The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1933
Page 4
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Ramrod at Notre Dame BLYTHEVHLjE,_(ABKO COURIER .Salty Tears May Drop ^Elsewhere But Not At ;. Notre Dame. 'iff- NEA Service ^SOIJTH BEND, Ind.—Salty tears J(J!?. being dropped into Hie brew of. football coaches throughout the Sfind. Laundry concerns are put jUjig oh night crews to supply cry lag towels to mentors bemoaning the lass of last year's material and the inferiority of Ilite year's stock. "«" The country's coaches have all gene Doblesque—all except. Hunk Anderson of : No'.re Dame. •V'Fo'r' the 'firslUlme since Hunk 'took over the reins 'of the Rockne "orsanltatlon, a smile has spill hts •olherwlse stoical pan. And the ••itason is that he has one of the "ttet aggregation of sophomore ihock troops that has eve< been •wider his wing. 1 *'i, » • « viHunk has plenty he could cry Mjput. Old Man Graduation has ttMn Joe Kuril),- Hunk's All-America tackle; Jlni Harris, star fexjird: Paul Hast. Mike Koken, A*. She'eketski. Norm Oreeney, .•rid Ed Kosky. The loss of that material Is enough to make any cfcich sigh and sob. . •"•Tliiere are a. lot of seasoned ready to step Into the of those graduated pluyers '.— juniors and seniors who have hiM'from'one to two years of ploy jintier fire, and who have absorbed Ihe Notre Dame system thor- eiishly. But Hunk Is rosy about Ms^-soph material. ' : AiKlerfbn Invited 68 plavers to rifnort' to him for the vnrslty this T»ir. Amone those pridciers were 11 sophomores who learned up last taring to shatter Notre Dame trn- tiltlpn by defeating the vnrslty in fne-wiridup game of the spring practice season. C"Wie .sophs are Wayne Millner. J«l end; Ken Stilley, left tackle: j)m -Martin, left guard: Tommy -tjunn. center; Bill Smith, right roard; Joe Sullivan, right tackle; . Witfty Peters, right end; Tony 'Moilottl. .quarterback; Andy 'Pll- Kev. left half: Mike Layden, right half, »nd Don EUer. full. . MUlner is R voungster from Eslem, Mass.. heralded »s the boy who will make Notre Dame Its • first All-America .end. He is fast. in Kcentlonal pass receiver and a ; hard .tackier. ' ••-.Sullivan, who Brooklyn, Is a son rf :th irtehi. prepped In of Tim Sullivan, who was wrestling champion "' ;the. New York police depart•hi.' Youhjr Joe U out to frlve Tjan' Roach, the .veteran, a battle Top".'the-honor of filling the rather Ijtigej^rbfMBS. of 'Joe Kurth. In tfie''..iprin«: session" when Sully bfotlfbt '• down' Nick Lukits In a taekie,-.'.'.Nick •'• said that he nevel- IWl'-Ufii'tackled,^. harder. And Nick li«.tnei:'.ur>'..wlth .such as Tay BfDwn- and Kmie Smith of Southern Caiifomlal • - '• £": .-* v - ' •' •' • • - • lift; PlltS BEftT " '• Brave Barney Saves Title in Savage Scrap ^ O J ^^^^^^^^^^^^••^•••^^••••••••iRBKzam^BiHmH^M __S4TURt)AY : SEPTEMBER ]Q, 1033 Don Klsrr . . . .vouns IturTalo 21» pounds that moves arross 100 fulllliii'k ul X:ilri- n.lmr . . yards of furf In 10 seconds. Elephants of Wrestling to * o If Perform Here Monday Night New'Yoi'kcvs Make National Pennant Almost Rc- alily by Victories. Afiei 1 losing iv:o Mralght to Hie second place Chicago Cubs, the H'crr .setting Giants of the Na.!I:IKI| le-uinii' suddenly fought back n'd levelled the tables yeslcr- ciuy. t.iWna u donbiehcader and •lu.ntltn; [lie Hrulns buck inlu tliinl place, a puini behind ihrj I'jll.sljiiit;!] Pirates. i The double victory Increased llie| lend uf tin' Giants over the lines. •.ilio ono gnmc yesterday, i<i •*vi.ji and a half games again. Tin 1 Ohint-s triumphed 5 to 1 :-IH| -I lo 0. Schumacher was ths •Uniting pilcher rjf the llrst game Lii.d Hell "the second. Schumacher win the route holding the Cubs hi .six hlls in tile <.\cner while :fie Olfints scored [lint! of their tuns in the ninili Inning, in the iiT'jml Kami' I'armalce hurled until he was motioned oil Ihe motintl uuh ilir bases loudi-d in the ililni ulien liiill relieved him, retired Hit- Cubs and held thtm score]'. ss the rest of the way. He did ii.