias^jfcn customary with our di.stiiigui.-hcd n-prcsautatives abroad to re cu^rate tiieir e.-ciiu-.uted energies on thn cam paign stii^ip. It «cenis thr.t an uuus'-iftl num ber oC applications of this kind aro now 011 fils nt tin.* btuto department ar-d that sec-j-oti:ry Evai-ts bus healthfully put bis foot dc-wn on tlu-BL These ovcm'orked auci thoroughly fngj;ed-out patriots of the diplomatic mid consular soi-\-ieo should be permanently relieved. GEX. ROBERTS has arrived in Cundahar and is ei-pocto/d to haste to tun conflict with the glorious patriot. Ayoob Kalm, who has taken, up an Rdv ant'iftcpus pcsitica at a liistaiKC from the -.-ity. GhoulJ tho proud invader, lil-o some ofhLs pn^»C'.-ssor.-i, llnd a monument m Af- ehfuiistflji, tho war inaiignnited by the author of Lothnii-o will pi-ova fatal to British pretti^o b-.".h. m Afyh.inistr.n and Iiidia. Tho chance* are, how;ver, that Ger-- Rnlerta willeani glory ..Ttishms oat that spirit wMch auimr.tcs the Palo Pinto; Starfleld, of Rockwall; Veal, of Stcphons; Clark, of Sbackelford; Pealt, of Tarrant; Kirklond, of Taylor; Eobinson, of Wise; FInloy, of Young-; Brown, of Johnson; Fieldp, of Somervell; Donnol, of Baylor; 'eal, of Whoelor; Runnels, of Throokmorton; McCall, o* Parker. A resolution indorsing thr course of s«natoi-s iloxey and Coke and congressman Wellborn was offered by Mr. McColl, of Parker, whereupon a committee on resolutions and platform was appointed, to whom tho McCull zesolution was referred. The committee having smothered tho resolution, reported back the following, offered by Groor, of Denton, -when th» convention adjourned sine die: The democracy of the twenty-third congressional district o£ Texas, In convuntion assembled, declare: 1. We cordialljf Indorse tho .national and state democratic platforms, nnd pledge om-selvoi* to an earnest and uiiited support of the democratic ticket, nationul and statfl, 2. We regard the -nominatiot. of Gen. ~Vf. B. Hancock and Hon. W. H. Engb'sh as peculiarly auspicious, and believe that their election "will effectually eliminate sectdowJ politics and rottore poace, conflde'nce and f ratornal feeling throughout our country. . Tho McCall resolution was smothered in committee becwuso tho cauvontion was averse to . travel outidde ot tho call specifying; the purposes for which th» convention met. Tbo complexion of the convention was overwhelmingly Throckmorton. It wns said that Wellborn needed no higher indorsement than hjs renom- ination by acclamation; that if. tlie resolution was forced upon the convention, of ttir the re- ort ot the committee on platform, a ijeveranco rould be demanded, Coke indorsed, and 'hrockmorton declared the choice of! tie con- cntion for tho senatorial succession. A po.U after the convention showed that tho Majcey oto would not have exceeded fourteen. Pending odjournment It was announced that enatorHmoy would address tho aiswmblagc f tor tie convention had completed its labors, vhioh ho did ia an hour's speech, reviewing the orvioes of the Teae,s senatorial and. congressional dolejition durinj th« 'pust ' se;sion .md liscusslng the national issues of , the duy., ., 'Senator -Maxcy s-pent yMtird»y ai.d tho day Before in Weath«rford, and leaves to-morrow or a. political tour in tho M-tatern counties. JWCOOJJOOItE*. J'airflixl, wero put in nomination. Ifwiiing tho seventeenth ballot, Froiidergost [withdrawn, and Bradley was nomlnatcc 1 acclamation. ' \ Candidate for Floater. ing of lots or brands, or confusion classification and grades. This feature initsolf is to be commended, but wher. it is furthor considered that these ton notes can bo hypothecated at bank for almost tho value of tim cotton tliey ropresunt, tho advantage of tL'j system will be understood by business men. A person having ten, twenty, thirty-, or any number of cotton bales owneioi .·onsigned to him in store at a St Louis compress, can use the capital locked up in the cotton over nnd over again by collateral deposit? of press r«oipt», and the money involved is nado 10 rundjr so much OKtra ?erv. i coL'signeo is, , or should be, just good for a cotton receipt us he for a cotton bole. The system is based, at all events, upon mutual confidence and commercial honor, and no more can bo mado of this bnsis in nny other manner of transacting business. All cotton reaching Bt. Louis u thuj handled, oud so fur with satisfactory results Weru it not for tho oxisteuco of a state law preventing such operations in Texas, the s; system would doubtless be employed in Galvr.s- ton. At certain periods of, the year hero vast sums of money aro uselessly lockec up which could be profitably employed wero 11 not for this hampering enactment. Tho indi vidunl credit of the consignee has to be strained to meet requirements in handling tho staple and thii frequently when tho cotton has bitf! drawn ngoii-st fcr nearly its full value. Tin law preventing hypothecation is simply an other one of tho antd-progressivo relics, nm should be annulled. Preventing hypothecation for legitimate purposes ot commortdal facility is no protection against a dishonest i sinjifo, for ii the latter is disposed to steal from the cor^ig-n''!