The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
Page 3
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THURSDAY-, SEPTEMUE1? 2^/1944' 1T -- 1> Liquor Permit Can Be Revoked Williams Suggests Local Option Voting In Chicot Dispute LITTLE ROCK. Sept. (UP)—At- lomcy General Guy Williams 1ms thrown a local wrench into plans aS Clilcot county officials lo pro- vcni opening of n llcaior store near Cirecville-Luke Village bridge. ; ; i Chicot county ~judk'*- Cnrheal Wiir- fk-ld has contended-t)iati tile iiquqi; .store, granted a ll'ccrtsf b_v ihb y\i'j kaiisas: ReVehiic- Deixii : lihcri£|':t|kf week,; will. be. nsed primarily-"m liijiior i-uiiners bixirixtlu^iiiidi-v Mis* ••'•'•'. •••' ••• ' .!•;'.. : ... In nn opinion Jo deputy prosecuting attorney Johii Gibson of V)cr- niott, leijiu'stalb'y 'Judge WarfleM; (he attorney gciiern] sjiys n, conn.' ly cannot, by j-cfuslnif to grant n county license, prevent 'ihc operation of Hie store under authority of the permit granted by tlif commissioner of revenues. , lievenue •commissioner Mim'nv B McUort'snys he issued n jwrmU for tile Hciuor store n day before lie received a petition r,- 0 ,,, ciiicot county residents asking that the store not l )c licensed However, (he attorney general ..ays t ic revenue commissioner is author ml to revoke a permit for a-number or reasons. And suggests hat the township i,, whi( .,f lhe -Jtoin is located could call a local liquor option election. River Provides, 'V Transportation'-, For War Vessels ; VICKSBURO, Mis^.:;Seiyf i; 2i "~ A total of 1.149. waV'Vesse'ls.huilt for ocean service liy^shlmtitds In h'e Nation Had beer); floa 4jl jdrnvrt the Mi SSJMWi Rivcl , (0 { ^ s ^ I'v the end of 19-13. Brig. Gen Max L. l.vlci, president of (lie Mississippi Rive,- Commission, revealed today; General Tyler is charged with mamialning all a(Icqli ., te J^ igation channel from cafro III to Private.F?6ucjht ; In Two Wars lly NEA Service WASHINGTON. — Action is (lie middle name o( gray-haired Prl- rate Clnistiflti Nelson, 58-year-old veteran of two World Wars who hns been dubbed the "oldest private In the Army." He saw plenty of red- blooded figlitiug in Prance in 1917, and did more than his share of battling with his combat engineers outfit ii\ North Africa last year. Arthritis has accomplished what the foes of the two wars were unable to do—force Private Nelson out of notion. He will sooi> receive an' honorable medical discharge from in veterans' hospital. .•'•Private Nelson joined the Army ;ln 1911 at Omaha, and left the fol- .lowlng year for overseas duly 'in Si-Vance where lie participated in the Meuse-Argonne drive and served for almost a year under Gen, John t'crshing. Rejoining the Army..'.'in January, ion, Pi-ivatc Nclsorj, was sent overseas with the 109th" Engineers ,in February of the next year, landing at Belfast, Ireland. He sailed again In November and spent 17 days at sea, journeying to Oran. North Africa. His outfit mopped up in Oran and left for Algiers, where he served until September 2B ; 1343, when his company returned to' Pvl. Christian Nelson, oldest private in the Army, is :i veteran of t\vo wars. America. the Gulf. Latpr figures, General Tyler" said, arc not nyp atmilnvle, pointing out that many types of craft are involved and that security forbids dissemination of any later figures. In addition to the many types of landing craft, the boats involved include: submarines, destroyer escorts and frigates. . ; • "All; of these, craft have moved down the river -without a single se- iciis accident which could be nl- ilmtcd 'to channel conditions," he said. .'