The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 21, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 21, 1944
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Wart, w-|efc jta VOL. XLI—NO. 158 Ki ly M leV m e Blythcvllle THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER' Of NORTHEAST ARKANSAS News BlyliiGvllle Herald ter • Mississippi Valley Leader IJE COURIER NEWS W6PAPER OF MOHTOEA8T AUKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI '^"^ ^ ' £ ^.> "*' I?LYTHEVILLEM«KANSAVniUUSDAY. SKI'TOMliUR 21 - I 9 ,l< SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS - Fair Officials Decide To Hold Five-Day Event Livestock Exhibits Will Be Featured; Racing On Program Final plans have been made for the 1,1914 Mississippi County Fair which will be held In Dlytheville beginning Tuesday and continuing through Sunday. Due to transportation difficulties and labor conditions, the fair association has 1 decided to operate for five days rather than the traditional six days which has teen the custom since the fair was started back In 1926. This year's fair will' have as its outstanding feature the Arkansas State Duroc Show, sponsored by the Mississippi County piiroc Association. This show is expected to draw r ., some of the-IYnest-hogs in America and entries from nit parts: of the nation, with L. II. Autry, 'superintendent of the Swine Department, already receiving! requests for entry blanks and predicting the most outstanding hog show ever staged in Arkansas. Along with the fair features will be National Cotton Picking Contest Wednesday, which is free , to every one; horse racing four Afternoons beginning Thursday; ntghlly entertainment in front of the grandstand beginning Wednesday and a carnival operating day and night. r - t No Grandstand Charge There will'be but one admission Iee f this year with 'grandstand at-. tractions free for the first time. Admission fee will not be charged Wed T ne5day : .mornlhg .because of'the 'cot^ toft 'picking .contest, children- under 10'will be admitted free all the time ,- Biid 1 Friday, will be Kid's-Day with' a|V : school students of. this "section to; be'tlie fair association. . This.year'j thje • fair'.will ".not have trie white community exhlbit'and In-' •--• • --\fyjjrlcjjihirBl exhibits'It has ,., . ,. .the^will'stress-live-' , stock,'hogs,.cattle,'and poultry; War ,.cond!li6iw.|,,hayB. ; :sp,, .afTected .the comrnunity...,pxlifb(t'. and mdivicjuai exhibit d'en'arlmerits'.that it was.dD- k cided to leave,these, departmefits out jjy-' of .the, fair, until ...conditions Improved . when they', would .again be made, a -part of' the annual^ event,' it.-hasrbeen/announced. • ..:--. -. . -,To lls^Haraway Building •,The, Negro.exhibits again ; wlll be. housed in the L. W. Haraway Memorial Building which has been used to house a war Industry during the past two years when the Negroes were given a section of the main exhibit building. Twenty-two community exhibit spaces have already been reserved for this department to operate as In former years. I .Tlie livestock exhibit,, under ,the! supervision of Keith Bllbrey, will 1 more than fill the large .building devoted to livestock, with Mr. Bilbrey and his assistants expecting the'greatest showing of fine cattle .' that this section has yet enjoyed. ' Charlie Lutes again , will be In ' charge of the workstock'division and expects to"have'an even bigger entry list than- the 1943 show'which was one of the most outstanding work slock exhibitions yet held. •: Entry blanks for the hog and Heads Legion < Edward N Schciberling of Albany N; Y., was elected national com limnder of the American Legion nt the: concluding -session of Its an nual convention yesterday In Chicago. aractiuf ists In War Prisoner Leaves Field, But Recapturecl His freedom short-lived, a German prlroncr .of war was found crawling through a .cotton field in an attempted escape less- than..two hours after he sneaked- away -from his. cotton picking job yesterday afternoon at-the Lee Glri Compans farm east of: .Blylheylll'e": ; -.'