The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1933
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Served 6y tftc United Press r~ • t^L-^ — . 1 mj^^n-^aa^^a^a^^fc-aa^-. - .^_—-^^——rfr— • vg^—M—'"^•MMBft ~-f VJ .^^. ^^M^f ^^^^^^^"^U^Ml^D^M^M ^UM^b. l^^fe "* ^•MMtfhlB*MilllM^M^ ^V ~~^^^ JiJ jiiiiij» I . •^-^^•^•p , •••••. BIXTHEVILEE COURIER NEWS E3S1 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI i VOL. XXX—NO. 150 UlyrheviU.) D»U>, New«. MiMi.«monl V«lltV U»J«r. BlytbevUU Herald. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SWEEPING ATLANTIC COAST LIKE tilt HKTMIPHT;«"— I (ill I IVlUlil ' - : '!"-il ol ulllc-'i 1 --- v.ho invialisui- •-""' -,,. ,!,, i,-.,.,,. i,it'hw;i> i'cr:ik-.ii H piinTi^^^^jrurr IL 1 ILU i '''• < tin'" in tin- !;:iv>'.iieni. thai loi 1 Twenty Planes loin for flyer Uiircporlccl Since Early Mommy. CLEVELAND. O.. .Sept. 111. lUPi —A score of LdrphiiK's sonreil over noithern Ohio this afleinoon in rearch of Pilot Hnl Nelf. wliu disappeared in Ihe muiKy hii/e souu-- lime early lo<lay while Hying llw night mail from Chicago lo Cleve- Itind. Swallowed up in ihe fog und •darkness, thc Cleve• Und pilot hns not liuen lieu id from j :lnce he u-polled "O.K." by radio 20 ininules afier he left Toledo j uirpxl ;it 1:53 -a.m. Parlof the course I) ft ween Toledo Giid Cleveland is ovtr Lake OMiclals of United Aiilints. Ine.j^^ v.;:c-«e open ct:ekpit plune Nelf was ^ IV.UIB. Icai-cil lie niiglii have be-1 .j.|,. unit Icsl nud swc-ried oul over ^j i';e lake.- ! . .-• Four nutionul guard shi;;s. eleven Uiiltd Air liners, a Sikorsky BIH- I'hibiu.ii to scan the lake, a u!.>r.c. and a Toledo plane con- tiuutcd the convo^ of plane:', in Mnir:!: of the miming avi.ito: 1 . Students Are to Maintain New Cuban 'Rtjgime iru.ioUi ti-il l>y wiiinl:i.; siu"s i? •.•-••.en- mdlclnitjii ol mir.'.'i.i! liiL Yhis 1: Ihe M'tuiKl lime will •„ y-nu. lo in; k::o..'li-d'ji-. lhal •• I' in in* puu'iiiciii ou High•.:'.v 01 :i> tlii.-i luunty hus i juiii in Uitnl iiccidenl II ; v..11 nut l.i- tl'.i .a;., mill's-- ''.'ie hi^hujy lit p.ulnifilt ir.\aki-n l . , 11> !i:, r-^iiiiiMb.lUy. i Arkiinni.s iiuv.oriMb. Ijau'liut; iij <,'.!.ei MnU.x :ir<> na|U:iillled will! 10 pio'.eul :i:ul:.rlsls aii'.iii^l (Vi'ii :l!i- MiiaUes: Ini'LiUliinties in Ihe :»tu-jm-m with iJ-oiiiT warning .-.[Mi--. If tin 1 : stale, butuuse o! .•cl: ol li.nds. must permit deep !iu!i-:i ;n Uu- ijaveinenl lo ,'ci w:eks. Ihrn surely the least .1 uui do for the protecUon -o', tlh. iritvflins: public is to givj no',;U' uf ihi-rn by Eititiibk- .si'/nb. TIKES BIG Ltim FOR GOLF TITLE New Yorker 6-LJp ul 27t!i Tee Af'er Breaking the Course Record. KENWOOD COUNTRY 01,11 U. Cincinnati. <->.. Sepl. IU lUI'i — Itroi'Bu T. Uunlup, Jr., Hushing !J. V.. was C-up on Max Murslon,! i-hihidrlphin, lifter tlie Jtilh hoU'' m their M-hole final mulch for Soviet Grants American Engineer a Patent MOSCOW (UP)—Zara Within, a California engineer. has been Eranted a Soviet Palcnt on a new lype o! pre-casl construction b!ock which may be extensively used on new UiiJding job; here. is liie first paleiu received pruu-L'iiun ul Hit ii-iivclim- ull Highway Ul. lUjKl'rVC/. s muie than tin- i'-'pairing inv of ;]:ivunenl defects. A speed liniii u;jo:i heavy freight vnick.s should lx i imposed dud en- tcrc^d. 