The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVTTXB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 1949 llse Koch to Face Jury of Germans t. infamous Mistress " Of Buchenwald Now *" '•< Out of U.S. Custody tANDSBERG. Germany, Oct. 18. (#•>—P»t and frump Use Koch was • whisked from an American prison to a German one today to face her own countrymen'! Judgment or her deeds !"»s"tr» infamous Mistress ot Buchenwald. -, Pears of American authorities that some of the 4,000 Jews in nearby -displaced persons camps would stage • demonstration -failed to, materialize. The transfer from the American War Crimes Prison Ucre to the Akliach Women's Prison was oirrled out without Incident. .,,-,Use, wife of the now-dead Buchenwald commandant, was nnhnppy about her forthcoming trial. Col. Walter R Graham,, of St. Paul, Minn:, director of the Lavids- berK prison, quoted her as saying: "It's the worst 'day of my life .That Is because I am being turned over to "the German police." ~'ilse, 42, completed a four-year > term In the American prison. Originally, sfte was sentenced to life 01 charges growing out of a reijn of Story ot Doomed Man Has Tragic Ending DETROIT, Oct. 18., (AP)—Three months ago Ernest Gillum, J4, wpn the sympathy of a nation by look- Ing for a job even though he had only half a year to live. Yesterday he died. , . Last July Gillum's doclois told him he was a victim of cancer and could expect to live only six more months. ' 'I don't want sympathy, because you can't eat that," he said then. 'I just, want, the opportunity to support my wife—as long as I am able." Although Gillum was flooded with offers of Jobs and money, his condition prevented him from taking work. - sadism at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp- L«t er Gen. Lucius D. Clay, UJS. military governor, cut the term. ' . : :'' German authorities Ulan to complete their investigation of her-case late this year and expect : to bring her to trial at Augsburg early In 1950. They have charged her, on five major counts, one of which Involves the wanton shooting of 24 Jewish inmates ot Buchenwald in 1941,' It Is probable also that the charge that she made lamp shades out of talooed skins of Buchenwald prls r oners, will be aired again at tlv Geunan trial. She denied.- the charge, during her trial before a U.S military court, HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Boyle Takes This New Assignment Seriously — He's Now a Godfather NEW YORK —<"">— Being a. godfather Is harder—In some ways! —than being a fattier. ••• '. Fatherhood jnsf" comes naturally. It Is all unofficial. You vralt In hospital anteroom until » nurse steps out and murmurs In an antiseptic voice, "Well, you're a father now." •'•'.: Simple! • But godfathers Is another matter entirely. It Is official. And It takes place in a church, where' the Lord can overhear any pledges you make to fend for a child that Isn't your own. Yes, being a godfather Is much more responsible and selective act lhan merely being a father. Fathers just happen. Godfathers create themselves deliberately. ; If all this sounds a bit smug, It is because I am pitching a penny for the proud mil neglected status of godfatherhood, Into which I entered recently. ' Some, two years ago hTances and I moved Into a tremendous housing project on the East Side of Manhattan holding some 35,000 people. The life insurance company that built it ruled out clogs, but announced it welcomed children. . Tile idea probably was that dogs rarely grow up and bviy life Insurance policies but children some- limes do. Anyway the tenants Joyously took the company at Its word. Within a year the place was nlck : named *'lhe hatchery," and a man going to work had to beat his way past a. solid wall of diaper service salesmen. Now there are more babies around than television sets. . A young neighbor couple had a daughter, Nina. We'fcll in love with her and they said we could be her godparents. Months went by and nothing happened. "People are always saying we can be godparents to their kids" " complained to Frances. "But nothing ever comes or it. What am I supposed to do—nothing? 1 feel as useless as a Kentucky colonel in Vermont" Well, word got rjack to Nina's mother. The next Sunday she frocked the child In. something pink .and off we went to the church It was a christening ceremony. Discover! "Odd Ffellnj" And It was then at last I was sworn In as .a real 24-karat godfather, it Is an odd feeling. For the first time I understood wh> women weep at a wedding. I felt that way as Nina, laughing kept jumping up nml down whll the immortal words were read over 'it Iron Lung for 20 fiats, Youth Finally of Poliomyelitis PITTSBURGH, Oct. 18. W— Oil- *>t Holdren died yesterday of In- anllie paralysis after seven years n an Iron lung. Tiie 20-year-old Holdrcn was her heedless head. But she quieted down and listened gravely as the minister. lifted her, doused her blonde locks with water—and welcomed her to Jesus. Afterwards the minister assured me that a godfather held no honorary title, but had real duties and shouldn't enter Into his condition lightly or thoughtlessly—as fathers have been known to do. A week or t»o later he dropped by to see how 1 was fulfilling rny role. Luckily, he caught me at home reading a good book. I told him that now we called Nina the "Little Christian." and he looked pleased. Now I fret about my goddaughter all. the time. They say there Is nothing like children to keep you young. I find there is nothing like a godchild to make a man older— from worrying at all life's perils around her. But It's !un to he a vice-president father, a "stand-In daddy." The hardest thing, however, is to keep from wishing that Nina's papa will break his leg—so that I can do more for her. OPEN STOCK, SOLID MAHOGANY BEDROOM FURNITURE By Hungerford Dentist Raps Proposals on Public Health SAN FRANCICO, Oct. 18. Wy — The United States will reach a showdown on public health insurance within two years, the president of the American Dental Associat'on predicted today. Dr. Clyde E. Mtngcs of Rocky Mount, N.C., in an address before the 30th annual session of the association's House of Delegates, called for continuous public scrutiny of President Truman's "unrealistic and costly proposal of federal compulsory health Insurance." -.'•••- ' About 10,000 delegates and guests are attending. •• Dr. Mlngcs said it Is not alone the concern "ol the health- profes- Over 2,000,000 Voters Register in Hew York NJ2W YORK, Oct. 18. CAP) _ A record number of New York ' City residents are qualified to vote In the Nov. 8 election. Iii six days of registration ending Saturday night,. 2,143.408 /persons made themselves eligible to vote in tha< contests' for us. senator and mayor of New York. The largest ^previous registration In a non-presidential year was 2,714,035 in 1946 when a gubernatorial campaign also was under way. '.-.-. stricken In Florida. His father brought him back home In 1042.. Gilbert called his Iron lung "The Green Submarine." It enabled him to breath 16 times a minute. sloiis.-It'Is-an Issue which must be faced by every person with an Interest in his own health and In the health of his community and nation." ' ••'.:'...'. "It is not enough to oppose the administration's plan," he told the delegates. "It must be countered with a constructive program based on a knowledge ot the scientific problems Involved in dental care, which will enable the states and t!np<!nunlt!cs to discharge their responsibility to dental health before intervention by the federal government." •• McMath to be on Hand For El Dorado Event EL, DORADO, Ark,, Oct. 18. (API —Governor McMath will join El Dorado In -Its celebration of oil progress week today. The chief executive will speak here'this afternoon at a progrnin highlighting this city's week-Ion? observance. His address will be car! rled over a 20-slation radio network The oil Industry, this year ts ccl ebratlng Us 90ih anniversary a,,rf by proclamation of McMath Arkansas is Joining the rest of the nation in observing oil progress week El Dorado, as the center of south Arkansas' rich oil industry, will stage a week-long program, .featuring in addition to the Governor's address, various oil exhlbffs and open house at the various petroleum plants here. 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