The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 15, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1933
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. 155 BEHHEVILEE COUKEEK NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHEAHT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MtSSOUJU HOME EDITION BlyUievllle D»Uy, New Court*. »y, ew*. y *. .,. V ,,,IH-<VM I I. 1 \\i\t \i\'«\C V»lteV Levitt. BlytbOTttl* Htnad. lil,\ i Hl'.Vll.LK, AUKANSAb, v CM.M>'IM>M I>IMJ ir m->-i \, SKr KMTCKIt If), li),i.i SWOLK cbpiiis FIVE CENTS GARUTHERSVILLE MEN DIE IN TRUCK CRASH Roosevelt Demands Agreement on Code Before fall. Nightfa WASHINGTON. Scpl. 15 tUPI — '.Vorklng under direct While House ;ne<sitre operators and labor lead- c/» negotiated feverishly tuday on a cede for the soil coal In- uustry. President Roosevelt. Ills patience CMlmusted by weeks of futile haggling, ordered an agreement by nightfall, if 11 is not forthcoming (.'rustic and swift action by thx chief executive was threatened. | Tiie operators and labor leaders were expccled to dellur a code l-j\ i hi! government, within the deadline set by the president. It Mr. Hoosevelt's command WHS not. i-.itllclent, additional pressure came the Pennsylvania soft coal i:Uds where more than W,OVV miners lire striking in protest £v;ftinsl the long delay on a code !cr their Industry. Sixteen were shut in disorders there yesterday. Stite Police Guard Fields PITTSBURGH, Sept. 15 (UP) — /M,gmenl°d lorces ol state police v.ere deploved through H>» Fn"ate county coal fields today to jnovent a recurrence ul cia-slu- between striking miners and com- ,..M.y lu-putles such as already have ''"'1 in more than a score ol injuries. . i,i/ troopers, thoroughly trained in fighting and tuct, moved into the county during the night from Greensburg and Butler bnr- lacks to reinforce the dozen sta- itnned at Uptontown. The detach• iiieiiL^.taS-.Spread ' over the strike zone at the most threatened points sach as the Frick Coke company's £,i»le mine where a company deu- i.ty and 15 miners fell wounded by bullets yesterday when deputies • r-ttempted to scatter pickets. President Roosevelt today posted until tomorrow his projected week end cruise in Chesapeake bay in order to keep in touch with envelopments in the coal code situation. He previously had planned to leave Prederlcksburg, Va., this afternoon. Pharmacy Now Serves Missouri Resort Patrons Witli the advent of li'gal beer In Arkansas and the consriiuem loss of patronage to Missouri state line Ix-er gardens north ol here a plnumncy lias been added to the group of businesses at ne line in order lluil visitors there may continue to receive the best of service in every manner. The drug store, l.nown as the Eineka Pharmacy, is housed In 11 corner of "S[>ec" Horlon's beer garden, about a mile north of the line. Tin- pharmacy li said to feature prescriptions foi patients who desire medical liquors for their ailments. Big Crowd Hears Congressman Urge Coonev- ation in Recovery Mo vo i Present Light : F,ates Double TV A Schedule ATLANTA, Sept. IG (UP)— Electric light rules charged by -public utilities for home coiiKuinpllon In icpresralutlve southern cities, nro almost double lliul uf the rule schedule announced by Hie Tenn- sce Valley Authority. A United Press survey shows IhiU, consumers now me paylim quile 1 bit more limn the maximum rate of 3 cenls per kilowatt hour for electric current to be supplied consumers through municipal distributing plants from the governments Ordered to Pay $75,000 Balm Jobless Got 250.000,000 Dollars MONTREAL (UP)—H is estimated here that the various governments through Canada have si>ent ncjirly $250,000.000 on unemployment relief during the last, three years. Will Hear Complaints of Violations of Reemployment Pledges. Six members of a compliance board which will consliuile tlv.