.'Because, the. river did give a sufficient; channel '• to i allow'-its use. for sending' the craft to sea, they could be produced inland: whei e material, mid imm, po^ei-;.have 1 bech more;: readily available:-mid i\vhfy ; e fiic11}Jlesj; ; which !othcrjvisc :! ) iniglit have beciv wasled,"liave been util- ised to the fullest in prosecution of the war." Contact pilots employed by the Engineer Department, have ridden the craft down the river to keepi the regular pilots posted on chin- nel conditions. These contact til- lots also regularly ride commercial boats moving war cargoes In an effort to keep the vital river traffic moving without interruption. 'New Liberty News .-Mrs..Ada 'Stuuls of Alabama : !s visiting . her ^sister/ Mrs, li, M. Holmes and family.'•(",' Mrs. Rowc and Mrs,;, Creasy/of Dallas,'Texas, have returned' home, after visiting 'her 'brollier, llilun Slepheiison and'Mrs. fit'er/Jioiison. • i Mr. nnd , Mrs. J. P;. Barber: returned Sn'i'idd)' -to .their-• home 'il, {jteele, "Mo,,' after spencllng^a week with Mr, and Mrs. D. Gun-alt*'.. ;\Vayne'.Oxford left today [or Sim Francisco', 1 -Calif., nftef visiting his parents, Mr. and. Mi's.;H:"F. Mea-. dows. • •. '''-.'.'!'•"'.'• ' ; .'•;'' Mrs. Henry Neal and children, Anne and Bobby, of Holland, Mo., have relurncd home after visiting her parents, Mr. nnd 'Mi's. D. Gar- rail and family. COURIER -.NEWS . Where <?. I, joos_ Will Soy Goodby to Army Life - tltcr of I'Viinklln; aeraldlne Chamber of Jnckson; Ava Mae Whlllcy o[ Sovlcr; Hiwcl Prynr/of Moulgom- cfy; liellyo Mnsllii nnd Juanlta Klielton of Mlssisslpnl; )'l)lm s Marie Jennings of Pike; May 'Anderson iwd Jcnnelte Webb of f'hllllns, Sybil Jo ScrogBln of Polk; Helen Sehotner of Washington, and Carol Elaine Anderson of White t'oimly , Met above diows location of 18 posls where soldiers will bid im-cv.'ouTo C. I. llfc'Trier hiv*' Center, for dischni-glng nersonne from arlivo «>rui,. n Ti.t.. „ _,. A;'3.-:,if ' :r..7- P« r «»0u Kclgley of ScVa'iiy"" County stenographer!?, "Jcaniic Hut- F .T"^ . ^TY 11 ^ 7 - chinson of pralghCad; r Arlene lo]- ' I Vffnf RHY^Wartf Iceo nor chirk; Margaret Sue Las-' 1 *»*" " W V ".7*" filPV Of tiVimlfltti" • rincoMlMA nlin... * M —.*—.'! for FLAVOR pouner News wmul sum BACON "Good as Hi nam«" SASS!E;.and the POL! ^t$&. '•, !uie Dtiuic w '" ic = ••>» »o,k, ,„ „'„„, *>•**> V/.} lMflnl ( 3(> Dcllie'g lid mi'rmi n ,H, *i 11 » * „., ' Vi i i i « > . 7 wiu] \NccQpxm k'''y.'l$X mi/" " Li « fl " c "-« of !i Htrpawyj K«VTr n, ,"" 1(lr "" J U8t " lc " »> your inoudi .. K^Yl n , ''," lWlic °" t() "">><''>' 'eiu mil out of the Army. Chaplain Stays Trigger Finger And Companion Gets His Buck service of help. Stdlk v Golden Delicious, Lb. Delta I Gal. Pail Mother's Best $428 25 Pounds 130 610 1 5W.POTATif!!J FRUIT CAKE CRACKERS Bunch Packed For Mailing, Lb. 1 Lb Box $4.00 100 Pounds $2.75 PECK Bring Your Sack e 55 POUNDS, PURE . 9 50 POUNDS, PURE ...... s 25 POUNDS, PURE .. 4* 8 POUNDS, PURE ]' 35 so 35 36 BAKING 1 Ib. Calumet Ic with 1 Lb. For FOLGER'S 2 Lbs. 65c Pound Glass Jar 25 Lbs. BLAIR'S BEST $1.20 50 Lbs. BLAIR'S BESt 2.35 100 Lbs. BLAIR'S CERTIFIED. . . . 4.75 Yellow Pasteurized, Lb. PiGFEEI VEAL STEW BOLOGNA VEAL ROAST 10* 19(t u, 29< HAMBURGER SALT BELLIES BUTTER ', PIG TAILS RIBS Pure Pound Best Pound BrookHeld ^.Lh. Stick Fresh Pound Brisket Tips, Lb. 150 150 7/3 W. Main H APPY HOUR Phone H ;!)• Market 874 '. By Sgl. I'aiil I'ayanf , Sometimes u's lough 'to be a chaploln.