Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on July 26, 1975 · Page 24
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida · Page 24

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 26, 1975
Page 24
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tB Kort lmit'rciali- iVwn ami Siin-Sriitiiifl, Saturday. July 2ft, l75 jTeen's 'Lonely Lives' Television CARPET BROKER Btokix Stu k A CaiiXJt Willing Rolls oil ai.iiir Ihe' 1 public 701-C547 Life On The Streets 2mr "I Sounds like multiplication? Guess again. It's X I newspaper talk for a two column by 1-inch ad. Too small to count much? You're reading this one! lUtUmBilUIAUUlllt. ' J. U I A X By JOHN J. O'CONNOR New York Time New. Servict NEW YORK An old rumor insists that the bulk of television programming is the product of a 15-year-old who is functionally illiterate. Actually, the industry's rigorous processes of selection and tailoring only make the results too often seem that way. But this Sunday evening at 10:30, WNBC-TV is offering a short play, i'Lonely lives," and the author, Hector Rodriguez, is indeed a 15-year-old who freely and cheerfully admits to being functionally illiterate. Once again, the medium is overwhelmed by reality. The young Rodriguez, is, without doubt, a fascinating phenomenon. Born of Puerto Rican parents, he was reared near Coney Island. His father was rarely at home and at age 12, when his mother died, Hector became what he calls a "street kid." Wandering about Coney Island and I Times Square, he did the standard hustles stealing, mugging, prostitution variations. He became part lyf a small urban army whose recruits re forced to get "street smart" Quickly or perish. T On "Forty-Deuce Street," " however, Rodriguez met Miguel Pinero, author of "Short Eyes," win-,"!ner of a 1973-74 Drama Critics Award. Pinero had set up the "young r-Tamily," now called the "Young Nuyoricans," a group attempting to get young street people interested in theater. " Rodriguez, invited to live with T Pinero and the group, watched the v writing and typing, listened to the '"discussions and finally announced. "Look, I want to write a play." The first immediate problem was that his reading and writing skills were on the level of a first-grader. But the diminutive playwright is obviously resourceful. Constructing his material mentally ("the ideas just keep flowing inside my head"), he dictated his play to willing typists, including some secretaries in the offices of Joseph Papp, the producer and decidedly one of Rodriguez, "good guys." Pinero looked at an early version of "Lonely Lives," Rodriguez recalls, and concluded: "Pretty good we can work it out." The play was produced by the group and later, with another Rodriguez piece called "Hoe Stroll" (a hoe is a whore) was presented at Off Broadway's Theater Genesis. For television, "Lonely Lives" has been considerably shortened and slightly altered with the elimination of a few choice street words. The production, directed by Paul Freeman, was taped earlier this week in obvious haste. Erratic pacing, stepped-on lines and flubbed bits of dialogue the young actors glancing off camera nervously are left glaringly intact. But the strength of Rodriguez's talents, his ability to carve a thoroughly convincing "slice of life," is just as glaringly apparent. The plot is perfunctory. Three Puerto Rican boys have run away from home and are plotting survival tactics in an abandoned tenement. Their lives are lonely and aimless, held together by compulsive rituals of attack and retreat, bravado and sentimentality. They are trapped and their ultimate defense is hinged merely on the fact of their youthful-ness. The play's structure seems arbitrary, but the details are incredibly accurate and evocative, from the grammatical constructions of street illiterates to the easily shared cultural references and emotions of individuals who feel unwanted. The cast,, respectably competent despite the technical mishaps, consists of Dadi Pinero (younger brother of Miquel), Luiz Rodriguez (older brother of Hector) and Carlos Perez. Not surprisingly, young Rodriguez brings a minimum of judgment or reflection to his creations . Their "reality" simply exists. At a screening