Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 21, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1891
Page 8
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STOP AND CONSIDER 25 Per Cent. THE BLIGII CASE. No Evidence IH»cIoHod to Justify Uic Riunor.so Generally Circulated.. DISCOUNT On every. Oloak in our Stock, .It will pay you big to invest; even if you do not need a Cloak until next winter. All in plain figures. 8CHMITT& HEFFLE Y. CALL AND SEE ME Harry Gr. Tucker, Daily Journal. WEDNESDAY MORNING, JAN. 21. The Pearl Street Tailor. S0RE DEATH TO ROACHES! Steam's Electric Paste. For Sale Only by BEN FISHER, The Druggist. LADIES' warm Slippers and Shoes. CHILDREN'S Warm House Slippers. WALKER & RAUCH, 42O Broadway. THE DOVE AUTOMATIC IMK STAND! No Evaporation. No .Thickening. Always Fresh, Pure Ink. Clean Fingers, Clean Desk. Wilson, Humphreys & Co. Headquarters for Office Supplies. For the Next Four Weeks I will sell you an elegant suit for CASH. c I-do this io make room for the finest line of Spring Goods '•'" ever brought to this city * 4 P. £ HQOLEY 323 Pearl Street. Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic. • eod&w. Come to-day—special dresses, at the Golden Rule. . Opening day of the busy Bee Hive's semi-annual clearance sale. Mrs. Harry duFlone of Chicego, is visiting friends in the'city. Mrs. Henry Brookmeyer is quite ill at her home on East Broadway. Price our dress goods and remnants, they are tnaiked very low.—Golden Rule. s Come, everybody, and enjoy yourselves at our expense this week, at Patterson's "Odd and" sale. Mrs. Rev. Brown returned last evening from a few weeks visit with relatives at Chicago and Hebron. Prof. Fornoff, Sr., went to Marion last evening to lead the music for a swell dance given at that place. The Bee Hive will open its doors to the public at half-past eight this morning with grand bargain offerings. Come to-day and every day this week for a great cut in fine furnishings at Patterson's, the Haberdasher. The hotels of the city are doing a great business, and the strangers within our gates are plentiful. It is well, "liisted," as the brokers say, at "100 doses one dollar/' Hood's Sarsaparilla is always a fair equivalent for the price. 4 - Choice Jinen napkins to-day at 35, 50 and 65 cents per -dozen, at the Bee Hrve's opening of their serci-annual clearance sale. No dull season at Spry's; we keep our stock always complete in every department, We'have full stock of millinery at very low prices now. . d-w Be on hand to-day for your table linens, towels, napkins and bedspreads, at the opening of the Bee Hive's semi-annual clearance sale. Fornoff's orchestra will furnish the music for the grand ball and banquet, celebrating the opening of the Clialon House at Delphi, Thursday evening. Mrs. Nellie Shaffer, of Elkhart, is in the city the guest of her sister, Mrs. W. Fender' and will attend the ?ender-Burton wedding th is evening. Great preparations are being made by the managers for the complete sue- 3ss of the masquerade and calico dance at McCaffrey's hall Thursday night. jan20d2t The Dunkard church of Adamsboro will commence a series of meetings at their church, Saturday, January 24th, that will continue through the following week. OneQ thousand five hundred yards short length (one to four yards) Hamburg embroidery, will be offered today at the opening of .the Bee Hive's Careful investigation yesterday failed to reveal anything confirming the rumor of a killing at Barney Bligh's Sunday morning. The rumor yesterday displayed several new leads which were followed with the same result. A trip to the home of George Horn in Bethlehem township, disclosed the fact that that individual was in the city Saturday but left about four o'clock in the afternoon for home. Mr. Home was. surprised to learn, that he had been killed and emphatically denied the correctness of the report. Throughout all the investigation there was noticed much discrepancy in the name of the man supposed to be -slug", g'ed but an agreement on the one fac that some man had been slugged Sunday morning. No man was found who was willing to say that he ' knew anything directly of the occurrence and the Journal in justice to Mr. Bligh must say that there is no evidence whatever