-,.' _Name ;of .the prisoner was karl Selferl; -20, It-twas 'announced :by Capt.- KennetrrCoffmah,' cbmmantt- irig. officer of i the Prison* of .War Branch rCamp/^here.''-- / ., ; : Sirice the •. camp 1receiv&dr jts vfirst prisoners- Julyjai; -oniy-'ane' other has rattemp'ted ,'an escape;^ He'.stoo : f»s ...captured.-. about! two'rhours later. ' . •. ' ~. ' ' •',--; Most'.of i.the..prisoners now ;are picking,, under ,le«se to farmers: of- this:.section who ' obtained them from 'the.; government.; ]Erpm Hie .149 .here when ithe-camp opened, there -now" arei'mori -than 300 prisoners, followingJjafflval of:' new .group-yesterday. V . -. :.; .' ,-' ; v; Farmers -who" advanced 'money for ;co'nstructlbiy, of'.life canip : hope to" obtain 600 '• pf Isohcrs'' for seasonal work ;with" facilities-available:-'for that number; at: the camr) - located a" short distance' north of 2000 O.hiclcasawba-_Ave: • ;. > • Paper Carrier Injured Benny ' Walden, -"Courier 1 News carrier, -.suffered minor . Injuries when-his bicycle anft a Lpy Eich service " truck "'collided "yesterday afternoon on Walnut Street in trorit of. the postofflce. 1 ' '•''.'" i ", Three.ribs were cracked; his fool and--leg. injured and hls-blcyclc severely damaged. . . • ;•• •..•••• • The accident occurred at 4 o'clock HS the' youth was starting on his paper route. "• ' Chinese Commander livestock show are available this .Executed For Fleeina .'/ week and can be obtained from' • 3 cither Mr. Autry or Mr. Bilbrey or at the office of the fair association. City Takes On Holiday Attire For Next Week Downtown streets of Blylhevillc again are bedecked with gay bunting to advertise coming of the National Cotton Picking Contest and Mississippi County Pair, to be staged here next week. Red, white and blue feature the tri-fold decorations which adorn a number of street light posts and building fronts. The fair opens' Tuesday and the cotton picking contest will be staged Wednesday, both of which n'ill be at Walker Park and adjacent fair grounds. 77 More Counties Under. . Little Rock ODT Oftice' . LITTLE llOCKl Sept. 21 (UP)— < / Eleven additional 'Arkansas eoun- V ties, Including northeastern AV"' kansas counties, have been 'put un-< ~ der the jurisdiction of- the Little Rock Office of Defense Transporta- ilon. Little Rock ODT Director Eujene Davis says Clay, Gecne, Cratghead, Mississippi, Potnsett, Cross and Crittcndcn counties have been put under Jurisdiction of the Little Hock office. They formerly were under control of the Memphis headquarters. Four soutltwestern Arkansas counties have been transferred from the Shreveport, La., district to control of the Little Rock office. Chicago Wheat open. high losv close Seot. , 159K 159% 150 150',£ 159% Dec. , 15454 155% 154% 165S IBB CHUNGKING, Sept. 2L (UP) — General Mu Nunjr, the commander of the Chinese 03rd Army, has been executed for falling to carry out instructions to defend .Ctnmnhslch against the Japanese offensive -In Kwangsi province. Tlie general was accused of fleeing at the approach of the Japa- anesc pushing down the Hunan- Kwangsi railroad from Hcngyang toward the American airbase at Kweilin. The airbase was destroyed and abandoned because of the threat of the successful Japanese offensive. . • . The action against the general was similar to that adopted by the high command In dealing wilh another general and a number of officers who were held responsible for the fall of "changsha,'on the Han- kow-Canton railway. " ' ' Chicago Rye , ,7' open high low close Sept. '. 95 9B-S 93 . , 96-- . 95',S Dec. , 96% 91% , ?8'S'.' 97 ' SBOi N.Y. Stocks •-„•, ,:: STOCKS— !'.. .. AT&T ..., s .,...;...,..