of the finished TV production he behaved as if he were meeting the characters for the first time. Bits of cruelty produced un- selfconscious laughing. Touches of warmth generated brief tributes of momentous silences. Already showing signs of an ego as big as the lower east side, where he currently lives with a couple of friends, Rodgrguez is tapping a newly-discovered resource and is dis-armingly ebullient about the possibilities for directing, acting and producing as well as writing. Among numerous projects, he has a piece called "Juvenile Justice" coming up this fall on Public TV. And to brunt the attacks of the literacy brigade, he is working at present with a tutor to develop fully his read ing and writing abilities. Friends of his own age are dubious about his new ways, dismissing them as temporary "punk stuff." Older friends, he notes, are more encouraging, telling him to push on and escape from the street cycle. SATURDAY :o CSD : - CE CO o :ob 6:20 Marine Weather 6:25 Marine Weather 6:30 Summer Semester Outdoor World 7:00 Big Blue Marble Uncle Al AJmanac-At-Home I Dream of Jeannie 7:25 Inspirational Message 7:30 321 Jabberwocky Abbott and Costello Morning o CD CD Q Star Trek CD Make A Wish 8:00 Sesame Street My Favorite Martian O Addams Family CUE Yogi's Gang 8:26 O In The News 8:30 O Speed Buggy (3D 0 Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch CD 32) Bugs Bunny 9:00 O Sesame Street O Jeannie () O Emergency Plus 4 O Los Intocables 32! Hong Kong Phooey 9:26 O In The News CD 32! Schoolhouse Rock 9:30 O Pebbles and Bamm Bamm 3) O Run Joe, Run CO 921 Adventures of Gilligan 10.00 O Electric Company O Scooby, Doo, Where Are You CB O Land of the Lost Q Nino . CD 32) Devlin -n. 10:30 Q Misterogers Neighborhood O Shazam C O Sigmund CD 32) Lassie's Rescue Rangers e 11:00 WM Sesame Street O Valley of the Dinosaurs GD O Pink Panther CD 32) Super Friends G3 Baby Janes Little Rascals 11:30 O Hudson Brothers CB Star Trek O Espectaculares O Youth and the Issue 1156 O In The News Afternoon t 12:00 O Misterrogers Neighborhood O Harlem Globetrotters -C53 Bowery Boys O NFL Action 75 Q College Review CD News . 32) These Are The Days CD Cartoons 12:30 ;0 Villa Alegre -O Ft Albert . O Gillkjen's Island O U.M.: An Ounce of Prevention CD Other People, Other Places . 32) American Bandstand 1:00 O Sesame Street ' O Children's FHm Festival C5D Wrestling O Soul Train 0 Perspective ' CD Movie V'A Farewell To Arms" Rock Hudson, Jennifer Jones. Tragic love story ot an American ambulance driver and an English nurse who meet on the Italian front in World War I, (1957). CD You and Your Money 1:30 O Camera 7 32) Soul Train 155 O Community Report 2:00 Q Electric Company O Terzan CJD O Major League Baseball The Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the Cincinnati Reds. O Movie "Curse of the Undead" Eric Fleming, Michael Pate. Dracula-type gunman invades the west and death is widespread as horror stalks the range, (1959). O Tony James 2:30 O Big Blue Marble 32) Virginian 3:00 O Electric Company O Mission Impossible CD Florida Wrestling 3:30 Q Nova "Take The World From Another Point Ot View" O Movie "The Frozen Ghost" Lon Chaney, Evelyn Ankers. Hypontist working in an eerie wax works museum uncovers a series of dreadful murders, (1945). 4:00 O CBS Sports Spectacular "World Swimming Championships." . CD Movie "Counterpoint" Charlton Heston, Maximillian Scheil. While on a USO tour during World War II, an eminent American sym phonic conductor and his orchestra are taken prisoners by the Germans, but manage to outwit their crafty captors. 32) It Takes A Thief G) Nite Talk 4:30 Q Charlie Chaplin's Rim Festival 5:00 O Washington Week In Review O Canadian Open Third round play of this $200,000 event. CO Dragnet O Love, American Style O Star Trek 32) Wide World of Sports The North American Boxing Championships are telecast from Miami. CO Soul Street 5:30 O Wall Street Week QD Secrets of the Deep Evening 6:00 O Book Beat O CD Q News O untouchables CD CaU R Macaroni CD Bowling 6:30 O Black Perspectives on the ; O 0D O CD 321 News 7:00 O Firing Una O American Ufa Style "Woodrow Wilson: Peace and War and the Professor President." 