to justify the rumor How it got started is a mystery which a further examination may disclose. M 1 ' A Strantre Arrival. Yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock a bright faced, intelligent appearing soy about eight years of age rang at ;he door of George B. Forgy's residence. Mrs. Forgy responded to the ring-and on questioning the little ellow was astounded at the story he told. The lad said .hat his name was Stephen Sew man and that be had come 'rom Lebanon, having been . told y his ' father to come here and ive with Mr. and Mrs. Forgy, nd in response to this paternal command he was there. All the questioning Mrs. Forgy could apply produced no further light on the mystery. The boy simply stated that he had been told to come and live with them and' there he was ready and willing to make the required change in his residence. Mrs. Forgy brought the boy down town to Mr. Forgy's office but he was unable to solve the strange riddle of the boy's appearance. Neither of them had ever heard of the boy or any such a family a Lebanon and were greatly puzzled what to do with the little stranger. The boy was bright and intelligent, and readily answered all questions. He said that his mother was dead' and that he bad a little brother. He appeared to be somewhat timid in'"his .ne.w surroundings, and. said that he was ready to go 'back home. Mr. and Mrs. Forgy 'gave the little stranger a home last night, and Mr. Fovgy will investigate tne strange case to-day. Tlie Plunger. Oliver Byron's new play, -'The .Plunger," has evidently scored ,a big success, judging from the reports corning in. The plot is very :;sensational in its details, and the scenery introduces many new and startling features. Among the stage effects introduced by Mr. Byron is an elevated railroad train in, motion, clattering along at full speed through a rain, and hail-storm, .real water being used to add in the discomforts of the ride. The New York postoffice illuminated, and a general view of the well-known Printing-house Square, add much to the realism of the scenery. Kate Byron as Nora Closer, a fashionable j Irish widow,- intro'duces many elaborated Parisian toilets. The beautiful new.-residence of J. E. Redmond on-North street is rapidly approaching completion, and is a model of architectural beauty. - It will be when completed by far the handsomest residence in the city. Kaifchtw «iid JU»dle» or' llo n or. On January 16,' 1891-the Knights and Ladies of Honor were organized and the following officers/?w^ije" 4 elcct- ed and, in stalled: ' :V • ,.Past Protector—Mrs..' Josephine Budds. . . • '.. ,'; Protector—Samuel D...Myers. ' Vice Protector—Mrs. Jennie Klinsick. Chaplain—Mrs. Anna Mahoney. Secretary and Financial Secretary— Adam Snyder. Treasurer—J,' A. Downey, Guide—W: H. Ouster. Guard—Mrs. Sarah A. Klink. Sentinel—Mrs. Flora A. Henry. • •" ,' p.B.i. .#••---'; St. Bridget's Council No.,190, C.'B. '',''$ L., met Sunday (and 'installed-*, the''fol--•'</ lowing officers: ' ' :; ' President—John McTaggarfc. Vice President—P. D. Smith. Financial Secretary—Michael Quirk. ; Recording ;afad/;Correspoildin'g Sec) retary—Patrick Dolan. Chaplain—Rev: B. Kroeger. Orator—John Callaban. Trustees—John Callahan. Thomas Stapleton and Michael Keeley. GENUINE Red Letter Sale. It will eclipse all are former efforts. Our entire Stock of Scarlet' Shirts and Drawers and fancy striped Underwear, . ".'•:' ONE-THIRD OFF 1-3 From Original Price. Ladies and Gentlemen! In order to reduce the whole line of Underwear, make the most gigantic reduction ever quoted here. we semi-annual clearance sale. The Y. P. S. C. E,, of the Christian Church, will give an orange tea at the residence of A. B. 