-t allow a lilt until the nln'ii li.nliiB. Tinning and Warneke j-erir the losing pitchers. The Boston Uraves defeated the )'itl<bnrg]i 1'iiiite.s 10 to 1 at '.'iltslnirgh. The Braves scrambled out ol thtlr tatting slump to uc,i-e five runs In 'tlie third In- iiing nnd add nve more In the inurtli Inning. The Urooklvii Dodgers defeated Hi'-' St. Louis Cardinals 9 to 2 jl !*l. Louis. The Dodgers had big fourth inning scoring six runs iixains'. Ilallahan and Walker, .'-.lungo was Ihc winning pltchei The Piilllk-s nnd Cincinnati Kids divided two games at Cin- I'lnnml. The Reds won the sec- ciid. 2 lo 1 alter the Phils took the first, 4 to 0. Grabowski limit- cil the Keds to two hlls In the wiener. Stout, held the Phils to I've hlls in ihe second. The elephants are eomlniii Heavyweights, the elephants ot Ihe mat game, the boys that make the boards quiver, shake and some- t'mes shatter, will parade In the p.rmory arena Monday night. Promoters generally do not like -o show heavyweights and Ihe smaller boys on the same card whether It be wrestling or box*.'.:•£ and following this rule of the snort racket heavies be fea- f.' of . Four :Horseinen days, fly. since Mike lavden. bro- .ffiflS':of- Elmer, one ot.the Riders, .ls ;; pp<'.;r>T th'em. Mike Is said to be belter tiian his brother even now. •rtje^otlier half. ;PUney. Is a Chi ' caeo .boy" who gives promise of sup- pMnj; Hunk with something he's sorely needed for two years—a good kjcker. .Don Elser, the fullback candl- itaUi. Is ".the answer to one ol Hunk's travels—someone to fill Oebrge Melinkovlch's shoes if the Utah lad is unable to play this year, due to Illness suffered dur- in» the summer. ..Bullt like a buffalo, with bulg- ine shoulders nnd plle-drtvlne ICKS. this 210. pounder can step the 100 yards In 10 seconds, and can kick and'pajs. "The answer to Hunk's other prayer Is Tony Maziottl. Wilh Jaskwich, Velar and Murphy all gone, the Notre Dame leader had a real problem finding a smart field leader. . Tony, with his 200 pounds, heaved himself out on the field one day and told Hunk he was from the neighborhood of frank Cartdeo. and that he'd like to do a little Quarterback)ng. That was enough for .Hunk. He took the kid In tow. and It looks as If Tony will -replace Al'McOuff at the pivot post when the Irish line up against Kansas. Oct. 1. - lured. In both matches here Monday night. It will be Ihe flrsl performance jf the pachyderms here in some time" most 'of the presentations of :Mike. Meroney and Charles Sinkey,. co-prumulers. so far featuring light: -heavies and middleweights- . ' Mr, Sinkey will toss aside the role the- Dinkey, the 220-pound Hipley, Tenn., - grapplcr, will take on Hough House Sullivan of Union City, Tenn., in Ihe' two out ul 'hree fall, two hour time lim.t ir.aln event.' Mr. Sullivan Li snis lo have appeared In the Tennessee (owns of the show circuit which Includes Blythevlllc and has given a good'account of himself as ar aggressive and forceful performer of gate . keeper. and enter arena In the main bout. hikcy in his only appearance :.crc defeated Jlinmlc Morris ol Memphis a number of weeks ago. At the time h? claimed lo Imvr '.iiii 22 straight matches and it :i has lost onu since it is not hiown. In the om: hour limit, two .out ot three fall preliminary Hobimy Iliirlen of Fort Wayne. Ind.. and I tie Dcmctnifl of For! Worth, Texas ure slated to clash. 1'cte • Ls y\t<l to be no relation la the ilorls Dcmllioll who at one lime I wre.stled anil malclrjd holds will!' Jimmy Londos here a number ul ymrs ago. Bolli Hnilen and Ueinetrolf represent unknown amounts as far as local mat fans 1 concerned bill- (lie pronicjters uiilsc plenty of action In their milling. Comintssloiicr Jeff Roland says he has laid ihe law down to tlie promoters since the Knichol. All Ink 1 yesterday, vain srhcdiilcd contests. American league teams were preventing Coming from behind alter the seventh round. Barney Ross, young Chicago Jewish scrapper, ar.d lijlitwdght chammon siicc^nmv defended l.b crown In a return engagement with Tony Caittoncrt In one of ,he wildest lilts «akl Uotlm.n light b,,,s -v", ' n,™ n »»j his first 15-round bout, the title holder's youth and .smmina en abled him lo Anish mure suonglv tl,,n Totiv'aini win ,h - bt'w L a c are three shots ol the