The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1933
Page 2
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U FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1933 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE I New York Notables Rally in romhat Official Clos- iup. Order. Bow New Yorkers Dine Out of Doors m .itu.iA . NEW YORK. Sent. 15. — Till •Rav.-.-thc-fitdewalk-Cale" campai°i ifu- has focsun to assume nation il oropoi'tlons. ' tin. onlv do Interested New ^'rkerF want in insuie for Ihem '.t-lvcs the privilcie of dininvr out .11 the open, in Parisian manner. ;'(•• • other vears. But thev feel IhiU, is goe« New Yoik on the subject, •n will go l ' u ' "ation. Save tho li'le-walk cafes, thev figure, and I'-hon warm weather comc.s hun- licds of similar e.ifes will spring 'ID nil over America to Introduce mensurable, lie-all hv. romantic "vav io soend some of tins N. R. A. 1 cliiirc. i. Letters from nil over America to cawnniun committee Drove the ''ntcrcst that the nation has in this I ;ub|ect. Prom Boston, whicli boasts | 'rvtral sidewalk cafes, have come lozens of telegrams and letters ;rcm individuals who. once learn- thc pleasures of sitting out- 1 loors quietly and watching the vorld so by, feel slronclv against I •lov; York's sidewalk cafes being teal up". i The rmht stalled here when five I jutcwalk cafes in lower Fiftli Ave- and Greenwich Village ^ot | cgal notices issued by Borough 'resident Samuel Levy, ordering hem to remove their tables and I -hairs from the sidewalks by Oc- ober 1. on the ground; lliat they I vere "obstructions and encum- [ irunces." Assemblyman Herbert Brownell. I Iv.. who Is A Greenwich Villager. Volunteered his services lo defend | : he sidewalk cafes. Firsl. he dc- iiaudcd legitimate reasons from ihe Borough President for having ssucd t'ic notice. lie got vague [ inswcrs. he asserts, such as ''an :nyinous persons asked thai they :e closed up." . , j • •—H Browncl! states that il ,C(-ms curious lo him that Samue =/>vv should issue such an order rtien Levy is an owner of Chatt 'ism Walk, the snootiest sidewalk I rnfn in New York, which happens ;o be out in a narking space own by the Hotel Chatham and sc •••I.) not. e.ome under this order J Brownell has organized a eom f :lttee to combat the closinpr or H*M'wonri Hroiin. Doroth r. C-eorpn .lean Nnthan. Tony I 'nrs. John Sloan, Hendrik van ] .0011. Inez Haynes Irwin and oth- celcbrated New Yorkers have nllird enthusiastically to the de- ense. even sleiiifviue Iheir willing- sr to take Ibe sidewalk soap box defense of the sidewalk cafe. JOIN DEFENSE doom oi s'.,-_°\vuiK cares, like the one pictured above, in Man- .altan. But It won't affect out- ,oor restaurant.'; like the Chai- lam Wnlks (at right), which hap- icns to be situated in a parking- pace Instead of on a sidewalk ind also liap[)ens to be owned at cast partly by Borough President Levy of Manhattan. road yards. We lack color in our New York life. Sidewalk cafes in- ! troduce il." Nathan Straus, Pres-1 idem of the Pur Association of 1 New York, starts off defending the sidewalk cafes for their healthy zest niul ends by quoting poetry. Inez Haynes Irwin deplores that, just as Americans have be«un (o rn something about tiie simple pleasures of living from Continentals, the city government steps in. The concensus of opinion through the Village is that sidewalk cafes express