-, he will do so anyhow. ] merely an old usa^e. with no good but mim; bad features attached to it. and into the di merits of which tho !c;risliirurc which meets i January next shoi-Jil look without failure. Tlie S*y!lic Crop. CincAGO, Sept. 1.-- Tlio fii-ni of Hov-ard. Viliilr Crowd!, of the Commerdal Biiilutin have nx.-i.MVcP. advices roqiectiiig th supply of bogs for tho winter -packing troi ·Til counties in the northwest. Tho indications are lavonible for alout an average winter crop of hops, n* will be seen by tie following summary ot rcoon-s: Fifty-fi've counties ro- port tho crop light, "* re|xnt it fair. lUi good, and --i bon'^r --Lbau last year, which was the Uo-gsst on rt-t-oriL Ait latcrc-iitJiis I.»iv Snlt. IfKW YOHK, Sept. '(.-- In the suit of 'Jie United States ajrainst Harpjon, ex-assistant siwcial agent oC tlie ttvasnry- C°r tlie perversion, ot the proceeds of cotton d'.iring tin- war. , , Sept. l.--The republicans of tha ] (gisla.tivo district, composed of tho counties c*! lngton anii Burlesou, met in convention to-day "for the purpose of nominating a (JuraWato for floater; and, after a stormy scs- Jon,.. J. M. Porker (colored) was elected by a iajority ot one vote. / Business is rushing hero now. Tlio OIde«t InltXbltant Gone ' [Special T«ln«raiii to tho Ix evra.1 fBiLts, September 1.-- Aunt Sollie Pott;, olored woman, who had attained the ag« ot ·B years, died here last night. fc. Slale Democratic Convention. . WOECESTKE, Jjkss., Sept. l.--The deuiocraljc ·ijonvcnticanuet ill Mechanics hall, and wan 'colled to' order it 11.15 o'clock by CoL Jonas H. ITfench, of Gloucester, who said he had been »iuest*,'d by this united committoe of, thirty to r»cform this duty. Ho roquested the members (J fie state control committee to take seats on £4 platform, and all other delecntes to be seat- dajelsewhere. CoL PTench so;.d he knew DL ould IKI aJlowod one -foment to express lia . - ocngratulations 1 upon tliis assembly of Flr»t tion lKtrlct Con[rre»iiloiial Conven- fudK.i Rcagitu ReuonituBtea br _ _ democracy of Maisachusattu mpplau*?) Ifi longer reprcsentdnpr a fregment of the part}- aSio democracy of Mansactniajits plodco i-c- newed fealty to one another here; ana noi* filat they turn their backs on the past, heuce- lorth nil divisiotifi nhall disappear, and hereafter wo shall presout an unbrokon front. Mnj Mr-CatYerty, of Worcester, Tioks., was apptint- ed teiuporai-y chaiiinon. Gen. Butlur entere tbn hall and tho convention · at once sprang to its feet aid -cheer upon cheer wfea given, to vhich the geuwv only, bowed from the {ilatl'orm. Major Me Ckiierty was received vith npplati. : ;o and thf DBiVoi: a dog,., which joine-3 m the srcotbig n4aae conside^a1*lp laughter. Ho sixld a of a dog may bc''W!Pood onion. Goesc caokli-.l -*o«n Home wnlr-saved. I thank you for ';hi honor- confeiTod'and'coujjatulaM the deuio- .1 Telflcrara to l-lis Nowi.1 NACOODOCHZS, Sept. 1.--Tho first congrss- onal district convoutiou mot yesterday. Col. J. H. Broocka, chairman of the district cotn- nlttoo, called tho convention to order. Hon. Bomiott Blake, of Nacogdoches, w:os elected, emporaiy chairman; FelLx Kobortj and Sto- phon W; Blount, ol San Augustiuo, sccreta- ·ies. CommittoOJi on credentials and permanent organization were appointed and in ii few min- utos roportod ready .Cor bminass. CoL J. C. Wootorc, of CrocVott, -wis elected x:rmonent cbturman. Major Barren, of Chorckeo, moved tlie nom- :natiou of tho Hon. .John H. Reagan iy occla- nation and a rising vote. When tho motion wan pv-t every delegate in iie large hall roso, amid cheers and applause. Judgo Reagan was then notified, oi! li-fl nomination, and was escorted to the rostrum. He delivered a two-hours spooch to the convention and thi/ largo crowd in attendance. His speech was a scathins review of tho greenback question, or flat money, In which ho blistered tho flat loader* for attempting to load tie people astray. Ho