fight-Tony whipping a left to B nniey's cltin in the li.ird round: tell; l!o« missl,i E a Ic-n ^Tow's jaw, twelfth round, center; and the two fijjn ters locked in each other's arms afte • - • hiitr. "ter the tight. SLIDES V BILL nijnrding subslltnlC'S iion-iippcnrance of Frctl fcpiueri middle weight John Calvin's Home Completely Restored NOYON. France. (UP)—If John Calvin were to return to his home here, he would find it exactly as It was when he wns born in 1509. The house wns destroyed during the World Wnr, but has been reconstructed and transformed into Ihc "Calvin Museum." A finnll chapel htis been created Inside of the Calvin home; a llbrury of Protestant history has 'ii Installed; mid every room is filled with relics of the great reformer. Although (he Cnlvln house was destroyed by the war, exact drawings, speoinciitlous, sketches, etc., cxisled here unit from them it lias boon uosslble to make an accurate reconstruction. i-lMituplcw, here MotHluy of wee);. Holnnd has notified the |:rnmolers tluil In ni> event will sMi-slituti'.-; iiynln be lU'eopted null in tin- future no tickets will be Juki al- the armory until' the wrestlers arc rn hand mid ready lo perform. This ruling is said to liavn followed acknowledgement o! the promoters that, they had Urn informed Monday morning tint Knichol would not appear but InSk-d lo moke any ellort to notify the fans until after they had Hmght tickets ami Ihc show BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lanfer GalHbl* "'Brito Find : "L«" Their Hard Luck -BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP)—If pros- peiilve brides are (fallible enough to. listen to'the mutterings of love- Hrn men, and then alter wards discover that U was Just a smooth line, why, ..that's', their hard luck. Nothing done about it. ' That wts the effect of a decision by-_Supreme <}nu»t Justice Moc- OrefDr In denying application o! Mfi Chrlctobel F. Fleming for an aohulment- ••«* s»id she had married Jo- Kph Fleming in 1929 after her greed-to-be had told her he owned a lot of property, part Interest In » yvJit and a bond valued at $15.- BW. She said that after marrying him the diworered that It was all part of » smooth line. Juittoe llacGretor. stated that (h> |^rl and her parents "failed to Ufcrcte rewonabte care and pru- MMe in relylnt op the truth of the 1 " Uttau" and thtt plaintiff -'—-inot entitled to the ALEX MCCOLL BROUGHT xtdlng It Up A glance al ihe new football lidc reveals only one radical change in the rules — and lhal to be good news for the fol- of the game who from year to yetif recently found themselves asking what Ihis or that play was I about. Tile change is that relating to a I 1 !:!! which becomes dead within 10 ji.ids of a sideline. When this ctcnrs. or when the ball goes out rf bounds over a sideline, "It shall be put In play at u spot 10 yards fiom lhat sideline and on a line drawn at right angles lo Ihe sideline through the point where the Loll became dead." nsters Offense The new regulation should open p ploy along Ihe sideline and liinliiale the pulling and tugging .imerly in wide use as an effort push the ball carrier outside Besides It, should make sideline luy safer ant 1 give the quarter- nek a better chance to display i'. 1 " field generalship. The old custom of automatically ixsting a first down, deliberalely urrying the ball oulslde so lhat '. could be broughl in from the tdcline, Is llvus ended. This prac- ice slowed up the game cousider- bly. and was i foolish and useless esture. The new rule should speed tp the game and contribute lo ilfonsive power. . The old rule against clipping i-ns amplified, to make It illegal 'or a player to run Into the back )f an opponent not carrying the •all. Many injuries resulted from lie.old practice of players throw- ng their bodies across ihe back ci tlie legs of opponents who ere not even in the play. I'rnalty Cut Down The penalty against clipping has .ten reduced from 25 yards to yards, the idea being to bring itout stricter enforcement. Officials hesitated to Invoke the 25- ard penalty as being too strict. The drastic rules changes put nto force last year after more nan 50 fatal accidents had occurred In 1931 seem (o have .