The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1946
Page 8
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PACK KIGHT BLYTJIKV1LLE (AUK.) COUIUlilR NEWS Irkansans Back Bond Campaigns State's Purchases '•'< In Eight Loan Drives Totals 458 Million Harriman Apparently Doesn't Expect Trouble With Russia BY FREDERICK C. OTHMAN heard llnrrininn. Habiith sui<! con- Unfttd frfm St»H Correspondrnt ditioiis sill! v.i're .such that lie wus 'WASHINGTON, Mar, lg (UP)— postponing further licjirliigs. |{c|». P-s-5-s-s-t. If you must use the John M. Vorys of Ohio, who'd been world «t all. whlsi>cr It softly: | trying tn Bi'l Inside, foul couldn't. MONDAY, .AIAKCK f8, 19-16 .BY BOB BROWN Vnllti PITHS SUff Ccmspondrnt '•LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 18. (UP) — The patriotic and thrifty citizens of Arkansas bought more Ulan MM.000,000 In savings bonds dur- 1*1 the eight loan drives to fl- n*nce Uncle Sam's part In World W|tr II. ^Figures released here today by C.' K. Wilkerson. executive dhcc- tir of th e Arkansas Savings Bond Division, showed also that cYcn though the war Is over and the pressure of quot/} has wen afoan- 'doned, the state continues to buy bonds. 'During the January-February period of .1940, Wilkerson said, Arkansans bought $7.896,000 In bonds, $2,988,000 of which was bought last month. ;Getting off to a slow start. Arkansas participation In bond purchases gained momentum as the war progressed toward its smashing victory climax late last year. 'In the first drive, WilKcrson said, ttie state barely topped Its quota, but the second went over with a rousing 183 per ccnU The third -dropped off to 111 per cent, and the remaining five picked urj speed with the victory drive, ending Dec. 31, 1S45, going 66 per cent above its quota. . ^The state director pointed out •Iso that 10,000 persons volunteered to help in the second, while 30,000 took part, in the flnaT campaign. -The state's big year was 19*4. •when a total of $215,232.000 in ••jboiids was purchased, Wilkerson ; «iid. Then with the end of both ihc war and quotas late the next. yfenr, sales dropped to'$163,687,000. .•:'• Arkansas ranked 35th among the "states during the eight drives in 'cumulative sales, and 46th in cumu- •jitive per capita sales, Wilkerson pointed out: He added, however, "that the state's per capita sales •Were in line with its per capita "income. . Wilkerson. released these figures showing the total sales and pcr- ibentage of quotas by drives: ' First drive, $16.324,000 or 101 •ixt- cent; 2nd drive, $31,092,000 or '183 per cent; 3rd drive, $64.656,000 Or 111 per cent; 4th drive, $60,134,000 or 125'per cent; 5th drive :|6».652,000 or 124 ,pcr cent; 6th ''drive, $63,602,000 or 144 per cent fth drive $76,832,000 or 142 per •tent; atirV'Btli and final drive, $59 894.000 or 166 per cent. •Total sales by counties in the eight drives included: Afkai^ as, $11,527,000; Columbia ; »6,276,000; Garland, $10.358,000 "'Hempstead, $5,005.000; Mississippi, 'liS.SOS.OOO; Ouachita, $1,635,000; Phillips, $9,458,000; and Union $16,i |144,000. •.State Flood Control ffunds Are Approved 'LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Mar. 18. ITJ.P.)--Some $7,000,000 in appropriations for Arkansas flood con- '-irol has been approved by a Senate sub-committee in Washington, "Recce Caudle, attorney of the Ark- .jahsas; Basin .Flood Control Asso' 'tiation,- said Saturday. Caudle said Arkansas' Sen. John . -li. McClellan had informed him ;"Jtfiat the funds, including $2,0 0,000 >tor.the Bull Shoals Dam, probabl.