- local enforcement aim of the NRA v.cre naiwt) at a meeting of tlie Blytheville MR A committee this morning. The seventh member •vml chairman wilt be chosen by the board itself at- a meeting to !se held Monday. The board, named according to instructions from Gen. Hugh S. Johnson, national recovery admin- "slraicr, was chosen lo represent all groups in the community. II members, und Ihe groups they n present, are: O. O. Barnes, reiuil and whole- fj.le employers; Alvin J. Holly, retail and'wholesale employes; E. B. I.ynian, industrial employers; Hcn- I'y l$yson, industrial employes; Mrs. "J..B. Clark, consumers; Jesse Tnylor, legal profession. Taylor was mimed temporary chairman pending the selec- i'on of the seventh member of (he board. Duties of the board, as outlined by General Johnson, are: 1—To handle complaints of non-compliance with the president's agreement. 2—To hear petitions for exceptions under Paragraph 14 of the president's agreement. 3— To handle petitions for per mission to operate on tlie longer lour schedules of existing unlcv contracts, instead of the maximum h< urs of the- president's agreement. Court Halts Payments on State Road Bonds Men and women of Blyllieville filled every .seat in the city hall auditorium and .stood around the sides and rear of the hall last ni>ihl to hear Congressman W. .T Driver declare thai the national! i ice very program "will succeed because it. must succeed. Its failure would mean the destruction of American inslitulloris." Mr. Driver warned against expecting loo rapid results from the recovery program, declaring that the rebuilding 01 the damage j wrought in four years of depres- ! sicn was necessarily a slow process. Max B. Reid, chairman of the Iccnl NMA organization, presided at the meeting. Mayor Cecil Shane introduced Congressman Muscle Shoals rale under llie plant. The 3-cenl TVA schedule »!'block of 50 kllo- Both Texas and Carolinas Threatened by Winds 1 of Hurricane Force. Di-iver, declaring that "no part of tlie United Slates has been belter represented in congress Ulan has ours." All Must Help Mr. Driver appealed for the support of all classes of citizens for tlie NRA and other recovei-y measures, declaring engaged in a movement for the benefit of all and which needs the support of all.' Any who hold aloof or seek, selfishly to exploit llie program, he declared, will hurt not only themselves but nil of their fellow cillzens. The speaker that the nation Is great cooperative oullincd the silua- Closing Stock Prices •n 38 1-2 to A. T. and T 121 Anaconda Copper 17 1 l-'J Bethlehem Sleel — Chrysler 49 5-B Cilies Service 2 Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motors International Harvester 41 Montgomery Ward 24 3-4 <' ! New York Central j 475-8 Packard 4 7-a I'hilllps Petroleum 171-4 Radio Corp 87-8 Simmons Beds 25 St. Louis-San Francisco Standard og N. J Texas Co 27 7-8 U. S. Steel LITTLE ROCK. Sepl. 15 (UP) — A tempoiary injunction was granted today to holders of Arkansas state highway bonds restraining 38 3-41 Hoy Leonard, state treasurer, from ' paying off highway bonds except those for maintenance and oper- 89 1-2 i ;.tic-n of Ihe highway department, "i Judge John E. Martin granted l_-» the injunction which is good unl'l October 30 in federal court today William L. Dcbost, chairma i 3 1-2 41 1-2 53 New York Cotton NEW fitlon Oct Ptc Jf.n March M-iy Jvly YORK. Sept. 15 closed sleady. open high lo'w 951 956 975 917 . 