then reviewed tho gi-oat works and purs records of the democratic party. His speech -was the ftnrt review of the greenback question the people of this .section had jcard, and it was received with great ap- jlause. Many ladies from Augustine and Na- :ogdochen honored th» occasion by their presence. The people of Jfaoogdochea my that neagan, In himipcoch, drove tho last nail into the greenback coffin there. CoL Brooks was re-eloctod chairman of the first district. Immediately alter the congressional convention, tho tenatorial convention met. It did nothing last evening except to put in nomination Mr. Willirans, of Crockett, and Col. Brooks. It was thought thero would 'be a spirited contest. Tho judical convention was to meet, attar tho above, to nominate a dlrtrjct jmlgo and attorney. TJptolato last night judije Peyton Edwards had no opposition. Last night a spacious platform wlis erected, good music -vyis on hand, and tbo belles of Nii- cogdochesaiiu yan Augustine, witb, teanx and friends, danced tho night away. 3IA.RSHJ.LL. Citizen* Orc»nlrlnE for tlie 1'all Cam- puieii. tl,SCl,000, which will now aciount *1,SU7,?07. _ make the full CTSCIXNJL.TI, Sept. 1.--Tho chamber of coin- [Special TeltfTttni to th» K«wil.2 liARSnALL, Sopt L--Two years ago, under the name ol " citimris' movement, independent of party," the people of Harrison count}- or- "onized and wrested the county odcos from the control of a large republican majority. The event created much local crtdtemont at tha time and comonded tho attention ot th« stat« at large, h: view of the boldness of the coup d'etat, and tho case was appealed to the legislature by tie vanquished republicans. Citizen* organized again in 0- meeting last night for the same object at the ~nve:nber election, and rmblic and privaro utterances ir-dicnte such aggressiveness as the peculiar tojnpcr of people in search of relief from burdens require. Tber* will be \^:UTII times, if tho remark of an e^- rcpublican sheriff, in street corner gossip, is significant- Ho naserts that lie is backed by th* federal power, specially invoked for this occasion. SMy o£ the best citizens,, having the prosperity »nd good order ol tilings in tb« county at heart the prime motive in their movement, signed at tha first meeting. Store nro hourly coming np, and i«Tiys and laWinii ore liberally promised. Amory Storr was cliuirnun of the meeting and W. "V. Hoartsill secixtary. 4AX Jt.VrO.V/O- Grbfllback :««4Id«t« for C-fttfrtm*. ISpecilil Tel««tani to th. 2r«m.] SAX AXTOXIO, S«pt. l.-Mr. D. E. Robinson, a citiiun of. thiis ciry, announces himself as a i-joiditjitr for representative of tho sixth con- jrossioniil district. He is a groeabacker, nnd has a peculiar finoccial schenne of his own. He iias bought thd old Coju-ier office, and will pub- ILih the Peopled Banner during tke ciampmign, in which will be advocated kii cUims on th« people ai; thi time. 1 It b difflonlt to My »t»t his ttremrth will be, but it is rrideit that CoL dow not conndar Bobinion m formidabta whnn they presented the nfimo of a candicvite with n soh'd charactof for the plnce that "Waiihiiurton (X-'cupiod. In couclusmi ho congratulated tho convention upon theselw: tic-n of Gen. Hancocl; M the carafidate for 'the presidency. Mr. I 4 y«r, of Bralntree, yos Chosen temponvry secretary of the convention nud a committee on credentials was appointed also a committee on permanent organization Mr Reed, of Charleston, a»ked for a spooch from Gen. Butler. Tho chairman merely re piled- "In the Sweet Bye-nnd-Eyo;" towhicl Mr. Reed responded: ""Now is tho acceptec time." After koine further talk tho subjoc w«a (tropped, although It was evidently agl'eo rlisnppoiutmeut to many momlicrs. The 0311 nJttee on permanent organization recommend od that the Hon. Jf. A. Collins, of Boston, be declared permanent chairman, which. received with enthusiasm, ilr. Collins di-«BMOd ta« conven'joh in a speech of twent minutfa, aod was vociferously applaiule throughout. · A committee- was then appointed on resolutions. Mr. Tarbox, of Lawrence, offered tho followirj: Rosolved that 0;e functions of tuo coniimt- toce appointed respectively by the Mechanics' hall and Faneull ioll conventioni of lost year uow termiimte, and a joint committee of thu-ty, selected from such coromittves, constitute the democratic state cotsinittoe, to hold olUco until the 1st day of July, 1SS1, with power to fill vacancies iC any slholl occiu-. Jir. Tarbox was callirf. to the platform, and said: "Wo are united democratic party in Massachusetts once more. This