'HJL- need for .striuler rcg- • "eld. j iil:>.t:on. paili^r.nily during this' iieai-on of heavv collon and t-ol- 1'iiisecii movei'ii-nt. is rccoi'.nized | i;y Ihe i-ounly -auiliorities. nnd Hhcrilf Wilson Indicated IhL; ::-crning lhat action will be forth- icmlll". Many of thr.i trucks liaulinx col- tmiheed, Mr. Wilson pointed oul, '..'cre not designed In handle loads <:f ihe weight freciucnllv given them. Their braking ji.iuer Ls inadequate anci when traveling ul h:t f h speeds '.vilh heavy Irailers the nalioiial nmin.'iir t;ulf I'.onshlp. KENWOOD COUNTRY CLUD.I 'ilnclnmiii, Sepl. 10 (UP)— One ol il:c groalesl roiitids of coiupelllive >.oll In all naiiona! nmulcur his- mry enabled George T. Dunlap, Jr.. Flushing. N. Y., to finish the i wiling romvt 7-up on Max Mars- ion. Philadelphia, in their tIG hole tinal to<l:iy. Duulap broke the record v.ilh a Gil. three under par, which is believed to be Ihe lowest score 'evtr made on the morning round of any final 'n the '£1 times Ihu itinuteur championship has been I tn ihe Soviet Union by an Ameri- behind tliriii lliry ure virtually oul can in the construction industry anil one of very fe'.v granted lo Americans here. The new building block is of an interlocking^ ty[je never before used and provides great economies in labor and material while adding to llie strength of the structure. It practically eliminates mcrlar and gives a fitted monolithic wall. Until his departure for Russtn about a year ago, Witkin. who 1> only 32. was cMef engineer for Ili^r ttaruch Construction Corp., of Los Angeles. Cal. In dial capacity lie was in charge of the building of the Hollywood Bowl and scores ol other structures. \ In Moscow he is acting as chief consultant to Soyuzstroi. ir.e largest construction trust in 111? country. of conliol. Ovtr Par Once Marston to-Jk 11 f.trokes, six over [)ar. The 1932 champion was in irouble frequf.'nlly. ll^r v:as wild oil Ihe lee, dubbed several second .'nets, ant! often was shurl of the preen will) second and Ihird shols. Uiinlap played perfect (jolt. He was pulling lor birdies on evi-ry liute except Ihe sevenlh, where he took a five, one over par, and Ihe only hole on which hu losi a stroke! .. lo par. He had four birdies, wo „,.,, n t nnn by long putls of eiglu and twenty Ford Will "lit D,UUO Ir-el, and two by pulls of le.a than Ihree feel, a Iribute to the freckle faced little New Yorker's great :r< n play. Tlie weather continued warm but Here is tho flret conllneent of n reported student army of ^.MO sa Id lo be really lo ninlnlnln tlie Orau Enn Mnrlin rtslnie 111 Cuba with bullets if necessary. These youthb. all tinned and cqnlpiKri willi rmimunlUim belts, lire drawn up oil the ste|ls i;I the registration building r.l llavann University ready lo begin armed palrol of the campus. Ttt CLECT1 War Veterans to Work DETROIT, Sept. 10 IUP>— Piv-r _. __. . thousand world war veterans will the sun occasionally dodged behind I te given employment by the! Ford rioitds. The- crowd numbered abou 1 - Motor company, Rex Humphrey, Levee Construction Com-; pany Protes ohne Levy. 35W with most of them pulling for Dunlap. Dunlap's OS is surpassed only by Brbby Jones' 31-36— «7 auainsl Chick Evans In the finals al Mln- ii'.'kadha, Minn., in 1927. Dunlap Eiphl Up D i i Ci i P ! Dunlap won the 19th hole with pany I rotests Mate Gas- a par \ whcn , le laid hLs thir d LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. IS.— A temporary order restraining Fred Watson, stole revenue commissioner. R. L. Gaincs, Mississippi coun- circuii clerk, and Clarence H. Beer Docket Lists 3.2 Sales Applications | V'iSson. Mississiopi county I ami collector, from collecting liltempling lo collect a six-cc..