The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 3, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1947
Page 13
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• THURSDAY, JULY 3, 1947 BLYTHEV1LLE (ARKT COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN 'Interest of Farm Families of This if Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday In the FARM NEWS-FEAIUPES Suggeatons For Better Firming Featured For This Section's Progressive Fanners. larvest-FollowersWarne'd That \dequate Supply of Local Farm labor Exists Throughout Nation farm labor situation over the ' I ,Rtlon as H whole has improved l.piisidciably during Ihe past two 'jars, according to Walter Cooper, .™e farm labor supervisor for the iivcrslty of Arkansas College of jriciiltiire. Except in a few sections during Ionic, of the peak seasons there ap- lienrs to be adequate local labor, Cooper said. The wheat and lahoma and Texas evidently have Imall grains region of Kansas, Ok- IjioiiRh local labor to handle the |larvest there, he said, ns no appeal ">r he!]) has been received from lOee areas. He stated that county agents ivpugliout the state are receiving I ( <j[tiirics every day regarding the .l^fat and small grains harvest. >Iiie hands want to work^ror wages, I fteis with trucks want lo haul l*heat and a limited number have 4-H Girls May Win Awards for Dairy Food Exhibitions Brown 4-H Club Has Young Members ; Three 4-H Club girls In each qualifying county in Arkansas will receive honor medals this year lor showing cotnmunity groups how to use dairy products to make appetizing, healthful dishes. One of thi girls will be chosen as the best in, dividual demonstrator and the ether 'two as the top ranking team ill ;iic county. From among tha various comity winners, the state extension office i will select an .individual and a team as state champions. Each of ;hc three state winners will get a $50.- mbines ami would like to follow , ° 0 "' s v savings Bo , m ' llw ' imL ' Tile above rewards for .superior ,e harvest for some lime. He stated that the information gat he has received Irom the fan:i i^bor supervisor's in Texas, Okia- *oma and Kansas indicate that here is plenty of labor and that nck.s and combines are available lly. So Arkansas workers arc rged not to go to the harvests un- i ss they know of a place whore hey will be needed, he said. There is no exception, he pointed it. The Southern panhandle area V- Texas has about five millio'i •cs of wheat and a short time needed considerable worker, e conditions are continually 'A fire policy that 'suits your neighbor may not fi> your requirements. V/e handle each client's problems individually both before or after a fire. >NOBLE GILL | AC E N C V records are provided in tlie 1347 4-H Dairy 1'ocds Deiiionslrali.-ins by Kraft Foods company. For tM?iv ilemonstrations, the Rirls may scl.'ct- iny dish or combination of dishes using milk, cream, cheese or butter. It is pointed out that by giving demonstrations, 4-H gills not only strengthen their club records, but ain self-confidence and poir.e through speaking before public v-i- diences. This is the eighth consecutive yenr of the activity. Last year's state champion Individual demonstrator in Arkansas ' Barbara LaRue McCord of Hardy. The state's highest rating demonstration team members were EvLcun Bullard and Billie Marie Hulchin- scn, both of Newport. Comity winners were mmc-i In North Arkansas, Carroll, Clay, Cross. Izard, Jackson. Logni). Phillips, Polk, Pulnski, Benton, Dallas, Lawrence, Lonoke, Nevada, Poin- setl, Pariric, Saline, Scott, St. Fi-an- cis. Washington and While counties. Courier News I'roto Shown above arc the officers of the Brown -1-1 f Club. Left to right: front row—Clarence Dawson Jr., president; and Allic 1-ce Wallace, club reporter. Hack row—Donnlil Matthews,''SOUK captain; Irene Cornish, secretary; and Virginia Threlkeld, vice-president. The lirowi club is one of Ihe smaller "training clubs" of North Mississippi Comity Its 23 members represent almost every eligible member m the Ilrowi Square community. Because tlie ages of ils members do not pcnnl their participation in county and state contests, the Drown club not as aclive as Ihe larger clubs of the cour'.y. - ' STINGLESS South American honey bees cannot sling. They drive off an intruder by swarming into his eyes, nose, ears, and hair, and crawling under his