ia a matter of congratulation to oveiy demwrat We hiave no quarrel to prosecute against any democrat who stands loyal to the national nominee. Tho question was demanded and tho resolution wo-sodoptfdbY an overwhelming majority. Tho committee on credential) reported that there 1215 delegates proient, representing ai7 cities and towns, and that ther.; were no contesting delegationa. The report was accepted. \t li' -X p. JL tho convention uxk e recess. Tho convention reassembled t'nis evening at 1.30. After the announcement of the names of vico-prei-identti, Mr. Haggerty, o£ LowolL put '.n nomination for governor ex- Gov. Wni. Goaon, o£ Boston. ThLs nomination was stromjly opposed by Mr. Alien, of Eolyoke, amid great conftuion. On motion nt Mr Tarbox it was resolved to ballot for .jov- orn'or Mr. Bradley, ot Attleboro, as an anwud- mont to Mr. Tai-box'n. motion, moved that the convention nominate Gon. B. ,-. Butler, of Lowell, for governor by oc- ciunatton. The motion was made nmid loud chearinj; and confusiai. Mr. Allen, of Holyok« moved to rscorwider the mdtion whereby tho convention voted to proceed to ballot. At this point thn chairman presented Gen. Butler to :Le. convention. Crtn. Butler said: I riso to speak on the subject of rccon- · sideration, the alternativo l«iing tho ut* ol nry ni\mo by ncolamntloc. A fair ond free ballot a the plodge ot ,the democroiy to the couiitry. Then tboro is another consideration. When I say a thiTi-1 mean it. and when I mtvsn a tiling I say it i have declared that under no consid- eritdo:n would I be subject for on elective oRico nndor the in-coming adminiatration, for reasons which I have dee'.n«l Kufflcicnt. This · cay position before the country: 1. I ^ com« out from the repabiicau partj-, and I Lave stated my'reasons for it. If these reasons would have any weight with the republic, vhi-y ihoujl have been the result ot careful tnought. md not a bid for office. S. If I did candidate, men would WAWIISOTOK. s-pi-mbT 1.--A report on th" cr/mmerri«l ois"-t "f tin- pro|KW-l'-r- oceanic canal, by Jc-«. 'in:n;o. chief ,[ tLe tu- reali of ittatistics, liaj. just ljv. j n ix-ned. In ni^ wliich would annually paw tlir.i:Kh th? would amount io l.ut. '.'.(Xl v(«*L", or l,il.IKO tons, ill-sU'nd of i;,l»').l»' f )11», as e:.ti::i:.t.l \,\De Lctw.'ps; that the ti-:ittic of the raial «oiild probably b; (Miifin'sl almost i-xcluvivfly tostoamvi-.iieLs: tliat in the ..vent of the ciin. utruction of thu canal the commerce lietwecn -Pacitic ports of the United States «ul Euros, o would probably scsjk a passage thrrmgh the IM! canal in steim vessels; that the ship- lent of gu-T.-io and nitrate of liOda, amounting S10.000 tons annually, wculd proljalily -in- nue to follow the routt via Capo Horn; that bo trade of Chili with the Atlantic ports f -J» Unitwl btates and with Euror^', ia Capo Horn, amounting to :'.i,tx:u uns shijiiiing anuuully, would prcbably con- inue to pursue tliat rouio, and th;it the :;a tupply of the Atlantic M.-.'ilward suites will ventuiOl^- he brought from countries where reduced to San FmncLsco, anil "Jn-nre ovcr- md by roil. Jir. Nuiiiuo'ureiiniti-. th-:vfiiv. n the w.holi:, favorable to the com-t.-u«ion of ho proposed canal, or. at, to the ai:ticipa- ionof Its projector as to Its rtnaneial sm-ce?H. UC^nttll POHtpOlird. GIC.VITVA, ". Y., Si-ptutnlfcr I.- To-day's rac.w if the Geneva ivgutta vrm pirtiKineil 0:1 nc- ount of rough water? The events «-i!l l"f owed to-mornnv. A m a l c h f o r n three-mile single scull nice with a turn was arranged to-dny botv.-cen lourtiirlyand RlVy, to tuln 1 place w'.thin thirty lays. The stakes "ore, Cnsii-tnoy *- r «0, lllley SMO; forfeit ninney S1UO a side. In several jools sold tht, evening JJilcy v!d in the profes- onal race oven against tin- Held. Holmes is a strong f.xvorite in the .amateur's lulling race; HoUnns and U'iKxibury sell for first choice in -thu do-able sculls, and tho Albain the four-oarefl race. Satrur Yield of Cuba. , HAVANA, September L--Tho' yield of this rear's sugar crop is about 545,400 tons, np-.u'nst 80,000 last year, showing a decrease of ,-ibout 20 ppr ceut. Tlie toUil exports from the ports of ...the island from January ) to July :!1 were Otf,5T^boxes and a^.T.'iT hogsheads, against 19fl,LlW boxes nnd 05B2 hogsheads in 1879.''The exports to the United Stales wen (SC.41S boxes and Xf,fX hoxshcnds, against 91.H10 boxes and H'MiflTt in 1ST9. The stocks in all parts of the island, July :jl, wore i:is,0tjl.