984 987 1003 1005 1019 1021 1035 1037 (UP) — commitlee of holders y bonds Issued by the s.:nte. Action was precipitated by three lion which made necessary revolutionary action to preserve thc economic life of the nation and tlie steps taken by the:' RooSc-vclt administration at this year's special session of congress, which he said accomullshed more of real value :lian the sessions of all the rest of the twelve years he has served in congress. When unrestricted competition resulted . In such concentration of wealth in the hands of a few that the business machine became stalled, creating widespread unemployment and want in tlie midst of plenty, il became apparent that new order was needed," lie declared. "We are now seeking a foundation of cooperation to build purchasing power in the people adequale to maintain Ihe business life of Ihe country." Second Attempt impossible Mr. Driver paid ills respects to Henry Ford and others who have refused lo Join in the movement, declaring that when they realize tlie seriousness of purpose inspiring the American people they will give their cooperation. Mosl contemptible of all, he said. Is the mini who signs the pledge but deliberately seeks to evade the responsibilities it places upon him. ••This program is going to succeed because the American people leafae it must succeed," lie de- clard, going on to explain that the couKlry will have neither the financial resources nor Ihc spirit to make another greater effort should this one be permillcd lo fall. He placed Ihc cost ot Ihe recovery pro- WASHINGTON. Sept. 15 IUP)-- Troplcal storms bearing winds of hurricane force approached Ihe Carolina and Texas coasts today. The weather bureau warned that the centers of the storms probably would strike the seaboard tonight, or early tomorrow. Carolina shore communities, battered by a storm three weeks ago, took precautions against the new blow. Residents of beach resorts were warned to evacuate their homes. Shipping look refuge , at Noifolk. Vn., and other protected harbors. Northeast storm warnings were displayed from thc Virginia cupcs to Savannah, Gn., and at Brownsville, Tex. The Atlantic storm centered last night about 400 miles east of Jack; sonvllle, Fla., .and. \yas moving, bfo tween northwest'and' west north-west al 14 miles per hour, with heavy gales over a considerable area and winds of. hurricane lorcc over a smaller area. Claire Windsor of the stage nnd screen is shown Declines White House Funeral for Ike Hoover , WASHINGTON, Sept. 16 (.UP) — I'resldi'iil Kocsfvclt's inutfer ol use ot llie White House for fun- I'vul seivlm: for-Ike Ihxnrr, major '''Hi" n! ihci' oi'ci.tlve iimirslon for 43 years. «ns rejected by Hie •i.:io\v ul the chief usher today, v'n :'iV(tl fur :i simple ri-rrmnnv llwiw died lusl nit-lit. His •iiflclul hiatus fur 43 years was chii'l usher of Ihe While House,' hut hi 1 WHS Ihe li listed friend uf every president since llcnjumin Hiiriisnn. He knew every slules- iiuin of uny Importance over u period of iwo generations. While official Weshinglon iioui noil, pluns lo uccord him a ineral service from Ihc execulive mns!on,:an honor which has been isuved fur presidents and mem era of llielt 1 families, were form ulated. Mrs. Roosevelt suggtsted |K>. plnn to the president und foovcr's family was expected he plan lo llie president. lo Parker Morgan Held for Fatal Shooting, at Car- utliersVille. CAllUTHEHSVILLE, Mo.