The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1933 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1933
Page 3
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER ir>, BLmEVU.LE, (AM.) COURIER NKW8 PAGE HVE CiAssiHiD SECTION - CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION t>«t!y rate per juae' ror coiisccu- Uve, Insertions: •• : 'Vou can buy :i homo in lllyllv;-1 vllli! on immlhlv iilbUlllllv."ll.s [ 1 „, on •^^•^^^ n S^T^^X^^^^ t « 1 L-SS lluui ii Is reiiling for. I'll hi; ijkul u> tell yo-.i how. K. M. TI'.flUY, Aji'llt rhone un or 3-iii flu kl.i WANT l,AN'D-\Vc have buyers for Cur lleallliy Dues frnl Miller's Rations ,t <!uick l.nnch UUIillAUn HAIWmVAKE CO. llcklO-11 KOlTuKNT 2-inoin Funiislicd iipartinen!, 1(W Walnut St. Mits Klise Moore. Otie time per line JOci COMPANY. Two times per Uiie per day Me _ Thi(* tirnei per liue per d»y 06c| I)0(,S, '"' "Bin Umea per llo* per d»y .. OJe Uoplh r»te per line •••••••• «» i. MM m " m charge (Oo iito" Ordered lor ihree or rii Uine» »nd stopped before expiration will be charged tor tUe 'number ol times the »d appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy •ubrnltted by persons residing oul- ildc of Ino city must be accompanied by 'cash. Rates may be Jutly computed Irom above table. No responsiDlllty will be taken lor more than one Incorrect Ui- •crlloii or any classified ad. Advertising ordered lor Irregular insertions take the one time rate. Phone.300 or 307 . Mountain Climbing Club name— "Why Is it a ami wiiii LI n.iir,i'| . like yours liens " I'oliiv Jud-:i-rilbl)51 JJAN 1-'HANC1SCO .. . ..-•Xwl when .Thrill \ aivukm':! ^ V , |I1CC is ., ,,, L > m ucr of tlie Sierra on u vagrancy chai.v. i CMl _ O ..g,i n | zi itlmi of hurdy motin- "Juclgo, 1 dldn'i 1 LIU- L'.n\lhiin;' - •• - . . ~.. i.... to ilo ttitll gi'ttiiiii thK iMinr," •Unlit replied. And thai was I'.M: . ulM-cllm but he never Bulletin, met published In 1893. "It's n funny thiiiR but every time Hie inibllcalloii of the bul- lolln di!iii|;oil prlntshoits, I did too. i nlMiys ko])l up with U," he '' lloil 'l t lllllk I'll '1° n "V mouii- hiuii 1 "'" climbing I his late in tin; same Sick SiberUn "Giant*" Need Aid of Soviet in n CiiM» iw'.i- Thrift threi 1 hours lo lind fcriui.T p.'.Miuvs mil- sliic Fresno. lain IWiU'ii 1 Hi si stiirtcil lo ri'iul proof Vance has ivuil i.uom. moiinl»ln on Sierra Bulletins I wondered climbers slondllv for -id yours. He's «''« eiijoynieiu (lu- members got V.HIII^I^ .,11.1 . j ,,,..,. rifini liiliAr IKY im n^nn^l^lim vlKll- pinofrrntU'r Slfrra Ku/nutFk inn'.v ' nrc rc- fi'l»«l ly in Sovlrt piii'lnnro ns "giants." The comntlssnr fciiml Hint Hie uliiiits wine iilltng nnd iliil not MOSCOW iUI')-Sick glnnts nvr jwiupi-l to miiko bis liniliua.! imbllc. •ttiiitlng drastic medicines out till "'' reiwrlrxl lluil tin- conslrlic- Blbi'i-la. llic Commbisar IiHluslry, Gregovy On*Bank Board I'RONT ISEDUOOM svllll hi'Llt. 1037 W. Waliuil, Mis. U. S. jj.jv;ii.