•.;... 161 3-4 Amcr Tobacco . •.-...:..-.« 72 1-2 Anaconda Copper ,..-26 ^-8 Beth Steel ;..'., 61 1-4 Chrysler . -; ., 911-8 Coca Cola 136 Gen Electric . ;... 37 ' Gen Motors . 61 3-i . Montgomery Ward N Y Central 51 1-2 17 f-8 . Int Harvester . .' ..... . ... 79 1-2 ^forth Am Aviation , ...... 87-8 Republic Steei ..... . ____ 18 1-8 Radio . .....'.,.,,,,.,.... 103-4 Socbny Vacuum . .... ..... 123-8 Studebakcr . ............ 183-4 ' U .8 Steel S'5- s 6 7-8* Berlin Reports 'Demonstrative Raid' To Encourage Poles, According to Enemy LONDON, Sept. 21 (UP) — The German news ageiicy snys that Allied planes have dropped Pollsl city of Warsaw.- The Nazis claim this attack' was pmel> a "demonstrative raid' 1 aim e<l to encourage'remnants of the Polish underground .In lls desperate struggle." The German agpiicy says ,the raid .was; staged to mark tjie fifth anniversary of the unconditional surrender of Warsaw." TlKre Is 110 indication In the'en- emy report where the Allied planes came from, many, paracliut- sts reportedly took part hrthe at- lack However, the-agency says that a number of Polish; shock troops were dropped and all; of them were killed in the air. . .'•.•.: The Russlniis have nothing to saj about ihfe Nazi report. But ' the Soviet Government newspaper fz- vesjln has n lot to say about the battle in the Baltics. . With tongue in cheek the paper's, m lltaiy commentator says tlint the Germans soon will be comnel- ICH lo announce,Hie successful conclusion of the Baltic campaign." In other words, the Hed Army campaign ' to liberate the Baltic States Is almost .won. This announcement -comes as -four Russian armies. .wheel . through the Baltics on a 200 mile frpnt--snapphiB at the heels of ZOO'.OOO routed Germans . Meanwhile a shuffle Mm the. Finnish Government; has-been reported In Helsinki.; .All - official,report 1 says that Urhu Castren;- former president of. the Finnish Supreme Court has been'' appointed' premier lnt-.fl ' " ' . . ''.-'•- ."-, ' Roosevelt Writes Political Speech To Be Given Saturday • Asks Hew <"'"- ' .- .-.•.;•'' , • • • Wesfderit i;bu stav Von i Manlieri helm appointed- ;castren;to< succeed AtjtUti.HackaiU,;. who.v.headed" the Finnish ..peace; .delegalipii In [Moscow and is gravely ''111 . there, fe ports from Hilssla say Ha'ckzeii has Rassed thelast J4 hours'- satisfac- 'o'n-l' regain •'-- conscloiLsnesB.r ; '^ -•• • v :•';,..-,.-. .This shgf[je'';c<)ine.s"only ! twd days after, the .Finns signed' an'.'armls- tlcc with. Russia. "The Russian^ press Is, ;acciisjng- Hnland_'"of : Violating those arrnlstlce. terms' and of treacherously he.lping' Germans to 1 escape the. . country, ;Tjie; paper Izvestta charges the Finns have not handed over a sirigle-Oerinari; nor has any been. disarmed. In fact, Izvestla says Finnish . authorities actually' are helping the Nazis escape. Employment Semce Accused By Memphians ..MEMEHI8; Sept. 21. (UP)-A four-mail 'committee representing Memphis cotton arid cbttoh products industries has demanded an investigation, of .the labor ..situation In Memphis.- , .....'..,, The, has charged .that, the United States- Employment Service' is luring badly, heeded -unskilled Memphis, laborers- 16 • northern war jobs with offers-of higher wages. Members- of -.trio committee are Norman Dalrymptc, president pf the Memphis Cotton Exchange; Alonzo Bennett, vice president of the Federal Compress and Warehouse Company; E. E. Clark, manager of Southern Cotton Oil , Company; and Fred Lucas, cotton broker. U. S. Combat Casualties Now Stand At 400,760 WASHINGTON, Sept, 21. (UP>- Amerlcan combat casualties In this war, as officially announced, have reached a total of 400,760 as compared w|th 389,125 a week ago. Secretary of War Stimson an-' nounccd today that Army casualties through Sept. 6 totaled 331,7«, Including 64,468 killed, 177,255 wounded, 48,725 prisoners of war, and 47 315 missing. ' Navy, Coast Guard and Marine casualties as announced today contributed 63,017 to the overall total They Included 25,152 dead, 23867 wounded, 8,532 missing and 4,466 prisoners. . 