The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY,''OCTOBER IT, 1949 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE HW1 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams . THE PAPER. WAS My \ IDEA, SUT rU-TAVCS 1 IT BACK..'THE PILLS *. ALONE ABE ENOU6H FOR. M3UR MENTALITY-TOO MUCH.' THINK.' THINK.' DID YOU NOT! C 6 IF i TOOK NW PILLS AMP DIDN'T WARK IT DOWN-ORDIPN'T TAKe TH' PILLS BUT DID MARK. IT DOWN, Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople W3M6 LAST Vi MADAM. 1 WAS AT HOW6 '•' MIGHT 6CULPTORl>4&.'-«~X V4A.S/S 60vOL OM H\S 1A6AD —• *^ NOT CONTACT6O SOOR WOLL MAle KB 6AID YOi) TOLD HIM By \ SINCE LA80R' LY51MG THE 6REEIJHOOSB/:-} HIM ME WAS MOLDING A DOOR IDEA He COULD GROW/M KM08 HIS HAIR BACK IKS? f — *-7/*^a&n ''""PEOPLE V^HICH SUCH SOIiJSS Ots4,< I dki^^Zt:^ \WAV THE HOUS5 IC& AY, TOO, BUT FOR SALE Co'nerrte culverts U Inch 10 I* inch. Illaln or rtenfurccd Also Concrete liuililin& Hlocks cheaper than lumbei tor barns chicken houses, (HiiVP houses- tenant houses, tool stieds We deliver Call us foi free estimate I'lione G91 ., OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. You Con Tell the Difference in Good Shoe Repair Drug Store Experienced Prescription Service WOODS Drug Store Someone By IRENE LONNEN ERNHART c. Pr ,i,ki, \w. NU TIJ ti STO It Y * A I Iri • *>ru k«* -nt,'«K<-im-iii, 1'od L>uuc»i> omrrlo u old crJend Jt-tmi anJ both tr7 o convince rbem<.F]T«i lb:il (Ki« - reliound." (» ndr onp- b, Tin!', t.-in.lly. "hire I. pnlnlrd bornaar Tad dlda'i marry Ik* tTrallh? [.!• Coaover 1'hea they ee [o Hv* In a Irnllcr raiup Mhflr Tod nnlxhc* oolleKc bpt la «a|ililne»a. Plnnlly Jenny dl»- ae^vft. hrokev ta him ny Mnn CaBltmnn. nn old Crlrnd'af Jrnny'ji- Mr cne» fur H walk and mrrla • • nlri rhnm from Slate Untrer- •It7, Hick Mnrrl*. 1 . ' - • a • XI11 POD returned very late thai night, much later Lhah no had planned. N'ina had long since left, and Jenny had gone lo bed. He tiptoed in. hoping she would be asleep. But she wasn't. He went to the bed to kiss her. His hand felt the wetness of the pillow, where she had been crying. He sat on the edge ,ot the bed then arid rubbed his hand up and down her bare arm. "Gosh. Jenny, I'm sorry I didh'l get back sooner. It wasn't on account of what you told me.tonight—about the baby 1 menn.' "Wasn't it?" Her voice sounded choked and itight. "Honest it wasn't. I'll admit ! was bowled over, l>ut, well, no like you think. 1 stopped in [or a •beer and met Ricky Morris, an we had a lot to talk about. It go late before 1 knew it. 1 He waited for her to ask whc Ricky Morris'was, but"when sh didn't he lit a cigaret and pres enlly went on. "Rick went to the Slate Uni versity. He and 1 were in the sam house, and he was a big shot o the campus, edited the school pape and was president of the b'orum His old man died last summer an his mother wanted him closer home, so he's finishing here a Markwood and goes home to Cen • terville week-ends. Kick's swel You'll like him, Jenny. He strictly class too." "Oh." Jenny ' hadn't heard nil ound so enlhused about anything a iong time '*Funny you hadn't un into him sooner," She.couldn't ay angry with Tod even when e wanted U). Before they went to sleep that ight he spoke aboui the baby gain, "I'm really glad about it, enny, now that I've had ume to et used to the idea. I hone it's a oy. We'll make a footbalj player of him, And you're not to vorry about the money angle ithcr. Even U you'have to quit vork. we'U manage some way '11 get a job on the side, and—* le broke off, afraid he might be iverdoing it. "Oh. Tod!" She vvcnl into his rms and was comforted at last It was strange not to go down o the shop every morning. Al heir days began like Sunday, wilt 1'od dawdling over coffee and th morning paper, while Jenny made he bed and tidied things. • • • r PHEY could have sold the car They didn't really have to have t. But Tod was so proud of Then Jenny happened to think .he "cottage on the river. Much a