-boxes and Kll,400 hogsheads, iigainst 117,!XX) boxes and IC.iiS hogsheads tho previous year. State Democratic Convention. .TKBJ.TOK, N". J., September l.--The democratic state convention elTocted a perniiuipnt organization thU uftarnoon by the oleetion of Hon. Laon Abbott OK permanent chnlrman. Resolutions were adopted ratifying tho Cin- nati nominations and reaffirming '.hu principles the party as enunciated; favoi-ing a protective tarnT and condemning tho republican management of tha state finances. Balloting then began for governor. On the fourth ballot Oeo. C. Ludlow, of Middlesex, was chosen and declared tho nominee of the convention. After the nomination or electors the convention adjourned. Gynecological ANfcOClatloll* CINCIXNATF, September 1.--In the American Gynecological association to-day, papers wore ·cad by Drs. Eattoy, of Rome, OH.; J. 0. En- glemoai, of St. Ixiuis; H. P. Wilson, of Balti- iriorc; J. R. Jackson, of Chicago:-R'B. Sutton, OC Pittsburs;; and H. F. Ciunplwll. of, -SlTgusS, Gft. Thci inWnberK o'f thu association waro ontoitaincd to-night by a bauquvl given by tho residonc members of the medtoil profession. nct«»nel for Kcpulr*. NEW Onif AXH, Sept. 1.-- The steamship City of Mexico clear«: yesterday for Vera C'niz. Tho engineer, ou examination, found tbj after section of tho main shaft cracked. This will necessitate tho unloading, d-cking and detention of the vessel for about ten days, Capt. Wi«« oil His McUlc. RicrrsfOXD, Sept. 1,--Tho ease of Capt. Jno. S Wise, charged with being about toenpige in a duel with GI-O. Ben. Johnston, came up in the police court txwiuy. Cnpt. Wise, who had kept, out of tlie way of an e«t since the first of last week, surrendered younnlay, and was present in court to-ilny. Sc-veml xrttncsses wereoiam- ined in relation to the apprehended hostile I ' r U M ' v , f-l'Vl-.-iJ-l:. t l ,tiicr i '.ilnil rv.'ux'--. li^ AV.,"!' K.lllM. li-i.t t:-..- Un-.i.l:. '.v'.V 'i jit h.-i-. ;i: the r.-j for tii ln."h ni '-!i:i · : ur l.i le I)- ,:w. ,,f I'ino, "7 ' h r .,:. , i: of V ' j l T N ::i i t - - ' . i : i ' l . '!.- r.-.:-,-. tln-»--"!i-l ie.: ..-.:··'.' i-h:.-h »'.l»n*;«V L.r f . - l - j v M ;hit the "·.-· llTl.-d.. !-'·:-- bill sJui'l lie L-K-lli.'ii Oil l!;- -· Or- pr.M" sit;--Ti ",[ tlie reg-itrati-in oiinruprinti'in 1-ii!. -.. .Mr. J'nnii-ll'. :m^ to iiia'ke tlie re adopt Mr. I'linu-ll's V «n!v !-· r. 1 "lt'-l t/i in e: Mr. t'anu'll then-.''):' n'.-i'liii-of th" iipi-ropr i;,.;,. a--e..r.line t. t h - f i IH.IIO. the bill u n t i l i/vnorrow, d:ty to the M-ssi,-11. S\vorti on Uio Koran t I/i.VDOX, N-pt. 1. -- A diT' : i'''l" t-vday. Iubli-.n,sl in t;i'- e.-":irl Tinn-i. sn\* '^n. Iliil^rr* ,-iit. yestx'rdny. A,»)1, Kh'.n IMS .i*tf:ii|.i.-.' !·· niM'n ll.'g"ti:tti^ns with him. All T i e - 1 1' 1 :"- · . the Cliu/nee f.l.'tinn arc *-'ud to h.ive j":!;. 1 -. Ay.«'h Khun. ("-IL Phaj ro nuil'-. e.l '.···'' i diiv \ v i l h iiis v.Lol.- f'in-e.iu. I." "x;.e-; ;'. ! · · : ; . - - ·itTaltljiiil. llerntl Kh'inMwii n n d :!..- K i , - . I bit-thi tr,*ip?-- ;in l siiid to U' d.-isirou., of .ltv,'ni; ( ^ him riiiice-le:ini:n^.if thn rec-i^niti"ii ;f A l ^ i u r rahniun K h u n x - r a i i r u t, lint th" a.'" swnm 0:1 the Koiiiq t.i fight. Flank TIorrmrnlH In Dlplonmey. iONIxx. '.S-'jit. 1.--Iu.ut»;r':, tel.'i:r;im fi 1 ".)! t.'oii^intincplu says: It is nKwi-tx-d tli-ft '..i'- powers only iitrree-'l tn n naval den-nr.-v.n!:-·' as .1 moth.*! of mor^l jx*r?u.vsi'm, mid tnr.: :l-." i!o nut intend txi Und trc-vxi nr pin!-!.i; «:: nther fonii 'if .oercinii. It w said KiiK-'ii'- -i-'- Hnssiii havfi iidiructo-l their co:ni:i:iiid.-iv to endeavor t ) treat wii.h th* Albaii'.-iii '-In.-'-. Austria, however, nbj^'to to thn i-omv.-. Tue portehaKVHinlycir'.n.iv.imi t.i ,,;niii Au-:tna ^·O"1 oflico? on the G:-.vk qiiA.-tinn. lyO^ln^: G r o u n d . LOXDOX. September 1.- A Piuis :lisp'll-h 1" thn Manohrvt^r tinflr.ii.inm3.-: IV-i-.ii'-r IH-- Frcycuii-t is Icsing irrouiid rnplilly. His sil.-n'i- under attacks nnd his protrnrtM ciiwiio- 1 1»- crises the dLvvitiifncri'jn. and nii!i'.«» h. pill, licly cxpresse) his dctcnninittion to dis^uve .-ill soon 1'inl. There in ui ilonU for the ( i , - . - H'-ut M. Gmr.lietta, president »! the chiiiuber 'if deputit^. Iu«.s fonwiken him. Tlie Power* Woperiil and Y i e l d i n g . Loxnos; Scptcmln-r 1.--A Vienna d:si;.v,' h to the Pnily Trtr-srnpll MVS i t i j . s t i i l h c i i . i l that Dulcignft will 1» Min-e'id(M-ed in n levi days. The .Towers will not insist on the ressi.v.i of of'Dcntuch". Th" primv "f Montenegro denmnds LTo i ,:.-:i-lpl .n:«. wU ...rii-K-,rit. a:,,! thi demnity for ilamaRcs lionc by li'.