*-. tax on gasoline used by Ihe Trin-! ^ l i" s ' | a par j slim a foot from Ihe pin and I SMik his putt Murslon's second shot was trapped and his third Un feel from the pin. His fourth Htsl missed. , They went lo the 20lh tee with DunUip eight up. They halved the 2U!h in par threes. Dunlap's lee commander of the Wayne county council of the American Legion announced today. Humphrey ssld that hiring of ihe veterans at the rale of 300 u day until the quota is filled would tegin Monday. Those seeking employment must bring their dis- c'.iarge papers. Humphrey said EL PASO. Tex. iTJP>—A docket Hint has gathered dust and cobwebs since 1918 was brought oul of the county clerk's record vault by Deputy Chris P. Aranda andj placed back in service when he be- j pan recording applications for 3.2 l>eer i>ennits. Aranda wrote thc Ir.stl loconl for ii beer permit April 13, | 1DI8, nnd resumed Ihe foigolten duly when the first 3.2 applications came in. b '"or! fhoe was 15 lect ' rcnl "'° '''" allci lUtempling to collect a six-cent-| Mnrsto "' s ' M ' cet ' Both I00k IV ™ I pi ity Farm Construction company ofi ' rll<; >' lialvej thc ^ lst h< ? le ln Dallas, Tex., wns issued by Fed-, ' ;jr " ves ' IPLLV '"= Dmll " |J e ' 8llt u "' eral Judge Martineau here vestcr- " mil!1 P P- Urhl ' <l h ' s f hlrd ,!° ft ' L ' L d a y ' from the pin and then his putt The company, which hns head- 1 "' 1 a Wldie ] " m ° an tlle 1J P ot quarters in Blythevilic and Is en- r , , Ihe pup. Marston Ihree and took two Dunlup increased E HOLE IN FDR Exnccl Truck'Driver to Bo Freed in Accident That Cost Two Lives. O3CEOLA. Ark.—Edward Gibbons of Kcnnelt. Mo., truck driver, whose northbound Iruck collided hetul-on \\lili a Caruthcrs- vllle. Mo., cotton .wed truck near Frenchman's nayou yesterday 10 HELP COTTON J. F. Tompkms on Committee to Present Resolution to Roosevelt. was on in LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 16 (UP) — putts. |O\er 100 farmers loday odopled n his lead lo resolution here asking the national sns said in its petition that thc' & -"l' °J' winning the 22nd hole government to take action so re gasoline wns used on work under i '•'• 'I' 1 a par lour. Dunlap's second .siiictin» the 1934-35 cotton crop Stock Prices A. T. anil T Anaconda CoppiT uelhlehr-m Stc-el Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Cle-neral American Tank General F.irclrlc General Motors International Harvester Montgomery Ward .'lew York Central 1'ackard Philliiis Petroleum llaclio Corp .. I'iminons Betls (H. Louls-Ean Francisco i'landard of N. J Ttxas Co U. S. Steel 130 1-4 18 1-2 39 5-8 51 3-S contract with the federal government on levees and not in o|)era- lion of vehicles over public highways. The order is effective until Oc- tcber 30. and il is probable that n profitable price for six feet short of the green i us lo Insuri and his third six feet from the'this year's crop flai!. He sank his putt. Marston Tlie resolution further asked missed a 4-fooi putt and took a iliat the president, immediately five. I trder 51.000,000.000 lunation of U was estimated that the crowd hearing will be held before that-had increased lo about. 