— Curio;; Adklns. roadhouse proprietor who sliot by Parker Morgan on street here ^Wednesday morn- lli ini;, died In hsl night. n Memphis hospital laws passed by Ihe Arkansas leg- irlalure, one of which appropriated $00,000 to "qulel" the slates of Pennsylvania. Navada and Con- neclicut. Those states are d':c 1'iat amount as interest on bonds they hold which has been due for the past two years. GIN STDGK SRLE FOUND HUGH. Merlins of Driver Gin Company Stockholders Restrained by Court. court at Los Angeles listening to testimony In the trial of the $100,000 suit Jlled ngalnst her .by Mrs. Marian Young Read, which resulted in n Jury verdict requiring Miss Winds™- to p»y Mrs. Read $15,000 fgr'tbe love of Mrs. Read'n fonner husband, Alfred C. Read, Jr. Mnrgan was placed In jail without ball and will hn given a liear- li.l 1 before MuKlslnitc C. E. Dings Monday on it I'lmrm; of first di-- :rec murder. Sniese, manaser of the Driver Gin] company, had a legal rlehl to sell | all of the company slock put up; bv Mrs. Jessie F. Driver, president of the comrany, as security fcr j money she had borrowed from Hie comrany. but he was withoul Former Wilson Resident Dies at Brevard, N. C. WILSON. Ark., Sepl. 15—Mrs. R. f. Thompson. 45, former resident oC Wilson, succumbed Wednesday .it her home in Brevard. N. C., rafter u month's illness. Mrs. Thompson Is survived by fr.ur son:,, Wallace Thompson of Wilson, Flwood, Rolicrt nnd Donald Thompson of Brevnrd, five sisters, Mrs. Waller Wallace of WH'on. Mrs. J. A. Tellii-r of Little Hock, Mrs. Wil)i«m Hopp^njancs Ifif Pine ninCf. Mrs. J. A. Brooks lor Memphis nnd Mrs. M. L. Worn! za. and a brother, Young Wallace of Johnson City. Tenn. yron !:nown here. Funeral services be held •m. I Saturday at' Jonefboio at the Gregg thorlty to nmomit to sell onlv break her sufficient 'Funeral control al| home. 940 9GO 970 flS7 1024 close "942 964973 D90 1009 1027 Spots closed steady at 960. up 5. NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 15 (UP) — Radio Telephones Used On San Francisco Bridge SAN FRANCISCO (UP)-For Ihe first time on a construction project, high frequency radio telephones were In use today for communication between workers on the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Twenty-two of them were Installed to k offices on both sides of the gram to the federal government, in cosh and credit, at $8,500.000.000. Noting the presence of a considerable group of negroes, Mr. Driver said they IIRVC an important part to piny In the recovery program and praised them for their loyally and willingness to do what 'every white consumer ought to do" lo make the program succeed. Co;ton closed steady. open high low Cct 945 949 933 Dec 969 972 954 Jun 912 975 967 March 199 1000 932 ;\'ay 1015 1015 999 July 1020 1030 1020 close 938 959 1004 1022 bay with boats, piers, caissons and other polnls of construction. Yawn Dislocated Jaw; Ambulance Cured It OAKLAND. Calif. <UP>- Awakencd by Ihe apprizing odor ol hot cakes nnd sausages, Edward Hines arose, dressed and hastened to Ihe kitchen of his home here. Jusl as he reached the table he yawned. His mouth remained open. for the yawn dislocated his jaw. Reluctantly, Edward left tr.e sa- today's scheduled stockholder's meeting, according to an opinion rendered bv Chancellor J. F. Gaul- ncy al Jonesltoro yesterday, -ludee Gnutney issued a resirnlu- ing order prcventiim Ihe holdm? of llie regular slock holders' meeting until two suits pending In chancery court which involve the company's affairs are settled. The litigation was instituted here last year by D. F. Taylor sr.. ren-| TC-scntlne heirs of Ihe late J. T. McGarrilv. minority stockholders.! • lie-in? that Mrs. Driver borrowed money from the gin company, of which ?he I? nresidcnt. at her discretion, until her Indebtedness Mimedlatc monetary policy of the amounted to npproximalely $9.000.'United States win be made with- rcsultine In Impairment of their in 30 days, the Unlled Press was stock. They sought an account- Informed today by a high admin iiw and settlement from Mrs. ir.trntlon leader. Before death Adklns said ul Carter and Morris Sides Killed, Two Kennctt Meu;' . and Neyro Hurt. " ''- Two men.'were killed und threo ; . : ' »'her perrons injured when lfj>~'' Missouri coltun seed truckii crustily i«i In .a htad-iui collision on lllijh^ *'. v.ny (il, :i short dlslance. north-of./i iM-jnchmftn's Unyuu, about. 