The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 18, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 18, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1946 BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED r ADVERTISING INFORMATION PAGE SEVEN FORSALI 'J't'illll I IS ' o year old horse*. On Wink aiiy place, O. S. .liMItim. ui Mill. 1 !• «•>- _ M . fin •»«•*. «H«I to tk> la*. ntxtt ui tkrm « rt* MBM »€ lMCu« io k« »f to jirjJM i««UU( oa •• »• M«»»*XI«4 kj ' MiiiUdij •(*•*•• IMT Imgwfei ttfai i MkM t fc * •*• HIM tB%t ^T. ni»u«rkUltr *U1 »• takW f. V* _»» ' ««<i «* nuut will k. takw to •*» «JLJ Ma*. for Salt I l-cK-M J ilsssny.Harris 101 Sr. Irnrlor. wll» l»o ruiv. from inouiiU-.l jjlrtiiter jil'l fiillivaiur. .V.nv ruiiiliclilll. Wijli' ur Mil Krnl MlrkllkU, Join'sljoro. Ark. Ni'w apurliiu'jLt sut 1 rlecirU- slovt 1 . <'all -"J17. 18 pk-Sl licm*!*. Full's'lic lot. Now ciniilv- i>. $iuuo .iu\vii ?20 i iiiily. - AlpxaiMlrr. 107 NV. Main, i'liuna hny linler. 1'rartirally new /nrnlJure for ,'. roo;i; liomr. I'Konn 2di)ri or can Le st-i-ii til l'2l \V. Cljcrry. jti-;.k-^p U. S. Approved IJaby Chicks. The very J>est grade seed oats, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. r~7^r7rr-~^ .,••••••-: | i- K. ASHGRAFT co. 'VJi'ii ':» |l " k "' 1 ' "" £,.&£ Phone 493 3-12-ck-lf Moili't A |in li ply on \V. Main. Slock and fiiturfa of Wood's Ci\i<>. l.ux- } ora for sale. 2 montlia rent l>ajcl. Guoil II .Mli- M famuli Olinl r<- I'L.u. Tim.. Tmv i 11], M,, ]<li '.:: u-j.k-'Jl One nc«- JM'nrtnan Traclor. Unused. TBK still on. Due lt)4f. ll-F:.rttiall—• tllgljUy us.'ii. Olio 191-1 ll-K:imi:UI. ; tesl of toii'lition. one 1012 II-Fasuiall. inolor nnd rulilji'r KOfnI. (» m > KII2 AC" Clialnn'r Ti-arlor. I'ric..! to 5i-ll. llnvc L sill I'ljiiirniipnt. AH tractors in cxt-i'll- i-iit conrlLUon. Koy Manli y. .Si uutli. I 708 W. Main St. 5 rooms and bath. This property located just across street from ,. ,,,. ,, , , Methodist Church. A vvon- L. •.•;,„!.'['!;»'"• i derful location. House in ui .MD.. I'lio,,.- .',::. irood coiuii(ion. Call be 1> o u K '' t on reasonable terms. 100 W. Cherry SI. 7 rooms, anil bath. Corner lot, jjood location. Ne\v rocif just put on. You can buy this one for $1500.00 cash, balance Warm Morning circulator in K ooil condl- I $,J 0 month. i .a 5 una;c iiriLi. : an ^'.^_ (( . f^.^ acr es land located one j rcioiii.r. call j mile .north on FliRhway 01.. Ash. i;iA;k-L'o Has two small houses and' „ ir;,iicr~iriick j parade. 30x40 ft. City | :t> "^I'i'nl'-"'''' I • water. Can be bought: Worth the money. i S21 Lumenife St." 4 roonv house in fair condition. Has water in kiichcn, with half bath in home. $1850.00. i 525 Lumerate St. 3 room _ . house with water and half. 5Vo Molinc Z Tractors and] bath, fair condition. Price equipment. One practically \ S1000.00. new. Also new corn picker.. Have several other houses looil nseil elocrtlc v&cun • seen at 1015 \V. ,Jfa >i.nv. S[irrial prim )aii.s. Roy (ialiu'.s. Kt. One 194;', l[.K:iri»al! Irarlor and K inent. (1. O. Harris, Horialh, >To. House. 1129 \V. Ash. Good luvesl 9 KOOIIIK, 2-batlis. belter tlian avi- condition. C. H. Watson, lloltl N Loyd Williams, Imboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 Baby chi^Vs. »vallal)iQ nil the time. Heavy lireiid.s. -Mrs. lluck Mi'harf. :I01 B. .Main, i.lionc !)18. -j-lik-*;!! for sale. Call 861. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 3-l8-ck-3-23 For Rent . Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! Hey, Ya Got The Time? SPEAKING OR TIME, WK THINK IT IS TIME TO PREPARR KOH SPRING AND SUMMER CHANGE OVER if Drain—flush anil refill transmission nnd different iul if Pull anil pach front wheels with grease. Host insurance for safe driving. if Remove anil replace cartridge in oil filter. if Drain—flush ami refill ormikcase with KSSO MOTOR ()I), NO. Jl. if Thorough lubrication — which covers chassis, springs and motor. PAHDON US FOR MENTIONING TIMK AGAIN. BUT WE THINK IT IS ABOUT TIME PRE-WAH SBUVICE WAS RESTORED ON SERVICE STATION FRONTS AND WE'RE PLUGGING EVERY DAY THY ING TO MAKE OUR FREE SERVICES SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED ETC.. EVEN BETTER & MORE COURTEOUS THAN BEFORE THE WAR. WELL,'JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUR HOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HA? OUR SERVICE. DUO!' IN AND SICK US—WON'T YOU? NEW DAY! NEW TIME! GREAT ENTERTAINMENT! THE FORD HOB CROSBY SHOW Every Wednesday Night. 9:30-10:00 EST on the CBS Network. P H I L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY F0RD and MERCURY DEALER Wqlnul at Fifth—niythtville, Ark. T«). 453—45-1 Political Announcements Tlie Courier New* IXM be«u •uttiorlsicd lo announce lh« fullow- ln« caridlrtatcs, iubjeot to the Dcmocrnllc primary: ijUBKUT AND COLLECTOK JACK PINIiEY nOJJINSON WILLIAM liKUHYMAN COUNTY JUDQK QKKK K.'HRAnMSY ROLAND GREEN VOU TAX ASSESSOR OOYLB HENUKIISON OIKCUIT CLERK HAUVEY MORHI8 COUNTY OOUKT CI>:KR m.iv.AUK'rn JJLYTIIE COUNTY TKKAS11KEK DKIJ.A IHIRTfJi STATK lilUHU'-SUNTATIVi: ALKNH WORD K. C. PLKl'iMAN I.KSME "DUKIE" SPECK L. II. AUTRY STATK SKNATOR J. I.lit: HFAUDKN Tlic followliiu me cnnilkliUQS foi offlcd hi tli a -4)l]rlhGVlllc Munlclpa Election l« bo held April 2: (IITV CI.KKK FRANK Wliri'WOH'rH CITY ATl'OKNKV I'EHCY A, WRIOI1T (Par Re-election) HOWARD N. MOORR WAII1) ONK AI.DICIIMAN .irast: M. winru AI.UlCltMAN WARD TWO ,IOO1E L. NAUKRH, AMJKUMAN WA111) TI111EK RUI'KUT CriAl'TON Rising Traffic Toll Brings LS. Increase Traced To Faulty Cars Hcnc! Courier News Wiml Ads. Help Wonted 1 .100 ncrc: make a photostatic copy of . s - b: Mi your discharge, marriage li- r cense and other important papers—Quick Service. O'S.TEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 W. Main. Postal Card Pictures. 'A Doz. 51.35. Doz. §2.00. No appointment needed. O'STEEN'S STUDIO 3208 115 W. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 mill's /mm lllyilii-ville i limisM. Will 'sl,«r.' i-ro|i .MU or rro[i r<'tit. \V. A. l.pwis vUli-. HI. 1. Hox . BS(1.-jlS-pk-li KranV Sim IB-jik-'JI rge .Mnitli Ijrilronui Mrs us. BIS W. Wnliuit, |.li. Tractor* driver for full time work. G(M>d hours on concrete highway close to Hlytheville. Musi be sober and stood worker. Write box MEC '/'" Courier News, jjivini,' full (|ua]if itatinns and at least two references. Read .Courier News Want Ads. I.ct Me Krcct'Your Prefabricated House Free Ksliin^iic.s—No Obligation O. W. FAUHINttTON • 411 y. So. Lilly _ Illyllievllle, Ark.J When It's You Want Cull In ROWEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 ' 109-111 tiouth K» 11 road at. CommcrciHl Frozen Food Locker Plants — Walk-in Boxen — Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. We Suggest you STOP and sec us for a complete checkup . . . and KNOW you're safe. "Brake Service Is Oiir Business" Dealers Urged to Act For Prevention on A State Basis DETROIT.-TEvidence t|ml v ipuch of Ilio rniiltlly rlshn; denlli toll on Atncrk'tin hlijhwnys ii(nce (lie, eiifl »f 'tiiuiollnc ntUotiliig Is due lo .poor npcnilliiu CfUKllUon of motor vc- lilcles Is conl<)lnc<l In the slnrtllng l)l«h pcrcentitKn or vehicles thtit are not nbli! to pass safety lime ti'.sts. Thin WHS pointed up In Chlc^o wliero. In the first two weeks .fol- lowlmi V-J IJny, 4S percent of nil turn InspedU'il oil testing lanes ooiilil not puss the relrttlvcly simple requirements. It America is not In \>e sidillnl wUli another tvdernl ifjiilatl^n tliiit roaj-.result hi lessened .