5.000 whei date. Tlio conslruclion companyj U.ty reached Hie 23rd lee. contends that il has ofTercd to' MnrfUm won the 23rd hole with currency to ai'.l in the advance of <Tilon prices. The resolution was drawn by .1 iir.mitlee headed by Congressman ill 1-2 39 23 3-4 34 3-* 42 1--1 15 3-4 48 li-4 pay approximately $11.000 In gnso-'ii birdie two. line taxes but has been informed! lend to 8-up. refund if il is paid. reducing Dunlap's Tillman B. Parks. The former chain- morning, resulting In the death of two occupants of thc Curulhers- I vllle truck and Injury to Gibbons and .four others, will be given a hearing before Magistrate P. W. Holt ill Joiner this afternoon on a charge of manslaughter. Officers, however, say that the accident was apparently unavoidable and Gibbons' trial Is looked utx>n as a mere formality. According to Gibbons' version of the accident, corroborated by the j evidence of witnesses and the phy-1 deal facts, the empty Iruck was thrown to Ihe Icfl side of the' highway when It s'.ruck a rtcrp • hole in Ihc pavement on the ap-1 rroach to the steel bridge just this side of Frenchman's nnyou.l, nnd 150 feet further north Gibbons' "is sllll tryliis to richl the truck | when he collided with Ihe south | bound Carulhmville Iruck on the '• west fide of ll'.r | Thc hole In the pavement nt Ihe Frenchman Bayou bridge has long been a source nf annoyance nnrtj nnprchenslon lo motorists famtl-l Cotton Staple Running Longer Than Last Year WASHINGTON. Sopt. 10 (Ul 1 ) — length of cotlon.ginned to lute ' this, year'Is distinctly, ihan Insl but thc grade 1 Is ionicwhat lower, the bureau of rerlcullural economics reported to day- in Ihe first ol Us weekly col- Icn grade and Maple announcements. Not quite one per cent of Ihe cotton ginned so lor this year was thottcr than 7-8lh ol an Inch cciui'arcd with ubo'.il sill nor cenl tc the corres]K>nding dale las! year. There was a decided Increase In the proportion of cotton 1S-1GU of an inch mid npe Inch in lenglt over lav. year, but practically change in the tower kinds. HciW Rains a n cl High Tides Flood Cities iincl Destroy Crops. lly United 1'ress' nonrhiK winds of u tropical hurricane lushed the North Carolina and Virginia cou£U> today, bringing with llU'in exceedlnijly hl'^li tides and ruins that were adding lo (he damage. Two persons were known to have .drowned while n third man wns reported missing. Damage was unlimited ut several millions. J Severn! towns In Ihe path of Uu: storm were rcirarleil partially inundated, while crippled communication lines hindered n complete report of dninnge - from other "ces. The storm which struck the coast cllles'ln-st nlglil iind this morning was the second to come out of the tropics this week. A hurricane sweeping the Mexican coast, earlier caused 32 deaths and great piopL'rly damage* New Hern Hard Hit NEW BERN, N. C., Sept. 1G (UP) —The center of the tropical hur- - ricane struck New Bern at 1 o'clock this morning with wind velocity between <S5 and 80 miles pci hour. The mile-long bridge over the Ncuse river wns washed away by Ihe highest tide In 30 years. Hundreds of jjersons were marooned by high water. Damage to thc city of New Bern nnd Crave-\ .n.i''.- was estimated at npproxun. -; '. 000.000. Commaride- . '. . De'Otte of the coast guari!' iliC'r Pamlico .cstl- er ot 't[ie' storm '.hit today. .';:.