Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana on June 11, 1941 · Page 10
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Greensburg Daily News from Greensburg, Indiana · Page 10

Greensburg, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1941
Page 10
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GREENSBUEG (IND.) DAILY NEWS GreensbttrfT Daily News I'm O Mmrafaycr PubJUbea Dally Except Uunflay and certain holiday* at the Dally News Building, corner Main and Broadway, toy •die Oreenaburg Hews Publishing Company. liutber't). Kradea... President E. J. Hancock..Vice-Pres. and Manager Walter B. Iiowe... .Secretary-Treasurer William H. Winttn....Mechanical Supt. Entered in the PoBtoftlce at Grecns- iburg. Ind.. at «econd-claa» matter. I'ubllshern representative. Scbeerer it Co." 35 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, and 415 I<e3dngton avenue. New York. Merijbor of luiL'ima League of Home Dallies. GreenBburg Daily News. Est. Jan. 1, ISM Oreensburg Standard Est. 1835 ~ - "Review Est. 1870 ly News, Jan. 1, »18 Greensburg Daily Revie' CbnsfflldiitiNl'in' TJnHy We ' SUBSCRIPTION BATES By Carrier' in City, per week $0.12 By Mall <lnride the state) per year in advance ...' 4.00 «lx Months ., : 2.00 Per Month .40 By Mall (oulslde the state) per Tear In aiOnuice 5.00 Six Months 2.50 ! By Mail (west of Colo.) per year In advance 6.00 Hall •nbaeription* caimot be accepted fa towns where we hare carrier de- Uwery- STAMP EXPERT Sworn Circulation April 1, 1941 367S ALLIES BEAT (Continued from Face One) being massed in Bulgaria for a drive on Syria. British planes blasted Brest on the French coast, hoping to styihp the Nazi cruiser Prinz Eugen which eluded them when the Bismarck was trapped. German planes bombed South Wales. In the United States the government was still waiting for further details of the sinking of (the American merchant steamer Jlobin Moor in the South Atlantic. More Presidential Power Authoritative quarters in (Continued from 'Pace One) England last year were abaa- doned, the speaker pointed out. Since the first postage stamp was introduced in America in 1847, plans are ^already under way to observe the centennial in this country in 1947. An interesting story of Abraham Lincoln, which transpired during his career as postmaster of fee New Salem postoffice, was told by the speaker who pointed out fee honesty of the Civil war president in walking several miles to make a rebate on a letter carrying too much postage. Taken from several collections in Indianapolis, Mr. Williams had wife him a group of stamps, valued at several hundred dollars, which he passed around for the group to inspect. One of fee most interesting exr hibits was a letter carried around fee world on fee first flight of the Graf Zeppelin. Estimates have placed the number of stamp collectors in fee United States at about ten million, Mr. Williams stated as he pointed out fee many ways in which the postal authorities assist them to obtain stamps issued for .commemorative purposes. Announcement was made of fee schedule for" next week when fee club will journey to Milroy on Monday night for a meeting with the Rushville and Shelbyville clubs and for Tuesday evening when fee Greensburg Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club and Kiwanis Club will meet in the Y. M. C. A. An appeal on behalf of the United Service Organizations Washington said fee United £>tates will take a grave view of the incident if it should be ascertained that a German or Italian vessel sank the ship. At the same time it appeared ,certain that Congress would enact into law within one week legislation empowering President Roosevelt to take over strike-bound defense plants. This would serve to ratify the president's seizure of fee North American aviation plant