-lguTM. lV-»;si1lvccl by the I.ordn. IXJXDOK, S-ptonibc:- 1.-- Th" hou:i" of l"r.!j. tliis evrninjc ii.^;ttiv»vl the w-cnnd iv.-'.dniK i-'f thibillfortb*nw.itTMtf.i),if MO-rsin I n l M i d hv a vote of 4:! to 30, it hw l«-n smt'sl that if tbo house of lord-i r..jwtB this bill I'm Irish members of tit- lunise of ci:rnr..i;is would .-11- deuvor Ui gfL up KiiWhiT obstructive lignt in tho house. Bulsnrlniix on «Ie Wr.r Pnlli. LONDON. S,-pt- 1.-- A dispatch. S.d.mic,--.. August 31, to the Mnndniitcr fiiinrib.-iii. wyj: t U s k u b o n .Sunday several Bul^-iin.-iii lia:nl tered the Turkish Vmt"rv,fcyai |«.in's n"ir the junction n! 1 the (-"Vrvijin imd Iti;!i;a'i.-i:j frmiti.':-s. The Turks ai-.- .sT/ib! ^lini: n m i l i - tary cordon iiroinul tliothinnt.-ti"d di-Mict. Short Tl nn- Thn-ali'liod. Ixirrnox, Sept. 1.-- Tl.i- Oldhatr. li,nil«l .-ciii- i". huv." n.- en:[i|itro llri'-ll',-'»·'··: · t . . ^ .-ill L'.X.-I u^ l! that lFilV'-I" "··ili'J' »]i." .-.IV l.v \vhi.-liu.xii': ' 'U. no j^,*er ftaotrn'i' i.r..ic*al r.'.s tay pn-M-nt -inlt-r "f ' i-,-ly nnlwt)*. ·ilfs cud ci.-lj !iv»' ut is It w . . r k a l « « H 'r rjipila "f tte Thu iw*.r,»jr ui. tiiiui li:ontb( |.,:i*. Tbe ,-,.:rlu IIM .. . ..-.·MT.'jv niiiki' ii livinz. v'.r.:-- tin- lu,,tn--. JIIM .- ,.|sMl'.l.-i .'ir,' l:ii.i K ry .-U ill" iim.', have !· itt. MI. win:.- ·*"··· -i.-vil ,,..-.u,'..,nai;v ond ejci.-!!' ii'i.i f-.- a .'.-.ll-ir and .-.«.f» "r thry -vould »t«r»«, l-,i!'-.i(I:. Tiii-ri- i.i »·' '1-nviiu; tec faci tiial, ' :. th" mooting, after which Capt. Wise, after stating iat as it wan now certafu that he would r laced under bonds. Raid he . to Kivo a full statement f the whole matter, ns he thought it was time ic public should know all about it. He then ecited the story of hit having been blackbn.ll- d winter by the Westmoreland club, when e wa» honored with nftecm black balls for te- ie a readiustflr and friend if Gen. Mahone; hat ho hail, on tho stump and in a public lot- Xf denounced the fifteen as cowards and fi-s- tas-iins, and had insulted two of them who had me In his way; tliut recently he had Iwn in- onned of a conversation in cxnnection dth tho black-balling, which reflected on him, nd that then correspondence commenced, apt Wise then rend the whole correspond- icu. which is quite voluminous, mid in coarse [ which ho denounced all who had bincK- ·dled him ns cowards and dastards, whf. hnd. -tabbed him in- the ibu-li. Dr. Johnston, in a, -tter to Capt. Wise, stjited his connection with le aJToir, and demanded a full retraction of 10 insulting language by Capt, Vise to which tho latwr replied, eclining to retract tho insult, and e.ttnnning it with full force and effect. Capt. Vise stated that he hnd remained out of tho ity in order to jrive any of the r^griev~i [ptr- es an opportunity to comnr.inic.m- with him, as his wherwilwubi ·vci-es-ull'ciently well known ir that piirpOM, but that now he- considt-n-d ho matte- a farce, or at an end. The police u»tic« placed him undnr bonds in the some mount, tMOO, as he had Dr. .Winston. iivitlonal oin.' : lnut!oil. September 1.--A. G. Chapman, f Charloi cormtv. was t/Mla;- nominated for ' ' convention of the and not stand as talk about would be me fight years, if necessary- --- ----T - , ,. ^tatc to yon: for a year or two I have -(ought bv the wd of tht democratic party U reform in tho state. A portion oi the demo- for honest reasons, have oppose raa of the democratic part I trust they have done so crats, thii but -.vith no consiaerabk bitterness I Immed that is impossible to accomplish the work m view without a united democracy: antil the nartv moved by the principles of Jefferson and Hancock, present* a solid front to the opposition. There were some feelings in these am- tests, but they have pass«l away from mv Blind, and I hope they will from others. I will never do nuythinc which cm bring them up ' again. You hav« m;iin srood men. Sck-ct -one to TO with the MII* ol Hancock. Gentlemra, I Siank vou tor ycnr kindlv -irelchmc. and yon. Hr. President, fr.r tb \iTirm -words in v,-liich you mtroduced me. !I -*.ill not be your candidate. ·\fter sonii* farther discusrion Jir. Burke, ol Boston put in nomination Chas. F. Taoinpson. of Gloucester. Votinc at once begun, find 31r. Thompson luiving a nbajority of IM votes ca-s* on tha first ballot Ins nomination was thereupon maiie unanimous, with much cothnsiosni. Tht tictet was then completed with the nomination of Atpba E. Thompson for lieutenant governor Michael F. Doaohne for secretary- ot state, and Francis F. Parker for trea.