-. "' , 0: ". il 10:30 fi.rri. ^had not P ci established communitrlJtlpn \»lth s ; pUbrthead"' Clly," BattufAt'-r)r"othcr.''' on 'the coasl of Carlerel mated the i here at 1 n .Now.Ber _,. _, 1 r\ ' 1 I I' UIUI " U " » 1Jt - VUtkJt Ml VJUtL^ltlV Nxes Irade Practices and •. county below here..The waterfront w , n i n', • iherc was piled with wreckage and Wage Kates tor Dltlimin-, debris and many small craft W:ere ous Mines. WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. (UP) --Bituminous coal operalors today de- G1ILT1 GETS II CARUTHEP.'BVn-LK. Mn.. fjint. dcstroyed. Fall crops were practically slroved by heavy rains. All houses on the New Bern wn-' , tcrfront were damaged or clc-stroy- accepted a code of fair practice for , „, Crast guardsmen [Mtvoled the their industry nnd Iwgan signing | v;i ,t er r r ont and checked each home the document with Indications to nsccrtn | n i, there had been any practically all of the Industry j cnsup m es would be iMimd by the dociimcnlj Meanwhile a M-mile-nn-hour by early aflernoon. L vincl wns blowing here and was The code In final form provides , lllcre[ , sm g | n velocity. High seas lor fixing of minimum prices, pre- wcl . c re | >or tcd ai Virginia Beach, scribes a maximum 40-hour work i, most of Ule tc'leplioiics there week, sels basic minimum wages w(?re olt i O r order. : for underground workers ranging ! _ 1.. from 53.75 to $5.G3 per day In 10 1 Norfolk Flooded districts, right of mln-i NQUFOLKi V a. r Sept. 1G. (UP) . crs to organl?^!, creates regional _ Nor(olk ^, ns nooriC(1 og aln today | and national boards to govern the I u watcr R|n]0sl ft fool dcep ns Industry and sctllc labor disputes raln dclut;e j tllc dly wln(]s were U becomes effective ihe second | , n CXCCSs 0 , 55 m ,, cs an hour _ Monday after presidential approval, i A K . mttf , Kn]t . wns rC p 01 t cl i;at ! Virginia Beach, accompanied by were no rivail- n /\ff r\ i n "ie communicaiions ' with Eliz^i- Upen UttlCe at USCCOla belli City, N. C.. below he-re, but -- ] the center of thc hurricane had OSCKOLA, Ork.— Thc Mill-South ! not reached that point. • Jury Returns Second Con-i , ,., s „>...„.. „.„. viction in Strele Bank I Mid-South Cotton Growers high tides. There ™ MCI loll HI OlLt-lL L)dllK.| n n[[ _ n , ' able communications ' Robbery. aov. j. M. rutrell appointed n commiltee of 2 1 8i ttlil1 there is no provision for lts:|):on laid his lee shol seven feel tcven to present Ihc resolntlnn lo'iar with the rcarl nnd could easily --•'••••- -- = -• l.oin Ihe pin and sank his putt. I refident Roosevelt in Washington >be the cause of serious accidents.! Duulap was 12 feet from the cup Mcmlay. Governor l-'i.Ciell said li>': officers soy. rnd tcok two putts for his par. uay accompany the committee. I The bodies of Joe Edward Car 1G.—After four hours deliberation a circuit court jury ret • "rdlrt. here lasl nlghl „, , Raymond Michle C"iHv of raisplr- •>• '''. Patterson of Memphis In of Steele robbery clinic as cotton clafser and ot- ficc manager. The association offers four pools C'PUon GroMcrs nssoclnllon has! Rain was reported as worse at 'J O'icncd olfices for the season In j Ocean View and Willoughbv Beach' I th': Driver Chevrolet building wllh[ than any other place along the Rosa Sleeping Sickness Report Proves Unfounded ' nnd recommending a 10 yrar sentence. Arvcy Hastings, co-conspirator wllh Mlchlc. icojivccl a 10-year sentence IIIFI week. j T. L. "Lib" Matthews, former 1 deputy sheriff. nl5o charged with I Virginia coast. -ATLANTA, Sept. 1C. government weather i UP) -The bureau at Investigation yesterday proved the first "report of a possible sleep-' 18 1-4 ing sickness case in Mlsslslppii " 1-2 county to be unfounded. | Dr. A. M. Wnshburn of thc coun- ?.e 3-4 4 1-8 •12 3-3 29 1-4 was to Mnrslon reduced Dunlap's lead comnoscd of Senator C. B. Gre? I i ter. 23. driver of to 7-up when he won the 24th o f Jonesboro, J. P. Tompklns ol I vllle truck, nnd Morris Sides, 18, hole with a hlrdle four. Marston Burdetle, J. E. Mayo of