and assure him of congressional back- jing future seizures. In loving remembrance of The president himself made it my dear husband, Nimrod D. plain there will be other plant i Wolfe, who passed away 21 was made before the club Tom Downey, city U. S. O. chairman. Guests at fee meeting were Kenneth N. Rinker, local stamp collector, and Garnett Craig. Grace before fee meal was invoked by Paul Alexander. Group singing was led by the Rev. Alfred Roman, with Mrs. John L. Turner as pianist. IN MEMORIAM seizures if defense strikes continue. This warning found 11 years ago today, June 11. It is lonesome here without you huge aluminum plants idle ow- I , And sad and weary the way. ing to CIO strikes, despite official warnings that the disputes threaten to shut down 90 -per cent jojf the /country's airplane, tank and gun production. . Life has not been the same Since you were called away, j' niisgpij by wife, MRS. MAG WOLFE. " 138 1 c SEE OCR FINE SELECTION OF HANGING BASKETS. ALSO A FINE STOCK OF BEAUTIFUL BLOOMING PLANTS FOR FLOWER BOXES, BEDS. HENNINGSEN'S At last Rite* for Ex-Kai This picture, a radiophoto from Berlin, was taken during funeral services for fee former Kaiser Wilhetn of Germany, who died at fee age of 82 at Doom, Holland, where he had been living in exile for 23 years. Arrow indicates the ex-kaiser's oldest son and ex-heir to the throne,. Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm, -who follows the bier of his late father from the chapel at Doom. SHRIHEHS (Continued from Pace One) to take part in proceedings of Buffalo, N. L., to imperial oriental guide; Karl R. Hammers, of Pittsburgh, Pa., to imperial first ceremonial master; Gallo«, «™, ln , proceed ! ngs °* way Calhoun, of Waco, Tex., to the 67th annual convention of . . , ' ' fee Ancient. Arabic Order of | imperial second ceremonial mas- Mystic Nobles of the Shrine. i *<*} William Heim, or£ Philadel- The most colorful feature of lPhia Pa. to imperial marshal, the convention, which brought I and . Ha f old L1 °y d - Hollywood 25,000 Shriners to Indianapolis i ™ ov 3 e star ' to imperial captain from all parts of North America of tne and turned fee downtown's section of the city into a tropical oasis, will be a four-hour longi illuminated parade tonight. It] will be a night-time replica of DOWNS TELLS the huge parade which kept the city from its work four hours yesterday. More than 10,000 Shriners will participate. In addition to Law, the following imperial officers •_ were advanced at today's council meeting: Albert H. Fiebach, of Cleveland, O., to deputy imperial potentate; Morley E. MacKenzie, of Toronto, Canada, to imperial chief rabban; Alfred G. Arvold, of Fargo, N. D., to imperial assistant rabban; William H. Woodfield, of San Francisco, Cal., to imperial high priest and prophet; George H. Rowe, of 8c BREAD ______________________________________________________ 3 loaves 20c JELLY ________________________ _ ______________________ two 14-oz, jars 25c GOOB LUCK OLEO -.... ______________________________________ Jb. 16«/ 2 c FAT BACON, ftfr Seasoning ________ ......... .„...,..,..„„. Jb, 9c BAKED HAM ____ ...._ __________________________________ ----Jb, 49c FRANKFURTERS _______ _____________________________________ 2 Ibs. 27c BROOMS _____________ .