1: 0f.the Army wounded, 72,583 have returned to duty. -ivestock ST. LOUIS, Sept. 21 (U.P.)-Hogs .800, salable '6,000; top 14.70; 15040 llfs. H_.70; 130-140 .)hs. 13254.25; sows 13.95. ........ Cattle 6,200, salable 4,000; calves ,500, all salable; mixed yearlings & heifers 10.50-13; cows 8-11; can- lers and cutters 5.50-7.75; slsugh- cr steers. 9-17.25; slaughter hflfcrs -IV; stockcr and feeder steers ,75-13.25, N. 0. Cotton open high low close Mar. . 2122 '2124 2113 2113 2130 May ..2105;'2106' 2093 2095 5112 July::| 2071 2<VJ6 2059 2062 2078' Oct.'-.'* 2152- 215J. 2146 2147 2156 { Dec, . 2137 3137 2128 21J8 2142 I»,/>L. n i~t\~"\iri~,"',?*''"" ~/ v " -1 •'—'""'siiiuiu Koosovell is PriL^ffl,L hl i?h,glu; t? i!:" ^K^r^nco w«ih liticiil speech of the presideii to members of the AF of L at j 9 , The President took (Imo'ojit'lo'uiy » to «sk CongrMK'to'cstnb'lkii R new' agency for (he Missouri Valley Blm- llar lo the Tennessee Valley'Author- ity. The new agency would- serve lo stimuIiUc Induslry.-buslness and agriculture In nine stfites; .Mrv'IlooEe- velt also suggested to Congress iliji It give , renewed coiislderallbh'jto studies-for similar developments in the Arkansas and Columbia • rlyi'r basins. , ' '. , Meanwhile,; the.' House. arid Senate have adopted n resolution to adjourn until November ]4< or ; uiitil thoy are called.back Into session.! Wallace.To '"'" his" 1 first campaign qdciressvlorSir noosevelt tonight at MadUjouiSmi'ire Garden In' New York : . .':.;: • : ' Mr. Roosevelt's rival, Governor Dcwcy, hns reached Oakland, Calif., for nn address In Snn Francisco tonight, his fifth major addit'ss of the campaign. • .. f Dcwcy's running mate,. Governor Bricker, til.™ Is speaking • tonight in Baltimore., . . -, , ;.;:..' • Brlckcr hns 'reiterated the Repfe- lican demand that It.p. admlnlstia- tion tellthe full story of < Pearl Hnrbor now. Bfickcr told correspondents today: '.'That there Is nothing 4hat happened In December, 1941; •, that coulrt possibly hurt-the .warieffort hav." ' ' f • . , • ,, At'.the; War. Denartment-.Seorc- tary, Stlmson has 'denied Kepubll can, statements'In Congress that tV. "War- Department- received a .warning :of an Imminent -• Peail 'Harboi' attack: train the Australian govcrn- meM;Th'e war secretaiytwiys he yjlji ansyfor: no .further 'questions ajxjut the) Pearl harbor, attpc* - until: the Army/rlnishes its current"' "" gat'loh: '•/'•!•'• - i' -: ••"i'i!- 1 .. , : ;Ih Congress;'tfic Scnatc'-h'sSipass^ ed and- sent-'to-'thc-'Hoiisc' 0 ;! reso* lutibh calling fo'r* a' worlrf-'wlae IR'C- .cess -to irews'-'Witliouti--'dl5yrImtnaV Hon. '-'O" •'.'. r'!' -;wr,].- ;.-.(• ,; ta-Giiardla' TeMMts ^ .Mea.nwhlle^^a'yo f r jjf r dfaj'&]& at aie> ; Wnf ;|: S^W-^ -,'•'' *"T.~-' n "?*.''. ^T ' Thb-'mayor^'ays the : stifpiusiwar property disposal bin 'Is not strong e.nough to prevent what he calls .the rise of junk dealing rack-' eteers: Jrving Wexler, 'better known as Waxey Gordon, already is involved In surplus war property. La Guardia claims' Gordon is dealing Illegally, In goods needed by cities and legitimate business firms. :': '. However, In Inter testimony, It developed, that'Gordon has lost his Job.'A New York dealer in surplus' tires, Albert Terry Fahye, told the f9mniitteD,.that hp hao- n r «i Gordon this -morning'bcfo'rHomlng'to Washington ..for ntoday'Sfihearing Fnhye snys Gordon- was only lari employe,, not la-,partner. _The acting : WP.B chairman, Ji A : . Krug,. has -his : own reasons why war plants turning out must munitions are/not getting enough man- »wcr to meet military demands. „ says It's, because the public is thinking in terms of "next year's jnstcad of this year's automobile War. 1 Insurance Firm Is Opened Here Sam H.Williams And Dick Sherrick Are Owners Of Business Formal announcement of Incrcas ng his business Interests has been made by Sam H. Williams, president of First National Bank, who >ow is co-owner with R. L. (Dick) Sherrick of the General'.Insurance Agency which hns established of- ices at 104 South Second. Mr. Sherrick is manager of the business which deals with all type of Insurance, Including fire c«s- tBlty nnd life service, It has bean announced. Associated with Mr. ihcrrfck In operation of tho'of- icc Is Mrs. Joe Ewlng. .Wrst coming to Blytheville in 918, Mr. Sherrick.was connected with a business here before going East where he lived lor a number of years prior to his returning lome two years ago. Mr.- Williams, who came here in 937 as cashier of First National Bank, became its active president everal years ago. Petition Brings Reply For Union Pro-Union Faction Says Organization Efforts To-Continuo -•The long ' among In Ilia Rlcc-Stlx .ere on the (jiiw.llon of —: wllli. the. 'Amalgamnlcd Clothing Workers of America (CIO)' ("gain broke. 'fnlo Die open lodny _ ...,u vjn; U|J",LL I<IIU13 ns members of tho pro-union Bioup I" an advertisement''In the Com-lir Jtcws. replied, U) cliiirgra ol the nntl-uiiloii faction contained In u petition lo the National Labor Hc- (Ulons L'.inrd (hut union OIRIIII- l/ers be force to cense nctlvltlw here. ; Tlir> ' ndvci'llsemenl today, acl- dr.ei's«(- to nice. Stlx employees oenlcd (hut n recent scliedulcci election on the nuestlon of union •nfflllntlon was; called -nil at the lust minute because • of failure of the union to mutter- cnoiigh voles for n majority, and repeated • the original 'contention that the elec- lloif was postponed,because of uti- labor jmictlces nt the local factory. It countered with a: claim •that' the union doer, have-"a substantial mtilorlty'1' based" 'biV the number ot slyiwd ciinls hi Ifji-'ros- Gesslon. • ' ; ' , .., , . "Contending .that all employees yOT 'flW.'jW.t'r-f 11 ^ j W"9H,,"group- was not allowed to ilo 'tlils-i "or" Bven ^tnlk [l unjon,.,d i UflngVwo:rking ' It furtlier charged that "a dozen or indie" tlgners 'of the niitl-iinlon petition were .not .eligible lo vote fn the election, and emphasized that the; union will TODAVS WAH AN,U!YSW Allied Planes No>y Will Fly Shorter Trips • «y .1AMCK IIAIU'KH IJnllrd 1'rcs.s Hlnfr Writer 'I'Ue Alllo.s Imve won n gmil nil' victory on the ground. !ly sn-eopliig Western Kmo\K free of Ihe NuvilH they \\n\o. shoved (helr\boml>er front lo Germany's vpr v doorstep. No longer Is Die . llclch protected by n comfortable buffci 1 of space. Soon, gr mny rise from I'rniicc. mid Holland for short Clonnany. fleets ,l)clt;Uiin ho|« to I'or c ycry Iwo tons ot explosives curried over the rielch, sninc Urll- Ish-buscd planes luiisl pack one ton of gnsolliic. Bill, striking from Campaign !n Europe Ahead 01 Schedule, Eisenhower Roveali By Dulled I'rcss The bailie 'of Western Km ope is a lull month iihencl of This is rovfenlctl by Genual Ki Mn h<n\ei thiough an American correspomlcnL, Mom!) Miielka, now coicung (lie In Lowlnnds close-by buses tlioy could ciij, their gas loud au'd boost I Ihclr -bomb tonnniio '" For Instance, Allied . iilniiiw (lying to ' n o i 1 1 n from' .•Mniuili'ltihl In llolltuid would only . bo fncwl with mi 800- mllo round Irlp. hut, Milking out from the l.oiulon urea. thoy would Imvc to cover 1160 miles. „ ___ __ Oy top of Hint, James !Inrpei'. they nn longer must run the Rnrtt- le.1 of 011011151 Interceptors bused tii the low countries. No Ioniser will they be dogged by fighters from Ihe time tliey hit Ihe French const until the time they rcnch the cluui- »el on Die wny home.. - , ' •Wnr'niiiK rnsUi -Lost ' thq past three years, dcr- mnny's chief system for detocilna Bproacliliig raiders has bee|i locjit- ed, -along . tile/ Pr'eiwh',- ''•Bplglnn nnd 1 !