3D Good Ote Nashville Music O Wrestling O Hee Haw CD Agronsky And Company 32! Star Trek 7:30 O Price Is Right CSD The Adventurers CD Weekend Watch O Horse Racing 8.00 O Philadelphia Folk Festival Guests: John Hartford. O All In The Family CD O Movie "Nevada Smith" Cliff Potts, Lome Greene. A young rebel in the vanishing West as the end of the 1800's. O Friends of Man CD 32! Keep On Truckin" A variety hour of music and fast-paced contemporary comedy. ED Rincon Criollo 8:30 O The Jeffersons O Nashville Music 9:00 O David Susskind O Mary Tyler Moore O Pop Goes the Country CD 32) Democratic National Telethon Alan Aida, Edward Asner, Lome Greene, Delia Reese, Susan Saint James and Helen Reddy are the co-hosts for this 20 hour Democratic party telethon whose theme is Tune in America." CD Mr. Mystic 9:30 O Bob Newhart Show CE O Movie "They Only Come Out At Night" Jack Warden, Charles Ynfante. The life of detective John St. John of the LA Police Dept., and in particular his investigations of a series of robbery-slayings of elderty women. O The 700 Club 10:00 O Moses The Lawgiver CD Dave Dennis Show 10:45 O Elizabeth R "The Enterprise of England" 11:00 O H) O CD 32) News O Movie "Tarantula" John Agar, Mara Corday. Dr. Matt Hastings attributes the strange deaths of some men and hoards of cattle to a giant tarantula, (1956). CD Joey Can- 11:15 32) News 11:30 O Movie "Cry Terror" James Mason, Rod Steiger. An intellectual criminal forces an electronics man to fabricate tiny bombs which he places in airlines in order to extort fortune for tip-offs. CD Weekend O Sammy Davis Jr. Show Guests: Charo, Charley Pride and Danny Thomas CD 32) National Democratic Telethon 75 Continuos until 1 p.m. Sunday CD Topper 12:00 CD Yancy Derringer 1230 O Rock Concert 12:45 CD Jack McDermott-What Do You Think? 1:45 CO Movie "Sorrowful Jones" Bob Hope, Lucille Ban, (1949). 2.-00 O Flash Gordon 2:30 O Movie . "The Dark Comer" Lucille Ball, William Bendix. 3:45 CD Movie "Duck Soup" Marx Brothers, (1933). 4:30 O Victory At Sea 5:30 CD Peter Gurm LJ U V-X U U U U V The Delray Mall is a fun place to shop with 23 great stores now open! It's your one-stop shopping center,... a place the whole family will enjoy. The new Delray Mall is big enough to be complete but small enough to make shopping a convenient and easy experience. DELRAY'S ONLY ENCLOSED AIR CONDITIONED MALL Now.... these great WOOLCO Department Store J. BYRON'S Department Store RAGS TO RICHES Ladies' Apparel GENTRY, THE STORE FOR MEN Quality Brand Name Clothing ANTHONY'S . Ladies' Apparel TONY'S AND LORI'S Fashions for Infants & Children GLORIA'S Womens' Fashions SUGAR PLUM Unusual Gifts THE FACTORY Womens' Clothing THE ART DEALER Fine Portraits MARSAN'S GIFTS & GREETINGS Russell Stover Candies-Trifari Jewelry WALLPAPER FANTASY Latest in Wallpaper Fashions shoppes are open: THE JEAN MACHINE For Girls & Guys CARYN HALLMARK SHOP Cards-Gifts DELRAY MALL BOOKSTORE Latest Editions & Paperbacks TWO GUYS HARDWARE Discount Hardware-Housewares R. KAUFMAN JEWELERS Diamonds-Watches-Gift Items LIBERTY LUGGAGE, INC. Luggage-Leather Goods HOUSE OF INDIA Gifts-Boutique-Jewelry ORANGE JAWOPPY World Famous Jawoppy ZIP'Z ICE CREAM Make Your Own Sundaes TONY'S PIZZA TIME Italian Restaurant FUN CITY . uamCT Mmusemenis IT 1 y-L SSI 4tMteesM CORNER OF SOUTH FEDERAL HIGHWAY AND LINTON BLVO OPEN DAILY . 10 A.M. 9 P.M. SUNDAY NOON - 5:30 HABVEY HARDMUVE SAYS: 3 ' " WHICH OF THE TWO PAVING JOBS WILL GIVE A I ASTIWft RPAIITY THC VCADC IS w bnwiiitvi vhnv l Wlkll 1 1 Ik. ibniW 1 Wf 0 LOWEST COST FOR MANY YEARS JJA jr acnviVC ... .15""" V 6 L'CKES ) '4 INCHES C nrri ( S rock base 1 fcSSsiS ) ) SUBGRADESAND t ... . n . L- unn i v raving ooo u S I'd .;. ,i ) i SUSGRADE SANlT M ... DM THEY LOOK Till SAME FROM THE TOP, BUT IT IS WHAT'S UNDER THAT COUNTS Paving Job "A" JOB "B" WILL COST YOU 25 LESS THAN JOB "A," HOWEVER JOB "A" WILL PROBABLY LAST 10 TIMES LONGER. FOR THE BEST HARDRIVES CO?.1PANY 846 N.W. 8th AVE, FT. LAUDERDALE CALL 523-3431 FOR FREE ESTIMATES ON COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL PAVING, PARKING CAR BUMPER STOPS & LINES, CONCRETE CURBING, TENNIS COURTS WITH KOLOR-KOTE SURFACING, SEAL COATING, AND CUSTOM PATIO SURFACES.

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