(ii-yy ear Milcn «r|il tt)l tourliiR (ju,s(iiess lltla CQnlI)l|f VCIIfllll, It (MlKMIVCS s<u|c mulor vt'lilrlc dealer or- ((Ji)liiltliin«i ; :iuliiBiubllc clul» S nd IwurW orsmi(ia(lo»s ,(o eet biuy a( mice op programs )n V4r)»i|s nin(tK (hat >*UI set ail«qua(e safety measures Into 'motion'before the rriimimtlululloris of .this 1'rMltlrnllal liojly *rr. nude law. FRAMES Made to Order. Let us frame your discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Steen's Studio, N'iccly fnrnishpil front Iveilrooin, licat. liot water. I'liono 32fi4. i:i-ii Fnnil lii-ilroom adjohiins lintfi. SwrvteM We give prompt service on repairs to electric refrigerators, washing machines 1 and electric motors. Our. price reasonable. Full stock of repair parts. 3208. 3-71-ck-3-ai t TOM LITTLE APPLIANCE SlraVbcrry plant*. Blakemoro. Mnrie llnrnish. 171U CLickasawl)a. 7*yk-41? Esl.y chicks, different varieties. Also jicmltry atiil jioullry feeds. Clicstur J.L'wia, Poultry, -li;i K, ilnin. 7-[>k-4]7 Alfalfa IIny anil inulo drawn farm imyla- incnls. 'i'olL'iiJiouu 3J, W. A. Jcuikiiis, .Slccle, TMo 1 [ik-Hl RaljbU nmnnre. 50n B bushel. Best for flou-crs anil garden 512 .N, lltli St. Oliickasaw R«ut>it Farms. l-iik-l[l Stalk cutters—2 row heavy duty type. All wejded sletl constructiOD, niytti«* ville ilicliino Blioi). 27-ck-lf Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install ^and guarantee a water "softener. -2-21-ck-tf Electric \vcldcr. 200 nmp. Habrirl. GRS driven, inoiinti'.l on trnilcr. rmclicaily new. lo go. Blvthcvillc Machinu bliop. 27-ck-tf A completo Ice cream parlor enuipmcnt. counter freezer with hardener. dispensing ' cabinets, tables, chairs anil •U necessary equipment Priced right. H. L. KloR, Manila, Art. 10 pk-3|19 CO. Phone '115. 3-18-ck-3-25 William It. Ovcrlon. ndinir Count} Knru-vor. l.»ni[ Snrri'ys ninl dra- lino farm line ninl l.'vels. -Servi'd tliis nre.-v fnr :(tl yo;ii-s. lC-[.k-4;i^ ON'K spraying of Bt'rlini stolid mol'i .lainajjc for ". yoars or Ilrrlotl j.avs ttie dam.Tf;*!. I'rotert vour clntlies, tar- nitnre, rn s s, ivoolcnb u-illi ilprlnn Illilllar.l Har.hvare Cu]|l|iauy. Kick 111 WASHING MACHINES serviccj mil repaired. When parts are not nvnilnblo wo manufacliire tlicin. Ons cngtnra orerhaulcil on gas driven machines. All services guarantee.!. Herbert Grahnm is nou- in cbarge of tlii.s deiii\rtment and will bo Klnil In jervlce his old ciiBtoiners. Bljthcville Machine Shop. 25-ct-3i25 Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf Latest model General Electric va c u u m sweepers. Hubbard Furniture Co. . ,y 2-6-ck-tf "". Baby Chicks Custom Hatching. Blayjock Hatchery, Highway 61 N. , 2-26-pk-4-26 I.AW.V. MOWERS Iharnened and repaired. Each blade i* precision ground on our fxclory melliod macbine. BHnz yours in now and avoid the rush, v.'hi]e we have a lar^-e stock of parts. \V« pickup ana de-liver. IIlTthcville Ma ^cjmie^hop. 25-ck-3125 Wanted to Kent SOMETHING NEW! READY-MIXED CONCRETE Foundafions-Sidcwalks-Dnvcways-Porches Call 517 for estimates PRIDE and USREY COAL and CONSTRUCTION CO. Approved FHA Contractors Perfect rcimlrinx for tortiiy's ev- (juislic fiii>t\vc:ir ussiued ivlicn rebuilt in imr ininU'rii s}ut\t. j H-fl L fc _ , dUflLlTY SMOC 6»OP . I Z I' W. M fl. I N ST. L O Y f I C H CHEVRdLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phpn. S7B A little more Hum 100 ycnrs lliere were only four urown lio In Ati^lniJIa. PRESCRIPTIONS rreahest Stock