-..,,„,. ^....^.. .--.—... coiists.- AH-thls apjmralus, which blitzed,:, Nazi fnclorles wilt (iiul ''dKircult.; to replace.' ; ripw 'is Bone. A -,-HrltiBli cKpert csU'mhtc's Hint Gennnny's warning period 'has Stejnfew. .-Ypre...^^,!,^;,!!,! -M. ,>i:.c*,v'fK". r ,^iv^vi^i'i'Hi .mo Aegean islnntK at nnyiil.. b'ljsps'.'.ln.^butli- ern , Prn^icc, .at .'n,h'fi6Ids,, in: Hol- jan'tl,' .HcWliitn,,'ah(I "Northern'Frnncx i v'- n ." el )( ?»- (p. '' , j-..,!rn Prance .^, entire ,--^—1-. j—^«."..i boihberr coni- alone dropped,'73)000 tons-OH enemy targets, of which well under one-quarter fell on Germany proper. Most of the Allied air effort Inst month WHS clovoted to blasting out a palh for the armies crlss- that the union will not cense lls , n " 1 " for the .armies crlss- organlzallon efforts liore because'S^'lS.*^™ ™ n ?*' ™ .•?•» pf-the petition. .The advertisement signed "Union Employees of Rice Stlx" contained no names of individuals. Marine Flier Killed When Plane, Hits BATESVILLB, Ark;,' Sc'p'l/Wl UP) -A Marine -'filer;- l-leHt!''M<|i'w6ll Kaker 'ofDnrUilsvllle,' •'Oklit} ; 'w > as. Mllcd Wc(irics'day : liflbr'riob'n' U:flph" his-plane fell and biirned bn We oulsklrls of Gulon In-i/,ard ,coun- *Tlic plane burned atlnr' sir|king: a high-power White river.-- T Iltie across' the of^ the • • ".nj j 11 LJ .- » iiij ilJiplLCL - UI IJlC plane on the wires broke them anil cut off the power at Ouioii riiid' nearby Silica Products 'Sand plrint. A second filer, staff Sergl! William -Lions of the Ncwpvrl Air Field, who was In :the pintle with Lieutenant Kaiser, parachuted to safety. " ' Canadian banks arc not pcrmll- "•' toloan money on real estate. .. ...^.v... L,..u t ,^. w u t nuw the Allies, almost all.along the line, slnnd at-the borders of the Belch! Future.targets will, almost of necessity, l, c targets In Germany, Allied airmen Imvc gained In other ways by the conquest, of Western Europe. American Marauder • medium bombers, (lying from Bi'llnln, could strike only 'to' Jwltli- In 16 miles of the Ciermnh fronllcr Nbw, from btiscs'in UuS'low conn- T lrlte,: tliey cnn nuiffe'deep >ithtn Ihe Reich. t.- • :>•.•: . } v " Ffgliler l«scs Exposed "' As ! for 'fighters, -Germany; look elaborate precautions lo protect its airdromes In the low-countries against slraflliij, Base's were con- «l-niclcrl so that [mrked planes were widely dlspcrrri. SomcUmcs, tliey were housed In bullet-proof pens. But .the- Germans, never dreaming of strnling raids over the 'Reich, reportedly took no such precautions at home, a fact they probably will regret when thousands of fighters are based Just across the frontier. Tlie Germans also have lost their Inlrlcalc system for nlrcrnft maln- Weather ARKANSAS— Partly cloudy this .flernoon, tonight »nd Friday. Official woollier 'readings here yesterday disclosed that ^ilgn was 01 degrees, with the tncrcury falling to only 68 degrees last night. Maj.-Gcn. Julian USMC, above, of tenance repair, which largely .•.cntlerrd through France Belgium and Holland. One huge , at Antwerp. Now, over-bur inside the Reich , -- Alexandria, . commands the American expeditionary force which is fighting Japs in their great 'Pacine N slronghpld In : .the, Palais Islands, lie led the famed Sec?' jOnd" Division:of Marines in Hip' .• bloody Tarawa Invasion': repair plant, for Instance, was io- calcd at Antwc dcncd fnclorles must take on those added (111110.1 Thus, the Allied bomber offensive is due for .1 step-up. Aiid the Germans arc In no posjllon to cojx: with it. They're believed lo have no more thhn 150p flth(crj and SpO bombers hi Wc'stcrri Europe, rhc Allies, by, worn able lo -fly 11,000 sol-lies : on D-day alone Tlie GerMnns, o'f cdiirstf'.'ujn try to olfscl thb advantage bV'new tyiie Ifinncs.Yb'Uotf laithc'hefl 'ffojn toirib- ers. rocket arid Jet-propiilled alt- craft.