-s. 5c klO-S I-'URNISHEU D room apartment, 1013 W. Wiiliuil. Call CJa-W. MODERN 1-iiri'ishcd li-reoni h'll;- urban homi? on hipliv/ay, rc;isoii- iible. "X", Couiii.'! News. 14p k!8 a-!tOO,M FURNISIIEU Ap.irtlllL'llt, complete vvilli e^i'i'B 1 -'. Hi's. Ucllc Wood, phone 785-J :itler 0 P. M- He ki« lyrwwrlting aud Adding | r-QR RENT—Fin nishei! licriroBi^i Spencer Corsetierc Mr's. 3. i. l>av>s. I'hone | ;1 ' iOc kO-J G. . Blytlicville's cut rale undertaker Mr <;. Rny GOOD FOUR KOOM HOUSE. E K. Jackson, Phone (JQ. Ilukl3 FURNISHED "AI>AHTMENT. ioa West Kentucky, [ilior.c 083. DcklO. FRONT BEDROOM with heat, Have your s«d B iack F»ll clothr. made and ether "v Hy fur 8S5.1KSS <^^: iSffl For • Quality Cleaning Phore 180 Barnes NuWa O 10:!7 W. Barnes. • Walnut, Mrs. n. „ :n jirrti-oom, prelcrablj [or man, furnace heat. 514 Main Phone 98. 5eklC-i STORE HUILHISG and residence combined with complete fixtures for meat and Groceries, G-IO S. Lane See Dr. J. A. Saliba. ICckt SPOUTING GOODS We are continuing our Golf .Ball Sale OBer-Comc in and inquire .about It. Hubbara Hardware• ui_ "'"' UAB1O SERVICB_^_ "EXPERT KADIO SEKVICIN<; I'cst Equipped Shop in Blylhevill SUDBWKY - 2p bedroom for tner close in. Mre. M. T. Moon. Cal ;-,5-\V. 23c h9-2 Blnilrrn 3 rimm furnisliiMl or 1111 furnished aiiarlniriits, newly dec nvatcd, over Kirby Tlfu?. Co. Als bturu liuiiiliiiff-atiiiliinn!: Hoxy The ati-r. K Simon, 120. W. Davis. Ca ONE or two roums on North Knilrnad street suitable for tolton offices Will lix to suit tciuuU on lease. Apply Couriei New. 1 ', ti|) mouutiilns, rlfifc iiii; llielr lives. " aftrrwiiiciK i tot Interested mill now I (htnk I run nppredale tlie (lirill o( roii(|iier!ni) liclnht*." Lung iiiio Vinict. 1 . now 8a. was iiiucic nn lionomry incinbrr of Hie Klci ru Club. ot Iliul enormous mis labur KCI\! Ill and 1ms reported lo ills collcnuni'.s In tlie Kremlin niter un esten-olvii lour. 'The enormous iiii'lulhirijlc-iil on- (erjulses built lu MngiiHosorsk uiul OUU BOAKD1NG HOUSE mm rXun; engngcd tlicre. Commissar Ord7.Iioiill(irt« described liouslns uiiil fetdlijg condlllo:i£ as on nil in- cxciisaUy. low level. TOl'PENBH, Wnsli. (UP)—Oln and Incllniui don't, mix, Louis O. Mcller ol Denver, chief Inspector In/ llic Indiiin service, said wlille urn- of tile west .sides ol the met- on mi Inspection tour here. He alanls Is 11)0 everyday lite|«it<l thnt M per cent ol nil crimes u[ ihi< hnnJivili uf llioiisiind.s ofihy Imllnns were causedjiy^quor. By AJiern llettliiivcn liecamc ileaf at Ilio ili;s al