\ "-will be approved when an appropriations bill goes before a. Senate .committee Monday. Russia. H-u-s-s-s-s-h. What's goin on? Whnt's cooking besides bortsch? And how come the rambunctious rules committee of (lie house decided to muz- le itself? And crmsc me out? And put a tough-looking cop on the door so I wouldn't try to sneak back? Hand me down my vodka bottle and I'll try lo tell you about this somewhat wild-eyed day. Before the rules committee was H. R. 4982, resolution by Hep. .Bloom of N. Y., to put the State Department in the International news business. It Is n controversial bill, all right, nnd I won't t'o into It. Nowhere does it mention Russia. So the cuptds on the ceilings of the old-fashioned committee room were leering down through the crystal chandeliers when the first witness, W. Avercll Marrlman, ex- AmbaKsador to Moscow, walked in a little early. The press was Uicre to greet him. "What ar c the Russians up t'o?" demanded a reporter. "Up to?" parried Harriman, straightening the collor of his black ambassador suit. "Well, what are you up to?" Havrlman coughe<1. He said hi: didn't knpw anything, much. "I do not, believe...," he began, when hnirman Adolph Snbath of Illi- ols paddled up, took his arm and Jropelled him into his private cil- ice. Came then Rep. Clarence Brown o[ Ohio, a member of the omniittec. "What goes?" he n.skcd "Sabath Us In there coaching Har- imaii," said an irreverent, repor- er ', ,, . ,, , "No," replied another, "Avcrell is coaching Adolph. Brown found his seal. The other commltteemen mnmc in. £o did the was -son-. He s;iid before \vc Irv liitrrclinniic information between countries, we'd boiler stun with ;i itlh 1 Intrrchnii^c. 1 of lnlorm;iliun hi:n house commitU'cs Some of lis felloe l n tried lo soothe him. Now I'll tcikc my Vodka, plraso. Qsccola Veterans fleet VFW Officers Members of Bryant-Young No. 4U85, Veteran's of Foreign Wars, ,1't Osccola lilive elected officer.*. W i, s | 1'hcy sue: commander, Fred Smith; Senior Vice Commander, Busier Driver, junior Vice Commander, Joe Appk'bnum; Quartcrmiislci. Billy Ayres; Chaplain, George Doty Hmjjt'oii, Dr. Hill Sliecldau; Trustee, Joe Rhodes, for one year; Lcs- iie "Dnklc" Speck for two years; Lcroy Owens, for three years. Many Pemiscoi Veterans Need Job Chances New Members Reported For Pawhecn 4-H Club chairman and the ex-Ambassador. There was some brief . palaver about appoint an undersecretary of Labor; then Sabath banged his K«- val, took his cigar out of his mouth nnd said: "Now what Is your pleas- Roy Worlamt, U. 8. employment, service director lor County, of cariithcrsville. Mn. spoilt to members of .the Slcr-lc notary Chilj Wednesday nli;hl on job open- Ings for Veterans, in which IIP urK- ccl every employer to list alv:il;ifol r j jobs with his office M> dial, return- I veterans and war workers may I fop rcemploycd us quickly a:> pos- i slfolc. i ' Mr. Woilaiid stated I bat at pros-. ent there Is a need fur sortie 101) jobs in Pcmlscot County foi- ihcse men and women. About 200 have been placed already, but (line are a total of 1200 i>n file who have returned home from war in addition io GOU displaced war workers. "Many of these? will go elsewhere, if we do not help them find employment at home," he continued. C. E. Campbell, district veteran contact rcpi-csnctallvc 1 . also spoke on his work, which has to do with helping velernns, disabled or not. to get into some trade or proless- slon. He discussed (lie- different phases and benefits of the C..I. Hill of Rights. The Pawheen 4-H Club held its regular monihly meeting Wednesday, lienny Melheny presided over lh ( . business session. Twenty-L'igti'- clufo members, 23 leaders, and three visitors were present. Hobble Jean Byrd, sony captain, led the i;roup In singing. lo^rgroinipK: "/ &£;. f-USST^ that ,, MO pounds pit! caplain, reported- 11; Marlin Hatcher, corn, captain, reported Many Nylons Being Sent Into Mexico PHILADELPHIA, March IB. (UPI — Some of those nylons you can't get (.ro being shipiwd to Mexico where they bring prices ranging up to $50 .'i pair, It was learned today. At least 048.000 pairs have been shipped Into Mexico during the last two weeks, it was reported. Officials at the Southwest Philadelphia Airport said CB cartons of the hose were down from there Saturday nnd at least 12 cartons, containing 2,160 pairs each, have been .shipped directly into Mexico, Most of the shipments arc consigned lo Brownsville, Dallas, Port Worth and Corpus Chrlstl, Tex., for ultimate transfer across the border, it was said. An airline employe at Dallas told automobile, they said, nnd Ihe naiiu' of the shipper