Monr.v his helper, were claimed by their put his tee shot 12 feet from county. Rep. Roger Williams o.' families at Swift Undertaking lh< jiin and putted to the lip. Augusta. Dr. J. E. Nivens of Tuck- j company here where they were Dunlap was trapped on his tee er. Fred rsgrig of Little Rock and brought following Ihe accidcnl.nnd jJ.oi and needed four strokes lo »he Hon. Tlllmnn Parks. : returned to their hcmcs In Ca| ruthcrsvlllc late yesterday, where iniernl services nre to be held lo- s: conspiracy probably will not be ar- 1 C ar and Truck Collide 18 rtl| 8ied for some lime. Mattlicivs _ .. its, was the principal witness against Hastings and Miehle and Ls ex- peeled to enter a guilty plea. Pros- in which the cotton producer may Cnndler field here estimated that, place his cotton this year and thc the center of the tropical hurrl- iocal office will extend lo produc- ™nc "° w sweeping up the Atlan- ir.- Ihe service of free coiton 1 ^ seaboard was at or near Ha',..i,„!,,„• i teras. N. C. The bureau said latest reports from Norfolk said hurricane winds were blowing upwards of 82 miles an hour. J At Langlcy Field, Va.. the wind from | was reported blowing 69 miles. an _ .. . South tlty LlITIltS A Weaver Transfer truck , w. .~ *...... .. o j . . /fc V>t,'iilt:l liUlldtCl MklVK 11U1II I .,-31- r editing nutlmrltles will not attempt' giee , e| Mo and B MemplllS| Tenn J } ~ to secure Matthews nrra gnment c;1I . wcr( ; d;,.,,.^ whcn they col-1 reach Ihe green. ' northeast of Luxorn, to Investigate New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 16 <CV) — Coiton closed firm. c]>cn high low close 949 95fi mo 938 1005 Oct Dec Jan March Kny July 954-50 ino 931 999 1015 1027 Oil 961 976-78 970 987-88 93S 1004-05 1021 1005 1021 1033 I02C 1038 Spots clcwd firm at 070. up 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 16 <UP> — Cotton closed firm. open high low close 94G 953 938 952 9<J5 977 958 915-76 973 985 973 984b 935 1002 985 1001-0: 1010 1011 1004 1018-2' 1022 102S 1022 1035' Oct Ail) Ua'y July &')>ots closed steady at {117, up H Dunlap's putt nocked Mnr.non's ball in lor a I irdle. givms »^hn the hole. They halved the 25th hole In par-fours Both were on in Iwo mi B hl be -T-lngj-^o^two^.tts^^^ ^ ^ ' P O.iCiiig Dunlap's lead to G-up. that a rc-iioit received f leacher which staled year-old boy rom the dto Tiic boy apparently had been ulTerlng from fever or some other i T itlment but was said to have hcenlpQj. mer Governor Biker :onsidernbly better when Ihe doc- or arrived and hte ailment was definitely declared not lo be sleep- ng slcknefs. Seven Prisoners Break Jail at Pulaski, Tenn. PULASKI. Tciin.. Sept. 16 (UP) —Seven prisoners, six of them •vhite. escaped from the local Jail today by digging a hole in the lurk nail, according lo Walter Boyd. jailer. i The men used nails nnd a pair of blunt sclssora. Officers here believe that Buster 'Xing nnd Clyde Stanford were thc Iwo who planned and led the iTieak.' King has been accused of fpiccry nnd Stanford of Inrceny, I.. D. Bejach Apnointed Shelby County Chancellor MEMPHIS. Sepl. 15 (UP)—L. D Bejach. Shelby county attorney, wns named Shelby county chanrcl- I ;cr today by GOT. Hill McAlister. | Bejach succeeds Chancellor Morgan C. Ketchum, who was recently advanced to membership on i the state's court ol appeals, filling JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Sept.I the vacancy caused bv the death IS lUP)—Sam Baker, former Re--of Justice H. F. Heiskell, publican governor ol