tlie section's spirit more than any one other thing could, that to abolish them ro- now means eliminating the munce, the color, the simple living that they bring. joy Missouri Turkey Farm Will Stock Wood? With Birds Tlie Washington Square Associ- tion' composed of conservative. Id First Families who still live , n , brownslonc mansions facing , Vashlnglon Square, ha.s lined tip he'lp defend the cares. Aparl- I irnf owners and store kcrpcrs in he Ulcinitv have followed suit, tatin'e that these sidewalk • cafes I lave increased business. Hundreds f isolated persons have signed ptltions to have the notice re- oked. girls and 'bovs who have | aten outdoors and loved it, tired usiness men who found plrits revived by sitting in side| ralk cafes, mothers of families >lio have enjoyed one eala evening t the Brevoort or Lonschnmps | idewalk cafes on lower Fifth Avc- uo. One e":'rd cnmr: to Brownell PATTERSON, Mo.. Sept. 15 (UP) —The largest wild turkey farm in ihe-world- 1 Is to be established at Sam -A. Baker Slate Park near here If pans of Wilbur Buford, Missouri fish and game commissioner, arc carried out. The plant will be known as the Mudlick Preserve, according to Buford. In it will be centered all aioimd in circles a minute. Then he iieadcd straight for the office of Di. J. B. Cheshire, veterinarian, Ihree blocks away. The veterinarian was cut, so Jiggs sai down lo wait. When Dr. Cheshire returned, he Made Mushroom King CLAR1ON. la. blindness finally (UP) — When forced George patted the dog. but found wrong. Jiggs. satisfied with the of- nolhiu" 1 Ijl ' cw ' i> retirement (rom a job with a ficial verdict that he was all right, trotted back home. Holland News Notes the Chicago Great Western liail- the slate's wild turkey producing phis last week. vay Company, he bcciuiu 1 ClamnV- "mushroom king." 1'nysicians at I tie nines Vel'T- ans' hospital in Chicago informed Drew he must, "humor" his falling eyes by continually staying in dark- Mr, and Mrs. Boss Samfcrd at- ened rooms, tended the Tri-State fair at Mem- | Thus he was automatically c-!i- projects, and hatching Mi'nnav. Tndian Trail units at Miss Sarah Smdefur returned lo and Big her home at Memphis Monday fol- Spring Stale Parks will be discou- lowing a two weeks visit here willi tlnued. Sixty brooder bouses, runways. field range, laboratory and power plant will comprise the Mudlick equipment, according to present plans. It requires twelve weeks to acclimate the turkey chicks to tree roosting and life in the hills, according to Buford. and a schedule for "training" has been worked out Mr. and Mr.,. Tom Shelton. Orville Ricms was tt;c guesl of Ins grandfather, G. L. McDonnell minuted from his o!d iiosilicn with the railroad. So the Drew tegan n search for methods of making a living. Eventually he inquired into (.lie procedure growing miiiluccius an:: found that they (hri\u:l in dark. of Dell. Ark., last week-end. I damp quarters. He started sfvcrji Mrs. Middle Stivers left Monday beds nnd now has developed a good for Dyersburg. Tenn.. where her mother is critically ill. Rev. E. G. Slephcnson. puslor of tlie Baptist church, lias returned from Cape Girardeau. where tie received hospital treatment. His con- so that the ch!ck s will be able to dition is improved their i akcl , Crll ' C ° f lhcmselvps a ' lcl bc l The schools of (be Holland con- l »P" I forced to retain their wildness at j S0 ]idated district will dismiss next ic end of that time. I week for , „,,., toUo|1 ick . nuford estimates the state willl ;„„ i, olfri . v ^ able to produce 10,000 birds ai '- '*' :ar for stocking purposes. business. Wrist KniiKed Sin!;;.' S1LVERTON. On-. >UPi-Cnrl Schusicr thrust hi; hand bush nnd drew it out—a thrce- I foot snake hanging from the wrist .by its fangs. He suffered no ill effects. | rom nn old lady who describes ns a "New Yorker. 