>„.._ _____________ .. __________ 79c down to 23c SILVER SEA COFFEE ____________________________________ 2 Ibs. 49c SALAD DRESSING .., ...... . _____________________________ .qt. jar We WNTY MOORE BEEF STEW ___________________________ o»n 19c Golden Rule Store Co. / HEY/ ^ WANT; A RIDE? NIX! I'M IN A HURRY- I'M FULL OF PEP AMD FINE MU.KFBOM. TOVEfcTREE JERSEY FARM -frf Dial 7361 for Prompt Service. fitMLEFF BROS. LUMBER CO. DEPEVPA9LE LUMBERMEN." PINNACLE Your Grocer Has It TOWER TREE JERSEY FARM Henry A. Hellmich Se Sons Greensburg, Indiana. Phones 4866-4868. PERGAILON WAKE-UP'SYSTEM FREE PARKING FOR WAKE-DP CUSTOMERS (Continued from Face One) It looked like a Hollywood beau geste from the outside, but inside we knew it was well equipped with modern guns and mortars. At 8:30 in the morning it pfe^ sented as peaceful a scene as one could wish. Then we saw tanks go into action, in the distance looking like a string of monstrous, angry beetles. Furious machine- gun fire filled the air, punctu-. ated the deadly, dull reports of mortars fired by both the defenders and the attacking Aus- sies. The tanks never stopped and by 10:30 a. m. the important fort was taken. Meantime there was no letup as another column of Australian infantry advanced along a ridge to the left of the village, which .was heavily defended by Algerian machine gunners hidden in olive groves. ' It was here that on the previous morning a truce had been attempted. The opposing forces were 200 yards apart when a courageous Free French captain stepped into the open carrying a white bag. The Aussies could clearly hear the yells from the other side: "Who's that unnameable with the white flag? Shoot him!V An enemy officer apparently restrained the men, but before the Free Frenchman advanced 100 yards a volley rang out and the Frenchman fell halfway between the opposing lines. He managed to crawl behind a tree and lay there through al- I most continuous fire. I That night two young Australian volunteers crept out and dragged him back. He-had been wounded in seven places . but was still alive. Late in the day I swung over to a sector where a crack British imperial regiment advanced through Kuneitra toward Damascus. Except for two points which they quickly took with an enveloping movement, they met only slight resistance. Here again an attempt was made to negotiate a truce. A Free French delegate conferred over glasses of beer for:. five hours with a representative of Gen. Henri Dentz, the • French j high commissioner for Syria. The negotiations broke down, the two negotiators finished their beer, and the British attacked and took the town. Meanwhile, •: very . ; little air activity has* been seen/so far." •• Today allied units were within sight of Damascus while other units approached Beirut. ST. KM HELPS fliGKEY Won Gumbert and Some Cash 'from Terry as McGee. is Traded to Giants. ,\ C8y International News S»ryice) New York, June 11.—The next time Bill Terry sees Branch Rickey coining down the street, the cheerless leader of the Giants probably will move elsewhere in a hurry and with both hands in his pockets. You will recall that some time ago Brother Terry camped on the Rickey doorstep pleading for some pitching help. The old Cardinal boss trader agreed to do something for his good friend bill. Said Brother Rickey to Brother Terry: "Okay, Bill, I know you're in a fix and far be it from me to deny a favor to a friend . . have a great young pitcher named Bill McGee. Now I'll give you this fellow practically for nothing. All you've got to do is slip me somebody who doesn't amount to .much—say, Harry Gumbert—and toss in a few bucks on the side and we'll call it a deal." "Why, that's great,' said Brother Terry, thinking happily of the fast one he was putting over on Brother Rickey. The exchange was made and Gumbert promptly went on a winning spree for the Cardinals (and he's still on it), while McGee went into -what the Medicos call a serious decline. McGee dropped his sixth straight as a Giant yesterday. Hank Leiber hit a homer with three aboard and Bill Nicholson poked another with two on deck as the Cubs, behind Olsen, slaughtered Brother Terry's crew 1.1 to 0. Three Moores Hill Grads Returned Lawrenceburg, Ind., June 11. Memories of their graduation from. Moores Hill College in June, 50 years ago, were jrought back