it wrenched her heart to sell Pop' shack, still it would bring in som money. They wouldn't be goin out there much next summer wit! :he baby, anyway. Tod went at once to a real es talc agent. The cottage trough $500. after the agent's fee was de ducted, which Tod thought was fabulous sum. Jenny .knew /Ui money wouldn't go far, but she "n fused to let herself worry. Tod brought Ricky Morris horn for supper one evening that wecl Ricky was tall and rather slende dark eyes with a humorous glin a pleasant mouth and straight dar hair that he had to keep bnishir back from his forehead. Jenn liked him instantly. ". Rick was good for Tod, Jenny decided she must encourap him to come see them often. Tod needled friends. He had cu ated none of the olher fellows the trailci camp He had said DI the stud em body of Mark- ood College ^as made up mostly goons Naturally ne misser 'he xciteineni or the State Unlver- ty's o\g football games and be- :g a campus bljz shot fie missed le life at the .fraternity nouse 10 the parties- and the people •ce Liz Con over and Ricky Morris. Tod nari neen apologetic to Rick bout theh living ID a trailer He ad apologized until she had won- ered if he weren't apologizing for er too. • • • ~\NE afternoon later that week, as she was on her jvay to the Tocery to shop, she" saw Rick gain, It was one of those .wonderful Jclober days, all golden and nauve. a hint of \Wpods"moke in lie air. the leaves floating drcain- ly down in the sunlight one by one. Jenny was walking briskly, nd as she turned a corner by ft wilding, she ran squarcty into omeone. She had a confused impression of a green corduroy cout, and the =mell of tobacco and then she ooked into Ricky Morris's dark eyes. The eyes crinkled pleasant- y as he said, "Hello! Going somewhere in a hurry?" "Only going shopping *^ groceries and not in this much of a lurry, really."'It'was" a wonderful day, she felt splendid, and it was somehow vaguely exciting to run into Elicky this way. She wasn't dressed ,up, an old red heret, and a short red coat over her pencil slim black skirt, but the-fresh air had put a tingle in her checks and brightened "her" eyes. 'Let me go along,". Rick said. He took her arm. "I'll help you. I'm a regular bargain hound. And you ought to taste my cooking", Jenny. Honestly, if you had known about me and all my various tal- en ts, you 1 d n ever h ave m a rrled Tod." Yes, she was sure Rick would be good for Tod. She must encourage him to come see them often, He was good for her too, somehow. (To Be Continued) '. COML 1>W «» «A MRVICC, l»t T. M. »£?. U. «. rAT. OfF. (0-17 Say It ... 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'RECKLBS AND HIS FRIENDS B* MERRILL BLOS8M No Pay, EhT -. . ; AM,M*,STfH.UWtt>.' 1 WiSHTbCOMVIBSE WITH YOU.' LATER, VT t} TM BOCK»O*«> A JUST LEAVE US HteH 'K> ME..' THIMKS HE'S A »T Or ,|. A LAD, DOES Met i'LUSOOM. SET HM* RutHTABQUT-TMATY STftAWS AMD A TOOTHPICK'! l'RISCIU,A'S POP Soil Conservation BY AL VERMEFR I WASHED MV R16HT HAND.. THAT'S T1 HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU WA5H ONE HAND WITHOUT WASHING THE OTHER? /I THOUGHT I TOLD VOU TO WASH YOUR HANDS FOR DINNER! WELL, IT WASN'T EASY! VIC FLINT Manlhorp Isn't Around BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK j On Vera Darkling's yacht, the VIKING*... f I'LL RUN YOU ASHORE. vouVe WTERBUPIEDAW BEAUTV SLEEP. I'M SURE HE'U TURN AT THE BOTTOM OFTHEKARBOR.TO BE SPECIFIC J / MAN THORP ? IS NOT ME I THE ONE WHO SMU66LEO " US ON WITH MISS DARKLING? f YOU'RE LUCKY YOU V YOU TEU ,**. TWO COUID SWIM. (AH I KNOW 15 MV BUT IT'S A SHAME YOUl BOAT'S GONE AND IOST YOUS BOAT.BUCK.Y MANTKORP'S . WHAT COt/10 HAVE /X MISSING. HAPPENED ? 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SEE TH' ls\-r u i /,« nc-3 JTCL_UCPtn»l- Jcr^. in GONE AFTE'RySKEBIFF CCWE IN , THE KIP- / HEEE AN' HE AIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIRS F.nemies BY EOGAR MARTIN

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