35 ml.le.SV! ioiilh of Blyllieville. at 10 o'clock^-. lols munilng, ' . , ; -V. Tins' '&ilf\ wine identified ,ns Jpc'.^V E, Curler, : 20, driver of a'loade^'; Ciiruthersvllle, Mo., truck, and hiHV- helper, Morris Stiles, IU, The ii\p,jj Jiircd were Edwurd Gibbons, drW--'.- (r of an '.empty Kennel', Mo.,,', liuck, his hel|icr, Arbrn li'jlin.crf' . i'kMirtth, Mo., and a negro, Ernest Jiiy, of ErlliiKton, Ky., transient, wno was riding on Ihc Cnrulhcrsv" vllte truck. ' Carter Is thc son of Mr: and ..Irs. Walter Carter of Gamblers- • villa and Sides the son of M:. • r.nd Mrs. Walter Sldss.. iilso, : df. lintt tlly. . . ' |;H ; " Two while boys ,of Murie atsfc'- were riding on onii of the Iru'c'lS;^ but v.eie thrown clear nnd cscar^V', cd with only- minor Injuries. Thcyj 1 .-. wore .taken to Wilson by a:passhig ; molorls.1 and were treated by' "li ' physlclun there, whu did not. learn ll'clr nuiiies. Turr Over In Itllrh ,. • . ; Witnesses said that the trucks crashed head-on about i50 iVcl'< north of a small bridge tit l-'rcri- -. Chilian's Bnydu. Tlie '^Kennell ruck, WILS traveling norlh und Llie Cainllicrsvllle truck .south. .The 'nit the shooting fallowed a el the night beforo; with Morga:). »<hom . he had atteniptwl- to, feijic noiii hi; place iKcause* of 'alleB^J risorderly conduct The next ncrnlng, Adklns snld. he win al- nckcd by Morgan's father, Henry Morgan, and while they u'or; Ecultllng he was shot by Par:er Morgan, Adklns Is a former resident ol lilytlievllle, Ark. big trucks met and tiin'tt' i/v into ». dlUih on tlio west 'inde Ilia, hlgliway. ''' ilx' Calillhersvllle men weru inane- .." liHl und Lhe trucks' s'.rlousiy wrecked. Another report was thai the pair were pinned beneath the wreck and burled -under cotton f>erd as the tr'ick turned over. The Indies were -not removed until' tune lime atler Ihc accident. 11 IF™ I KILL BE f IXED Administration Leader Promises Definite Announcement in 30 Days llMllErT 'laire Windsor Threatens to Abandon Career to Escape Paying. LOS ANC1ELES, Srpl. 15 (UP) — Ciolden haired Claire Windsor Uireatencd to retire from the sci ecu today because she didn't «nnt to pay $75.000 to Marian Y. Read for the love of Mrs. Read's former husband, Alfred C. Read Jr. A jury decided last night, that Die movie star Mole Rend from wife and returned one of the largest verdicts ever awardet here for alienation of affections. "1 probably haven't even 15c let alone $15.000." Miss Windsor said, "and I won't work to make money Just to pay her." Three steps were planned by her Attorneys In an effort in obtain a reversal of the judgment. They j tloiird regarding the bloody break! , announced they would ask Trial i i ns i Sunday which has cosl the I confessed to the fatal stabbing of Judge Sproul to set aside tlie vor-lllvcs of three guards nnd fourjBenno Michel jr., who was found ' Murder gola Break. The Carutlicrsvlllc truck was. a. Cecil Hudspeth Transfer machine., Hold Krnnell Driver '• Gibbons. drl\cr fur G. N. John-, cui of KcnneU, Balln and the' negro on Ihe Caruthersvllle'truck, were apparently thrown clear of tne trucks when they struck arid I turned over. The negro sustained ., a broken leg while Gibbons and Bolln received bruises and culjf. n] i •' T i |™ c y wcre carried to the ofliu "lot by, IrilSly'uf a.physician al Basselt where Rlam*vl inv An I n ' st nlti lr ™ lmc »t was given. ln' : Diameu IO1 