was the same us the one which Appeared on a large consignment sent to Texas cities from Cleveland. Another consignment of 50 cases arrived In Philadelphia from a New York candy company, employes said, but it was not shipped because it had not been properly processed through an express agency. Shipping the nylons across the border where there are no price ceilings is perfectly legal, it was pointed" out. Authorities ut Brownsville, Tex., said they could pass border Inspection as long as Ihe proper duties were paid on them. (tic Brooks, clothing -captain; Jack 1 Morgan, poultry captain; and Mar- I ilyn Cantrcll, cookery captain. [ Miss Cora Lcc Colcman gave a demonstration on clothing and planned a mother and daughter banquet with the girls. W. O. Jln- zclbakcr gave a demonstration on seed testing. There were three new club members joining the club this month. tin llauglin, clothing captain, reported six; Hobble Jean Byrd, poultry captain, reported four; Mel- nylons were flown to Corpus Chrlstl yesterday. They were destined for sale In Mexico, he said, the terminal awaiting shipment. "They arc stacked In the seats and In the aisles," he saki Employes at the Philadelphia »lr- thc Byrd, room improvement carHaln , ,., , ., • reported eight; and Joyce Parsley! '™ m '^Vym-k " y '°" S Ci "" C cookery captain, reported two. Miss Cora Lcc Colcman gave a demonstration on home Improvement and W. O. Ha/clbakei- gave u demonstration on seed testing. Fifteen nc\v members joined the club this month. but thai most of them were manufactured in Philadelphia. One shipment was brought from New York by three men in an Demonstrations Given At Boynton 4-H Club A meeting of the Boynton •!-![ Club was held Wednesday with Jo Nell Mansell presiding. Twcnty-Uva club members, one leader and four visitors were present. To open the meeting the group sang, led by Mary Lou Parker, song captain. Reports were given by the following group captains: Jackie west, pig captain: Ehprlam Ward, call captain; Blmogenc Kendall, gardening and canning captain; Mar- Central America sends the United States an average of 18 lo 23 pounds of bananas per person por year in normal timc'.s. PHONE 551 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Chest Colds WICKS VVAPORUP To Relieve Misery Rub on Tested Kills Rats Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nut'L P»l Contra] Atfn. 115 S. Third Bt. Phone Z751 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Ti!j Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb H\vy. (it al Stale 1'liorte: lire?" He asked thai of tlic commllec- men, but before they could reply, he went on. "In view of conditions. I think w c should go Into executive session." That mennt, scrjmi, everybody but committee members. Tlic cop pushed open the door and saw to It. Then h c .stood there guarding the Joint. In about an hour;Harriman came out. He still knew nothing. Throe members of the committee did know something. A group of reporter stood around each one and by piecing together the quotes afterwards, got the Idcn that Haniman wasn't I much worried about the possibility of trouble with Russia. His theme seemed to be thnt the ^Russians iked us nnd might like UB more ii ;hey knew us better. ^ne of the committeemen said he wlshr/ oil Congress could have LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours NOW! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 South First Street &PA Investigating Halls, Tcnn. Auction MEMPHIS, Tcnn.. Mar. 18. lU —.The Olfk'c of I'ricr yxdmini.stra- llon has asked Hie War Department in WnsliliiKlon lo provide records or sales of used tin-nil lire auctioned off at the Halls. 