'Stantpn, on Broadway, this (Wednesay) evening. Supper,' 20 cents: served from 5 till 8 o'clock. May, Howard's big- burlesque combination held -the boards at.Dolan's last night, the same being greeted by a paying house. As an attraction of the gaity order this company is -classed the best on the road and the features of last night's performance were in keeping with the standard attained the company. Monday night a sneak theif grabbed an overcoat in Hunter. & Klein's Saloon the same where John Gibbs was dlled, and made way with. it. The overcoat contained a well filled wallet. The fellow was .pursued a couple of squares by Hunter and. Officer Kleekner and finding himself ,impeded by he weight of the overcoat dropped it ,nd' was soon- -'out of sight. The iocket book he retained. .1 (illn Cleitdciicn I)<>;id. John Clendenen is dead. A week ago a statement that such an event would occur within so short' a time would have been received with incredulity and scoffing. The sad death ol yesterday simply brings us nearer the stern fact that death's summons may be as sudden as it is peremptory- It'was not generally known among Mr Clendenen's friends that he was ill; in fact his illness was of such short duration that it could not have attracted much attention. On Sunday be took his regular train out but complained of feeling badly and remarked, at'the time he started that he felt scarcely able for the task of running his train up and b$,ck. At Chicago he became so much worse that he relen quishod his train and rode back 1 down. He was taken to his home a No. 10 Osage street West Side an medical aid summoned, . but poo ' 'Clen" never rallied. A case-of acut pneumonia accompanied by a sinking chill proved too much for his strong constitution to overcome and'yesterdaj at noon, surrounded by his devotee wife and wondering children the spiri of one of the most popular men in the city took its flight. At the report of the death of Mr Clendenen there was .mucfr sorrowin; among his friends and the suddenness of the grim 'monster's attack on so hardy a constitution, was the-subject of- conversation in many a sorrowing group yesterday afternoon. John Clenflenen was respected by every one 'who knew him—warmhearted, ; : generous spirit, he was .everybody's friend-- arid had ' not' an enemy in 1 " the world and his ringing laugh and'merry Jest were welcome.'at all times and places: His 'worth had long 'since been recognized by the Pan Handle company and five or six years .ago he was promoted to the responsible position of passenger conductor and held at the* time of his death charge of one of the most important runs out of the city, .He leaves a wife and two young sons. He was, an honored member of the Uniform Rank K. P., and. a member of the O. R, C- The funeral will be conducted under the auspices of these orders, but the date of the same has not yet been arranged. (SELLING' PRICES) , $1 50 I '00 75 ; 50' 1 '00 ' 50 oe 75 5-7-; 38; '75 25 ,. Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ____ . Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers. Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers Fine all wool scarlet shirt and drawers ......... .. Fine all wool fancy shirt and drawers. . . . ..... .'. Heavy w hite and mixed shirt and drawers And all other lines in proportion This is less than • Manufacturers prices and less than you can buy 'them at Auction for its done to make room forfSpjring purchases./ Buy now, for never will you buy : as : cheap .again! ' This is a Cash Sale by the enterprising One Price Clothier Harry Frank, Our grand distribution of Presents takes place next":/ month, all are entitled to it, come and see us. City Orders bought and sold. QUEENSWEAR Costs you 20 per cent more elsewhere than McCaffrey ask you. Is not. this statement worth the proving? One dollar out of every five you spend for Queenswear ' it will pay you, and investigation may give you pointers on other of McCaffrey's prices, Our.'Queensware embraces every grade and style, and 'tis honestly reprej sented. -.'.;', TINWARE Is more plentiful at McCaffrey's, and cheaper- than any- ; where else within your reach. . Plenty means much for it is certain to give you just what will please,; you best. Price means more for everything 'that is made of tin embraces a large share of household expense. This statement -is worth investigating, too. .. -• < WOO DEN WARE At McCaffrey's offers all in it's line that a housekeeper needs from a washboard to a churn. The best ~ and > .argest, the cheapest and smallest, and all at just the .owest prices that can be made on them. There's many another lines of ours .we'll mention r ' ater, but what is true of one is true of all, and bottom )rice is one thing true about them. M. MeGaflrey <fe Co.

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