Missouri, died, al his home here today. He had been ill four years slnca a stroke of paralysis shortly after leaving office in 1929. until laler In ihe hope that the two Illinois gunmen, alleged lo have singed the hold-up sit the iged when they •vay 61 at thc sc I crn city limits here late ycsterdi llded on Highway 61 at thc south-1 f T\ f j inyjtougar Dog saved Of Missouri Is Dead was the Eolh were well known in Carulh- j Opens Shop at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark. — Tlie Home Fashion Shop, ladles ready to wiar and millinery shop, owned and operated by Mrs. Fan Quinn. opened for buslncf.5 here this morning In the building owned by Mrs. J I). Boritm and formerly occupied by the Borum Store, Grants $1.000 Judgment on Life Insurance Policy Circuit Judge O. E. Keck •trdict today allowed Mrs. In a May P.ev. Marsh Callaway to Preach at Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark. — Kcv. Marsh rallawny of Dlytheville. foraicr r.'stor of thc First Prcsby'.erlan c'lurch ol Blytlievilic. will deliver 'n.' inornlnj sermon p.l the Osceola Presbyterian church n n d will preach regularly here turn Sunday morning for an indefinite poriod. icargent Judgment In her suit lo collect on a Sl.iXK) twltcy. on her late husband's life, Issued by the Modern Woodmen ol America. The decision was handed down ut an adjourned day of clrcu court. Claude F. Cooper represented the plaintiff and Harrison 1 I Smith and Taylor the defendant, SI5,COO More Received for Osceola Farmers OSCEOLA, Ark—Tlie second lot of checks, totaling a hundred, were HOQUIAM. Wash. (UP) —John • Huelsdonk, the venerable ''iron ' man of Ihe Hoh." has nothins repair his own machine. received at County Agent Carpenter's office yesterday D. for disbursement to cotton farmers. They aggregated $15,000. making a total of 400 checks aggregating $75.500 received here to date. 30,ODO Home Owners Ask Aid PHILADELPHIA. <UP) — More . than 30.000 of Phllade'.phla's 400,000 home owners have asked officials of Home Owners Board of Equalization .. .. M J home owners havi to Meet Here Monday the Pennsylvania Loan Corporation for assistance. ' The County B«rd of Eq'.ulizn- Jacob H. Hays, state manager, an- llon will meet in (his ciiy Miuciav nounced. Of the 400,000 homes tn for the last time this ". Harrison, county jud?c, iiOiiucrd. Four possible verdicts were laid before the jurors. They may find Lamson guilty of first degree murder without recommendation, which means the death penally, guilty of first degree murdfar with rec- Zal lfc o city, long called Ihe "City ot ', ommendation of life sentence, Jurv Gets Campus Death 1 Case After 21-Day Trial; nuelsdonk Is recovering from evere bites and scratches follow- „.« ,^T. ~7TT~ . ,, ,,,™' tacked the bear long enough to SAN JOSE, Cal., Sept. 16. fUP) | ^ m|t H uelsdong to recover his -David A Lamson's fate was me nnd shoot It. placed In thc hands of the Jury at ] The vcteran trapper and hunter 11:18 a.m. today, the 2!st day of! walke( ] rive miles to a hospital and his Irlal on charges of murdering h(1(J wnnl nc terme d "scratches" hts attractive wife in their Stanford cimpus home on Memorial day. ^5 a1 '- Homes," 3S5.000 t dwellings, are one-family i guilty of second degree murder, or riot , dressed. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday. The maximum temperature here visterday was 9S, minimum 12, clear, according to Samuel P. Norlis, official weather observer,

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