- None of these plane.-) hns any range to-speak of.But.nbivflint the war has moved Into Germany, for (.ho comhmpd Ainciicnn laclio ' ( 'Die con'os-iVoiulcMit, J IIS L bndk horn K.senhovm's new Eominuud post in western Finnic, says the Si.picmc' has driven lii.nseir ,so Imu! Unit ho was noMo tctive camp for sovornl days n,l ( k !i "!;,f!i° n '" lo >!' fo "» "K«m today," the toncspondent »^,_nml the spni'lts.m-o flying ,,l )m jt gottn.^ this thing ~ o\ci with" f , 'llu reiwrter siiyi General Els- ciuiouci s p:ese|U ' now c<tmp . it, fltilsWe cnuuyrtoriltory H 0 addi— Hie next cahip will be on enemy home Rrovmd, hell lake over a «hole city if ho finds it useful for his Allied hcadqinrtcis " Ai the correspondent revealed Jne'ic fads, the Purls radio snld ml the UillLsh Second Armv had nihicicd a junction with air-borne (loops dropped north ol the Rhine liver In the aren of Arnhcm, Holland ' 1 '1 lie Oerinnni admit as much The ON n ncwi agency reports what It cnili n naiiow passage of cominu- nlcntlon?' between Allied foices at Artihcin and Ihoso at Nijmegen, be '"" the Rhine Bi^lsh Slcie Bridge 8 still rages In the out- Nljmegen i n fnct Unlled xr"i,' ! , S n, W " r C° rr «spondent Richard M(.MIl)nn calls it one of the fiercest bnttles of the war But other British forces have broken through he city seized n bridge across the Hhlnerlvei, and liave swept on tb' ward Arnhem, 10.miles away,''to rohcvo an e«olrclcd air borne-force Arnhem h north of the i,(L < c h r 0 , tp^Win 'Siegfried Une Is bcliovcd'tp end'A lied forces lliMc, prohiibly' won'f'bfc taWed bj ?"* 'JJ^Pr. fqrl/flcatlrfls' Belt'lf they , llate Bulletins I). S.: FIlt.ST, AKMV 1IUAD- (HIAIITKHH, Scpl. 'II (U.l..)_ A big scale (ivrninn cnui\liT-iit- 'lack wus thrown linck toiliiy In Hie Woolniilorf nrvu iiorlh of Ui'lilcnuipli nn !|, c ttermaiiliiixrnilioiirs: frimltor, rts ,lhc Niirls rtllrctl, llicy Irfl a ciivcrlni; ili'.tnclnncnl which wits entirely tvl|ii>il oul. ItOMK, S«|>1. 21 (U.I'.)—Sonic fl«9 heavy .Amrrlciin hinnlicrs nt- iiu'kcfl enemy llnfs nf i-oniiiniiil- CiUInn In llnilgnry lotlny. Japs On Peleiu Pfore Stubborn Morinos Encounter '.'• Difficult Terrain 'Arid Fortifications;••:',:. Itmgbcstujmiglo /orUflontlorts, ln'6 havc-.met.since Tarawa/.' .->. I •'-•• rln nrttlltlon. veteran marine figfit- crs sny .the terrain . IB,the-worst-In •,(he,ciitlre,j Raclflc.,-Major; Oe'ncrnl flpy.Gclgerf. conimondcr of,the Pn- clllc FlcoJ.'Marlno.-Eorces,. loured th'e front lines recently and remarked The. bnltle for Guadalcanal was M.«, r fliilmntii' tbwlard B battle of been War . 0 cvo " . comparable to Uiijted Press War Correspondent Marines have suffered considerable casualties. HB. snys ihc j nps have dug in along an Incredible network ol connecting cnvcs equipped with steel doors. These natural forts range from rldgc to ridge,, and the Japs are able to give one another mutual! support .with cross-fire f from the cntrmicq of, every ravine. Jolins- (oii—wlia : went.ilii -with the assault waves on ,,tjie benches 'at Tarawa, and Salpan says bliinlly: "This, ,1s the first .Japanese base In the pa- clflQ ivlilcli !liei'nlly Is comparable lo Glbfaltixr:"' -' - - • - / •• •-Pfrthjcr w'.rst. Inud-based ^IbcVa- tor bombers, Inleiislflcd the two way driv,c on the Philippines Monday, by'bntlcrlng the port of Da- vao. They met no opposition.; '.Back In, Ibis' country, Brigadier General Frank Merrill, the one-tlmi> commander of Merrill's Jtfaraudcrs of liurma fnme. luis left his Norlh Wooifstock, N. H., home, and Is on Ills wa v back to a new post, In Ihe Orient, He will head a liaison staff for the Chliin-niirmn-Indla theater of Allied headquarters In Ccy- Ih/; .Nazis don't (heyWd npge. Kotarians Hear bean Reminiscing of his days while a owner o( an old time minstrel show and carnival, T. F. "Doe" Dean entertained members of the Dlythe- \IIIc Rotary Club with talcs of his experiences when they met at noon today for luncheon at Hotel Noble Many card tricks also were on the program, with Mr. Dean explaining to his listeners how each was performed. Guests at the luncheon, in addition to MiyDean; were P.