TWKNTV-SKVISN Alcoliol is derived from tlie AHAIIIC. The type of liarii sliow* lias been 'in use since )S10. JlH)li««rr Illlilr In Munruin [ P1,YMOUTII, Mass. lUl')—One ] cl thr newest ircusuiTil additions t« (lie collection of relics pos sc.sscd by the iMlijrlm Society a. i I'lyimnilh Is a Bible which ciime I over on llic Mayflower. Known us I ilie 'Iliomns lilbic, II was willed to I :t:v Society by tile lute Eiiwiirii I 11. Miino. ol IiCwUlon, Me., and Uiiint Rock, u illsUint rulnllvo of President Hooscvelt. Courier n -\vs Warn. Ada Pay. I-:. G. nemicu. .ilKive, of O^ilcn. Ulali, cat/.k-rurui iiiui vice prc^i- tlelil. of n chain of ?S ^L'^tt'in liankf. lias liccn ai'i'ointcil by rrc-<iiioi!i Uoosi'viit in h'orve- \vidi fjonipncilln °i Ciirieiicv James V. T O'Connor am! Wul- iliroctcir of Hie new Vedc-ral ne- pnuii Insiirancf CoiTOratlnr;. It will liaiiilk' llic insulins of iiani. ^ejiosits. HaroIJ Slernbcrg Manager There ;irt' It'n Kuml reasons why StcniliiTj: (Uns Shnnlrl Hiuidlc Vdlir (.'n|Inn No. 5—Ctinlinuons ))iiyin|? and K:'"- ninjf I'vi-ry month in tht. 1 yenr. The Slernln-'iK (iins handle late had col- ton, (ii'u- us it thiini-i! on your e:irly k'ood cullnn. GIN WELL ; HOOPI-t.,\F T\\ PARROT WOM'T TALK, I T1-\INK VED ( "BETTER BE WTER 61VIN V- m' LADV HER^ I?- BACK? SURE, IT ONW STANDS TO 'RtKSON SHE BOU&HT Tl-\' VARP.QT TOR ' PURPOStS.SAMB AS VERY Wi:LV.,N\AUfxw\, • i, Tl.L RETURM YOUR MOMtY?— BU'V I / DEGREE, ASSURE YOU, -\ Wt { COPPtH PARROT !•=> A 60OD J<ER-\F VQU "V BUT GAVE IT CHANCE? \Ai_^irs> rut^njc3ii-s ; ^>jii»ii- t^if -^ •• ^ CH/XNC--t; S I V >MIXI^I,' VED EXPECT t\ \<ANGW^OO^-y' |T CWT J NOW, DOM*T A TALK TO sJUM,'P.< ? . ^ J r EVESi&W/ M\c,nMnE.R<;TANti ft / i^-^— ^ \s v\\ O. ;«)UTS AMJ HKU IHJDD1ES P MAttOONKl)! Carload of Wagnns yet Our Prices First Byrurti I'roducc Co. Across rrom 1-csl °™ BA.TTERIES NEW FORD BATTERIES Rcntal-nccliarBius-Repairins TIRE & BATTERY STATION For Trompt Battery Scrvirc Phone 8 B C " c " mc AUTOMOTIVE Day fc Nisli', Service Station Complete Line Shell Products Repair Work at Any Time Phone 605 Milton SI embers. 13c klC-l IAKGEST STOCK l!SE!> PART BeU'ccii Memphis and St. I^in Also Au!o Glass — Plionc 66 JACKSON AXJTO TARTS CO. 2c klO- kltraclivc liwlrooiu.s fur yuuiig men, 518 W. Main. Call BOD. liickJ-lC I . liT-banic's garagi; ami builditi; suitable fir gr.iin, coat or beer turagv. Frisco siflint;. Stcnilieri; Cottun Co. Call 31. ISc-klS WO Nictlv Furnished Bedrooms Mrs. Ed Hariiin, 1017 Walnut. 