Guriranteea Iie«t I>T|CM Kirby Drug Stores Attention Tractor Owners! We haye ffie latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAP SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply FOR SAI.K CONCRETE STORM SKWER ALL 8l'£RB Cheaper Than Bridge Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Osccola, Ark. I'tione 091 Dr. J, L Guar OptomctrM •t GUARD'S JEWELRY 209W. M.S. Phone 828 419 West Main Street Baby -cKicks. Thousands ev- firyA' jv'.e^f., Several breeds. G^ttem al store. Hlythe- , ville" Grain and Elevator Co. Feed Store. North 4th. WPhone 2112. 3-15-ck-3-22 rxlr.i gno.l clorlrir: r.Tnpcs. Knweii •clric Co. \19 S. 1st HI. rlimia21Sl). Rtnn 1 \villi livinp ipinrtrrs. to- vvitli 4 rrntnt !mu*o*. Ap]>rox- y '2 nrn'R of land. Front* on til. liorders on Coll.m Bell locati for industry. Gi-orery. X. liny. Girl's sidewalk icyclc nnd large wicker ono .ijiio. 15-|.k-19 bottom inuollio a. Ark. K-30 Trnctor and Cultivator. 2 .Use brcukinc plow. S inyiks e mouth, tnlhcrt Lynch. Victori fi biirnor 1CIO I!o»rn 13-pk.ZO Ogdcn Soy Beans from Pedi^ greed Seed. Crockett Wrighl, Manila, or' call Jess Homer, Phone 3167. islit-il or nnfiirnislipfl a]iArlinrnt isp. IVrnianrnl, Call 27:t2 nr 31 RECTAL DISEASES (All Types EJK DRS. NIES or 7 room tinfnrnish«il bouse! Phone Wont erf To Buy np or l.wo Rood 1140.! pool (nMfi Onr used soft drink |, n x. Dtonr n^r>:t Poultry, corn and hay. K!y- theville Grain and Elevator Co. North 4th St. Phone 2112. 3-15,ck-3-22 Silver service in gooS condition. Write P. O. Box 380, Hlytheville. 3-12-ck-tf White cold >vftlrTi left in romn al Monlnomery \Vnrcls Kinilrr jiTraso rrlnrn to mail or- *iler <leak al \Vnrds. Kcxvard. 15-iik-19 ruLj- pink golf! I At) i in wnlcli. Lot I Irtlo Friday nftcrnuun, l.ilicral reward. Kflurn to Courier N'eivs. 15-pk-H* while |ii£. \VoiphinK lictwccrt 50 n:\.l 75 ll>. ?5 reward. Call L'U82. I3;>kl0 i iTalo Boston Bull Terrier, S months old. Bhck witti white mxrVSngi. \vilh orindjc left lilp. Rlrnycd Mo^-lay. ATISM-CFA (0 Bim« ''Alike" ' Reward. -^liil^JtJ^fc^^^^v*--^^^ 13 pic-15 Wanted to Trade Bau.ery r«dlTo'Vor electric 'o . S«c Sliop- ollicc. lli-pk-20 Do You Want to Sell Your Car? We Will Pay TOP CASH PRICE For Your Car or Truck Complete Line of Stiidebiiker Paris and Accesories .lust Received: Olio now 24 fool Carter Trailer. Ready for Immediate delivery. • Fog Lights • Seal Covers • Scissor Jacks • Dual Horns • Auxiliary Lights See Your Studebakcr Deafer First. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. SPRING OATS See us itliont your mechanical trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern (dots find L>(]iii|itnent can put yoi)r cur in top condition. We also have a piiint qnd liody shop repair service. We will fix your c;ir <»r buy your car FOR CASH. Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdeza Soybean and Garden Seed. Blytheville Soybean Corp 1800 West Main lilythevillc, Ark. DON EDWARDS T. I. SEAY MOTOR GO. Complete Slocks of Varin For Ckrysler Product* 121 n. Slain , Phone Jl» X)OTS AND HER HUODIICS BY EDGAR MARTIN': FRECKLES AN'I) HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH WHAT A DFAL f HE LEFT us our SO WE'D KWCCK Tr)£ STUFFINGS OUT OF EACH OTMER. I THEY rur Dovvw ITS DOUBLcT-l A DEAL! J. CROSS / HATE TO BE HIM ' /OUT-SLICKERED ' BVTHAT, LOW I.Q.-.' T. HAMILT6S \rc i ou .Sure, Snn'i HffS WOT SO FAR OH,\ OFF. AT THAT... IT VOU VVVOU'T BE AT PJMU6R BUT IT'LL OOt&l PROBABLY COME ALONG PUKIMG THE THAT'S RIGHT, BECAUSE WE'RE AUU GOING TO A PO\VM AT SHE S POP FISH'S ' GSAMDPAUSHTEK... THE WAVE SOU CAME HOME WITH OM THE

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