82 years Id," who. from buws as she rode v. hns watched folks enjoying lemselves in these sidewalk cafes nd thinks it would be a shnme tnke away such simple, com- lendoble pleasure. To date. New York has 20 side- •alk cafes, a majority of them in , Village. F.very cafe manager fo has one reports increased lr»ss t!trcu»h them and n nec- increase In hiring wallers. | :oks. dishv:nshers. Jean Barrerc. innn^er of Ihe Brevoort Hotel 'ho put ovt the first sidewalk cafe i New York, states that they have I 'veraged more than 500 guests an I i-pnlnt. IAP LEGAL FIGHT I, Brownell's fi 1-5L.- legal step was ,secure a hearing before the ommlMlon of Public Works. " prove, first. . Hint sidewalk ifes ore on obstruction." ho stat- 1. "To date, nil sidewalk cafes | re located on only the wide side- nlks. With tables, chairs and reenery. none of tlwni extends | -rther mil onto Ihe sidewalk thai' oilier buildings' steps or fa- ides a'.ong the street. Tlic Brc- Krt. (or inslnnce. doesn't extend I > far nut onto the sidewalk atom Iflli Avenue a s does Ilic Mark wain house flops, at the corner "If the city wants to go Inti ic subject of sidewalk obslruc ons, they might lake up the ernes on of newsstands, sidewalk vend I -s, and the unpleasant habit o avlng ashes and garbage can i the curb. I feel confident lha "1th Ihe valiant support of sc nny hundreds of Interested per ••is* we will win." i OR "THE DEFENSE"— Notables in NEW York gro' I Tic in their defense of sidewalk I \fes. George Jean Nathan says, sidewalk cafes arc a note- of in a city suffering from of dullness." Jean Barrere, revoorl manager. ya\nls out: Dur waterfront has been turned ito factories, ashcnns and rail- recent closing order may spell peaks on Holy Spirit Miss Minnie Lester is recovering from an attack of malaria winch has confined her to her bed for a week. . \i * r> • i j C. L. Morse of Chicago is heie at Nazarene KeVIVal ] visiting Clinord Correll and nssU-, -- | ing him in the sale ot electrical I Using ns his subject. "The Holy j pianos. pirit". the Rev. J. E. Gaar. who! Miss Marjorie Edwards returr.ed s conducting revival services at Sunday to Houston. Miss., where he Church of the Nazarene this she is employed as a beauty opera- delivered a iwwerful sermon tor. following two weeks "vacation o an appreciative audience Thurs- : here with her parents. Mr. and .Mrs. day night. First he spoke of the'jack Edwards i Deity of the Holy Spirit, showing j M^ M i] ( i re( i Edwards left Mon- hat He was as much God as the day to enter Holy Angels academy i r alher \vas. tticn he touched u[K)n ' at Jonesboro ' ' Women's Useless Suffering No woman ts better off for having put up with physical patn, cramps, nervousness at monthly times if CARDUI would have prevented her suffering. CARDUI has relieved thousand" of women by building up their resistance. he fact that He Is omnipotent.'