•rcught about greater safely to he player. There was a tremend- rxis reduction last year In Injures attributable to flying blocking nd tackling as well as on kickoffs, the latter being governed by the regulation against the fly- ng wedge. A report showed a 97 •er cent decrease in injuries from [lying tackles. How They Stand DID YOU KNOW THAT— They ought to g've Wesley Hamey, Grand Kapids. Mich., battler, a crack at Ross' lightweight crown now that he lias clinched U beyond dispute with a victory over Canzoner! in Tony's backyard for Wesley holds n decision over [he former crown wearer — gained a few months before Ross lifted Tony's title In Chicago....Baseball will get Its big test as a pull next season....with Babe Ruth retiring from [he picture least from everyday competition... .Hight now" the three big teams of the cast look like Fordham, Pitt imd--Navy!.... and don't be surprised i! Rip Miller springs a tot of fast ones on the Army this year nnd that fellow ChunV-Hoon, Che Hawaiian, will puil some Oriental mysticisms with the ball before he finishes his last year in the Navy backficld. Chirks To Have Few Stars: Hope For Team Work I lr:is been 110 promise uf stand-out. ' ic-jioimer:; hui Uonriius Kramer :ii:u I'uckei art waking to develop I'll aggri'.ssiVL-, co-unliiKiietl sjuau. The Chicks meet tiic OEceola ;;emiuole.s in the grunn ol lh( .<i?a>.on here Sept. 20. Today's Garnet . American l.raguc Cleveland at New York g:,mes). Chicago at Boston. St. Louis at Philadelphia. Detroit at Washington games). <t\vo The niytlieville Chicks began to take on the apj>earance -t\ a 'ootball machine ab they rounder! (Kit Iheir second ueek of prm-lice yrsterday. Two scrimmage sessions vers hold during the week the train- ir.c period passiii" tlie Magi! ol the first week limbering up v::ir;;- C'_-l5. | Among thi! non-letter cancii- Ontes showing promise are Lun:,lord and Alley, c.uards; Burns and Blackard. centers; Blaekweli i nd Tiplon, ends; Locke, Sali3r> a:id Brown, backs and Burns a'Ki Fendler tackles. j Harrifon a:Kl Webster have bC'L-n added lo the varsity scuiad -rcm the junior high aiund am; TWO nev; piospccts. Carl I.oy ann McCloitd have enrolfed. Wherever the Chicks go this year and however they get there It appears tha' the team will have few individual stars. So far there (Read Courier Nosvs Want Ails) Hniiffh House Sullivan xs. Titanic Sinkey and Kohnn.v Hurlen vs. 1'elf DomotrofT Armory, Alunday N'ito National League Boston al Pittsburgh. Philadelphia nt Cincinnati. New York <a Cliicago. Brooklyn at St. Louis. Coolest Spot In Town! To Insure Your Cotton Call 197 Caudill's Agency GENERAL INSURANCE IOC N'urth Rrcadwuy SUNDAY ONLY Adm.—Matinee and Nigli! — 15r - -lllc Roxy Theatre Conling System Now Instiillcd Adm. Everv Day in Week— lOt - 25c LAST TIME TODAY Chiliheu - M Ailulls - 2ac On the Stage In Person WORLD'S FAIR BLACK FACE MINSTREL —PRESENTING— OSWALD CARTOON SERIAT, "THE LAST FRONTIER" With Creijrhtnn Cheney Sunday - Monday Youth's Dranintic Ciamhle with Happiness! Amertrao Washington New York .. Philadelphia !?eveland Detroit .... Chicago ... Enston St. Louis .. ..N.... w. 92 81 11 13 69 02 58 53 Pet. I 'm\ .51 Sj .514 .486 .443 National W. new York 85 Pittsburgh 79 Chicago 80 St. Louis 77 Boston 73 iirooklyn 57 Hiiladelphla 54 Clnclnnall 53 DAN HOLT "The Gcort;i;t Cotton lilnnm" FRED HUGHES "The Golden Voiced Tenor" JIM BOWMAN Formerly with "The Hluc Crass Boys" JACK HOUSCH - - JACK DAVIS TUNY SCOTT - - JACK KENNEDY WM. HOUGH and MARIE PATRI ^'J40 Minutes of Wonderful Sinking, Clever Dancing and Riotous Jokes You've Heard Them From Chicago Stations lirondcasting in the Interest of— "THE CENTURY OF PROGRESS" —PICTURE PROGRAM— HER BODYGUARD' With EDMOND LOWE and WYNIS'E GIBSON COMEDY - - "SPEAK EASILY" with Tlielina Tocld and 7a/« Pitts Latest Paramount News COMING—Sunday and Monday, Sept. 21 & 25— Jean Harlow in "HOLD YOUR MAN". AYRES rx >'..' - w.»- DONT BET ON LOVE with GINGER , - . ROGERS NOVELTY REEL COMEDY "Shakcspcar with Tin Ears" With Harry Sweet

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