The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 4, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1950
Page 11
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MOWT5AT, PBC15MHBR 4, 19W (ARK.)' COURIER NETTS PAOT BLXTV!f Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople CAESAR.' WHAT'S tWS SOFT . COMIMG To? -*"'Ml>ST I OMLY PROVIDE TUB BRWV5& POft "MS OOMfclL BUT DOW A WORS AMD tXD ALL BOTH AWIri **JD HM6 BCEKS C/»U&HT St^OOZ- NG iH SCHOOL BECAUSE TW6V ET UP SO HOT LEA.MDea WAS SO DOPEY Toto HIS tew: HER A YOMORROVi YOU TAH&1WE ROOT& YOURSELF.' YOU'RE BteS AND HIRED OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams |f 'JDO tMM* AT ME O.K.--GO AROONP WITH STRH06? O4, LIKE A LOST OR ESCAPEP TELEVISION FTJPPET, AW GET PfCK6t> UP AN' HELP PER. A REWARD W SOME FATHEAD-- PON'T YELL. WRO4C5 BUTTOKl IK» TH' WROMS HOLE, BUT WITH THESE STR»-JO>S 1 JUS- GIVE A PULL n"S GOTTA THE WORRY WART PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Bewl I'riccs Kirby Drug Stores Dr. Lindquist CHIROPRACTOR I'hcme 3170 615 Chickasawba • FRANK R.ADAMS THE VTOHV* Sipel. RMIv «•«• Irom l« <»•<• »f » *M"»d wiped owl IM hattlr. I* bin buair liw» be 1* %»**.«•«•«.. «•*«•»* •»? **" *«* l>ukt». who I-AN »tf thin*" hUM*» fcrtiiKi .-iiu'l, NM d M»rK!e '-»«• <** «lrl Kddlr f«r>I !• •<»»* w*lk ."l*«r k^ IVNM Hrnrf. H-l » ]<»t-nl weir, Mnx l.<ii£«I, '>•• **-nl«fi»» •• Mnr- UKE was XXI waiting for Eddie when he went through the exit FARM LOANS Cates Wiggs Co. •CAl/TOKS Phone Wai BljvJicrlU* A*tkort*t<S Mortgagt Lnan Solicitor lor WE BUY AND SELL RJSED & NEW FURNITURE PHONE 2112 D gate. He had gone for supper as ordered but now he was definitely free for the evening. Joe had decided lo stay at the yards for a while. He was fascinated by Ihe business of putting barges together like pre-fab- ricnieH houses. Eddie was not so interested. Besides he wanted to do a liille plain and fancy worrying. Being separated from the object of his affections by the barrier of death was trouble enough. Besides that he had a rival who was able to do everything which Ed die himself cou Id not- A nd whose intentions were certainly not nnrlicularly honorable, if one were to believe Max's own boastful statements. Eddie whistled Duke to heel *nd Parted to walk back to town. ,H w*s a long trek but Eddie thought better on his feet and besides it would be a treat to Duke. Eddie pretended that he didn't know where he was going but he didn't fool -anyone, even himself, certainly not Duke who. after this long ramble, led the way unerringly to Margie Lou's house. In, spite of having killed all the time possible on the trip it was still too early for Margie Lou to be through work. She wouldn't be home until after midnight on this run which was an emergency half-time shift scheduled merely to lake care of the peak night traffic load, patrons of places of amusement downtown and Ihe graveyard shift going on and the swing shift coming oft* out at the boatworks. There was a dim light in- the /ronl roam upstairs, where Margie Lou's Aunt Ellen slept. Eddie sat down on the steps that led to the upstairs apartment, to wait until Margie Lou came home. He had the naive idea that he could warn her some way against the ruthless woojn& of Max LengeL Duke investigated all the fence posts lor a few rods in both directions and then settled down at Eddie's leet. And went to sleep. It was a long time befor* anything happened. When something did occur it was not all what Eddie expected. He heard a sharp cry and then a son of muffled thud as if some- down on his knees and laid his ear over Aunt Ellen's heart. Alter a moment he said, "Very little heart trouble but considerable bourbon trouble." He spied a bottle on the stand beside the bed. Getting to his feet he sniffed at the bottle and picked up some paper that had obviously been around the bottle. "Urn. 