when three graduates in the 1891 class returned ;o Moores Hill, where they jrew up together, to celebrate .heir fiftieth anniversary. Just the three remain of the graduating class of five. After graduation they settled in distant points, Mrs. Jennie Bain Fleming in Cheyenne, Wyo.; Miss Lillie Carter in Vincennes, Ind., and Miss Rose Robertson in Deputy, Ind. While in Moores Hill they whiled away pleasant moments with Mrs. J. W. French, who made the graduation dresses for the three. Marriage Licenses Donald Lloyd Smith, 27, son of Mrs. Elma Brumfield Smith, Columbus, and Arlene Genevieve Williams, 25, daughter of Mrs. Frances Armstrong Williams, Westport. Scout Head Dies Realty Transfers Arthur M. Lynch to Francis Reed, one-half interest in property in original plant. Too Big for the Ariny The lids of the chameleon's eyes are fused together, leaving an opening no larger-than the PUP 11 - . ._ _•__• Victor Karptte has t&e distinction of being first man-turned down by the urmy in'Chicago because he is too tall. The six-foot eight-inch gas station attendant, who had the patriotic draft numjb&'ot 1776, is shown Suffiern, N. Y., June 11.— Daniel Carter Beard, beloved by thousands who grew to manhood under Ms tutelage as leader of the Boy Scouts of America, died at his home today. He was 91. Until the very last days of his life the gray-bearded leader of iie Scouts—himself the epi- iomization of the wiry, clean- lived Scout—Beard had taken a keen and active interest in ;he organization he helped create. AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE —to meet the need of the motorist ol today. —in sound and dependable stock companies. —with prompt claim service. CHAS. L RYAN K. OF P. BUILDING Phones 3411, 9111. The levee system of the. Mississippi i& 500 mjjyes longer ti)an 13he great wal> < Tubular Steel Chairs OTHERS AS LOW AS ...l..........i See our complete line of Summer Furniture. .., THE ... SCHULTZCO. Henry L. Oliver, Prop. W. Main St. Dial 4151. THIS HttHOUAUTY VAMI1 stall? Combustiboeer:obw; only steker with'the Brcadung.Foet Bed and the Automatic Re$pirator.i Phone for details of our special offer; 8IEEKMBG ICE CO. DECATUR COUNTY DEALERS AND SELL-, IMS. Church •( Chriat. ' ISM. lincoU J81VB. 5% 1951-31. Indpls Power * IJcht. Conaau Stoek. lafanaaitlai a*d Market Gladly Given Qm A»y Security. STOCKS AND BONDS rjhMM 334S. Dalaabert Bid* GEO. F. REDELMAN "toy A Hews in pt^kayc te ||e am* OM FBEE. - •- ,;,-.... ,g. ...;...-;-- 1 Pkg. BOTB FOB SM» Mi* *lc .tic MUFFETS Whole Wheat BfecHtt*. ***. HP •^a^^aa^a^«^b_^__^a^—' TWO 73M PHONES. GET IN THE HABIT OF THRIFT, START A ... , THE INSURED WAY "Die habit pf thrift — once established —.- is one that will pay life.-time <Jiyiden&», Opeping a JTgST FEDERAL savings account starts you on the road to thrift, gveryone—young or gld-^shoud says . . . you can save for future security, to get the things you want, to provide emergency funds or any other purpose. Make a habit of saving a convenient amount each week. 3% Current Rate of Eanungs. . Deposits Insured Up to . $5,«QO 212NOBTH FBANWMM STREET. PIAL 5W1. •EDERAL SAX 4D LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GREENSBURG MASON JAR LIDS; JAR RUBBERS ...L ._doz. 21c ORANGES, California LEMONS, SiiokiBt CANTALOUPES, vipe ripeacd ICE CREAM, Furnas 2 doz. 29c .5 for lOc; 25c doz. ._ lOc, 12'/ 2 c ...-..-,.....qt. 25c FRANKFURTERS SUGAR CUBED JOWL, sliced BEEF LIVER FRESH GROUND BEEF PURE LARD CUBED STEAKS .2 Ibs. 29c ...2 fcs. 25c ........Ib, 20c ...2 Ibs. 35c ...2 Ibs. 19c Ib. 27c ROMAN CLEANSER quart bottle 15c KUTCHBACK'C • I «WD«7111. Delivery at 7 FrfcUy Nltfrt. _V §« CM W«* North St. Free JM.VC.T. \J at young asyoyrhgnds/ Protect them with Playtex Mitts Battertw's Drug Stom .:&

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