-M.- Clayton of Conio,- MIsa.j'. Ernest>-Njibem of .Memphis,' and-Bllly Delong, Jm" Jor Rptfirlon- for the month, -;i ' ; f •',, Pvt. Greenwell Awarded Order Of Purple Heart The, Order o?W Purplc"llcnrt was presented,,.;;p v t. Joseph 'Donald Orccmyell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Greenwell. the., day he was dismissed from'ft'-hospital in England Wounded Aug. 12 In Franco, Prl- vajc- Greenwell spent six wcek^ m' the hospital biit now has rccovereda hc]wrotc his parents. ' Rationing,- Rent Controf, Offices To Close Earlier 1 In the future the offices ot Bly- tlicvllle Ralionlhg Board arid Bly- thcvllle Rent Control be closed at 4 p. in., to enable the office force to complete each day's work, it lias been announced. Until Oct. 1, the rationing 1 board will close Its olftce at 3 p. m. to enable the persor, lal (o issue truck gasoline, accordtrtf lo the announcement. New York Cotton Mr. . 2117 May July OcU 1 ' Dec. swirling' around Arhhem has pointed up'by Secretary W& says t 'In 1 Holland pise a new to Hie defense of Germany at what rhay prove- to be «a vulnerable point He says that air-borne army, which, Ihcldcntally, was reinforced ""•' ••"""""• ' the nir again to"- Says the secretary At this point we are nearest-to Berlin a,nd the Siegfried Line defenses may be found !o be less for midablo than elsewhere' * „;. McanHhlle, other Allied armies 'till are Jabbing spearheads Into Germany through widening'! cra'cps In the Siegfried Line , Silpr^mfi heidquorlcrs icveals that,the American Fii-st Army hns sent another column across the border " "Will of embattled Aachen , Explosions at Aachen Other First Auny troops re lock- c<! In n \ioltnt struggle for Stolberg, six and - half miles, east of. Aach- cii. Fro: chen llself comes the booming md of explosions" suggesting • \r the Germans may be blowing up Its Installations in pre p-\ro.tlon tor an evacuation IParthei soutli) General Paltons Third Army has punched (o within sit mlle-i of f fetz It still is grinding •slowly forward against the sliffest opposition In the sector northeast of ciplured ' Nancy A front dls patch reveals that American tanks in that sector are fighting ' tread lo treid' Behind the lines, Boulogne has fallen yielding 3oOO prisoners And the British radio says "the surrender Of Calais is 1 imminent." " Another die hard German garrison still holding out In a inedloval fortress about four miles northeast of . the . center of Antwerp. The Allies; would -prefer: to ",tat them Sf art/a" etnUfi nil . «i-W — -I 1 iLlli' 1 ' J ' . . , since all escape: rotlt'cs .are cut., But;',,iinfo.rliiiiately'i trie Germans have been' shelling civilian sectors nt Antwerp. So Allied' rocWt Planes have been called In to help '- ' ' ..,. . , \ • it >pther, -Allied .plflnes. were, out over Europe- today ."Some 800' American heavy, bombers , hammered a synthetic oil plant at Ludwlgshafen, rnl! jords at \f«Uiz and Cohlenz and, other targets In Western Germany. __- u «iuv a*iv AVTI t-io£. vuy, ouii ui vi ;2134 _2l3fi 2128 2128 2137 ruUiersville, Mo. Four From This Section Wounded On Continent Four won of this section are Included In those wounded In the European arei whose names were released today by the War D«part- uent. , They are: Staff Scrgt. Calvin B Jarrett, husband of Mrs Mary L Jarrctt of Dell; pfc Henry c Gardner, son of A\ery O, Gardner of llaytl, Mo; Ser«t Sdnard JS Ledbetter,. son of part, fx-^better of Haytf, and Pfc v Charles O, McCoy, Son of Victor McCoy of Ca-

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