'Heart medicine with the compliments of Max. Will send more when tins is gone.' Max must b* a friend of the old lady's." "J guess so." Eddie didn't want to tell him the truth. "We ought to get her back into bed somehow/' "Why? On a hot night like this she won't catch\cold on the floor. Besides we can't lift her anyway. I don't know what relation she is to you, Sergeant, but there's nothing to worry about even if it's your mother. She's just tighAer'n a boiled owl, that's all. 1 * Eddie had 1o be content wfth that. The Medical Corps captain FRECKLES AND MIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOMM Help Wanlcd EXCUSE ME, BUT I CMEEHf/kRO find a lie I like—ft Dad doesn't cars for It. h»'ll probably give it to meS" it ootSM'r SEEM posaace THAT FAMILIES RK3UT HERE IN SHAOYSIDE WONT HAVE" A CHRISTMAS ,ARMX V ss OF /.' ? , /t yOLUNTORS ,'••'' /</ ^ " PRISCU,A'S POP Tried and Tni« BY AL VERMEER ,e nad fallen. Both sounds came from upstairs. There was no difficulty nbout hearing, with the door and all the screened windows open. Eddie though! (hat the .situation warranted intcr/erence. He went up and in, followed as far as the screen door by Duke who couldn't get HI, as Eddie could, unless It was opened. This annoyed Duke considerably. r\N the floor lay Aunt Ellen, a rather monstrous hunk of meat. She was breathing heavily and the lids o/ her eyes were closed. Eddie could barely have lifted ner if he had been functioning on the same plane as Aunt Ellen. As it was ht could only gaze compassionately at the motionless butX of the huge woman. "I wonder," he said, "if she's dying. -I wish I «rtild yet » doctor here someway." "If you want a physician's opinion, Sergeant," said the Medical Corps Captain who quite naturally turned up at that moment "1 can assure you that the lady is not dying." "She's got heart trouble," Eddie told him. The middle-aged captain took his leave. ATARGIE LOU came home In a 1TJ little while. She had considerable trouble getting in the front door without also admitting Diike who thought his duty to Eddie demanded his presence inside. Eddie told him to shut up and lie down, But Margie I^ou didn't notice that. Finding her Aunt EHen on the door did not upset Margie Lou so much as Eddie had feared that H might. Getting her back into bed, however, was something else again and she never would have been able to rio it »( Max L-engeJ had not arrived to help. Max regarded Aunt Ellen's* insensible condition with ill-concealed satisfaction. "She'll sleep like a baby for hours. You and me can have as much lime as we want all to ourselves." i Margie Lou asked Max Vo wait outride where she promised to join him soon. Eddie, in HE neat a dilemma as a frustrated swain could possibly find himself, slaved on in the house. He couldn't lei her go out with Max. Even if he wasn't in love with her it was his duty io protect an.r innocent girl from an avowec wolf. (T. Re Continued) SOME OAV, HEN WE BUY . UR OWN HOUSE, OES THAT MEAN HAVE "TO MOVE FROM FQ\ENQ<3 THAT'S THE PART I DONT LIKE- GIVING UP ALL MV DEAR/ *o\VE£T FRIENDS. 1 DONT FEEL BAD, PRC5C1LLA! VOU'LL FIND NEW FRIENDS TO TAKE THE PI.ACE OF THESE CHILDREN! VIC FLINT Company Coming liY iMJCHATOl, O'MAU.BY and RALPH LANE •T'5 TW£ CtUSfi*/ HE AMJOT H*vE 7>CtP *K3 &Ft«7 fO*E OP TT-KT MONey jfvsHr tw*/i CAPTAIN KASY Drapes I'lus I'itnta BY LESLIE TURNKR FRIEND FARMER Owning and operating an antnmobile affords a lot nf pleasure, b«t there Is much danger on the ruad. The hazard is loo great a risk—inlh your lift, estate, and savings at slake. Why run the rink when we can protect you for £5.000/10,000 Liability, jr.,000 Properly Damage for only $23.38 per year. Just Coll W.M. BURNS INSURANCE Phone 3361 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. for dependable Repair Service NOTICE ALL CAR OWNERS! If yon don't think roar speedometer Is working eiaclly Hjthl it all speeds, drive In and let DA check H. W* offer »ne-d»y »erric« on repairs (or all can and tracks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 East Main Phone 2122 You REPORTERS! WHY. MINI HAVE .TiwptesTAND vou ir^^-mv/ UPCT tpt nc^inpc- i ctviv tnse. PABI C SCARCELY MEET J.P.! BESIDES SHE HWE WO TIME FOR ROM*MCe! TO Keep MI OM »U«e. 60TTA HUMCH HE1L UEW5 (HER. TICKS BUGS BUNNY Forethought 121 East Main Phone 2122 "I Sell That Stuff" FUEL OIL! G. 0. POETZ OIL CO. Office and Bulk Plant — Promised Land PHONE—2089—PHONE SHEET METAL WORK- OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 "I think the only reaton fh* if marrying him is because he can always get a loan on his automobile from GfNCRAL CONTRACT PUR- CHASf CORPORATION." I COMB T' 0OREER SOME COAL.' JOINT'S SETTIN' THESE COLD MOKNIMGS. I WHAtf 'WOULD V DO WITHOUT MB? ALLEY OOP Woman? Yes, Sir! BY V. T. HAMLIN THAT'S WHAT HE SAYS.' / BUT THERE'S THTVENUSITES DON'T NO WOMEN WANT US BRINQIN 1 A OM THIS 'EM ANY MORE ^/S^ ROCKET., OOP AND BOOM, ENROUTE TO THE PLANET VENUS. • EING BOMBARDED BY A MYSTERIOUS votce f OOP IDENTIFIES THE SPEAKER AS A VENU61AN. SAME TONGUE AS THE FLYIMS SAUCER PIU3T THEY EMCOUN- TERSPIAST YEAR ON THE MOON. FROM BOOTS AND HER BUDDIKS The Answer?

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