nil-| v -sllgullni! officers said Gibbons would be held on a technical charge pcndlni; a more compietf :>iubc of the tragedy. ' ' tJT. Bodies of the victims' were removed to the Swift Undertaking company morgue at Osceola after BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 15 (UPI—A reign of terror al Angola prison inspired their desperate bid for freedom, three recaptured convicts asserted before Warden Wade Long and other officials. :i:rlval of relatives from Caruthers- i vilre. WASHINGTON', Sept. IS (UP) — A definite announcement of Ihe Convict trusties acting as guardsj T ~~ ' —- : , hod conspired to kill them ami I DOth Defendants Deny ~ discovery of the plot led to Ihelr] — attempt to fight their way to free-] dom. they maintained, when cmes-l Killing Benno Michel KENNETT, Mo —Declaring she" aid or grnnt a new trial. If prisoners. both are denied an to higher court will be taken. \ dying at Campbell about two weeks' n | The three asserted that Jim Yar. i n go. only to please officers Pansy I roll, repulcdly Ihe prison's lough-| Riddle yesterday repudiated her teal inmate, was shot In the back by 'confession. i Arnold Davis, convict, guard, kill- j MIES Riddle and her lover, Ralph ! cd In the break Sunday. Yarrcll Powell, both confessed the 'slaying Local Postoffice Has nf NRA lnsi<rnia was. reported slain while attempt-. of young Michel within <i"fevT hours 01 nivrt maigiiid , |lg (0 csca]w from a dram gang, after his death. Powell then cliang- ~~ ' his story, declaring he , respDn5lbmt to Jshield . „„.,_„.„, ,t.,i.|,,.. i... „„ : w1l "e he was at work. The gong'ed his story, declaring he assum- Postmastcr J. If. Elklns has , an- , 0]lows antl opcns thc drain ., „,,„,„,, J 1 - , rtl^irt In fho nrlcnn form flplrt^ i nounccd that alter some culty he hns obtained 100 additional sets of NRA insignia, which ' plows In the prison farm fields. Mlss The phones were devised by n vory dish behind and boarded an • "-' •— - J Spols closed steady al 933, up 5. Reginald Tibbetls. University of California senior, who six years ago was runner-up In Ihe Edison national contest for boy scientists. Standard receivers and transmitters. as used in regular telephone equipment, were installed. They operate on a wave length of from four to six meters. Chicago Wheat Sept Dec 88 3-4 92 high 89 \-l 93 1-4 low 86 7-8 90 1-2 close 88 1-3 92 Chicago Corn open 47 7-8 S3 high 48 1-2 53 1-2 low 47 5-3 S2 1-4 close 48 3-4 Dr. Charle, E. Diehl to Preach Here Sunday Dr. Charles E. Diehl, president of Southwestern University al Memphis and. an outstanding figure in thc siMlhern Presbytcriai church, will occupy thc pulpit ol the First Presbyterian church Suni dny inorninit. .mbulance. hospital bound. Enroute, the ambulance hit a bump, jolted Edward and snapped his ]8w back into place. He thanked attendants and raced home to the cooling cakes and sausages. Mrs. Driver's collateral slock lo (i -evcnl the administration's inlen- W. R. Dyess. Arkansas stale relief j veins as to actual currency Infla- dlrector. and applied the amount juon so as to give the P'.ibltc a o her loan. clearer understands? of whal to The effect of Ihe sale would bfl CXEect , n lhc of nricc nuclua- 3 break Mrs. Driver's control ol. 10)]5 Maurice Chevalier Hurt In Automobile Crash HOLLYWOOD, Cal., Sept. 15 (UP)—Maurice Chevalier, French motion picture star, was injured today when his automobile turn ed over after a collision with an other machine. • The odor was taken to cmergen cy hospital. After an hour's treat menl he returned to his home, The Reconstruction Finance cor-.arc now available al the poster- M- C ra _;.»