21c M-V!! WAN'l'lil) TO IIIOHKS'l' PIIICES pjld for tin's. inner lubes, iron, mctnls, inn^a- *incs. iiides. cars to wreck. Woit Arian, 128 E. Main, Pi:one 116. OcklO-5 CORN WANTF.I1 MARILYN HATCHERY ALIj KINUH Men. Women am children's u?ed clo'.hins and shoes. Highest cash price. Lci ton's. 320 E. Main. OcklO-? WANTED WASH TUHBS I--001/S COLIU By Cum & ~3£& t&t : ^ BUILD BED ..THAWIMG THE FROZEM GRAVE AND PANWING n FOR &OLO. • ^ •' J2>UT WVTtt OlSCOURfiGl»4<J RESULTS ?HEU,ON6 DW \MASH COhAES IM, ' UHLO WITH EV.CITEHEMT. I'VE FOUNDAllATFULl WE'RE RICH.' Aulfl Glass All Kinds Installed Tbc Ark-JIo Lumlwr Cr>. 10cklO-\0 Slorane rooiii. must be wi and rcafonab'.c. Mrs.., ,ne 300 or 2^^-J. Norris. Rcrt's rlaro— 1!8 F,. Main Call 308 for Auto Tainiin Body and Fender Service Formcrlj- with Sliousc-I.ltllc RUSSELL ANDERSON In charsr Chrj'slc.r Garage Work. Guaranteed on j<ny make car New. .Van Norman Knrinp Machine ' Phone 8S8. FOR SALE CAFK. ins N. Second St. On ic count, of sickness v;ry reason iWc. ISP 1=2 WANTED — bv lady, two vacant rooms for lidit housckcniitKx. i!c- •sirnhle neigliljorl'.ood. I'honc ^M. 15pkl9. IHiSINKSS WANTKD Young man sir.sie. v.-ith S300 ens!:. to invest in small baj'.nr-si. What have you? Stale lull particulars in first icltcr. Bo:-: AB. Co'.iricr. 12|iV.lS Heads Beer and Liquor Dealers GENTLE PONY, new sadrilc. har- r.ess. nibber tired carl, very cheap. G. A. HoWnson. Osceoln. Plicne 320 or Earl Quinu 156 REAL ESTATE 10 acres I milo nf niythrville on hard road. $3,010. Nice residence, with elec.lrir lights in ail buildings. Part cash, balance !ong lime lonn 21 acres Barfield road. I 1 : mile.', f.iit Price $1.800. Kasy lerms. 60 acros, 5 miles of S'.celc. Mo. $2 MO «' acres, 'i mile of Blytlicville. Sl.OOO. 320 acres..': mll<! off of fil hish- vay. Wonderful Iraet. SSO prr acre. 4(i .acre-s adjoining No. 9 plantation. $15 per a" 0 We have anything you miaht want. THOMAS LAND COMPANY 15c k!9 JnjELL, IT'SENCtXIRftl? IIMG TO FIHO SOUE- „ THAT AT LEtfiT i-yiOKS LIKE GOLD. JUST AS T TH CXIGHT— IROM PVWTE. CRUSHES TO POWD6P. UNDER ^ GOLD MASHES FLAT. SAl.KSMAN SAM HOW OLD IS SAM 1 .' Morsup.e ABOUT, BOSS! \=, THERE ft MS P,GS. To KRKCKI.KS AND HIS FKIENDS GETTING HOT! SMALL ACO'J Y£5>-WE THOUGHT PERHAPS YOU COULD HELP U5 FIHD THE PE.R60M Wi J .0 POISONED ooe>, POODLE! r-r-7. ""'? ME? 1 WISH I COULD-BUT WHW COULD I OO ? ? 1 WOULDN'T KMOW WHERE TO STM51L Tliat rc-ucaiing saillc tclouga 10 i'aul E. Burke, ol lialtlniore. uew- ly elected prasWiMit o! the 1). S. AisoclatlOQ ot Beer ncd .Liquor tf: [ ALL VOU HWE. TO DO, MR. 5HULTZ1, ^ JUST | 'TELL US WHO BOUGHT PORK CHOPS FROM VOU IM THE. f OORTH WEEK OF NJ6U3T.' WHV, MV PORK BU5IMES5 WA5 MO GOOD LAST MOlTlM — PEOPLE. DON'T 5EEW TO EAT VERY MUCH PORK IM HOT WEWHER.- ^EBCOV k'.U3T EO^HT 30'AE- GOT SICK EATING A, PORK CHOP THW SOMEOME POISOMED POODLE. Vfuit' \. ,. I JU5T HAPPENED TO P.EMEWBER THW THE HUFF HOTEL CALLED UP FOR Ml QRCEP. OF PORK CHOP& LAST

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