clothing. Read Courier News Want Ads. changing, he said, and anyone pre> paring to leave should contact hi! county agent first. Illinois FarmManagcment Professor Will Conduct Summer Course at U of A FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., July 3. — Dr. Robert c Ross, professor of farm management at tlie University of Illinois for more than 20 years, will be a visiting professor with the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture during the summer ses- ;ion. With the cooperation of members of the Rural Economics and Sociology Department, Professor Ross will conduct a special course on the elements of farm plannln;; which the College is offering during the second semester of the summer session. The course has been arranged for agricultural instructors in the on-the-job far.".i training program of the Veterans Administration. More than 150 instructors have already indicated that they will enroll. "Professor Ross is well qualified to conduct this course." Dean Lippert s. Ellis pointed out in announcing the appointment, "In addition to teaching several hundred veterans in his regular farm man- coordinator in the preparation of agement courses, he has acted as text material on economics for the Illinois a. I. in-service training program. The farm planning course will be conducted on a workshop basis. Assisting Professor Ross will be Pro- End of Fiscal Year Finds U.S. With Surplus WASHINGTON. July 3. (Up) _ The government closed its books ^f- ficlally yesterday on fiscal 1041 with a surplus In the treasury of $7. r )4 000,000. the first since i!BO and the second highest in history. Secretary or Treasury John W. Snyder told a news conference the surplus has been used ns a payment on the national debt. Tlie 1347 surplus compared wlt'i the all-time record surplus in 1927 or $1,155,000,000 and that of $13$000,000, 1030. Snyder sii.'i he was dellgh'cd vitli the surplus. A year ago, lie said it appeared there would bo a deficit of a'j:)ir $2,000,000,0011. However, Uiidgcl Bureau e(v:ii- mists misjudged ll:<: high level af business and earnings, record-low unemployment, aiui continued high demand for manufactured and limn goods which sent taxes flowing into the treasury a t record peacetime levels. )emonstrcrtion Agent Offers -anningAdvice Miss Cora Lee Coloiunn, coiuHy tome demonstration agent for •to'th Mississippi County today warned housewives or the canny liat the wny to have n belter can- pioduct Is to know liie prob- cins of canning and their answers Inflationary prices of foods <xlay make omnilni; nil tlic inoix mportant lo tlic housewife, slu. snid. .The answers to sonic of th" voblems of canning Iliat con rout Mississippi County housewives arc listed below. Loss or liquid In Jars niny be caused by: (1) not pre-cooklnu l!v product IOIIR enough; (2) using ai old product; <u> packing In Ihe J.i too tightly; U) not. leaving 01 headspacc; (5) not removing LI I bubbles; (0) not keeping Ihe pies sure even during processing; opening the pel cock t>cforc th pressure Inlls to zero; nnc! (8) cooi Ing the pressure too fnsl. •Loss of color may result from: (1) using the wrong variety for canning; (2) trimming the product so that a loses color during washlns> or cooking; (31 using old products; (4) exposing cnmuid products U> light sml (5) keeping canned products too loitK. Flouting of fruit often rcsulls Irom: (1) packing the fruit cold; (2) packing loo closely; «) not pre-cooking enough before piicklm;; (4) using over-ripe fruit: (5) not using a rack In the bottom of Ilia processing vessel; 10) over processing; and 11) using a sirup thikt Is too heavy. Darkening In canned products lay be the result of: (1) using ido- salt; (2) u.slni: Iron vessels or U'nsHs In 1 preparing the product; 1) nsltii; \\nlt'r whli'h cnntnlns iron; •t) exposing pruiluets to nlr before mining; <r>> nut coverinu product.') vilh liquid; (iji over proees.stnt;; 71 using linmalnrii prodiiels, ,-s- leeinlly corn; and (HI .spoilage. .and Office Business Slumps in Arkansas UTTLE HOCK. Ark., July 3. (U — Kei'clpl.s in ilu> .siale laud off 1'or tin- first t:l\ months "1 1(117 were STO.dlW less than Hie same period last yenr, clutide A. Itiinkln, shxtc land commissioner, said today. Total income from tax r.alcs ami redemptions was $C!O.Ufi<l. The llrsl six months or last year, Ihe receipts totaled $l!12,;t2(i. Jiankln said tlml the drop \viis i NOTICK OF CHANTING LIGlJptl I'KHMIT OF Nolicc Is hereby given that Ihe Commissioner of Revenues of the _— Stale or Arkansas has issued a p".r- nit No. 198 to East End Wl'.'