-^— all power, and can accom- To Insure Your Cotton Call im Caii-dill's Agency GI:NI:KAI, IXSUKANIK llXi North liroadwav plish (hat which He was sent to iccomplish. | Hilman Barnard is leading thei singing. I These services are. held each evening 7:30 o'clock. i The public is cordially invited. Dog, Run Over by Car, Goes to Doctor's Office! HOPKINS. MO., Sept. la (UP)— Jiggs is a dog, but he knows things, He was doxing peacefully on the approach to the filling station operated here by Ills master. Frank DeWitt. when he was run over by a motor car. Tlie automobile passed over hts neck. Temporarily dazed, Jiggs ran Notice To Tax PIGGLY WIGGLY MKCSEW Special For Friday, Saturday and Monday KROGER STORE California Valen- cias Size 288's Dozen lOc isma'trn* Hi'd Triumphs i n ! iinll I'oiiiid Ciiimln CluK K\ li';l Fancy I'mil. Ik'itxy S.vnt|i. I.arj;i' 'i'/i Can us-iiAavifrafrj Stokeley's No. 2 can, 2 for ttssa- •^ | Peaches ('. (.. Sliced lit ~ SI tiffed or .fur Butter i; llmtik uiind ' Wl * IMC 'l'l«n«iwiiii Sited- k'.ss. IJ». EGGPLANT '"t- Vino Kim-iifil <JinRCr i.h. " r .O Anirtl I-'Hinl. Ku. KuiH'.v I.h. 4 n Hiintiim »r White. .H«.ONIONS COUUllio l't"iks!""l.l). WESCO'TEA ^lii, Uihii-r JriK|i, Tendtr Slalks, .Ka. PRUNES Fresh I.I TniniUo. JJnrluiru 4^ Ann. Can 4, CANDY rillows PflRK ruHn id-ox, c. c. rc J ! 666 I-iqi'id. Tnb!cLs. Salve. Nose Drop-.: Checks Malaria In 3 days, Colrt- lir:t rtay, Hcar°.iches or Ncuraliila in 30 minutes. Fine Laxative and Tonic Most Speedy Remedies Knonn HEMORRHOIDS (Piles) cured without the krjft. Skin cancer, varicoscd ?cins, tonsils removes) non-surglcally. DRS. NIES and N1ES Office 514 Main Phone 98 The Connly Jndgo :ias tuiUinri^i'd mo to ;ic- cept paymciil of jiersoiiiil pvoixi: ly tiixc-s witlunst IKiially or custs up to and indiutiiij.' Odoliyv 15th. ' After thai thy list will !:<• put in tlic hands of dclimiufci'.l tax colloctnrs \vilii in.-it ructions to fell the proircrty if ncce-:-.ii'y In coliucl, and, tif course, the penally and costs will then bo added. \Vc are positively froing to colln-l Ihpsn taxes. Pay' now ami avoid trouble and expense. You may also pay your real prcpovh- iax wilhout penalty at any lime prior \-> Octohcr 15th. . Clarence H. Wilson, Sheriff and Collector. 22-07.. I.oaf - - Ilk' IT-ii/.. Kyu - - - UK' IT-o/. V.'holc Wlieat' Each lOc VINEGAR (iallmi .Iti^ Eacli 22c aBMBBBmnm HOMINY 1!>W Pure Lard H: Silver Wedding 24-lb. Sack lU'sl I'ri'iim > by Quaker Out Co. 2-1 round Siu'k Fresh Eggs doz. 17c p. & c.. SOAP White Niiphlhn 10 Bars 27c TUNA FISH Mission Itritml 2 Cans 25c APPLE 'WESSON Oil GELATINE " K f (5. Kalmore l,t>. FRIJIT JARS Qts i.,S eB 6f AIT1>K Avoiidulc ICC I .KB. 2'/j CanlJ COFFEE MILR C. C. »r l.iliby LUC. (ic; Small SALMON. KRSS"^ 15° MOTOR OH, ! "S 29- SOD/V WATER U-o/.. Untile SNOW DRIFT ,ak 69 L MUSTARD RICE ' •'iincy ISIuu Hose 10 K KAKINC rOWDKK 1QC 2r>-0x. Cun 1«J . SARDINES Amtri c : ;::, 4 C Bacon "^lllc Salt Meat £H 6c Beef Roast z:5c Pork Hams 1 lie Hams Swift's Circle (S) Picnics. Guaranteed Not Snllv. I ID 5 l,l>. Av. Eitch 49c Pork Roast ~ lOc Pure Lard i 6!c Bacon Sninkeil Hy !hc IMecc I'dimc! lOlc Pork Steak i; 14, Shoulders ^ Whole I'icrc i t Pork. I'Yesh I'oiind Sausage 10(1';. I'ure 1'onnd Spare Ribs Spring Chickens Full Dressed Ib. 17!c Cich nbll Spanish Mackerel, Catfish' Tender Loin Trout, Red Snapper, Buffalo and All Kinds of Fish

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