- Thnmn&nn poration advanced llie govern-!flee to local concerns which have;""** rr«»n«8 *. "^^JJ! ir.tnfs easy credit iwlicy by offer- signed . up under llie Blue Eagle ] Diej at BlloXl, MlSS. Driver on her note which was sc cured by stock she held in the company. 1 _.._„ ... . . An agreement was reached be- big to loan banks one billion dol- but which did not obtain their em-1 ween the plaintiffs and Mrs. Driv-1 Jnrs to be released to aid busl- blems before the original local I r's attorneys, C. M. Buck and Har- i.ess revival. I supply was exhausted. j Isoii. Smilh and Taylor of Blylhc-! The monetary nm-.ouiicement. III Quite a number of local con- ille. lo apply Mrs. Driver's divl- -.vas said, will define ends lo the payment of her dcbl |t>; n n m |ts Hie l Bolh are held in jail here, and arc lo have preliminary hearings before Mogistrale A. W. Cagle at Campbell Sept. 18. denne wHhin ccr-;cerns were unable to oblaln their, ™ status of the Am-'Insignia after signing the presl- ^,° dnd '^.* u( and may indicate i dent's agreement or codes of their •- • _.L ,-v. n«^l,.ptrin- ^.._ l~ U...KI1II,. nf Ihrt il]l - (ItLlll Funeral services were held loday at Greenwood. Miss., for Miss Frances Thompson, of Memphis, in Blloxi, Miss., Youth Constructed Smallest Hydro Plant when Spiese sold $2500 worth j level al which fluctuate. It industries, due postoffice lo inability to the them., .he gin In which she holds » maj ority of the stock. Mrs. Driver wrought suit to restrain the mecl- ng today of the stockholders, charging Spiese and A. P. Barham. another stockholder, wilh a con-j splracy to freeze out her Interesl Seattle Man Forms High C. Club SEATTLE (UP)—Seattle claims T^eTapparenry a shortage of I W.ll Cool:, of Memphis, was . . . *iHH«15-"^J __°__, . • mpmVwr nf n n-pl Irnnu-n family ! .KLAMATH TALT^S. Ore. (UP)— a grand I T ' 10 world's smallest hydro-elec- Mr and Mrs ''** P' an ^ has been conslntcted by two Klamitlh Falls youtlis out of the insignia all over the country j m< ™;* r °' " v and Mr. Elklns was compelled to .'» ' ni s section. member of a well known family . Ellclns make numerous inquiries before he I additional was able to ob'.aln supply for use I'.crc. New Orleans May Honor Founder of Against Seeks Law , «.50. j The channel of Elk Creek was ! ' diverted over n water-wheel geared to an auto generator and thc I "plant" manufactures enough cur- and that of the minority stock-!some sort of a record for havinj more than 200 years of inglorious - '••- c .. cllll) ln lno • disregard, Jean Bapliste LeMoyne Ide Blcnvllle, founder of New Or- 1 leans, may be officially honored with a. statue over in the Vleux C»rre, oldest section of tlie city. An ordinance has been introduced in common council to erect holders and get control of thc gin. the only "High Barham and Spiese are rcpre-l United States. i sentcd by Attorney Horace Sloan' Singers whose voices can reach of Jonesboro. ]the hlsh O are thc only ones who i can Join the club. SEATTLE (UP)—Eugene Boutan 1 Oeorgc Marks, baritone, is the raised a cucumber 14 Inches long (organizer of the club. He has scv- ar.d 3-4 inches wide figure oul "how It got that He never grew one lhat tor». I lated In California that the state NEW OHLEANS. (UP) — After O c Pennsylvania prohibits singing In the bathtub. Two residents of that state have written Richard J. Beamish. Secretary of the Commonwealth, requesting copies of such a law. WEATHER ARKANSA9-P.?,rt!y cloudy to- ntsht and Saturday. . Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- •;ilghl and Saturday, not much The latest request same from ft'.change in temperature, nan who said he was making a ;. • > •• The maximum temperature here compilation of obsolete und ridlc-1

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