- That's whal -Chaplain MCcrge II. Marrs tlioiight' on his ! leave, when he wenl Inmting, 0 «. four-point buck In Ills sights triind • Ills, conscience ueguh pii;k- IIIB him.;illa tjiouchl, "Maybe it's-a [IOC . ^ , '. \ , .' , [ v - ' '-^ ' i£: .•• A.minute.later, his.huiiung pirtr Itcr. come- In slghj,,' : cxcla'I.iniilB'.'i• I JUKI BO| ;a .four-point biickl'.'.'iV The chaplain derived some con-' solntion from his loss, however, because his partner made the'kill. : Big same hunting is one pf Ihe chaplain's favorite sports. When he was a youngster, his folks'-had a big farm in Canada, and he had Plenty of opportunity lo lenrn lo ride as well as hunt He claims (,1ml lie spent mosl of his youth riding monra. when rmcslloncd about riding donkeys, he gave alibis: "I've ridden horses so much I'm bow- Icggcd ami i could not gel my legs nrmind Hie donkey .during (hat basi kclball gaW. ! .», 'J j iWholi liis..fallier 'b'dU''(.he fariri alW moved lo Winnipeg, Manitoba {PR, youngster started in lo play hookey. Slating, skiing, .snowshoe- WfSf.^KEliijIl.f -fccr, nntl v villcjbnll were' ftko jphrtj of his isporl's 1 cur- I'lciiliiih, 'but' Chaplain Marrs ff- nnlly tame to Hie slates to begin Wfclhcologlcnl work, married a girl in Minncsotai and never Whl back to CJuiadh'.iJ ,l> t-'Ihe'chaplain hiis"Mtci{<led. colleges nntj semlnnrieJ! in Portland in Chicago, In New York, and in Colorado. He v obtained his bachelor's and-; .theological degrees'- at i'Burlon Cpllege, Cot.-Hef lias 'three children and one of his duuehTcrs soon expects to don a uniform as n cndel nurse. Chaplain Mum hns an inierest- ng hobby. As u yoimij iimti, he was assistant lu..n une-tlme mafjldini WHO took lip 'religious work 'oml vent, aromid csposln;; tricks of linkers .mid .splrltimilsl.'i. Tim clmplnln Mcked up- n'.few Iricks (hen, but I"! still .woiiilei*. hoivcertnlii ones -• -n*j .nw^ii;)^, (IWU l.t;i[|MlJ iflU 1 •ei'c.perfoiincci, A vlsil|ns mnulclnn icre:, su^esleO,. thai .the ciiapjain earn inot'e'trlcfa lu usii. for e'nUir- talninehl oii.hls vlsil.s lo : ll)'c ijas- illnl. It's forliimile th|it the cli'np- nln Is honest, beciuiso h c nniili. 11 )0 cent piece borrowed from this writer disappear from underneath i handkerchief after tt was dropped into a flnss of water. The past week, he hud half llnl ictllcs irytng to tip a coke bottle inlf full of water on end without, .spilling the water. "yon liave lu lead n good life to succeed," he tells Ihetn. Men :lh-Service ; • Pfc. Roland Rounsavillc, son of Mr. an,) Mrs. J. A. itounsnville, lias been transferred from Blvthc- viHc Anny Air Field to Hcmlrlcks 1'ield, Sebrlng, Pla. Private Roims- avillc is a teletype operator In the Signal Corps. ! Favorite food of tile ancient Indians of Peru jvas popcorn, which wns pepped in a specially shaped earthenware Implement. NOTICE OP SALE (Arkansas). Notice is hereby given that the undersigned mortgagee in a mortgage executed by Bill Underwood to the United States on the 1th' day of April, 1944 and duly filed in the office of the Recorder in and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said Bill Underwood having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant lo the powers granted under Ihc Icrms ol the aforementioned mortgage, and by the laws of the Stale of Arkansas, will on the 22nd day of Sepi tcmbcr. 