-,urer. ir.ei-co decided to 'di-vote tho afternoon of neil I rpl ,onent, an be has left for th« Hot Spring* Wednesday, September S, to tin- entortainrceut { v nd -vVMhin-rton, leaving the di«ti-ict to take of visitors, who aro cx-,iectud in largo numbers. , ; * especially from the south, to attend the open- ' 1 TM p 1 )oul . -t^-t., of /mlirht iariv«d ing of tUoindustrtaleiixMtion. t This mormn;; t«o c«rio»d».of. frolght MTIV«I ^«: tl» republican port)-is .sec! national, and that h* fanning of the embers o- dcctionil strife ret-irds thf projperto of the eouutr}". favoring niinnood s {i-wn - n} demanding tlio remo of nnrea«"iiiiMe restncrioas upon the :rr.:i chiif protesting nguuvlt the law -which niakt. the"pa\inent ot a paltrv lax a condition ot tl! ,xerciie of the.dtaKnVright to vote: dema;i ini reforms in rt»te taxation, and congratu l.nri;.- flie democratic part%' of the coiuinou wealth upon the honol iblc atttkment of differ anca h«retofor» » within it. The «in ventiou " Ha ftf« higher thmu he am root, 7 is tbi |^--t·ddiUootath*vocabular\ of iltng. dd»d that tlv stalo of tlw cott.:n tviul, itndvisnliV: to li-w.-n !!:" pr'Hrcr-ticm "i yi.r by re,oi-ti;-.K to short lime. A jt'-iicr^l meet,, o'f the liiuit^H C"M:r"-ini' ar.rt pr.viit.; njiinm' will lx held shortly to ronsiricr il.e nmltcr. The Bnrlul" Bill. J-OXDON. firji*"nilvr I. - -111 the hoil-:- "f ivv nimwtlie List l.ljl to permit, til" hrinx' of d seniors in rll -iiurch vnrds i:nd -Kiii.*»n without the ,-hiirch of Ensln;id ^rvi.x-, pass itri third rending. A Letter From the Blsln»i»». A ?nri« dispntch to thn Dnilv Nrv.-s s.-iy: fonn of tlie lettr which is f ti';e th" jil:i.- .-it the demand for the aiiMinj-iKition "1 n-btfiou,, M'h'ooh, nlTix-tod by tlu March i!«-rcm, was aKitml upon by the archbishops of 1'iins nnd Rouen, nnd the papal nuncio. Imperial Proclamation. BKKI.IN". S^ptumlieri.--ThcRiniivrrsnry o f t l i e battle of Sedan will bo generally eclebr:it/d v- mon-ow. The emperor has IKSUO! :. prx-lama- tion to the soldiers of the Onnni. nmiy. II recalls the events of ten ye:irs a^o. the trrcn: di-edfof the army Hnd the victory of :-dnn: exprows pmtmmil thanks nnd v.-nr;n.^t acknowledgments to the army, and hopes it niny continue to fulfil all calls of duty uid honor, maintoln sti-icU-s-t discipline and nev*»r relnx m diligent training for war, that in fni-nn; tinie- of difficulfv, (rom which may God !nn,T preserve us, ttie army will still be tho uteu.fciAt guardian of the ffitherland. KiuivTorniH for clilnn. ST. Pr.TEBSHCIt'/, S«;pt. l.--The' 1 ! that at a recent council of the nunioVr of war. the director of tlie foreign office, the dirtrtw of th" Asiatic ilejiartmcnt. M. Huetaiw, the bossador to China, nnd others, it wn-i dei in 1 dnti.-"it !. nd ni-inawlil rt, they' lire ]i\;h:iv. I".- i hile hi* inn ·ri;, nj^'ii tii.' I.*-: iiit"i.' ",r: .-: th- V..--.M.-II;- aiui ;; id L-r"f;TiV ini-'ll thfir ,' half i-l'.rr..»: iui-1 l:ulf . Ill's l l ' t - o r . ji:-U.v »· aa;! Ho, f n ' -"n-t»'"i" ha* but a feel 'la i let* . .. fro ·.·ilcltMl Olid ] - ; ^r i f H i ! f . l - - I"' "«sh, H J C P M t tH-,r. th"n J.;t him mrrki . .if ..:ftii !»· j-n.i*r!y n-*u- jmM n! UK- (.-ouiity tn«- mi" t/ .-oniniit. nlil- to lin i'- .-ii'i-lc. 1 "nrtjiiii trvamuy. liM»- tlui r^^T ijl in- p.«rafll'!jiv(t. -,mf wi/W wUb , ]/liry, or lc«\ra iv. without tJwy nK-rujve luxury. i- »alar- U-^ Mirn. pi'j-Kl.-ln » will .-..iiaty d.-rk ""id county ,-,..... H.MK-^-,-,r nnd collector ICOIiv ! Sloxi: ih'-:i l"t th.-ie IV or.:y on* lie r'li"'i" ill ---ux-h cmnmwtlon- un.i i.iv .-.-i'-h n n-ax'liable *Al*Ty. This'«vst-ni v. ill notV,,st on" c.-nt m.,*». than ·.hi-pli-wiil: JTi-t n« ;·,».! oiB.-..-!'. cull U-hill, mill o n r justl"-s :in.l '-onstilM..* »;!- ''"·" Hoini-'lmiin-cm-nt. to nrr.-r.t I'-inia-'w: tb' 1 !^ no temptation to render impn-p-r vi (,f- v, whieh the i- :in- not pntilM. L»it 3M-n o M i c f - r l - u n d . - r ii ir«l to fnitifully c«I- |^-i nnd )ny ov.-r the fi»-i collncted Vf !«tn. vi the tr.W.irer: r»inlr» him W muC' s»nm monihlv r.'?.^/- nnd pay over monthly r.llf.-w roliWtwl. nnd X 'h- firm be onh, W tl-ere will alw.ivc ll- c. ca»h fnmi li-alltn! »'llU-lj M draw th" offiroiV «lirr;- druft". Style it la ·t,o 'i^iMi-er's hand- " .itln-nn.' fund, and Irr. it l.-.".: li .p'' i , ·-',·!-, jiurro-. Thai would lv 11 new d-i«rtiin-. It w true, but i -av n »«1 an.l»r-.'ii". It w'MJd iwt iiL't n.s L"vl ofncern nn w.' hav now; it wouil iiu.-'li7/' tli'-ir pay and j.r"vi,(e for th- r»yra«t of instic.-f and cr.ns:.