-skcy o sell and dispense vinous or ipirituons liquors for beverage at rctnil on the premises described as 109-1M S. Second, Blythcvillc, Ark. This permit issued on the I day of July. 1Q47 and expires on the 30 day of June, 1048. Hiisscll K. Man- Permittee '. 1J3-10 Pigs are money-every one you wean means extia money ior you, YOUR GRAIN WITH A REAL PIG BUILDER ...especially made ior sows and little pigs. A little goes a long way in helping to build big, thrifty litters. Pvti** SOW & PIG CHOW PRESSURE SPRAYERS 3Vi Gallon Capacity. Hybrid Seed Com GROWN FOR ARKANSAS See Your Dculun OU'KNS TltAOTOU CO. Illytlicvlllc it. A. cim,mu:ss l.fachvlllo IIAHVIIY SISTKUS It.l'.l).. l.lMIOllVllll- , MISSCO IMI'I.KMKNT CO. Osccnt.i Mil: W1I.KON CO. Wilson ood Indication of the ueneral pro- pprlly In Arkansas. More Irmd- wners have been able; to pay their lleiul Courier News ,nl Ads. ITS ORIGIN Our word "map" comes from a word the n/nnans lutd lor "napkin," and today we're still draw-, Ing maps on restaurant napklna and tablecloths. • CASH YeuGil $100 $150 $200 $300 <$500 $750 $1000 Monthly Paymtnlt For !2Month>! $9.25 13.88 18.50 27.75 46.25 69.38 92.5O tlnEfwd*! C/*dllL!f»lniiMont* MONEY 1 AT ROCK BOTTOM RATES 1 O/cJ Dehls Home Repairs Doctor's Bills Taxes You Name It 122 W. ASH ST. BLYTHEVILIE GENERAL II CONTRACT il PURCHASE H CORPORATION il It's a Big Temptation BUT... COMiiiiMps, when a farmer comes in waving Jiis check book and pleads, almost with tears in his eyes, for a Masscy- Hams Tractor, Combine, or other machine —it's an awfu! tcni[>(,ilion not [o take al! Iliat the law allows. But our policy hot been ... Is ... and will be to sell only at Ihe established price, plus, of course, reasonable •ervlce and handling charges. Nor will we ask or have we askcx! any prospect to mike a deposit on a machine unless there is a fair chance of making delivery within a reasonable time. And remember, for your • protection, new Masscy-llarris products arc sold only through authorized Masscy-Ilarris service dc.dcrs. We believe Unit these politics arc sound. Only by being fair with our customers can we hope lo establish, build, and maintain a permanent business and merit the confidence and respect of the farmers of tins community whom we want a] friends as well as customers. Yours for mote of those good Masscy-Hurris- products at -* fair price. Sec us for repair work, steam cleaning, and all adjustments to your farm machinery. '6T Implement Co. No. Highway (il Carl Wallace Phone 2M2 Bob Smith its here -the HEW INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER lessor Virgil Ii. Fielder and Mr. C. A. Moore of tlic College of Agriculture staff. ATTIC FANS and HOME APPLIANCES FURNACES Gravity and Forced Air Furnace Pipe and Fittings Rock Wool Loose & Batts PURINA CALF STARTENA SAVES ABOUT'25 WORTH OF MILK (AT U.S. AVIKAM MI1K MiCIS) Just put it in a trough, and let calves help themselves, RAISES BIG CALVES LET PICS WORM THEMSELVES Just put Purina Piglab Granules in the feed. KEEP DOWN UDDER TROUBLE Wash udders and teat cups with Purina Chlortrxa solution. Checks spread of germs causing mastitis. PURINA CHLORENA Plumbing FIXTURES Everything for the Job LINOLEUM Yard Goods & Rugs Wall Paper PAINT—All Kinds (Wall Paper Canvas) Lumber, Sash & Doors Frames & Trim L. K. ASHCRAFT COMPANY HEADQUARTERS PURI»A*CHOYYS " " Block S. of Frisco Depot ROOFING Shingles, roll & Coating Use Our Easy Payment Plan. As Long As 36! Months to Pay. E. C. Robinson LUMBER COMPANY 319 West Ash St. Phone 557 with *FROST-LOK *FREEZ-AREA *VAC-U-SEAL ^TIGHT-WAD and 12 other big features! SEE IT NOW! Vcs ','.', here and ready for your , inspection... a big, roomy, 11- j cubic-foot beauty (hat freezes and stores up to 385 pounds of delicious food. Docs it convent icntly, economically ... right ifl your own home. "The Intcrna* lional Harvester System of Food Preservation" assures you a constant reserve of fresh, vitamin- rich vegetables, fruit and meat, in season and out. DON'T WAIT j '... the supply is not unlimited '.'..sec this great, new freezer j TODAY I DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. 312 South Second St. £j|«L. ! I , Phone 865

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