19«, between the hours of 0 0 clock in Ihc forenoon and 5 o'clock In the afternoon of said dale, at Missco, 9 miles west of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, State of Arkansas, offer for sale to Ibe highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property, lo-wit: 1 I black horse mule, 1 bay marc mule, 1 red cow, 1 middle busier, 1 cultivator, 1 turn plow, 1 planter, 1 harrow, 1 double shovel, 1 wagon, 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear! Witness my hand this the 20th day of September, 1944, United States of America, By Robert W. Downs, PSA Su- irervtsor. 11 d, NOTICE OP SALE (Arkansas). Notice is hereby given that Ihc undersigned mortgagee In n mortgage executed by N. B. Barker to the United States on the 4lh day ol April, 1944 and duly filed in the ol- fic6 of the Recorder in and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said N. B. Barker having waived all rights of appraisement, sale and redemption under the laws of the State of Arkansas; pursuant lo the powers,granted under-the terms of the aforementioned mortgage, nnd hy the laws of the State of Arkansas, will on the 22nd day of September, 1944, between the hours of 9 o'clock In the forenoon and 6 o'clock in the afternoon of said date, at Missco, 9 miles west of Wilson, in the County of Mississippi, Slats of Arkansas, offer for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash, the fol lowing described property, to-wlt: . bay horse mule, 1 gray horse mule 1 cultivator, 1 middle buster, 1 planter, 1 double shoycl, 1 breaking plow 1 harrow, 1 wagon, 2 collars and 2 sets plow gear. Witness my hand this the 20th day of September 1944, United Stales of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA.Supervisor . rHqs^pproyed 42 ApfDOinfments • 'UTTJjE IlOCKi Bept.^OilUI')^ — The .Ai^aii^ue'iJVi'J^iri; ".UourcJ hits approved ,42 •HPixjiiitinpnts. .it wn.i I III-. board's. ^Irsl.'iiiet'ljiig.- with net-' A.'Cariiehter'of EvenlllB £)l)Hde.. 1% Wolf lire Cepartmfirt Director! J. •;,Comity-'d niVinbeis, Chile Ojvcn.Of C;'6ss 7 CtiulHy;-'5l, V, Me-' Ci-nj' of. Hot -'Siftlh'gs;, County, and O. B. 1 Clark of lJn)un counly. Cojinty "dlrectprfj, : Richard Held or Perry county nnd Edwin J, Ixie o; Johnson.' ''','••'•'' Coiinty v'i'si\oi-ii,,lijai)i'.Thomas of Clark; Ohoi)ey.,coi)Iey .of Cross; Sherman' Q. liatulr-, ; l)f Cleburne; ( WUmhlii', F.' -Adniris -of. rullon; Maude nicclil.of. aurla'nd; Anulce 1 Hlder, Jn^elJ, Di'jrt' Htleii Newman ] Hatch of Heinp^k'itil; .Onili' Marie I Johnson of" Ouiiiiiill^-'''uiij Hay Vote Will fro,npte •I " I '«P <° m ' ° j^^ T-O b«ftt«° tee *** I !v BTvTT 1 ! 'S'K-"-^^" UIM N m.i ,. /flVfll S -A-S. Phosphate A IUIHL Baking Powder Costs only 1/ 3 as, muf h 95 old Royal , CONTA 'NS NO CHEJilM CAN* '•'-'^ i j A i yjloU* f 3' ; "i rf -JJit'J ft W*. Has It! C11' FRUIT CAKE -Fresfi llways! Here's the same delicious fruit take• vfe found so popular last year... And AT THE SAME PRICE! We're mighty proud of the«e cakes, and we haven't stinted on any of the ingredients. You'll find them just os good as those Mother used to bake Your grocer will have those cakes for the next few weeks—try onef REMEMBER Don't Say Bread Say "HART'S!" MAIL MRLY Packages For Service Men and Women Shpuld Be Mailed Between Sept. 15th and Oct. 15th Fruit cakes are tops on the list of things the ser- viceman or woman likes best for Christmas. . . . To facilitate mailing, we're baking a number in oblong shape, just the size fo fit into an overseas package. Hart's Bak BlythevilleOy/ned-EmpJoyingBlytheVillepeople '-• : •/. . ; '•• ,' '••.•.i.A.b'.-.--:>:• J^f.i,\*. '•'' <

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