'I'eun. Army Air Charles p. jester Jr., OPA District hlnforcement al- loruey, said Saturday. The OVA launched nn invcsli- gallon of tlic auction. Jester said, utter prospective bidders complained "a tuunbcr of Items from The port of New Orleans has the deepest harbor in the United States, and it is the only port with :«'d and green traffic .signal light*. the officers club sold far above thr ceiling price." Jester siiid the request tor records was sent lo the War Dcpart- menl after officials of the Halls base failed lo provide them. BRING YOUR ELECTRIC PROBLEMS TO US Wi: have plenty »f experienced lnilp anil ample supplies lo Rive you prumpl .si-rvk'n 1111 all your clccli'U'iil iiectts. CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SERVICE UK rirst si. riioiic I* N k- ATTENTION!!! Mr. and Mrs. Auto Owner If You Want The Highest Price For Your Car... Be Sure And Come To- Red io Sales & Service Felix A. Carney , ' 138 East Miiin Phone 3616 Sales - I'lillllp.s Itiilmisun Ben-ice - Felix Carnej FOR SALE 300 TONS GOOD ALFALFA HAY 3 Tons D & PL No. 12 $100 per ton 20 Tons D & PL No. 14 $125 per ton All Seeds Cleaned and Ceresan Treated Roseland Gin Co. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Let us figure your bill of materials or the total Contract, including labor. WALPOLE ELECTRIC CO. Roscland, Arkansas FOR SALE! 20 Bred Duroc Gilts To Farrow Soon C. KNAPPENBERGER BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. FOR SALE! Hi (i;i). Corrugated Stcol Culverts in 16" Lengths with Connecting Hands. They'ri! Lighter than Concrete, Easier to Install and Will Last a Lifetime. CALL OR WRITE— LEE WILSON & CO. Phone 18 Wilson, Ark. FARMS FOR RENT Our. 3Sfl acre f:irm, our 300 acre f;irm, one 2M acre (arm, our 97 acre f;inn. one "5 nrrc fjirm, and one 15 acre farm, all well improved, with electricity. We also want 25 SHARE CROP FAMILIES Will romplclcly srl up nnd finance, (o fiirm, a limited number ot lilrgc (nuiilics. , j s- > t - ; ^,. . ( See K. I!. Gee f'otdm Co., M;irston, Mn., Frailer, Mo. (8 mllcj west of rorlagcvlllc), and IHylhcvillc, Ark. LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Authorized HUICK Saks and Service 553 Walnut & Broadway Refrigeration Service! Phone 415 We have an Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; also Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main St, Blytheville, Ark. BONDED AND INSURED 24-Hour TAII SERVICE CALL 968 Bill Wundcrlich Ruihoud Street — Hear Robinson's Drug Store Ba on the safe sido—don't let the lack oi accessories keep you from "playing hall" with food production. Better check up on chaina, grease guns, filter elements and other accessories BO you can "stay in the game." If you need supplies, come in and see us. We wani to help you "PLAY SAFEI" Headquarters for Genuine IH Part* DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blythevilie, Ark. Cash Buyers for Property! [Mil you ever notice that In m.v ads I not only give ym: the DOWN I'AYMKNT nn the properly, but also Hie c\ae( amount you arc to pay. You know (hc price before yon consult me. A food way to ailvcr- lisc. List your property with me. My commission Ij 5f- r , H.C.CAMPBELL OiTicc: 120 S. 2ntl St. Phones -1-1G or 2930 Radio Service | "rig" Anjcl Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler Washer & Ironcr Service Tbilip Frel Vacuum Cleuncis. Fans, Irons nnd Small Appliances He- paired. hy jumper :s^-iups U.iby walkcry atui ^rollers Pyrex glassware houscholrt waxes and cleaner—cutlery. Phonograph records and accessories. Fans—attic, window, pedestal, and table types. Adams Appliance Co, Inc. J. W. Adams, StRr. Successors to Hardaway Appliance Co., Inc I'hone 2071 20G-OS West Jlain WASH TUBES BY LKSUE TURNER I'ri.soncrs in Their Home JL'IKIEiWKO LOOKED AFTER. T YOU VVEEE SMART EVA FOK THE TWO VEAKS / ?NOb'5H TO FISURE WLLOWIMS TH5 KIDNAPING 5 : OUT EVEESfHINS ELSE' ... ANOTWi? V£A% AFTeE IULKIE TOOK OVER OK HOME AS A HIDEOUS MLK DROVE IM LATE ONE NI6HL WITH FIVc-VE«-f» O EVA 5AS50f r* THAT WAS 14 S'EAES VES...WE REFUSED TO AID IN kEEPINS- THE CHILD FEOW WEE PARENTS. BUT PEKJRE we COULD NOflFV POLICE, JULKIE LOCMcD UP AW WIFE....WARNED HE'D KILL HE2 AT THE FIRST t:\OVS TO CAPTURE HIM.. AFTEE THAT I DlDM'T DACE.... MRS. BLEcKE STOPPED LEAVIN5 THE HOUSE.,. NOIV fkSUEf- THAT our. TOO • n;)itii\i' on Death BY FRED HARMAH ;\z, 5, 15 TO PND T^iT WHEN RED RYDER LEAVES THE G*»:P, LUKE RELEASES MELROT3 THIS LEDGE BRi^KS O?r- TrtE SHERIFF, R'JBY

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