-i!'.'-s »nd make Uwm M eii;ci,.nt.' A'ld .i;^iin. let the I.--^iilnt;r"_ ·OUJ5TBS bT the democratic iftii district.- DETROIT, September 1.--Tlie democrats of IM third district nnminated to-div Jas. W. jheHey of Albion, and those of U.e fourth dis- rict noinin.itMl J. W. Powers, o; Kalamazoo, ttLKOTOX, S. C.. September 1.--John H. Evins was noiuinatel to-day for congress lrc;n he fourth district. UNION SJ-K.I.WS, Alu., Sept. l.--The republicans of the third Alnbanui district, m convcn- ion here to-ilay, uoanunously nnniiiiatcu ;VA. itabsou for congrerss. SAVAXN-VH. Go., Sept. l.-J. S. Collins, "'. Brunswick, wa.s yeiteriiay nominated for con- 'ss by the republicans of the first district. JTIC\ N. ^ .. r?ept^mUr 1.--Cyrus D. Pres- cott'-.v»s'renominat«l for consrcw by accloni.-!- ion at the Onridn county republican conven- loo in Rome W-day. Briclitou Beach Kacen. BBIGSTOS BEACH. Sept. l.--The pirisant vcothrr to-day i.rought out a good atxendnncv at Br-ffhton iienr.h- and the racinc; was very jood." Tim only drawba..-k t-i tb« sport was 1/jn^ LiLird's ssvVre fall in th*. hurdle race, by which his rider. KewnrK. wsu iilled. First race--42."X), all o£en. nine hea*-5Tim- man-: .Mo-lerator, 1, 1: Go-Forto. 'J, i Tinv- 1.4T;:, 1.4'.'. print.. ei,,M in St. retei-sbm-K. M. !ia-t chargixl with the .itt-liL. and Vnc nttiilcation u results. The Je»ul«t Qnedtlon. PARIS. K"bt- 1.--Tlie Liberte r«'iHrti that th» letter to t^ke the pla.^ of on application for anthoriTation is nwrrfy n draft oj a i'rrp.i-,:t:.n s«-l«l U-twcL'ii the Vatican a.n«l the n.h^.oi:s communities. Tin 1 eovernmrat has nnt y.-r liad occasion to come to n:iy deriM'.n in the ThiTemi-r. saw: All the jRirv-.'-i'irs f the con-TVCKtions signed a I'-tt.T. whieh wi.l r». otrirlally handTM! to M. DeKfycinf. as MMI .-is he ivturns to Paris. Jrcrre. I'oits, Septe:nh-/ i.-- Th.- p-!ir^ i^. es-jit schools in Pirn. Lill". To'iiw.-- elli(.r. and eLsfwhen- cvaniat«l. i-.t . AtPoictii:rs.hmn- fun ! t i '; v !i"tlis : . nnd six Jesuits. thnv of whom cliini..-! t i ';· proprietors: th» otbtr three off'ijvrf i,» ··". -iciTn r.mi werv«ject«l, caus-.ns « «h^ht .i«rv~:- strntion hy the crowd '::iMde. ,V Frc»b Proposition by tll- Port--. C')X«T.vNTlNOPlJ^ S, u pT^jn^'r l.~- .\!»"ld::i ;vi?li=. mint'tn-of fora^r. affairs. to the ninliass-viorsor-tcin il'i no' n"-l nil :'f .irnple provision hits U f ,',xx{ wholes!-- .!:. -iica/-i.-s f»t w i miui^ at Kf. -f IH.O.H and br-rtd. r* rK* r U«T -r" Midi r- . ln-»!l--l will onl'v r,.;it« ,'y-r day for nly Win for flVr c«tt it. aud uirtu at t- I-v about iiu-TUll t'»t; Vil . privi:.-?'.' " O"mpr! l in« U.' In- .--^;nr. wa.hi.ii:. and ott*r :*. -.he : n.l. as a littta ««r- :ili"!"Tl":i'-i!il. ajid It -»-t.l s -it ,'.,.! cnn iw «mu- unity. The TMbj-ct ISMS. tm oontain«l in thi- r.,niin-;ninat.ffl !»»y s/v m M U- vry trivia!, nut l.-t ih* ;i;bLc jtt* l';urc «"«: i'- and nrr-.w it th» s-n« hi-riIV tlie tesv.i',th »:.!T vrr.rlc .i! ,i:id"..|»-ii.i:r s.yn that hurt'l , .-.t.,:i r.n-i ;!,,n-VT.So Xt« Or- v.n; ^v o-.!-l m.-'. a ma.1 ··nth » PrcparJns o Surrender. RlGl.-SA.Sept. !.-- Kocnw-n h-n.Ir.-l r.;. n- Turkt-h n-cuiars have urr.r/-i nt N.-i:.:n. l.isj Pasr^lsas 'received stnn^'.-nt on!-!-* fr-,:.i tn- porv in ac-onlnn-f with which be i." ;.r*-...r- me ihe .urrender of th- ccrtc-i fmiin . .1 '." AlKinian leayjc has bven sent inon- ·.-·..-:.-:l.':r- to Diikipnn. Ccn: Bobcrln nt randnltar. SrjiLA. fteptemfcer l.-it is - ~,-..i::v :_i- ·joar.cM that OKI. ru,;*-r.- reacbM ' ;s::..'.:a- rc-i'enUs.v. is 6ati-.i-- ..y^-' lOian u«i«7. Ay.yib Khan has :.-tt.-- ··:·'·-· turt* to f J«n. Robert.'. G-r_ Ph«yr» i» :ie-rn; Ta,i:ip - -L. n ~ t s e o u - Time. il-i', 4 '. Third i-u:^- -- se!lii4r rncr -- iur« i ?2.3~- air ai. -TS with usual v.-eiKhty and ailowanef* -- iT" niilc" nnd a furlong: _ Ejnr.-j - · PAS:. S.rpt. i.-Tlw «i; ·es!li; in nic 1-i rayfS tlva: the s»-ov»m;a l-.uu a rr-guL'ir cu:-at*.-s. -- jnL-st c:l;i.T j'.rvj B:sr Rail. . S";.-i:-r I.-- Nat^r-iis . . El",T.\ijC, Sepu-saixT !.-- Provid ·:..·« '.. i- I.-- ..".nvli: .·!» 1.-- CU.-Ji~u and - . second, a reck l»-fort- Divar_ f-.ise. ---J. ot a Candidate. FLUStrrxr,. L. L. Septemlier 1.--In a k-ttfr. Hon. Jns. W. Covert. reprcser-.tJinvK trr.ui tuc lir=t con-nhSiiocal dirfrics of this s t . he is not a la-iilidatc for renon^nation. a would poativfjy decline should the uo be Wodenxl hilia. Don't t-troke a cat's hair thu "lyi^ way: s to delur."\ - A io . K-r-a» I"' cam* from. »x«p« »c^on for UK- uaaM

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